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SmartPhone Articles for October of 2002

Below are the 122 SmartPhone articles for October of 2002

The Failure and Future of Mobile Content

An insightful look into mobile content, which despite analysts' optimistic predictions remains an emperor without clothes

It’s a whole NEW Brighthand!

Read about our NEW sections, our NEW Editor-in-Chief, and our NEW focus as we enter our 4th year as the leading handheld computing website!

Veo Developing SD and CF Cameras

Updated Veo will soon introduce a pair of mini digital cameras for handhelds. There will be an SD version for the Palm OS and a Compact[...]

T-Mobile Now Offering Sidekick

T-Mobile is now offering the first Danger Hiptop devices, which combine wireless web surfing, email, and a mobile phone at a price designed to appeal to consumers. T-Mobile will[...]

If you thought the Danger Hiptop (aka T-Mobile Sidekick) was going to meet your data and voice needs you re half right

Today T-Mobile began selling the Sidekick. The Sidekick is created by Danger, a Palo Alto, California based company. The device actually became a hot topic of conversation over a year[...]

TextMaker: Not Your Father’s Pocket Word

Pocket PC owners have longed for a full-featured word processor to address the shortcomings of Microsoft's Pocket Word and SoftMaker's TextMaker for Pocket PC may be just the ticket

Sony Announces First Palm OS 5 Models

The NX Series will run on 200 MHz ARM-based processors and have the same general shape as the NR series except that they will include a slot for an 802.11[...]

Palm Shareholders Approve Reverse Stock Split

Updated Palm's shareholders have given the company's board of directors permission to do a reverse stock split, which will increase the company's share price by reducing the number[...]

DataPlay closes shop, searches for funding

DataPlay thought its tiny optical discs would ultimately replace CDs. But now the question is whether DataPlay will survive.

HP Confirms Mid-Range and High-End iPAQ Plans

HP plans to release two iPAQs before the holiday season: a thin and light mid-range model and a high-end one with 802.11 and Bluetooth.

Palm Zire hits the shelves…sort of (new picture)

A poster on PalmInfocenter found the new low-end Zire at a local Target store, but it was not yet available for purchase.

UPDATE – Less than a week after threatening to sue us, Sony makes the NX series official (new pictures)

The silver Clie NX70V is now on sale at SonyStyle for $599. This is a pre-order with devices shipping on or before 10/28. They have also added the WiFi companion[...]

Sony Clie PEG-NX60

The new Palm Powered PEG-NX60 CLI handheld provides everything you need to stay entertained and organized, and features the new Palm OS v. 5.0.*1 as well as an ARM-compliant 200[...]

iBIZ’s Xela Combines Keyboard & Case

The Xela clips onto a handheld, where it acts as a flip case but opens to reveal a keyboard. When fully open, the keyboard is wider than it is[...]

BrightBytes™: Card Export, Gameloft, pdaGOLFPRO, Handspring, Sony Cases

Use a Palm as a Windows SD card reader, there are two new games from Gameloft, get golf tips from a pro, the Treo 270 is available in Mexico, Handspring[...]

Sharp Demoing Clamshell-Shaped Zaurus Prototype

Sharp is demonstrating what might be a new Zaurus. It has a VGA screen, a keyboard, and runs Linux.

Dell AXIM X5 (400 MHz)

The Dell AximTM X5 is the ultimate handheld device that delivers style and outstanding features at an affordable price. It’s powered by the Intel XScaleTM Processor at 400MHz to help[...]

Almost 20% off with free next day shipping on all PDA’s and other peripherals at Dell SB

This is an amazing sale. This deal will not last long! Take 10% off all PDA's, then use out stackable code to get another 10% off. Not good enough, get[...]

Inside Display Technologies

Our guide to handheld computer screens explains all of the acronyms and buzzwords, from LCD to TFT, transmissive to reflective, and what causes a "bad pixel".

HandEra to Help Others Make Smartphones

HandEra is offering to help companies design Palm OS smartphones and wireless handhelds running Texas Instruments' processors. Does this mean it will release one of its own?

BrightBytes™: RIM, Batteries, Truefax, Worms, Pocket RDA

RIM's quarterly results, replacements for internal batteries, send and receive faxes, play Worms World Party, and access databases remotely.

UPDATE – Slides from the Dell PPC PowerPoint Presentation

The Dell PPC looks sleek and for $300, they should turn a few units. According to the slides, the release date to retailers is December 4th.

Palm Hopes to Spark De Zire

Palm hopes its new $99 Zire will appeal to first time buyers looking for an easy-to-use electronic address book and calendar.

GoodLink may be bad for RIM

Good Technology's GoodLink wireless email software will soon work in Pocket PCs, Palm Powered handhelds, and BlackBerry devices--and it's got devices of its own too. Think RIM is concerned? You[...]

iBIZ previews its Compact Flash FM Radio Card

iBIZ Technology Corp.is previewing its low-power Compact Flash Type I Radio Card on its website

BrightBytes™: WebLink, 1 GB SD Card, MobileWise

Palm OS 5 will be able to connect to WebLink's wireless network, Matsushita will release 1 GB SD cards next year, and Acer's handhelds will be able recharge without wires.

Use Your Body as a Networking Cable

Two Japanese companies have developed a way to transmit data at broadband speeds through the human body.

News Bits: Zire Released, 1GB SD Card, SD Camera This Month

Palm has begun selling the Zire Panasonic has a new 1GB SD card coming out Veo has new SDIO and CF digital cameras

More info on the new Zaurus (pictures)

The new clamshell Zaurus has been on display at the Ceatec 2002 show. I'm not sure how much the US market will support Sharp's efforts, but I'm happy to see[...]

UPDATE – AT&T to Release Siemens SX56 Pocket PC Phone (picture)

It looks like AT&T is finally going to get into the game. While T-Mobile, Cingular and Sprint pass them by, the tortoise has partnered with Siemens to bring them up[...]

Sony Invests $20 Million in PalmSource

Palm Platform licensee Sony will own a slice of PalmSource once it's spin off from Palm, Inc. is completed.

Rumor Mill: Pictures and prices of Dell’s Pocket PCs

Updated Information and pictures of two upcoming Pocket PCs from Dell, rumored to retail for $199 and $299, are beginning to leak out.

First Impressions of the Sony Clie NX70V

A Japanese handheld enthusiast offer his hands-on impressions (and a few pictures) of Sony's upcoming Palm OS 5 handheld, the Clie NX70V.

Siemens jumps on Pocket PC Phone bandwagon

AT&T Wireless will begin carrying the new Siemens SX56 Pocket PC Phone later this month.

Forget the $300 barrier, Dell to release a second PDA at $199

Dell has confirmed that it plans to release not one, but two PDA's next month. The second model will also use the Pocket PC platform and will be the first[...]

SyChip 802.11 SD Card Coming Next Year

SyChip is continuing work on its 802.11 wireless networking card, which it says will be available in the first half of next year.

Sony buys into PalmSource

Yesterday Sony invested $20 million in PalmSource to help give it some life as the software company splits from the Palm hardware venture. $20 million equates to 6% ownership in[...]

TDK Systems’ BluePAQ

TDK Systems’ BluePAQ is a Bluetooth expansion pack, or sleeve, for Compaq iPAQ Pocket PCs, similar to Compaq’s Bluetooth sleeve. However, TDK seems to have taken some hints from GM’s[...]

Socket’s Bluetooth CompactFlash Card

Socket has built a sterling reputation with its WiFi CF cards (along with its wide range of other portable connectivity products), and it’s consequently considered the benchmark for the field.[...]

Brainboxes Bluetooth CompactFlash Card

If you’ve got a Pocket PC with a Compact Flash (CF) slot, there are an increasing number of Bluetooth cards to choose from. Anycom, Armadillo, Socket, Sunderland, Pretec and Brainboxes[...]

Brainboxes Bluetooth PC Card

Now, I’ve had to improvise a little on this one. I asked Brainboxes for a USB dongle, and was rather surprised to receive a PC Card instead. Never long dismayed,[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Zire

The new Palm Zire has been designed to appeal to entry-level users with its high-tech look and $99 price tag.

HP iPAQ h5450

HP is raising the high-end bar just a little higher; this handheld has nearly every conceivable extra except a built-in camera.. Similar in design to the company’s H3900 series models,[...]

Siemens SX56 Pocket PC Phone Edition

Due out in mid-October on the AT&T network, this effort is almost identical to the XDA. Street price, $549.

UPDATE – New picture and specs of the HP iPAQ h5400

We have obtained more details on the high-end HP device. Thanks to a few emails and pictures from the FCC, we have a very good idea what the new HP[...]

Brighthand Buyer’s Guide to Storage Cards

Our guide to storage cards, from Compact Flash to Memory Sticks to Secure Digital

Siemens blue2net Access Point

A growing area of the Bluetooth market, especially for SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) users, is the Bluetooth Access Point. Using one of these devices, up to seven devices[...]


Since the TDK SMS application was rather limited, I used the latest version of Visual IT’s Simple SMS, which supports Bluetooth, to manage all my messages. As well as writing[...]

Christersson.org’s T68 PC Control

We all know about the common applications of Bluetooth — I’ve certainly addressed a few of them in this series of reviews. But there are intrepid developers out there who[...]

HP’s iPAQ 5400 Series Pocket PC: Bluetooth and WiFi

Updated HP's upcoming iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 Series combines a fast processor, fabulous color screen, built-in Bluetooth and 802.11b, and biometric security. What more could you ask for?

PalmSource Open House

Recently, PalmSource held an open house for its new Sunnyvale headquarters. Part news conference, part ribbon-cutting, all wrapped in a miniature PalmSource expo.

EXPIRED – This Weekend Only, Get The Palm m505 For $199!

Palm has a special for this weekend only! Grab the Palm m505 for only $199!

Samsung SPH-I330 Slips Onto Online Store Shelves

The new I330 is the much anticipated folow-up to the popular I300. It seems that BestBuy has it in their system, but not yet available for sale.

Bluetooth Product Roundup

Updated Contributing writer Anthony Newman takes a look at several of the latest Bluetooth products and accessories on the market.

Mobius 2002

Microsoft's annual get-together with the people who run mobile websites covered topics ranging from the company's new operating system for smartphones to Tablet PC.

Save up to $50 on many PDA’s with Amazon only mail-in rebates

Purchase a PDA off of this list by 10/31/02 and you are eligable for a $25 or $50 rebate. Toss in the free shipping and there are some pretty good[...]

Mobilefile: Access your PC files, anywhere

What good is a mobile device if you can't get to your files? Sure, you can HotSync them to your handheld, but what if you're away from the office and[...]

BrightBytes™: Handspring, Palm, Mapopolis, Fitaly

Handspring has a new president and a free wireless Springboard, Palm is investing in a new company, Mapopolis Navigator offers turn-by-turn directions, and there are some new Fitaly-related apps.

Handheld Sales To See Healthy Increases Through 2006

In-Stat/MDR predicts handhelds will become mainstream consumer and corporate products.

Toshiba announces Pocket PC e330 Series

It surfaced on Toshiba Germany's website last month, now the ultra-thin e330 is a reality in the U.S.

An Overview of the Toshiba e330 Pocket PC

The Toshiba e330 is the replacement for the e310. It has the exact same styling as the previous model and includes a 320 by 240 16-bit TFT color screen made[...]

Toshiba Pocket PC e335

Toshiba fitted the new Pocket PC e335 with a 3.5-inch color screen, along with a 300MHz PXA250 XScale processor from Intel, and 64MB of memory. The PDA will sell for[...]

Toshiba Pocket PC e330

Easy to use, the Toshiba Pocket PC e330 Series features a familiar user interface and tools from Microsoft such as Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Outlook and Microsoft Windows Media[...]

And then there were three – Toshiba confirms two new PPC’s today, the e330 and e335. Here’s the rub, neither are $300!

In an iPAQ-esque move, Toshiba has confired two new units, which are near mirrors of each other. The Pocket PC e330 and e335. They differ in price by $50 and[...]

FCC Approves Sony Ericsson P800 for U.S. (Pics)

Sony Ericsson will now be able to go forward with it's release of the P800 smartphone in the U.S. As first reported by Smartphonecentral.com today. The FCC has[...]

BrightBytes™: RIM, Kyocera, ViewSonic, Bluetooth

Updated RIM has announced GSM/GPRS devices, Kyocera has renewed its Palm OS licence, and Microsoft is adding limited Bluetooth support to WinXP.

If you don’t need the latest and greatest PDA, here are some great deals!

Overstock has most of the older Sony models in stock. Although when you mention Sony PDA's and older in the same breath, you are usually only talking about a few[...]

UPDATE – ViewSonic V35 to be released at under $300, try $250!

Perhaps Amazon got a bit too aggressive, the price on the ViewSonic V35 has been moved up to $299. Even so, this PDA is still a great deal.

Poll Results Are In: I win, I Don’t Have to Review The Palm Zire!

It was tight all the way to the end, but the important thing is that I will not be subjected to the Palm Zire. Here are the results and my[...]

Handspring Still Struggling Towards Profitability

Handspring says it sold more Treo smartphones last quarter than ever before but it had to push back its estimate of when it will first be profitable to the middle[...]

New pictures of the Palm Tungsten T

Thanks to a Russian PDA site, www.Handy.ru, we have a few new pictures of the Tungsten T, in hand. It looks smaller than I expected, escpecially next to the Jornada.

Dell 10% off PDA Sale Ends Monday

Dell.com is running a 10% off sale on all its in stock PDAs and other peripherals. Check out this article to see some of the discounts you can get[...]

BrightBytes™: Sprint, Sound Effects and more

Sprint is offering access to its high-speed wireless network at a bargain price, Red Mercury has updated its apps to support Palm OS 5, HandStory Suite is coming to the[...]

HP moves iPAQs in with notebooks

The iPAQ group is becoming a part of HP's notebook division and Sean Burke will no longer be in charge of it.

Changes at HP shift the team responsible for the iPAQ s

HP has gone public with internal changes that were announced to employees about a month ago. HP used to develop all handheld technology, including PDA s, in their emerging technology[...]

AlphaSmart Dana Now Available

The AlphaSmart Dana is a device that runs the Palm OS but has some of the features of a laptop, like an almost full-sized keyboard.

Awaiting the New Handhelds

Waiting for the next wave of handhelds to arrive? Well, the wait is almost over. In fact, the next three months may become the busiest time ever for handheld releases.

BrightBytes™: Themes, NS Basic, Visual CE, and more

Updated New version of Microsoft's Theme Generator now available; NS Basic/Palm 3.0 now available, as is Visual CE 7; DataViz buys ThinkDB; First Smartphone 2002 handset due tomorrow

Symbian Rules the Roost in Europe

Symbian OS, with Nokia as its champion, dominates the market for handhelds and smartphones in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Review of Sony Clie PEG-NX70V Handheld

The Singapore Palm User Group (SPUG) has a hands on review of the new Clie NX70V. This is the first in-depth look at the device I've seen and the best[...]

Sony Pushes WiFi NX70 Features…at McDonalds

The CLIE NX70 was launched last week in Japan, one feature Sony is pushing to entice consumers is the built in WiFi ability achieved through using the new PEGA-WL100[...]

BrightBytes™: Toshiba, Agendus, Symbian, and more

Toshiba recalls some e740 models; iambic releases Agendus for Windows; Samsung to use Symbian OS in some future handsets

Dell.com 15% Tuesday & Wednesday

Inevitably the Dell.com 15% offer is back and will last until Wednesday this week. FREE Shipping is included with this offer for any purchase over $99. View this[...]

Toshiba recalls thousands of their e740 Pocket PC’s

Due to a battery issue that may result in the loss of critical data, Toshiba is recalling the popular e740 Pocket PC. The first PDA to integrate WiFi, Toshiba has[...]

Where’s speech recognition?

Contributing writer Ted Ladd investigates speech recognition and why it hasn't caught on in the handheld world

Smartphone 2002 Debuts in Europe

The first mobile phones running Microsoft's latest operating system will be available in Europe in the next few months and in the U.S. next year.

Razor Zayo A600 Pocket PC Officially Announced

The Razor Zayo A600 is a high end Pocket PC that is slim and light.

Microsoft Smartphone Released

Microsoft will be powering the new Smartphone released in England yesterday titled the SPV (Sound, Pictures, Video). This smartphone will run Microsoft's Smartphone 2002 OS and come equipped with[...]

Microsoft Orange SPV

Calendar and contacts data can be synchronized over a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) wireless connection using Microsoft Mobile Information Server–functioning like Research In Motion’s BlackBerry. Orange will also offer[...]

BrightBytes™: Intellisync, ActiveSync, Cases and more

Intellisync 5.1 is now available and so is ActiveSync 3.6. Vaja Cases is now offering cases for several new handhelds, there is a Windows version of powerOne Finance, and[...]

Pocket PC Software Award Winners Announced

The winners of this year's Pocket PC Awards have been announced, divided into 9 categories and 57 sub-categories.

Handhelds for the Blind

Freedom Scientific has launched the PAC Mate line of handhelds. Based on Windows CE, these allow the vision impaired to enter text via Braille or a keyboard and hear[...]

Printing on the run without cables. Meet the WiFi and Bluetooth Nomad printer.

Mobile Command Systems plans on releasing the Nomad printer in the next few weeks. The Nomad prints on a 4 1/4" paper roll using WiFi, Bluetooth or IR to communicate[...]

Snag a free game for your Pocket PC from Capcom

Capcom, the maker of classic arcade games Commando and 1942, is giving back to the Pocket PC community with a free version of Vulgus.

Razor Zayo A600 Pocket PC

Razor USA and Zayo Technologies have officially announced the Razor Zayo A600 Pocket PC, their first handheld. This is a high-end model with a 400 MHz processor that also offers[...]

Razor confirms release of the Zayo A600 Pocket PC (pictures)

Razor, yes the scooter company, has confirmed their plans to release the Zayo A600 PPC in the United States. We stumbled accross the Zayo a few months ago and dismissed[...]

BrightBytes™: GoAmerica, AT&T, Cases, and More

All GoAmerica's CDPD wireless customers are being transferred to EarthLink, AT&T is shutting down its CDPD network, there are new leather cases for Sony's SL and SJ series, get a[...]

Palm Tungsten To Be Released Monday

The new Palm Tungsten PDA series from Palm is expected to start selling on Monday October 28. The new Palm Tungstens will feature Palm OS 5.0 and be aimed[...]

Sony to incorporate television into their next PDA’s

Sony Japan has officially confirmed rumors that it had created one of the smallest television tuners ever. The plan is to incorporate these tuners into PDA's and other small electronics.

Dell to have triplets? A third PDA could be released this year!

Dell has confirmed the release of two new PDA's that should come out in the next few weeks. Now I'm hearing that Dell has plans to release a third PDA[...]

Palm Launches Tungsten Handhelds

Palm has officially announced the Tungsten T, with Bluetooth and Palm OS 5, and the Tungsten W, with GSM/GPRS.

Brighthand Reviews the Tungsten T

Brighthand reviews Palm's latest handheld, the Tungsten T, which includes Palm OS 5, a high-res screen, Bluetooth, and more.

Palm Announces Ultra-Thin Keyboard

Think Outside has developed a new folding keyboard that is lighter and thinner than the Stowaway.

As Expected, The Palm Tungsten Is Officially Released Today!

The Palm Tungsten T is now appearing in the Palm Store for $499 with free shipping. The Palm Tungsten W, a wireless version of the Tungsten, will not be released[...]

PDA shipments higher in the 3rd quarter, but still a sluggish year

Research firm Gartner Dataquest reported today that 3Q sshipments were up a bit over the prior year, but the full year will show little growth, unless demand for PDA's scales[...]

REVIEW: Pocket Solution’s “The Cover Up” Screen Protector

PDA Screens are easy to break, and very expensive to repair. In fact, if you break your PDA screen you'll pay almost as much as the device to fix[...]

BrightBytes™: Treo 180, Total Remote, Sony, and More

Handspring has dropped the price of the Treo 180, a Pocket PC universal remote control add-on will be out next month, Sony is releasing colored versions of some of its[...]

Astraware releases Bejeweled game for Palm OS 5

Bejeweled has long been a favorite of Palm owners. Astraware has taken this classic and updated it for the new Palm OS5 devices including the Palm Tungsten T and the[...]

BrightBytes™: Quickoffice, Dell, Master Thief and more

New version of Quickoffice that syncs with Mac OS X; the WSJ says Dell's Pocket PC handhelds won't be out until next year; a 3D first-person shooter for Palm OS[...]

Palm Analyst Day

Palm executives brief Wall Street analysts on the status of Palm, including the new Tungsten models. Brighthand's Steve Bush reports from New York.

Sony to color some of it’s Clie’s – The cases that is!

Most PDA's give you few choices in the color selection of the case that protects your investment. For years they've come in all different shades of silver and perhaps grey.[...]

Throw away your alarm clock, AirSpell has a solution for Palm owners

AirClock 2.2 is not just an alarm clock though...that's been done. This software programs your Palm to turn on your TV, CD player or any other electronic device that accepts[...]

Cutting Edge cuts the cords allowing access to files on your PC with a wireless Palm OS PDA

Mobility Electronics, a Cutting Edge subsidiary, annouced the release of MobileFile. MobileFile gives mobile professionals wireless access to data files on their PCs, including MP3's.

Oops! Worldwide Handheld Shipments Down, Not Up

Updated Gartner Dataquest says HP shipped fewer handhelds in Q3 than originally stated, resulting in a dip in global handheld shipments. No surprise, Palm remains on top, but[...]

PalmSource Exec Talks About OS 6

Updated PalmSource's Michael Mace gives an advanced look at some of the features of Palm OS 6, due out next year.

Pocket PC to Work More Like WinCE

Developers at Microsoft are working to enable Pocket PC to more quickly take advantage of improvements in Windows CE.

EXPIRED – Free 64MB memory stick, secure digital or compact flash card! You heard me, FREE!

This FREE memory deal is only good for purchases made TODAY, 10/31/02. Pick up a free Iogear 64MB memory stick, SD or CF card after rebate. Only one per person.

Toshiba Japan Announces Three New Pocket PC’s

Toshiba Japan has confirmed the release of the Genio e550 Pocket PC which comes in a number of different models. They all come with a 400MHz Intel Xscale PXA250 and[...]

Palm OS 6 details beginning to surface

Palm OS 6 is supposed to be to Palm PDA's what OS X was to Mac's. I consider this a good thing given the improvements of OS 5 over OS[...]

Samsung SPH-i700 Pocket PC

Do more on the run with familiar Microsoft Pocket PC Phone Addition software applications including Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Outlook , Pocket Internet Explorer, Microsoft Windows Media Player and[...]

REVIEW: SilkyBoard II Virtual Edition

NOVASIB had released SilkyBoard II Virtual Edition, which is designed to meet the needs of Samsung i-300 and Handera 330 owners. Based on the original Silkyboard, which remapped the graffiti[...]

PDA software purchases on the rise

According to the Handango Yardstick, PDA software sales are up slightly over last quarter. The third quarter saw software purchases of 1.84 applications per person at an average price of[...]