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SmartPhone Articles for November of 2005

Below are the 96 SmartPhone articles for November of 2005

Worldwide Handheld Shipments Continue Double-Digit Growth

The number of handhelds shipped worldwide was up 20.7 percent last quarter, and the industry is on track to set a new record in shipments for the whole year.

RIM Unveils Next-Generation BlackBerry

The latest BlackBerry handheld will be the first model from RIM to use an Intel processor, and the first to support EDGE wireless networking.

Socket Unveils Connect!Agent Software and Windows Mobile 5.0 Support for GPS Nav Kit

Socket Communications has announced enhancements to its GPS Nav Kit including: new Connect!Agent software, new application features, updated North American and Western European map data, and Windows Mobile 5.0 support.

Garmin iQue M4

The iQue M4 is Garmin s first iQue to come pre-loaded with City Navigator North America NT covering the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. There s no need for[...]

BlackBerry 8700

The BlackBerry 8700 Wireless Handheld makes it easy to stay connected while on the go. You get uncompromising email, browsing and voice performance in one thin, stylish, lightweight handheld with[...]

Garmin iQue M4 Announced

Garmin has released another Windows Mobile GPS unit, the iQue M4. The M4 is designed to be a pick-up-and-go unit right out of the box, with the City Navigator program,[...]

RIM BlackBerry 8700c Announced

Today RIM has announced their latest device, the BlackBerry 8700c. The 8700c is their first effort to include EDGE and will run on the Cingular network. It will also feature[...]

BlackBerry 8700c

ViewSonic s new Pocket PC V37 is one of the THINNEST, LIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL Pocket PCs in its class with features like Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. The Pocket PC[...]

Series 60 Is No Longer Series 60

Nokia has decided to re-name Series 60, its very popular platform for smartphones.

Inter-company Rivalries Mean No Symbian Treo

Palm's CEO Ed Colligan has given a new reason why his company has no plans to make a Symbian-powered smartphone.

Handango Announces InHand Client for Series 60

Handango has released an application that allows users to discover, download, and buy Symbian OS-based content and applications.

Avvenu – Computer Access from…Anywhere?

One of the more interesting aspects of computing that is coming (quite quickly down the pipe) is a style of virtual computing where a person accesses their computer thru a[...]

The Missing Sync for Palm OS 5.0 Debuts

Mark/Space has introduced a new version of its Mac synchronization software for Palm OS devices.

Dell Shipping Axim X50 Upgrades

Owners of Dell Axim X50 models are reporting that the upgrades to Windows Mobile 5.0 they ordered have started to arrive.

Spb Software House Launches Second Annual Survey

Those willing to answer some questions about the way they use their Pocket PC could win an i-mate JASJAR.

SpaceTime 2.0 Announced

SpaceTime Mobile has announced a new version of its calculator for Pocket PC, Palm OS 5, and Windows PC.

PDA News – No Symbian for Palm, Dell upgrade rumors false, Palm making Linux moves?

Colligan: No Symbian-based Palms Rumors of Dell upgrade issue are false Palm making independant Linux plans?

RIM BlackBerry 7130e Leaked

Bell Canada has posted details about the latest RIM handheld on their site, prematurely releasing details on the BlackBerry 7130e. This unit is similar to the 7100 series in design,[...]

One Company To Rule Them All

There's a company that has risen to the point where it dominates a very popular mobile operating system. And it might not be the one you think.

Nokia Internet Tablet Now Available

Nokia is now shipping its Linux-based 770 Internet Tablet in Europe, and it will be available in the United States next week.

Nokia Introduces New Web Browser for S60

Nokia has unveiled the new web browser for its S60 smartphone platform.

Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Names its Best Software Award Winners

Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine has announced the winners of the Fifth Annual Best Software Awards. These honor software for both Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Astraware Ultimate Bowling Fighter Review

While I am writing this review, I am waiting for my car to be serviced. Like most people, I find waiting times to be great times to either read, check[...]

Palm Treo Roadmap Revealed

Thanks to an analyst at Caris & Co., we now have a better idea when we'll see the new Palm Treo for Windows Mobile, aka the Treo 700w. We also[...]

Analysts Reveal Palm’s Treo Plans for 2006

A pair of reports from smartphone industry analyst have given a broad overview of upcoming Palm smartphones. This will include a model thinner than the current Treo, and another that[...]

PDA News – Palm switching makers, DRM disaster, No Loox Upgrade

Report: Palm to dump HTC Editorial: DRM a disaster No WM5 upgrade for Loox 720; Loox 750 and 760 cancelled

N Series Smartphones Can Play N-Gage Games

In an attempt to increase the number of N-Gage games that are sold, Nokia is going to offer more devices that can play them.

Brighthand Reviews Extreme Dungeon Game Experience (EDGE)

EDGE is a new role-playing game for the Palm OS. It took several years to develop, but the wait was worth it, as it comes closer than any other handheld[...]

Palm Opens Five New Stores in California

Palm has increased the number of its retail locations by almost 30 percent.

Sprint Nextel Continues Expanding EV-DO Coverage

Since it first launched back in July, Sprint Nextel has rapidly expanded its high-speed Power Vision network.

HTC Preparing 4 GB Windows Mobile Phone

HTC is reportedly developing a Windows Mobile phone that will have 4 GB of Flash storage and a strong focus on audio playback.

Master Kick – Table Soccer Game – Released for Pocket PC

Following up on the Palm OS version, Industry Entertainment has released Master Kick for Pocket PCs.

ST Invoice Released

ST Invoice offers advanced Pocket PC invoicing, mobile billing, credit card processing, and more.

PDA News – 4 GB PocketPC phone, Palm buyout rumors, Gartner predicts record sales

Report: HTC prepping 4 GB PPC phone Rumor: RIM considering Palm buyout Gartner predicts record year for PDA sales

Palm Confirms Plans to Continue Use of Palm OS

In a letter to developers, Palm's CEO Ed Colligan is reassuring developers that Palm is not abandoning the Palm OS. This fear arose primarily due to the announcement of the[...]

Acer N300 Series Gets FCC Approval

Both the N310 and N311 are Pocket PCs that will offer VGA screens and USB host capabilities in a surprisingly small and light package.

Colligan Says Palm Very Committed to Palm OS

In an attempt to quell lingering doubts, Palm's CEO has released an open letter expressing his company's strong support for the Palm OS.

Say Hello To My Little Tank!

Astraware has released My Little Tank, an arcade-style blaster offering hours of miniature tank mayhem.

Favogo 2.0 Has Been Released

Favogo is an Internet bookmark manager for Palm OS handhelds.

Documents To Go Gets Native PDF Support

The latest version of Documents To Go Premium Edition adds support for native Adobe Acrobat files.

First Thoughts – Sprint PPC-6700

The Sprint PPC 6700, also known as the HTC Apache, is the newest PocketPC phone available on the Sprint network. Featuring Bluetooth, WiFi, EVDO, and Windows Mobile 5.0, we take[...]

BoxWave Releases Designio Leather Shell Case for Treo 650

The Designio Leather Shell Case is a hard leather case that is custom fittd to the Treo 650.

Leonard Maltin’s 2006 Movie Guide Now Available

This Palm OS or Windows Mobile application includes the complete listings of both the Leonard Maltin 2006 Movie Guide and the Leonard Maltin Classic Movie Guide.

RIM Buying Out Palm? It Could Happen

In this editorial, Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief looks at the pros and cons of a recent rumor that Palm is going to be acquired by Research in Motion.

Play Quake 3 for Free on Your Pocket PC

ID Software has released Quake 3 Arena under the GPL license, and a beta of a Pocket PC version is now available.

The Palm OS as a Viable Feature Phone Platform

When I received the QDA-700, I expected to have a rehash of the old Treo 180g model (albeit with better battery life and a color screen). I expected a smartphone[...]

Nominate an Application for the Powered Up Awards

The Powered Up Awards were created to celebrate innovation in the Palm OS developer community.

VITO Updates ButtonMapper for Windows Mobile 5.0

VITO ButtonMapper has been specially designed to increase the standard button mapping capability of Pocket PCs.

First Hint of a Sony Ericsson P970

Rumors have begun circulating that Sony Ericsson is going to release a less expensive version of its upcoming P990 smartphone.

PDA News – Quake 3 hits the Axim, US Govt. enters Blackberry War , Nokia 770 release?

Quake 3 ported to PocketPC; running on Axim X50v US Government asks delay in RIM shutdown Reports: Nokia 770 coming to US

Nokia U.S.A. Taking Pre-orders for Internet Tablet

More than a week after debuting in Europe, Nokia's first Internet Tablet is still not available in the United States. However, this company is accepting pre-orders for this device.

Public Beta Available for Anthelion 2: Celestial Vigilance

PDAMill is giving the world an advanced look at the next version of its popular 3D space shooter for the Pocket PC.

Access Completes Acquisition of PalmSource

Finishing up a deal that was announced in September, Access Co., Ltd. has completed its acquisition of PalmSource.

PalmSource Joins Linux Phone Standards Forum

PalmSource has become a founding member of a group that has come together to accelerate the adoption of Linux in fixed, mobile, and converged devices.

Danger Looks to Sidekick It’s Way to Europe, IPO

Danger, who makes the Sidekick, a young-adult version of the BlackBerry, is looking to grow by adding new hardware partners, entering global markets and possibly even offering an IPO by[...]

Casio Cassiopeia EM-500 Color Pocket PC (Slate Blue)

The new slim designed EM-500BU is a mobile multimedia tool that targets a younger market. Designed to highlight Casio’s new faster processor and available in 5 different colors, the EM-500[...]

i-mate K-JAM (HTC Wizard)

Also sold as the Cingular 8125, this Pocket PC phone offers a built-in keyboard in landscape orientation that slides out from behind the QVGA screen. This cellular-wireless handheld also includes[...]

ASUS Unveils Two GPS-Enabled Pocket PCs

The ASUS MyPal A636 and MyPal A632 are GPS-enabled handhelds running Windows Mobile 5.0.

Think Outside Announces First BlackBerry Keyboard

Think Outside, creator of the Stowaway line of portable keyboards, has announced its first model designed specifically for BlackBerry handhelds.

BoxWave Releases Designio Leather Case for Samsung i730

BoxWave's Designio Leather Case is a slim and soft leather case that is custom fitted for the Samsung i730.

Transplant GPS Introduces EMTAC Bluetooth S3-GPS Receiver

Transplant GPS, the worldwide distributor of EMTAC brand products, is now offering a GPS receiver featuring the SiRFstarIII chip set.

PDA News – Access completes buyout, Best Smartphone, Nokia to buy Intellisync

Access completes buyout of PalmSource CNET crowns Samsung i730 "Best Smartphone" Nokia to buy Intellisync for $430 million

Nokia Acquiring a Push Email Company

Nokia has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Intellisync, a well-known company focused on "push" email software.

Bluefire Introduces VPN Client for Windows Mobile

Bluefire Security Technologies has released Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software for use by Cisco networking customers with handhelds running Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0.

What’s Wrong With Verizon?

Verizon is about to launch the XV6700, the same thing as Sprint's PPC6700 and the HTC Apache. This Smartphone is one of the best to hit the market this year[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm TX

In this review, Ed Hardy points out why he thinks the Palm TX is this company's most ambitious new handheld in a long time.

Brighthand Reviews the Palm TX — Part 2

This is Part II of this review. Part I should be read first. Software The Palm TX comes with a very complete suite of software. This allows you to do[...]

Battery Pack Pro Upgraded

Battery Pack is a general purpose utility that provides Pocket PCs with eleven valuable utilities.

New Pocket PC Game Atomic Battle Dragons Released

In this action and adventure game, players fly a dragon and battle several mythical enemies.

Upgrade an Axim X51v to 128 MB of RAM

Pocket PC Techs has developed a way to upgrade the Axim X51v to 128 MB of RAM.

Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1 Released

The official release of Microsoft's new ActiveSync is here. There are a few fixes and updates, but sync over WiFi is not included and probably won't be due to security[...]

Microsoft Releases ActiveSync 4.1

Microsoft has posted on its web site a new version of its synchronization software for the latest Windows Mobile devices.

PDA News – Treo rumor, Axim ROM update, Palm PDF issue

Report: Treo 700p early next year on Sprint Dell releases ROM update for Axim X51, X51v--sort of Dataviz PDF reader inadequate; free solution on the rise Cingular[...]

Treo 650 Coming to Alltel

Another U.S. wireless carrier will begin offering Palm's latest smartphone tomorrow.

Cingular Releases Another Treo 650 ROM Update

An update is now available for the system software in Cingular's version of the Treo 650. This makes a number of small changes and also updates this smartphone's email software.

PDA and Tech Deals for 11/22/2005 – 11/25/2005

30% Off Dell Axim X51v with Coupon Code (expires 11/28/05 7:00 a.m.) NEW 11/23!Palm Z22 $89.99 with Free ShippingPalm TX $257.90 with Free ShippingPalm TX $25 Off Coupon code at[...]

Can You Solve the Mystery of the Broken Sword?

Astraware and Revolution Software have released Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars for Palm OS handhelds.

Apple iPod 5G / Video iPod Review (pics)

The Apple iPod 5G, more commonly known as the Apple iPod Video, is the most recent evolution of Apple's world famous MP3 player that combines the best aspects of each[...]

PDA News – Treo update, 2 GB Mini SD, Controversial report pulled

Update available for Cingular Treos 2 GB Mini SD card in Taiwan Sagio Investments pulls controversial Palm report New version of[...]

Anthelion 2: Celestial Vigilance Released

A new version of PDAMill's 3D space combat game for Pocket PCs is now available.

The Next N-Gage Won’t Be Out Before 2007

Nokia is going to concentrate its efforts in areas other than mobile gaming for the next year or so.

Don’t Let Gadgets Distract While Driving

It's a pretty simple message really. But it's one that's easy to forget when that important email comes in or you get an instant message that needs responding to on[...]

Nokia Bringing WiFi to 9300

Nokia has announced plans to add WiFi to one of its popular cellular-wireless handhelds.

MobiMate Releases WorldMate 2006 Professional Edition

A new version of MobiMate's business travel software is now available for Windows Mobile.

Door Buster Prices for AcidSolitaire

Every AcidSolitaire Collection game is only $9.95 for a limited time.

Print Anywhere From Any Mobile Device

The new ActivePrint x5 Service allows any handheld or smartphone to print many different types of documents.

LG Announces Pocket PC with a TV Receiver

LG has announced the first Pocket PC able to play live TV shows.

ConsignTech Partners with Goware, Italy

Goware S.R.L has agreed to resell ConsignTech's rapid mobile application development tool in Italy.

PDA News – Site slowness, Palm TX hack, NGage dead

Traffic spike causes site slowdown Palm TX modified for voice recording Nokia drops NGage line CEA to standardize on connectors Cingular to[...]

Palm Names John Hartnett Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales & Customer Relations

The man who leads Palm's sales and customer relations for the Americas is taking on a similar role for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region.

Treo 650 Launched in China

A localized version of the Palm's latest smartphone is now available in China.

PhatWare Releases PhatNotes 4.6

In addition to other changes, the latest version of PhatNotes adds support for Windows Mobile 5.0 and square screen devices.

What to Look for in Your Next Pocket PC

Ed Hardy has put together a list of things everyone should be aware of before buying a new handheld.

Judge Rules Yet Again Against RIM

A federal judge has ruled that the the settlement Research in Motion (RIM) and NTP reached earlier this year is invalid.

IDC Weighs in on Microdrive Vs. Flash Memory Debate

Market-research firm IDC has released a report giving its opinion on the competition between miniature hard drives and Flash memory.

PDA News – Smartphone lawsuit, RIM gets hit, Sidekick III

Sprint, Samsung sued over SPH-i500 RIM loses settlement appeal; may cost billions Sidekick roadmap leaked