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SmartPhone Articles for January of 2002

Below are the 40 SmartPhone articles for January of 2002

Korean hotels offer wireless PDA tour guides

Visitors to Seoul, South Korea may soon find themselves touring the capital's sights and attractions with the assistance of a handy wireless-capable personal digital assistant (PDA).

Goodguys.com Instant Discounts

Some outstanding instant discounts from GoodGuys.com are now available!

Feds Plan Would Curb Navy s Appetite For PDAs, Laptops

The General Accounting Office (GAO) today outlined a plan to beef up internal controls over the Navy s e-procurement card program, a system that federal bean-counters say allowed for the[...]

Palm Be Apple – Could a triple merger be in the works?

January is here once again, and another San Francisco MacWorld Expo can't be far behind. As usual, the question on the collective minds of the Apple faithful is, What will[...]

Sony to release the S360 to replace the popular 320

As reported in a number of other places, all indicators are pointing towrad Sony releasing yet another PDA. The new 360 that is rumored to replace the getting-harder-to-find 320 will[...]

Apple’s iWalk PDA tiptoes out

Apple is rumoured to be launching a handheld computer at the MacWorld Expo next week

PDA sales going downhill in Japan

Since August, PDA (personal digital assistant) sales in Japan have cooled significantly, especially during the holiday seasons, according to market research firm BCN. Industry insiders pointed out that the lack[...]

Macromedia and Casio Bring Macromedia Flash Player to Casio PDAs

Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR - news) and Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced that Macromedia Flash(TM) Player for Casio's Pocket PC and Windows CE based PDAs, including the BE-300 Pocket[...]

Handspring Gets the Phone/PDA Combo Right

In the rapidly evolving world of PDA phones, the much-awaited Handspring Treo 180 lives up to the hype that surrounded its announcement last fall: It delivers the slickest combination of[...]

Electric Fuel Announces New INSTANT POWER(TM) Chargers For Audiovox, Sharp and Toshiba PDAs

Electric Fuel Corporation (Nasdaq: EFCX - news) today announced the introduction of 3 new INSTANT POWER(TM) PDA chargers, for the Audiovox Maestro, the Sharp Zaurus and the Toshiba Genio.

Royal announces low-cost Linux PDA

Royal Lin@x aims to bring colour handheld computers to a lower price point using open source software

Power in the palm of your hand

Microsoft introduces three new Pocket PC units with cellular functionality, while Sharp woos the open-source crowd by unveiling a Linux-powered handheld. And more hardware turns up for DataPlay's dirt-cheap 500MB[...]

Royal Lin@x

Royal’s new “Lin@x” PDA sports a full-color graphic LCD display and is based on a 206MHz Intel StrongARM processor with 16MB of Flash ROM and 32MB of system RAM. This[...]

Sharp to unveil 3G PDA-type cell phone

Sharp Corp. will roll out a PDA (personal digital assistant)-style 3G (third-generation) cellular phone with Bluetooth capability as one of the key products of its business initiatives for 2002, the[...]

CompactFlash Memory Sale at PCMall

PC Mall has a CompactFlash memory sale, view this article to see the details.

Palm calls for a sharper Bluetooth

Handheld maker Palm is once again trying to spur developers to create programs that take advantage of Bluetooth wireless technology.

Europe’s Nokia to Take on Palm in U.S. Market War

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Look out, Palm, here comes the ''brick.''

Sony Clie PEG-T615C (Royal Blue)

The new PEG-T615C with hi-res color display is the world’s thinnest Palm-Powered color handheld, providing everything you need to stay organized and entertained. Super-slim aluminum body has been designed to[...]

Sony Clie PEG-T615C (Silver)

The new PEG-T615C with hi-res color display is the world’s thinnest Palm-Powered color handheld, providing everything you need to stay organized and entertained. Super-slim aluminum body has been designed to[...]

Sony Clie PEG-S360

The new Palm-Powered PEG-S360 provides everything you need to stay organized and entertained. Slim and sleek, it has been designed to fit your hand just as comfortably as it does[...]

Sony’s new Clies ready to do business

Sony puts the pressure on Palm and Handspring as it targets business with the PEG-T615C which also adds a TFT color screen and doubles as a clicker at home.

Instant $50 Rebates on Visors at Handspring.com

Handspring is running some special rebates on the Visor Pro, $50 off, and the Visor Edge, also $50 off. View article for more information.

Handspring’s Tumbling Act

Dubinsky says Handspring future in communicators, not organizers

Palm to unveil OS 5 in February

Palm plans to unveil the newest version of its operating system, OS 5, at PalmSource in early February.

Handspring flips on its future

Hawkins clears air with developers about Handspring future

Handheld Head-To-Head

NEW YORK - Whether Handspring likes it or not, its Treo Communicator device is going to be compared to the Blackberry e-mail pager.

Palm Splits Software, Hardware

Sometimes, breaking up isn't hard to do. Just ask handheld computer company Palm Inc.

The Handspring Treo: Promising, but not yet perfect

The race to release the first PDA with fully integrated wireless voice and data capabilities began in earnest late last year. Initially, word of new Palm and Handspring devices began[...]

Handspring says: “Remain calm “

Despite announcing plans to eventually exit the traditional handheld organizer market, Handspring is trying to reassure it is not doing so anytime soon.

PDA-Phone combinations will reach 49 million units by 2007

After rapid growth for five years, the PDA market growth rate slowed significantly in 2001--especially in the USA. However, in a new report from eTForecasts, help is on the way[...]

RIM to develop BlackBerry with Motorola, Nextel

RESTON, Va., Jan 24 (Reuters) - Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) (RIMM) and network carrier Nextel Communications Inc. (NXTL) said on Thursday they would work with Motorola Inc.(MOT) to develop[...]

Palm stays atop handheld market

Handheld manufacturers had a far better holiday season than expected, although sales were still slightly down from 2000.

The Secret is out – Palm i705 hits store shelves

View pictures of the new Palm i705 in this article, many retail stores have put it on the shelves already, despite Palm setting up a secret release for Monday, more[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm i705

Last spring Palm’s then-CEO Carl Yankowski referred to Palm’s wireless VIIx handheld as "…a lump of coal." It was certainly harsh criticism for such a first-of-its-kind device, but Yankowski must[...]

Palm’s wireless handheld arrives

SANTA CLARA, Calif. A long-awaited wireless handheld from Palm Inc. is set to hit store shelves today, giving the world's leading PDA maker a new weapon in its[...]

Back Microsoft and win an iPaq

Back Redmond and win an iPaq? Strange but true, this was indeed the offer made to a select mailing list of likely Microsoft supporters by lobbying group Americans for Technology[...]

Handspring’s Focus on Treo Concerns Makers of Visor Expansions

Mountain View, California, Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Johnson took a second mortgage on his home to fund his six-person company's development of a music player and a modem for[...]

Treo components shortage easing

SAN FRANCISCO--Handspring started selling its Treo handheld-cell phone combination device in Hong Kong on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the company's chief executive said the component shortage that has slowed the product's U.S.[...]

Palm m130

The Palm m130 handheld is a stylish, affordable tool that will keep you organized at work, school and even during your (few) spare moments. You’ll be ready to go right[...]

RUMOR: New units from Palm on the way: m130, m515

UPDATE 1/31/02 -- Looks like the m130 will be color afterall, the main upgrade over the m125. Here's a picture that has leaked out. Palm m130