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SmartPhone Articles for November of 2002

Below are the 102 SmartPhone articles for November of 2002

BrightBytes™: TextMaker, Flash, Uninvited, and More

New beta of Pocket PC word processor, TextMaker; new book about developing in Flash for handhelds; Pocket PC version of Uninvited now available, and much more.

New Software Available for Palm OS 5

Updated Developers are releasing new versions of their applications to ensure compatibility with Palm OS 5, and even take advantage of the faster processors available on the new handhelds.

Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC coming November 18

Updated Dell executive explains Dell's aggressive sales goals for its upcoming Axim X5 Pocket PC, and drops the hint that Dell may even consider the Palm OS for future[...]

HP iPAQ h1910

It’s thin (only .50″ wide). It’s light (only 4.23 ounces) and it’s bright with a clear and dazzling transflective color display. The iPAQ h1910 Pocket PC offers a great combination[...]

HP confirms the release of the iPAQ H1900 (Picture)

The entry-level Pocket PC market is moving into the hot and heavy stage as a handful of manufacturers prep PDA's for November/December releases. HP will not be denied, bringing to[...]

Rebates of up to $100 on the most popular PDA’s

Amazon has some very impressive rebates on the most popular PDA's including the yet to be released Sony Clie NX70 series. Rebates are good on any PDA purchase made at[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie NX70V

The NX70V is Sony's new high-end model with a 320 by 480 pixel screen, plus an integrated video camera and a keyboard. It runs Palm OS 5 on a[...]

BrightBytes™: Inbox to Go, Treo Mail, Presenter-to-Go

Dataviz releases email app that can handle MS Office attachments, Handspring updates Treo Mail, and MARGI Systems has a special on its Presenter-to-Go Springboard module.

Rumor Mill: HP readies ultra-thin iPAQ h1900

HP is set to release a new mid-range model, the iPAQ h1900, though little is known about the device at this time.

Confirmed: Dell PDA to Launch November 18

Dell has been teasing the market with bits & pieces of information on its upcoming handheld. We now have a solid date on when we can expect to see these[...]

Nokia trying to communicate better Set to release the 9310 Communicator today

In late May, Nokia released the Communicator 9290 in the US with limited success. While the large clamshell design opened to reveal a very nice, wide color screen and large[...]

New Treo Mail 1.5 Gets Faster, Adds Support For Lotus Domino R5

Handspring released an update to thier Treo Mail program earlier today. The update includes a number of new features, highlighted by major performance and usability enhancements.

QuickOffice v6.1 Now Supports Mac OS X

Cutting Edge Software has released an update of their popular QuickOffice software to support users on the Mac OS X platform.

Sony Clile NX-Series to Support Flash

Sony has been slow to release their new Clie NX70 PDA's and now we might know why. Sony has announced they will support Macromedia's Flash product on their new product[...]

Toshiba to release three new Pocket PCs in Japan

Toshiba will release three new handhelds this month in the Land of the Rising Sun, two of which will have 128 MB of RAM.

BrightBytes™: RIM, MultiPivot, Palm Reader

Handspring and RIM settle patent lawsuit, MultiPivot is a new stand for all types of handhelds, new version of the Palm Reader for desktops, and more.

Instead of Making GPS smaller, Try Wireless – Bluetooth GPS En Route

Transplant Computing has released a GPS package designed to communicate with Palm OD PDA's via Bluetooth connection. Their creation makes perfect sense. Why try to jam GPS functionality into an[...]

Review: Palm Tungsten T — Bluetooth Anyone?

The Palm Tungsten T is really the first new PDA they've released since the m130. Sure the m515 came out in between, but wasn't it just a re-hash of the[...]

Dell’s Axim targets the “new HP”

Despite sluggish PC sales, Dell looks to double its revenues with new ventures into printers and handheld computers

Don’t Flip Out – Kyocera to release the 7135 shortly

Kyocera is getting closer to releasing the anticipated 7135. The FCC has granted approval for the sale of the device in the US and now Kyocera is committing to a[...]

Review: The Straight Story Behind a Bendable Stylus

When the ComfortStylus showed up at my house, it was packed in a small bubble envelope. Not really expecting a delivery I had no idea what was in the package.[...]

Another option for email on the run, with or without wires

Dataviz has announced the formal release of Inbox To Go, a wireless email application that supports Microsoft Office file attachements with outgoing email.

Quickoffice announces support for Palm OS 5

CuttingEdge Softwaare has announced support for Palm OS 5 for their Quickoffice and Quickoffice Pro product line. Version 6.2 takes full advantage of the new ARM processors to improve on[...]

Dell AXIM X5 (300 Mhz)

The Dell AximTM X5 is the ultimate handheld device that delivers style and outstanding features at an affordable price. It’s powered by the Intel XScaleTM Processor at 300MHz to help[...]

BrightBytes™: RIM, PocketMac, Smartphone

Palm licenses RIMS's keyboard technology, new version of PocketMac, Sendo dumps Microsoft's Smartphone 2002, and more.

New stylus will protect your PDA screen and your finger

There's no getting around it. This new input tool is a condom for your finger with a pointy tip that acts as a stylus. Some may call it a thimble[...]

BrightBytes™: Nokia, Quickoffice, Sunnysoft

Nokia to license RIM's email software, Quickoffice 6.2 supports Palm OS 5, new offline Internet reader for Pocket PC, and more.

Out of Sync: The Traffic Jam for Synchronization

Contributing writer Ted Ladd investigates synchronization, its beauty and its pitfalls

Dell talks about its upcoming Axim X5 Pocket PCs

Dell offers more information about its upcoming line of Pocket PCs, providing a complete picture of the models available later this month.

More Dell-icious News on Their New PDA’s (Pictures)

Dell has confirmed that two Amix X5 PDA's will be available for order in late November. Now we have more details on pricing - unfortunate news, and a high res[...]

Review: MyStream 1.0 Don t Forget the Small Stuff

Don t you always need something like your car s VIN number or your Delta frequent flyer information, or perhaps you dog s county license number, when you don t[...]

WirelessUSB: Yet Another Short-Range Networking Standard

WirelessUSB, available early next year, is intended to do everything USB can do, except without the wires.

Better than Pocket Office?

Does DataViz's Documents To Go do a better job at handling Office documents than Pocket Word and Pocket Excel? You may be surprised.

Sharp Releasing Clamshell Zaurus Tomorrow

Sharp is ready to release a new member of the Zaurus line in Japan. It has a VGA screen, a keyboard, and runs Linux.

BrightBytes™: ACT!, DooM for Palm OS, Quicken

Users of ACT! will soon have more handheld options, DooM may be coming to the Palm OS, there's a new version of Pocket Quicken, and more.

Microsoft and Samsung hint at sub-$200 Pocket PCs

Microsoft continues to explore ways to offer lower-priced Pocket PCs, this time partnering with Samsung in announcing its low-cost Pocket PC concept design.

MMC Cards Just Got Smaller

Updated A standard for half-sized MMC cards has been approved and the RS-MMC cards will begin appearing soon.

HOW TO: Choosing a PDA Based on Memory Storage Type

The world of PDAs can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing, you have to choose between Palm OS, Pocket PC or Linux and then determine which manufacturer you trust that makes[...]

IBM adds ‘Pixie Dust’ to increase hard drive space

What does that mean for PDA owners? IBM's compact flash microdrives are the ultimate in mini disk space. Current microdrives cap out at 1GB, which is a ton of space,[...]

Samsung announces the cheapest Pocket PC so far (pictures)

In cooperation with Microsoft, Samsung today released details on a concept Pocket PC that attacks Palm OS PDA s at their roots, the low-cost entry-level PDA. For the first time[...]

New Solution to Increase Battery Life in ARM Chips

ARM and National Semiconductor are going to improve the way ARM processors use power, which should lead to greatly increased battery life.

Sharp Announces Two New Zaurus Handhelds

Sharp has introduced two new members of its Linux-based Zaurus line. One is an updated version of its SL-5500, the other is the clamshell-shaped model it has demonstrated in[...]

Sharp Zaurus SL-5600

The Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 combines state-of-the-art Sharp technology and Sharp innovation to deliver a unique and compelling PDA solution. The Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 offers everything from mobile communications to mobile[...]

Zaurus line to get Sharper – SL-5600 to be released soon

Sharp has confirmed the release of the SL-5600 in the US, and the SL-A300 a horizontal clamshell, in Japan. Sharp's line relies on a Linux operating system which has been[...]

World s first ever wireless card tourney this weekend. Want in? It s Free.

DreamQuest Software will host the much anticipated wireless card tournament this Saturday. Players can participate with wireless PDA s or cell phones running the games. You don t even need[...]

BrightBytes™: PalmSource, TextMaker, Free DVD Player

There will be new Palm OS licensees soon, a new beta of TextMaker is available, Handspring is giving away DVD players, and more.

Nokia to release Blackberry devices in 2003

Nokia plans on attacking the broader business market with a series of phones featuring the Blackberry operating system. The first effort is the Nokia 6800 which will sell for $250[...]

Sony Clie NX70V First Thoughts

I ve had the NX70V for a couple days now and have gathered a few thoughts and observations for you. Many of my comparisons will be against the Palm Tungsten[...]

HP comfirms two new iPAQ PDA’s to be released Monday (new pictures)

As previously reported, HP has been working on two new PDA's. One to meet the competitive entry-level and one to meet the needs of power users. They have now confirmed[...]

HP Introducing Two New iPAQs Next Week

HP has leaked details on two new handhelds to be released next week, a mid-range model and a high-end one. The mid-range model will face some tough competition.

Help NASA count meteors with free Palm software

NASA has released a program to let you count meteors on any Palm OS PDA. The push comes as the 2002 Leonid meteor shower nears.

Review Proporta Executive Chrome Plated Styli

I ve never really felt a pressing need to buy a new stylus ever. Even with the cheap PDA s I ve reviewed, the standard has always suited me just[...]

Sony Moves to PocketPC…For Gaming!

Sony will be sticking with the Palm OS for it's hardware devices, but that doesn't stop them from developing software for the PocketPC Platform. The end of this month[...]

Garmin to Release GPS Receiver with Palm OS 5

Garnin is finally going to release a Palm OS product and it will use a brand new processor from Motorola.

Garmin to release Palm OS 5 GPS device powered by Motorola

Motorola has announced that Garmin International will use it's new second generation DragonBall MXL applications processor in their new familty of GPS devices.

Sharp and IBM Developing New Zaurus Model

The Enterprise Edition Zaurus will be use Linux and IBM software to wirelessly tie in to a variety of enterprise applications.

Comdex Preview – What to Expect Next Week

Comdex has a dozen or so shows all across the world where technology companies demo their products. The Vegas show has added importance though, as manufacturers use it to announce[...]

Dell stops selling all Pocket PC’s but their own?

Dell has not carried many Pocket PC's over the past few months, but in browsing their site tonight I noticed they now do not have any! Is Dell paving the[...]

News from Comdex Fall 2002

Dell and HP launch new Pocket PCs; PalmSource announces a new Palm OS licensee; and much more

RealOne Player for Tungsten T by end of year

As has been rumored since the release of the Tungsten T, Real Networks has announced it is going to put out a version of its RealOne Player for Palm's latest[...]

An Overview of the HP iPAQ h5450 Pocket PC

The new h5400 Series iPAQs includes both Bluetooth and 802.11b, as well as a biometric fingerprint reader (more about that later). You’ll also notice that you can clearly see a[...]

Fossil Wrist PDA with Palm OS

Ever since the comic book hero Dick Tracy first strapped on his amazing wrist radio six decades ago, science fiction fans have eagerly anticipated the day when such fantastic gadgetry[...]

Fossil to release new Palm OS powered watch

A few months ago, Fossil released watches that sync'd with both the Palm OS and PPC. The watch functionality was great, but the form factor was a major problem for[...]

Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC’s are Now Available for Purchase!

Pick up your new Axim X5 Pocket PC now! Click

Comdex News – Real Player to Support Palm OS

RealNetworks and Palm have announced an agreement that will mean Palm Tungsten T owners will be able to use Real's mobile player on their Tungsten T devices.

Comdex News – HP confirms the H5450 and the H1910

Dell and HP have battled over the title for worst ever product launch to be kept under the covers. In the end, they both lost with almost every detail possible[...]

BrightBytes™: Launcher X, VersaMail, EverQuest

Launcher X has finally been released, Palm has made the email client on the Tungsten T available to everyone, Pocket PC users will soon be able to play EverQuest, and[...]

Launcher X is finally released

A long time coming - Little Mobile Creations has released the much anticipated Launcher X. For the unfamiliar, Launcher X replaces the standard application launcher that comes with your Palm[...]

TrafficStat to help users monitor GPRS data transfer

One of the biggest problema with wireless services on the Treo or other Palm device, is not knowing how much data has been transfered. With most mobile plans, users are[...]

Pocket Solutions adds metal cover for Palm’s Tungsten T

Pocket Solutions sent us their metal cover for the Toshiba e310 and we loved it! I expect the same quality with their latest edition that works for the Palm Tungsten[...]

Comdex – Pretec to release up to 3GB Compact Flash cards

Pretec has announced plans to release a 1.5, 2 and 3 GB compact flash card early next year. This announcement makes the Pretec cards the largest capacity storage cards yet.

Up close and personal Video of the new Dell Pocket PC

CNet has some great video from the Comdex show, including this gem of the new Dell Pocket PC. Brian Pitstick, product manager, Dell Computer handles the demonstration.

BrightBytes™: Axim, EU vs. Microsoft, ACT! for Palm OS

Dell is already offering an additional 10% off its new Axim X5 handhelds, the EU is considering a new anti-trust case against Microsoft, ACT! for Palm OS is now available,[...]

Samsung Announces i330 Smartphone

Samsung has officially announced an updated version of its Palm powered CDMA smartphone.

Free Thanksgiving Software for Palms and Pocket PC’s

Are you the one who got stuck making the toast last year and had no idea what to say? How about the old ounces to cups conversion? And what wine[...]

Dell Axim shipments to be pushed back to 2003?

Something very odd is happenening at Dell right now. Their new line of Axim PDA's seems to be pushing further and further away from the horizon. Ship dates are now[...]

Picture This – Veo Photo Traveller SD Digital Camera Released

In early October we reported on this great little secure digital camera from Veo. It has now been released and you can pick one up for $99.

Samsung NEXiO Coming Soon to Europe

Updated The NEXiO runs WinCE and offers built-in wireless networking and an 800 by 480 pixel screen.

BrightBytes™: RIM 857, Bluetooth GPS, Treo 270 in China

RIM is increasing the 857's memory, Socket is releasing a Bluetooth GPS receiver for the Pocket PC, the Treo 270 will soon be available in China, and more.

GPS Goes Bluetooth

Brighthand gets hands-on with the new Bluetooth GPS from EMTAC. We'll never get lost again!

Samsung NEXiO PDA designed for the mobile Internet user (pictures)

Samsung has been showing off their NEXiO line of PDA's, most recently at a show outside of Paris yesterday. They feature Windows CE and an amazing 800 x 480 VGA[...]

20% off all leather Sony Clie cases from Sena

Sena makes a great case this is much easier on the wallet than most. If you've been thinking about buying a case for your PDA, wait no longer.

Dell Axim 10% in addition to $50 rebate and free shipping

We now have a code that can be used for 10% off most DSB purchases including the new Axim.

Court Rules Blackberry Infringes on NTP Patents

A federal jury has ruled that RIM's Blackberry wireless handhelds infringe on some patents held by NTP and ordered the company to pay $23 million.

PC Magazine Announces COMDEX Best of winners

PC Magazine has handed out their blue ribbons for best of breed and best of show for COMDEX Las Vegas. Fossil picks up a win for their new Palm OS[...]

Compact Flash memory card with USB adapter looks to expand expansion

Many Pocket PC's, digital cameras and other electronics rely on compact flash slots for memory. Netac has a new product that lets you add USB connectivity to CF memory cards.

Review – Pop’s Pipes for Palm OS

Hexacto has taken their formula for success on the Pocket PC platform and is now porting some of their games to the Palm OS. Pop's Pipes is played Tetris-style and[...]

Review – Slurp for the Palm OS

Part two of our Hexacto reviews this week includes another popular Pocket PC game, Slurp. The screenshots make this look like another rapid-fire tapping game, but it's really pure strategy.

BrightBytes™: UCF Card, Wrist PDA, Mapopolis

The Netac UCF Card is a CompactFlash card with a built-in USB port, Fossil's Wrist PDA won a Best of COMDEX award, Mapopolis will soon help you avoid traffic problems,[...]

Quest for the Hero II released

Dmitri Kornilov made a splash when he introduced Quest of the Hero I and now he's back with the follow-up. A unique blend of stratey and role-playing (RPG) a lot[...]

Handspring’s Treo gets GPRS

Handspring and T-Mobile release software upgrade that enables instant email and web capability on Treo communicators

Microsoft Portait update released

Microsoft Portrait lets you chat or call buddies on your list and has other features like file swapping. MP 2.0 has added increased photo, video clip and streaming support. The[...]

Vodafone signs global wireless deal with Dell, HP and others

Vodafone has announced plans to take PDA's, laptops and tablet pc's from Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Psion Teklogix and Toshiba wireless with global agreements.

Fat Finger gets phatter with a new version and many updates

The newest version of FatFinger is designed to improve the look and feel of this on-screen keyboard replacement. Most notable is the new option called "Qwerty-Rows", which uses alternate color[...]

FedEx couriers to use specially designed Pocket PCs

FedEx is working with Motorola on a wireless Pocket PC for its couriers, called the PowerPad.

Review Magic Finger From Kirrio, the Most Phallic PDA Accessory Ever!

Earlier this month we brought you news of this finger condom stylus thingie. Well, I got a sample a few days ago and must say that it s everything you[...]

Video of the new HP iPAQ 5450 and h1910

CNet has a great video featuring the new iPAQ h5450 and h1910. Cindy Box, director of marketing, Hewlett-Packard, demos the units including the biometric scanner.

Black Friday Sale Info – Updated New iPAQ Deal From BestBuy, One Day Stackable Coupon From Dell

If you've been waiting for great deals before starting your Holiday shopping, this is your time. We'll keep you updated with all the latest deals and coupons for electronics and[...]

New Treadmill Exchanges Workout Data with Palm Devices

Fitness Equipment Innovator Hopes to Inspire Healthy Lifestyles In Conjunction with New Treadmill that Exchanges Workout Data with Palm Devices

Cascata to Release Master Thief for Palm OS 5

One of the most important features of the ARM-based Palm OS 5 devices, is the ability for improved graphics and the speed at which they are displayed. Cascata plans on[...]

Qvadis adds international flavor to their Palm OS software line

Qvadis has long been known for their eBook reader. They have now launched Lexica, a reference viewer, multilingual dictionary and translator system, which has quickly become one of the most[...]

DreamQuest’s Wireless Card Tourney a Success

Two weeks ago we brought you news of the world's first wireless card tournament. Well, the results are in, prizes have been handed out and DreamQuest hails the event as[...]