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SmartPhone Articles for January of 2006

Below are the 101 SmartPhone articles for January of 2006

MobiTV Hits the Palm TX

Popular streaming video service MobiTV now supports the Palm TX. MobiTV already works with Treo handhelds, but this latest effort is the first from MobiTV to stream content over WiFi.

Lenovo Said To Be Developing Windows Mobile Smart Phone

Several web sites based in China say that Lenovo is close to introducing a Windows Mobile Phone Edition device.

10 Things to Look for This Year in Mobile Computing

While this is the end of one year and the beginning of another, there are a few journalistic rituals that have to happen, no matter where you are or in[...]

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2005; How Did We Do?

In this editorial, Ed Hardy looks at how accurate the predictions Brighthand made at the beginning of last year were.

VITO ButtonMapper Integrates TaskSwitcher and PopupClock

Task switching and time checking have been integrated into VITO ButtonMapper.

Garmin Announces Its Latest Palm OS Handheld (Updated)

Garmin has taken the wraps off the iQue 3000, the most recent addition to its line of Palm-powered handhelds with integrated GPS receivers.

Garmin Offering New GPS Add-on for Palms

Garmin has introduced a new GPS navigation system for Bluetooth-enabled Palm OS devices.

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2006

A couple of Brighthand writers put their heads together to try to see what the coming year has in store.

View Many Types of Files with Picsel Proviewer

Picsel has released an application that allows users to view files in a wide variety of formats.

PDA News – Verizon rumors, Opera leaked, Samsung i830?

Reports: Verizon XV6700, Treo 700w to be released January 5th Opera for PocketPCs leaked; proper release expected soon Verizon to release Samsung i830? Sony return rumors false

Review – Mobile Crossing Waypoint 200 PocketPC with GPS

In the niche world of GPS PDAs, Mobile Crossing is far from the first name to come to mind, being eclipsed by big-name Garmin, or dedicated innovator Mitac. We've taken[...]

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Easy, broadband access to the web over WiFi A truly portable, elegantly-sized tablet designed for effortless surfing Impressive hi-resolution widescreen display and intuitive interface are optimized for online browsing

Garmin Announces iQue 3000, Entry-Level GPS Handheld

The Consumer Electronics Show doesn't start officially until the 5th, but we're already seeing the first new releases sprinting ahead of the pack. Garmin is releasing the iQue 3000, another[...]

Verizon Now Offering EV-DO Compatible XV6700

In a theme for today, Verizon Wireless is introducing another EV-DO compatible Pocket PC with a built-in keyboard.

PDA News – Windows-based PSP clone, WiFi Fight, Lenovo Smartphone?

iRIVER G10 takes aim at PSP WiFi fight at Boston's Logan Airport Report: Lenovo building Windows Mobile phone BSQUARE offers dual-SD slot technology Reminder:[...]

Verizon launches three new PocketPC phones, including the Treo 700w

It's a big day for Verizon Wireless. The company has officially announced the release of not one, not two, but three new smartphone devices on their network. Besides the eagerly[...]

Palm Treo 700w Available Now

Verizon Wireless has just started offering Palm's first Windows Mobile smartphone.

Palm Offers Plenty of Treo 700w Accessories

A Bluetooth headset and a Wi-Fi card are among the peripherals Palm is offering for its latest smartphone.

Windows XP Tablet Edition Comes to OQO

OQO has finally woken up and, for the first time, is offering a version of its ultra-portable PC running Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

Dell Updates Axim X51 System Software

Dell has posted on its support web site a pair of ROM updates for the Axim X51 and X51v.

Nokia 770 Doing Surprisingly Well

Demand for Nokia's Linux-based Internet Tablet has turned out to be greater than even its creator expected.

CES 2006 – PDAs and Smartphones Hard to Find

Aside from the three announcements from Verizon that everyone knew were coming, there's been very little excitement in the PDA and Smartphone arena in the day before the CES. We[...]

Cornice Debuts Thinner, Higher Capacity Microdrives

Cornice has introduced a new series of miniature hard drives that offer higher capacities, take up less space, and use less power.

HiCalc – Your Trusted Calculator

PPCLINK has introduced HiCalc, a new calculator for Pocket PC users. This can handle everything from statistics and Trigonometry to Biorhythms.

Has the iPAQ hw6700 Been Canceled?

There have recently been some signs that HP's next Pocket PC phone may never be released at all.

Replacement for SD Cards in Development (Updated)

The SD Card Association is putting together the specs on a memory card format that offers higher-capacity than today's SD cards.

DualCor Demonstrating cPC

DualCor Technologies has officially announced the cPC, an upcoming device that will run both Windows Mobile and Windows XP.

Socket Announces 802.11g CompactFlash Card

Socket Communications has announced the Go Wi-Fi! P500, an 802.11g CompactFlash card for Windows Mobile devices.

Dual-CPU PDA Runs Windows Tablet PC Edition AND Windows Mobile!

A new PDA to be released in March by DualCor will feature two operating systems AND two CPU's. The device will run...

PDA News – Pocket Slingbox, Ebook news, Cutting-edge displays

Slingbox, now with PocketPC support Sony pushes ebook reader; Dan Brown sounds off Demos of rollable display, ultra-high-res LCD

The New Sony Reader at CES – The Features you Don’t Know About ! (pics, details)

We checked out the new "Sony Portable Reader System" at the Sony booth on the CES floor. Due for release later this spring, the new PRS-500 from Sony promises to[...]

SanDisk Ups Capacity of Tiny Memory Cards

SanDisk has introduced higher capacity microSD and miniSD memory cards.

Additional Information on the iPAQ hw6900

Some additional information has turned up concerning HP's upcoming Pocket PC phone.

LG Develops Tiny VGA Screen

LG has created an LCD screen that's just 2.4 inches but boasts a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels.

Treo 700 Will Only Be Available from Verizon for Many Months

Although many people are hoping that Palm's first Windows Mobile smartphone will quickly be available from carriers besides Verizon, it has become clear that this isn't going to happen any[...]

Undercroft Is a New Epic RPG for the Pocket PC

Rake in Grass has released Undercroft, a new epic adventure game in a world of warriors and wizards.

HP Posts iPAQ rx1950 ROM Update

HP has posted on its support web site a small system software update for the iPAQ rx1950.

scanR Turns Pictures into PDF Files

scanR lets Treoo 700w users take pictures of notes written on whiteboards and turn them into useful digital files.

MobiForms 2.21 Released With Signature Capture

MobiForms has added signature capture and sketching capabilities into the latest release of its rapid application development (RAD) tool.

Microsoft Windows Vista SideShow – In-Depth (pics)

Windows Vista SideShow is a secondary display that's going to be built into notebooks and Tablet PCs in the second half of this year. The display can be used to[...]

Philips Demos Prototype Rollable Display

Philips Polymer Vision was demonstrating a prototype flexible display running Windows Mobile at last week's Consumer Electronics Show.

Epocrates Collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital to Offer Unique Decision Support Tool

Epocrates has launched the SxDx disease diagnosis and treatment reference and symptom assessment tool.

A Look into the Future of the Pocket Loox

A source familiar with Fujitsu-Siemens' plans has revealed to Brighthand this company's product roadmap through the end of this year. Among other new models, this will include the first[...]

RIM Ties BlackBerry Into Google Services

While RIM continues to fight for the life of their BlackBerry service, they're busy expanding the functionality of the platform. This time it's who else, Google. RIM just announced that[...]

Palm Treo 650 and Treo TripKit Winners

First off, thanks to everyone who submitted stories for these contests, the entries were great. And thanks to everyone who participated in the voting. Without further delay, here are your[...]

BlackBerry to Offer Free Mac Support

RIM will soon begin to offer PocketMac for BlackBerry to all Mac users, free of charge.

Palm Cuts LifeDrive’s Price

Today, for the first time, Palm cut the price for its premier handheld by 10 percent.

PDA News – High demand for Treo, E-TEN G500, iPaq ROM update

Treo 700w selling "above expectations" Possible specs, pic of E-TEN G500 HP releases iPaq 1955 ROM update

PDA News – Loox rumors, SDIO video-out, Palm rumors & price cuts.

Reports: Loox phone details, new handhelds Video out card for SDIO slots? Palm Lifedrive 2 rumor probably false; Palm cuts Lifedrive retail price

Atomic Cannon Pocket Treads into Beta

A beta of Atomic Cannon v2.5 is available for the Pocket PC.

ShadowPlan for Palm OS Review

There are many people, myself included, that have so much going on, it is hard to keep everything straight. I am not just talking about remembering what meetings I[...]

Samsung Announces 4 GB Smartphone

Last spring, Samsung unveiled the SGH-i300, a smartphone with a 3 GB microdrive. Today, it announced an updated version with an additional 1 GB of storage.

VITO SoundExplorer Updated to Windows Mobile 5.0

The latest version of VITO SoundExplorer supports Windows Mobile 5.0, works more smoothly than ever, and has nicer looks.

PhatPad 3.0 Now Available

PhatWare has updated its notes organizer for Pocket PCs that allows users to create notes with text, drawings, animation and audio

HP to Release Branded O2 XDA-Atom Compact Smartphone

According to a report from the Chinese newspaper The Commercial Times, HP will be releasing a branded version of the O2 XDA-Atom Smartphone. The phone is being made by Quanta[...]

Skyscape Introduces New Medical Diagnosis Tool

Skyscape has released MobileDDx Differential Diagnosis Tool for both Palm OS and Pocket PC.

BlackBerry Users to Gain Mobile Access to Google Talk and Google Local

Google Talk instant messaging and Google Local for mobile will soon be supported on the BlackBerry wireless platform.

T-Mobile MDA and SDA Windows SmartPhones Coming to America (finally)

After being announced in Europe a year ago and released there the T-Mobile MDA IV and T-Mobile SDA (HTC Tornado) SmartPhones just never seemed like they'd make the jump[...]

T-Mobile SDA (HTC Tornado)

The T-Mobile SDA / HTC Tornado is a quad-band GSM Smarphone, operating on Windows Mobile 5.0 (Magneto). It features QVGA (240×320 pixels) 65k color TFT display and 1.3-megapixel camera. Other[...]

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the Palm Treo 700w

Ed Hardy has only had Palm's latest smartphone for a few days, but that's enough time to learn that most of the criticism of this device is unwarranted.

Opera Mobile Now Available in Beta for Pocket PCs

Opera Software has released a free beta of the first Pocket PC version of its web browser.

Palm Hires Ronald R. Rhodes as SVP of Global Operations

Palm, Inc. has hired a new senior vice president of global operations.

Cingular’s Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Now Widely Available

As of today, the Cingular 2125 can be found in retail stores in most markets across the U.S.

Latest Rumors on Apple’s Smartphone Plans

A trademark filing made by Apple, Inc. has set off another round of speculation that it plans to put out a mobile phone bearing its own brand.

Fictionwise Giving Away Nebula Award Nominated Stories

As it does every year, Fictionwise is giving away copies of stories that are preliminary nominees for the prestigious Nebula Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of[...]

Another System Software Update Released for Unlocked Treo 650

Palm, Inc. has released a ROM update for the unlocked version of the Treo 650. It includes a number of enhancements.

Handheld Text Entry Learning and Speed Testing Application

TEXTTUTOR teaches typing and text entry on Palm OS handhelds.

Garmin iQue 3000

The iQue 3000 is a newly styled, entry-level Palm Powered personal digital assistant (PDA) that offers fully integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The iQue 3000 expands Garmin s iQue[...]

Palm Updater 1.2 Released For Unlocked Treo 650

Palm has released another update for their Treo 650 line. They deserve a good deal of credit for continually improving the platform, this rapid pace of updates is unprecedented. Some[...]

Symbol Introduces Rugged Enterprise Handheld

Symbol Technologies has introduced the MC70, a rugged handheld created for the enterprise market.

QinetiQ Committed To Developing Miniature Fuel Cells

A research and development company based in the U.K. has set its sights on one of the Holy Grails of the mobile industry: a fuel cell small enough for a[...]

A Mobile Helping Hand

As I sit here on the day we in the US set aside to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I am reminded that sometimes, we need someone on the[...]

First Thoughts – Palm Treo 700w

To some, a holy grail; to others, an unspeakable monster. The Palm Treo 700w is nothing if not excitement inducing. Now we've got one in hand, and can give you[...]

Rumor – GSM Version of Motorola Q Cancelled

According to French website Mobinaute, Motorola has confirmed that the Motorola Q has been cancelled in Europe and the only model that will see the light of day is the[...]

Sony eBook Reader

The Sony Reader offers a new and convenient digital reading experience. It boasts an amazing screen with technology that rivals text on paper. Weighing less than 9 ounces and at[...]

PDA News – Fabric keyboards, Irrational drivers, Apple rumors

Company boasts fabric Bluetooth keyboard HP releases WM5 drivers before WM5 upgrade Apple rumors, episode 7 Nebula Award nominees as free ebooks Sony ebook Reader pricing[...]

Rumors Flying About Motorola Q (Updated)

A recent rumor about a highly-anticipated smartphone is probably incorrect.

Land on the Moon with your Handheld

LEM Sim realistically simulates the critical phase of an Apollo moon mission -- the landing.

HanDBase Now Available for Windows Mobile Smartphones

A new version of DDH Software's relational database application is now available to owners of devices running Windows Mobile for Smartphone.

My Little Tank and Moonfighter From Astraware

Usually, I try to review only one game at a time. While that doesn't seem like much, especially when you are constantly back and forth and want to really dig[...]

Palm Launches the Treo 650 Smartphone in Colombia through Comcel

The Treo 650 is now available through Comcel, a leading cellular operator in Colombia.

Playing it Safe with Online Electronics Purchases

Any time you drop a few hundred, or thousand, dollars on a digital camera, PDA, notebook or other computing device online, there's a little uncertainty. Of course buying something from[...]

Opera Mini Now Available Worldwide

After trials in Europe this fall, Opera Software has announced a worldwide release of its free Web browser for mobile phones.

Palm Updates Sprint Treo 650

Palm, Inc. has released a ROM update for the Sprint PCS version of the Treo 650 smartphone. It includes a number of enhancements.

Smartphone Market Exploding, Microsoft Winning, Most People Don’t Know How to Use Them

A new study from In-Stat shows the Smartphone market is set to grow 70% in 2005. Microsoft and Linux-based operating systems are expected dominate the market, taking share from RIM[...]

Universal Wireless Keyboard Now Supports Palm TX

One of Palm's latest handhelds now can use one of this company's most important peripherals.

Two Windows Mobile Devices Coming to T-Mobile Next Month

Rumors give the release dates and prices for T-Mobile USA's next Windows Mobile devices.

HP Branded O2 XDA Atom, Possibly the iPAQ hw6800, Rumored to Have Been Seen in Person

Wow, so that's quite the headline. Last week word came out that HP was working with Quanta to brand the compact O2 XDA Atom Smartphone. A few days later it[...]

PDA News – Blackberry appeal denied, Treo not a smartphone, GSM Motorola Q not dead

SCOTUS rejects RIM appeal Cingular: Treo not a smartphone GSM Motorola Q not cancelled after all

HP Accidentally Confirms iPAQ hw6900

A document on HP's web site confirms this company's plans to release a new smartphone.

VITO TaskSwitcher for Smartphones Released

VITO Technology has released TaskSwitcher for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Microsoft’s Mobile Division Turns its First Profit

During its most recent financial quarter, the mobile devices portion of Microsoft managed to do something it has never done before: make money.

FileMaker Mobile 8 Released

FileMaker has introduced a new version of its database application for both Palm OS and Pocket PC.

How to Take Great Photos of an Electronics Product with a Digital Camera

Whether writing a review for web site or selling a used camera or product at an online auction site such as eBay, your photos should look their very best. It's[...]

i-mate To Offer HTC Prophet

An online retailer has announced plans to offer a cellular-wireless Pocket PC that otherwise isn't widely available.

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Astraware

Astraware is having a special promotion highlighting some of the best lifestyle applications available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile handhelds.

TORQ P120 Smartphone First Thoughts

The TORQ P120 is an attractive, well-equipped device. Here's what I like: Windows Mobile 5, plenty of user-accessible memory, nice viewable screen, and the combination of GSM/Bluetooth/Wifi. The things that[...]

Spb AirIslands — A New Concept in Pocket PC Games

Spb Software House has just released a game that attempts to be both a strategy game and a series of mini-games.

Avvenu Remote Access Service Supports New Palm Treo 700w

The Avvenu service gives users fast access over the Internet to their documents, folders, and photos directly from their Treo 700w smartphone.

BenQ P50 Finally, Finally Available

A Windows Mobile smartphone that was first unveiled in early 2004 is now shipping. Despite the long delay, this device isn't completely out of date.

PDA News – Axim rumors, Microsoft profit, Blackberry controversy

Rumor: Axim line to be discontinued Microsoft mobile division makes profit RIM: Victim or perpetrator?