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SmartPhone Articles for January of 2005

Below are the 134 SmartPhone articles for January of 2005

Review – The JAVOClearCase Bundle

For all of the writing that I do around here about choosing a PDA and making sure that you have the right accessories when you get that PDA, I really[...]

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2005

Ed Hardy and Shawn Barnett bring us their thoughts on what we can expect for the handheld and smartphone market in the coming year.

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2004: How Did We Do?

At the end of last year, Brighthand made some predictions for 2004. Now we're looking back to see how we did.

Gameboy Advance Emulation Comes to the Palm OS

Crimson Fire has released the Gameboy Advance (GBA) portion of its Firestorm emulator for the Palm OS.

What Will Bill Unveil at the 2005 CES?

The CES is the main mobile tech event, in the US anyway, every year. Bill Gates kicks off this year's event with the keynote where he's publicly launched several technologies[...]

BlackBerry Smartphone Coming to Cingular

According to rumor, Cingular is going to be the next wireless carrier to offer a version of RIM's first smartphone.

PalmZone.net’s MobileWeb Now PdaMobileWeb.com

PalmZone.net's MobileWeb site index of handheld-friendly links has been expanded and now has its own web address.

PDA and Tech Deals for 1/4/2004 – 1/7/2004

Palm Zire 72 PDA $240 and Free $30 Amazon Gift CertificateKingston 512MB SD Memory Card $29.99Nintendo DS + Mario 64 + Leather Case $200 with Free ShippingGarmin iQue 3600 $438[...]

Review — Quotestream Wireless from QuoteMedia

Being away from the ticker at the bottom of CNBC can be traumatic for some. If you have a wireless device, there's now no need to worry. Quotestream Wireless will[...]

PDA News – CNET’s Top Handhelds, Engadget Awards, Windows Mobile 2005

CNET's top handheld choices Engadget Picks and readers' choices Report: Features, pics of Windows Mobile 2005

Companies Donating to Disaster Relief

Several handheld-related companies are making donations to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Fossil’s Palm OS Wrist Watch Now Available

After a very long delay, the Wrist PDA has finally hit the market. Despite its diminutive size, this runs a full version of the Palm OS.

Garmin Announces Its First GPS-Enabled Pocket PC

After offering Palm OS models for several years, Garmin has just announced the iQue M5, its first GPS-enabled Pocket PC.

New Bluetooth-Enabled GPS Receiver Coming from Garmin

Garmin has just unveiled a new GPS receiver that can communicate with a Pocket PC via Bluetooth.

Handmark Announces Pocket Express Wireless Services For BlackBerry Users

The Handmark Pocket Express suite of seven wireless services for BlackBerry handhelds will be available later this month.

Patent Awarded for Personal Area Network (PAN) System

Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC) has been granted a patent for its Personal Area Network (PAN) system, which allows users to wire third-party devices together inside inside their clothes.

Garmin Announces the iQue M5 – Pocket PC With GPS (With Pictures)

Garmin added a new page to their PDA playbook today, announcing the iQue M5 GPS enabled Pocket PC. It doesn't stop there. Garmin, who is known for innovating on the[...]

FCC Releases Then Removes Tungsten E2 Info

The palmOne Tungsten E2 appeared briefly on the FCC web site yesterday, but has since been removed. Still, it was available long enough for a number of significant details to[...]

BenQ P50 Coming Next Month

A cellular-wireless Pocket PC that has been called a possible "Treo killer" will finally debut in February, but at a higher price than even the latest Treo.

New GPS SD Card Hits the Market

Stellus System has announced a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver that works with handhelds with SDIO slots.

MSN Direct Service Will Soon Be Available in More than Just Smartwatches

Microsoft SPOT Group today announced a pair of new licensees. Oregon Scientific and MZ Berger are developing innovative devices with MSN Direct service.

Sniderware’s New Blackjack for Palm OS Boasts Smooth Animation, Stunning Graphics and Support for the Latest Models

Eric Snider's Blackjack features a simple to use interface, smooth animations, and graphics that support the latest Palm OS models with high-resolution screens.

Sony Announces 4 GB Memory Stick PRO Card

Sony is doubling the capacity of its flash media product line by announcing a 4 GB Memory Stick PRO card.

Cingular Demoing Treo 650 at CES

There are strong signs that Sprint's monopoly on the Treo 650 is about to come to an end.

Fossil Announces Palm OS Powered Wrist PDA (pics)

Two years after Fossil first promised a Palm OS powered watch, the PDA is real. The Wrist PDA was delivered a death blow by the company who was contracted to[...]

First Thoughts – BenQ P50 Windows Mobile Phone (pics)

I was able to spend a few minutes with BenQ's latest effort in the Smartphone space. BenQ hopes to have this unit available in the US by July, but makes[...]

First Thoughts – Samsung i730 PocketPC Phone

We had an opportunity to use a fully functional Samsung i730 last night. We didn't hear it from Samsung, but we have it on very good authority that Verizon will[...]

palmOne Treo 650 to Hit Cingular in February

While at the CES we've seen palmOne employees walking around with GSM Treo 650's using the Cingular network. It's been in testing for almost three months, waiting for final certification[...]

palmOne Update – Tungsten E2, New Treo, New Zires, More…

PalmOne has been pretty active lately with releasing the Treo 650 and Tungsten T5 models. This holiday season has even seen their market share growing in comparison to last year's[...]

Enfora Bringing Wi-Fi to the Treo Series

Enfora has announced plans to release a pair of Wi-Fi sleds for the Treo 600 and Treo 650.

Microsoft Quietly Releases ActiveSync 3.8

Without any fanfare, Microsoft has posted on its Download Center an updated version of its synchronization software for Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones.

SanDisk Demoing SD Card That’s Also a USB Flash Drive

SanDisk is demonstrating at this week's CES tradeshow a prototype of an SD card that can also be be used with the USB port on a desktop or laptop.

palmOne Moving to a New Headquarters

palmOne has announced plans to move to a new corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Tapwave and Virgin Digital Sign Deal to Make Music Downloads Effortless on Tapwave’s Zodiac

Tapwave and Virgin Digital have formed a strategic alliance to make the Tapwave Zodiac multimedia handheld work seamlessly with Virgin Digital's audio download and subscription services.

Rumor – HP Planning Updated iPAQs

HP's booths were active at the CES this year. Not just active with tons of products, but with buzz about their iPAQ line that has been disappointing as of late.[...]

Brighthand’s Coverage of CES 2005

The 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show is over, but Brighthand is still getting caught up on some of the news stories that came out of this huge tradeshow.

HP Redesigning Some Recent iPAQs

At last week's Consumer Electronics Show, some HP representatives talked about their company's plans to update a pair of handhelds that were released over the summer.

Sena Cases Introduces New Cases for the palmOne Treo 650

Sena Cases has released two new leather case models for the palmOne Treo 650 series.

Microsoft Phasing out ‘Pocket PC’ and ‘Smartphone’ Brand Names

Microsoft has decided to stop referring to devices as Pocket PCs or Smartphones. Instead, both these groups of products will be combined in one category, Windows Mobile devices.

ASUS P505 May Come to the U.S. (Updated)

ASUS's upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC will be available in the United States if there is sufficient demand for it.

Dell Axim X50v Still Available for Less than $425

Back in November, Dell's online store began offering 15 percent off the regular prices for all its new Axim X50 series models. Almost two months later, that deal is still[...]

United Airlines Giving Away BlackBerries to Passengers

People who book a qualifying flight on United Airlines and sign up for T-Mobile wireless service can get a free BlackBerry cellular-wireless handheld.

NewsBreak Released for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Get the latest headlines, weather, sports, business, and entertainment news wirelessly on your Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC or Smartphone.

AvantGo Gets a Major Upgrade

iAnywhere Solutions has just released a new version of one of the most popular handheld and smartphone applications of all time. All AvantGo users will see significant changes, whether they[...]

SyChip Announces 802.11g Module for Handhelds

SyChip has introduced an 802.11g module that can be built into handhelds and smartphones. This will allow them to do wireless data transfers at up to 54 Mbps, significantly faster[...]

BlackBerry Smartphone Coming to O2

A version of RIM's BlackBerry smartphone will be available in the United Kingdom later this month from O2.

Orbitz Also Giving Away BlackBerries

United Airlines isn't the only one offering a free BlackBerry cellular-wireless handheld to its customers. Orbitz is also doing so.

Dell Axim X3/X3i/X30 Series and iPAQ 51/54/5500 Touchscreen Repair Available

Pocket PC Techs is pleased to announce that they are now able to repair the Touchscreen on the HP iPAQ 51/54/5500 Series and Dell Axim X3/X3i/X30 Series Pocket PCs. Repairing[...]

GPS SD Card Now Available for the Treo 650

iGolf Technologies is now selling a GPS receiver in an SD card for palmOne's new Treo 650 smartphone.

Mars Needs Cows Released for Windows Mobile for Smartphone

Astraware and PopCap are pleased to announce that Mars Needs Cows for Windows Mobile for Smartphone has arrived. In addition, the Pocket PC and Palm OS versions have been updated.

Chronos 2.0 Brings Unlimited Advanced Alarms and Timers for Your Pocket PC/Smartphone

Chronos fills a gap in the Pocket PC operating system by offering an unlimited number of highly customizable alarms.

JAVOedge Introduces Mobile Power Kit

The Mobile Power Kit comes with adapters which are designed to help consolidate many power cords into one charging adapter.

Amoi Preparing Innovative Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC

China-based Amoi has been demonstrating what may be the first Pocket PC to use SanDisk's TransFlash memory cards. This device also will have a good-size keyboard.

Tapwave Turns Down Gameboy Emulator

Tapwave has refused to "sign" Crimson Fire's Gameboy emulator. Without this digital seal of approval, the Zodiac-specific version of Firestorm gbaZ will not be released.

Latest on the Samsung i730

Although quite a few details have been revealed on Samsung's upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC, some important details remain a mystery. However, some additional facts about this model recently came to[...]

Beiks Launches New Software Store for Fossil Abacus Wrist PDAs

Beiks has opened a new section of its Web site devoted to software compatible with Fossil?s new Abacus Wrist PDA.

Upcoming Watch-Size PC will Have Internet Access

Scientists in gadget-crazy South Korea say they are close to finishing work on a PC small enough to wear on a wrist.

Nokia Cutting Multimedia R&D Staff

Nokia is going to lay off some of its research and development staff from the group that develops multimedia-oriented devices.

PDAs Busted at This Year’s CES

PDAs were virtually nowhere to be found this year at the CES. The focus instead was fully on portable media and media center. Windows Mobile was almost totally neglected, with[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 1/11/2005 – 1/13/2005

HOT DEAL: 20% Off Code on Dell Axim X50v (1/13/2005 - 1/17/2005)palmOne.com 10% Off Code (expires 1/12/05 11:59 p.m.)Audiovox SMT5600 Award Winning Windows SmartPhone $25 after rebatepalmOne Treo 650 $369[...]

PDA News – Software Special Edition

New software: GameBox Solitaire II, by PDAmill BTImmobilizer, by SOFTAVA Acky's XP Breakout level pack, by Isotope244 NetRemote,[...]

Navman PiN

The Navman PiN (Personal Interactive Navigation) combines the latest GPS technology with elegant design to deliver the ultimate cable-free navigation solution. Navigation on-the-move, the compact and stylish NEW Navman PiN,[...]

Garmin iQue M5

Garmin Satellite Navigation in a Pocket PC Mobile OfficeThe iQue M5 is perfect for today s mobile professional who wants to get from the boardroom to the hotel without asking[...]

Socket Introduces OrganizeIT Suite with Barcode Scanning for Organizing Music and Video Collections

Socket OrganizeIT Suite is a software application bundled with a Socket SDIO In-Hand Scan Card that organizes private music and video collections based on UPC barcodes. It works with both[...]

There’s Still Room for the Palm OS to Take the Lead in VGA

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief believes Windows Mobile's implementation of VGA displays leaves much to be desired, so there's plenty of room for the Palm OS to come out with a better one.

Lyrics Magic Plays MP3s and Shows Song Lyrics in Time with the Music

Lyrics Magic is the first MP3 player for Pocket PC that also plays song lyrics in time with the music. It also support playing Rmp, Mp2, Mpa, Ogg, Wav, and[...]

BenQ P50 Might Not Be Coming Next Month

According to a report published today, BenQ may have been overly optimistic about when its highly-anticipated cellular-wireless Pocket PC will hit the market.

New Evidence Treo 650 Coming to Cingular this Month

Over the past week or so, evidence has been building that Cingular will start offering the latest palmOne smartphone before the end of this month.

First Thoughts – HP iPaq hx2750 (Pics, specs)

After having had the HP iPaq hx2750 for about 12 hours now, I've formed some initial impressions of HP's business-market anomaly.

palmOne, HP and Dell Are 1, 2 and 3. Who’s Number 4?

The PDA space has condensed a tremendous deal over the past year. If you're not palmOne, HP or Dell, you're a niche player. Mitac International is trying to make more[...]

Fossil WristPDA 2.0

Check more than just the time with this Wrist PDA watch, a revolutionary personal organizer cleverly disguised as a stylish wristwatch. Powered by the Palm OS platform this watch can[...]

PDA News – Palm Bluetooth Keyboard, Treo 650 on Cingular, Bluetooth Headphones

Palm OS drivers for ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard Reports: Cingular to launch Treo 650 on January 26th Hack allows HP Bluetooth headphones to work on Dell, HTC New[...]

Stuntcar Extreme Released for Pocket PC and Symbian

Stuntcar Extreme delivers a fast-paced stunt racing experience with an early 80's retro funk flavor.

Palm OS Driver Released for Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard

Many months after the Windows Mobile and Symbian drivers were released, Think Outside has released software that allows many Palm OS handhelds to use its Bluetooth keyboard.

My First CES

It has been one week since BargainPDA has been to CES and that has given me ample time to reflect on how fun, and weird that trip was for me.[...]

No New Zodiac Until 2006

A Tapwave executive said recently that a new Zodiac model won't be released for at least another year, and the wait might possibly even be two years.

Archos PMA400 — Linux Based Media Player and PDA

Archos is well known for their audio and video products, but their new Pocket Media Assistant PMA400 goes beyond the standard media recording and playing that would be expected. The[...]

PDA News – GSM Treo coming soon, Axim security flaw, Tapwave’s future

PalmOne website shows GSM Treo 650 Security flaw on Axim X50 series PC Mag talks to Tapwave founder Verizon users sue over Bluetooth crippling

Garmin Announces Palm OS Handheld Aimed at Pilots

Garmin has taken the wraps off the iQue 3600a, a bundle of products designed to help pilots navigate.

palmOne Announces Change in Global Operations Leadership

palmOne, Inc. today announced that its senior vice president and head of the company's Global Operations is leaving the company.

Brighthand Reviews the palmOneTreo 650

The Treo 650 is the latest member of palmOne's line of smartphones. It isn't an amazing breakthrough, but it does have several significant improvements over its predecessor, the Treo 600.

Brighthand Reviews the palmOneTreo 650 — Part III

Memory Easily the most controversial feature of the Treo 650 is its very small amount of built-in Storage capacity. When the Treo 650 hit the market, plenty of Treo 600[...]

Brighthand Reviews the palmOneTreo 650 — Part II

The Screen The Treo 650 has a 320-by-320-pixel display, which is four times the resolution of its predecessor. This is a beautiful color screen that leaves the ones you typically[...]

Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 Review

The new Zaurus SL-C3000 from Sharp is a linux-based PDA incorporating an Intel XScale PXA270 CPU at 416 MHz. It has a 640 by 480 pixel screen and is physically[...]

Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000

The Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 is the fifth generation of the groundbreaking SL-C line of PDAs. (Like its predecessors, the SL-C3000 runs LINUX.) The SL-C3000 is the only PDA on the[...]

Dutch Firm RSIC Releases New Instant Messaging Client for BlackBerry Devices

BerryVine Messenger is the first BlackBerry based IM solution with direct MSN support, without the need for any intermediate third-party servers.

iPAQ h6300 Series May Be Coming to New Carriers

Recent rumors indicate that T-Mobile's monopoly on HP's cellular-wireless Pocket PC is about to come to an end.

PalmSource Joins Group Aiming to Bring Standards to Wireless Devices

PalmSource has joined a consortium of companies that is trying to give many different wireless devices a consistent user experience.

KQ Dungeons 1.0 Released

In Kyle's Quest Dungeons, players take on the role of an evil monster to build dungeons and keep out the pesky human adventurers.

Two Companies Debut Bluetooth Virtual Keyboards

i.Tech Dynamic Limited is now offering a virtual keyboard that can communicate with a handheld via Bluetooth. A second company, Celluon, has announced plans to release a similar device.

WD Enters Miniature Hard Drive Market

Western Digital announced that it will enter the market for miniature hard drives with a family of 1-inch microdrives.

Nokia Still Committed to N-Gage

Despite rumors to the contrary, Nokia says it remains committed to its N-Gage QD gaming-oriented smartphone.

PDA News – Bluetooth SIG speaks, Windows Mobile 2005, Western Digital Microdrives

Bluetooth SIG speaks out against Bluetooth crippling Leaked screenshots of Windows Mobile 2005 Western Digital to manufacture microdrives

Date Set for PalmSource Developer Conference

PalmSource has announced when and where its next developer conference will be.

Samsung Announces Very Fast Mobile RAM Chip

Samsung Electronics has created the world's first working prototype of a RAM chip that is fast enough to support high-quality 3D graphics and streaming video in next-generation mobile devices. [...]

Wireless Carriers Must Stop Crippling Bluetooth

Ed Hardy urges carriers to end their habit of disabling some functions on their Bluetooth-enabled phones, forcing their users to pay for services they otherwise could have for free.

Motorola Taking Windows Mobile Device Production Out of Taiwan

Motorola has decided to stop having its Windows Mobile cellular-wireless devices manufactured in Taiwan.

Motorola to Stop Outsourcing Smartphone Manufacturing

It's not much of a secret that most consumer electronics companies are marketing and support organizations more than anything else. Motorola, who used to leverage several Taiwanese companies to produce[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 1/21/2005 – 1/23/2005

Dell Home Coupons for up to $70 off PurchasepalmeOne Zire 72 32MB PDA $248 - $50 Rebate = $198 TotalMotorola MPx220 SmartPhone (Cingular) Free After RebateZen Micro 5GB MP3 Player[...]

Utility Will Bring Landscape Support to Sony Clies

Mobile Stream has announced a utility which adds landscape mode to some Sony Clie models.

Securing Your PDA

Something that I have been reading a lot of about lately has been about security in the workplace. As a matter of fact, where I work, there has been a[...]

A New Twist in the RIM/NTP Lawsuit

Research in Motion is trying a novel new argument in the long-running patent-infringement lawsuit brought by NTP.

Astraware and GameHouse Announce the Release of ShapeShifter

Place the coloured shapes in the moving cut-outs. Fill up the rows and they disappear. Clear the board to move on to the next level. ShapeShifter is avalable for both[...]

Taxis Love PDAs, Mobile Phones and Notebooks

Securing your PDA, Smartphone and notebook is critical. Take this latest study from Pointsec as exhibit A. They studied nine countries over the past six months and found tens of[...]

palmOne CEO Todd Bradley Resigns

From a business viewpoint things at palmOne are not so grand. They got a little less grand when Wall Street decided the resignation by current palmOne CEO, Todd[...]

palmOne’s CEO Resigns

palmOne's chief executive officer Todd Bradley has resigned, effective at the end of this quarter. No reason was given for this move.

Spb Software House Releases Spb Clone

Spb Clone allows users to clone and restore applications, files, and registry settings onto several Pocket PC devices.

PDA and Tech Deals for 1/25/2005 – 1/27/2005

Dell.com up to $75 off Coupon Codes Available Today Only (1/25/2005)Dell Axim X50v 624MHz Pocket PC $385 With Free ShippingpalmOne Zire Handheld $50Sony CLIE NZ90 Handheld $300 shippedGarmin iQue 3600[...]

First Thoughts — Garmin iQue M5

Garmin has released the Garmin iQue M5, their third PDA with embedded GPS functionality, but first on a Microsoft platform. While certainly a niche device, Garmin looks to have made[...]

New Memory Card Format Compatible with SD, MMC Hardware

A consortium of Taiwanese companies has proposed a new memory card format. M¼-Cards will be able to fit in slots designed for SD and MMC cards, but will be cheaper[...]

Treo 650 for Cingular May Be Delayed (Updated)

Over the past several weeks, evidence has been building that Cingular will begin offering the Treo 650 tomorrow. However, an unconfirmed report says that this wireless carrier may not make[...]

Beiks Updates LexSpell Spelling Checker for Palm OS PDAs

In the new version of LexSpell, configuration options are enhanced to give much better control over the spell-checking process and the generated suggestions.

AlphaSmart Merging with Another Education-Related Company

AlphaSmart has reached a definitive agreement to merge with Renaissance Learning. AlphaSmart is best known as the maker of the Dana line of Palm OS devices.

Sony VAIO U750 Review (pics, specs)

The Sony Vaio U750 is the American release of the handtop Vaio U series that became an overnight technological sensation in Japan and it's very easy to see why. I've[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard for Palm OS

Brighthand Staffer Shawn Barnett reports on his experiences with the new Palm OS driver for Think Outside's portable Bluetooth keyboard.

palmOne Launches Free Online Basic Training for Educators and Students

Administrators, teachers, and students interested in learning how to use their palmOne handheld computers have a new resource at their disposal -- a web site for free online basic training.

Illinois School Giving Handhelds to Students

A private school in Illinios has given a handheld and a wireless keyboard to every student and teacher in grades four through eight.

Handheld Chess Program Defeats Grandmaster

Earlier this week, Palm HIARCS 9.5 won a four-game friendly match against Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson of Germany, the first time a Palm chess program has won a match with a[...]

Smart Box Design Launches a Windows Mobile Version of WordPop!

There's now a Pocket PC version of WordPop!, a game in which players assemble various combinations of words on a game board of randomly placed letters.

Who Are You?

BargainPDA.com is running a brief survey to help understand our audience a little better. We would appreciate it if you would take 90 seconds out of your day to help[...]

More Speculation on the palmOne Tungsten E2

We brought you news of the Tungsten E2 a few weeks back, along with rumors of palmOne refreshing their low-end product line. Well, Vaja Cases has made a mistake that[...]

Dell Releases ROM Updates for Axim X50 Series

Dell has posted on its web site a pair of ROM updates that make a number of improvements to its Axim X50 series of Pocket PCs.

Ship of Palm Looking for a New Captain

With the departure of palmOne's CEO, Brighthand staffer Shawn Barnett is wondering whether the Palm flagship is headed for smooth sailing or stormy waters.

Ship of Palm Looking for a New Captain — Part II

(no description)

PDA News – Samsung smartphone, Axim ROM update, Treo release?

Photos of Samsung SGH-i530 Palm OS smartphone ROM update for Dell Axim X50, X50v Reports: Cingular Treo 650 delayed; Meanwhile, Treos shipping

Dell Releases New ROM For Their Axim X50v and X50

Dell has released a ROM update for the popular X50 PDA line. The update fixes several issues and improves several others, most notably the video driver, touchpad sensitivity and Game[...]

PhatWare Announces Upgrades to PhatPad – Award-Winning Notes Organizing Software

PhatPad 2.1 offers several new features including animation mode, vertical and horizontal auto scrolling, and improved overall functionality

Pocket Watch Software Releases New ActivePrint SDK

A new ActivePrint SDK gives developers the ability to integrate the ActivePrint printing solution into their applications.

Getting the Most Out of Your Technology – Make a Good Buying Decision

As a writer and a purveyor of current technology, I am commonly asked by my less technical friends and family what PDA, mobile phone, or computer to purchase. I normally[...]

Crimson Fire Announces Kyles’ Quest 3

Crimson Fire is bringing out a new version of its popular role playing game.

palmOne CEO Leaving on a Golden Parachute

palmOne has submitted to the SEC a form detailing CEO Todd Bradley's severance package.

Qool Palm OS Smartphone Available for the First Time

After being delayed several months, the Qool QDA-700 -- the first Palm OS smartphone with a 1.3-megapixel camera -- has finally hit the market.

Dial-Up Networking Patched on Cingular Treo 650

Cingular hasn't even officially announced the Treo 650, but a developer has already released a patch that allows this device to use dial-up networking (DUN).

Fossil WristPDA 2.0 Review

As a business traveler I'm always on the look out for some gadget that can reduce the amount of stuff I need to carry. I always wear a watch --it's[...]