Android Feature

Best New Apps: Google Classroom

Our latest app of the week is Google Classroom, which sees Google further its attempt to make keeping up with classwork a little more convenient for both teachers and students. Read full article

Microsoft Feature

Best Windows Phone Apps: Perfect Recorder

Windows Phone users in need of a simple audio recording solution should look no further than Perfect Recorder, our app of the week for Microsoft's mobile OS. Read full article

AT&T News

BlackBerry Passport and Classic are Heading to AT&T

AT&T recently announced that it will offer the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic to its customers. Read full article

Asus News

ASUS Debuts Impressive Phones at CES

The ASUS ZenFone 2 has some solid specs and will be fairly affordable when it's released in the U.S. Read full article

LG News

LG G Flex 2 Aims to Realize the Potential of Curved Smartphones

LG tries to improve upon its first curved smartphone with the LG G Flex2. Read full article

Android Feature

Best Android Apps: Movy

While Facebook and Skype are busy fighting it out for video messaging dominance, a new app called Movy has quietly entered the fray with a few compelling hooks of its[...] Read full article

Smartphone Feature

Don’t Fear the Phablet: 5 Reasons to Make Your Next Phone a Big One

Big-screened smartphones are more common than ever, but if you're wary of the phablet's rise, let us reassure you that they're not as inconvenient as they may seem. Read full article

Apple Feature

New iPhone Apps: OU Brainwave

What time of the day do you work best? A new app called OU Brainwave aims to research the answer for you through a series of short mobile games. Read full article

Microsoft Feature

Best Windows Phone Apps: Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a no-pay, no-strings credit monitoring service that sends you an SMS alert if there are any major changes in your credit record on a reoccurring basis. Its[...] Read full article

Android Feature

6 Overlooked Mobile Games for Your Holiday Travels

With the holiday season in full swing, we’ve compiled six mobile games that weren't heavily publicized but will keep you engaged during any trips you may be planning. Read full article