October 2006 SmartPhone Articles

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SmartPhone Articles for October of 2006

Below are the 62 SmartPhone articles for October of 2006

SlingPlayer Mobile May Soon Be Coming to the Palm OS

Although users of Palm OS devices haven't been able to view video streamed from Slingboxes, there's strong evidence that this is about to change.

Most Popular PDAs and Smartphones of September 2006

Brighthand's monthly listing of the ten most popular handhelds and smartphones.

HP iPAQ rx5915 May Be Shipping This Month

When HP first announced the iPAQ rx5915 last week, the company would only say this handheld was "Coming Soon." Now, though, a report has surfaced that indicates this device may[...]

Nokia Introduces a New Short-Range Wireless Networking Standard

Nokia has just taken the wraps off a new short-range wireless networking standard called Wibree. This is intended to complement a similar wireless networking standard, Bluetooth, not replace it.[...]

Get Ready for New Palm Handhelds

In his latest editorial, Ed Hardy goes out on a limb to predict that Palm, Inc. will soon come out with new handhelds.

iambic Launches YourCall Contact Manager for Palm OS

iambic has just introduced YourCall, a new application for Palm OS users designed to make tracking the significant developments in phone calls easier.

Mobile Tech News — Treos in Asia and Mexico, Location-Based Services, and More

Palm Introduces First Windows Mobile Powered Treo in Asia Palm Introduces the Treo 650 in Peru Palm Treo 650 Launches on Mexico's Telcel's Network and features[...]

Treo 750v Now Available for Order

Palm's latest smartphone, the Treo 750v, is now available from Vodafone in several European countries. As promised, this device is free when the customer signs up for an appropriate monthly[...]

RhinoSkin Treo 700 Leather and Aluminum Case Review

Well-known handheld expert Alan Grassia reviews RhinoSkin's new Treo 700 leather and aluminum cases.

T-Mobile USA May Announce 3G Plans Tomorrow

According to unconfirmed reports, T-Mobile USA will announce tomorrow its plans to unroll 3G services.

Would You Like Tweezers With that?

"Sometimes, smaller really isn't better," is the theme of Adama D. Brown's latest editorial.

BlackBerry Pearl Will Soon Be Available on Vodafone

Without any hoopla, Vodafone has added a page to its U.K. web site that shows it that it will soon be offering the latest smartphone from RIM, the BlackBerry Pearl.

How To Disable an ActiveSync Connection

A simple set of instructions explaining how to stop ActiveSync from automatically turning itself on whenever a Windows Mobile device is put into its cradle.

LG.Philips LCD Unveils New Display Panel for Super-Slim Mobile Phones

LG.Philips LCD has developed the world's slimmest thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel, measuring only 1.3 mm in thickness, including the module.

T-Mobile USA Unveils its 3G Plans

As expected, T-Mobile USA has announced how it roll out new high-speed data services to its customers.

Is This the BlackBerry 8800?

It has been about a year since RIM introduced a new cellular-wireless handheld to replace the 8700, so its not surprising that rumors have been going around for a while[...]

Mobile Tech Notes — Retro Fun and Games

Namco Brings Palm OS Users a Blast from the Past Remember the Good Old Days with Pocket Commodore 64 Brando Offering USB Toys

HP Announces New Pocket PC Phone

HP has recently unveiled the iPAQ rw6815, its latest Pocket PC Phone Edition device.

Essential Gear for Travelers

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief shares his recommendations for mobile accessories to take along when traveling with a handheld or smartphone.

Palm Announcing New Treo Oct. 12

Today, Palm, Inc sent out a press release indicating that it will take the wraps off a new smartphone later this week.

Mobile Tech News — TX Update, Spb Today Suite, and More

Palm Releases Accessory Cradle Update for TX Handster Publishes Spb Today Suite PhatWare Announces PhatPad 4.0 Beta Palm Promotes Mobile Computing on College Campuses [...]

Dash Smartphone Officially Coming to T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile USA will soon begin offering a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone it is calling the Dash.

The Latest on the Cingular 8525

Recently, an anonymous source reported to Brighthand that the Cingular 8525 Pocket PC phone will be available soon, and what it will cost.

PalmSource Changing Its Name

Today, PalmSource has announced that it has started the process of changing its name to "Access," and launched a new web site.

Palm Officially Announces the Next Palm OS Treo

The DigitalLife conference is going on now in New York, and Palm, Inc. has just held a press conference to announce the Treo 680.

Sony mylo

The Sony mylo is a small wireless device that allows users to exchange instant messages, browse the Internet, listen to music, send emails, and view photos. It is able to[...]

Why Pocket PCs Don’t Let Users Close Applications

A recent post on the Windows Mobile Team Blog gives Microsoft's reasons why Pocket PC users can't easily close applications that are running.

Are Smartphones Really the Right Tools for the Job?

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright questions whether the latest smartphones are really what users want.

A First Look at the Palm Treo 680

After getting some hands-on time with Palm's latest smartphone, the Treo 680, Brian Beeler brings us his impressions, along with numerous pictures.

Palm Treo 680

The Palm Treo 680 is a GSM quad-band smartphone from Palm available in 4 different colors. The Treo 680 runs on the Palm OS and has the same form factor[...]

Treo Video Used to Break N.Y. Plane Crash News

A reporter used his smartphone to film the initial footage of a plane crash that happened this week.

First Reports of a Motorola Q Replacement

Motorola is reportedly going to launch next year an upgraded version of the Motorola Q Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Mobile Tech News — Cake Mania, S60 Contest, Treo 750v, and More

Astraware Releases Cake Mania for Palm OS Handhelds Nokia Announces Winners of S60 Third Edition Challenge Palm Releases Windows Mobile Treos in Malaysia and Indonesia [...]

microSD Wi-Fi Card Announced by Spectec

Spectec has unveiled a Wi-Fi card for smartphones with a microSD slot.

Full-Text News Reader Released by Spb Software House

Spb Software House has just released Spb Insight 1.0, a new RSS/Atom reader for Pocket PCs.

SlingPlayer Mobile Coming to Nokia’s S60 and UIQ

Sling Media and Symbian, Inc. announced today that they are partnering to produce a version of SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian smartphones running UIQ and Nokia's S60.

Sony Ericsson P990i

The P990i is the replacement for the P910. It has the same general shape as its predecessor, but includes a built-in keyboard beneath a flip-down numberpad It runs Symbian OS[...]

Mobile Tech Notes — CorePlayer, Google Maps, and More

Pocket PC Version of CorePlayer 1.0 Debuts Google Maps Released for Palm OS Treos Socket Communications Announces Tiny SDIO Bar Code Scanner

New Version of Documents To Go Now Available

Today DataViz announced Documents To Go 9 for the Palm OS platform, a new version of a very widely used suite for allowing handhelds and smartphones to access Microsoft Office[...]

Nokia Introduces S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1

Nokia has taken the wraps off Feature Pack 1 for its S60 3rd Edition, a user interface for Symbian OS-based smartphones.

Brighthand Now Offering Category-Specific RSS feeds

In response to numerous user requests, it's now possible to get category-specific RSS feeds from Brighthand.

Treo 700wx Launched In Canada

Palm has introduced one of its Windows Mobile-based Treos in an additional country. This smartphone is now available from Bell Canada.

New Samsung UMPCs Debut

Samsung has widened the range of Ultra Mobile PCs it offers. It has recently begun selling two new variations of its original model.

The Revolution Will Be Unwired

In this week's editorial, Adama Brown discusses the effect the next-generation of the wireless Internet will have on mobile devices.

Cases Du Jour

Antoine Wright takes a look at some of the fashionable new cases available for today's newest mobile devices.

Palm Releases Fairly Significant Update for Verizon Treo 650

Verizon Wireless has introduced a fairly significant update to its version of the Palm Treo 650.

Is Nokia Going to Introduce Another Internet Tablet?

According to unconfirmed reports currently circulating on the Web, the next version of Nokia's Internet Tablet will be called the 330 and will be smaller than its predecessor, but add[...]

iPAQ hw6900 Series Coming to Cingular Next Week

Cingular has just announced that it will begin offering two versions of HP's latest Pocket PC phone before the end of this month.

Cingular Launches TeleNav GPS Service

Cingular has just begun offering a new real-time navigation service.

T-Mobile Dash (aka HTC Excalibur)

T-Mobile is offering a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone called the Dash. This device uses a design that is becoming increasingly popular: a slim tablet shape with a QWERTY keyboard below[...]

Cingular 3125 Smartphone Review

Adama D. Brown brings us his thoughts on the Cingular 3125 an ultra-slim clamshell design to rival the ever popular RAZR.

T-Mobile Dash Now Available

A Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone that T-Mobile announced earlier this month is now available for order.

First Glimpse of a New Clamshell Pocket PC

It appears that a model similar to the HTC Universal will soon be coming on the market from i-mate.

Mobile Tech Notes — Games, Games, and More Games

Island Labs Brings Popular Zen Sudoku Game to Palm OS Astraware Holding a Spooktacular clickgamer Autumn Sale Underway

To Upgrade or Not? Better Make Your List

In this editorial, Brighthand Forum moderator holvoetn shares the process he went through when decided whether to upgrade his current device, in hopes that it will help others when doing[...]

Possible Pricing Set for Cingular 8525

The prices have leaked out for a Pocket PC phone that is expected to debut any day now.

Treo 680 Coming Next Week?

According to a document that has leaked out of Cingular Wireless, the latest Palm OS-based Treo will hit the market in early November.

Next Version of Windows Mobile Smartphone Might Offer Office Mobile

Some evidence has emerged that indicates that upcoming WM Smartphones will include a version of Office Mobile.

E-TEN Working to Slim Down

E-TEN has announced plans to introduce what it believes might be the world's thinnest Pocket PC phone with both Wi-Fi and GPS.

Mobile Tech News – Access and Open Source, Christian Ebooks, Video Enhancement

Access to Make a Mobile Application Framework Open Source Olive Tree Bible Software Releases Three New Christian Ebooks by John Piper Military-grade Video Enhancement for Mobile[...]

Socket Go Wi-Fi! P300 Review

Ed Hardy puts Socket's 802.11g wireless networking SDIO card for Windows Mobile devices through its paces.

Latest iPAQ Pocket PC Phone Now Available from Cingular

Cingular Wireless has just begun offering two models from the iPAQ hw6900 series of Pocket PC phones, making it the first carrier in the United States to do so.