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SmartPhone Articles for October of 2004

Below are the 152 SmartPhone articles for October of 2004

BlackBerry 7100t Now Available from T-Mobile

Last month, RIM officially announced its first smartphone. However, the device wasn't available at that time. The BlackBerry 7100t can now be ordered from T-Mobile USA.

Siber Systems Unveils Palm, Pocket PC Versions of RoboForm

Siber Systems has extended its RoboForm password/contact organizer to PDAs.

palmOne Settles Lawsuit Related to Older Models

palmOne has settled a lawsuit filed over three years ago which alleged that some Palm handhelds available at that time could damage the motherboards of PCs with static electricity.

RIM Continues Long String of Profitable Quarters

During Research In Motion's most recent financial quarter, both revenue and profits were higher than during the previous quarter.

PDA and Tech Deals for 10/1/2004 – 10/3/2004

palmOne Zire 72 $199 with Free Shipping at BuyDig.comPalm Tungsten E Handheld $164 With Coupon Code (expires 10/1)Garmin iQue Navigation Kit $45.49 with Free ShippingToshiba E400 Pocket PC only $174[...]

Tapwave Zodiac Review

When it was released, the Tapwave Zodiac made waves by attempting to meld a handheld video game system with a Palm-powered PDA. How successful were they?

Will Casio’s Latest Pocket PC Be Released Outside Japan?

Casio's latest is the Cassiopeia DT-10 series, which will have a feature set similar to devices like the iPAQ hx4700 series and the ASUS A730. However, these models are unlikely[...]

Pocket PC Techs Offers Accessories for the HP iPAQ hx4700 Series

Pocket PC Techs is now offering premium screen protectors and a retractable charge and sync cable.

MiTAC Preparing Updated Pocket PC with Built-In GPS Receiver

It appears that MiTAC is working on an improved version of its Mio 168, which was the first Pocket PC with a built-in GPS receiver.

palmOne Tungsten T5: Access Your Files in a Whole New Way

palmOne's Tungsten T5 will have some innovative features, including the ability to appear as a removable drive on any computer, but it will lack some of the features long-time Palm[...]

New Accessories for Tungsten T5 Coming Soon

No handheld is complete without some accessories, so palmOne is going to introduce a number of add-ons for the new Tungsten T5.

palmOne Drops the Price of the Tungsten T3

After being on the market for an entire year, palmOne has just dropped the official price of the Tungsten T3 by $50.

Sproqit Announces First Full-Featured Outlook Companion for PDA and Smart Phone Users

Sproqit Technologies has announced Sproqit Personal Edition, a wireless solution for accessing the features of Outlook or any other desktop application from a handheld or smartphone.

New Version of Adobe Reader for Pocket PC Released

Adobe has released Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2.0, a free application that allows users to view Adobe PDF files.

4SmartPhone Introduces Enterprise-Class Mobility Solution for Small and Medium Size Businesses

The 4SmartPhone service, running on the Windows Exchange 2003 platform, allows users to access corporate information on Microsoft Windows mobile devices as well as most data-enabled phones, smartphones, and wireless[...]

N-Gage QD Now Available Through AT&T Wireless

Nokia's gaming-oriented, cellular-wireless handheld is now available from a third U.S. carrier, AT&T Wireless.

HP Prepping Keyboard, Headphones for New iPAQs

According to some pictures leaked to Brighthand, HP is preparing to release a pair of new accessories for some of its current and upcoming iPAQ models.

WorldMate 2004 for Series 60 Now Features Real Time Flight Status from OAG

The new WorldMate 2004 Standard Edition for Series 60 phones incorporates a Real-Time Flight Status service, providing up-to-date information about millions of flights worldwide.

palmOne Announces the Tungsten T5

It s not really much of a surprise at this point, but at least we can now openly talk about the T5 and its specs. The palmOne Tungsten T5 features[...]

Bluetooth-Enabled iFrog Keyboard Hits the Market

iFrog, a portable keyboard designed to be used with one hand, is now available.

Future Treo Smartphones Will Sync Directly with Exchange Server

palmOne has just announced that it has licensed Microsoft's Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol to allow future Treo smartphones to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

Where Is the Treo 650?

palmOne's next-generation smartphone, the Treo 650, is now expected to be announced later this month, but not actually be available until November.

Opera Web Browser Will Be Built Into UIQ 3.0

Opera is going to be the default browser in UIQ 3.0, the new release of the UIQ platform that is expected to be available before the end of this year.

Expect More Series 60 Smartphones Using Intel Processors

Intel, Nokia, and Symbian Ltd. are going to work together to create smartphones using the Nokia Series 60 Platform and Intel processors.

Symbian OS Applications Sales Double in First Half 2004 through Handango

Symbian Limited has announced that Symbian OS applications are the most successful smartphone applications on Handango.

Handango and Openbit Form Strategic Partnership to Drive Mobile Application Revenues

Today, Handango and Openbit, a leader in embedded digital rights management (DRM) and m-commerce, announced a far-reaching strategic partnership.

Sony Ericsson and iAnywhere Collaborate to Provide P910 Smartphone Users with AvantGo Mobile Content

iAnywhere Solutions today announced that it is working with Sony Ericsson to provide AvantGo mobile content to users of the new Symbian-based P910.

PhatWare Releases PhatPad 2.0, Featuring Companion Software For Desktop PC

PhatWare Corporation has announced the full release of PhatPad 2.0, the latest version of its note-taking application for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs.

Upcoming iPAQ hx2000 Series Will Have a Flipcover

It appears that HP designers have finally begun to listen to their customers, and a flipcover will soon be part of multiple iPAQ models.

Zire 72 Owners Now Have Another Wi-Fi Option

Enfora is now offering a leather case with integrated Wi-Fi wireless networking for the Zire 72.

HP iPaq rx3715 Review

The HP iPaq rx3715 sits at the top of the line of HP's iPaq rx3700 series of PDAs that currently includes the iPaq rx3115 and iPaq rx3715 Pocket PC devices.[...]

ACCESS Announces Mobile Professional Version of NetFront Internet Browser for Nokia Series 60 Smartphone Platform

ACCESS, a global provider of mobile content delivery and Internet access technologies, today announced the availability of NetFront v3.2 for the Nokia 6670 smartphone and other Series 60 smartphones platform.[...]

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the palmOne Tungsten T5

Although Ed Hardy has only had a Tungsten T5 for a short time, he is willing to share his first impressions of palmOne's latest high-end handheld.

New Details Leaked on the hx2000 Series

Much more information is now available about three upcoming business-oriented iPAQs from HP.

NuShield Launches Screen Protector for the Samsung SPH-i700

NuShield has introduced a new screen protector to extend the life of the electronic screen for the Samsung SPH-i700 PDA/Phone.

NuShield Screen Protector Introduced for Treo 600

NuShield has introduced a protective film to fit the palmOne Treo 600.

First Thoughts – PalmOne Tungsten T5

I've had my review unit of the PalmOne Tungsten|T5 for about 8 hours now, and I'm ready to make a first pass at PalmOne's newest high-end model.

Survey Gives a Profile of a Typical Pocket PC User

Spb Software House has released the results of the first Spb Pocket PC Survey, a global survey for Pocket PC users with over 10,000 participants.

XDA III Pocket PC Phone Coming to AT&T

Reportedly, AT&T Wireless will definitely begin offering a new cellular-wireless Pocket PC at some point in the future. This will offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a small keyboard.

Acky’s XP Breakout 2.0 Released

Isotope244 Graphics has released Acky's XP Breakout v2.0, an Arkanoid-type game with full support for VGA Pocket PCs.

Tapwave Zodiac Coming to the U.K. in Two Weeks

Tapwave had announced that its Zodiac gaming-oriented handheld will be available in the U.K. for the first time later this month.

SurfaceInk Announces the CommandPlay Game Grip for the Tapwave Zodiac is Now Available for Purchase

The CommandPlay is an accessory that snaps to the Zodiac handheld, transforming it into a full-sized game controller.

Toshiba Shows Off Prototype Microdrive SD Card

The CEATEC Japan 2004 tradeshow was held this week, at which companies showed off all kinds of cutting-edge products, including a miniature hard drive in an SD card.

First Thoughts – HP iPaq hx4700

I've had the HP iPaq 4700 for about twelve hours, and I've got some first impressions about HP's entry into the VGA PocketPC market.

palmOne’s Tungsten T5 – Good or Bad Vibrations?

palmOne's Tungsten T5 is confused. While there is no vibrating alarm, it seems there were plans for one at some point. In the sounds help documentation on the T5, it[...]

Accessories for Your New PDA

HP, palmOne and Dell have got you getting a new PDA for the holiday season, and you re hip to the idea. Your only issue is that you[...]

Which VGA Pocket PC is Right for You?

Soon there will be five Pocket PCs with VGA displays and dual slots on the market. Although somewhat similar, their exact specifications vary, and people considering buying one should look[...]

Motorola MPx220 Debuting Next Week

Reportedly, the highly-anticipated Motorola MPx220 smartphone will hit the market next Monday. This will offer several improvements over its predecessor, the MPx200.

Pediatricians Say Using PDAs Helps Them Practice Safer Medicine

Survey results released today show significant positive impact on quality of care from use of PDAs in pediatric practice.

New Clamshell Zaurus Expected Later this Month

Sharp is reportedly planning to unveil a new Zaurus handheld at a tradeshow in late October. Hopes are running high that this model will be the first clamshell Zaurus to[...]

MDM Announces a Breakthrough Mobile Directions and Mapping Solution for Mobile Devices

Directions on-the-go, a new application from MDM, offers complete on-device navigation, without the need of a PC connection or wireless carrier signal.

Sony Ericsson P910

The P910a is a mobile phone. It is a PDA. It is a mobile office, and push email ready. Underneath the sleek and sophisticated exterior you’ll find even more smartness[...]

Motorola MPx220 SmartPhone Hits Store Shelves

The Motorola MPx220 SmartPhone, which is to replace the Motorola MPx200, has seen the light of day in California!  PhoneMag.com, whose editors actually flew to California to buy this phone, report that[...]

Dell Axim X50v and the X50 Series Now Available

Dell introduced three new Pocket PCs today, one of which is its first handheld with a VGA screen.

BenQ P50 Not Expected Until Next Year

The BenQ P50, an upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC that some have called a "Treo killer," will reportedly not be available for quite some time.

Proporta Unveils New Cases, Stylus, and Screen Protectors for the iPAQ rz17xx

Proprorta has released an Aluminium Case and two new Alu-Leather cases, as well as new Advanced Screen Protectors and a 3-in-1 Stylus for the new HP iPAQ rz17xx.

World’s Smallest Windows Mobile Smartphone Debuts on AT&T

The Audiovox SMT5600, a smartphone that created quite a stir when it was released in Europe because of its very small size, is now available from AT&T Wireless.

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X50v

Dell's first Pocket PC with a VGA display has just been officially revealed to the world. This model offers an impressive feature set for an affordable price.

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X50v — Part II

Wireless Networking The X50v offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which means you can access the Internet in whatever way is most convenient to you at the time. I have a[...]

Dell Axim X50

The Axim X50 features a bright 3.5″ QVGA display with a 320×240 resolution, and includes the power and storage capacity to handle work and multimedia applications. The X50 handheld has[...]

Dell Axim X50v

The powerful Axim X50v features a large 3.7″ VGA display that provides brilliant, clear images at 640×480 resolution. The large viewing area makes documents easy to see so you can[...]

Dell Announces Axim X50 and Axim X50v

The Dell Axim X50 series of PDAs, which features the X50 and X50v, are Dell's fall release PDAs and contenders for the holiday shopping season. The X50v features a[...]

Dell Axim X50 and X50v Review

Like previous Dell Axims, the new Axim X50 comes in several different types. The most cutting-edge of these is designated the X50v, for its VGA screen.

Axim X30, iPAQ rx3000 Series Getting Windows Media Player Update

Dell will release an upgrade that will bring the latest version of Microsoft's multimedia software to the Axim X30, and HP will do the same thing for its rx3000 series[...]

SymbianWare Tracker 4 Now Available for all Upcoming UIQ Smartphones

Tracker, a fully customizable desktop application, is ready to meet the brand new Sony Ericsson P910, the BenQ P30/31, and the Motorola A1000.

OQO Rolls Out model 01 Ultra Personal Computer

After years of delays, OQO has launched its model 01 ultra personal computer. This portable WinXP-based device includes a 1 GHz Transmeta processor, 256 MB of RAM, and a 20[...]

Upgrade an iPAQ hx4700 to 128 MB of RAM

Those who were disappointed by HP's decision to put only 64 MB of RAM in the iPAQ hx4700 should be pleased to learn that Pocket PC Techs has developed a[...]

TomTom Announces Availability of Navigator 2004 for Microsoft Pocket PC and palmOne Platforms

TomTom Navigator 2004 offers a digitized roadmap system that works in conjunction with TomTom GPS receivers, both wired and Bluetooth, providing an efficient navigation tool for business[...]

Socket Delivers Take-Anywhere, Go-Anywhere Portable Power Source for Users ‘On the Go’

Socket Communications has announced the Mobile Power Pack, a small and light-weight mobile charging source for users of portable electronic devices, like handhelds and smartphones.

WebCopier for Pocket PC 4.1 Released

WebCopier for Pocket PC 4.1 allows users to download entire Web sites and later view them on desktop computers or Pocket PCs.

OQO model 1

The model 01 is a handheld-sized device that doesn’t use the Palm OS, Pocket PC, or even Linux. Instead, it runs a full version of Windows XP. It includes a[...]

OQO Model 01 Handheld Computer Available for Purchase

The OQO Model 01 is about the size of a PDA, but it isn't a PDA per se, and even though it runs Windows XP and has a Hi-Res LCD[...]

Sharp Announces Zaurus with 4 GB Microdrive

Sharp is once again leapfrogging the competition by announcing a clamshell-shaped Zaurus handheld with a built-in hard drive, something no Palm OS or Pocket PC yet offers.

Islandia Map Add-on for Warring Nations Has Been Released

Inscenic Studios has released a new add-on for Warring Nations: Islandia, the biggest map yet for this strategy game.

Sony Clie VZ90 Now Available in the U.S.

Last month, Sony announced the Clie PEG-VZ90, which is available only in Japan. However, a U.S. importer is buying this model in Japan and offering it for sale in this[...]

PalmSource Settles Patent Infringement Case

PalmSource has reached an agreement with Digeo Interactive to settle a lawsuit alleging infringement of some Digeo patents.

PDA News – iPaq patches, New Zaurus, New iPaq 2000 pics

iPaq 6315, 4000 series patches Report: New Sharp Zaurus Leaked iPaq 2000 series image PalmOne T5 seminar New games from Ballshooter, Handy Entertainment

Sharp Zaurus: Out with the New, In with the New

Sharp appears to be completely dropping the Zaurus in the US, and at the same time their Japanese arm will introduce a new clamshell model with a 4 GB hard[...]

Atlantis Redux Out Now for Pocket PC and Symbian Series 60

Clickgamer is now offering a new highly graphical adventure game from Dreamcatcher/The Adventure Company.

Unwrapped – palmOne Tunsgten T5

The new palmOne Tungsten T5 has been well covered thus far. Our in-depth preview and follow-up have outlined the key benefits and shortcomings of the device. Now it's time to[...]

PDA News – PalmOne licenses ActiveSync, Treo 650 sighting, Crippled Bluetooth?

PalmOne licenses ActiveSync Exchange Server Protocol Treo 650 sighted on PalmOne website Reports: Sprint version of Treo 650 is Bluetooth crippled Off Topic: The Peacekeeper Wars

TranCreative Releases MxConverter for Smartphone 1.0

TranCreative has launched MxConverter for Smartphone, a unit and currency conversion application.

Dell Releases Windows Media Player 10 for Axim X30

Dell has posted on its web site a system update for the Axim X30 series. This will upgrade these handhelds to Windows Media Player 10 for Mobile, and make some[...]

Motorola MPx220 Now Widely Available

The MPx220 smartphone is officially available, and it can now be purchased across the United States. This is an updated version of the MPx200, and offers several improvements.

Sonify.org to Focus on Mobile Device Audio

Sonify.org has officially relaunched their Web site with a new emphasis on audio for mobile devices, phones and PDAs.

RIM Demoing First BlackBerry with Built-in Wi-Fi

Research In Motion is showing off an upcoming BlackBerry wireless handheld that will be its first to offer Wi-Fi and VoWLAN support.

Latest Version of GoodLink Offers New Features, More Device Support

Good Technology today introduced the newest version of GoodLink, its wireless messaging software. The latest version offers greater coverage, faster network access, lower data costs, and more Outlook features.

palmOne Shares Rise on Analyst Upgrade

Shares of palmOne have risen over 8 percent today after an analyst upgraded the company's stock.

Dell.com Coupon Codes Extravaganza Today Only (10/19/2004)

The following coupon code offers from Dell are valid starting October 19 at 6:00 a.m. Central Standard Time and expire 6:00 a.m. October 20.91WZ0RJTCFPK1G $25 off $250+ Purchase $1VP6RXTSRHW1G[...]

Sena Cases Announces New Cases for HP iPAQ hx4700 and rx3000

Sena Cases, announced the release of new leather cases for HP's iPAQ hx4700 and rx3000 series.

Handango Announces Fall 2004 People’s Choice Award Winners

Today, the winners were announced for Handango's bi-annual awards designed to honor the best mobile applications as chosen by customer votes.

First Ever Music Album Being Released on MMC Card

Robbie Williams the first artist ever to release an entire album plus video content on a removable memory card.

Sharp Leaving U.S. Handheld Market

Another Japanese company has joined the list of handheld makers that are pulling out of the U.S. market.

Symbol Introduces Enterprise-Class Handhelds

Symbol Technologies has introduced the MC50, the first in a new family of what it calls enterprise digital assistants.

Golf GPS Software for Palm and Pocket PC Handhelds

iGolf Technologies Inc. has launched of iGolfgps v.2, a golf GPS application aimed at significantly improving a golfer's level of skill and playing ability.

SymbianWare PowerDay – Managing Your Day in an Easy Way

SymbianWare PowerDay 1.00 allows users to look at daily events, appointments, tasks, and messages at the same time.

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne Tungsten T5

Shawn Barnett brings us this review of palmOne's latest high-end handheld, the Tungsten T5. This model has some innovative features, but it disappoints many long-time Palm OS enthusiasts.

Guide to Pocket PC Available in PDF Format

A book in Adobe Acrobat format called Pocket PC for Everyone is aimed at people new to Pocket PCs who want to learn what they can do with their handheld.

StylusCentral.com Launches New Line of Cases for RIM BlackBerry Mobile Communication Devices

StylusCentral, the leading online e-tailer of accessories for mobile devices, has launched a line of cases for Research in Motion's line of BlackBerry wireless handhelds.

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne Tungsten T5 — Part II

Software Enthusiasts are also disappointed that the Tungsten T5 does not have the latest OS, which PalmSource calls Cobalt. Counted as a Palm enthusiast, I’m disappointed as well, but I[...]

Editorial: Do I Use the Right Tool? Or Are My Expectations Off?

In the last few months, there has been a large sentiment of PDA users who have expressed that they want to upgrade to the latest and possibly greatest PDA. PocketPC[...]

PDAReviewSpot.com Tops 400 PDA Reviews

With the deluge of PDAs from HP, palmOne, Dell and others, it's important for buyers to make informed decisions. One way to do that is to read up on the[...]

Outdoor Navigator from Maptech – for Pocket PCs and Palms – Only $19.95

Maptech's new Outdoor Navigator gives users access to over 60,000 topographic maps and nautical charts for the continental USA.

New Version of Pocket Slides Moves Even Closer to PowerPoint

Conduits Technologies has released Pocket Slides 2.0, software that allows users to make presentations on their Pocket PC handhelds.

AlphaSmart Demos Talking Word Processor

AlphaSmart is previewing today a new writing solution for the Dana series that combines a talking word processor with its new VoiceCard, which converts text to speech.

Explore Your Smartphone Directly on Your PC – with SymbianWare Desktop FileMan

Desktop Fileman gives users direct access to all files on a Symbian smartphone from a Windows PC.

AcroDesign Technologies Adds Word Game to Mobile Dictionary

AcroDesign Technologies released Webster's New World Mobile Dictionary bundled with the classic Word Search word game.

Samsung Will Use Sub-pixeling to Create 2.4-Inch VGA Displays

Samsung Electronics has developed a chip that allows screens that really are half VGA to appear to be full VGA displays.

Swatch Launches Its First MSN Direct Watch

Swatch has introduced a watch capable of displaying snippets of information it receives wirelessly.

Madden NFL 2005 Scores a Touchdown on Palm OS and Windows Mobile-based Devices

MDM has announced a publishing agreement with Electronic Arts that will bring later Madden NFL 2005 later this month to Palm OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC devices.

Microsoft and Swatch Host a Really Expensive Party (pics)

It's been sometime since we've seen Microsoft give its Pocket PC line a big marketing push. The last campaign I remember was the whole "you have 5 minutes standing[...]

TI Bringing TV to a Mobile Device Near You

Texas Instruments is working on a digital TV receiver on a single chip for phones and other mobile devices.

Trip Boss Travel Application Released

Creative Algorithms has released a new international and domestic travel program for both business and personal travel.

More Windows Mobile 2005 Details Emerge

A few more details have slipped out about the next version of Microsoft's operating system for Pocket PCs. This will include a revamp of the Pocket Office applications, as well[...]

Tapwave and Mobile Digital Media Team Up to Bring Madden NFL 2005 to Zodiac Football Fans

Tapwave and Mobile Digital Media (MDM) have announced that MDM's officially licensed Palm OS version of Madden NFL 2005 will be made available for the Tapwave Zodiac in November.

No JVC Pocket PC in the Foreseeable Future

In 2003, JVC announced it was going to release its first Pocket PCs, but changed its mind before these hit the market. The company said earlier this year it[...]

IDC Predicts Steady Increase in Corporate Handheld, Smartphone Use

Market research firm IDC has released a report that says that growth is inevitable in the use of handhelds and smartphones by large companies.

LexisNexis Enables Research for the ‘Mobile Lawyer’ With Expanded Applications for BlackBerry

LexisNexis U.S. today announced the availability of LexisNexis content through the BlackBerry wireless platform.

PalmSource Announces Winners of the 2004 Euro Powered Up Awards

The Euro Powered Up Awards were created to celebrate innovation in the European Palm OS developer community.

Judging an E-book by its Cover Charge

The old adage says that one should not judge a book by its cover. Rather, we should take time to open the book and really get to know the content[...]

Astraware Offers October Deals on Games

Astraware is offering up to 50 percent off a selection of its top games just until the end of October.

PDA News – Windows Mobile 2005, Industrial PocketPC, Treo 650 sighting

New details about Windows Mobile 2005 Industrial PocketPC by HHP Treo 650 again sighted on PalmOne website New games from Ballshooter, Astraware

palmOne Finally Officially Announces the Treo 650

palmOne has just taken the wraps off what has to be the most anticipated new smartphone of the season. This model will have quite a few improvements over its predecessor,[...]

palmOne Posts Fix for Tungsten T5 Calendar Bug

A fix is now available for a major bug in palmOne's latest high-end handheld.

PowerByHand Changes Name to Motricity

PowerByHand, the company that owns PalmGear, PocketGear, and Smartphone.Net, has changed its name to Motricity.

Cingular Gets FCC Approval to Buy AT&T Wireless

Cingular Wireless has just received approval from the Federal Communications Commission to acquire AT&T Wireless, creating the largest wireless carrier in the United States.

Intellisync Extends Enterprise Mobility Platform Leadership With Launch of Mobile Suite 6 Software

Enhancements in Intellisync Mobile Suite 6 include support for more mobile devices, expanded compatibility with corporate applications and groupware, and more.

Sprint Will Be the First to Offer Next-Generation Treo

Sprint has just announced that it will be the first wireless carrier in the world to offer the Treo 650, palmOne's next smartphone.

palmOne Announces the Treo 650

In a completely expected announcement, palmOne has formally announced the Treo 650. There are few, if any surprises, considering they've done an amazingly bad job of protecting against leaks. I'm[...]

palmOne Issues Tungsten T5 Updater

It's only been on the market for about two weeks, but palmOne has already released an updater for the Tungsten T5. They've addressed three core issues including crashes when the[...]

Live From CTIA – Sprint and AT&T Announce Treo 650 Plans

The Treo 650 buzz is hot out here in San Francisco, the site of the CTIA show. Ed Colligan delivered the keynote this morning and the palmOne press machine is[...]

Fujitsu LOOX 720

Your personal mobile office. Featuring an integrated camera *1, Voice over IP and a brilliant VGA display *1, the Pocket LOOX 700 Series is ideal for professional and home users.[...]

Sharp Denies It’s Leaving the U.S. Handheld Market

Sharp has told a Japanese web site that there's no truth to last week's report that it is pulling out of the U.S. handheld market.

High-End Pocket PC Coming Soon to Sprint

Sprint will soon begin offering the Audiovox PPC-6601, a cellular-wireless Pocket PC with a built-in keyboard, a generous amount of memory, and Bluetooth.

Does the palmOne Treo 650 Replace Treo 600? Not Exactly.

palmOne gets a little upset when people call the Treo 650 just an "evolution" of the Treo 600. They insist that it is indeed a step up the ladder[...]

SanDisk Makes Tiny Memory Cards Larger

SanDisk has announced that it has doubled the current maximum capacities of its SanDisk miniSD, RS-MMC, and TransFlash cards.

Gabrielor Shows Off New Concept in Mobile Keyboards

The Gabrielor Rounded Keypad a new idea for a portable keyboard in which the keys are arranged in a circle.

Freeware Encrypted Memopad Introduced for Pocket PC and Palm OS

sfr in Cologne has released visNotes, an encrypted memopad.

SanDisk Preparing Even Less Expensive 2 GB SD Card

Even though SanDisk has already announced a surprisingly low-cost 2 GB SD card, it now says it is going to release an even less expensive version of this card at[...]

Astraware and PopCap Announce a Dazzling December with Bejeweled 2

Astraware and PopCap are now taking pre-orders for Bejeweled 2, the sequel to the biggest selling handheld game of all time.

PDA and Tech Deals for 10/26/04 – 10/28/04

Dell Axim X30 312MHz handheld w/ WiFi+ Bluetooth for $237 (Expires 10/27 6:00 a.m.)palmOne.com Tungsten E Handheld Open Box Special for $150$200 off Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 at Amazon.com, total price[...]

Weird Clothing Shop Business Simulator Tots’n’Togs is Now Available

Handy Entertainment's latest game simulates the trails of running a retail clothing shop on a city's busiest main street.

Fossil Introduces Three New Smart Watches

Fossil has announced three new styles of watches that are capable of displaying snippets of information they receive wirelessly.

HP Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Now Available

HP has begun offering a folding keyboard for its Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PCs.

PalmOne Tungsten T5 Review

PalmOne's new Tungsten T5 has had a somewhat rough start. Greeted with disbelief by Palm loyalists, and run aground on a rocky release, the newest member of PalmOne's high-end handheld[...]

Sprint Isn’t Crippling Bluetooth in Upcoming Devices

Although one of the more important Bluetooth functions isn't available in the version of the Treo 650 that Sprint is demonstrating now, the wireless carrier will add this feature[...]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

News reports this week indicate another quarter of lower handheld sales. But Brighthand's Ed Hardy took a closer look, and discovered that the truth is quite a bit different.

ppcTunes Brings iTunes Music to Pocket PCs

ppcTunes is the first application that can automatically copy music from Apple's iTunes music service to Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

NewsBreak for Pocket PC from Ilium Software

Ilium Software has released NewsBreak, a Pocket PC application that gives users access to RSS feeds.

Boulder Dash-PocketPC Extreme Released Today

Boulder Dash-PocketPC Extreme is the first official Boulder Dash sequel ever developed for handhelds.

PDA News – Sprint PocketPC phone, 2 GB SD card, Handheld sales decline

Sprint officially announces HTC Harrier PocketPC phone SanDisk to market 2 GB SD cards Handheld sales decline in third quarter

Smarter Innovation, A Look At the Mind of PalmOne

In some respects, I think that I have a good handle on technology. I am not a programmer, though I do some website design. I am not the best IT[...]