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SmartPhone Articles for January of 2004

Below are the 132 SmartPhone articles for January of 2004

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2004

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief gets out his crystal ball and tries to peer into the future of the handheld market.

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2003; How Did We Do?

A look back at the predictions Steve Bush and Ed Hardy made for 2003 at the end of the previous year. One of the pair's most daring predictions came true,[...]

First Virtual Laser Keyboard Coming in a Few Months

iBIZ Technology Corp. is planning to bring its Virtual Laser Keyboard to market soon. This projects the image of a full-size keyboard onto a surface, allowing the user to input[...]

RumorMill™: Legend Preparing Innovative Pocket PC Phone for China

The Legend Group has announced the Lenovo ET560, which will run the phone edition of Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.

The palmOne Caf : One person s experience

In December 2003, the newly merged palmOne opened a group of kiosks, the palmOne Caf s, at nine locations on the East and West coasts. Marketed as place to[...]

Asus A716

With integrated 802.11b Wireless and Bluetooth, the My Pal A716 connects you to all kinds of information without limitation. The A716 is the perfect solution whether you are on the[...]

BlackBerry 7230 Phone

Now Blackberry users can wirelessly read email, make phone calls, book meetings, and more–in color. The RIM Blackberry 7230’s high resolution 240×160 display supports over 65,000 colors. The popular handheld[...]

BlackBerry 6230 Phone

BlackBerry s Java-based 6230 model offers a smaller and lighter body than previous incarnations of this wireless handheld as well as upgrades to memory for greater data storage. E-mail and[...]

BlackBerry 6210 Phone

A business-oriented phone, organizer and communication device, the Java-based BlackBerry 6210 works like a normal phone, but also gives you e-mail, SMS text messaging and Web browsing along with everything[...]

BlackBerry 6710 Phone

This full-featured connected organizer brings you e-mail, SMS text messaging and web browsing on the go along with everything you d expect from an organizer in a single wireless phone[...]

BlackBerry 7210

Research in Motion’s (RIM) early attempts at mating its popular wireless e-mail device/PDA with a cell phone didn’t turn out as well as the company had hoped. But the BlackBerry[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

A listing of some of the most interesting game-related news from the last week.

PDA News – Flip screen PPC phone, OLEDs expand, New Year’s sale

Legend makes PPC phone with flip/twist screen Opto Tech increases OLED production Astraware New Year's sale

Mobile Word 2004 Adds True Type Support

In addition to embedded images and a spell checker, the latest version of Mobile Word includes support for True Type fonts on the handheld.

PocketMac Smart Phone Sync Software Now Available

A new version of PocketMac allows users of Windows powered smart phones to synchronize with Mac OS X applications.

Review – AcidSolitaire 3 and AcidFreecell 3 from Red Mercury (Palm OS)

Beginner and advanced solitaire players will enjoy the single-handed play mode and ultra smart auto-card movement. Users can easily create their own full color backgrounds. The game features 16-bit color[...]

Cornice Introduces Inexpensive 2 GB Mini Hard Drive

Cornice has introduced a higher-capacity version of its low-cost miniature hard drive for use in portable electronics, including handheld computers.

ftxBrowser Updated for Windows Mobile 2003

A version of the ftxBrowser freeware web browser has been released for Windows Mobile 2003, though it is still in beta.

Palm OS 6 Given to Licensees on Schedule

In September, PalmSource promised that the next generation of the Palm OS would be given to its licensees by the end of 2003. The company said today that it met[...]

Study: Only 7% of U.S. Population Will Own Handhelds

Jupiter Research has released a study that forecasts that only 20 million U.S. residents will own a handheld by 2008. It also shows that what most users want is[...]

Bluetooth Stowaway Keyboard Coming in Late May

Think Outside has revealed details of its plans for a Bluetooth version of its Stowaway folding keyboard. This will be the first portable keyboard specifically designed for Bluetooth-enabled smart phones[...]

RumorMill™: First Glimpse of Two Upcoming palmOne Models

A Chinese web site has what is supposedly the first details on an pair of handhelds expected to be released by palmOne this spring.

PDA News – ftxPBrowser, WiFi Memory Sticks delayed, New games

ftxPBrowser updated for WM2003 WiFi Memory Stick cards moved to March Gamebox Solitaire for Palm, Chukchi Kerling, Weave

SanDisk’s Connect SD Wi-Fi Card – Inter-REVIEW!

What do you get when you cross an interview with a review? And furthermore a review of the SanDisk Connect SD Wi-Fi card at that? Read on to[...]

Review – Palm Infrared Wireless Keyboard

palmOne has joined the fray of wireless keyboard marketers. Is their new unit worthy of your money?

First SPOT Watches Now Available

Amazon.com has begun taking orders for Fossil's line of watches that are capable of displaying snippets of information they receive wirelessly.

InnoPocket Announces TiPro Premium Cases for palmOne Tungsten, HP iPAQ

A new line of premium hard cases from InnoPocket is made of titanium and features neoprene linings.

Updated Mapping Software Coming from Handmark and Rand McNally

Rand McNally's Streetfinder NAV Deluxe has been announced for Palm OS and Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices.

Buy Music for Your Palm from Real’s New Store

A new version of the RealPlayer allows palmOne handheld users to directly transfer and play secure, digital music purchased from a music download service offering over 300,000 songs.

Socket Announces Portable Bluetooth Modem

Socket Communications has just announced a battery-powered Bluetooth 56K modem that will allow handheld users to access the Internet without having to be tethered to an analog phone line and[...]

Audiovox Announces Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC

Audiovox has announced the PPC 5050, a cellular-wireless handheld that will run the Phone Edition of Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.

Microsoft Chairman Demos Smart Watches

Bill Gates opened this year's CES with a keynote address. Much of what Mr. Gates talked about was not related to handhelds or other mobile devices, but he did discuss[...]

PDA News – Palm OS 6 gone Gold, New Palm rumors, Zodiac wins award

Palm OS 6 finalized; shipped to licensees Rumors of two new Palms Tapwave Zodiac wins award from PC World Only 7% market penetration by 2008?

Live From CES 2004 – Bill Gates Keynote

We're sitting here live at the 2004 CES Bill Gates keynote. We'll be updating this story throughout the speach, so refresh often for the latest information.

SanDisk 1 GB SD Cards Coming Later this Month

SanDisk is preparing to announce at the Consumer Electronics Show that it will soon make available the largest Secure Digital card yet released.

SyChip Exhibiting New Low Power Wi-Fi SD Card

SyChip, the company that developed the current Wi-Fi SD card be sold by several companies, has developed a new model that uses less power.

Brighthand’s Coverage of CES 2004

The 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest tradeshows in the world and numerous companies are taking the opportunity to introduce handheld-related products.

Palm OS User Council Conducting Handheld User Survey

A group of enthusiasts and discussion leaders from the Palm OS user community is hosting a survey that they are hoping will help handheld makers design and deliver better products.

PalmSource Opens Nominations for Powered Up Awards

PalmSource had opened nominations to the public for awards it gives to outstanding applications developed for the Palm OS platform.

Spb Finance Quick Edition Released For Pocket PC

Spb Software House has launched an enhanced version of Spb Finance that offers synchronization with Quicken on desktop computers.

Veo Hi-Res Camera for Palm OS Coming in February

Veo says the Palm OS version of its 1.3 megapixel camera will be available in a few weeks. This device plugs into the SD slots on some handhelds.

PDA News – Bluetooth keyboard, 1 GB SD card, New PocketPC Phone

Think Outside announces Bluetooth keyboard Sandisk 1 GB SD cards available New PPC Phone Edition from Audiovox Alleged photos of Zire 31

Live From CES 2004 – Morning Update

We've been walking the floor for a few hours and are taking a break for lunch. This morning we met with Microsoft, Acer, Sychip, the SD Association, Suunto and a[...]

SanDisk Announces 2 GB Memory Stick

SanDisk will soon introduce a 2 gigabyte Memory Stick PRO, twice the capacity of the largest SD card.

FCC Approves Two Clies with Cameras, One with Wi-Fi

The FCC has given Sony permission to release the TJ27 and TJ37. Both of these will have built-in cameras and one, the TJ37, will have built-in Wi-Fi.

OQO Makes Bid for Vaporware Hall of Fame

OQO has unveiled a design for a new version of its small portable computer. This despite the fact that the first-generation model was never released.

Live From CES 2004 – Afternoon Update

After some delay here's what we encountered the rest of the afternoon: Fujitsu has a new PDA coming Audiovox isn't very excited about their new PDA phone [...]


A summary of Thursday's events. After roaming the floor and attending meetings with some of the most exciting companies in the industry, we have got some neat things to[...]

PDA News – Products of the Year, TomTom for Palm, New Games

Handheld Computing magazine Best Products awards TomTom Navigator for Palm Games from Astraware, Ballshooter, Clickgamer

Sony To Release Two New PDAs – Clie TJ27 and Clie TJ37 (Pics)

According to an FCC filing, Sony is probably weeks away from releasing two new PDAs in their Clie TJ line, the Sony Clie TJ37 and Sony Clie TJ27. Both will[...]

Sony Clie TJ37

The new PEG-TJ37 CLI Handheld provides everything you need to stay Organized, Entertained and Connected, featuring a built-in 310K pixel (effective) camera, integrated Wireless LAN (802.11b) capability1, and MP3 audio[...]

Sony Clie TJ27

The new PEG-TJ27 CLI Handheld features a built-in 310K pixel (effective) camera, high resolution TFT color display, and 32MB of internal memory (23MB available), providing everything you need to stay[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

A listing of some of the most interesting game-related news from the last week.

CES 2004 The State of palmOne

What does the future hold for palmOne? With the Handspring merger there s still a lot to be sorted out. Will the pre-merger wireless Palm units become part of the[...]

The Number of Bluetooth Printer Adapters Grows

Two adapters have been announced that will allow users of Bluetooth-enabled Palm OS and Pocket PC models to wirelessly print directly from their handhelds.

RumorMill&trade: Latest Information on the Motorola MPx220 (Updated)

A list of specifications has been found for a smart phone that Motorola has not yet announced.

Toshiba Develops Faster SD Cards

A new family of SD memory cards are up to five times faster than Toshiba's standard SD memory cards.

FCC Approves Sony Clie TH55

An upcoming Sony model will offer a hi-res+ screen in a table design, a camera, and Wi-fi wireless networking.

Review – Cubis from Astraware (Palm and Pocket PC)

Have you ever been just bored with your Palm? I mean, you have all the games and productivity applications that you want, but for some reason you have just met[...]

Ecer Technologies Develops TiltCONTROL Motion Sensor

A new peripheral attaches to the synchronization port of supported handhelds and allows the user to control applications and games by tilting the handheld up and down, or from left[...]

Audible.com Now Available for Sony Clies

Audible.com's downloadable audio service can now be used by owners of Sony Clie handhelds running the latest version of the Palm OS.

PalmSource Selling Nearly 3 Million Shares

PalmSource has informed the SEC that it is going to sell 2.75 million shares of its common stock to raise working capital.

In Depth – Sony Clie TH55

The FCC has unbagged the cat on Sony's new high-end Clie--Bluetooth, WiFi, and a 320 x 480 screen... all in a single piece tablet.

Xen Games Releases Interstellar Flames for Palm OS

Interstellar Flames is a space-themed shooter that puts the player in the cockpit of the lone fighter attempting to defend the solar system from alien invaders.

FCC Approves Axim X3i with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Dell now has permission to release in the U.S. a version of the Axim X3i with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A version of this model with just Wi-Fi was[...]

Fodor’s Provides Travel Information for Handhelds

iFodor's is a new interactive mapping and travel application for handheld devices.

Sony Clie TH55

The new PEG-TH55 CLI Handheld provides everything you need to stay Organized, Entertained and Connected, featuring a built-in 310K pixel (effective) camera, integrated Wireless LAN (802.11b) capability1, and MP3 audio[...]

Dell Gains FCC Approval for an Axim X3 With Bluetooth and WiFi

We posted a story back in October regarding the future of the Axim X3i and the potential for incorporating Bluetooth. The future could be only a few weeks, as the[...]

TomTom Announces Mapping Solution for Tungsten T3

An upcoming bundle from TomTom will include mapping software and wither a wired or wireless GPS receiver. The software will offer 3D maps and spoken directions.

New iPAQ h1900, h4100 Cases Available Soon

A pair of companies have announced new cases for some of HP’s iPAQ Pocket PCs. iPAQ h4100 Series StylusCentral has a new aluminum case available now for the iPAQ h4155[...]

Pre-Orders Now Being Taken for MyPal A716

A web store is already taking pre-orders for ASUS's MyPal A716, a Pocket PC with multiple forms of wireless networking and dual memory-card slots.

RumorMill™: Pocket Loox 4xx Coming in May

Fujitsu-Siemens is reportedly working on a new mid-range Pocket PC that will have a slim design.

TealPoint Releases Completely Rewritten TealPaint 6

TealPaint 6 is the latest version of this painting and sketching application for Palm OS handhelds.

Pretec Demos Bigger, Faster MMC Card

The world?s first 1 GB MultiMediaCard is expected to be available by the end of this quarter.

PDA News – PalmSource issues stock, Software updates, Loox rumors

PalmSource issues $60M worth of new stock TealPaint 6.0, PTvnc 2 Rumors of new low-end Loox PocketPCNew Intermec PocketPCNew Palm OS 5 Bluetooth GPS

Zaurus SL-5600 for Just $300

The tablet-shaped Zaurus SL-5600 offers a VGA screen, a 400 MHz processor, and dual memory card slots.

Review – Wheel of Fortune for Pocket PC from Sony Entertainment

Wheel of Fortune is a popular television game show that has had an incredibly long run, and continues today with Vanna White still turning the letters. Sony Pictures Entertainment[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony VR100K Video Recorder

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief takes a look at the first device designed specifically to record TV shows for playback on a handheld.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

A listing of some of the most interesting game-related news from the last week

PDA News – 4150 aluminum case, WinamPAQ, New games

Aluminum hard case for iPaq 4150 WinamPAQ up to 0.98 New games from Mobilair and Clickgamer

More Accessories Coming in the Secure Digital Format

The battle between SD, CF and Memory Stick is never ending. All have benefits, but there's little one format can do that another cannot, or will not in the near[...]

RumorMill™: Gartner Analyst Leaks Info on iPAQ h6300 Series

An analyst for Gartner leaked a preview of an upcoming wireless Pocket PC at the Consumer Electronics Show. This device will reportedly offer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPRS.

Review – Stowaway Wireless Infrared Keyboard for Pocket PC and Palm OS from Think Outside

Setting up a keyboard for typing on a PDA just got easier with the Think Outside Infrared Wireless Keyboard. Since the keyboard connects to the PDA by infrared, there is[...]

RumorMill™: palmOne Preparing Treo 610

The first rumors of a successor to the Treo 600 smart phone have started to circulate. Supposedly, the new model will offer many of the features the current model lacks.

Cingular Reportedly Trying to Buy AT&T Wireless

According to an unconfirmed Reuters report, Cingular has made a bid to buy AT&T Wireless.

New GPS Solution For Palm OS 5 Available Soon From Navman

The upcoming Navman GPS 4460 for Palm OS devices is a voice-enabled Bluetooth GPS receiver that will come with street-level maps of North America.

PDA News – Warfare Inc. beta tests, iPaq 6300 confirmed, 2200 ROM update

Warfare Inc. beta tests Gartner leaks iPaq 6300 info iPaq 2200 ROM update

RumorMill™: Is this the iPAQ h6300?

Additional information has emerged about HP's upcoming line of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs that also offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

palmOne Cuts Jobs to Put More Emphasis on Smart Phones

palmOne has given pink slips to 100 of its employees as it shifts more of its focus to smart phones.

Opera’s Web Browser May Be Coming to a Handheld Near You

Opera Software has unveiled Medium-Screen Rendering (MSR), which is designed to create a user-friendly version of Web pages for handheld-sized screens.

iPaq 2210 / 2215 Active Armor Case Review

Just when you thought you'd seen it all in terms of selection of cases for your HP iPaq 2210, from leather to metal to vinyl, Active Armor brings you a[...]

palmOne Lays Off 12% of Workforce, Roughly 100 People

As a logical next step in the Handspring acquisition, palmOne has shuddered staff across all functions in an effort to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost. The move leaves them[...]

Turn a Handheld into a Desktop with Blue Dock

Synosphere is currently developing the Blue Dock, a docking station to allow a handheld to function as a desktop computer or laptop.

TI Announces EDGE Chipset For Smartphones, Handhelds

Texas Instruments has unveiled the TCS3500 EDGE chipset and reference design for smartphones and cellular-wireless handhelds.

Fossil Takes the Wrist PDA Back to the Drawing Board

Fossil has decided to give up on its original design for a Palm powered Wrist PDA and is working on a new model.

PDA News – Alleged iPaq 6300 pic, Mobile Opera, Treo 610?

Alledged photo of iPaq 6300 Opera web browser for mobile tech Treo 610 release?

Review Link Letters Version 2.0 from Astraware (Palm and Pocket PC)

A PDA game is often the path to sanity as one waits in line to enter an airport boarding area, or to return home from a trip overseas. All[...]

New Educational Tools Available Soon for Palm Handhelds

Several companies have announced new software tools for teachers and students.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

PDArcade has named its Pocket PC games of the year; Vector Blaster is a new game for Pocket PCs and Smartphones; Ultima III is now available for the Palm OS;[...]

European Handheld Sales See Double-Digit Growth

IDC has released figures for handheld shipments in Europe during the last quarter of 2003, and also for the entire year. Shipments during the quarter jumped strongly, bringing a double[...]

PDA News – Vaporware awards, Fossil shelved, PocketPC Tools

Wired Mag annual Vaporware awards Fossil PDA Watch shelved PocketPC Tools site in trouble Covertec PocketPC phone case

Conference Call with Sharp

Hey you! Yeah YOU, the flat panel over there. Are you talkin' to me? Flat panel displays that produce sound from their pixels, and other groundbreaking display[...]

PDA News – 4 GB for $199, Denser chips, PPC Phone for $99

4 GB CompactFlash Microdrive for $199 Toshiba designs denser chips for phones, handhelds Siemens PocketPC Phone for $99 with AT&T contract TotalRemote 2.0 from Griffin

First Thoughts – Sony Clie TJ27 Short Review

The new

Number of Bluetooth Accessories Grows Sharply

Bluetooth was originally designed as a way to free computers from their tangles of wires. Recently, an increasing number of peripherals are using this short-range wireless standard to connect[...]

Missing Sync for Danger hiptop Coming Next Month

hiptop users will soon be able to synchronize their device with iCal and Mac OS X Address Book.

SanDisk Moves Back Release Date of Wi-Fi SD Card Yet Again

SanDisk's web page on its Wi-Fi SD card now says that a Palm OS 5 driver will be released in the second quarter of this year. Previously, the company had[...]

Kyocera Recalls Potentially Dangerous 7135 Batteries

Kyocera has recalled a large number of batteries for the Kyocera 7135 Palm OS-based smartphone because they can can short circuit.

European PDA Shipments Rise 27.5%

IDC has released a report that shows excellent PDA sales in Western Europe. 2003 saw roughly 2.6 million units sold, a 27.5% increase over the prior year. So who leads[...]

Worldwide Handheld Market Larger for Second Straight Quarter

The worldwide market for handheld devices grew 3.2% in the fourth quarter of 2003, the second quarter in a row to see an increase in shipments.

RumorMill™: Faster XScale Processors Coming this May

In the coming months, Intel is expected to release new XScale processors that finally offer higher clockspeeds higher than 400 MHz.

Palm OS 5.4 Seeded to Developers

PalmSource has given developers access to a pre-release version of Palm OS 5.4. Though Palm OS 6 has been given to licensees, PalmSource still intends to keep developing the[...]

SanDisk 1 GB SD Card Now Shipping

Consumers will soon be able to buy a single card the size of a postage stamp that can hold over five hours of MPEG-4 compressed video.

PDA News – SD WiFi delayed, Kyocera recalls batteries, Palm OS 5.4

Palm OS drivers for SD WiFi delayed, again Kyocera recalls 7135 batteries; may overheat, explode PalmSource provides developers with OS 5.4

SanDisk Ships 1GB Secure Digital Memory Card

SanDisk, who continues to take a beating over not being able to produce Palm OS drviers for their SD WiFi card, began shipping their 1GB SD card today. The 1GB[...]

Big Blue Back in the PDA Business?

IBM recently showed off a Linux PDA they've been working on at the LinuxWorld show in New York last week. IBM's not been a part of the PDA world since[...]

palmOne Releases Treo 600 Update

A system update that corrects a number of small problems has been released for the Sprint version of the Treo 600 smart phone.

Palm OS Celebrates Its Eighth Birthday

As the Palm OS gets another year older, Brighthand looks back over its history and discusses the challenges that it faces in the future.

PDA News – OS 6 upgrade rumors, Covertec does aluminum, Single-chip 802.11g

palmOne rumored working on Tungsten OS updates Covertec takes up aluminum cases New, single-chip embedded 802.11g New fuel cell technology

Wireless Cable Television May Be Available Next Year

The interest in watching video on PDAs seems to be growing and conversations surrounding the wish to watch television on PDAs continue to grow. Everything else is wireless, why can[...]

Gateway Still Debating Releasing Pocket PC

Gateway said last year that it was going to enter the handheld market, but eventually effectively dropped plans for its first Pocket PC. The company now says it is thinking[...]

Pocketop Charging for Keyboard Drivers

Pocketop, makers of universal infrared keyboards for Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Linux handhelds, has started charging customers for the drivers necessary to use its keyboards.

Treo 600 Coming to T-Mobile in March

palmOne now says its smart phone will be available on the T-Mobile network in a couple months. It is already available from several other carriers, both in the U.S. and[...]

palmOne Refuses to Confirm Palm OS 6 Upgrade

A spokesperson for palmOne declined to confirm that his company is working on an upgrade that will allow some current handhelds to move to the next version of their operating[...]

PDA News – 540 MHz wireless XScale, 25% off Handmark, Handheld sales fall

New XScale processors rumored to feature faster speeds, integrated WiFi 25% off top 10 PocketPC and Palm games from Handmark Handheld sales decline 18% Winter weather can[...]

The Gateway X100 Pocket PC Ready For a Comeback?

The PDA that never was might be making a comeback some time in 2004. Gateway is said to be working hard on a media centric PDA with wireless and other[...]

What Handhelds Does HP Have Up Its Sleeve?

While HP averaged more than one new handheld a month during the second half of last year, rumors are mostly silent about upcoming models. Brighthand is curious about peoples' opinions[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

Extinction, an homage to Defender, is now available for Pocket PCs, while demo versions of Fire Power and Acedior have been released.

New Cases and Accessories Available Soon for Dell Axim, Sony UX50, Others

Covertec has a new line of aluminum hard cases; Xigma has announced two new cases for the Sony CLIE UX50; and more.

Samsung i505 Smart Phone Gets FCC Approval

The FCC has given Samsung permission to release in the U.S. the i505, a Palm OS smart phone. This will include a "flip and twist" screen, an SD slot, and[...]

Worldwide PDA Shipments Fall 5% in 2003

Worldwide shipments of PDAs in 2003 totalled 11.5 million units, a decline of over 5% according to Gartner research. palmOne is the strong leader with an almost 2-1 lead over[...]

PDA News – palmOne denies upgrade rumors, Palm Desktop update, UX cases

palmOne denies OS6 upgrade rumors Palm Desktop software update for T3, TE, Z21 Clie UX series Xigma leather cases