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SmartPhone Articles for January of 2013

Below are the 109 SmartPhone articles for January of 2013

Samsung Reportedly to Sell First Tizen Smartphone

A recent report suggests that Samsung will be first manufacturer to release a Tizen handset. The Tizen OS is an open Linux-based operating system seen as an alternative to the[...]

Samsung Muse Review: A Mini Approach to Music

The Samsung Muse is an ultralight MP3 player that sports special functionality with many of Samsung's own Galaxy line of smartphones.

Press Shot of Sony Xperia Z ‘Yuga’ and ZL ‘Odin’ Hits the Web

Two of Sony's upcoming Xperia smartphones, the Z "Yuga" and the ZL "Odin" made their first appearances on the company's Japanese website on New Year's Day.

HTC Droid DNA Review: Once and Future King?

The Droid DNA is HTC's most feature-rich smartphone ever, boasting a mind boggling 5-inch, 1920 x 1080 screen, along with a quad-core processor and very reasonable price tag. Can it[...]

RIM and T-Mobile Announce Entry-Level BlackBerry Curve 9315

RIM announced today that it will be releasing an affordable handset, the BlackBerry Curve 9315, later this month, exclusively on T-Mobile.

BlackBerry X10 Spotted in the Wild

Photos of the BlackBerry X10, which combines both a physical keyboard and a touchscreen, have leaked, giving us a look at one of RIM's upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices.

Smartphones Running Ubuntu Coming This Year

Canonical has announced that Ubuntu, the popular Linux-based open-source OS normally seen on PCs and TVs, will be coming to smartphones in mobile OS form. Find out more from TechnologyGuide.

Samsung Confirms Tizen-Based Handsets

Today, Samsung has confirmed the reports that the manufacturer plans to sell Tizen-Based handsets. The Korean firm announced that it plans to sell the handsets sometime this year, however the[...]

Apple May Abandon In-Cell Screen Technology in iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5 uses a new type of screen that makes the device thin and light. However, the in-cell screen may also have enough problems that Apple is considering dropping[...]

The iPhone’s “Do Not Disturb” Feature Is Broken This Week

Those who use the "Do Not Disturb" feature on their iPhone got a nasty surprise this week: a bug causes it to never turn off. Read more on TabletPCReview.

An iPhone mini Might Launch in 2014

Apple will expand its product lineup with a smaller, cheaper smartphone. That's the prediction of a market analyst, anyway.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Image Reportedly Leaked

Another supposed leak has surfaced for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV and this time it's an image.

Ipico Review: Projecting on the Go

The ipico pocket projector gives users an easy way to share media from their iPhone or iPod Touch, and at an affordable price, to boot.

Nokia Waiting on Microsoft to Give Go-Ahead on Windows Phone 7.8

Nokia claims that it has the Windows Phone 7.8 update ready to be rolled out to its handsets at a moment's notice...it just needs the OK from Microsoft first.

Sprint Pay As You Go Unlimited Prepaid Plans Confirmed

Sprint will soon provide commitment-shy customers with its own brand of prepaid wireless service, as the carrier has confirmed that it will launch Sprint As You Go, a monthly-payment plan[...]

Nvidia says the Tegra 4 Will Be the World’s Fastest Mobile Processor

Nvidia is using CES to unveil the Tegra 4, which it says will offer record-setting performance and battery life for the next generation of smartphones and tablets. Read more on[...]

Nvidia Reveals Project Shield Mobile Gaming Platform at CES

Nvidia has revealed Project Shield. Equipped with a Tegra 4, processor Project Shield will look to provide a new and open gaming platform that allows gamers to enjoy the mobile[...]

Apple iPhone 5 Rated Worst Top Smartphone by Consumer Reports

Despite its running title of "best smartphone in the market" for the past five years, Apple's iPhone seems to be losing traction among critics, as Consumer Reports has rated the[...]

CES 2013: Preview of Smart Body Analyzer for Mobile Health Management

At CES 2013, show goers will get sneak peeks at Smart Body Analyzer, a system for managing your weight and heart rate, along with air quality, from your smartphone.

CES 2013: Samsung Gives Windows Phone 8 ATIV Odyssey Official Reveal at CES

Samsung finally provided us with hard-and-fast specs at CES today for its upcoming Windows Phone 8 device, the ATIV Odyssey, which will launch "in the coming weeks."

CES 2013: Intel & Partners Ready New Smartphones Based on Two Atom Chipsets

At CES, Intel detailed plans for smartphones based on "Lexington" and "Clover Trail+' Atom chips. Intel also talked up intentions for future ultrabook and AIO PCs.

CES 2013: Windows Phone 8 Coming to Sprint This Summer

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform will finally be making its way to Sprint, the last of the four major US carriers, come this summer.

CES 2013: Samsung ATIV Odyssey Hands-On Preview

The ATIV Odyssey, Samsung's Verizon-exclusive Windows Phone 8 device, was on hand for inspection at CES this week, so we took it for a test drive.

Samsung at CES: “BYOD Will Be the Norm Within the Next Two Years”

Samsung looked into the bring your own device trend within the enterprise, and came away thinking that BYOD will be the norm by the end of 2014. Get more from[...]

meDrive by Kanex Turns a USB Drive into a Network Drive for Your iPhone or iPad

Kanex announced the meDrive, a file server that turns USB storage into a network drive that can be accessed from iOS and desktop devices, at CES 2013 on Tuesday. Get[...]

T-Mobile Talks 4G LTE, Unlimited 4G Data Plan, Nationwide HD Voice at CES

During its CES 2013 press conference, T-Mobile gave an update on its promised new LTE network, unveiled a new unlimited data plan, and detailed its upgraded HD Voice coverage. TechnologyGuide[...]

Huawei Goes Big With Ascend Mate And Ascend D2

It looks like Huawei is aiming to make a big splash in the smartphone market this year, as the company took the stage at CES to show off two new[...]

CES 2013 Coverage Central: Top Tech Stories

Want the latest on smartphones from CES? We have all our top stories from this giant tradeshow collected in one convenient place.

Next-Gen iPhone Might Have a Larger Display

The release of Apple's next smartphone isn't expected for months, so details are a bit cloudy. But a new report indicates this device might have a larger screen than the[...]

Samsung, Corning Promise Tougher Screens Are on the Way

Screen breakage remains a major problem for smartphones, but Samsung and Corning are looking to fix that.

Verizon Introduces New Share Everything Data Plans for Small and Large Businesses

Verizon has unveiled its new Share Everything Data plans for business users. The two plans that are suited around small and large business users will be the first of their[...]

Apple iPhone Finally Coming to T-Mobile in 3-4 Months

When T-Mobile revealed last month that it will, at long last, be getting the iPhone, it was vague about exactly when. In an interview at CES, the telecom's CEO was[...]

Samsung Exynos 5 Octa Smartphone Processor Unveiled at CES

Samsung has just raised the bar on what to expect from a smartphone chip. The newly-announced Exynos 5 Octa will include a startling 8 processor cores.

The Wait for the Pebble Smartwatch Is Almost Over

Want to check incoming emails, texts, etc. without having to pull out your smartphone? Then the Pebble watch might be right for you. Announced last year, it's about to launch.

CES 2013: Lenovo K900 Intel-powered Smartphone Preview

One of Lenovo's biggest announcements at CES 2013 is the K900, a smartphone based on an Intel Atom processor, not the usual ARM one. We go hands-on.

CES 2013: Sony Xperia Z and ZL Preview

Here at CES, we got some time to go hands-on with Sony's latest Android smartphone offerings, the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL.

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD Is a USB Drive for Your iPhone

PhotoFast is making it easier for Apple users to transfer files onto their iPhone with the next-generation i-FlashDrive HD, a USB thumb drive designed specifically for the popular smartphone.[...]

Wilson Electronics Introduces Sleek 4G Signal Booster

Wilson Electronics has introduced a new signal booster at CES 2013, showcasing the Sleek 4G, which will be the first of the company's products to work interchangeably on all U.S.[...]

Samsung Announces Galaxy S II Plus

Samsung announced the Galaxy S II Plus today. The new handset is a continuation of its popular flagship handset the Galaxy S II. Armed with a new processor and features[...]

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile Set to Carry BlackBerry 10 Phones

Major US Carriers Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have all announced that they will carry the soon to release BlackBerry 10 platform. The news comes as a major reassurance to consumers,[...]

Qualcomm Unveils Next-Generation Snapdragon Mobile Processors

Qualcomm introduces its next generation of Snapdragon mobile processors. Qualcomm claims that the new chips boast impressive new speeds and should help to greatly improve mobile performance in future devices.[...]

Lumia Windows Phones and Asha Sales Carry Nokia in Strong Q4 2012 Performance

Nokia had some good news to share recently when it offered up preliminary financial information about its Q4 2012 performance.

Evidence Growing for an Entry-Level iPhone

It is appearing increasingly likely that Apple is going to introduce a less-expensive version of its signature smartphone. The latest evidence is an interview with a high-level executive that was[...]

Samsung Reveals Flexible Youm Display Technology at CES

Samsung showed off its new flexible OLED technology (called Youm) at CES this week in Las Vegas. The Korean manufacturer demonstrated its new tech with a number of concepts seen[...]

Sprint Will Carry BlackBerry 10 Devices Later this Year

Following the announcement of its competitors earlier this week, Sprint has confirmed that it plans to carry the BlackBerry 10 platform later this year. The news is an added boost[...]

New HTC M7 Details Shed Light on New UI and Discredit Old Rumors

New details about the HTC M7 leaked from an undisclosed source recently. According to the new information, older rumors have been discredited.

Car Owners Dissatisfied with Navigation Systems, Turn to Smartphones Instead

It appears more drivers are turning to their smartphones to help them get around, as a new survey from J.P. Power and Associates reveals that an increasing number of car[...]

Start-up Group Vows to Resurrect webOS Phones

Can a group of independent developers do for webOS what HP couldn't do? It certainly couldn't do any worse.

Apple Cuts iPhone 5 Component Orders

A recent report from Nikkei announced that Apple has cut orders for its displays for the iPhone 5. The news has caused a bit of panic from investors causing the[...]

Analysts Are Mixed on iPhone 5 Demand

Apple investors were spurred into a sell-off yesterday as a WSJ report hinted to dropping demand for the iPhone 5. Today, some analysts have come back to argue that Apple's[...]

More BlackBerry X10 Images Leak Onto the Web

More in-the-wild shots of the device rumored to launch as the BlackBerry X10 have surfaced, just weeks ahead of RIM's official announcement for the device.

VIDEO: HTC Droid DNA Preview

Watch our video for a preview of the HTC Droid DNA.

VIDEO: Sony Xperia Z Preview

The Xperia Z will be Sony's flagship smartphone, and will boast features like a 5-inch Retina touchscreen and 13 MP camera. Learn more about it in this video preview.

In-depth Video Walkthrough of BlackBerry X10 Posted on German Site

A German tech site recently posted a thorough walkthrough of the new BlackBerry X10, offering a close look at the hardware as well as the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS.

Apple iPhone 5S Could Have Biometric Security, Faster Processor

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts in his most recent report (released Tuesday) that Apple will release both the new designed iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S sometime in the third quarter this[...]

FaceTime Can Now Be Used on All AT&T Tiered Data Plans

Since Apple gave FaceTime the ability to work over a cellular connection, AT&T has been slowing adding support for this feature. Today, the telecom announced that everyone who has a[...]

Android 4.1 Hits AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S III Thanks to Over-the-Air Update

AT&T has officially rolled out an over-the-air update for Samsung Galaxy S III owners' to get a taste of Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean." While the upgrade was previously available to[...]

Asus Exec Says a Windows Phone Could Be in the Works

An executive from Asus recently told the Wall Street Journal that the company is currently in talks with Microsoft to license Windows Phone 8. This could lead to a PadFone[...]

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumored to Offer Wireless Charging

As we near the upcoming reveal, more details have leaked about Samsung's next flagship handset, the Galaxy S IV. The smartphone is reported to offer new wireless charging technology, with[...]

Source: Google and LG Planning Nexus 5

An inside source claims that the Nexus 5, the successor to the Nexus 4, is being prepared by Google and LG and is slated for a reveal in May.

FaceBook App Offers Free Voice Calls

FaceBook has begun offering free voice calls through its messenger app for iPhone users in the United States. While it's difficult to argue with free features, does this addition seem[...]

SOTI Reveals MobiControl V10

SOTI unveils its latest mobile enterprise MDM solution with MobiControl V10. The latest iteration offers a slew of new features, including web filtering and real time antivirus protection

LG Optimus G Pro Details Leak, High-end Features Galore

A new concept image of the LG Optimus G Pro was revealed today. The image shows that the device will sport a 5-inch display, use a 1.7GHz processor, and offer[...]

Apple No Longer Considered “Cool” to Next-Gen Smartphone Adopters

After years of being the coolest kid on the block, Apple may be losing its edge when it comes to impressing the next-generation of smartphone adopters, according to the youth[...]

More Americans Shunning Land Lines in Favor of Mobile Phones

Almost half the country is using cell phones, either entirely or partially. How is that changing things?

Smartphones Trump Tablets: Analysis of Mobile Data Reveals New Challenges for Telecoms

Despite the increasing popularity of tablets among consumers, smartphone users have consistently consumed more mobile data than tablet owners for the first time, according to a new report from network[...]

Watch Today’s Presidential Inauguration on Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

President Barrack Obama will have his second inauguration today. Head over to TabletPCReview to find out how to watch the swearing-in ceremony and attendant speech on your mobile device.

Apple May Be Working on a 4.8-Inch iPhone

There's good news for those who want a bigger iPhone: an unconfirmed report coming out of Asia indicates that the company is working on a smartphone with a 4.8-inch screen.

Intel Looking to Mobile Processors in Light of Waning PC Market

The largest PC/laptop processor manufacturer is ramping up to enter the mobile market. After posting less than satisfactory earnings, Intel says that it will invest $13 billion into research and[...]

LG Claims Second Place in U.S. Phone Marketshare

According to Counterpoint Research, LG has reclaimed its place as the second largest phone manufacturer in the United States. LG was able to dethrone Apple, thanks to strong sales in[...]

BlackBerry Z10 May Cost Less Than You Expect

There was a time when RIM could charge a premium for its top smartphones. That day appears to be past -- its next high-end model will reportedly be priced below[...]

Is This the HTC M7?

Reports of a new HTC flagship device have been circulating for some time. What may be an image of the HTC M7 has appeared on the web.

AT&T Is Acquiring Regional Carrier Alltel

AT&T is buying Alltel, a small wireless carrier that offers service in a handful of states, mostly in the South and Midwest.

Verizon Sold Nearly Twice as Many iPhones as Android Phones in Q4

During the last three months of 2012, Verizon sold far more Apple iPhones than it models running Google's Android. Apple was the telecom's top seller by a wide margin.

iOS Remains Top Selling Platform in Q4 2012, Android Users Jump Ship

The iOS platform maintained its number one sales spot in the U.S. in the final 12 weeks of 2012, due in no small part to users from other platforms switching[...]

Google Nexus 4 Review: Good Smartphone, Great Price

The Google Nexus 4 is the flagship model for Android 4.2. It's made by LG and has surprisingly high-end features, given its price.

LG Optimus G Pro Officially Revealed by Japanese Telecom DoCoMo

Japanese telecom NTT DoCoMo has announced that the LG Optimus G Pro will be its next flagship handset, providing official specs for the high-end smartphone.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Now Available

RIM has made BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, the latest version of its device management service for businesses, available for download. Get more information from TechnologyGuide.

GeeksPhone Reveals Firefox OS Developer Phones

Mozilla, along with GeeksPhone, revealed two new developer phones for the upcoming Firefox OS. The lower-end Keon and higher-end Peak, will allow users to begin developing apps for the new[...]

Apple Is/Isn’t Going to Release an Extra-Large iPhone this Year

There has been a spate of rumors in the past few weeks about Apple's plans for upcoming smartphones. Some of these say the company is developing a device with a[...]

Inside Source Claims Nokia PureView Windows Phone On the Way

According to an inside source, Nokia has a true PureView Windows Phone 8 device planned for later this year, codenamed "EOS".

Samsung Galaxy S IV Now Expected in April

New details have sprung up about the next Samsung flagship smartphone. Codenamed "Altius", the device is expected to offer wireless charging, come in black or white, and is expected to[...]

Verizon’s Samsung ATIV Odyssey Priced and Given a Release Date

Samsung's Verizon-exclusive Windows Phone 8 handset, the ATIV Odyssey, has just been given an official release date and price.

Apple Posts Record Profits, Revenue, iPhone Sales

During the last quarter of 2012, Apple hit the trifecta: it sold more iPhones than ever before, enjoyed a higher quarterly revenue than ever before, which then led to a[...]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

This is a mid-range smartphone avalable exclusively from Verizon. The specs include a modest 4-inch 800 x 480 (WVGA)display. It runs Windows Phone 8 on a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, with[...]

Nokia Rakes in $585.7 Million in Q4 2012, Only Profitable Quarter on Year

Nokia has released its most recent financial report, revealing that it earned a profit of $585.7 million in the final quarter of 2012 and shipped 4.4 million Lumia handsets.

Blog: BlackBerry Is Doomed

Will BlackBerry 10 save RIM? Note according to this opinion piece on TechnologyGuide.

Kemco Announces Big New Year Sale for Android Games

JRPG developer Kemco has announced a massive sale on its catalog, offering most titles at 60 to 80 percent off.The sale is for Android and Amazon users and lasts until[...]

Nine Cool Cooking Apps for the iPhone

An iPhone can be more useful in the kitchen in than a frying pan, with the right apps. The apps aren't limited to recipes, either. Here are nine of the[...]

Twitter Reveals Vine Video App for iOS

After acquiring the video startup Vine last year, Twitter has unveiled the first offspring of its purchase, an iOS app for the iPhone and iPod touch that lets users capture[...]

Windows Phone 7.8 Update Arriving on Lumia 900 Next Week

The long-awaited Windows Phone 7.8 is finally making its debut on its first handset, the Nokia Lumia 900, next week on January 30.

Temple Run 2 Review: Imangi Runs Away with It

Imangi Studios returns for more temple traversal in Temple Run 2. The game looks to offer more of the same with new traps, more unlocks, and better graphics. It's simple[...]

Samsung and Apple Set Record Numbers in Smartphone Shipments for 4Q12

While the global mobile phone market grew by nearly 2 percent last year, the number of smartphone shipments almost equaled those of feature phones for the first time, as Samsung[...]

Kyocera and Sprint Announce Ruggedized Handset, Torque, Available in Spring

Sprint will be offering a new ruggedized handset with Military Standard 810G protetion, the Torque, sometime later this spring.

Samsung Galaxy Note Available for Only $100

Those who are looking for a deal on the Samsung Galaxy Note II are in luck: the Sprint version of this smartphone is available from Amazon for $100, much less[...]

Nokia Upgrades Music Service to Nokia Music+

A new paid version of Nokia's streaming music service, Nokia Music+, will soon be available, offering unlimited song skips and playlist downloads for $3.99 a month.

Apple Releases iOS 6.1, Available to Download Now

An updated version of Apple's mobile operating system has just been released. This contains a number of tweaks, but can't really be considered a major upgrade.

Does Unlocking Phones Really Matter?

It's now a violation of the DMCA to unlock your phone. So really, how many of you are scofflaws now?

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. LG Optimus G

The LG Optimus G and the Samsung Galaxy S III both promise a high-end experience, HD screen, and are available on multiple carriers. But how to they really stack up?

Facebook Updates iOS App With Video Recording and More

Facebook has updated its main iOS app to offer users a handful of new features, with the most notable being the ability to record and share videos in-app, an extra[...]

Samsung Did Not Infringe Apple Patents Willfully, According to Judge

Samsung has been granted a small victory after losing a costly patent-infringment lawsuit this summer. Judge Lucy Koh found that Samsung did not willfully infringe on Apple's patents, denying Apple[...]

Say Hello to the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

The company formerly known as RIM has just taken the wraps off the two smartphones that it hopes will turn its fortunes around. These will run the equally new BlackBerry[...]

BLOG: BlackBerry 10 is Good Enough to Save BlackBerry

Will BlackBerry 10 and the two newly-announced smartphones running it bring their maker back from the brink? This opinion piece on TechnologyGuide says it will.

Nokia Says Windows Phone 7.8 Coming to All Handsets in February

Nokia announced via blog post that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will begin rolling out to all of its handsets starting today and should reach everyone in the month of[...]

Nexus 4 Available from Wirefly Now, from Google Soon

Ever since it debuted in the fall, the Google Nexus 4 has been in very short supply. Those trying to get the signature Android smartphone have faced long waits. It[...]

BlackBerry Q10 Hands-On Preview

BlackBerry is not forgetting its core audience of QWERTY lovers: they are getting the Q10. Get our real-world opinion on it.

BlackBerry 10 Hands-on Preview

The BlackBerry 10 operating system, unveiled to day, is a complete departure from previous versions. We go hands on, and share our first thoughts.

BlackBerry Z10 Hands-On Preview

The wraps came off the first smartphone running the new version of the BlackBerry OS today, and Brighthand was there for the big reveal.

Google Extends Exchange ActiveSync Support for Gmail

Google recently announced that it is extending support for Exchange ActiveSync until July 31. This is important for Windows Phone jusers, as it's necessary for accessing some Google service on[...]