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SmartPhone Articles for November of 2001

Below are the 40 SmartPhone articles for November of 2001

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iGo Free Cellular Handsfree Kit With $25 Purchase.

Palm cuts price of top-end model

Palm has chopped $50 off the price of its top-of-the-line color m505 handheld, bringing the model to $399 in time to compete for holiday sales.

Nokia tops Palm in European handheld market-study

Nokia, buoyed by its 9210 Communicator smart phone, has overtaken Palm and Compaq to become Western Europe's leading mobile data device vendor, a study released on Friday said. [...]

Palm m505 New Price List

See the best deals out there for the m505 now!

iPAQ’s to ease the pain of input

Trying to shore up what many consider a significant weakness of most mobile Net devices -- input -- Compaq said Thursday that it will bundle predictive text input software with[...] + Rebates = Great deal on memory! has a special mail in rebate with Viking memory 128mb or 256mb.

Palm V. Microsoft? Palm wins in 3rd qtr. Sales

Palm and Microsoft, makers of competing software that powers PDAs, are battling for a market expected to grow significantly in coming years as devices evolve into smart communications tools capable[...]

Monkeying around with Monkeystone Games

In this interview with high-profile game developers John Romero, Tom Hall and Stevie "Killcreek" Case, we discuss their new company, Monkeystone Games, and its goal to develop exciting new games[...]

Palm outsells Compaq at a rate of four to one

Palm regains top spot in the handheld market... Palm has regained its position as the number one money maker in the handheld PDA stakes.

TDK releases Bluetooth device for Palm

TDK Systems Europe is shipping a Bluetooth-enabled device for Palm handhelds.

Fossil unveils PDA wristwatch

As if cross-platform IR-talking between PDAs wasn't enough (PPC 2002 and Palm OS PDAs now talk natively), Fossil now aims to let them talk with the their new wristwatch, too.

Sharp to seed developers with Linux PDA

Sharp is planning to make its SL-5000D handheld available to developers from today, marking the company's return to the international mobile computing market.

Palm CEO Quits

Palm Inc. on Thursday said chief executive Carl Yankowski resigned. – great price on CF modems! has the Viking RFM56KCFM CompactFlash 56K Modem for Pocket PC for $49.99 After Instant Rebate.

Palm to replace buggy devices

Beleaguered handheld maker Palm plans to replace some of its newest handheld units after owners complained of glitches while syncing Palm m500 and m505 devices with a PC.

Handspring’s PDA-phone close at hand

LAS VEGAS--Those waiting to get their hands on Handspring's Treo phone-handheld combo shouldn't have to wait past January.

Palm offers OS upgrade, delays Bluetooth

LAS VEGAS--Handheld computer maker Palm has started selling a new version of its operating system but has pushed back the availability of a key add-on module.

Gifts for the palm-top generation

At last you've got a handheld computer. It's small enough to fit in the pocket of your coat, lets you check your appointments, play some games and even synchronizes with[...]

Handspring: Security could be our

LAS VEGAS--Handspring co-founder Jeff Hawkins said demand for better security technology in the wireless industry is a potential business opportunity for his company.


On site coverage of Comdex 2001 from Las Vegas, Nevada

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Targus has a Great Thanks Giving Sale offering 10% off purchases over $150.

Palm gets in the gift giving mood with Holiday rebates!

Buy a m125, m500, or m505 and get the following for free, via rebate from Palm:

HP sacrifices Linux handhelds

Hewlett-Packard has cancelled three Linux handheld projects with the axing of an Australian research and development lab, according to a source close to the company.

Free OmniSky Modems for Handspring PDA’s!

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Comdex 2001: Wireless modem service for PDA users

Users of some handheld devices from Palm and IBM will soon have a new way to connect to the Internet wirelessly, with Motient's release of its MobileModem sled.

Palm Completes Be Inc. Buyout

Palm, Inc. Wednesday said it has completed acquisition of the technology assets of Be Incorporated.

Tablet PCs, handhelds ready to rumble?

As the capabilities of handheld computers expand and as Tablet PCs emerge, some in the technology industry believe the two categories are headed toward a collision course.

Sony to release yet another PDA, T600C

One of our faithful members picked this up and posted the info on the discussion boards, here's the thread.

Palm, Handspring Surge on Merger Speculation

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Shares in both Palm Inc. (news/quote) (PALM.O) and Handspring Inc. (news/quote) (HAND.O) surged on Monday in the latest round of speculation about at least a dozen[...]

Palm prepares for layoffs…again

The struggling handheld device maker is expected to announce significant layoffs as soon as next week. This would mark the third round of significant cuts at the company this year. Contest Winners Announced!

David from Portugal was the winner of last months contest, he will be receiving his Palm m125 in the next couple of weeks. Our other winners come from[...]

Palm to dump MyPalm portal

Handheld giant Palm plans to discontinue its Web-based MyPalm portal, which offers online access to personal calendars and address books. According to a message posted on its Web[...]

Palm, Handspring still not ready to dance

For months, merger rumors buzzed around Palm Inc. and Handspring Inc. With the wireless computing realm in the dumps, a marriage of the ailing handheld technology firms seemed a natural.[...]

Palm targets WLAN’s

Palm, Inc., in another move to attract enterprise customers, said Monday that it is offering fee software to those who purchase a 802.11b wireless local area network (WLAN) module for[...]

Boost memory on your pre-m500 Palm

There are some things in life that you can never get enough of as a PDA owner. One of them is storage space on your handheld. For those who carry[...]

Free offers from Sony when you buy a qualifying Clie!

This holiday season, Sony Electronics is decking the halls and their handhelds with a free 32MB Memory Stick Media for consumers who purchase qualifying CLI PEG-N and T Series[...]

DEAL: SanDisk Memory Rebate Offers + Coupons

Visit today to see their feature on SanDisk Memory rebates, these include $25 off 256 CompactFlash Card, $20 off 128MB Memory Stick and $15 off 128MB SmartMedia....and more! [...]

Palm Says Loss to Meet Estimates, Cuts 250 Jobs

No. 1 hand-held computer maker Palm Inc. (PALM.O) said on Wednesday it expects a second-quarter loss to meet consensus estimates as it tries to cut costs, which include trimming its[...]

Handspring – “Treo 180 will lead us to profitability”

Handspring insists that it will become profitable by 2nd Quarter 2002, relying on buzz and potential strong sales of the upcoming Treo 180 device.

RIM Sweetens BlackBerry with CRM, E-Biz Apps

Novarra said its software offers real-time wireless interaction from multiple handheld devices over any wireless network, bringing desktop Web content to mobile users.