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SmartPhone Articles for January of 2008

Below are the 84 SmartPhone articles for January of 2008

New Rules on Carrying Spare Batteries on U.S. Flights

The U.S. Department of Transportation has instituted new rules for carrying spare batteries on an airplane. Starting today, these must go in the traveler's carry-on baggage, not in their checked[...]

Mobile Tech News — Pink Palm Centro, Amazon’s Bestselling Computer, Astraware Game Sale

A Pink Palm Centro May Be Coming to Sprint Nokia Internet Tablet Named One of Amazon's Best of 2007 Astraware Kicks Off Annual Hogmanay Celebration with[...]

Redfly Mobile Companion Will Turn a Windows Mobile Smartphone into a Laptop

Celio Corp will soon unveil the Redfly Mobile Companion, a laptop-shaped device that greatly extends the capabilities of some smartphones. This upcoming product can be used to give a Windows[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of December 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Asus May Be Planning Eee PC with WiMax, Larger Screen

New information suggests that Asus may be planning a new version of its popular Eee PC sub-notebook for release this year that will feature a larger screen and internal WiMax.

Pointui Offers a Free Alternate UI for Windows Mobile

Pointui is a new freeware user interface (UI) for Windows Mobile smartphones. It has been designed to fingertip-friendly, allowing the user to perform many common tasks with a single touch.

Nokia N95 8GB Gets Firmware Update

The latest N95 system software update brings a number of enhancements to speed up this high-end smartphone.

Samsung BlackJack II First Impressions Review

Samsung and AT&T are now offering the BlackJack II, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy has some preliminary thoughts on this Windows Mobile smartphone after using it for a few days.

The Missing Sync Now Available for iPhone

Popular cross-platform synchronization software The Missing Sync by Mark/Space is now available for users of the Apple iPhone. This application makes it easier for users of other smartphones to switch[...]

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2007; How Did We Do?

Now is the time when people traditionally make predictions for the coming year, but only the bravest look back and discuss how they scored on the previous year's predictions.

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2008

Following up on a long tradition, this year the Brighthand staff has once again made some predictions for what's going to come down the mobile pike in the next twelve[...]

Rumors of New Nokia Devices for Later this Year

Unconfirmed reports give some of the highlights of a pair of smartphones Nokia supposedly has slated for launch in the second half of 2008.

Nanotechnology May Boost Battery Capacity Ten Fold

A new way of building lithium-ion batteries discovered by researchers at Stanford may be able to increase mobile device battery life by an order of magnitude.

An Advanced Look a Palm’s Next High-End Treo

There have been rumors for some time that Palm, Inc. is in the processor of developing the Treo 800w, its first smartphone with Wi-Fi, but details have always been sketchy.[...]

Verizon SMT5800

The SMT5800 is a Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone with a QVGA screen and a numberpad on its front, in addlition to a slide-out, landscape-oriented, QWERTY keyboard. It is able[...]

Vodafone Roadmap Reveals More New Devices From Palm, HP

A leaked roadmap for Vodafone's 2008 releases includes listings for new smartphones from Palm and Hewlett-Packard.

Nokia Officially Announces N95 8GB for N. America

Confirming earlier rumors, Nokia said today it is going to release a version of the N95 8GB with support for the 3G wreless networks used in the U.S.

Windows Mobile 7 Interface Exposed

An internal Microsoft document provided to a Microsoft-oriented blog reveals extensive details, screenshots, and analysis of the new interface planned for the next major revision of Windows Mobile.

New Asus Eee PC, OQO 02 Demonstrated On Sprint WiMax Network

Manufacturers Asus and OQO yesterday demonstrated new versions of their Eee PC and Model 02 devices with built-in WiMAX, suitable for use on Sprint's "Xohm" network when it launches later[...]

SanDisk Prototypes 12-Gigabyte microSDHC Card

Flash memory manufacturer SanDisk has begun to produce small quantities of a 12-gigabyte microSDHC card, which it is shipping to phone manufacturers for testing.

Verizon Now Offering SMT5800 Windows Mobile Smartphone

Verizon Wireless has released the SMT5800. This is a version of the HTC Vox/Libra, a Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone with both a keyboard and numberpad.

Mobile Tech News — Publishing Directly to Kindle, Handmark Buys Astraware, Express Translation Service

Amazon Kindle To Be Used in A Beta Book Publishing Test Handmark and Astraware Announce New Business Relationship Paragon Software Showcases Unveils SlovoEd Express Translation Service[...]

Moving to Symbian/S60: PIM Data Fun

Antoine Wright continues his series of editorials talking about his experiences moving from a Palm OS smartphone to one running Symbian/S60. Today's recounts his difficulties wirelessly synchronizing Personal Information Management[...]

Sprint WiMax Network On Track For Late April Launch

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sprint CTO Barry West announced that his company is on track to launch its WiMax service, called Xohm, around the end of April.

Alltel Offering the HTC Touch

Alltel has launched the CDMA version of the popular HTC Touch Windows Mobile 6 smartphone.

Qualcomm Demonstrates 1 GHz Mobile Processor With 3G, GPS

Qualcomm has unveiled a prototype device that runs on their new Snapdragon chipset, which includes a 1 GHz processor core, as well as integrated support for 3G, GPS, WiFi, and[...]

Redfly Mobile Companion First Thoughts Preview

After spending some time with a prototype of the Redfly Mobile Companion, Ed Hardy shares his initial thoughts on this a laptop-shaped device that greatly extends the capabilities of some[...]

Rumors Circulating of a Dual-Screen Apple Device

The weeks before the Macworld show are always full of dubious rumors about what will be announced. What is supposedly a leaked transcript of Steve Jobs' keynote speech reveals the[...]

Playstation Portable Phone Not Coming Soon

This week, Skype announced a version of its phone-like for the Sony Playstation Portable. However, that's as close as the PSP is going to get to becoming a smartphone[...]

Sony Unveils a New MID: the mylo 2

Sony has taken the wraps off an updated version of its mylo mobile Internet device (MID). Like its predecessor, this can access the web and make Skype calls over Wi-Fi,[...]

New Photo Circulating of Palm’s Next High-End Treo

A new photo of an upcoming smartphone from Palm Inc. -- code-named Drucker but likely to be marketed as the Treo 800w -- has now been seen for the first[...]

Android Platform Makes Unofficial Debut

While dedicated hardware has yet to appear, some enthusiasts are already unofficially creating the first mobile devices running the new Android platform, by loading the Google-backed operating system onto existing[...]

Palm OS II Devices on Track for Release in Early 2009

One of Palm's vice presidents has promised that his company is on course to have the first model running a new Linux-based version of the Palm OS on the market[...]

Announcement of Apple’s Newton-Like Device May Not Be Coming Tomorrow

With the Macworld tradeshow kicking off Tuesday, rumors of what will -- and won't -- be announced are flying thick and fast. According to one report, the Newton-like device Apple[...]

Mobile Tech News — Palm Centro in Pink, Pocket Informant 8, Fictionwise Acquires eReader, and More

Palm Centro Now Available in Pink Pocket Informant 8 Released for Windows Mobile Fictionwise Acquires eReader Ebook Business Unit From Motricity Lygue Games Releases Bananas[...]

Nokia Internet Tablet with WiMax Coming in Q2?

It's no secret that Nokia plans to release an Internet Tablet with WiMax in 2008, but so far the company hasn't said when this will happen. According to an unconfirmed[...]

Software Updates Bring Email to the iPod touch, GPS-Like Function to the iPhone

Steve Jobs has used part of his Macworld Expo keynote address to unveil a pair of system software updates for the iPhone and iPod touch, as well as the iTunes[...]

Palm Releases Software Update for Unbranded/Unlocked Treo 680

The version of the Treo 680 without carrier branding has received a system software update with a number of enhancements, including official support for higher-capacity memory cards, power saving enhancements,[...]

Microsoft Has Canceled Its Mobile Developer’s Conference

Microsoft's Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC) has been canceled. Instead, it will be merged into two other conferences for developers.

Asus, Toshiba Show Off Concept UMPCs

Two companies have shown off Ultra Mobile PCs expected to be released later this year. Asus is one of the leaders in this device category, but Toshiba is apparently prepping[...]

Palm Desktop for Vista No Longer Just a Beta

A beta version of the Palm Desktop with support for Windows Vista was released last summer, but now Palm has posted on its web site the full version of this[...]

Bidder List Finalized For 700 MHz Spectrum Auction

The FCC has posted the final list of qualified bidders for the auction of 700 MHz spectrum, which starts on January 24. The final result of this auction will be[...]

Samsung Reportedly Preparing iPhone Lookalike Running Windows Mobile

According to a report out of Italy, Samsung may be prepping a Windows Mobile 6.1 device that mimics the look and some functions of the iPhone.

Nokia N81 8GB First Impressions Review

Nokia calls the N81 8GB a "multimedia computer" rather than a simple smartphone, and Antoine Wright has had a few days to see if this device lives up to the[...]

HP iPAQ 210 Now Shipping to Stores

HP has begun shipping the iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld to retailers, which means this traditional handheld should go on sale any day now.

FlipStart Micro Laptop Gets a Significant Price Cut

FlipStart Labs has dropped the cost of its miniature Windows laptop by more than half, bringing it into the price range of the average consumer.

It’s the Web Browser, Stupid

Brighthand's Ed Hardy uses his latest editorial to take the makers of most mobile devices to task for the lame web browsers included with their devices.

Mobile Tech News — Centro Email Update, Full Screen Picture ID, Cute Keys

Palm Updates VersaMail for Centro Full Screen Picture ID Program Available for Palm OS Smartphones Cute Keys v.1.0 for S60 Released

T-Mobile Germany To Offer 16 GB Version Of HTC Advantage

T-Mobile Europe has announced plans to offer an upgraded version of the HTC Advantage tablet/smartphone device.

Energizer Energi To Go Portable Power Outlet Review

Energizer has a solution for people who can never seem to find a power outlet when they need one. Kevin O'Brien has a review of this company's portable battery[...]

Sony Ericsson Sold 100 Million Phones Last Year

Sony Ericsson has announced the results of its most recent financial quarter, but the big news was that the company passed a major milestone last year: 100 million handsets.

Palm, i-mate, O2 Return to HTC for Device Manufacturing

Several major smartphone companies including Palm and i-mate have placed orders with HTC, resuming relationships that had been previously severed.

Asus Eee PC May Get a Touchscreen

By all reports, the Asus Eee PC is selling well, but nevertheless there have been a few who have passed on this device because it lacks a touchscreen. These people[...]

AT&T Unveils iPhone Service Plans for Business Users

AT&T is now offering a variety of data service plans for customers who are using Apple's iPhone. These cost less than the plans for consumers, at least until the end[...]

More Information on Palm OS II Trickles Out

In a recent interview, Palm's Chief Financial Officer gave some new details on the Linux-based operating system his company is developing.

Microsoft Hires Marketing Guru For Mobile Division

Microsoft has hired a new marketing vice president as part of a bid to make Windows Mobile a household name.

Developer Brings Google Maps My Location Service to Palm OS

An enterprising developer has created an application that replicates Google Maps' My Location feature on Palm OS Treos.

Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for Samsung BlackJack Now Available

A long-awaited operating system upgrade is has just been released for the Samsung BlackJack. This will bring this smartphone up the the latest version of Windows Mobile.

Palm Settling Class Action Lawsuit Alleging Flaws in Early Treos

Palm has sent many of its customers a notice that they may benefit from a class action lawsuit that this company is attempting to settle.

Mobile Tech News — Updates for Nokia’s Mobile Web Server and N82, Verizon’s Developer Conference

Nokia Mobile Web Server 1.2 Beta Released Nokia N82 Gets Firmware Update Verizon Wireless Announces Developer Conference

HTC Touch Sales Pass the 2 Million Mark

Everyone knows how well Apple is doing with iPhone sales, but it far from the only company with a successful smartphone. HTC has announced that sales of its[...]

Smartphone with Folding Screen Coming Later this Year

Polymer Vision has announced that its first device with a rollable display will hit the market by the middle of this year.

Palm To Close All Its Retail Stores *UPDATED*

In another cost-cutting move by the cash-strapped smartphone maker, Palm Inc. is shutting down the line of retail stores that it has operated since 2002.

HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld

The iPAQ 210 is in the tradition of high-end models like the iPAQ hx4700 or Dell Axim X51v. It offers a 4-inch, VGA 4-inch touchscreen; a 624 MHz processor; and[...]

iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld Now Available

For those who have been eagerly awaiting HP latest high-end handheld, the big day has arrived; the iPAQ 210 is now available in stores.

Researchers Working to Make a Contact Lens into a Phone’s Display

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a kind of heads-up display that takes the approach of imprinting the screen on a contact lens-type of device that sits on[...]

Verizon To Carry HTC Touch

Information has surfaced showing that Verizon is soon to become the third US carrier to offer a version of the increasingly popular HTC Touch smartphone.

Yet More Rumors Surface About the Treo 800w

Another set of rumors is circulating about Palm's next high-end Windows Mobile smartphone.

Skyfire Mobile Web Browser Preview

Skyfire is a newly announced web browser for mobile devices. Brighthand's Ed Hardy has been testing out a early beta of this application, and he calls it "far and away[...]

Palm Has Quietly Brought On a New Head of Product Realization

With absolutely no fanfare, Palm has hired a former high-level Apple executive as its Senior Vice President of Product Development.

Update for the Sprint Mogul Getting Closer

Last fall, Sprint promised a system software update for the HTC Mogul with new features. This has not yet been officially released, but a beta version has leaked out.

Mobile Tech News — Stowaway Keyboard Discontinued, YouTube for Mobile Improvements, Nokia Acquires Trolltech

Stowaway Keyboard Line Discontinued YouTube for Mobile Now Offers a Greatly Expanded Selection of Videos Nokia Acquires Mobile Linux Developer Trolltech

Motorola Leads the World in Windows Mobile Standard Smartphones

Bolstered by the success of its Q series, Motorola now has a slight slight lead in the world market for Windows Mobile smartphones without touchscreens. However, HTC dominates the global[...]

Palm Airport Stores Not Closing After All

When Palm Inc. shuts down its line of retail stores this month, the closure will not affect the Palm-branded kiosks in some major airports.

Nokia N95 8GB for N. America Getting Closer to Release

The version of the Nokia N95 8GB with support for the 3G wireless networks used in N. America has just passed an important milestone on its road to release.

27% of iPhones Are Unlocked

In theory, everyone in the U.S. who has an iPhone is an AT&T customer, as this telecom has an exclusive contract with Apple. In reality, more than one-quarter of iPhones[...]

Windows Mobile Users Can Now Use Gmail with IMAP

Google has fixed a bug that prevented most people with a Windows Mobile smartphone or handheld from using Gmail with IMAP.

Dell May Unveil Its First Smartphone Next Month

According to unconfirmed reports, Dell will soon announce plans to release a smartphone. However, this supposedly won't run the operating system most people would expect.

HP iPAQ 610 Business Navigator

The iPAQ 610 Business Navigator is HP’s first Pocket PC phone with a built-in numberpad, rather than a keyboard. Built into the numberpad is this model’s most innovative feature: the[...]

Sony mylo COM-2

Sony’s second mobile Internet device (MID) is called the mylo COM-2. Like its predecessor, this can access the web and make Skype calls over Wi-Fi, and it also includes some[...]

Mobile Tech News — Updates Released for the Treo 755p, Kinoma Player, Astraware Solitaire and Casino, and FunContact

Palm and Sprint Release Small System Software Update for Treo 755p Kinoma Player Update Addresses YouTube Compatibility Astraware Updates Solitaire and Casino Games FunContact[...]

Garmin Unveils Phone Focused on Navigation

Garmin has taken the wraps off the nuvifone, its first phone with a strong emphasis on GPS and personal navigation.

Nationwide, Open-Access Wireless Network on the Way

One of the more significant auctions for wireless spectrum in recent memory has reached an important milestone: the price for one of the nationwide licenses has risen to the point[...]

Suppose They Fixed the Web Browser, Then What?

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright considers what might happen if software developers and device makers actually do what users are asking for and improve their browsers