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SmartPhone Articles for January of 2007

Below are the 72 SmartPhone articles for January of 2007


The LG KS20 features a 2.8″ touch screen with stylus and handwriting recognition technology. Its black, sleek design is similar to the LG Prada.

HP iPaq rx4200 Mobile Media Companion

The HP iPAQ rx4200 Mobile Media Companion connects, entertains, organizes and impresses. You can connect to the people and information that is most important for you whether for work or[...]

RIM Files Suit Against Roy G. Biv

Brighthand's Brian Beeler uses his latest editorial to poke fun at RIM's lawsuit against Samsung for using the work "black" in the name of its latest smartphone.

Most Popular PDAs and Smartphones of December 2006

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. The big news on the list this month is that a new smartphone has pushed the iPAQ[...]

Cingular Wireless Will Soon Be Going Away

The largest wireless service provider in the United States, Cingular Wireless, will soon undergo a name change.

HP iPAQ hw6925 Pocket PC Phone Review

Brighthand's Chief Reviewer, Adama D. Brown, brings us this review of HP's newest Pocket PC phone, which is part of the iPAQ hw6900 series and is available from Cingular Wireless.

Pharos GPS Phone 600

The GPS Phone 600 from Pharos offers all the features of a cellular phone and PDA, as well as integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, digital camera, and FM radio. Its built-in[...]

Possible First Glimpse of the HTC Star Trek Replacement

A web site based in Russia claims to have an image and details on a device that will be the replacement for HTC's clamshell-shaped Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Treo 680 Is/Is Not Coming to T-Mobile USA

A reference on Palm, Inc.'s web site hints that the Treo 680 will be coming to T-Mobile USA in the near future.

SanDisk Releases 32 GB Solid State Drive

SanDisk is releasing a 32 GB, 1.8-inch solid state drive (SSD) that can be used in any device where a standard mechanical hard disk drive would be, such as a[...]

Sprint Reveals Motorola Q Plans

After pre-announcing its plans months ago, Sprint has just officially promised that it will begin offering the Motorola Q before the end of January.

Asus R2H UMPC Review

Andrew Baxter from Brighthand's sister site NotebookReview.com brings us this review of the Asus R2H, one of the latest UMPC devices.

micro-USB Will Replace mini-USB in Many Devices

The USB Implementers Forum has announced the completion of the micro-USB specification, a new connector technology that, because of its smaller size, it expects to replace many of the mini-USB[...]

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2007

Following up on a long tradition, each year the Brighthand staff makes some predictions for what's going to come down the pipe in the next twelve months. *UPDATED*

Palm Treo 680 Review

In this review, Antoine Wright puts Palm's latast Palm OS smartphone through its paces. He warns that there are some performance and battery issues, but largely this is an excellent,[...]

Nokia Prepping Updated Internet Tablet

It seems likely that the next version of Nokia's Internet Tablet will debut in the very near future.

Treo 750 Coming to Cingular Wireless Tomorrow

Cingular Wireless is almost ready to begin offering Palm, Inc.'s latest Windows Mobile-based smartphone, the Treo 750.

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

This is the second generation of Nokia’s Linux-based Internet Tablets. It includes some features not included in its predecessor, the Nokia 770, like a built-in web camera, dual memory card[...]

OQO model 2

Weighing in at only one pound, the Model 02 is, according to OQO, the smallest computer capable of running Windows Vista. This computer’s new design features a 1.5 GHz processor[...]

SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS Coming Soon

Sling Media has just announced that a Palm OS version of SlingPlayer Mobile will be released during the first quarter of this year. This application will allow owners of Palm[...]

A Reporter’s Notebook from CES — Day 1

Brighthand's Antoine Wright is at the Consumer Electronics Show, and has filed this report from his first day's experiences. It includes his impressions on the products of a very wide[...]

Microvision Demonstrating Ultra-Miniature Projection Display for Mobile Devices

Microvision is currently showing off the prototype of a miniature full-color projection display that is small enough to be built into in hand-held devices, including mobile phones.

At Long Last, Apple Unveils the iPhone

After years of rumors, Apple, Inc.'s Steve Jobs has just taken the wraps the iPhone, his company's upcoming combination smartphone and iPod. *UPDATED*

Specifications of Upcoming HTC Omni Leaked

A web site based in Italy claims to have acquired specifications of the HTC Omni, the rumored successor to the ultra-high-end HTC Universal Pocket PC phone.

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet First Thoughts Review

This week, Nokia announced its second generation Internet Tablet. Brighthand's Ed Hardy was able to put this brand new device through its paces, and brings us his first thoughts on[...]

No Third-Party Applications for the iPhone

Despite Apple's announcement yesterday of the iPhone, some of the details of this device are still trickling out. Probably the most significant of these is the revelation that Apple will[...]

Motorola Q Pro Not What Some Were Expecting

Motorola has announced a new version of its premier Windows Mobile Smartphone. This, however, might not be be what some people were hoping for.

iPhone: Impressive, Yes, but What Does It DO?

In the aftermath of Apple's iPhone announcement, Brighthand's Adama D. Brown uses his latest editorial to take a skeptical look at this upcoming smartphone.

Cisco Systems to Sue Apple over iPhone Trademark

Cisco Systems has announced plans to sue Apple, Inc. over the use of the name "iPhone". In recent weeks, both companies have released products using this name.

Documents To Go Coming to Windows Mobile Smartphones

DataViz's Docs To Go is the premier application that allows Palm OS users to edit Microsoft Office files. Today, it was announced that a version for Windows Mobile Smartphones will[...]

Nokia N95 First Thoughts Review

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, Brighthand's Antoine Wright got to spend a good deal of time with Nokia's top of the heap model, the N95[...]

A Reporter’s Notebook from CES — Day 2

Brighthand's Antoine Wright has filed this report from his second day's experiences at the Consumer Electronics Show. It includes his impressions on the products of a very wide array of[...]

Sprint Reveals WiMAX Pricing

Sprint has announced what it expects to charge for monthly access to its upcoming fourth generation (4G) nationwide cellular-wireless network.

Samsung Releases Q1P UMPC with Solid State Memory

Samsung has introduced its newest UMPC, the Q1P-SSD, with 32 GB of solid state flash memory.

A Reporter’s Notebook from CES — Day 3

Brighthand's Antoine Wright filed this report from his second day's experiences at the Consumer Electronics Show. Among other things, this installment includes Antoine's overall impressions of the CES show.

OQO Unveils Its model 02 Ultra Small PC

In his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates showcased OQO's model 02, which is now available.

S-XGen Folding UMPC Released

The S-XGen officially made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. This Windows CE-based device offers a ten-finger keyboard and an eight hour battery life.

Pharos GPS Phone First Thoughts Review

Antoine Wright recently got a chance to test out the Pharos 600 GPS Phone, and brings us this report of his first impressions.

T-Mobile Now Offering BlackBerry Pearl in White

Last fall, T-Mobile USA introduced the BlackBerry Pearl. At that time, this smartphone was only available in a black casing. Today, this carrier came out with a new version of[...]

iambic Introduces a New Application Launcher for Palm OS

iambic's new Propel application allows users to find and open virtually anything on a Palm OS device using a keyword search.

Samsung i760 First Thoughts Preview

Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us his first impressions of a Windows Mobile Smartphone that Samsung will be bringing out later this year.

The Mobile Effect in 2007

As 2007 gets going, Antoine Wright uses his first editorial of the year to talk about the effect that mobile devices and services will have on us in the next[...]

More Product Impressions from CES

There were so many devices on display at the Consumer Electronics Show that it can take weeks to talk about them all. Nevertheless, Ed Hardy wants to make sure that[...]

Palm Releases Treo 680 Camera Patch

Palm has just posted a software update for its new Treo 680. This fixes a bug that can reduce this smartphone's battery life.

Apple vs. iPhony: Why I Agree with Apple

Recently, there has been much talk about the iPhone and its knock off, iPhony. This is an emulator of the user interface of Apple's upcoming smartphone. In this editorial, Ed[...]

What Is the Palm Sherlock?

The first glimpse of a new product from Palm, Inc. has emerged. Some believe this might be the release of one of Palm's co-founder's pet projects, the first of a[...]

StyleTap for Windows Mobile Smartphone Preview Version Now Available

StyleTap has just released a version of its Palm OS emulator for Windows Mobile Smartphones. Previously, this application was only available for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

Mobile Tech News — Bible Commentary, Intellisync, Treo 680, and More

Laridian Releases the IVP Bible Background Commentary for Palm OS and Pocket PC Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Now Available for Sony Ericsson M600 and P990 Palm[...]

Viewsonic V38r Review

The Viewsonic v38r is a ruggedized device, designed to work in technology-hostile climates such as warehouses, delivery trucks, field operations -- anywhere that a conventional handheld would risk damage.

Samsung i760 May Have Wi-Fi, Come to Verizon

Although few details have so far been available on an upcoming Windows Mobile device from Samsung, a new series of images gives what may be some additional information on this[...]

Say Good-bye to the Treo 680 Copper

Last fall, when Palm, Inc. launched the Treo 680 -- its latest Palm OS smartphone -- it was available in four colors. Now that number has dropped to three.

Motorola Plans Layoffs, New Smartphones

Motorola's most recent quarterly earnings report was disappointing to analysts and the company itself. The company has revealed some of the moves it will make to turn things around.

Mobile Tech News — Brain Training Game, Pocket Launcher, New Case Design

Spb Software House Introduces Brain Training Game Conduits Technologies Releases Pocket Launcher 3.0 for Windows Mobile Proporta Develops New Case Design

HTC’s UMPC-Like Pocket PC May Be Coming Soon

According to rumor, T-Mobile will shortly announce plans to introduce the Ameo, its version of the HTC Athena, a very high-end Pocket PC that has appeared in several rumors.

Palm Treo 700p Now Available from Alltel Wireless

A mid-tier U.S. carrier, Alltel Wireless, in now offering the Treo 700p, a Palm OS-based smartphone with 3G cellular-wireless networking.

T-Mobile Dash Review

The T-Mobile Dash offers many of the features advanced users are looking for in a smartphone, like Push Email, a built-in keyboard, and Wi-Fi. Ed Hardy has a review of[...]

Mobile Tech News — GpsGate, HanDBase for S60, and Treo 680

GpsGate.com Service for Windows and Windows Mobile Pocket PCs Introduced HanDBase for S60 Third Edition Released Palm and Orange Announce Treo 680 Smartphone in Switzerland [...]

Palm OS Undergoes a Profound Change

Access, Co., Ltd. has just announced that it is changing the name of the current version of the Palm OS.

Microsoft’s Direct Push Technology Comes to Palm OS-Based Treos

Treo 680 and 700p users can now get push email on their smartphones thanks to a free update from Palm.

HTC Athena Uber-Handheld Officially Announced

Two wireless service providers have announced that they will soon be offering versions of the HTC Athena, a Pocket PC with very high-end features.

DialByPhoto Review

There have been a few solutions for dialing contacts by choosing a photo, but, according to Antoine Wright, none have been as versatile as GX-5's DialByPhoto.

Mobile Tech News — Daylight Savings Time, OtterBox, GoogHelper

Daylight Savings Time Fix for Windows Mobile OtterBox Rugged Case Available for BlackBerries iambic GoogHelper 1.0 for Palm OS Released

iPhone Coming to Cingular… and Only to Cingular

Potential customers should expect to only be able to use Apple's iPhone on Cingular's network for several years.

A Glimpse of Two New Smartphones in the Motorola Q Series

There's no doubt that there will be a follow-up to the popular Motorola Q; in fact there are going to be two of them. The company has pre-announced the Motorola[...]

HTC May Be Prepping UMPC-Like Device with 7-Inch Screen

Just a few days after the official announcement of HTC's Athena comes an unconfirmed report that this company is working on a follow-up model that will have an even larger[...]

Verizon Turned Down the iPhone

Cingular Wireless will be the exclusive provider of the Apple iPhone. But it could have been different. Apple went to Verizon Wireless first.

Palm No Longer Offering the LifeDrive

Palm, Inc.'s official web store no longer lists the LifeDrive Mobile Manager for sale, a strong sign this device has been discontinued. *UPDATED*

Asus Announces 3G Cellular-Wireless Handheld

Asus has taken the wraps off the P735, a handheld with support for UMTS, a 3G cellular-wireless networking standard.

Microsoft May Be Dropping the ”Pocket PC” Name

An unconfirmed report indicates that Microsoft intends to drop the "Pocket PC" name later this year.

Say Good-Bye to ActiveSync with Microsoft Vista

Significant changes have been made in the way Microsoft's latest operating system synchronizes with mobile devices.

Mobile Tech News — Vista Interface, Par 3 Golf, Treo Introductions, and More

JGUI: Vista Interface Released for Windows Mobile Smartphones Par 3 Golf for Pocket PC Launched Central and South America See the Introduction of New Treos [...]

Dell Considering a Gaming-Oriented Handheld

A high-level Dell executive has revealed that his company is thinking about creating a mobile device devoted to gaming.