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SmartPhone Articles for November of 2006

Below are the 91 SmartPhone articles for November of 2006

Nokia 330 Not What Some Were Hoping For

Despite last week's rumor, the Nokia 330 is not a successor to this company's Internet Tablet.

Put iTunes Songs on a BlackBerry Pearl with pearlTunes

Information Appliance Associates has released pearlTunes, the first ever tool to take unlicensed music in Apple iTunes and automatically copy it to RIM's new BlackBerry Pearl.

View YouTube, Google Video with Kinoma Player 4 EX

The latest version of Kinoma's audio and video player for the Palm OS provides unprecedented access to video on a mobile device, including Flash Video direct from YouTube and Google[...]

First Glimpse of a Cingular Treo 750

Recently, an image has leaked out of a Cingular Wireless version of the latest Windows Mobile-based Treo.

Spb Software House Launches Third Annual Pocket PC Survey

Every year Spb Software House gathers information about the current Pocket PC community's status and compares it to the previous survey results.

HP iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion

The iPAQ rx5915 isn’t being dubbed as a PDA, but rather a Travel Companion as it has a built-in SiRFstar III GSC3F GPS chip and comes bundled with mapping software.[...]

StyleTap 1.0 Palm OS Emulator for Windows Mobile Released

An application that allows users to run thousands of programs originally written for the Palm OS on a Pocket PC has finally come out of beta.

HP iPAQ rx5915 Review

In his latest review, Adama D. Brown takes a close look at HP's most recent handheld, a Pocket PC with a GPS receiver and 2 GB of built-in storage.

Most Popular PDAs and Smartphones of October 2006

Fall is in full swing, which means the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. That's why Brighthand's monthly top 10 list is dominated by new models.

Mobile Tech Notes — SplashPhoto for BlackBerry, GoogHelper, Mobile AntiVirus

SplashPhoto Introduced for BlackBerries iambic GoogHelper 1.1 Released Mobile AntiVirus 4.0 for Windows Mobile Coming Soon

BlackBerry Pearl May Be Coming to Cingular

This point the BlackBerry Pearl is available exclusively from T-Mobile USA, but there's some evidence that RIM's latest smartphone may be released in the near future by Cingular Wireless.

Where Will I Go?

In this editorial, Antoine Wright asks himself, could I replace my Palm OS Treo with a Symbian or Windows Mobile smartphone?

Treos Popping Up All Over the World

In the past weeks, some of Palm's most recent smartphones have been introduced in countries all around the world.

Mobile Tech News — Mobile Gmail, Club Astraware, Nokia E61, and More

Google Introduces Stand-Alone Gmail Java Application Club Astraware Special Offers for November BoxWave Releases the Designio Leather Case for the Nokia E61 Chapura Releases an[...]

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Ed Hardy's follow-up to an editorial he wrote a few months ago asking for an application that can bridge the "synchronization gap".

Cingular 8525 Announced but Not Released

Cingular Wireless confirmed today that it will soon begin offering a new Pocket PC phone with 3G cellular-wireless networking and a built-in keyboard.

YouTube May Offer Mobile Downloads

One of YouTube's co-founders said today that his company hopes to offer its videos on mobile devices next year.

NTP Files Patent Lawsuit Against Palm

NTP has just filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Palm, Inc. This alleges that Palm is infringing on patents related to wireless email.

Vodafone Signs Major Agreement with Microsoft

As part of standardizing on just three mobile operating systems, Vodafone has announced that it will work with Microsoft to develop a package of applications to bring new services to[...]

Developer One Releases New PIM Management Application for WM Smartphones

Developer One--best known for its very popular time, contact, and task management application Agenda Fusion for Pocket PCs--has released a similar solution for smartphones running Windows Mobile 5.

Palm Responds to NTP’s Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Palm, Inc. has released a statement responding to the patent infringement lawsuit filed yesterday afternoon by NTP.

Samsung Showing Off Innovative Portable Computer

Samsung is demonstrating a highly portable PC with a unique design. This 1-pound device will include a folding keyboard and Mobile WiMAX.

Sony Ericsson Buying the Rights to the UIQ Interface

Sony Ericsson is going to acquire UIQ Technology AB, the Swedish software company responsible for developing and licensing the UIQ user interface.

Synchronize Your Mobile Device with GoogleCalendar

Toffa has introduced a family of applications that can synchronize GoogleCalendar with a wide variety of handhelds and smartphones.

Janam Licenses the Palm OS, Unveils Two New Handhelds

Janam Technologies LLC, a company that makes rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes, has licensed the Palm OS for the next five years.

HTC Denies Having Serious Treo Production Problems

HTC says there is no truth to recent reports that Palm rejected $40 million worth of Treo smartphones that HTC had manufactured.

Treo 750 Gets FCC Approval

Palm has received the government approval it needs to introduce its latest Windows Mobile-based smartphone in the U.S.

DataViz Documents To Go 9 Review

Brighthand Forum moderator Magellan brings us a review of the latest version of Documents To Go, DataViz's software suite that allows Palm OS users to work with Microsoft Word Excel,[...]

The Latest on the Motorola Q Pro

Some images and new details of what is supposedly an upcoming Windows Mobile Smartphone have appeared on the Web.

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile Significantly Upgraded

Mark/Space has added many new features to its application for synchronizing Pocket PCs and WM Smartphones with computers running Mac OS X.

Treo 680 Approved for U.S. Release

The last hurdle blocking the U.S. release of the latest Palm OS-based Treo has been removed.

The Reason Wi-Fi Support Was Removed from ActiveSync

In a recent post on the Windows Mobile Team Blog, one of Microsoft's developers explains why Wi-Fi support was removed from ActiveSync 4.0.

Motorola Buying Push-Email Maker Good Technologies

Motorola has just announced that it will acquire Good Technology, one of RIM's chief rivals in the market for push email.

Sony mylo Review

The mylo is a small wireless device that allow users to exchange instant messages, browse the Internet, listen to music, send emails, and view photos. Ed Hardy brings us this[...]

Symbol Giving Up Its Palm OS License

Symbol Technologies is discontinuing its line of Palm OS-based industrial and commercial handhelds. It will continue to make similar devices running Windows Mobile.

The End of the Palm Pays Back Program

Palm, Inc. is shutting down its "buyers reward" program in the next few months.

Patents Hint at an Apple iPhone

The latest fuel being added to the iPhone fire is a pair of patents that were approved on Thursday that many are taking as evidence that Apple is indeed in[...]

FCC Approves BenQ’s Second Pocket PC Phone

The release of the BenQ P51, this company's latest Windows Mobile-based smartphone, is drawing closer.

Cingular Unveils New 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone

Cingular Wireless has just announced that it will begin offering the Samsung BlackJack later this week. This will be a slim Windows Mobile Smartphone with a built-in keyboard and support[...]

i-mate SmartFlip (HTC Star Trek)

This is a version of the HTC Star Trek, which is also available as the Cingular 3125. The shape and size of this Windows Mobile Smartphone immediately invites comparison to[...]

Motorola Q Comes to Bell Canada

Bell Canada is now offering the Motorola Q, a Windows Mobile Smartphone with a built-in keyboard and EV-DO support.

Two GPS-Enabled Handhelds Discontinued by Garmin

Garmin has added a Palm OS-based and a Windows Mobile-based handheld to its list of discontinued products.

New Rumors of a Palm Buy Out

Palm, Inc.'s share price jumped on Monday on a new round of rumors that it is going to be acquired by some company.

ViewSonic Launches Rugged Windows Mobile Devices

ViewSonic Corp. has introduced a collection of rugged handheld computers specifically built to meet mobile computing demands across a variety of industries, including retail, public safety, health-care, and the military.[...]

The Zune Is a Multimedia Player, Not a Handheld

There has been a certain amount of confusion about Microsoft's new music and video player. Given its feature set, it seems unlikely very many people will consider it a replacement[...]

First Glimpse of a Thin Nokia Smartphone

According to some some images that have appeared on the Web, Nokia intends to introduce a replacement for the E61/E62 called the E62i that will be much thinner than its[...]

Microsoft May Be Bringing Voice Command to WM Smartphone

Microsoft has has made its Voice Command application for Pocket PC for several years now. According to an unconfirmed report, a WM Smartphone version of this application will debut soon.

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Review

The Pearl is RIM's first smartphone with support for playing music and video, plus it has a built in camera. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief brings us a review of this smartphone.

Get a Samsung UMPC for $750 *Updated*

Those who are interested in a UMPC but have been turned off by these device's high prices should should be happy to learn that the Samsung Q1 is available for[...]

AT&T 8525 (aka HTC Hermes)

The 8525 is a Pocket PC phone that has a landscape orientation, with a QWERTY keyboard located on a slider so it can be hidden behind the QVGA touchscreen. One[...]

Samsung BlackJack

The Samsung BlackJack is a slim Windows Mobile Smartphone with a built-in keyboard. It is currently available from Cingular Wireless and can access this carrier’s 3G cellular-wireless network. This is[...]

Treo 680 Now Listed on

The next smartphone from Palm, Inc., the Treo 680, is now listed on

Apple vs. Microsoft: Battle of the Music Phones Starting Next Year

The best evidence yet has emerged that Apple, Inc. is going to release a combination phone and iPod in the near future. And Microsoft's CEO said this week that his[...]

Cingular Now Offering Two New Windows Mobile Devices

The Cingular 8525 and BlackJack are now available from Cingular Wireless. Both of these run Windows Mobile, but one is a Pocket PC phone while the other is a WM[...]

Palm’s Mysterious Third Product Category Still in Development

According to Palm's CEO, this company hasn't dropped its plans to release a new class of devices created by Jeff Hawkins, Palm's co-founder.

Microsoft Adds Important New Features to Voice Command

Microsoft has released Voice Command 1.6, the latest version of its application that allows users to control their Windows Mobile devices with spoken commands.

Handheld Shipments Continue Strong Upward Trend

Thanks to rapid growth in cellular-wireless devices, the number of handhelds shipped worldwide last quarter was up almost 32 percent from the same quarter of the previous year.

Pharos Traveler 535v

The Pharos Traveler 535v is a GPS PDA with WiFi access and Bluetooth connectivity. It was designed for the mobile professional, allowing users to access Microsoft Office files and uses[...]

MyKbd 1.41 Review

MyKbd replaces the on-screen keyboard on Palm OS models with one that, according to Brighthand forum moderator holvoetn, allows for much faster and easier text entry.

Court Rules Australian Agency Has a Patent on Wi-Fi

A court in Texas ruled yesterday that Australia's national science agency has a patent on some of the core technologies used in some versions of Wi-Fi. This means a hundred[...]

Mobile Tech News — Zagat To Go, EzAlarm, Sherwin-Williams’ Treos

Zagat To Go Updated for Palm OS, Pocket PC, and BlackBerry iambic Releases EzAlarm for Windows Mobile Smartphone Sherwin-Williams Coats Its Sales Force with Treos [...]

E-Ten Glofiish M700

The Glofiish M700 is a Pocket PC phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, and GPS. This quad-band GSM device supports the 2.5G cellular-wireless standard EDGE, but not 3G. It[...]

i-mate JAQ3

The JAQ3 is a Pocket PC phone that offers both a built-in keyboard and Wi-Fi. By current standards this device is a bit weak in cellular-wireless capabilities; it has GSM[...]

New Pocket PC Phone with Wi-Fi Now Available from i-mate

Online retailer i-mate has launched its next Pocket PC phone, the JAQ3, which offers both a built-in keyboard and Wi-Fi.

E-TEN Announces the Glofiish M700

E-TEN has taken the wraps off the Glofiish M700, a Pocket PC phone that will have a sliding QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

HTC Reveals Slimmer Pocket PC Phone with Sliding Keyboard

HTC has just announced the Herald, which is also called the P4350. This is an updated version of the HTC Wizard that offers all the features of its predecessor but[...]

Palm CEO Not Worried About iPhone Rumors

Despite all the rumors Apple, Inc. is going to introduce a a combination phone and iPod in the near future, Palm's CEO isn't worried because he doesn't think the device[...]


The first UMPC from Asus includes a built-in GPS receiver and a fingerprint scanner. It also sports a 1.3 megapixel camera. In addition, the R2H has Wi-Fi (a/b/g) and Bluetooth[...]

Treo 680 Has Just Launched

Cingular Wireless has just announced that it will begin offering the Palm Treo 680 at the end of this week, but the unlocked version goes on sale today.

Palm Treo 680 First Impressions Review

Brighthand's Antoine Wright has spent several days with the newest Treo, and is ready to share his first impressions of this Palm OS-based smartphone.

Mobile Tech News — Palm Music Creation App, eXtreme Agenda, TeleNav Enhanced, and More

miniMusic Introduces New Palm OS Music Creation Application eXtreme Agenda for WM Smartphone Updated Cingular Wireless Now Offering Enhanced Version of TeleNav GPS Navigator Astraware[...]

Palm Releases Sprint Treo 700wx SMS Patch

Palm, Inc. has posted on its support web site a software patch that fixes a serious bug in one of its latest smartphones.

Candybar-Shaped Pocket PC Phone Coming from i-mate

i-mate will soon begin offering the PDAL, a Windows Mobile phone with Wi-Fi. To reduce the size of this smartphone, it will have neither a numberpad nor a keyboard.

Mobile Tech News — Palm 48 Hour Sale, Spb UniThemes, Rugged Treo Case

Palm Holding 48 Hour Handheld Sale Spb Software House Releases Spb UniThemes 2.0 OtterBox Now Offering Rugged Case for Treos

iambic Developing Windows Mobile Version of Agendus

After being available for the Palm OS for many years, iambic is going to release a Pocket PC version of its popular personal information manager application in the near future.

Pre-Release Version of Crossbow for Pocket PC Reviewed

A developer willing to break his or her non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft has leaked a copy of the next version of Windows Mobile to a Russian-based web site.

Mobile Tech News — New PDA Medical Reference, Vaja Treo Cases, and More

Unbound Medicine Releases Special PDA-Only Version of Harrison's Practice Vaja i-Volution Models Introduced for Palm Treo 680 and Treo 750v Astraware's Glyph Coming Soon Documents[...]

Treo 750 Delay Causes Financial Shortfall for Palm

Palm, Inc. has just said that it isn't taking in as much money this quarter as it has previously expected, a shortfall the company is blaming on a delay in[...]

Nokia E62 Review

Adama D. Brown tests out a new S60 smartphone now being offered by Cingular Wireless.

YouTube Videos Coming to Verizon Phones

Thanks to an agreement that was just announced, Verizon Wireless' V CAST subscribers will soon be able to view a sampling of the most popular YouTube videos.

Cingular Taking Pre-Orders for BlackBerry Pearl

Although not yet available from this carrier, Cingular Wireless is now allowing people to pre-order the BlackBerry Pearl, RIM's latest smartphone.

Opera Mini 3.0 Now Available

Opera Software has released Opera Mini 3.0, the latest version of its free web browser that can run on most mobile phones.

There Just Might Be New Axims from Dell After All

In his latest editorial, Ed Hardy discusses the evidence that points to Dell introducing a new line of Pocket PCs in 2007.

Smartphone Users Are Happier Than Regular Phone Users

According to a survey done by market-research firm IDC, those who use a smartphone are generally more satisfied with their devices than those who have a standard "dumb" phone.

Sprint’s Motorola Q Will Be Black

Some pictures of the Sprint version a Windows Mobile Smartphone have emerged, showing that it will have a black casing, not the silver one currently being offered by Verizon Wireless.

Supreme Court Hears Patent Case Important to Technology Industry

The U.S. Supreme Court heard a case yesterday that's being closely watched across the technology industry, as it may determine what constitutes a valid patent in the future.

E-Ten Glofiish X500

E-Ten believes the Glofiish X500 might be the world’s thinnest Pocket PC phone with both Wi-Fi and GPS. It uses the traditional tablet design, without a built-in keyboard, and includes[...]

Nokia Says Mobile Phone Use Growing Faster Than Expected

No one argues that the use of mobile phones is increasing dramatically around the world, but, according to the head of Nokia, growth is out pacing many people's expectations.

BlackBerry Pearl Debuting on Cingular Wireless Tomorrow

Cingular Wireless has officially announced that it will be rolling out the RIM's latest smartphone over the next few days.

HP Launching New Series of iPAQ Handhelds

HP has launched its second new series of handhelds in just a few months. The iPAQ rx4240 and rx4540 are consumer-oriented models with a look somewhat different from most[...]

XScale Replacements Ready To Be Included in Future Devices

Marvell is now shipping a new generation of processors designed for handhelds and smartphones. These are the replacements for the Intel XScale line of processor that are widely used in[...]