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SmartPhone Articles for October of 2003

Below are the 188 SmartPhone articles for October of 2003

Brighthand Celebrates Start of Its 5th Year

Brighthand celebrates the start of its fifth year on the Web by launching a fresh, new site design.

Palm Launches Fall Lineup

Palm introduces three new handhelds: the entry level Zire 21, the value packed Tungsten E, and the new and improved Tungsten T3.

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Tungsten E

Brighthand's Steve Bush takes the new Palm Tungsten E for a test drive and finds that you get top-of-the-line performance at a value price.

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Tungsten T3

Palm took its Tungsten T series back to the drawing board, and the result is a handheld that offers significant improvements, including a high-resolution screen, more memory, a faster processor,[...]

NewBornGear Releases Palm OS WAV Sound Editor

Wave Edit Pro is a WAV sound editor and player for Palm OS 5 devices such as the Tungsten T, C, and Zire 71.

Sony Releases the Low-Cost TJ Series

Sony has launched PEG-TJ35 and PEG-TJ25, a pair of low-cost handhelds. These will face intense competition from several other handhelds in the same price range.

FCC Approves iPAQ h4155

The Federal Communications Commission has given Hewlett-Packard permission to release a new iPAQ in the U.S. This will be a slim and light model that will still offer both Wi-Fi[...]

JVC Delays Entrance into Pocket PC Market

Though JVC announced plans to release a pair of Pocket PCs this year, it said today those models have been scrapped in favor of what would have been its second-generation[...]

Covertec Introduces Leather Case for Samsung i700

Covertec has introduced a leather flipcase for the Samsung i700 smart phone.

Palm Stockholders to Vote on PalmSource Spin-off

At the annual Palm stockholder meeting leter this month, top issues will include the stockholder vote on both the PalmSource spin-off and the Handspring acquisition.

RumorMill™: More Info on iPAQ h6000 Series with Multiple Wireless Options

Though it was already known that Hewlett Packard is developing a cellular-wireless iPAQ that also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, some additional details have emerged about it.

Palm Zire 21 – Official Press Release, Spec Sheet and Photos

As part of its three-pronged release plan for the fall, Palm has officially announced the Zire 21. At $99, it is slated to pick up where the original Zire left[...]

Palm Tungsten E – Official Press Release, Spec Sheet and Photos

As part of its three-pronged release plan for the fall, Palm has officially announced the Tungsten E. At $199, it is geared to meet the needs of business users who[...]

Palm Tungsten T3 – Official Press Release, Spec Sheet, Photos and Video

As part of its three-pronged release plan for the fall, Palm has officially announced the Tungsten T3. Priced at $399, The T3 offers the largest screen of any PDA that[...]

REVIEW – Palm Solutions Group Zire 21

Palm Inc. introduced its low-cost entry level PDA, the Zire, almost a year ago to the day. Since that time, Palm Inc. has become PalmOne and the Zire has become...the[...]

REVIEW – Palm Solutions Group Tungsten E

The Palm Tungsten E is intended as a low-end business unit to supplement Palm's high-end models. Though it may not be exactly what everyone expected, as a cheap workhorse it[...]

REVIEW – Palm Solutions Group Tungsten T3

The speculation is over. Finally the Palm Tungsten T3 has arrived. - Palm Tungsten T3 Review by Barry J. Doyle

5DiceCorsair Game For Palm OS Now Available

This dice-rolling game features high resolution graphics and the ability against other people or the computer.

Toshiba e805 Designed for Voice over IP

An upcoming high-end Pocket PC from Toshiba will be designed to allow the user to make voice calls over the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Pocket Loox 610 Series Gets FCC Approval

Fujitsu-Siemens seems poised to release in the U.S. a pair of Pocket PCs that offer wireless networking and dual memory card slots.

SplashPhoto 4.0 Now Available For Palm OS, Pocket PC, and P800

This dice-rolling game features high resolution graphics and the ability against other people or the computer.

More HP iPAQ Rumors – This Time the h6000 Series With WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS

In what could be the holy grail of PDAs, HP is said to be working on the ultimate gem with every popular wireless option built-in. The h6000 series is scheduled[...]

JVC Cancels Their PDAs

When Windows Mobile 2003 made it's splash back in June, there were a number of PDAs announced. JVC had two in the mix which were supposed to be released in[...]

In Depth – Sony Clie TJ25 and TJ35 (update)

Sony recently announced two new low-end Clies at a show in Japan. Now, the TJ25 and TJ35 are coming to the U.S. update: TJ25 and TJ35 are now available[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Zire 21

Palm had a tough job when it set out to replace its very successful Zire. Amazingly, it was able to create a handheld with the same good looks and $99[...]

Palm vs. Pocket PC: The Paths Grow Nearer

Palm handhelds are becoming more full-featured while Pockets PCs are getting slimmer, lighter and cheaper. So where are we headed in the pursuit of the perfect device?

Two Companies Promise Better Handheld Screens

Two Japan-based companies have seperately announced technologies that could bring brighter, clearer displays to mobile devices.

Java Now Available For Palm OS Tungsten Devices

All the handhelds in Palm's Tungsten line can now run Java applications thanks to IBM's Java 2 Micro Edition.

Hands High Software Releases ThoughtManager for Mothers

ThoughtManager Organizer for Mothers has been specifically designed to help mothers get and stay organized.

Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 610 Series – Pics, Specs

It may mean lifelong incarceration for me, but we got you some pics and detailed specs of Fujitsu's upcoming new LOOX!

In Depth – Photos and specs of iPaq h4150 and h4350

FCC approval documents have provided details and images of the HP iPaq 4000 series with WiFi and Bluetooth.

Folding Keyboard Available for Asus MyPal A620

PROportable is now offering a folding keyboard for the Asus MyPal A620.

New Windows Mobile Drivers for Pocketop Portable Keyboard

Pocketop has released some new Pocket PC drivers for its infrared keyboard, including one that will allow it to be used with Windows Mobile 2003 devices.

PDA News – New Sharp LCDs, Pocket Ricochet, PocketPCs stalled?

New LCDs from Sharp promise better image Astraware ports Ricochet to PocketPC Have PocketPCs stalled technologically? iPaq 2210 Bluetooth in Portuguese

Tungsten E Gets an SD/MMC Slot Update

Palm has put out an update that improves the memory card slot on its recently-released Tungsten E.

ASUS MyPal A620BT with Bluetooth Now Available in U.S.

One web retailer is now offering the MyPal A620BT, a Pocket PC with a CompactFlash slot and Bluetooth.

PDA News – Netbook runs WinCE, Pocket TV Browser returns, Asus A620 deal

Netbook Pro gets upgrades, WinCE Pocket TV Browser operational again Asus A620BT exclusive price

A Bumper Crop of Fall Handhelds

Fall is usually the busiest time of year for handheld releases, so Brighthand has compiled a list of all the new Palm and Pocket PC models coming out this season[...]

SanDisk Brings Windows Mobile 2003 Support to Wi-Fi/Memory CompactFlash Card

SanDisk has released a new driver for its CompactFlash card that offers both CompactFlash card combines flash memory and wireless access. The new driver brings Windows Mobile 2003 for[...]

Sony Cuts NX Series’ Prices

Sony has dropped the price of two of its recent NX series models and discontinued another, fueling speculation that the company will soon announce replacements.

Palm Releases Tungsten E SDIO Update

Only days after its release, Palm has released a patch for the Tungsten E.

An Insider’s Look At PDA Displays And The Industry As A Whole

Last week Sharp announced a new screen that is essentially viewable from almost every angle. A week or so before that announcement they released news that a mono speaker is[...]

Tungsten T3 SD Memory Card Issues?

Users of the new Palm Tungsten T3 have reported problems with some SD memory cards.

Nokia’s N-Gage Gaming Cell Phone Now Available

While all smart phones can play some games, gaming is the N-Gage’s primary focus. This device is now available worldwide, including many retailers in the U.S.

Windows Mobile MSN Messenger Client Updated

Microsoft is updating its .NET protocol, requiring users of the Windows Mobile MSN Messenger Client to download a new version.

Toshiba Demonstrating Portable Fuel Cell

Though methanol fuel cells are still too large to fit into a handheld, Toshiba has a prototype of one that is small enough to carry around and recharge other portable[...]

Palm Releases Updated Outlook Conduits for New Tungstens

Palm has put out new versions of the Outlook Conduits that are included with recently-released Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E handhelds.

Need A Really Rugged Pocket PC?

Not all handhelds are created equal. The TDS Recon was designed to work in extreme temperatures, driving rain, dusty job sites, and other harsh environments.

RumorMill™: More Signs the iPAQ h4000 Series Coming Soon

On top of last week's FCC approval, a major online retail has now posted the iPAQ h4155 and iPAQ h4355 on its web store.

Amazon.com $50 Off All New PDAs Over $250

Want to know a way to get the new Sony Clie TJ35 ($250) for $180.00? Combine the Amazon $50 rebate with the Sony $30 off rebate meaning $249.99 -[...]

Nokia Officially Launches N-Gage, Mobile Gaming Machine

Nokia's N-Gage doesn't really qualify as a PDA and the early reviews on it have been pretty poor, but it's officially available for sale today nonetheless.

Nokia N-Gauge

The Nokia N-Gage game deck is an innovative mobile device that is creating an entirely new market for the games industry. Built for active and hardcore gamers, the Nokia N-Gage[...]

The Treo 600 is Available Now From Sprint PCS

It's not yet online and not in stores, but you can still pick one up today and have it delivered within 2-3 days. Here's how...

Review – Grinder Gear Basecamp Universal PDA Case

If you are planning to take a PDA or digital camera while camping, hiking, or climbing this fall, you will need a protective, yet accessible case that will withstand bumps,[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie TJ35

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief took Sony's latest Clie for a test drive and found that it has been designed for the budget-conscious executive. It has less of an emphasis on entertainment than[...]

Sierra Wireless Announces Windows Powered Smart Phone

Sierra Wireless has announced that it will release its first smart phone by the middle of next year. This will offer both a phone keypad and unique flip-open QWERTY thumbpad.

MDA II Pocket PC Phone Gets FCC Approval

FCC approval adds to the growing evidence that the MDA II Pocket PC phone will be released in the United States.

Magistor Announces 4.8 GB Mini Hard Drive

Magicstor has announced that it will soon add a 4.8 GB model to its line of 1" hard disk drives. These are compatible with handhelds and other devices with[...]

PDA News – Rugged PocketPC, NX price cuts, iPaq 4000 pricing details

New rugged mil-spec PocketPC Sony cuts prices on NX73 and NX80 iPaq 4000 series prices revealed Repaired Zire 71s now shipping

Fujitsu Shows Off CE .NET PDA With 800 x 600 Screen and CF Scanner

Trade shows are a great place to show off new PDAs as well as design concepts that will likely never make it to market, in the US anyway. Fujitsu has[...]

Review – TealPrint 2.0 by TEalPoint (Palm OS)

TealPoint Software has come through again with TealPrint 2.0, an OS5-compatible, graphics- and text-capable printing solution for Palm OS handhelds. By allowing printing from multiple programs and via multiple[...]

Samsung i500 Smart Phone Significantly Delayed

According to a company spokesperson, the Samsung SGH-i500 Palm OS smart phone won't be available this year.

Full Details on the Axim X3 Series Coming Next Week

Dell has sent an email to some journalists inviting them to a press conference next week at which this new series of Pocket PCs will be the star of the[...]

Treo 600 Now Available

After first being announced almost four months ago, Handspring's Treo 600 Palm OS smart phone is now available for purchase.

RumorMill™: Two New iPAQs Coming Monday

According to information received by Brighthand, HP will announce two new iPAQ Pocket PCs -- the h4155 and the h4355 -- on Monday, October 13. However, the h4155 will not[...]

Palm Looking for Help Diagnosing Tungsten T3 Problem

Some users of the Tungsten T3 have reported experiencing problems using SD cards. Palm is asking the community for help diagnosing what cards are affected so it can come up[...]

Nokia Announces 3620 Smart Phone

Nokia has announced the 3620, a new smart phone that is very similar to its popular 3650. However, the new model will use a better screen and drop the unusual[...]

PDA News – Second Anthelion Beta, Vaja for iPaq 2200, PocketPC ‘cluster’

Anthelion beta 2 available Vaja leather case for iPaq 2200 Distributed computing cluster--of PocketPCs

Samsung Delays Release of SGH-i500 Palm-Based PDA Phone in US

It appears that Samsung has delayed the release of their much anticiapted SGH-i500. Unfortunately for them, this means by the time it's released in the US, technology will have passed[...]

Palm Asks For Customer Feedback on Tungsten 3 Memory Card Problem

As previously reported, many Tungsten 3 owners have reported issues with the T3 corrupting memory cards 256MB and larger. Palm has acknowledged the problem and is now asking for help[...]

Toshiba Announces 3 New PDAs (Pics, Specs)

Toshiba has announced 3 new PDAs: The Genio 550 DT, Genio 550 CT and Genio 550 GT. These devices have both CF and SDIO expansion, 128 MB of[...]

Orange Takes the Wraps off the SPV E200

European wireless carrier Orange has announced the SPV E200, a smart phone that runs Windows Mobile 2003 and offers Bluetooth and a camera.

Handango Offering 10% Off

Handango is offering 10% off the price of all the software it carries.

Handspring Announces Last Quarterly Results as Independent Company

Handspring has reported results for its most recent financial quarter. Revenues were down but so were losses as the company prepares to become part of Palm.

iPaq 2215 InnoPocket Hard Case Review

If you are the owner of an iPaq 2215 PDA then you ve made a wise purchase, so I m here to suggest another wise purchase in order to protect[...]

10% Off at PalmGear and Palm Digital Media

PalmGear is offering 10% off the purchase of any software product at PalmGear as well as ebooks at Palm Digital Media.

New Dell Axim and HP iPaq Devices This Week

Dell and HP are well established rivals, this week Dell will release the Axim X3 handheld device, we'll have the review and scoop on that device for you. HP[...]

New Bluetooth iPaq GPS Navigation System From HP

This week HP will be announcing many new mobility devices at the ITU Telecom World 2003, these include two new iPaqs and a GPS accessory for iPaq devices. However,[...]

Dell Drops Smart Phone Plans

Though Dell was once looking into possibly releasing a smart phone running Windows Mobile, reportedly these plans have been dropped.

HP Launches Two New iPAQ Models

HP today announced two new iPAQ Pocket PCs -- the h4155 and the h4355. However, the h4155 will not be available for shipment to customers until October 31, while the[...]

MobileWizardry Developing Atari 2600 Emulator For Multiple Platforms

For those who long to return to the early days of computer games, MobileWizardry is working on an official Atari 2600 emulator that will be available for several handheld platforms.

Updated Version of ActiveSync Released

The latest synchronization software for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphones contains a number of improvements that will hopefully make synchronization more trouble free.

Concerns Raised Over Quality of Tungsten 3 Screens

I hate to say I told you so, but if you didn't take my article from last week about the mobile display industry seriously, well then...I told you so. Our[...]

HP Officially Releases the iPAQ h4150 and h4350

This was supposed to be un-official until the 15th, but it looks like HP has broken their own protocol. Not only are the iPaq 4135 and iPaq iPaq 4355 devices[...]

What Can We Do About Battery Life?

Today's handhelds are smaller, faster, and cheaper than their predecessors. But batteries haven't kept pace. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief asks, what's the best approach to take?

Samsung Showing Off i505 Palm OS Smart Phone

At a conference in Switzerland, Samsung is demonstrating the SGH-i505, an upcoming smart phone that runs Palm OS 5.2.

Amazon Lists New Micro Keyboard For HP iPAQ 4100 and 2200 Series Devices

Amazon is now taking preorders for a Micro Keyboard for HP iPAQ 4100 and 2200 series Pocket PCs.

Animals DX Now Available for Pocket PC

ClickGamer is now offering a new puzzle action game for Pocket PC devices.

HP Offering Replacement Grips for h2215

Since its launch this summer, many have complained that the rubber side grips are coming off their iPAQ h2215. HP has addressed this problem by offering replacements.

Samsung Shows Off Another New PDA/Phone – The Palm Powered SGH-i505

I know, you don't haave to tell me how annoying it is that Samsung has three phones now, all with similar names. This one features the Palm OS, a swivel[...]

First Looks: ViewSonic V36 Pocket PC (with built-in Digital Camera)

Months past the expected arrival last summer, the ViewSonic V36 has become available for purchase at COMPUSA.

Dell Axim X3 (300 MHz)

The 300 MHz Dell Axim X3 is the ultimate combination of affordability and thin and light design. It is powered by an Intel XScale processor and is equipped with 32[...]

Dell Axim X3i (400 MHz and 802.11b Wi-Fi)

The 400 MHz Dell Axim X3 with integrated 802.11b combines high performance, integrated communications capability, and thin and light design into one powerful package. It is powered by an Intel[...]

Dell Axim X3 (400 MHz)

The 400 MHz Dell Axim X3 and thin and light design into one powerful package. It is powered by an Intel XScale processor and is equipped with 64 MB SDRAM[...]

Dell Launches Axim X3

Orders are now being taken for Dell's latest series of Pocket PCs. These are smaller than its previous Axim X5 series, have a single SD slot, and one model has[...]

Mazingo Goes Out of Business

Due to financial difficulties, Mazingo has stopped offering its multimedia and web content service for handhelds.

PalmSource in Talks with Sony Ericsson

PalmSource and Sony Ericsson are discussing the possibility of the mobile phone company releasing devices running the Palm OS.

RumorMill™: eCost Leaks Picture of the Toshiba e405

An online retailer has leaked the first picture and some details about one of the two Pocket PCs Toshiba is planning to release this season.

New Vaja I-Volution Case for iPAQ h2200 Available

Vaja Cases has announced the Aptus for HP iPAQ h2200 series, the latest addition to its I-Volution line of handheld cases.

BtToggle Pro Now Available for Palm OS 5 Devices

Whizoo has released BtToggle Pro, an upgrade to the original BtToggle utility for Palm OS devices with built-in Bluetooth, such as the Palm Tungsten T series.

RIP – Mazingo Portable Video Content Distributor is Dead

Sad to see because I really liked the concept of what they were doing. However, the time I tried their service for the Palm, I found the performance to be[...]

Kinoma Releases Major Upgrade to Kinoma Player, Producer For Palm OS

Kinoma Player 2 and Kinoma Producer 2 are both now available and include significant improvements.

HP Releases ROM Update for iPAQ h5555

HP has released an update for this Pocket PC that fixes various bugs and improves its wireless capabilities.

Sprint Now Offering Treo 600

Sprint customers or those willing to sign anew service contract with Sprint can now order a Treo 600 smart phone. Those on other carriers will have to wait a few[...]

WordSmith Updated for Palm Tungsten T3

Blue Nomad Software has released an update for its WordSmith Palm OS word processing application.

A Sneak Peek at the Samsung i505 Smart Phone

Additional details are now available on the Samsung SGH-i505, an upcoming smart phone that runs the Palm OS. This device is expected to be available in Europe some time early[...]

PDA News – Toshiba e400 at eCost, Intellisync expands, iPaq fix

Toshiba e400 offered at eCost for $291 Intellisync expands to phones Fix available for iPaq 2200 grips Bargain Clie T-series metal cases

Review – Dell Axim X3

When the original Dell Axim X5 debuted about 11 months ago, it stuck new price points and won supporters and detractors the world over. Love it or hate it, Dell's[...]

Zire71 3 in 1 Stylus with Ball Pin Review

There is nothing more important than having a pen when you need it. Sometimes you need to sign a receipt, or you might need a pen to give to someone[...]

Sony Ericsson Denies It’s Considering Palm OS

Though PalmSource's CEO mentioned earlier this week that his company is in talks with Sony Ericsson, the European mobile phone maker says it is committed to the Symbian OS.

Passwords Plus for Pocket PC Released

Dataviz has released Passwords Plus for Pocket PC, an application designed to keep personal data such as credit card numbers and passwords safe and secure.

The Reports of Bluetooth’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Despite recent reports of Bluetooth's untimely death, this short-range wireless networking standard is alive and well. In fact, it's actually thriving

SplashPhoto Macintosh Desktop, Conduit Available

SplashData has released SplashPhoto 4.0, which now includes a conduit and desktop application that allows users of Macintosh computers to view and organize their digital photos.

Merriam-Webster Crossword Puzzles & Word Challenges Card Now Available

MDM has released a memory card that gives both Palm OS and Pocket PC users access to one thousand crossword puzzles and three challenging word games.

Intel and Sony Music Bringing Multimedia to Mobile Devices

These two companies will work together to allow users to enjoy music, images, videos, and other Sony Music Entertainment content on Intel-based handhelds and mobile phones.

Palm Releases Updated Web Browser for Tungsten T3

A new version of Web Pro brings a better browsing experience to Palm's latest handheld, including a speed increase and support for frames.

PDA News – Kinoma 2, LG smartphone, Case roundup

Kinoma 2 with support for streaming video New smartphone from LG Cases for T3, Clie UX

RumorMill™: Toshiba e805 DOES Have a VGA Screen

Possibly bringing to a close the controversy over the resolution of the upcoming e805 from Toshiba, an Asian web site has leaked some pictures that show this Pocket PC will[...]

Third-Party Patches Fix Tungsten T3 Speed Bug

A major bug in Palm's latest high-end handheld has been identified and patch is now available.

G.Mate YOPY YP-3700 Linux PDA Review (Pics, Specs)

Ian Giblin is a senior contributing editor to bargainPDA for all things Linux. In this latest review Ian brings an in depth look at the YOPY YP-3700, Ian informs[...]

ViewSonic Offering Wi-Fi SD Card

ViewSonic has released an SDIO card that allows the V36 and V37 to connect to 802.11b wireless networks.

PocketHTML.Net Now Available For Pocket PC

PocketHTML.Net allows users to edit HTML on their Pocket PC devices.

WM Recorder Captures Streaming Audio, Video For Pocket PC Playback

A new Windows desktop application captures streaming audio and video content in a format that can be played back on a Pocket PC.

Handspring Says Release of GSM/GPRS Version of Treo 600 on Schedule

According to a Handspring spokesperson, there is no basis for the rumors that the GSM/GPRS version of the Treo 600 smart phone has been delayed by several months.

Sony Ericsson Unveils the P900 Smart Phone

The P900 will be smaller, faster, and offer other improvements over its predecessor, Sony Ericsson's P800, which came out early last year.

Sony Ericsson Announces the P900 – PDA Phone Combo

It seems there was a ton of excitement surrounding the Sony Ericsson P800 many months ago, but it never was picked up in the by a carrier, even after T-Mobile[...]

Verizon to Launch Samsung SPH-i600 – PDA Phone Combo

We first heard of the Samsung SCH-i600 nearly a year ago, yes it's been that long! Well, finally it's going to see the light of day, on the Verizon network.

Wi-Fi Memory Stick Coming Soon

Though somewhat delayed, Hagiwara Sys-Com said today that its Memory Stick Wireless LAN card will be available in the next few weeks.

Motorola MPx200 Smartphone Available in U.S.

The Motorola MPx200 is now available nationwide from AT&T Wireless, making it the first handset running Microsoft's Smartphone 2002 to be widely available in this country.

Should TextMaker Be Available for Additional Platforms?

SoftMaker is looking for feedback on whether to create versions of its word processor and spreadsheet application for additional platforms.

Dell Releases ROM Update for Axim X5 Advance

A new update for the Axim X5 Advance fixes a Pocket Internet Explorer bug, improves infrared performance, reduces start-up time, and makes a variety of other improvements.

Sony Ericsson, Handango Partner to Provide Wireless Software Downloads

The new Sony Ericsson Application Shop Client allows users of some smart phones to search for, download, and purchase Symbian software wirelessly from their phones.

Pocket PC Techs Provides Additional Screen Repairs, Handheld Accessories

Pocket PC Techs is now doing screen repairs for several recent iPAQ models, plus it has quite a few new accessories for a variety of handhelds..

PDA News – T3 browser update, Handmark for Smartphone, e800 may have VGA after all

Web browser update for T3 New Handmark releases for Smartphone Alledged photos of e800 with VGA screen New accessories from Styrite USA BargainPDA Slashdotted

Motorola MPx200 Windows Smart Phone Available from AT&T

It's been a long time coming but consumers in the U.S. can now purchase and use a Microsoft Smart Phone from AT&T Wireless in the form of the Motorola MPx200.[...]

Roundup of Brighthand’s CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment 2003 Coverage

The CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment 2003 trade show was held in Las Vegas this week and Brighthand's Steve Bush brings us his report from the show.

Is it (finally) time for a Microsoft Smartphone?

Brighthand's founder Steve Bush sits down with Mike Wehrs, Director of Technology & Standards for Microsoft's Mobility Division, and talks about where the Smartphone platform has been for the past[...]

Live From Pocket PC Summit/CTIA Las Vegas 2003

Our own Barry Doyle is patrolling the floor at the CTIA/Pocket PC Summit in Las Vegas. The doors open today at 11am local time and we expect him to file[...]

Verizon Making Steps To Carry the Handspring Treo 600

There has been a good deal of frustration with Verizon surrounding the fact that most major carriers are, or are going to, support the Treo 600. To encourage Verizon to[...]

Live from the Pocket PC Summit /CTIA Show in Sin City, Nevada

Hello all. Just wanted to give you the scoop on the "World's Largest Mobile Data Event".

Toshiba Launches e805, e405

Toshiba has announced two new handhelds, one of which breaks new ground for the Pocket PC platform by including a 480 by 640 pixel (VGA) screen.

RumorMill™: Next Zaurus To Have VGA Screen, Keyboard

Reportedly, Sharp's next Zaurus will have a VGA screen and Wi-Fi, plus Bluetooth and an integrated keyboard. It is expected to be released in the U.S. early next year.

Toshiba e400/e405

More than just a simple data device, the Pocket PC e400 Series features smart hands-free applications including text-to-speech and voice commands to launch applications for greater productivity while on-the-go. Powered[...]

PDA News – Toshiba e400 and e800 specs, Windows Mobile tour, Thunderhawk

Pics, specs of Toshiba e400 and e800 PocketPCs Windows Mobile user group tour Thunderhawk update and Smartphone alpha Tungsten E leather cases

Toshiba Announces Two New Pocket PC’s – e400/405 and the e800/805

Toshiba, who has come under fire for hardware problems with their latest efforts, has officially announced their new line of PDAs with the 800 series featuring a 4" screen and[...]

Toshiba e800/e805

Attractively designed in a dark blue casing and featuring an easy-to-use user interface, the Toshiba Pocket PC e800/805 is a robust PDA providing 128MB of storage capacity (with additional 32MB[...]

Sony Ericsson P900

The Sony Ericsson P900 is a triple band mobile phone, an MP3 audio and MPEG4 video player, an advanced handheld device and a mobile video and digital camera. Wherever you[...]

Prototype Zaurus SL-6000 reported on Zaurus User Group

The Zaurus User Group has posted a brief article by offroadgeek, showing pictures of a prototype SL-6000 with suggestions that the real device will ship in January 2004. This Zaurus[...]

It’s hip to bSquare with the Power Handheld

Brighthand founder Steve Bush gets some hands-on time with the upcoming Power Handheld Reference Design from bSquare.

Winners Named for Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards

This year's winners have been announced for the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards. These were created to honor the best software available for the platform.

Don’t touch the Voq

Brighthand's Steve Bush gets close (but not close enough) to the upcoming Voq Smartphone from Sierra Wireless.

PDA News – MultiIE 3.0, Bluetooth GPS review, Gutenberg hits 10K

MultiIE version 3.0 available PocketPCReviews.net covers Rikaline BT GPS Project Gutenberg celebrates 10,000 free books

BargainPDA.com Exclusive Photos from the CTIA /Pocket PC Summit – Las Vegas

Take a look at pictures from my rounds at the "World's Largest Mobile Data Event" in Las Vegas, including a side by side shot of the new HP iPAQ's.

CTIA: Can You Hear Me Now?

Billed as the World's Largest Mobile Data Event, CTIA is proof that the era of convergent devices is upon us. Brighthand's Steve Bush brings us the latest news from the[...]

A Variety of Cases for Palm OS Models Coming on Market

Several companies have recently put cases on the market for new Palm OS handhelds, including the Tungsten T3 and Clie UX series.

Microsoft Posts More Free Ebooks

Three new free ebooks are available to users of Microsoft Reader as part of a twenty-week promotion.

Plug2Net Provides Internet Access For Any Palm OS Device

Corsoft's Plug2Net is an accessory/software combination that allows users of any Palm OS device to have Internet access, even if the device is not wireless-capable.

Hands on the Palm Wireless Keyboard

One of Palm's latest accessory offerings is a keyboard that uses infrared to communicate with a handheld, which means it can be used with almost any Palm OS model. Brighthand's[...]

Video – HP iPAQ h4150 and h4350 and the Sony Ericsson P900

CNET has posted two videos featuring these new units from HP and SE.

Higher Resolution Screens Coming to Pocket PCs and Smartphones

According to information coming out of a Microsoft developers conference, future versions of Windows Mobile for both Pocket PC and Smartphone are going to offer significantly higher screen resolutions.

Palm and Handspring Merge, PalmSource Goes Independent

Stockholders have approved the merger of Palm and Handspring, and they have also agreed to allow PalmSource to become a separate company.

Worldwide Shipments of Handhelds Up, Thanks to HP

According to IDC, the worldwide market for handheld devices grew last quarter, largely due to the introduction of several new iPAQ models by Hewlett-Packard.

Peachpit Releases Updated Visual QuickStart Guide For Palm OS Devices

A new edition of the Visual QuickStart Guide for Palm Organizers has just been released by Peachpit Press.

REVIEW: WM Recorder – Streaming Audio and Video Recorder Software

WM Recorder is a really cool software program that I started playing with last week. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've often in the past[...]

PDA News – Bluetooth serial adapter, Awards, iPaq sleeves discontinued

Socket markets Bluetooth serial adapter PocketPC Mag Best Software Awards 2003 Whitney Lubean ending iPaq sleeve production Vaja leather case for Treo 600

ProClip Brings Very Thin CompactFlash GPS Unit to Market

ProClip, out of Detroit, is now reselling the SysOn GPS CF Plus made by SysOnChip out of Korea. The unit is very small and features a low power consumption radio.

Details Leak About Microsoft’s New Voice Recognition Software for Pocket PC

According to Handango, who let the cat out of the bag about a month early, "Voice Command will let Pocket PC users perform all basic functions--such as accessing calendar and[...]

Sony CLIE TJ35 Short Review (Pics, Specs)

The Sony CLIE TJ35 Handheld is the latest evolution in Sony s compact PDA line and is a solid offering for its $219 list price with Sony s rebate. [...]

New App Allows a Palm to Share a Mac’s Internet Connection

Missing Sync for Internet Sharing and AvantGo allows users of supported Palm OS handhelds to share an Internet connection with their Macintosh computer and update AvantGo content.

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ h4155

They said it couldn't be done. That creating a pocketable, multimedia-capable handheld with a magnificent color screen, fast processor and, heaven forbid, two forms of wireless was an impossibility --[...]

Big Changes on the Way for Windows Mobile

In addition to increasing the screen resolutions available on Windows Mobile, Microsoft is going to add a version of DirectX, support for location-based services, and a new method for storing[...]

Windows Mobile 2003 for Phone Edition, iPAQ h3870

An operating system upgrades is coming for T-Mobile's wireless handheld running the Pocket PC Phone Edition. Plus, HP has released a Windows Mobile upgrade for the iPAQ h3870.

Winners Announced for PalmGear Consumer’s Choice Awards

PalmGear has announced the winners of its Consumer's Choice Awards. There are seven categories, including Developer of the Year, Best Overall Application, and Best New Concept.

New Pocket Loox Offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dual Slots

Fujitsu Siemens has just announced the Pocket Loox 610 series. This includes a model with both Wi-Fi (802.11b) and Bluetooth, and a second with just Bluetooth. Both will have CompactFlash[...]

Windows Mobile User Group Tour

Tonight I attended a Windows Mobile User Group Tour in New York City. A group of product managers from Microsoft are currently touring the U.S. and Canada to present[...]


The integrated Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC and mobile handset is the ultimate mobile PDA for both consumer and business customers, offering a host of advancements over its predecessor – the[...]

Sony Commits to Palm OS 6

Despite some speculation that Sony might drop its Clie line, a Sony executive has said his company is committed to releasing handhelds running Palm OS 6.

Seidio Announces Inventor’s Competition, With Prizes

Seidio is holding a contest looking for some new ideas from inventors that could potentially be put into production.

PDA News – Treo 600 giveaway, PalmSource spinoff finalized, PDAavenue retired

pdaPhoneHome hosts giveaway of Treo 600 and accessories PalmSource spinoff complete PDA Avenue site shut down

Review – Tip Top from Astraware (Multi-Platform)

TipTop is one of the latest and most addictive titles that Astraware has released. Most people that have played games released by Astraware notice the same theme: excellent graphics, stimulating[...]

Review – HP iPAQ 19xx series Aluminum Hard Case by InnoPocket

If you have to wrap up your iPAQ here s another fine case from InnoPocket that s compatible with HP s h1910/h1930/h1935/h1915/h1940/h1945. In matters of fashion and style less[...]

2004: The Year of VGA

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief predicts there will be a good number of handhelds introduced next year with 640-by-480 pixel screens, which will include both Pocket PC and Palm OS models. However, this[...]

Ultra Portable Windows Computer Available Next Week

Antelope Technologies is going to release in just a few days the MCC, a single computer core that can be used in a handheld and a desktop.

AppForge Supports .NET Platform, Adds Palm OS 5 and Series 60 Support

AppForge has released two applications for developers. Crossfire is a mobile and wireless application development environment for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the .NET platform. And the latest version of[...]

Bluetooth Product Shipments Surpass One Million Units Per Week

The Bluetooth SIG says that it has reached a milestone that shows acceptance is growing at a steady rate for this short-range wireless networking standard.

Axim X3i with Bluetooth Coming Next Year

Dell will eventually release a version of its Axim X3i that offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The current one has only Wi-Fi.

Overview – mmO2 XDA II

The first review of O2's new XDA II has been posted so it seemed appropriate to update the specs and provide a quick overview of this PDA/phone that will surely[...]

Dell to Release New X3 Model With Bluetooth and WiFi

Buyers of Dell's X3i Pocket PC have noted there is a Bluetooth logo imprinted on the antenna. We now know why this is the case and have information regarding the[...]