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SmartPhone Articles for November of 2003

Below are the 127 SmartPhone articles for November of 2003

Tapwave Zodiac Shipping

Tapwave is now shipping the Zodiac, a gaming-oriented handheld that runs the Palm OS. The Tapwave web site is going to be the only place to buy one of these,[...]

HP iPAQ h4150 Full Review

The new iPAQ Pocket PC h4100 series is intended to bring to market an affordable integrated wireless PDA in a slim design.

Enhanced BugMe! Application Now Available for Pocket PC Devices

The latest version of BugMe! offers integration with the Today screen, support for Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, and other new fetaures.

Brighthand Reviews the Toshiba e405

The new Toshiba e405 Pocket PC sports a new design but retains the thinnest and cutting-edge technology found in its e300 series predecessors.

Treo 600 Debuting on Cingular in Mid-November

Cingular will be the first wireless carrier in the U.S. to offer the GSM/GPRS version of the Treo 600 Palm OS smart phone.

Sony Cuts Prices of UX Series; New Model Coming?

Sony has dropped the prices for its Clie UX50 and UX40 by $50 and is now bundling a free leather case. At the same time, rumors are starting to circulate[...]

Sony Denies Existence of Rumored UX Series Model

Rumors have been circulating lately that Sony is planning a new model for its UX series. According to a Sony spokesperson, there is no basis for these.

Mergic VPN Released for Palm OS 5 Devices

Mergic VPN 1.1 is the first Virtual Private Network (VPN) application to support all Palm OS 5 devices. Palm OS 3.1 to 4.1 devices are also supported.

Voice Command Allows Pocket PC Devices to Obey Spoken Commands

Microsoft has released Voice Command for Pocket PC 2003 devices. This allows users to control common functions such as the Media Player and the program launcher with simple spoken commands.

Palm OS Version of Wi-Fi SD Card Pushed Back to December

The expected release date for a Palm OS 5 driver for SanDisk's Wi-Fi SD card has been pushed back again.

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X3i

Dell continues to raise the value bar by bringing us the first Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC under $400.

Additional Pictures of the Dell Axim X3i

The Axim X3i and the HP iPAQ h1945 ? Screen Brightness of the Axim X3i and the HP iPAQ h1945 ? Screen Brightness of the Axim X3i and the Palm[...]

PDA News – Qtopia Phone Edition, Zodiac shipping, MS Voice Command

Trolltech offers Phone edition of Qtopia/Linux platform Tapwave Zodiac now shipping Microsoft Voice Command for Windows Mobile

Review – Drunken Sherriff from Afzane (Pocket PC)

Drunken Sheriff is a new Flash based game by The main character is a delightfully drunken gun wielding sheriff who enjoys breaking glasses, plates, and other fine dining[...]

Microsoft Aims for 100 Million Windows Mobile Devices by 2007

Microsoft's Mobility Unit has been given the goal of selling 100 million handhelds and smart phones running Windows Mobile over the next three years.

PocketMac 3.0 Released; Major Upgrade for Mac-to-Pocket PC Synchronization

The latest version of this application that allows users to sync their Pocket PC with a Macintosh computer adds support for Bluetooth and Windows Mobile 2003.

New Treo 600 Cases Available Soon

Vaja Cases and Covertec are taking preorders for cases for the Treo 600 smart phone.

PDA News – Anthelion released, Treo 600 leather cases, Quickoffice on P900

Full version of Anthelion released Treo 600 leather cases from Covertec Quickoffice for Symbian trial included with Sony-Ericsson P900 BargainPDA downtime

ViewSonic V36 Pocket PC (with Digital Camera) – Full Review

The newest $299 Pocket PC from ViewSonic is now available. Windows Mobile OS, a 300MHZ PXA255 Processor and the first PPC in the US to include an integrated digital[...]

Companies Ask for Smart Phones without Cameras

Though most smart phones include a built-in digital camera, many companies forbid their employees to bring these into the office. This is leading phone makers to consider making more handsets[...]

Bluetooth 1.2 Officially Adopted

The Bluetooth SIG has put its seal of approval on Bluetooth Specification Version 1.2. This includes new features intended to bring about a more reliable and robust user experience.

palmOne Releases Fix for Tungsten T3’s SD Problem

palmOne has released a ROM update for the new Tungsten T3 that fixes a problem this model has with some SD cards.

LexSpell Enables Handheld Spell Checking for Palm OS Devices

LexSpell is a new a spell checking application for Palm OS devices that works with many Palm OS applications and most mail clients.

HP Releases iPAQ h2200 Series Bluetooth Update

Hewlett-Packard has released a Bluetooth Driver Update for its iPAQ h2200 series.

Bluetooth Keyboards Closer Than Ever

It was January of this year when I first got jazzed about the prospect of a Bluetooth keyboard for PDAs. At the CES Targus told me they had one in[...]

UPDATE – PalmOne Releases Fix For Tungsten T3 Secure Digital Card Problems

It's been weeks in the making, but palmOne has finally released a fix for the T3 SD card issue. Now that the SD slot is no longer a concern, just[...]

Brighthand Reviews the New Pocket PCs

Brighthand reviews three models from the recent crop of new Pocket PCs, including the Dell Axim X3i, HP iPAQ h4155 and Toshiba e405.

Gartner Predicts Microsoft Will Dominate Smart Phone Market

A Gartner vice president and research fellow has used his speech at a company symposium to outline why he believes Microsoft's Windows Mobile will come to dominate the smart phone[...]

Mobile TS Allows Palm OS Devices to Remotely Control Desktop Computer

Mobile TS allows wireless Palm OS devices to remotly control a computer that is running a recent version of Windows.

In Depth – Sony Playstation Portable

First came Tapwave's Zodiac, a handheld trying to be a portable gaming unit. Now Sony intends to market a portable gaming unit that tries to be a handheld.

PDA News – 40 GB portable hard drive, iPaq update, Palm spellchecker

Toshiba unveils 40 GB, 1.8 inch portable HD iPaq Bluetooth update for h2200 Beiks LexSpell for Palm OS Proporta leather case for Treo 600

Veo’s Latest SD Camera Coming to Multiple Platforms

Veo has announced a 1.3 megapixel camera that makes use of the Secure Digital (SD) card slots on most handhelds. There are versions for both Palm OS and Pocket PC[...]

Fujitsu Demonstrates Prototype Handheld with SVGA Screen

Fujitsu Laboratories is showing off the prototype for a new handheld that includes a 600-by-800 pixel screen and multiple forms of wireless networking.

Samsung i600 Windows-Powered Smart Phone Debuts on Verizon

Verizon Wireless will soon begin offering the Samsung SCH-i600, making it the second handset running Microsoft's Smartphone 2002 operating system to be released in the U.S.

Microsoft Posts More Free Ebooks

Three new free ebooks are available to users of Microsoft Reader as part of a twenty-week promotion.

Fujitsu Shows Off New PDA Concept Device (Pictures)

Is this thing hot or what? Fujitsu, who recently launched two new Loox models in Europe, has a concept device that features a 4" SVGA screen (800 x 600 pixels),[...]

Asus A600

– The slimmest and lightest Pocket PC in the world.– 12.8 mm thin design of advanced technology.– Intel 400MHz PXA250 XScale CPU – Distinctive aluminum alloy casing– Comprehensive range of[...]

Asus A620 BT

Compact design, longer battery life, superior performance and of course, support for a full spectrum of multimedia applications, the ASUS MyPal A620BT incorporated all four elements and more to mobilize[...]

Asus A620

Compact design, longer battery life, superior performance and of course, support for a full spectrum of multimedia applications, the ASUS MyPal A620 incorporated all four elements and more to mobilize[...]

SPV E200 Smart Phone May Be Coming to U.S.

High Tech Computer has received approval from the FCC to release the SPV E200, a smart phone that runs Windows Mobile 2003. However, whether it is actually available in the[...]

Sony Offering $50 Rebate on High-End Clies

Sony is now offering a $50 mail-in rebate on the Clie UX50, UX40, NX80V, and NX73V, on top of recent price cuts for two of these models.

iPAQ Foldable Keyboard Now Supports Windows Mobile 2003

Hewlett Packard has released a new driver for the iPAQ Foldable Keyboard that brings Windows Mobile 2003 support, making it compatible with most recent iPAQ models.

PDA News – Microdrives, Another iPaq update, T3 case

4 GB Microdrives available Nov. 20th Patch for iPaq 5450 with WM2003 Tungsten T3 aluminum case on preorder Goes to COMDEX 2003

This weekend a couple editors will be heading off to Vegas for COMDEX 2003. COMDEX is probably the second most important show in the US from a PDA perspective.[...]

Sony Hands Out $50 Rebates on High-End Clies

Sony has decided to give a $50 rebate on the following Clie models - UX40, UX50, NX73 and the NX80. The rebate covers purchases from now until January 3, 2004.

Aluminum Case for Palm Tungsten T3 Available Soon

Innopocket and Proporta are both now accepting preorders for an aluminum hard case for the Palm Tungsten T3.

Dual-Platform Backup Card Now Available

A new backup card is available from MDM that works with both Palm OS and Pocket PC devices.

HP iPAQ h4355 Now Available

The first iPAQ to include a built-in keyboard is now on the market. It also has a 400 MHz processor, 64 MB of RAM, and multiple forms of wireless networking.

Review – TomTom USA Navigator GPS

TomTom USA Navigator is a complete GPS system designed to interface with a handheld computer for navigation, route planning, and mapping.

PocketMac Backup Helps Pocket PC/Mac Users Safeguard Information

PocketMac Backup is a desktop application that allows users to backup files and important information on their Pocket PCs to desktop computers running Mac OS 10.2.6 or above.

Lil’ Sync Cable Supports Additional Devices, New Battery Adapter

PocketPC Techs has announced new models of its Lil' Sync USB Sync-n-Charge cables and a new Lil' Sync 4AA Battery Adapter.

Sharp Readying New Clamshell Zaurus

Sharp is preparing to release in Japan a new model in its Zaurus line. Aside from some software changes, the SL-C860 will be almost identical to the other clamshell Zaurus[...]

Wi-Fi Memory Stick Coming December 1

MobilePlanet is currently taking pre-orders for the HNT-MSW1, which will be available in less than three weeks.

Cingular Now Offering Treo 600

palmOne has announced that its Treo 600 smart phone is now available through Cingular. This latest Treo model offers a faster processor and more memory in a smaller casing. It[...]

Review – Vaja I-Volution Aptus HP iPaq 2215 / iPaq 2210 Case

There's nothing like the smell or feel of good leather, whether it be on a couch, baseball glove -- or a case for your HP iPaq 2215 PDA. When[...]

PDA News – Palm WiFi delayed, 50% off PDAmill games, T3 leather case

SD WiFi drivers delayed 50% off PDAmill games with purchase of Anthelion Tungsten T3 Covertec case Multi-platform backup card

Sharp Brings New Zaurus SL-C860 to Japan

Sharp has released an update to the popular C700 series Linux-based PDA. This one also takes the clamshell form factor that appears much like a mini-laptop.

Hands on Microsoft’s Voice Command

Voice Command allows Pocket PC users to control functions such as the Media Player and the program launcher with spoken commands. Brighthand's Ed Hardy gave this software a thorough test[...]

Survey Says Smart Phones Too Hard to Use

According to a recent study, many smart phone users say their devices are difficult to use and that tech support for them is lacking. Nears 200 Current PDA Reviews was started to centralize all the best PDA reviews on the web. Nearly all of the biggest PDA sites are participating, making PRS the definitive PDA review warehouse.

Review – Candy Train from Astraware (Pocket PC and Palm)

Candy train is cute, simple to play, and has great sound and visual effects. Simply tapping the screen for game effects make the game easy and intuitive.

Review – Bejeweled Game of the Year Edition from Astraware (Pocket PC and Palm)

Quick, think of an application on your handheld. Chances are that you named a game. And if it was a game, was it Bejeweled? Bejeweled has been one of the[...]

PDA News – Smartphones not so smart, T3 cases, Bluetooth 1.2

Smartphones user-unfriendly & unsupported, says study Tungsten T3 leather, metal cases Bluetooth version 1.2

Review Warfare Incorporated from Handmark (Palm and PocketPC)

Warfare Inc. is one of the must own games for PDA gamers. There s no doubt about it, this is one of the best games I ve ever played. I[...]

Leonard Maltin Movie & Video Guide for Palm OS Now Available

This handheld reference features information on over 19.000 movies. It includes ratings and and capsule reviews. It also offers tools to help manage DVD collections and more.

Motorola MPx200 Smart Phone Available for $80 is currently offering Motorola's new MPx200 smart phone for only $80 after a number of rebates available to those starting a new wireless service account with AT&T.

SPOT Watches Delayed to Next Year

Watches using Microsoft's SPOT technology that are capable of displaying information they receive wirelessly won't be available this week as was originally planned. Instead, their release has been delayed until[...]

Hack Allows All Apps to Run in VGA on Toshiba e805

A third-party developer has released a system hack that allows essentially all applications to run in VGA mode on the new Toshiba e805, not just a few applications.

PerComm Becomes the Latest Palm OS Licensee

PalmSource has announced that PerComm has licensed the Palm OS platform. PerComm plans to integrate Palm OS 5 to create new mobile devices that operate on a variety of wireless[...]

PalmSource To Work Closely with Wireless Carriers

Under the new Palm Powered MobileWorld program, PalmSource will work closely with wireless service providers not only to improve the Palm OS, but also to allow customers to wirelessly purchase[...]

PalmSource Launches New Software Store

PalmSource has unveiled a new online software store which offers more than 20,000 Palm OS software titles.

Free Palm Software

MDM has a deal right now where they're giving away free software to the first 5000 newletter registrants. It's not cheap stuff either, all software is delivered on an MMC[...]

LIVE FROM COMDEX 2003 PHOTOS: Baxter and Doyle

Andrew and Barry here in Las Vegas for the 24th annual COMDEX show. Here are some photos from the MOBILE FOCUS "Biker Bash" Party and Bill Gates' Keynote[...]

Live From COMDEX 2003 – PalmSource Launches Palm Powered MobileWorld

In an effort to expand the functionality of wireless enabled Palm OS devices, PalmSource has announced a plan to allow over the air delivery of Palm OS software. Part of[...]

LIVE FROM COMDEX 2003 – Afternoon Update

Barry and Andrew here. Checking in live from the COMDEX press area to share the latest details. [updated] Barry got to talk to Michael Dell in the evening (view[...]

Proporta Offers Roll-Up Keyboard for Palm OS and Pocket PC Handhelds

Proporta is now shipping a roll-up keyboard compatible with most Palm-branded handhelds, as well as most iPAQ Pocket PC devices.

A Sneak Peek at Two Upcoming ASUS Pocket PCs

ASUS is planning to release two Pocket PC models in 2004. The MyPal A8100 will be a Phone Edition device, while the My Pal A716 will offer both Wi-Fi and[...]

Pocket PC Version of Stowaway Infrared Keyboard Available Soon

Think Outside is now taking pre-orders for a Pocket PC version of the Stowaway Infrared Wireless Keyboard. This keyboard can be used with a wide variety of handhelds, including both[...]

Is Microsoft Still Committed to Pocket PC?

Recently, there have been some disturbing signs that Microsoft's commitment to Pocket PC may be waning as the company shifts its attention to other mobile devices. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief takes a[...]

PDA News – e805 VGA hack, 128 MB for under $20, 40% off Innopocket

Hack removes VGA restrictions on e805 128 MB SD and CF cards for under $20 40% off Innopocket cases from JACK by iNDUSTRY Entertainment

Asus to Release New Pocket PC Phone Edition – MyPal A8100

Is it possible that Asus has dropped the Microsoft Smartphone OS in favor of Pocket PC Phone Edition? That seems possible as Asus has gone quiet about their Smartphone model[...]

Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 610

With its extensive connectivity and expandability concept, the Pocket LOOX delivers a platform not only for PIM applications but also for mobility solutions that ideally suits needs of business customers.[...]

Michael Dell and BargainPDA Talk at COMDEX

BargainPDA talks with Mr. Michael Dell at COMDEX! Andrew Baxter and Barry Doyle attend "Dell In Motion", a special press party set in an elegant ballroom at the lavish[...]

Microsoft Launches Windows Mobile Support Site

Microsoft has created an extensive support site for its Windows powered handheld and smart phones that should prove handy for new users and old pros alike.

MDM Software Giving Away Free Applications

MDM Software is currently running two promotions that offer free software to both Palm OS and Pocket PC users.

Microsoft Brings Free Ebook Promotion to a Close

Over the past few months, Microsoft Corp. has given away sixty best-selling ebooks to users of Microsoft Reader, including the Pocket PC version. The promotion, which started in July, featured[...]

palmOne Offers Rebates on Tungsten C

palmOne has begun offering a pair of rebates to those who purchase its Tungsten C handheld, including one that reduces the price to $399.

Dell Not Going to License the Palm OS

The founder of Dell said yesterday that that his company currently has no plans to become a Palm OS licensee. A company executive had raised this possibility last year.

Palmone Zire 71 Goes Artsy

I think it was only a matter of time before we saw something like this. Dane Picard has a new art exhibit featuring the Zire 71. It's fun to see[...]

Toshiba e805 Short Review (Pics, Specs)

The Toshiba e800 series is the latest high-end PDA release from Toshiba. The most innovative and unique feature users will find with this PDA is its absolutely amazing 4[...]

PDA Screen “Scandal” Uncovered?

There has been much concern raised over the inconsistancies in PDA screen quality from unit to unit. An industry inside source tells us some reasons why...

Intellisync Upgraded to Support Windows Mobile 2003, Office 2003, and Lotus Notes 6.5

Pumatech has just released Intellisync 5.3 and Enterprise Intellisync 5.3, which add support for Windows Mobile 2003 handhelds, Microsoft Outlook 2003, and Lotus Notes 6.5.

People Find Unusual Uses for Handhelds

While most people simply use their handheld to keep track of important information and maybe play a game or two, others find more atypical uses, like modify one's mood through[...]

Sharp Unveils Zaurus Models with 4-Inch VGA Screens

Sharp has officially announced the Zaurus SL-6000 series. This will include three models, two of which will have built-in Wi-Fi and one with Bluetooth. All will have a built-in keyboard[...]

Good Deals Now Available on Web Stores

Several retailers are offering low prices on a variety of handhelds and handheld-related products, like memory cards, cases, and more.

PDA News – 2.2 GB for $200, Free MP3 kit with Zire 71, iPaq case giveaway

2.2 GB MagicStor microdrive for $200 MDM offers free 64 MB MP3 kit with purchase of Zire 71 giveaway Journal Bar 2.0 released

Samsung SPH-i600

When you only want to carry one device, this is the device you’ll want to carry. The Samsung i600 Smartphone is a sleek, compact phone – but it’s also so[...]

UPDATE – Sharp Announces Zaurus 6000 Linux-Based PDA

Nearly a month ago rumors surfaced about Sharp's latest Zaurus. This unit designed for corporate users features integrated WiFi, 4" VGA display (640 x 480 pixels), Compact Flash slot, QWERTY[...]

Wi-Fi Destined to be Powered to the MAX

Skip the Starbucks! How about a 30 mile radius "hot spot"?

Sony Clie TJ25 is #1 in Japan

Of all the PDAs being sold in Japan, the Sony Clie TJ25 is the most popular in terms of unit sales. In fact, Sony has 5 of the top 10[...]

Hands On the Palm Power to Go

Those who frequently use their palmOne handheld for more than a couple of hours a day should consider the Power To Go, which can be used to recharge a handheld[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

Brighthand is starting a new habit of publishing a weekly list of interesting developments in handheld gaming. The first installment is now available.

CONTEST: Chris Dunphy of PalmSource “Name that PDA” Challenge

Chris Dunphy is the Director of Competitive Analysis at PalmSource. Chris is a geek. But that's okay, it's his job to be so. Chris basically has one[...]

Review – Insaniquarium from Astraware (Pocket PC)

Insaniquarium for Palm OS was reviewed on this site earlier this year. More recently, Astraware released new versions for Pocket PC and Palm Hi-Res devices. I had a[...]

MSN Direct Wins Best of Comdex Award

PC Magazine has named the winners of its Best of Comdex awards. A new wireless service, a new iPAQ, and the latest Treo took top honors in the Mobile[...]

PDA News – 50% off Anthelion, Palm WiFi delayed again, Leather cases for $8

PDAmill cuts prices on Anthelion, game packs, apps Palm WiFi drivers slip to first Q 2004 Model-specific leather cases $8 plus shipping

PC Magazine Names “Best of COMDEX 2003”

They have a number of categories, but the most interesting in this context is the "Mobile Devices" group. Microsoft took home the gold with their SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology).[...]

A Look Back at Comdex Fall 2003

Comdex Las Vegas 2003 has wrapped up and, though it wasn't as important a show as it was in the past, it wasn't without its moments.

HP Releases ROM Update for iPAQ h5500 Series

HP has released a firmware update that modifies the ROM image on an iPAQ h5500 series model. This update will make various bug fixes.

Treo 600 Now Available from AT&T

palmOne's Treo 600 smart phone is now available through AT&T Wireless for $500, after a $50 instant rebate.

palmOne May Help Others Develop Smart Phones

palmOne is considering allowing other companies to license the tweaks it has make to the Palm OS's user interface to make it a better operating system for smart phones.

Casing the All New Dell AXIM X5… Exclusive Photos!

We thought meeting Michael Dell was exciting, but wait until you see this! Plus ideas for your holiday shopping list.

Review – Facer 1.9 from PocketCraft

If the PalmOS would only have this or that, then it would be the perfect device. The largest group that seems to make this claim comes from those that used[...]

Can PalmSource Survive?

PalmSource faces the daunting task of keeping Microsoft from taking over the handheld market, while at the same time trying to transition the Palm OS into an operating system for[...]

Treo 600 Available for $250 is now offering the Treo 600 Palm OS smart phone for $250, after a series of rebates.

MiTAC Announces First Pocket PC with Built-in GPS

MiTAC has announced the Mio 168, which is the first Pocket PC to include a built-in GPS receiver. Unfortunately, it probably won't be available outside of Asia.

PDA News – Treo 600 for $249, iPaq update, T|E metal case

CDMA Treo 600 at Amazon for $249 after rebates iPaq 5550 firmware update Tungsten E aluminum case

COMDEX Interview With Chris Dunphy of PalmSource

While at COMDEX bargainPDA talked with Chris Dunphy of PalmSource, in this interview we cover the following: Palm OS 6.0 Availability datesPalm versus Pocket PC and Other CompetitorsPalm OS[...]

New Entry Level Palm OS PDA Coming to China

From what I can tell, this new model from Legend, the P300, was a concept device that will soon be sold in China to compete with the likes of the[...]

Videophone CF Card Coming for Pocket PC

NTT DoCoMo will make a CF Videophone card available for sale in Japan this Friday. The card will enable calls between PDAs, PCs and other properly equipped devices. So forget[...]

Sony CLIE TJ35 Full Review

The Sony CLIE TJ35 is the latest compact PDA offering from Sony. It has a new, thinner shape comprised of convincingly metalized plastic and polished (real) aluminum trim where it[...]

PDA News – Black Friday, Tungsten E leather case, Axims for $80?

Black Friday handheld sales Covertec leather case for T|E Axim X3i pricing anomalies

PDA News – Dell refuses orders, SD GPS, Astraware games

X3i listing was a mistake, says Dell; position's legality questioned New SDIO GPS in Japan Four new games from Astraware Axim X3 leather case Fitaly for[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

A listing of some of the most interesting game-related news from the last week.

Rumors Surrounding the Discontinuation of the Palmone Tungsten T3 Are False

Over the past few days some PDA sites have reported suspicions that the Tungsten T3 is near the end of the line. Much of the evidence surrounds lack of stock[...]

Review – Handspring Treo 600

The Handspring Treo 600 is often considered the best smartphone yet made. So what exactly does that mean? In this review of the Treo 600 we investigate that question[...]

Sharp Zaurus SL-6000

Companies devoted to increasing the productivity of their mobile employees will welcome the new Sharp Zaurus(TM) model SL-6000 with built-in Wi-Fi, which offers wireless local area network (W-LAN) connectivity running[...]