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SmartPhone Articles for January of 2003

Below are the 134 SmartPhone articles for January of 2003

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2003

Brighthand's editorial staff goes out on a limb to make some predictions about the the handheld world for the next 12 months and beyond.

Samsung NEXiO S160

Features 5″ Wide Transfletive Color LCD 800 X 480 WVGA TFT (64K Colors) Intel PXA250 400MHz Microsft Windows CE .NET (4.1) 128MB DRAM / 64 Flash ROM Lithium Polymer Battery[...]

BrightBytes™: iSync, Pocket Informant, Astraware

The final version of iSync is available, there is a new Journal plug-in for Pocket Informant, and Astraware has a couple of new Palm OS games.

New Smartphone 2002 Handsets Coming

Two Taiwanese companies have announced plans to release mobile phones running Smartphone 2002 this year.

Free T-665 Cases from Rhino Skin

That's right...I have three of Rhino Skin's latest cases that I'm going to give away to someone. Here's the deal...if you take the time to write a well done and[...]

PDA accessories for under $1

You might just find a few gems in here, especially if you have an older PDA or a Palm m1XX. Outpost.com brings us some special deals that will not last[...]

Apple improves Mac to Palm syncing with iSync 1.0

Apple has announced the release of iSync 1.0 and iCal 1.0.1. If you don't know already, iSync is Apple's software that renders all those third party Apple sync conduits useless.[...]

10% off everything from Dell SB including the Dell Axim PDA

That's right, Dell must have had a slow Holiday because right now they are offering everything 10% off in their small business store, including the Dell Axim.

Astraware updates Breakout game for Palm OS

Ricochet is Astraware's updated version of the arcade room classic, Breakout or Arkanoid. Essentially you bounce the sphere around to knock out all the blocks, which are full of power-ups[...]

Review – Stone Age from UPL Software

Stone Age is a nice looking game with a lot of promise. If you remember playing the 2D versions of Mario, replace the chubby plumber with a cave man and[...]

REVIEW: ViewSonic V35 Pocket PC

On today's plate for review is the ViewSonic V35 Pocket PC. I've been playing with this for some time now and have been able to compare it to the Dell[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Handspring Treo 270

Though the Treo 270 isn't a new device, Handspring recently released an update that allows it to use GPRS wireless networks, which really makes a big difference in the usability[...]

PalmSource Announces New Licensee

HuneTec is going to use the Palm OS in two-way wireless messaging devices.

Microsoft Embraces CDMA for PPC Phones and Smartphones

Hitachi and Samsung unveil handhelds based on Microsoft's new CDMA-compatible version of Pocket PC Phone Edition. Hitachi's devices includes an integrated digital camera and thumb keyboard.

BrightBytes™: PalmSource, 4GB Microdrive, Master Thief

Shares of PalmSource will be given to Palm shareholders in the first half of this year, 4 GB CompactFlash Type II card will be out this fall, there’s an[...]

DataViz Updates Documents to Go

A new version of the popular Palm OS office suite includes an image viewer, plus add-ins for MS Office apps. DataViz has also updated Inbox To Go.

Hitachi Multimedia G1000

Hitachi’s first Windows(R) Powered device and the first Pocket PC to feature an integrated camera, keyboard and phone feature all in one mobile device. The Multimedia Communicator combines the comprehensive[...]

Microsoft to release CDMA software – Samsung and Hitachi confirm plans to release new PDA’s

As we previously reported, a mysterious Hitachi PDA with keyboard and the Samsung i700 will be formally announced today in conjunction with a Microsoft announcement regarding their entry into the[...]

Cleveland Library to be the first to circulate eBook colleciton

In what appears to be a big step for electronic media, the Cleveland Public Library has inked a deal to bring eBooks to PDA's, PC's and anything else with an[...]

Preview – Hitachi Multimedia Communicator Pocket PC

We've got a pretty good idea now what the new Hitachi PDA will look like and what's under the hood. The new Pocket PC Phone Edition is also due out[...]

New Samsung Palm OS Smartphone Announced

Samsung America has officially announced the i500, which uses a clamshell design. Despite this announcement, this device is not yet available.

Review – AirClock from Airspell

AirClock offers a standard Palm clock application with a twist...it will also turn on electronics like your TV when set as an alarm. Please welcome Nesbo to our review team[...]

10% off all peripherals and accessories at Dell – Includes all PDA’s except one

And we all know what that is, Mr. Axim. I wonder when they'll start allowing discounts to apply. Anyway, free shipping to on orders over $99 and great deals on[...]

Dataviz updates Documents to Go and Inbox to Go

Today Dataviz announced a free upgrade for Documents to Go and Inbox to Go owners. DTG added new applications and the ITG program now will sync with Lotus Notes 6.

A Look Ahead at the Consumer Electronics Show

The 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show begins tomorrow and Brighthand will be on the scene with up-to-the-minute coverage. For those who can't wait, here are some predictions for what[...]

Straight from the CES floor

Brighthand brings you up-to-the-minute, on-site coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

PalmSource Welcomes First GPS Handheld From GARMIN

New "iQue 3600" Features Palm OS 5, Contact Locator, 32MB Memory, MP3 Player, Voice Recorder

Sony Unveils $800 Wireless, Multimedia CLIE NZ90 Handheld

Latest Twist to the CLIE Handheld's Flip-and-Swivel Design Includes an Integrated Two Megapixel Camera with Flash and Automatic Focus, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Garmin iQue 3600

The iQue 3600 is the first PDA to include integrated GPS technology. With the power of Palm OS 5 and the dependability of GARMIN GPS technology, this “Super PDA” redefines[...]

Pumatech updates PDA sync software – Includes support for Outlook Express

Pumatech has updated their market-dominating PDA sync software with a number of nice features including the ability to sync with Outlook Express. Pocket PC users get a free copy of[...]

Samsung SPH-i500 Announced

Samsung has finally announced it's long awaited SPH-i500 smartphone, meaning it will be available to the public very soon.

Kyocera 7135 beats out Sony Ericsson P800, Treo, Blackberry and others

In a blind taste test...er...recent consumer survey, the Kyocera kicked some serious PDA/phone butt. Zanthus, a leading market research-based consulting company, today unveiled the results of its first Beyondbeta Awards[...]

Garmin announces the first PDA with integrated GPS

In a joint announcement with PalmSource, Garmin has formally announced the iQUE 3600, the first PDA with integrated GPS hardware and software applications. It runs on the Palm OS 5[...]

Can You Hear Me Now? Sound ID’s Wireless Earpiece May Help

Sound ID Introduces the First Wireless Hands-Free Mobile Phone Earpiece with Personalized Digital Sound

Brighthand’s First Look at the Garmin and Kyocera Handhelds

Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us pictures and info on two recently announced handhelds from the CES showroom floor

Palm Unveils SDIO HDK, New SDIO Cards

Palm Releases SDIO Hardware Developers Kit while other vendors unveil SDIO cards that turn a Palm Handheld into FM Radio, Universal Remote or Interactive TV Companion

NAVMAN Introduces GPS for Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PCs

Navigation Leader Marries the Power of Global Positioning with the Convenience of Wireless

Sony Launches High-Capacity Memory Stick PRO

New Memory Stick format has 32GB maximum capacity, but will not work in most previous CLIEs

Sony Clie PEG-NZ90

The new Palm Powered PEG-NZ90 CLI handheld pushes the envelope of handheld computing, featuring the new Palm OS v. 5.0 as well as an ARM-compliant 200 MHz CPU for enhanced[...]

Preview – New Sony Clie NZ90

Sony has finally made their splash and they made a freaking cannonball. How they kept this release quiet is a mystery, but the main specs are not. Bluetooth, Wifi and[...]

Samsung Does Palm OS and Pocket PC

Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us pictures and commentary on Samsungs' recently announced handhelds from the CES showroom floor

SanDisk Introduces First Combo Memory/WiFi Cards

New SanDisk CompactFlash and SD Connect Product Line Includes Single Function Cards With Wi-Fi Connectivity

Socket Announces SDIO Wireless LAN Card for Pocket PC

Socket Communications Adopts SyChip Secure Digital I/O WLAN Card Design; Socket to Add WLAN Card with Smallest Industry Standard Form Factor to Mobile Connection Products Portfolio

CES 2003: Straight From the Floor

Brighthand was on-site at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to bring you up-to-the-minute reports and press releases

Wireless Cards All the Rage at CES

Wireless cards, especially those built around the Secure Digital (SD) standard, seem to be all the rage at this year?s Consumer Electronics Show. Anycom, Uniden, SanDisk and Socket announce upcoming[...]

Brighthand’s First Look at the Hitachi Pocket PC Phone

Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us pictures and info on the recently announced Hitachi PPC Phone from the CES showroom floor

dot-commentary™: Another show, another Sony

Brighthand founder Steve Bush offers his take on the announcements -- and lack of surprises -- from this year's Consumer Electronics Show

Brighthand’s First Look at the Sony CLIE PEG-NZ90

Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us pictures and info on the Sony CLIE PEG-NZ90 from the CES showroom floor

Live from CES – New Bluetooth Keyboard With Mouse Input On The Way

Keyboard users - this is for you. A cross-platform PDA keyboard that relies on Bluetooth or IR to connect and may even use WiFi as well. What's more? It has[...]

Live From CES HP confirms release of PDA phone, news on h1910 and h5450

It s not clear which direction HP will take but they will either release a Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition at some point in the next six months or[...]

Live From CES – Samsung i700 & i500 Preview

Andrew and I spent almost an hour with these devices today and left the Samsung booth rather frustrated. The quality is not great for either device and there are some[...]

Live from CES – Saturday early update

Garmin's new GPS Palm device rocks ViewSonic to add to their PDA line Fossil Palm OS PDA watch much improved

Live from CES – Saturday Afternoon

It's almost 3pm and we've been so darn busy, eating has become something of the past. Muscles are aching, but we drive on to bring you the latest news. We've[...]

More from the Consumer Electronics Show

Brighthand editor Ed Hardy files this last minute report from Las Vegas before hopping a plane back to Atlanta

Live From CES – Sony Ericsson P800 Hands On

The Sony Ericsson is one of the most anticipated and delayed integrated device out there. We now have hard facts that point to a March release on the T-Mobile system.[...]

CES – Sony Clie NZ90 Hands On

Sony made it very clear to us...the Clie NZ90 is not a PDA. What?!? Right, it's an entertainment machine. Sony is trying very hard to break away from the image[...]

Graffiti’s Dead, Long Live Graffiti 2

Bowing to legal pressures, PalmSource announces its plans to abandon Graffiti in favor of a modified version of CIC's Jot character recognition software

PalmSource licenses Jot’s technology to create Graffiti 2

Graffiti is an ancient data input method by technology standards. The Palm OS, no matter which PDA, has always used graffiti in more or less the same way. Now that's[...]

CES: Fossil & Microsoft Team on SPOT technology

While at the CES on Saturday we took a peak into both the Fossil and Microsoft booth to see what was going on. What we found is that both[...]

iambic Releases First Pocket PC Game – Exit Nights

iambic, who is well known in the Palm world, has released their first title for the Pocket PC. At it's core Exit nights is going to be a hit with[...]

BrightBytes™: Awards, Free eCards, Highscores, and More

Lots of handhelds have won awards lately, Zoosware.com has free electronic greeting cards that can be viewed on Palm OS handhelds, Pocket PC gamers can compare their high scrores with[...]

Overclocking the HP iPAQ h1910 Pocket PC to 300 MHz

Updated Two utility that will increase the speed of the iPAQ h1910 Pocket PC to 300 MHz are now available. One of these also offers underclocking.

iambic Launches Agendus 6.0

iambic has unveiled a new version of its popular scheduling and contact-management application for the Palm OS.

Review – Dynomite Palm OS Game from Astraware

Stomped mode plays as a kind of strategy/puzzler. Every egg you throw increases 'Mama Bronto's mood meter', progressively making your board smaller. You have to clear the board of all[...]

iPAQ h1910’s running at 300 MHz? You bet!

A programmer with an iPAQ h1910 in hand has figured out a way to take the processor down to 100 MHz or up to 300 MHz on the fly. The[...]

Best and Worst of CES – Week in Review

The CES was busy when it comes to handheld and PDA technology. There were many new devices and a ton of new peripherals. We've discussed it and are now handing[...]

Review – Bookworm Palm OS game from Astraware

Book Worm is not an easy game to describe. It's a little bit Scrabble, a little bit Tetris, and a lot something else. This one will be a challange for[...]

BrightBytes™: SL-C700, WorldMate, Shanghai

TechTV has given an award to the Sharp Zaurus SL-C700, there's a new version of the WorldMate travel companion software, and more.

Handspring Losses Lower Than Expected

Handspring posted a narrower than expected loss and fixed a problem that had the potential to bankrupt the company.

iambic Releases Agendus Calendar and Contact Management Upgrade

Agendus has released an upgrade of their most popular product, Agendus for the Palm OS. Agendus 6.0 now includes new major features, including Today View, new agenda views, advanced calendar[...]

AvantGo Unveils ‘PDA Showroom’ For General Motors

AvantGo has partnered with General Motors to bring PDA users interactive content at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. PDA users at the show have the ability to download[...]

Review – MONSTA from Industry Entertainment

Monsta is a turn-based action/strategy game that has the player maneuver character Joe around a board filled with obstacles while evading and shooting monsters.

BrightBytes™: Mapopolis, InnoPocket, Overclocking

Mapopolis has a GPS bundle just for the Axim X5, InnoPocket has new cases for the Palm Tungsten T and Sony NX series, and there is an increasing number of[...]

Can SDIO Be Added to Most Pocket PCs?

It is possible that the ability to use non-memory SD cards might be added to many Pocket PCs.

Review – Ricochet Palm OS Game From Astraware

Ricochet is a break-the-bricks style game in the tradition of Arkanoid, Breakout, and a million other clones over the years. However, Ricochet stands our from the crowd by virtue of[...]

New Windows CE .NET PDA Might Make it to the US

IMRI, a Korean LCD and monitor maker, is introducing a great looking PDA with a bunch of features including CDMA, integrated WiFi and a huge battery. I spoke with IMRI[...]

PDA Sale at Amazon.com – Great Discounts and Free Shipping

Amazon has a nice little PDA sale going on right now, but there's no telling when it will end. Pre-order the Sony Clie NZ90 for $760 and other great deals[...]

64% of PDA buyers want a PDA/Phone clamshell

Over the past ten days, bargainPDA poll respondents overwhelmingly selected the clamshell design with integrated phone and PDA functions as their favorite form factor.

Congress Says “Save the Blackberry”

The House of Representatives has sent a request to the lawyers arguing over RIM’s fate asking that nothing be done to halt its wireless email service.

BrightBytes™: Amazon, XCPUScalar, Lexica

Amazon is having a sale on lots of handhelds, XCPUScalar can increase or decrease the processor speed on the iPAQ h1910, the latest version of Qvadis' dictionary app offers VFS[...]

PalmSource Releases Details on OS Updates

PalmSource has posted on its website a description of the changes that will be in Palm OS 5.2 and OS 4.1.2.

REVIEW: HP iPaq 5450

The HP iPaq 5450 is the newest in the high-end iPaq line but the first one to have the HP logo emblazoned on the front. Targeted at enterprise users[...]

Palm OS 5.2 Available – Inlcudes Support for Graffiti 2

PalmSource has made Palm OS 5.2 available to licensees which oddly enough, will include support for Graffiti 2. However, there is no word if Sony or Palm will give this[...]

Dawn of the Bluetooth Keyboard

Updated Users tired of buying new keyboards every time they buy new handhelds should rejoice at the coming of wireless keyboards.

View the Contents of Almost Any File on Your Handheld

The just-announced RepliGo can convert files in hundreds of formats into a form that can be viewed on a Palm or Pocket PC.

BrightBytes™: AvantGo, Phone King, CastCE

There is a new beta of AvantGo for Palm OS 5, Phone King for the Pocket PC allows users to control a Bluetooth phone, CastCE is a new Atari ST[...]

RumorMill: Sony Updating Mid-Range Models

Updated According to rumor, Sony is about to introduce replacements for the SJ20 and SJ30.

Bitstream Updates Pocket PC Web Browser With Support For the Dell Axim and iPAQ h5450

Bitstream has updated their ThunderHawk Web browser for the Pocket PC. They have added support for the Axim line and the h5450 as well. We saw a demo of this[...]

Dell.com 15% Off all PDAs

Dell.com has a 10% off all PDAs sale (except the Axim) plus another 5% off using coupon code B18D1D5A3DCA. Get the Sony PEG-NR70 Color Swivel PDA for $341,[...]

Casio Announces New Pocket PC in Japan

Despite rumors that Casio had decided to drop the Pocket PC platform, it has announced a new handheld running that operating system.

New software allows viewing of almost any file type on your PDA

Cerience has released RepliGo for both the Palm and Pocket PC operating systems. This software package allows users to load many popular file types (Microsoft Office, PDF, etc.) to their[...]

UPDATE – Rumor – Sony to announce Clie SJ33 and SJ22 (pictures)

Not a huge surprise, but my contact at Sony would not confirm or deny this report. Combined with his statement at CES and the fact he did not deny the[...]

Casio to release Cassiopeia E-3000 in Japan (picture)

Casio gave up selling PDAs in the US a while ago, but we thought you might be interested in seeing what they're up to. Their latest 400 MHz Pocket PC[...]

Sony to add USB input to the Clie product line

Philips has announced that Sony is using the Philips USB On-The-Go (OTG) chip in their Clie line. What's unclear is whether this refers to the USB included in the NZ90[...]

IBM Hopes More Handhelds Will Be Based on Linux

Big Blue has created a reference design that companies can purchase and use to create handhelds based on Linux. These would run IBM software on a PowerPC chip.

Review – FlyCam Compact Flash Camera Attachment

The FlyCam-CF comes with a simplistic user manual, warranty card, and a CD containing drivers and the software bundle. The included software provides capacity for still[...]

Rumor – HP to Release iPAQ h1915 in Europe

Europe has been waiting for the iPAQ h1910 for a while now and guess what? You don't get it. Instead you get the iPAQ h1915 which is pretty much the[...]

Palm Tungsten W Review

Palm's release of the Tungsten W wireless PDA is a bit strange. They relesaed it with the Tungsten T in Singapore and many other Asian cities. The boys over at[...]

BrightBytes™: h1915, XCPUScalar 400, Axim

There are rumors of a Bluetooth-enabled version of the HP iPAQ h1910, there is an overclocking app for 400 MHz Pocket PCs, there's a powered car mount for the Dell[...]

Palm Drops Unlimited Use Plan from Palm.Net

Palm i705 and VII series users no longer have an unlimited-use option for their Palm.Net wireless service.

The Legal Wars

We're an increasingly litigious society, and there's plenty of evidence of this in the handheld industry. Brighthand looks at some of the lawsuits involving some of handheld's biggest players.

Review – Master Thief 3D from Cascata Games

Master Thief 3D is a 3D game where the player takes the role of a professional catburgler. You will need to run, jump, shoot, and disable alarms, traps, and puzzles[...]

Handhelds at the World Economic Forum

The WEF is going on now and handhelds are in the attendees’ hands.

bargainPDA attacked by SQL Slammer

Ok, so we were down all of yesterday and most of this morning. We basically took it in the rear for 30 or so hours. I can't tell you how[...]

We Have A Winner #1 of 9 – World Cup PDA Case

First up is a very nice zip case that will fit almost any PDA. The one we have is Brazil and is perfect for soccer fans or people who like[...]

We Have A Winner #2 of 9 – Sandisk 16MB SD Card

So, you can't store a bunch of MP3's on it, but this is perfect for the Palm user who wants to run a few applications off the memory card instead[...]

We Have a Winner #3 of 9 – Palm Travel Charger

Recharge on the go. The Palm Travel Charger makes it easy to recharge your handheld wherever you are. The innovative travel charger automatically adjusts to all voltages and frequencies[...]

Sena confirms release of Dell Axim and Tungsten T Cases

About a month ago we brought you news of Sena's plans to expand beyong their Clie offerings to bring Dell Axim and Tungsten T cases to market. Sena has now[...]

Sony Announces Mid-Range Handheld in Japan

Updated As rumored, Sony has announced a mid-range model to replace the SJ30. The look of the SJ33 has been changed and it includes an MP3 player.

BrightBytes™: Qvadis, Axim Case, Mapopolis

Qvadis is giving away free copies of its ebook reader to users of the defunct AportisDoc, Sena Cases is coming out with a flip case for the Dell Axim X5,[...]

Palm OS Tops in Handheld Sales in 2002

While handheld sales declined, Palm OS maintains its lead in the U.S., Europe, and the Enterprise. Among companies, Palm, Inc. is still on top with HP and Sony fighting it[...]

We Have A Winner #4 of 9 – iPAQ Aluminum Case

This is a very nice hard case from Proporta. Manufactured from 100% aircraft grade anodised aluminum with a thin neoprene lining and weighing just 48g (< 1.7oz), our aluminium cases[...]

Review – Mazingo Mobile Entertainment Service

Mazingo's free basic text service acts as a guidepost to the mobile versions of a number of sites: you 'subscribe' to such-and-such website, and every time you sync the most[...]

Sony Clie SJ33 Released in Japan

Thanks to a news tip via email, we now have confirmation that the Sony Clie SJ33 is not only for real, it has been released in Japan. Hopefully the new[...]

Sony Clie PEG-SJ33

The modern design of the newest SJ-Series CLI handheld feels as good as it looks. The smooth, translucent cover protects the screen from dust and scratches, and flips easily out[...]

BrightBytes™: Treo 90, Blackberry, @Mail

The Treo 90 appears to have been discontinued, the Blackberry will soon be available in Switzerland and Singapore, the @Mail email app for the Pocket PC has been released, and[...]

PDA News Bits – Doom for SE P800, PDA sales fall, location based content

Doom has been ported to the Sony Ericsson P800 Worldwide PDA shipments fell 9.1% in 2002 The future of location based content

We Have a Winner #5 of 9 – Sena Clie S360/320 Leather Case

We've gone a little old school with this prize. Actually, I didn't know we still had it or we'd given it away a long time ago! Anyway, it's an excellent[...]

Handspring cuts the Treo 90 and Treo 180 PDAs

During their analyst call, Handspring officially announced plans to cut the Treo 90 and Treo 180 devices from their line. The Treo 90 is no longer being sold on their[...]

Inside Graffiti 2

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief Ed Hardy spoke with some of the people involved in the switch from Graffiti to Graffiti 2 and brings us a report on this new text-entry system.

New XScale Chips Should Be Faster

Intel is updating its XScale line and the new versions should provide better performance and battery life.

PDA News Bits – New PDA Cases, Text to Speech Soon?, Chapura Updates KeyContacts, Bluetooth GPS Review

Covertec has new PDA cases for the Tungsten T and iPAQ h5450 SMS text to speech conversion might be here soon Chapura has updated KeyContacts which aims to[...]

Review – Pocketop IrDA Keyboard For Virtually All PDAs

Since the dawn of handheld computers, keyboards have been one of the most sought-after addons made. Coupled with the frequent changing of docking connectors, this meant that every device needed[...]

Sony to release biometric memory stick

In another move to keep up with options available in the Pocket PC market, Sony will release a biometric scanner "Puppy" in a memory stick form factor in February.

We Have A Winner #6 of 9 – Sony Clie Leather Padfolio

Sony hooked us up with this wonderful padfolio designed for Clie's, but it will fit almost any PDA. Win this contest and it's yours!

BrightBytes™: PocketMusic, visual Key, Cases

PocketMusic is a new freeware MP3 player for the Pocket PC, visual Key allows users to tap on a picture to unlock their handheld, there are new cases for the[...]

Sony T-Series Model to Include Bluetooth, Keyboard

Updated The FCC has given Sony its permission to release the TG50, a handheld that offers built-in Bluetooth and a keyboard.

Sony Ericsson Partnership Survives… For Now

Ericsson has decided to not pull out of its joint venture with Sony to make smartphones. In fact, both companies will give the partnership a big chunk of money.

PDA News Bits – Sony and Ericsson Add Cash, New Intel PDA Processors, Pocket PC Alien Game, Free PDA Cases

Sony and Ericsson have agreed to add cash to their Sony Ericsson joint venture Intel to release a new XScale PDA processor Pick up free PDA cases [...]

Sony Clie PEG-TG50 Gains FCC Approval – Here Comes Bluetooth! (picture)

Is it time to put my Tungsten T on eBay? Sony's follow-up to the popular T665 will integrate Bluetooth as we expected. Notice the graffiti area is gone and they've[...]

Sony Clie PEG-TG50

The PEG-TG50 CLI handheld features the latest Palm OS 5 software, high-resolution color screen, built-in voice recorder and MP3 audio player*, providing everything you need to stay organized and entertained.[...]

PDA News Bits – Patch for Clie NX Series, BSQUARE Update, SplashPhoto Upgrade

Sony has released a patch for the Clie NX60 and NX70V BSQUARE, makers of that great little CE.NET reference design, give a status update SplashPhoto has been upgraded[...]

Customers Irritated Over Axim X5 Delays

While no one begrudges Dell the popularity of its new handhelds, some customers are becoming irritated that it takes weeks for a new Axim to be delivered.

BrightBytes™: NX Update, NZ90, PowerRUN

Sony has released a system update for the NX series, the NZ90 will be available in the UK soon, and PowerRUN has been updated.