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SmartPhone Articles for January of 2010

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Synaptics to Demo New Ways To Interact with a Smartphone at CES

If the Synaptics vision of the future is to be believed, consumers will be squeezing, tugging, and tilting their smartphone to operate it, rather than merely swiping a finger across[...]

Most Popular Smartphones of December 2009

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Google Nexus One Could Be Headed for AT&T

Although it is not yet official, there have been numerous reports that, later this week, Google is going to release its first Android OS smartphone with service from T-Mobile. If[...]

Additional Details on the Motorola Droid Devour Come to Light

New information on Verizon's third Android-based smartphone has come to light. This includes a new image of the device -- which may be called the Motorola Droid Devour -- plus[...]

Palm’s webOS Gets Support for Running Native Linux Apps, High-End Multimedia Tools

When developing the webOS, Palm decided to make it very easy to create applications with simple tools. While this has advantages, there was a significant disadvantage: at launch, this platform[...]

Several Big Smartphone Announcements Expected at CES This Week

The Consumer Electronics Show -- the 500 pound. gorilla of tradeshows -- is kicking off later this week. A number of companies will be using this event to unveil new[...]

iPhone OS 4.0 Could Be Demoed Later this Month

Apple is widely expected to unveil its new iSlate tablet computer near the end of this month. According to an unconfirmed report, this will run iPhone OS 4.0, which will[...]

BlackBerry Curve 8530 First Impressions Review

The BlackBerry Curve 8530 is the latest in this popular line of smartphones. The new model offers a redesigned look, Wi-Fi, and other consumer-oriented features. Shaun Mahal brings us a[...]

Survey Finds Dramatic Increase in Consumer Interest in Google’s Android OS

A survey performed by a research firm has found that consumer interest in Google's Android OS has risen dramatically in the past few months, to the point where it now[...]

Google Nexus One

This smartphone is the first to be released by Google under its own brand name, and it offers a number of high-end features. It has a tablet shape with a[...]

Small System Update for the Palm Pre and Pixi Fixes Big Calendar Bug

Palm has released webOS, an updated version of this operating system to fix a bug in that affects those who synchronize a Palm Pre or Pixi with a Microsoft[...]

iPhone iTunes App Store Tops 3 Billion Downloads

In the last three months, roughly a billion apps were downloaded from Apple's software store for its smartphones and handhelds, bringing the total to over three billion since this store[...]

T-Mobile USA’s Entire 3G Network Now Runs at 7.2 Mbps

T-Mobile USA announced today that it has fulfilled a promise it made last year: it's entire 3G network is now running at 7.2 Mbps, significantly increasing the speed at which[...]

Google Nexus One: It’s Official

The Google Nexus One has been officially announced, ending weeks of rumors and speculation. This Android 2.1-powered smartphone has been designed around a large, high-resolution, AM-OLED screen, but also offers[...]

Verizon May Be Getting the Apple iSlate and iPhone

Apple and AT&T have had a successful partnership, selling millions of iPhones together. But analysts say Apple has wandering eyes, and will bring both the iPhone and the iSlate to[...]

Motorola CEO Stops Short of Promising Android 2.1 for the Droid

The Motorola Droid owners probably feel confident that they'll be getting numerous system software upgrades in the coming months, but a comment from Motorola's CEO might make some of these[...]

Google Will Free Android OS Users from Limit on Number of Apps Installed

Currently, Android OS-based smartphones can only run software from a small partition of their internal memory, which severely restricts the number of apps that can be installed. Google intends to[...]

Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Tablet May Be Unveiled Today

Leaked reports says Microsoft has been working on an innovative concept for tablet PCs. The Courier project will supposedly create devices that have two screens, and are capable of folding[...]

It’s Official: HTC HD2 Coming to T-Mobile USA this Spring

T-Mobile has announced that it will be the exclusive provider of the HTC HD2 in the U.S. This very high-end Windows phone offers a 1 GHz processor, and sports a[...]

Ovi Store Now Available to AT&T’s Nokia Phones

AT&T has announced support for the Ovi Store on those Nokia smartphones that it currently sells, as well as for future devices. This makes it the first U.S. carrier to[...]

Motorola Backflip Will Offer Android in an Unusual Shape

Motorola has taken the wraps off the Backflip, an upcoming smartphone that will run Google's Android OS and have an unusual design featuring a flip-around keyboard and a touchpanel behind[...]

Motorola Cliq Getting an Upgrade to Android OS 2.1

Motorola's CEO has promised that the Motorola Cliq, a smartphone offered by T-Mobile USA, will be getting an upgrade to the latest version of Google's Android OS at some point[...]

Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Coming to Verizon Later this Month

Verizon Wireless has just revealed that it will soon begin offering enhanced versions of the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi. The new Pre will offer more storage, while the[...]

A WiMAX-enabled Smartphone Coming to Clearwire, But Not Soon

Those who would like to use a smartphone with Clearwire's WiMAX service are in for a bit of a wait: the company says it won't be releasing a 4G-enabled phone[...]

Palm Brings 3D Gaming to the webOS

Palm's webOS was created with a focus on the Web, but users wanted high-end games, too. Palm has now answered this request by modifying its operating system to allow for[...]

AT&T Getting on the Google Bandwagon, Commits to Five Android OS Phones

Following in the footsteps of all its top rivals, AT&T has promised to offer its first smartphones running Google's Android OS. These will be produced by Motorola, Dell, and HTC,[...]

Two webOS-Powered Smartphones Headed for AT&T

When Palm's webOS debuted last summer, only Sprint subscribers could get it. This is going to change soon: AT&T Mobility's CEO revealed at CES this week his company is prepping[...]

OtterBox’s Tandem Series Will Protect Slider Phones

Slider phones like the Motorola Droid, Nokia N900, and many other present special problems for case designers. OtterBox has announced its new Tandem series, which has been designed with protect[...]

Google Nexus One Can Now Sync with Your PC or Mac

The Google Nexus One was designed to let users synchronize their data with online services, but some prefer to sync with their desktop computer. This group can turn to Mark/Space's[...]

Sprint Product Roadmap Leaks: HTC WiMAX Phone, BlackBerry Tour2, New Palm Model

A listing of phones on their way to Sprint has appeared on the Web. This includes an HTC model with the 4G standard WiMAX, the recently-revealed BlackBerry Tour2, a mysterious[...]

T-Mobile Shutting Down Its @Home Service

T-Mobile USA has decided to gradually shut down its @Home service, which allows consumers to make unlimited calls from a phone connected to a router purchased from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile and Google Investigating Nexus One’s 3G Connection Problems

The Google Nexus One debuted from T-Mobile USA last week, and the first users of this Android-based smartphone are reporting problems with connecting to 3G. The companies responsible for this[...]

European Carrier Exec Says the Apple Tablet Is Real

The incoming CEO of France Telecom has confirmed the rumors that Apple is working on a tablet computer, and that it will be offered by Orange. He also revealed a[...]

Verizon’s HTC Touch Pro2 and Ozone Get Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrades

Verizon Wireless has released the system software upgrades it promised for two of its Windows phones, the HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Ozone. Users of these devices can now install[...]

Motorola Backflip Preview

The Motorola Backflip is no longer a rumor, and Brighthand's Site Editor was there for the official unveiling. He brings us a video preview of this upcoming smartphone, which will[...]

Google Nexus One Sales Expected to be Strong, but Well Behind the iPhone’s

The Google Nexus One is the hottest new Android phone, and a market analyst has come with a prediction that over 5 million of these devices will sell in 2010.[...]

webOS Update Brings Bluetooth Tethering to European Palm Pre Users

Palm has released an update for the system software on the European version of the Palm Pre. Among other changes, it adds the ability for this smartphone to act as[...]

Apple Putting More Emphasis on the Camera in Next-Gen iPhone

The new iPhone model coming this summer will be the best so far for taking pictures, if unconfirmed reports are correct. It will be able to take pictures at[...]

magicJack’s Controversial Femtocell Will Offer Cheap Wireless Phone Service

magicJack has announced a plan to release a small accessory that will act like a small cell tower, letting any GSM phone use their home Internet connection to make phone[...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 Delayed Again

Sony Ericsson has missed its second self-imposed deadline to release the Xperia X2. At this point, it's not clear when this high-end Windows phone with a WVGA display and sliding[...]

Next iPhone Could Launch Sooner than Expected

Apple has an established pattern of releasing new iPhone models in early summer. A new unconfirmed report says that this year's model is going to be out a bit earlier[...]

First 32 GB microSD Card Coming Out Next Month

Samsung Electronics has announced a 32 GB microSD card, and will apparently be the first company to release a microSD card of this capacity. It will mark a significant increase[...]

Initial Sales of the Google Nexus One May Be Very Low

The Google Nexus One has been on the market for a week now, and no official number of units sold so far has been announced. An unofficial estimate is available,[...]

Motorola Backflip Could Be Coming to AT&T in Early March

Although AT&T has yet to come out and say it, this carrier isn't trying very hard to conceal its plans to offer the Motorola Backflip. This smartphone -- which has[...]

LG eXpo Preview

The LG eXpo runs Windows Mobile on a 1 GHz processor, and sports a miniature projector, fingerprint scanner, WVGA screen, sliding keyboard, and much more. Brighthand's Site Editor brings us[...]

Nokia N900 Update Adds Landscape-to-Portrait Screen Rotation

The Nokia N900 has received two system software updates this week, addressing some bugs and also making a significant enhancement: adding portrait mode support to all applications. Until now, the[...]

Windows Mobile 7 Will Be Unveiled Next Month, May Offer Just Two Screen Resolutions

Microsoft has let it be known that it intends to take the wraps off Windows Mobile 7 in the middle of February. Details on this OS update continue to trickle[...]

Inbrics MID-M1 Will Be an Android Smartphone Packed with Features

Android-powered smartphones are nothing new, but the MID-M1 is making waves for what manufacturer Inbrics seemingly intends to be a truly all-in-one mobile device. This upcoming device will feature an[...]

New Details Emerge on the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus

Verizon Wireless has announced that it is going to release updated versions of the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi, but many of the details on these smartphones have not[...]

Google Nexus One Gets More Affordable for T-Mobile Customers

The price usually given for the Google Nexus One is $180, but that's the price for those switching to T-Mobile to get this new Android OS-based smartphone. Current T-Mobile subscribers[...]

Verizon Cuts Prices on Unlimited Voice and Messaging Service Plans

Verizon will introduce several new wireless service plans next week, reducing prices for unlimited voice and text service. In addition, going forward, many mid-range devices will be required to get[...]

T-Mobile Slashes Prices on BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile Smartphones

T-Mobile USA has just significantly dropped the prices on a wide array of smartphones, many of which debuted fairly recently. This includes the BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Touch Pro II,[...]

Samsung Moment Gets a Small System Software Update

Sprint has introduced an update for the system software on the Samsung Moment. This isn't the promised upgrade to Android 2.0, but it does bring a number of small improvements.

HTC HD2 Almost Certainly Getting Windows Mobile 7

Smartphone users who want to buy a device that they know will get an upgrade to Windows Mobile 7 when it's released this fall should seriously consider the HTC HD2[...]

Donate to Haitian Relief with a Text Message

The small Caribbean nation of Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake this week, killing thousands and leaving many more without food, water, or shelter. Those who would like to[...]

AT&T Cuts the Cost iPhone Users Pay for Unlimited Voice and Data

AT&T has dropped the price it charges subscribers -- including users of the Apple iPhone 3GS -- for an unlimited voice and data plan. This will save many customers more[...]

Majority of Shoppers Using Cell Phones to Research Purchases

A majority of consumers used their mobile phones for comparison shopping, product reviews, and discounts when buying products in-store, according to a recent Motorola research study.

T-Mobile Now Offering a Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrade for Its HTC Touch Pro2

T-Mobile customers with an HTC Touch Pro2 can now download an upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system for free. This device was released last year with[...]

Nokia N900 Review

The Nokia N900 is a new smartphone with a WVGA screen, sliding keyboard, and a wide array of other high-end features. Antoine Wright gives his detailed impressions of Nokia's latest[...]

Sprint Promises to Upgrade HTC Touch Pro2 to Windows Mobile 6.5 by March

Sprint says it will give users of its HTC Touch Pro2 an upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system for free. This upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5[...]

HTC Supersonic May Sport 4.3-inch Screen, Android OS, WiMAX

Sprint will be introducing a very high-end HTC smartphone code-named the Supersonic, if some leaked information is correct. This model will supposedly pack a 4.3-inch touchscreen, Google's Android OS, and[...]

iSlate and iPhone OS 4.0 Unveiling Expected on Jan. 27

Apple has confirmed earlier rumors by announcing a press event for the end of this month. It's not saying what's going to be unveiled, but numerous unconfirmed reports say it's[...]

T-Mobile and Sprint Charge Less for Unlimited Service than Larger Rivals

AT&T and Verizon Wireless both lowered their monthly rate for unlimited voice and wireless data service this week, but their smaller rivals T-Mobile and Sprint still offer unlimited services for[...]

U.S. Texts $22 Million in Haiti Relief Aid

The American Red Cross has reported that it received more than $22 million in U.S. text-based donations for Haiti earthquake relief, almost 20% of the American Red Cross's $112 million[...]

T-Mobile G1 Could Get Android 2.0 Upgrade Very Soon

The T-Mobile G1 is over a year old, but it may soon have new life breathed into it courtesy of a significant system software upgrade. An unconfirmed report says Android[...]

Windows Mobile 7 May Come in Business and Media Editions

The official unveiling of Windows Mobile 7 is expected next month, and rumors about it have been coming at a fast and furious rate. According to the latest, there will[...]

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition Is Now Available

T-Mobile has released a new version of the myTouch 3G. The Fender Limited Edition has a new look as well as some other music-friendly features. Aside from these changes, it's[...]

Motorola Droid Devour Could Be Getting Close to Release

Verizon is apparently getting closer to introducing its third Android OS-based phone. This model -- code-named the Calgary -- has reportedly shown up in this carrier's product database. It's expected[...]

Microsoft Bing Could Replace Google as the iPhone’s Default Search Engine

Since the iPhone OS debuted, Google has been the default search engine. But that could change soon, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

Nokia Giving Away Free Navigation App

Nokia has released a new version of Ovi Maps for its Symbian smartphones that includes free navigation for those who are driving or walking. Previously, this service came with a[...]

iPhone OS 4.0 May Offer More Support for Multitasking

The next version of Apple's iPhone operating system will reportedly offer greater support for running third-party applications in the background. It may also include more support for multi-touch gestures and[...]

Verizon Reveals Pricing Info for Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

Verizon has announced that its new versions of the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi will go for the same prices as Sprint's versions, even though they will have additional[...]

HTC Diamond3 with Windows Mobile 7 Might Be Headed for AT&T and T-Mobile

One of the first smartphones with Windows Mobile 7 is reportedly going under the codename "Obsession". When it's released, though, it will supposedly be called the HTC Diamond3, and will[...]

Motorola Droid and Cliq Available at Big Discounts for New Subscribers

Wireless carriers regularly offer special deals to new customers, hoping to lure in additional subscribers. For example, both of Motorola's most recent Android OS-based smartphones are available at well below[...]

T-Mobile Dash 3G Can Now Be Upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5

Those with a T-Mobile Dash 3G can now download an upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system for free. This device was released last year with Windows[...]

BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review

The BlackBerry Curve 8530 is the latest in this popular line of smartphones. The new model offers a redesigned look, Wi-Fi, and other consumer-oriented features. Shaun Mahal brings us his[...]

HTC Supersonic Could Run Android OS 3.0

Very preliminary details on a smartphone supposedly on its way to Sprint say that this model will be one of the first with Android OS 3.0. The release of the[...]

T-Mobile’s HTC HD2 Will Come with More Storage than the European Version

HTC has released the specifications of the version of the HTC HD2 that will be released by T-Mobile USA this spring, revealing it will offer a slightly better feature set[...]

Motorola Motoroi Might Be Destined for T-Mobile USA

A recently announced Android OS-based smartphone with an odd name and an unusual design is definitely going to be released in the U.S., and may be headed for T-Mobile. The[...]

Skyfire 1.5 Mobile Browser Launched for Symbian Smartphones

A new version of the Skyfire web browser has been released for Symbian-powered smartphones. This is the latest version of a free app that seeks to bring a PC-like browsing[...]

Palm Pre Plus

The Palm Pre Plus is an enhanced version of the original Palm Pre, offering twice as much built-in storage: 16 GB. It features a sliding keyboard as well as a[...]

Palm Pixi Plus

The Palm Pixi Plus is an updated version of the Pixi, which was released late last year. The main difference from its predecessor is the inclussion of Wi-Fi. The Pixi[...]

Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Now Available

Today is the day Verizon Wireless is launching the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, enhanced versions of webOS smartphones that were released by Sprint last year. Both these[...]

T-Mobile Sidekick Series Could Be Phased Out, Replaced with Android-Based Smartphones

In its heyday, the T-Mobile Sidekick was a hot device with teens and over-exposed celebrities. But the popularity of this line of featurephones has waned in recent years, and it[...]

Motorola Split Could Be an Android OS Phone that Lives Up to Its Name

AT&T may be getting a smartphone with an unusual design featuring a split keyboard that slides out from either side of the touchscreen. The Motorola Split will supposedly be one[...]

Apple’s Tablet Computer Might Be a Flop

Interest in Apple's upcoming tablet computer, which is widely expected to be unveiled this week, has reached fever pitch. Despite all the hoopla, Brighthand's Site Editor points out that there[...]

The iPhone May Be Coming to Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile

There have been persistent but unconfirmed reports that Verizon will be getting the Apple iPhone this year, ending AT&T's exclusive right to offer this very popular smartphone. According to an[...]

Amazon to Open Kindle App Store, Allows DRM Opt Out

Amazon has announced that the Kindle is now open to development for select partners, and a Kindle app store will soon open. Initial partners include EA Mobile and Zagat, which[...]

First Pictures of the HTC Supersonic Appear

Details of an upcoming Android OS smartphone have been cropping up for much of the last week, and now an image or two has come to light. These show off[...]

Google Prepping a Fix for the Nexus One’s 3G Connection Problems

Ever since the Google Nexus One debuted from T-Mobile USA users of this Android-based smartphone have been reporting problems with connecting to 3G. The companies responsible for this device say[...]

More Evidence for an AT&T Version of the Google Nexus One Comes to Light

More evidence has emerged that Google is going to release a version of the Nexus One that will offer full support for AT&T's wireless network. This would mean that customers[...]

Google Voice Comes to Apple iPhone OS and Palm webOS

Google has released a Google Voice app that runs on the iPhone and on ones running Palm's webOS. This service lets multiple phones use one number, and it also offers[...]

Apple iSlate Faces a Tough Tablet Trail

Apple is a company known for setting new standards and raising the bar in terms of new technology development. The big question is, can it do the same for tablet[...]

ZunePhone: It’s Basically Confirmed

Ever since Microsoft released the Zune line of music players, many have been expecting a device that merges it with a phone. What could be the best evidence yet of[...]

HTC Hero Getting Android OS 2.1 in Early Spring

The HTC Hero reportedly will be getting an operating system upgrade to Android OS 2.1, but not for several more months. This smartphone is currently running version 1.5, and Hero[...]

Apple Unveils the iPad

Apple has just taken the wraps off its first tablet computer, which it has named the iPad. This upcoming device will greatly resembles a super-size iPhone or iPod touch, and[...]

RIM Confirms that the BlackBerry Tour 9650 Is On the Way

RIM has not yet announced the BlackBerry Tour 9650, but that didn't stop it from mentioning this upcoming smartphone on its official Facebook page. According to information that has leaked[...]

HP’s Android-Based Netbook May Be Released by AT&T

HP was demonstrating a netbook running Google's Android OS at CES earlier this month, but said it was an experiment rather than a product it was getting ready for release.[...]

BlackBerry Magnum Will Sport a Keyboard and a Touchscreen

Most BlackBerrys have keyboards, and a couple others have touchscreens, but so far there hasn't been one with both. That will change when the BlackBerry Magnum is released. A new[...]

More Pictures of the HTC Supersonic Appear

Information about the HTC Supersonic has been coming out in a steady stream recently. This includes some new pictures of this upcoming cutting-edge smartphone, which will reportedly offer Android OS[...]

MSI Prepping an iPad-like Tablet Running the Android OS

In the wake of Apple unveiling the iPad, MSI has revealed that it plans to release a similar tablet computer later this year. This will run Google's Android OS, sport[...]

Dell Mini 5 Android-Based Tablet Coming Soon

Reports have been around for some time about Dell's upcoming tablet-shaped device with a 5-inch touchscreen and Google's Android OS. Michael Dell now says this model -- the Dell Mini[...]

Toshiba TG02 Gets FCC Approval

The FCC has signed off on the Toshiba TG02, a smartphone that has yet to be formally announced. This reveals a few details on this model, which is expected to[...]

Poll: Will the Apple iPad Fly or Will It Die?

Steve Jobs took the wraps off the Apple iPad this week, touching off a debate on whether this upcoming tablet will re-make the portable computer market or be a black[...]

New Details on the T-Mobile myTouch Slide Leak Out

T-Mobile will soon add a third Android OS phone with a sliding keyboard and HVGA touchscreen to its product lineup, if unconfirmed reports are correct. A picture or two of[...]

Google Nexus One for AT&T Practically Confirmed

A device that's almost certainly an AT&T-compatible version of the Google Nexus One has been approved by the FCC. This is good news for this carrier's customers who want an[...]

Future Versions of SlingPlayer Will Be Based on Adobe Flash

SlingPlayer lets users watch their home TV from around the world, and there are versions of this for PCs, smartphones, and more. Sling Media has announced plans to use Adobe[...]

Firefox Web Browser Now Available for Nokia N900

The Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox for Mobile 1.0 for Nokia's Maemo 5 operating system. This allows fans of the desktop version of this web browser to enjoy much the[...]

Next-Generation iPhone and iPad May Get Video Conferencing, Spell Check

Details on the next version of Apple's iPhone OS have begun to leak out. According to unconfirmed sources, this will include support for two-way video calls, as well as some[...]

Apple Is Not the Largest Mobile Device Maker in the World

A few days ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that his company is "the largest mobile devices company in the world." A quick comparison of Apple and Nokia's most recent[...]