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SmartPhone Articles for October of 2009

Below are the 131 SmartPhone articles for October of 2009

Sony PSP Go

The Sony PSP Go is the latest in the PlayStation Portable family. This mobile gaming device is smaller than its predecessors, and has a sliding design. It forgoes the UMD[...]

T-Mobile Upgrading Two Models with Android 1.6

Two Android-based smartphones -- the T-Mobile G1 and T-Mobile myTouch 3G -- will get updates to the latest version of their operating system in the next few days. UPDATED

Verizon Officially Announces the HTC Imagio — Will Be Released Next Week

Verizon has made it official -- the HTC Imagio is going to debut on Oct. 6. This high-end smartphone will be one of the first with Windows Mobile 6.5, and[...]

Samsung Omnia II Could Be Coming to Verizon in Mid-October

The replacement for the Samsung Omnia will supposedly be released by Verizon in about two weeks. This smartphone will reportedly launch with the current version of Windows Mobile, not the[...]

New Details Emerge on Verizon’s First Android-Based Smartphone

Verizon is expected to get on the Android bandwagon soon, with a smartphone designed by Motorola. An official announcement is reportedly a couple of weeks away, but some additional details[...]

Most Popular Smartphones of September 2009

At the beginning of each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones and other mobile devices that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.[...]

Palm Pixi Might Debut in Three Weeks

The second webOS-powered smartphone will be on store shelves later this month, is an unconfirmed report is correct. The Palm Pixi will have a different design from its predecessor, the[...]

Astraware Solitaire and Sudoku Now Available for Android

Astraware's two of our most popular games - Solitaire and Sudoku - have now been released for a new platform, Google's Android.

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Finally Available

RIM has just released the long-awaited version of its BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Apple's Mac OS X. This ends a virtual requirement for BlackBerry users to own a Windows PC.

Nokia Booklet 3G Will Be Sold by Best Buy

Best Buy said today that it will be the exclsive U.S. provider of Nokia's first netbook. This retailer didn't reveal what it plans to charge for the Booklet 3G, but[...]

Samsung Instinct HD First Impressions Review

The Samsung Instinct HD was released by Sprint this week. This touchscreen-based phone is the first in the Instinct series with Wi-Fi, 5 MPx camera, and video-out capabilities. Jen Edwards[...]

AT&T Fuze Is Gone, Replacement Is Coming Soon

The AT&T Fuze, this carrier's version of the HTC Touch Pro, appears to have been discontinued. This opens the way for the release of its successor, which is expected to[...]

Small webOS Update Brings iTunes Syncing Back to the Palm Pre

Another skirmish happened today in a back-and-forth fight between Palm and Apple -- Palm released webOS 1.2.1 today, which brings support for iTunes synchronization back to the Palm Pre, which[...]

Carriers and their Customers Could Benefit from a Different Business Model

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright points out that power-users expose a different kind of thinking to mobile carriers; what could the benefits be if they re-tuned their business models[...]

Nokia E72 for N. America Can Now Be Pre-ordered

The Nokia E72 QWERTY smartphone was announced this summer, and a couple of online stores have now begun taking pre-orders for the N. American version. The U.S. release for the[...]

Mark/Space Prepping Desktop Sync Software for Android

Mark/Space will soon release desktop synchronization software for smartphones powered by the Android OS. This will sync contacts and transfer music and video between an Android phone and a computer[...]

AT&T Pure

The AT&T Pure is one of the first models running Windows Mobile 6.5, the newest version of Microsoft’s operating system for smartphones. It is this carrier’s version of the HTC[...]

Samsung Behold II Is T-Mobile’s Next Android-Based Smartphone

T-Mobile USA has announced plans to release the Samsung Behold II later this year. This 3G device will be based on Google's Android OS, but with Samsung's TouchWiz as the[...]

AT&T Pure Available Now, AT&T Tilt 2 Coming Soon

AT&T has announced its first two models running Windows Mobile 6.5, the newest version of Microsoft's operating system for smartphones. The AT&T Pure -- which has a tablet-shape -- has[...]

Adobe Flash Player for Mobile Devices Will Be Out by Year’s End

Adobe Systems said today it is on schedule to release a beta version of its Flash player for a number of mobile devices this year, and more will follow in[...]

Palm’s App Catalog Finally Includes Paid Software

Palm's on-device software store has passed an important milestone -- the first for-pay app has been listed. This is expected to lead to a significantly larger amount of webOS software[...]

AT&T Pure Review

The AT&T Pure is this carrier's version of the HTC Touch Diamond2 -- one of the premier touchscreen-oriented Windows phones on the market today. Ed Hardy brings us a review[...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

The Xperia X2 is Sony Ericsson’s second high-end smartphone running Microsoft Windows Mobile. This has a WVGA display, sliding keyboard, 8.1 megapixel camera, mobile broadband, and much more. It uses[...]

HTC Imagio

The HTC Imagio is a high-end smartphone from Verizon that is one of the first with Windows Mobile 6.5. This multimedia-oriented smartphone has a 3.6-inch, WVGA touchscreen, and is one[...]

MotionApps Classic Palm OS Emulator Gets HotSync Support

MotionApps has just released a new version of its Palm OS emulator for the Palm Pre that brings HotSync support to this webOS-based device. Other enhancements are also included.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Review

The first devices running a new version of Microsoft's operating system for smartphones are being released this week, and Ed Hardy brings us a review of the new features. Windows[...]

Samsung Intrepid Will Be Sprint’s First Windows Mobile 6.5 Device

Sprint has just unveiled the Samsung Intrepid, which is going to be its first smartphone running the new Windows Mobile 6.5. This device will have a QVGA screen, built-in keyboard,[...]

HTC Leo Is Now Officially the HTC HD2

The device code-named the HTC Leo is no longer a rumor. This smartphone has an official name -- the HTC HD2 -- and its impressive feature set has been confirmed,[...]

AT&T Will Allow iPhone Customers To Use VoIP Software on its 3G Network

AT&T has changed course,and will allow iPhone users to make VoIP phone calls over its cellular-wireless network Previously, those who used Apple's smartphone were restricted to using VoIP over Wi-Fi.

HTC HD2 Coming to the U.S. Early Next Year

The HTC HD2 -- the uber-smartphone previously known as the HTC Leo -- will be released in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2010. This will give American's access[...]

Android-Powered Samsung Moment Coming To Sprint

Samsung's next Android-based handset is coming to market on November 1, exclusively through Sprint. The Samsung Moment will feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3.2-inch AMOLED screen, an optical joystick,[...]

BlackBerry Bold 2 Debut May Be Soon

The official unveiling of RIM's second-generation BlackBerry Bold might be just two weeks away. This business-oriented smartphone is expected to be offered by AT&T -- who carries the original --[...]

Analyst Predicts Android Will Outsell iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile by 2012

Google's Android OS is still getting off the ground, but an analyst for the market-research firm Gartner says that two years from now it will have a larger share of[...]

Samsung Moment Preview

Sprint unveiled the Samsung Moment yesterday. It won't be released until next month, but Ed Hardy had some time with this device at the CTIA tradeshow and brings us a[...]

T-Mobile May Introduce the BlackBerry Bold 2 in Early November

RIM is reportedly going to officially announce the Blackberry Bold 2 on October 21, but a new unconfirmed report says T-Mobile USA won't begin offering it until a couple of[...]

VIDEO: Samsung Moment Preview

HTC Hero Available a Bit Early at Some Sprint Stores

Sprint's official launch of the HTC Hero isn't until tomorrow, but custormers are reporting that this Android-powered smartphone is already being sold in some of this carrier's retail stores. [...]

Garmin nuvifone G60 Preview

AT&T has finally released the Garmin nuvifone G60, a navigation-oriented smartphone. Ed Hardy brings us a video preview showing off the high points of this new model.

Backup of Sidekick Users’ Data Has Been Lost

T-Mobile and Danger Inc. admitted today that a recent problem with the servers for the T-Mobile Sidekick has "almost certainly" resulted in the online version of all user data being[...]


Sprint’s first smartphone running Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro is the Samsung Intrepid. This smartphone sports a QVGA touchscreen, built-in keyboard, and worldphone capabilities. It uses a tablet shape, with[...]

Samsung Intrepid

Sprint”s first smartphone running Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro is the Samsung Intrepid. This smartphone sports a QVGA touchscreen, built-in keyboard, and worldphone capabilities. It uses a tablet shape, with[...]

BlackBerry Storm 2 Could Be Just Days Away

Verizon Wireless will release the follow-up to the Blackberry Storm in less than two weeks, if an unconfirmed report is correct. This device will have much in common with its[...]

Sprint Launches the HTC Hero

Sprint's first Android-based smartphone is now officially available. The HTC Hero has been designed to help users manage their personal and work lives, offering tie-ins to a range of Google[...]

Barnes & Noble’s E-Book Reader Will Run Google’s Android

A new report says that the e-book reader that Barnes & Noble's is expected to release later this year will run Google's Android operating system.

Samsung Intrepid Now Available from Sprint

Sprint has begun offering its first smartphone running the new Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro. The Samsung Intrepid has a QVGA screen, built-in keyboard, and worldphone capabilities.

Verizon Still Has Not Unveiled Its First Android Smartphones

Last week, Verizon has a couple of excellent opportunities to announce its pair of upcoming models running Google's Android OS. It passed on both of them, leaving potential customers wondering[...]

Sony PSP Go Review

The PSP Go is the latest in the PlayStation Portable family. This mobile gaming device is smaller than its predecessors, and has a sliding design. It forgoes the UMD drive[...]

AT&T Will Offer the Nokia Booklet 3G

AT&T has just announced that it will offer Nokia's first netbook at a subsidized price... as long as it's purchased along with a two-year contract. This small and light device[...]

Palm Pre Debuts in Europe

The Palm Pre is rolling out across W. Europe this week. It debuted in Germany today, will be released in Spain tomorrow, and will hit store shelves in the U.K.[...]

Nokia N900 Preview

The Nokia N900 is not yet available, but Ed Hardy got some time with a pre-release version and brings us his first thoughts of the first smartphone running the Linux-based[...]

More Evidence Emerges that T-Mobile USA Will Offer the HTC HD2

T-Mobile USA customers may soon be able to get their hands on a very high-end Windows phone. An unconfirmed report says this wireless carrier is going to offer the HTC[...]

Acer Pushing the Cutting Edge in Android Phones

The newly-unveiled Acer Liquid should raise some eyebrows -- no other device running Google's Android OS that has been announced so far will have its feature set, including a WVGA[...]

New Images of Verizon’s First Android Device Come to Light

A new pair of pictures of the the Motorola Droid have leaked out, giving the world its latest look at this upcoming Android-powered smartphone with a high-resolution screen and landscape-oriented[...]

BlackBerry Storm2 Is Official… Mostly

Today is apparently the official unveiling of the BlackBerry Storm 2, although the situation isn't as clear cut as it could be. RIM has confirmed this device exists, but has[...]

HAVA Streaming Video Player for iPhone Released

Monsoon Multimedia has introduced a version of the HAVA Mobile Player app that allows users to view and control their home television service, including cable, satellite and TiVo, from anywhere[...]

Virtually All Sidekick User Data Recovered

Microsoft announced early this morning that it has managed to recover most, if not all" of the data stored by T-Mobile Sidekick users on its servers. Previously, this data had[...]

Nokia Loses Money and Smartphone Marketshare

Nokia did something last quarter has hasn't done in years: it lost money. Its share of the world smartphone market declined a bit, too.

RoadSync 1.0 Brings Exchange ActiveSync to Android Smartphones

After six months in beta, DataViz has completed work on the first version of its Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync client for Android. RoadSync 1.0 is now available for purchase through the[...]

Dell Android-Based Smartphone May Be Coming to America

Michael Dell has left open the possibility that his company might release an Android-based phone outside of China next year. This has raised the hopes of those who would like[...]

Samsung Omnia II Reportedly Scheduled for Nov. 1 Launch

There can be no doubt that Verizon is going to release the Samsung Omnia II -- this Windows phone with the Verizon logo on it was on public display at[...]

Barnes & Noble’s Android-Based E-Book Reader Could Debut Very Soon

The launch of Barnes & Noble's e-book reader is reportedly right around the corner, and many of the details of this Android-based device have slipped out in the last few[...]

Verizon Is Definitely Getting the Palm Pre

If there are any lingering doubts that Verizon Wireless is going to offer the Palm Pre, one of this this carrier's Twitter feeds has re-iterated earlier promises to launch the[...]

Android 2.0 Will Sync With Exchange, Facebook

Android 2.0 has not yet been formally announced, but a great deal of information about it has recently appeared on the Web. Among the most significant changes in the next[...]

Apple Releases iPhone OS 3.1.2

Apple has released a small update for the system software on the iPhone and iPod touch. Version 3.1.2 is a classic "bug fix" update, with no new features.

AT&T Tilt2

The AT&T Tilt2 is this carrier’s version of the HTC Touch Pro2 and as such it has a 3.6-inch, WVGA display that can slide aside to reveal its QWERTY keyboard.[...]

AT&T Tilt2 Launches with Large Screen and Keyboard

AT&T is launching its version of the HTC Touch Pro2 today. Renamed the AT&T Tilt2 by this carrier, this high-end Windows phone offers a WVGA touchscreen, sliding keyboard, mobile broadband,[...]

Verizon’s Motorola Droid Will Debut Next Month with Android 2.0

Verizon Wireless has begun advertising its upcoming "Droid" smartphone, giving the first official details on a model that's been the subject of many rumors. On the list of confirmed features[...]

AT&T Tilt2 Preview

The AT&T Tilt2 -- this carrier's version of the HTC Touch Pro2 -- debuted today. Brighthand's Ed Hardy got some time with a pre-release model, and brings his first impressions[...]

Broadcasters Poised to Bring Mobile DTV to Smartphones

A final mobile digital TV standard has been approved. This means U.S. broadcasters can now start rolling out an array of video services that will be available to consumers on[...]

Motorola Cliq

The Motorola Cliq is an Android-based smartphone from T-Mobile. It has a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, and a 5 MPx camera, but its real claim to fame is a new[...]

Motorola Cliq Available Now to T-Mobile Customers

Current T-Mobile customers can now purchase the Motorola Cliq, but those who want to switch to this carrier to get this Android-based smartphone have to wait another couple of weeks.

T-Mobile’s ”Project Dark” Could Be a Game Changer

T-Mobile is perpetually in fourth place among U.S. wireless carriers, but details of a plan to change this have been slipping out. Project Dark will apparently include some very aggressive[...]

RIM May Be Prepping a BlackBerry Smartwatch

A watch that is able to display messages that come into a nearby BlackBerry smartphone is apparently on its way from Research in Motion. This smartwatch will be able to[...]

Apple iPhone Sales Up 7% Last Quarter

Apple sold 7.4 million iPhones in the third quarter of this year, helping to make it the most profitable quarter ever for this company.

Asus Will Unveil Its First Android-based Smartphone by Year’s End

Asus has said multiple times that it is going to use Google's Android OS, but it hasn't done so yet. However, this company's CEO said recently that it is almost[...]

Epocrates Essentials Now Available for BlackBerry Smartphones

Epocrates, Inc. has introduced a version of its most popular premium clinical software suite, Epocrates Essentials, for the BlackBerry OS. This app helps doctors around the world to make decisions[...]

Barnes & Noble Set to Introduce the ”Nook” E-Book Reader Today

The debut of Barnes & Noble's e-book reader is scheduled for later today, but many of the details of this Android-based device have already slipped out, including its name and[...]

Samsung Behold II Is Still a Month Away from a T-Mobile Launch

T-Mobile USA announced the Samsung Behold II early this month, but the debut is still weeks away. According to leaked information, this Android-based smartphone will launch in mid-November.

AT&T’s First Android Phone May Be the HTC Hero

At this point, AT&T is the only U.S. wireless carrier who has yet to even announce a phone running Google's Android OS. This may remain true until next year, when[...]

Verizon’s Launch of the BlackBerry Storm2 Could Be Delayed

According to rumor, Verizon is going to formally announce its plans for the BlackBerry Storm2 tomorrow. However, problems with the device may push back the actual release of this touchscreen-oriented[...]

Catalog of webOS Apps Now Available on Palm’s Site

Palm, Inc. has answered the requests of many, and created an online listing of all the third-party webOS software that's on the market. Previously, this information could only be found[...]

Barnes & Noble Nook Will Take on the Kindle

Barnes & Noble has just taken the wraps off the Nook, an e-book reader that will be a direct competitor to Amazon.com's Kindle. It will differentiate itself by allowing users[...]

Details on Verizon’s Second Android Phone Leak Out

Verizon is running TV ads for the Motorola Droid, its first Android smartphone, but this wireless carrier hasn't yet begun to talk about it second model running Google's OS. Nevertheless,[...]

Second-Generation BlackBerry Bold Coming to AT&T, T-Mobile USA

Both AT&T and T-Mobile USA have announced plans to offer the BlackBerry Bold 9700, a smartphone that was just unveiled today. This second model in the Bold series will offer[...]

The Dell Streak Will Have Android 2.0, Very Large Screen

New details have emerged on Dell's upcoming Mobile Internet Device, the Streak. This will be a small portable computer -- possibly coming to AT&T -- with a variety of wireless[...]

Palm Pre Available for AT&T and T-Mobile Customers

AT&T and T-Mobile customers can now get a Palm Pre without having to switch to Sprint. There are a few caveats, though, as this version of the first webOS smartphone[...]

HTC HD2 Preview

The HTC HD2 is an upcoming Windows phone with a feature set that few of its competitors will be able to match. This starts with a 4.3-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen[...]

Verizon Will Officially Unveil the Droid in One Week

Those eager to know more about the hotly-anticipated Motorola Droid have to wait less than a week, as Verizon plans to take the wraps off it at an event next[...]

Nokia N900 Release Pushed Back to November

The Nokia N900 was originally scheduled to be released in October, but a high-level executive has admitted that the debut of this feature-packed model -- which may be offered by[...]

”Project Dark” Will End the Need for T-Mobile Customers to Sign Service Contracts

Project Dark is intended to make T-Mobile more competitive in the U.S. phone market. The details haven't been announced yet, but the new pricing plans have leaked out already, and[...]

Nokia Suing Apple for Patent Infringement

Nokia has just announced that it has filed a complaint against Apple with the Federal District Court in Delaware, alleging that Apple's iPhone infringes Nokia patents for cellular-wireless networking and[...]

Great Deals Available on the Latest AT&T Windows Phones

The official price for the recently-released AT&T Tilt2 is $300, but it's available for much less at several online retailers. The new AT&T Pure is available for even less: free[...]

iPhone Continues To Bring New Customers to AT&T

AT&T continues to gain subscribers thanks to the contract with Apple that makes this carrier the exclusive U.S. provider of the iPhone. During the third quarter of this year, nearly[...]

Verizon Accidentally Leaks the Droid’s Specifications

Verizon doesn't plan to unveil the Droid until next week, but this carrier has given the world an in-depth sneak peek: it briefly put the official pages describing this Android-based[...]

BlackBerry Storm2 U.S. Debut Coming in Less Than a Week

Verizon Wireless has announced that the wait for the second-generation BlackBerry Storm will be over in just a few days. This touchscreen-oriented device will have a great deal in common[...]

First Details Leak on Verizon’s Upcoming ”Droid Eris” Smartphone

Verizon's much-anticipated Droid smartphone came into the spotlight this week, but it seems this will be only the first in a series of Android-based devices, with the second model --[...]

BlackBerry Storm2 Will Cost Less than its Predecessor at Launch

Verizon has announced that it is going to introduce the next-generation BlackBerry Storm2 on Wednesday, but hasn't yet revealed the cost. Fortunately for those who are interested by this upcoming[...]

Samsung Intrepid Review

Sprint's first smartphone running the new Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro is the Samsung Intrepid. Jen Edwards brings us a review of this smartphone, which sports a QVGA screen, built-in keyboard,[...]

BlackBerry Storm2 First Impressions Review

Verizon Wireless will release the second-generation BlackBerry Storm this week, and Shaun Mahal brings us his first impressions of this upcoming smartphone. The BlackBerry Storm2 will have generally the same[...]

T-Mobile USA No Longer Requires Service Contracts

T-Mobile USA introduced a new pricing strategy today that allows its customers to have get wireless voice and data service without signing a contract. However, those who are willing to[...]

Palm Pixi Will Debut in Mid-November for $100

The Palm Pixi, the second webOS-powered smartphone, will hit store shelves in a few weeks. As expected, this smartphone will have an entry-level price, making it more affordable than its[...]

BlackBerry OS 5.0 Upgrade Now Available for the Original Storm

Research in Motion has released an operating system upgrade for Verizon's version of the original BlackBerry Storm. This brings a number of improvements to the first touchscreen-oriented smartphone from RIM.

inPulse Smartwatch Puts Your BlackBerry on Your Wrist

Allerta has taken the wraps off a watch that works in concert with a nearby BlackBerry smartphone to display messages and alerts. The inPulse will have an OLED display and[...]

HTC Imagio Review

The HTC Imagio is a high-end smartphone from Verizon that is one of the first with Windows Mobile 6.5. Adama D. Brown says this multimedia-oriented device is "probably the[...]

Major Nokia N97 Firmware Update Released

Nokia has begun to roll out a system software update for its flagship Symbian S60 smartphone, the Nokia N97. This new 2.0 firmware offers a significant collection of new features,[...]

Verizon Prepping BlackBerry Curve2 for the Holidays

Verizon Wireless is apparently going to release a model from the BlackBerry Curve 8500 series in time for the holiday shopping season. This is an updated version of one of[...]

First Two Droid Smartphones May Debut on Nov. 6

Verizon reportedly plans to release its first two Android-powered smartphones early in November. The Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris will give customers a choice between a high-end model with[...]

Google Makes Android 2.0 Official

Android 2.0, the next version of Google's operating system for smartphones, has been officially unveiled. This will include a number of enhancements, most notably support for synchronizing with Microsoft Exchange.

BlackBerry Storm2

The BlackBerry Storm2 is a touchscreen-oriented device that has a great deal in common with its predecessor, but comes with a redesigned screen, Wi-Fi, and updated software. It has a[...]

Sony Ericsson’s Android-Based Xperia X3 May Launch Early Next Month

Sony Ericsson has put a "teaser" page on its website promising a big announcement on November 3. This could be the day it's going to formally unveil the Xperia X3,[...]

BlackBerry Storm2 Launching Today

Verizon has just begun offering the BlackBerry Storm2, RIM's latest touchscreen-oriented smartphone. Its predecessor had a rocky start last year -- the next couple of weeks will show if things[...]

Google Maps Mobile May Become a Full-Fledged Navigation App

Google offers free mapping software for a wide variety of smartphones. If a rumor is correct, this is going to be turned into a full-fledged navigation app, with voice-guided, turn-by-turn[...]

Verizon Droid: It’s Official

Today is the official unveiling of Verizon's first Android-based smartphone. The Motorola Droid, scheduled for release next week, will be packed with high-end features, like a WVGA+ touchscreen, hardware keyboard,[...]

Nokia N97 Mini Hitting Store Shelves

The Nokia N97 Mini was announced in September as a smaller version of the flagship Nokia N97 device. It has now begun showing up in stores in various markets in[...]

Motorola Droid for Verizon First Impressions Review

Brighthand's Ed Hardy is one of the lucky few with the newly-announced Motorola Droid. He brings us his first thoughts on this Android 2.0-based smartphone that sports a WVGA+ display,[...]

HTC Hero Getting an Android 2.0 Upgrade

Google officially unveiled Android 2.0 earlier this week, and Verizon has already announced a model that will use it -- the Motorola Droid. Not to be left out, HTC has[...]

Best Buy Will Make the Motorola Droid Easier To Purchase than Verizon Does

When Verizon Wireless introduces the Motorola Droid next month, many people will likely pass by their nearest Verizon store on their way to a Best Buy location, as this retailer[...]

There Will Be No Android Version of the HTC HD2

There have been requests for an Android version of the HTC HD2, but HTC's CEO says this high-end smartphone is going to be Windows Mobile only, in hopes of driving[...]

Verizon’s Droid Eris May Sell for Under $100

Verizon is going to release its first Android-powered smartphone, the Motorola Droid, early next month, and it's apparently going to have a companion, which will reportedly be a less expensive[...]

VIDEO: Motorola Droid Overview

VIDEO: Nokia N900 Preview

Boingo Wi-Fi Service Now Available for BlackBerrys

Boingo Wireless is a service that, for a fee, gives users access to a very extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots. This week, software that BlackBerry users need to access this[...]

Pricing for the Samsung Behold II Leaks out

T-Mobile USA is expected to release the Samsung Behold II around the middle of next month. The price for this Android-powered model with an OLED display hasn't been announced yet,[...]

BlackBerry Bold 9700 May Not Be Released by T-Mobile as Soon as Expected

T-Mobile is still expected to launch the second-generation BlackBerry Bold next month, but a week later than earlier reports had indicated. The 9700 will have the same general design as[...]

BlackBerry Storm2 Review

Verizon Wireless has released the BlackBerry Storm2, and Shaun Mahal brings us a review. This new smartphone has the same general look and feel as the original, but comes with[...]

Nokia Phasing N-Gage Gaming Network into the Ovi Store

After several years of lackluster performance, Nokia's gaming network, N-Gage is officially being merged into the Ovi Store, with the N-Gage brand and social network being shuttered late next year.

Nokia N97 Mini

The Nokia N97 Mini is a redesigned version of Nokia’s flagship smartphone, with a smaller screen and keyboard. It has the same general “slide-and-tilt” design as its slightly bigger brother,[...]


This very high-end Windows phone sports a 4.3-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen and 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. It runs Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro, but has the new version of HTC’s[...]

Weekend Survey: Who Do You Influence?

Here at TechnologyGuide, we're industry experts, and our friends, family, and coworkers know this and turn to us for product recommendations. We'd like to know how many of you are[...]

Sony Ericsson’s Android-Based Xperia X3 Will Debut this Week

A "teaser" video gives the world a sneak peak at one of the smartphones Sony Ericsson is going to unveil on Nov. 3. The device shown matches the leaked images[...]

Get a Halloween Treat from Proporta

The online retailer Proporta is holding a Halloween sale: 15% off all products, including its award-winning accessories for smartphones, netbooks, and PDAs, like cases, rechargers, memory cards, and more.