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SmartPhone Articles for October of 2008

Below are the 111 SmartPhone articles for October of 2008

Adobe Has Flash Player for iPhone Almost Ready

Adobe has nearly completed work on a Flash player for the iPhone, but it is Apple's decision whether this app ever gets released.

Will Microsoft Make Windows Mobile Free?

Google and Nokia are trying something unusual with their mobile operating systems: they are going to give them away for free. This raises the possibility that Microsoft will do the[...]

A Look Ahead at Smartphones Coming this Quarter

October is the beginning of a new quarter, and there are a number of smartphones scheduled to be released in the next three months.

Out of the Gate, Android a Long Way from Enterprise Ready

Google-philes will find plenty to like in the first Android powered smartphone, but Mobile managers will have little interest in the new phone -- and its young OS -- until[...]

OtterBox for BlackBerry Bold Coming Soon

Otter Products is putting the finishing touches on a semi-rugged, drop and scratch-proof OtterBox case for the BlackBerry Bold.

AT&T May Be Prepping the Samsung Epix

Strong evidence has emerged that AT&T is preparing to launch the successor to the Samsung BlackJack II in the next few weeks. This will supposedly be called the Samsung Epix,[...]

Nokia Announces S60 5th Edition with Touchscreen Support

Nokia has announced a touchscreen-enabled update to its Symbian S60 operating system, as well as a new mobile device which takes advantage of it.

Handy Shell for S60 Comes Out of Beta

Handy Shell is an Active Screen replacement application for Symbian S60 devices which offers advanced functionality and shortcuts.

Pandora Open-Source Handheld Now Available for Pre-Orders

The Pandora was created to be a handheld gaming platform, but its keyboard and powerful processor allows it to be used for productivity apps, too.

There Can Be More Than One

Despite what's said in arguments that flare up from time to time, no operating system is going to come to dominate smartphones the way Microsoft Windows does PCs. Ed Hardy[...]

T-Mobile Struggling to Keep up with Demand for G1

Demand for the T-Mobile G1 is strong enough that this carrier has sold out of all the units allocated for pre-sale.

Nokia’s ”Comes With Music” Download Service Debuting Soon

Nokia has debuted its Comes With Music service in the UK featuring a 12 month unlimited download period and over 3 million songs from various independent and major labels.

German Explanatory Dictionary Released for iPhone/iPod touch

Paragon Software has released a German Explanatory Dictionary called Duden for Apple's handheld and smartphone.

WSJ Says HP Prepping New Consumer-Oriented Smartphone

HP will soon introduce a new consumer-oriented iPAQ smartphone, which could be a device code-named the Oak which surfaced early this year.

Xperia X1 Scores FCC Approval

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has received approval from the FCC, an important hurdle in the process of being released in the United States.

iPhone 3G Tops the U.S. List of Consumer Smartphones

The latest from Apple was the best-selling smartphone sold to consumers during the summer of this year. This was followed up by devices from RIM and Palm.

RIM Explains BlackBerry Bold Delays

According to one of RIM's co-CEOs, the highly-anticipated BlackBerry Bold is tied up in AT&T's certification process.

Samsung Omnia Gets Its FCC Approval

Those waiting for a version of the Samsung Omnia with support for N. American 3G frequencies might not have to wait much longer.

Early Version of Mobile Firefox Will Be Released Soon

The long wait for Firefox Mobile is almost over. The Mozilla Foundation will make an alpha version of this web browser available to anyone brave enough to install it.

BlackBerry Getting an iPhone-like App Store

Along with a touchscreen-based smartphone, RIM is reportedly readying an software store to rival Apple's App Store called the BlackBerry Application Center.

HTC Touch HD Not Coming to the U.S.

HTC has revealed that its upcoming cutting-edge smartphone the Touch HD won't be released in the United States. This device is still on track to debut in Europe, though.

Increase the Storage Capacity of an Eee PC to 64 GB

Super Talent Technology has just announced a new line of solid state drives (SSDs) that were designed explicitly to increase the storage capacity of Asus' Eee PC.

BlackBerry Storm Officially Unveiled

The first BlackBerry with a touchscreen is no longer only a rumor; it has been officially announced by by mobile phone companies on both sides of the Atlantic. *UPDATED*

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is a music-oriented smartphone featuring a 3.2″ touch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash, WiFi connectivity and integrated GPS navigation. It is one of[...]

BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Now Available in Pink

AT&T is now offering the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 in a new color: pink.

AT&T’s Pantech Duo Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade

The latest addition to the long list of smartphones getting a Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade is the Pantech Duo C810, which is offered by AT&T.

Pricing Leaked for AT&T’s Touch Pro and Samsung Epix

A vital piece of information has leaked out about a pair of smartphones that are expected to be debuting from AT&T in the coming weeks: their prices.

First Glimpse of Verizon’s Samsung i770

Verizon Wireless appears to be getting close to releasing the Samsung i770, a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone that may replace the i760 even though their designs are considerably different.

Motorola Q 11 Coming in December

Motorola has unveiled a latest in its venerable Q series of of smartphones. The Q 11 will offer Wi-Fi, GPS, but not 3G.

Match Wits with Opponents Worldwide with Spb Online Games

When Spb Software launched Spb Online several weeks ago it included a collection of online games. The company has now decided to offer this feature as a stand-alone service.

LG May Be Prepping a Windows Mobile Smartphone

If an unconfirmed report is correct, LG's first smartphone with Windows Mobile designed for the U.S. market will soon be released.

Digia Releases @Web: New Web Browser for UIQ

Digia has released @Web, a web browser for UIQ smartphones that has been designed to be fully controllable with a finger touch.

i.TV Introduces TV and Movie Guide for iPhone/iPod touch

i.TV has released an interactive TV and movie guide application for iPhone/iPod touch devices.

Third-party BlackBerry Software Development a Learning Process for RIM

As RIM tries to build a thriving third-party application ecosystem for the BlackBerry, the company and its independent software vendor partners are learning some hard lessons about working together.

Nokia Releases Beta 3 of its New Email Application

A new beta of the Nokia Email service has been released, adding additional device support, multiple email accounts support, and mailbox management fixes.

Widen Your Choices with Unlocked Smartphones

Brighthand's Editor-In-Chief uses his latest editorial to try to be sure those who are in the market for a new smartphone are aware of a little-used option: unlocked devices.

Scheduled Forum Maintenance Tomorrow Morning *UPDATED*

The Brighthand forums will be undergoing routine maintenance for several hours on Saturday, October 11.

Details Already Leaking Out on the Next Generation BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Bold, Storm, and Pearl Flip are still in the process of being rolled out, and the first report of the smartphone that's going to follow them has already[...]

Talking English Dictionary Released for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Paragon Software releases a Talking English Dictionary for Apple's smartphones and handhelds.

HTC May Be Bringing Out Its First Smartphone with WiMAX

HTC has unveiled the Quartz, its first Windows Mobile device with the 4G wireless service WiMAX.

T-Mobile Has Already Sold 1.5 Million Android-Powered Smartphones

Demand for the T-Mobile G1 is high enough that 1.5 million of them have already been pre-ordered, sight unseen. The only other smartphone has seen so many units sold so[...]

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

As the first clamshell BlackBerry, this model makes the most significant form factor change for a RIM device since the SureType keyboard was added to the Pearl line. Like all[...]

Developer Creates Dual-Boot Smartphone: iPhone and Windows Mobile *UPDATED*

An application that will allow Apple's smartphone to run Windows Mobile -- and its associated software -- will soon be available. If it isn't part of a hoax.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip Launching Today

The first BlackBerry with a clamshell design is now available in the United States, exclusively from T-Mobile.

First ALP-Powered Smartphone Debuting this Month

The first smartphone running Access's ALP -- one of the successors to the Palm OS -- should be out in October. This device will have a very high-resolution screen and[...]

Verizon Getting the Samsung Omnia

Strong evidence has emerged that Verizon is going to pick up a touchscreen-oriented Windows Mobile smartphone from Samsung.

Samsung Propel

The Samsung Propel is a feature phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a focus on messaging. Users can access email as well as text messages. This consumer-oriented device available[...]

LG Announces Second Generation Prada Phone

The second generation of the Prada aims to build on the former's functionality with a new sliding keyboard, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA connectivity, and enhanced multimedia facilities.

Sprint Releasing Palm Centro in New Colors, More Storage

Palm, Inc. has just announced that Sprint's version of the Centro will soon be available in two new shades: olive green and vibrant rose. These devices will also have twice[...]

Reading Shouldn’t Require an Interface

In Antoine Wright's latest editorial, he questions why reading with mobile devices have so many layers interfering with what is considered a relaxing activity.

OLO Computer Previews a Netbook Companion for the iPhone

An image of a iPhone dock/smartphone accessory, similar to the Celio Redfly, has been making the rounds. However, contrary to published reports, this is no more than a concept image[...]

LG Rhythm

The LG Rhythm is a smartphone available from Alltel designed for the music lover. It is equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, microSD card slot, FM transmitter and 1.3[...]

Firmware Update for Nokia E90 Released

The Nokia E90 clamshell smartphone has received an update to version 300.34.84, adding new applications and fixing some issues with device performance.

Winterface Updated with Weather Information

VITO Technology has released a free weather information appliction, which also functions as a update for Winterface, its mobile shell for Windows Mobile devices.

Samsung Ace Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade, GPS Support

The latest smartphone to get a Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade is Sprint's Samsung Ace. Easily the most significant enhancement in this is support for this device's GPS functions.

AT&T Quicksilver Brings 3G to Laptops and Subnotebooks

AT&T has released the USBConnect Quicksilver, the newest addition to this wireless carrier's High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)-capable lineup of LaptopConnect devices.

Palm Releasing New Centro Accessories

Palm has unveiled several custom-designed accessories for its Centro smartphone line.

Free Nationwide Wireless Internet Access Takes a Step Closer to Reality

An FCC proposal to create a wireless data network that would cover most of the U.S. has passed another hurdle.

BlueMaemo Turns Internet Tablets into Input Devices

BlueMaemo is a utility application that turns Nokia's N800 and N810 Internet Tablet devices into a keyboard/mouse accessory through the HID Bluetooth profile.

XBox Live Client Now Available for BlackBerries

Xberry Live is a free, BlackBerry application that lets XBox Live users check on their accounts from their smartphone.

Details Starting to Trickle Out on Motorola’s First Android Smartphone

A basic description of Motorola's first smartphone running Google's Android operating system has leaked out.

Big News on Two Mobile Web Browsers: Firefox and Opera

There's significant developments from two web browsers that have jumped from the desktop to the palmtop.

Samsung Epix

The Samsung Epix will eventually take the place of the Samsung BlackJack II in AT&T’s lineup. However, unlike it’s predecessor, the latest model runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, not WM[...]

Samsung Epix Launches on AT&T

AT&T has just released the Samsung Epix, a Windows Mobile smartphone that includes both a touchscreen and an optical mouse.

T-Mobile Preparing for G1 Launch Day

The T-Mobile G1 -- the highly-anticipated very first smartphone running Android -- is going to launch tomorrow, and this wireless provider is making special plans.

HP Unveils Two iPAQ Smartphones

HP has just taken the wraps off two new Windows Mobile smartphones: the iPAQ Data Messenger and the iPAQ Voice Messenger.

T-Mobile G1

The T-Mobile G1 is the first smartphone running Android, an operating system developed by Google. It is a consumer-oriented device with support for this carrier’s new 3G network. It includes[...]

Developer Sets Out to Create Palm OS-Compatible Operating System

Famous developer Dmitry Grinberg has announced plans to create an operating system compatible with Palm OS hardware and applications, but with more advanced features.

BlackBerry Bold Will Debut Early Next Month

AT&T has just announced the date the BlackBerry Bold will debut in the U.S. This highly-anticipated smartphone will offer a number of firsts for this long-running product line.

Apple Sells 6.8 Million iPhones in 3 Months

Apple, Inc. saw tremendous growth in the number of iPhones sold last quarter, and AT&T is reaping benefits from this smartphone, too.

Information Newly Leaked on the Nokia E63

New information leaked on the unannounced Nokia E63 sheds light on the physical design and many of the specifications of this Symbian S60 smartphone.

TI Releases Open-Source Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Drivers for Android

Texas Instruments has released its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth software drivers for use with Android-powered devices.

New Edition of ALP Targets New Types of Devices

Access Co., Ltd. has introduced a new version of its Linux-based operating system for smartphones. It has also unveiled an edition of ALP that will bring this OS to[...]

Android Can Not Run Applications from a Memory Card

The first Android-based smartphone debuted this week, and users have discovered what many will consider a significant flaw: all applications have to be stored in internal memory.

Samsung Omnia i900 Review

The Omnia is a Windows Mobile smartphone that's brave enough to go head-to-head with the iPhone. Brighthand's Adama Brown weighs in with his thoughts on this device and its massive[...]

Sprint Launching HTC Touch Pro Next Week

Sprint has just revealed the details on its plans to release the HTC Touch Pro, a high-end Windows Mobile smartphone with a sliding keyboard and EV-DO Rev. A.

How Can Smaller Mobile Companies Respond to the Credit Crunch?

The current global economic condition has made it harder for smaller companies to acquire funding/investments. How will mobile device makers respond in light of this?

Updated Gmail Client Released for BlackBerry and Java Phones

Google has introduced Gmail for mobile 2.0, an email client for BlackBerries and J2ME-compliant phones. The focus for this version was to make the application faster and more reliable.

Head of the S60 Group To Be First Director of the Symbian Foundation

Lee Williams has been nominated to be the Executive Director for the group that will make the Symbian OS, S60, and UIQ into an open-source operating system.

Some Windows Mobile 6.0 Upgrades Disappearing Nov. 1

Both Palm and HTC are warning their customers that operating system upgrades for some of their older models will soon no longer be available.

RIM Confirms BlackBerry Application Store will Launch in March

RIM has confirmed earlier reports that it will create an online marketplace for BlackBerry applications similar to Apple's App Store for the iPhone.

First Thoughts from the New Chief of the Windows Mobile Team

The new head of Microsoft's Mobile Communications Product Group has laid out in general terms his company's plans for Windows Mobile.

Sprint CEO Says Android Isn’t Good Enough Yet

Sprint is a prominent member of the group behind the Android operating system, but Sprint subscribers shouldn't hold their breathe for a smartphone running this new operating system.

Google Earth Now Available for iPhone/iPod Touch

Google has released a version of its Google Earth application for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

BlackBerry Storm May Launch in Mid November

Although Verizon has committed to releasing the first BlackBerry with a touchscreen, the carrier has been a bit vague on when this will happen.

Spb Mobile Shell Will Be Bundled with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson has asked Spb Software to develop a user interface panel for the Xperia X1. This will be based on Spb Mobile Shell, this company's an alternate user interface[...]

A Look Ahead at Three Smartphones Coming Soon to Verizon

Verizon Wireless is reportedly prepping a trio of Windows Mobile-based devices that will debut next month.

Truphone Releases Beta BlackBerry VoIP Client

Truphone has released a beta version of its popular VoIP client for BlackBerry devices.

AT&T May Introduce the HTC Touch Pro Next Week

AT&T will soon become the latest wireless carrier to release a business-oriented Windows Mobile smartphone from HTC... if unconfirmed reports are correct, anyway.

iambic’s GoogHelper and Tipper Now Available for Android

iambic has released its first two applications for Android-powered phones. GoogHelper is a mobile search launcher and Tipper is a split tip calculator.

T-Mobile G1 Coming to Wal-Mart at a Discount

Wal-Mart will soon begin offering the first Android-based smartphone at a price about 17% less than the regular cost.

HTC Touch Diamond for Sprint Review

Sprint recently released the Touch Diamond, a consumer-oriented smartphone with a VGA screen, 4 GB of storage, and EV-DO. Antoine Wright brings us a review of this Windows Mobile device.

Palm Treo Pro Now Available for Nearly 10% Off

Palm's latest smartphone -- the Treo Pro -- is now available from a couple of sources for $50 off the regular price.

Task2Gather — a Windows Mobile Web-Based Task Manager — Now Available

VITO Technology has released an online project and task management utility called Task2Gather.

iTalk Brings Sound Recording to iPhone/iPod touch… for Free

Griffin Technology has introduced iTalk, a free application for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to create high-quality recordings and then transfer them to a Mac or PC.

Microsoft Doing Unusual Windows Mobile Promotion on Ellen Show

Microsoft is currently running an unusual promotion for Windows Mobile on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.

Samsung C6620 Scores FCC Approval

A new Windows Mobile smartphone from Samsung has received its FCC approval, but there's reason to doubt whether it will be released in the U.S.

Motorola Going to Focus on Android

Motorola's future flagship phones will run Android. Going forward, Google's new operating system will be one of just three supported by this company.

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 with Flash, Faster Rendering Debuting Soon

A new, significantly enhanced, version of Microsoft's web browser for smartphones should be available for some models before the end of this year.

HP Launches Mini 1000 Subnotebook

HP has introduced the Mini 1000, a consumer-oriented subnotebook which is now available starting at $400.

Asus Getting on the Android Bandwagon

Asus is reportedly going to release a smartphone running Google's new mobile operating system some time next year.

Garmin Nuvifone Still Scheduled for Release in 2009

Despite multiple delays, Garmin says it is still committed to releasing its phone/GPS combo next year.

Small Bug-Fix Update Being Pushed Out to T-Mobile G1

Several small updates for the first Android-based phone have been released in the last few days, although the latest of these has not yet reached many users.

iPhone, BlackBerry Users Get Free Wi-Fi Service from AT&T

Access to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots is now available for Apple iPhone customers for free. The same will soon be true for AT&T subscribers who have a BlackBerry.

Nokia’s N85 North American Edition Gains FCC Approval

The Nokia N85 North American Edition has passed FCC testing, and this Smymbian smartphone with an OLED display should soon be appearing in stores soon.

Motorola Executive Outs Windows Mobile 6.5

Sanjay Jha, the head of Motorola's mobile device division, has revealed for the first time the existence of a previously unknown upcoming version of Windows Mobile.

Redfly $200 Special Almost Over *UPDATED*

The Celio Redfly is currently available for $200, but at the end of this month it will revert to its regular, much higher price.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson’s first Windows Mobile smartphone will be the Xperia X1. The centerpiece of this device will be its 3-inch, WVGA (800 by 480 pixel) touchscreen. In shape, it will[...]

Ghostwire Wins Nokia’s Mobile Games Innovation Challenge

Nokia has named the winners in its Mobile Games Innovation Challenge. These are games that the judges think will push the limits of mobile gaming.

Sprint Accidentally Confirms Plans to Release Palm Treo Pro

Sprint's website has an unambiguous reference to the Palm Treo Pro, in what is apparently a signal that this carrier is going to introduce a version of it.

Apple Blocking Opera Mini for iPhone

Opera Software has created a version of Opera mini for the iPhone, but Apple is preventing the release of this browser.