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SmartPhone Articles for October of 2005

Below are the 107 SmartPhone articles for October of 2005

Cingular Makes It Official: iPAQ hw6500 Coming Soon

As has been expected since HP first began showing these smartphones off last winter, Cingular has announced that it will be offering the iPAQ hw6500 series.

Sony Ericsson Readying P910 Replacement

Rumors indicate that Sony Ericsson is developing a UIQ smartphone with a shape reminiscent of the Treo and BlackBerry.

HP Releases Small ROM Update for hx4700 Series

HP has posted on its web site a minor "bug fix" update to its flagship Pocket PC's system software.

Astraware Sudoku Review

Usually, when a new game is released, or at least widely talked about, I jump at the chance to find out what it's about. And when the Western world started[...]

PDA News – Google WiFi in SF, Smartphone photos, Treo rumors

Google proposes city-wide WiFi in San Francisco Photo tour of Qtek smartphones Rumor: Prototype Symbian-powered Treo Torq P100W to feature WiFi, Windows Mobile[...]

Where is the Nokia 770?

Nokia has bumped back the release of its first Internet Tablet in order to give developers more time to work on its built-in software.

Motorola Q Coming Sooner Than Expected

A hotly-anticipated smartphone is now expected to be out before the end of this year, not early 2006 as was originally thought.

iPAQ hx4700 Discontinued in the U.K.

HP has stopped offering its flagship handheld and two other models in the United Kingdom. Most of these are still available in the U.S., though.

MobiForms 2.1 To Revolutionise Mobile Application Development

MobiForms is a rapid application development tool for creating applications for a wide variety of handheld platforms.

New Yanoff v3.1 Usenet Newsreader for Palm Now Available

Yanoff is an online/offline Usenet NNTP news reader for Palm OS handhelds. There is a freeware version, or a commercial one with additional features.

Prototype Fuel Cell-Powered Phones Demoed

Two companies say they are getting close to releasing one of the holy grails of the mobile device industry.

Palm Fixes Memory Problem on Verizon Treo 650

A new ROM update for the the Verizon Wireless version of the Treo 650 makes this smartphone use memory much more efficiently.

Can YOU be the Ultimate Bowling Fighter?

Astraware has released Bowling Fighter, a round-the-world bowling challenge tournament for Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds.

Fujitsu-Siemens Formally Unveils Pocket Loox N Series

After several weeks of rumors, Fujitsu-Siemens has officially unveiled its latest series of Pocket PCs, which will run the latest version of Windows Mobile and have built-in GPS receivers.

HP Needs to Hire Palm People

HP's PDA division is a mess, and has been for several years. They have too many products, generally poor design and clarity about their direction is nonexistent. The launch of[...]

Maybe the iPAQ hw6500 Isn’t Coming to Cingular After All

The web page announcing Cingular's plans to offer HP's latest smartphone has disappeared, and the company isn't talking about its plans for the device.

Motorola Sues PalmSource Over Botched Buyout

One of the companies who participated in the bidding war over PalmSource is seeking damages because it claims the developer of the Palm OS backed out of a buyout deal.

Orneta Biorhythm for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC Released

This application allows users to calculate a personal biorhythm chart on their Windows Mobile 5.0-based handheld or smartphone.

Prepare for a 1 GHz Processor in an Upcoming Handheld

ARM has announced a new processor design that will lead to handhelds and smartphones with 1 gigahertz (GHz) chips in the next few years.

PDA News – Motorola sues PalmSource, 1 GHz prototypes, pdaPortal for sale

Motorola alleges PalmSource accepted bid; demands $8 million New processor prototype offers 1 GHz speeds pdaPortal.com to be auctioned off Mobile Business Expo, October 9th-12th

Cowboy 2.0 – Master Your Lasso Throwing Skills in the Palm of Your Hand

In Cowboy 2.0 all levels were redesigned to make the game more challenging and fun and to bring more options to players.

Sudoku Gold Released for Pocket PC

Pdaorb Mobile has introduced a Pocket PC version of a wildly popular logical puzzle game.

Will the Palm OS For Linux Save PalmSource?

At this time next year there probably won't be a PalmSource or a Palm OS, at least not in name. Both will be re-branded, something that came out of Palm[...]

Sony Ericsson Unveils P990 Smartphone

The P990 will be the first smartphone to use the enhanced Symbian OS 9.1 and UIQ 3 software platform.

Microsoft Explains Why Many Devices Don’t Get Upgrades

Windows Mobile team member Mike Calligaro discusses the reasons why some handhelds and smartphones are being offered upgrades and other aren't.

Orneta Calculator for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC Released

This application has been designed as a replacement for a handheld scientific calculator for math and science students, engineers, scientists, medical professionals, and financial and business consultants.

Quickoffice To Be Part of Series 60

Nokia has signed an agreement that will lead to the Quickoffice Office suite of applications being bundled with Series 60.

Palm, Inc. Appoints Robert C. Hagerty to Its Board of Directors

A man who is experienced in voice, video, data, and web applications is now a part of the Palm board of directors.

Sony Ericsson P990 SmartPhone Announced

It looks like Sony Ericsson is going to try and keep up in the SmartPhone arms race by releasing a new device dubbed the P990 that is the replacement for[...]

RIM Has a Setback in NTP Lawsuit

The twists and turns continue in the long-running patent infringement lawsuit between NTP and the maker of BlackBerry wireless handhelds.

Palm Replacing Faulty SIM Trays on Cingular Treo 650s

Palm, Inc. will replace the SIM tray on some Treo 650 smartphones being offered by Cingular Wireless.

DataViz Announces Public Preview for RoadSync

RoadSync will offer secure, wireless, direct synchronization of corporate Outlook e-mail, attachments, calendar, and contacts for non-Microsoft smartphones and mobile devices.

Palm TX

The Palm TX, with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, is the handheld many Palm OS fans have been waiting for. Its half VGA touchscreen offers both landscape to portrait mode,[...]

Palm Z22

Your planner, journal and calendar all in one little place. The Palm Z22 organizer was designed by the makers of the original Palm Pilot specifically for people who haven t[...]

Say Hello To the Palm TX and Z22

Palm, Inc. has released its lineup of new handhelds for this fall. This includes a new high-end model, the Palm TX, and an entry-level model, the Z22.

Say Goodbye to Two of Palm’s Sub-Brands

Palm has decided to end its use of the "Tungsten" and "Zire" sub-brands.

Palm Drops Price on Tungsten E2

Palm has cut the official price for one of its mid-range handhelds by $50.

Palm Launches the Z22 and TX, Cuts Tungsten E2 Price

Palm has launched the entry-level Z22 for $99 and the well-rounded TX which includes Bluetooth and WiFi for $299. They also announced a price cut of $50 on the Tungsten[...]

Palm Z22 Review

The Z22 is one of two fall releases for Palm, and a new attack on the entry-level PDA segment. The Palm Z22 isn't fighting for the current PDA user base[...]

Palm TX Review

Sporting WiFi, Bluetooth, 128 MB of memory, a sleek black case, and a $299 pricetag, the Palm TX is the newest bigshot on the PalmOS block.

Nokia Unveils Three New Series 60 Smartphones

The E60, E61, and E70 each have a distinctly different design but all are targeted at allowing users to check their corporate email.

Remotely Access Your Home and Office Computer with Avvenu

Avvenu is a new free service that gives Palm users on the go wireless access to their files, folders, and photos on a desktop computer.

Palm Treo on Symbian Not Happening

As exciting as the new Palm Treo for Windows Mobile may be, the rumor mill has been cranking out all sorts of unsubstantiated madness surrounding a Palm Treo running the[...]

PDAmill Games Go VGA

GameBox Solitaire and Joker's Quest now have full support for VGA screens.

Rumors of a Symbian-Powered Treo Persist

Rumors continue to circulate that Palm is going to release a version of the Treo smartphone running the Symbian OS.

Think Outside Inc. Announces Bluetooth Support for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

Think Outside Inc. has released an enhanced keyboard driver for devices running Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0.

PDA News – PPC phone rumors, Video iPod, Stowaway Bluetooth on WM5

Samsung i730, HTC Apache rumors Apple offers video-enabled iPod ThinkOutside updates Bluetooth drivers for WM5 Computerized breast implants possible, says analyst

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X51v

Ed Hardy takes a long look at Dell's latest -- and greatest -- Pocket PC. This is a powerhouse that not only offers the latest version of Windows Mobile, it[...]

BlackBerry Connect Coming to the Treo 650

An upcoming application will allow Treo smartphones to connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and wirelessly receive push email.

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X51v — Persistent Storage

This is Part II of this review. Part I should be read first. Easily my favorite new feature in the Axim X51v is what Microsoft calls Persistent Storage. This means[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X51v — Office Mobile

This is Part III of this review. Part I should be read first. As part of Windows Mobile 5.0, Microsoft has updated the Pocket Office applications, and — for the[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X51v — Wireless Networking

This is Part IV of this review. Part I should be read first. One of the best parts of the Axim X51v is that it comes with both WiFi and[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X51v — Other Software Improvements

This is Part V of this review. Part I should be read first. Windows Mobile 5.0 is full of small improvements to the standard applications. Many of these make using[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X51v — VGA Screen

This is Part VI of this review. Part I should be read first. The VGA screen on the Axim X51v is, as near as I can tell, identical to the[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X51v — Form Factor

This is Part VII of this review. Part I should be read first. The thing that has changed least in the Axim X51v is its shape and size. In fact,[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X51v — Conclusion

This is Part VIII of this review. Part I should be read first. Without a doubt, I believe the Axim X50v was the best Pocket PC available last year. And[...]

Update your Remote with VITO Remote v4.0

VITO Technology has released a major update of its popular remote control application for Pocket PCs.

PDA News – Silly Palm rumor, Cingular to launch 3G, Blackberry on Palm OS

Report: Palm planning Linux "feature phone" Cingular to launch wireless broadband November 1st Palm, RIM offer Blackberry client for Treo Three new Nokia smartphones [...]

Juicy Couture and Mister Cartoon Sidekick II Special Edition Handhelds from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has been absent from most events we attend, mostly because they haven't launched a Smartphone in a long time. So we were surprised to see them at DigitalLife, even[...]

First Glimpse of the hiptop III

A couple of blurry photos of what is supposed to be the next hiptop/Sidekick have appeared on the Web.

iPAQ hw6500 Coming to Cingular in Two Weeks

Cingular Wireless has just announced that it will begin offering HP's latest smartphone before the end of this month.

calcPad – Next Generation Pocket Calculator

calcPad is a new calculator for Pocket PCs. It has many features not offered by other calculators, like the ability to add comments to figures and reopen previous calculations to[...]

AvantGo Gets Support for RSS Feeds

iAnywhere has added support for displaying RSS feeds to its free AvantGo service.

PalmSource Joins Group Dedicated to Open Source Software

The company responsible for developing the Palm OS has joined a global consortium dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux.

PDA News – HTC Prophet, Palm TX hack, Cingular drops Motorola Q?

HTC Prophet unveiled Graffiti 1 hack for the Palm TX Report: Cingular drops plans for Moto Q?

Nokia E60, E61 and E70 First Thoughts

While the names aren't very interesting and far too similar, this new set of Smartphones from Nokia still manages to stand out, largely because of their design. The Nokia E61[...]

Steve Jobs Promises More Apple Phones

There will definitely be more phones coming from Apple, Inc, but will this company offer a smartphone?

Fitaly Developer Abandons Palm OS

Textware Solutions, the company that makes the popular Fitaly text input system, has decided to stop all Palm OS development.

HSDPA Makes Its American Debut

Cingular Wireless is starting to roll out its fastest wireless network yet.

Documents To Go Comes to Nokia Communicators

DataViz has released a version of its mobile Office suite, Documents To Go, for the Nokia 9300 and 9500 Communicator running Nokia's Series 80.

BoxWave Announces New ActiveCase for Palm LifeDrive

BoxWave has introduced a crystal-clear plastic case for the LifeDrive Mobile Manager.

PDA News – Textware halts Palm development, Push email, Documents To Go on Symbian

Textware halts all new Palm OS development projects Exchange 2003 SP2 released; push email yet to come Documents To Go now available on Symbian Series 80

BlackBerry 8700 Coming to Cingular Next Week

According to an anonymous source Research In Motion's next-generation handheld will debut in just a few days.

i-mate SP5m

The i-mate SP5m is a re-branded version of the HTC Tornado, and is also being sold as the T-Mobile SDA. It is a “candybar” shaped Windows Mobile Smartphone with a[...]

HP rx1950 Pocket PC Review

"What is the best thing about the rx1950 besides the palatable $299 price tag? Certainly it is going back to the curvy, sleek form factor that received so much praise[...]

Microsoft Warns of ActiveSync 4.0 Problems

Unfortunately, some Windows Mobile 5.0 handhelds and smartphones are having connection problems using ActiveSync 4.0.

Intel Demoing Prototype Handheld PC

Intel is showing off its concept for a handheld PC running Windows XP or Vista.

Despite What You May Have Read, the Palm OS Is NOT Dead (Updated)

An article in the Computer Business Review says that Access Co, Ltd. intends to phase out the Palm OS in the near future. This is completely incorrect.

PDA News – False rumors, Handheld PC, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Rumors of Windows-based Sidekick are false Intel demonstrates "Ruby" handheld PC Thumb keyboards can cause injury Sharp VGA PPC phone; Lenovo 4 megapixel phone

PDA Buyers Guide: Fall 2005 Edition

It's that time of year again, when wallets open and traffic increases to meet the needs for the next few months of work and holidays. Here at BargainPDA, we want[...]

Speereo Voice Translator Version 2.1.1 Launched

Speereo Software has introduced a new version of its speech translator for Pocket PC.

Palm Once Again Drops Price of Unlocked Treo 650

Palm, Inc. has once again cut $50 off the price of the unlocked version of the Treo 650 smartphone.

Palm Cuts the Price of the Zire 72

Palm, Inc. has dropped the price for one of its older consumer-oriented models.

PhatWare Releases CalliGrapher 8.1

The latest version of CalliGrapher includes performance and usability improvements and support for Pocket PCs with square screens.

HTC Universal and Wizard May Be Coming to T-Mobile USA

Two highly-anticipated cellular-wireless Pocket PCs might be available in the United States soon.

PHT Corp. Chooses Palm Treo 650 Smartphones to Collect Data in Clinical Trials

PHT Corporation, one of Palm's leading clinical trials customers, is using 1,500 Treo 650 smartphones to collect and wirelessly transmit self-reported data from subjects.

Get More Out of Your Travels with Spot Guides

Earthcomber has announced the debut of Spot Guides. These provide travel information based on the reader's exact location.

Windows Mobile Treo (Palm Treo 700w) Gains FCC Approval

The Windows Mobile Treo has taken one more step toward release. Still without official name, it's referred to as the Treo xxx on the FCC site, the next Palm Treo[...]

Pocket Loox N Series Now Available

A few weeks after their formal unveiling, Fujitsu-Siemens' latest Pocket PCs are now on sale.

Samsung Unveils Smartphone with 3 GB Microdrive

Last year, Samsung introduced a smartphone with a tiny 1.5 GB hard drive, and now it has announced one that will have twice that storage capacity.

First Palm OS Smartphone with 3 Megapixel Camera Announced (Updated)

PiTech has taken the wraps off the world's first Palm OS smartphone to include a three megapixel camera with auto focus and anti hand shaking features.

Thousands of Oregon Students Use Palm Handhelds in Classrooms

More than 7,000 students in eight Oregon school districts are using Palm handheld computers this school year.

Astraware Releases Two Games for Windows Mobile

Astraware has introduced two games for both Windows Mobile for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile for Smartphone. Both games, Sudoku and Ultimate Bowling Fighter, are available now.

Nintendo DS Takes a Step Toward Becoming a PDA

One of Nintendo's portable gaming consoles will soon have far more robust text entry capabilities, opening up the possibility that professionally-oriented applications could be developed for it.

Sprint May Switch to Mobile WiMAX

According to an unconfirmed report, Sprint eventually plans to give up using CDMA and related wireless networking standards and switch entirely to Mobile WiMAX.

RIM Has a Yet Another Setback in NTP Lawsuit

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has become involved in the patent infringement lawsuit between Research in Motion (RIM) and NTP.

Garmin iQue M3 Review

The Garmin M3 GPS-enabled PocketPC, a followup to the older M5, sacrifices certain of its predecessor's features in exchange for a much more palatable price tag. We find out[...]

Windows Mobile Revenue Up 50 Percent

During its most recent financial quarter, the mobile devices portion of Microsoft saw a substantial increase in revenue, but not enough to make it profitable.

Palm Opens European Smartphone R&D Center

A new center in Ireland is focused on speeding up the process of getting Palm's smartphones certified for use on the networks of European wireless carriers.

Highly Anticipated EDGE Role Playing Game Finally Released

After a development process that has gone on at least since 2003, zanegames has finally released EDGE (Extreme Dungeon Game Experience).

Torq P100 (ETEN M500)

Small Windows Mobile Smartphone with great performance and good looks.

Torq P100 Review

The Torq P100 is another entry into the Windows Mobile Smartphone market, which could use some more quality products. The Torq P100 is an updated version of the ETEN M500,[...]

PDA News – Blackberry War resumes, T-Mobile smartphones, HTC “Star Trek?”

RIM denied Supreme Court appeal; Blackberry War resumes T-Mobile to get HTC Wizard, Tornado Reported images: New HTC Star Trek, HTC Hermes models [...]

Palm CEO Disagrees with PalmSource Spin-Off

Palm's current CEO, Ed Colligan, says that if he'd been in charge of the company a few years ago, PalmSource would not have been spun off as an independent company.

Garmin’s Latest Pocket PC Coming Soon

Garmin has announced the iQue M4, a new addition to its line of GPS-enabled handhelds.

Qool QDA-700

The Qool QDA-700 is a Palm OS based feature phone. One of the smallest PDA-phones to date, the QDA-700 is for people who want an opportunity to be productive on[...]

Qool QDA-700 Review

It runs the Palm OS, it's a PDA, it's a phone, but it's NOT a Treo. The Qool QDA-700 is a compelling PDA feature phone for those who want flexibility[...]