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SmartPhone Articles for October of 2001

Below are the 74 SmartPhone articles for October of 2001

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My Phone/PDA Is Better than Yours

With Handspring and Palm preparing to market devices that will converge the technologies of cellular phones and personal digital assistants, it appears the race to be first is on. But[...]

Handspring shaves $100 off Prism

Handspring is trimming $100 off the price of its lone color-screen model, the Visor Prism.

REVIEW: Palm m125

The review of the Palm m125 is up, check it out in our review section!

Samsung to Launch Pocket PC Handhelds in 2002

LONDON (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics said on Wednesday it will use Microsoft Pocket PC software for a new range of handheld computers that will come out next year.

New Pocket PC OS set to debut

Microsoft launches its Pocket PC 2002 upgrade on Thursday backed up by handheld makers and developers. The operating system will have some new supporters in the crowd.

Samsung to launch Pocket PC handhelds

Samsung Electronics said Wednesday it will use Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system in handheld computers that will come out in 2002.

Pocket PC 2002 Launch

On site coverage of the launch of Pocket PC 2002 from San Francisco, California

Compaq iPAQ H3870

You want to do more with life? The iPAQ Pocket PC H3870 is designed to ride along on the voyage of life in your pocket or mounted to your mountain[...]

Audiovox Maestro

Toshiba unveiled its first handheld for the U.S. market. The PocketPC Audiovox Maestro, powered by Microsoft’s OS and will be available later in November. As the price tag indicates, it[...]

Casio Cassiopeia E-200

The first Cassiopeia Pocket PCs never quite matched Compaq’s iPaqs, but the new E-200 is likely to convincingly close the gap. The E-200 delivers the best of both worlds: a[...]

Microsoft, Allies Launch Pocket PC Handhelds

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. and major computer companies on Thursday unveiled a passel of handheld computers in a marketing blitz...

Japan’s Fujitsu to Launch PDA in 2002

Fujitsu Ltd, Japan's largest computer maker, said on Friday it planned to launch a personal digital assistant (PDA) handheld computer in early 2002 using Microsoft Corp's Pocket PC platform. [...]

Palm V to get pager functions

A wireless data network company plans to unveil a device that effectively allows a Palm handheld to act more like a BlackBerry pager.

Sharp hones new Linux handheld

Developers will soon get their hands on a new Sharp PDA that uses a Linux (news - web sites) operating system, according to sources. The device, aimed at the business[...]

* Pocket PC 2002, New Device Specs *

We've gathered the specs on the latest HP, Compaq, Toshiba and Audivox.

Audiovox unveils handheld, promises PDA phone

Mobile phone maker Audiovox Corp. wants to jump into the crowded handheld computer market, and promises to deliver a combination handheld-phone device early next year.

Sprint finally releases the Samsung I-300

We heard the stories that Samsung officially released the much anticipated I300 last week, but the first glimpse of the PDA/phone combo took place on the Sprint website today.

Details: Sony 710 OS update

As of November, Sony Electronics will make available an option to upgrade CLI PEG-N710C handhelds from Palm operating system (OS) 3.5.2 to the latest version (Palm OS 4.1).

NEC unveils PDA, Fujitsu to follow

(IDG) -- NEC Corp. unveiled its PocketGear PDA (personal digital assistant) on Friday, at the same time rival electronics maker Fujitsu Ltd. announced it plans to enter the increasingly crowded[...]

Palm takes a back seat in cars

When it was founded last fall, start-up MobileAria planned to marry a Palm and a cell phone to deliver Internet access to cars. But the company is now singing a[...]

Odd Name, Unique Product

Every once in a while, a new electronic gadget will make you stop and do a double take. So it was with the iMac; it may eventually be the same[...]

Compaq Updates Its Popular Handheld

When the first iPaqs hit the market, they didn't last long on store shelves. Those who wanted one often had to wait months until they were available again.

Handspring Refurbs for $119

Handspring is trying to empty out there inventory of refurbished Visor Deluxe handhelds, free shipping is good with this offer too!

PocketPC to challenge Palm OS for corporate users

ALTHOUGH PALM MAINTAINS a healthy lead in the handheld operating system market, analysts at market research firm IDC say Microsoft's new PocketPC operating system has a better chance of finding[...]

Handspring to unveil wireless handhelds

Delivering on promises to become more focused on wireless communications, Handspring plans on Monday to announce devices that combine a handheld organizer, a cell phone and Web browsing, sources told[...]

Microsoft Continues in Its Quest

MICROSOFT IS A company that is always willing to improve its products little by little over time. Yet the software giant is also stubborn, unwilling to budge much from the[...]

Clie 610 on Offer at PCMall.com

The 610 is being offered for an excellent price right now at PCMall.com...

Pocket PC Summit

On site coverage of the first Pocket PC Summit from Santa Monica, Californnia

HP Jornada 525 on special for $199.99 at Outpost.com

For some reason the HP Jornada 525 is now only $199 at Outpost.com, an incredible color device for this price with 16 MB RAM, nice!

Handspring Launches PDA Phone — Trio

U.S.-based Handspring introduced a handheld computer with a built-in cellphone for the European and Asian markets on Monday, beating its biggest rivals to what is expected to be a fast[...]

Handspring Treo 270

The Treo communicator is one of the smallest Palm OS handhelds available. But don’t let its small size fool you. It’s jam-packed with powerful features that never compromise functionality or[...]

Handspring Treo 270

In mid-2002 there will be a new addition. The Treo 270 will have a color screen and a built-in keyboard. Handspring currently plans to charge $600 for it.

‘It’s definitely more PC than Pocket’

If United States handheld computer and software maker Palm ever had any doubts about the strength of its competition, last week's blitz by Microsoft to launch its rival Pocket PC[...]

NEW Compaq Rebate — $150 off 3635,

The Wrap Up the Savings mail-in rebate offer is valid only with purchases made between 10/14/01 and 01/26/02 of eligible Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC H3635 products. This offer is not[...]

Handspring to Offer All-In-One Unit

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) - Handspring Inc. will soon offer new handheld organizers with built-in cell phone, Web-browsing and e-mail features.

Free $40.00 Gift Card with Palm m125

Check out this offer from OfficeMax.com, buy the Palm m125 and you get a free $40.00 gift card in the mail.

Sony cuts price on entry-level handheld

Sony hopes to continue recruiting average Joes and Janes to the handheld-computing revolution by trimming the price on its entry-level handheld.

Sony to debut mid-range handheld

Following a price reduction on its low-end device, Sony plans to introduce a mid-range model into its Clie line.

OfficeMax.com Gift Certificate Offers

OfficeMax.com has several rebate offerings on Handspring and Palm devices, such as $40 certificate with purchase of m125 or m500.

The Dirty Secret Behind Wireless

First it was Metricom, shutting down its high-speed Ricochet wireless service, and now it's MobileStar, pulling its 802.11 wireless networks out of hotels, airports and even Starbucks. And if industry[...]

Palm V skips into BlackBerry patch

A new wireless modem will take Palm V handhelds on a trip to the BlackBerry patch by offering always-on, instant access to e-mail.

Compaq pushes wireless with Australian iPAQ launch

Compaq's new iPAQ Pocket PCs and supporting peripherals made their Australian debut at a company roadshow in Melbourne last night.

Palm OS learns Chinese

Taiwanese computer giant Acer on Thursday announced the first Chinese-language handheld using the Palm operating system.

REVIEW: Sony N760C – “The right choice”

A new review on the Sony N760C has been posted to the site, Damian gives an honest and straight forward look at his new Clie.

Apple’s Secret Device To Steal Microsoft Thunder?

Earlier this week, Apple gave out invitations to the October 23rd unveiling of a new Apple-branded digital device that it would not describe, other than to say that it was[...]

Sony Clie PEG-T415

The Clie PEG-T415 will incorporate features of a handheld computer and a universal remote control. Consumers will be able to look up appointments and contacts while channel surfing on a[...]

Acer unveils palm-based PDA

(IDG) -- Acer has pulled the wraps off its S10 personal digital assistant, the first such device to be based on the Chinese version of the Palm OS.

Sony’s handheld is a clicker, too

Sony is giving couch potatoes something to cheer about.

Palm launches new OS developer program

Snuggling up to its developers, Palm Inc. on Tuesday announced a new two-level Palm OS developer program, a new certifying program, and online training courses.

For Truly Portable Typing, a Curvaceous Keyboard

Being all thumbs can come in handy for those who want a faster way to put text into a Palm V.

No free ride for Pocket PC

Some of the best things in handheld life are no longer free.

Compaq delays OS upgrade for iPaq

Compaq Computer has delayed the shipment of the Pocket PC 2002 upgrade for its iPaq handhelds, the company confirmed late Wednesday.

Be Palms $1.135m in Q3 revenue

With Be's anticipated acquisition by Palm casting such a shadow over the operating system developer for the last couple of months, you wouldn't expect the company to have made much[...]

Palm Adds to Its Lead in Europe

Palm Inc. increased its lead in the European market for handheld computers in the third quarter as sales fell more than one-third amid slowing economic growth, Gartner Inc.'s Dataquest unit[...]

Pogo to the future

A small British technology is launching a gadget that it says could make third-generation networks obsolete before they are switched on.

Casio Cassiopeia BE-300 Pocket Manager

It's not a Pocket PC, but this Windows CE handheld is gaining quite a following

TI offers three-chip OMAP solution for handsets, PDAs

Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced the first standard chipset based on its Open Multimedia Applications Platform (OMAP), providing OEMs with an antenna-to-applications three-chip solution for 2.5G smart phones[...]

Casio and Sierra Wireless Team to Deliver Connectivity for PDAs

Casio (casio.com) and Sierra Wireless (sierrawireless.com), announced yesterday that they are working together to deliver numerous wireless solutions to the mobile user.

Coming to a Pocket PC User Group Near You!

Whether you had the opportunity to catch the Microsoft Mobile Experience Tour this past spring or not, we hope that you'll join us for the fall Microsoft Mobile Experience User[...]

New $50 rebate for Franklin eBookman

Save $50 off of the EBM901 and EBM911 through 1/15/02! Use a coupon from Amazon (MAPCAPVSACRD) and save even more. Now you can pick up the 901 for $84.99!  [...]

Handspring updates Web browser

Handspring has released a new version of its browser, designed to enhance security and increase the speed of Web access.

Sony Reduces MYLO Wireless Price

Effective immediately, Sony CLIE PEG-S320 handheld users can now purchase the modem adapter and removable PCMCIA card for $99, after a $100 mail-in rebate with a 12-month service contract.

Handspring strikes corporate data alliance

Where Palm failed, Palm OS licensee Handspring is hoping to succeed - in the corporate mobile data arena.

Bluetooth smiles on Microsoft mobile OS

Microsoft's next-generation operating system for mobile devices has passed a crucial test for Bluetooth compatibility, the software giant said Tuesday.

Special offers from Handspring!

Check out these latest offers from Handspring.com:

Free iPaq? Compaq plays giveaway game

On Tuesday, the PC maker launched a new promotion: Buy an Evo notebook, an Evo desktop or an Armada notebook and get a Compaq iPaq 3650 handheld for free. The[...]

Deal could give voice to BlackBerry

Research In Motion is trying to stay ahead of competitors by signing an agreement with a major wireless carrier that could give the BlackBerry maker the ability to add voice[...]

For Apple, Sweet Music From iPod…

It's going to do for MP3 music what the original Palm Pilot did for handheld computing in the late '90s -- that is, ignite demand like a match to dry[...]

Your Palm III is now expandable!

The current design easily clips on a Palm III(excluding Palm IIIc) organizer allowing it to accept any Type II PC Card or Compact Flash (CF) Card (through the use of[...]

Biohazard Protection in Your Pocket: PDAs Could Give Users Instant Answers in a World of Bioterrorism

These days, Americans want to know instantly if the dust on the lip of a mailbox is only dust, if the water in US reservoirs is safe, or[...]

Newest weapon of war–the handheld

When the USS McFaul lobbed Tomahawk missiles into Afghanistan recently, an unlikely new weapon was on board: the Palm hand-held computer.

REVIEW: Handspring Visor Neo

The Neo attempts to address the needs of the lower-end Palm users that want more power than the out-dated Deluxe can offer. What they are able to offer is rather[...]

Handspring to charge for support calls

Owners of Handspring's handheld must start paying for over-the-phone tech support as of Jan. 2.