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SmartPhone Articles for December of 2002

Below are the 105 SmartPhone articles for December of 2002

Review – Lemonade Tycoon for Palm OS from Hexacto

Lemonade Tycoon is one half Business simulation one third puzzle/strategy and the rest ice cubes. Hexacto has taken another of their popular Pocket PC games and brought it to the[...]

Review — Sony Clie NX60 and NX70V

Sony owns the record for the most PDA's ever to be released in one year. The Clie NX60 and NX70V mark the ninth and tenth PDA's to be released under[...]

HP iPAQ h1910 release slated for mid-December

The new entry-level Pocket PC's have been slow to materialize, painfully slow for many of you. Well, HP's sleek but underpowered device is on the way and many ratailers are[...]

Where Are the New Handhelds?

Updated Several companies have announced new Pocket PC models that have yet to materialize.

BrightBytes™: NX Series, iPAQ Cases, Bartlett’s

The first person to develop a CF memory card driver for the NX series will win over $1,000, RhinoSkin has a new line of hard cases, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations is[...]

Review SplashClock 1.02 for the Palm OS from SplashData

If you re like me, you re PDA of choice sits next to your PC monitor or laptop while charging in the cradle. I often like to run the default[...]

Free weather software for Pocket PC’s and Palm OS PDA’s and Sharp electronics have partnered to bring us free weather software for both the Pocket PC and the Palm OS. The new graphical version of the Mobile service[...]

Comic-al content for PDA’s and SmartPhones is taking an interesting twist to graphic novels and comic books: porting them to Palm and PocketPC based handhelds, and Java-enabled smartphones.

BrightBytes™: Weather, Tungsten T, Pocket Artist has a new weather display app, there is a beta of an audio player for the Tungsten T, two companies are making leather flipcovers for the Tungsten T, and[...]

Nextel Offering New Blackberry

RIM has developed the BlackBerry 6510, a smartphone that runs on Nextel's wireless networks and offers web surfing and email.

CodeJedi releases Palm OS 5 game emulator

We all remember the great games that were released back in the 80's. Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug...just thinking about it takes me back to the Penny Arcade. Anyway, now you[...]

Review Stowaway XT Ultra-Thin Keyboard for Palm PDA’s

Anyone who s researched PDA keyboards or even owns one, knows Think Outside s Stowaway line (also sold under the Targus name) is the cream of the crop. There s[...]

TextMaker for Pocket PC Now Available

One of the most anticipated Pocket PC apps this year is now available, a word processor with features to rival one for a desktop or laptop.

Samsung Demoing Prototype Wireless Handheld

The SPH-M400 will run the Pocket PC Phone Edition and include a TV tuner and GPS receiver.

Brighthand Reviews the AlphaSmart Dana

The Dana is a rugged word processor that runs the Palm OS. It has an extra-wide screen and a full-size keyboard.

Want a keyboard that’s not foldable and doesn’t require thumbs?

FrogPad might have a solution for you. They have an alternative that you've just got to see to believe. FrogPad is touting one-handed use and full-sized keys, albeit fewer of[...]

New miniSync cable will let you sync and charge with a single retractable cable

This might be one of the best thought out accessories PDA's have seen in a long time. The miniSync from Boxwave will let you plug in almost any PDA to[...]

Review – Quest of the Hero II

Quest of the Hero II is a roleplaying game that puts the player in the role of the Hero, out to defend the Free Lands against the Dark Wizard. The[...]

Palm Tungsten W to come bundled with WorldMate

We're still weeks (read: months) away from the release of Palm's Tungsten W, but details are surfacing about at least some of the software that hopes to take advantage of[...]

BrightBytes™: XCade, AvantGo, Cropped Out

XCade is similar to MAME in that it allows Palm OS 5 users to play the ROMs from classic arcade games, AvantGo for Palm OS 5 is in closed beta,[...]

Check an eBook out of the Library

Libraries will soon be able to loan eBooks to patrons for a specific timeframe, according to Palm Digital Media.

ZIOSoft about to release Age of Empires for Pocket PC

Age of Empires is one of the biggest games in PC history and mobile users are about to get a taste of the greatness. I'm such a big fan of[...]

Where Did the ViewSonic V35’s RAM Go?

ViewSonic admits it made a mistake by not properly informing customers how much of the V35’s RAM is taken up by the operating system.

Kickoo Updates Their Palm Games TacTik and Breakout

If you don't know who Kickoo is, you should. They've got two of the best looking Palm OS games I've ever seen. They play very weel too, so the whole[...]

Picture of an unknown PDA captured by accident

Yahoo news has posted a picture of two guys at the NYSE using PDA's with WiFi on the trading floor. One is clearly an iPAQ, but the other is unknown.[...]

Free Pocket PC Software From HP

HP has released a free software for Pocket PC owners that will let you print to a variety of Bluetooth, network and other wireless printers. You can now send things[...]

Review – Age of Empires for Pocket PC

No, you didn t read the title wrong Age of Empires the hugely popular real time strategy classic by Microsoft, has been ported to the Pocket PC. Zio Soft[...]

2002: Year in Review

It was another exciting year in the world of handheld computers. One company split into two, two companies merged into one, and a couple of others simply faded away.

Satire Sunday – Here are a couple PDA news satires I thought you might appreciate

Let's face it, not much news breaks over the weekend. We like to post a few reviews on the weekend and bring you the lighter side of technology. So here[...]

Review The Emperor s Mahjong (Palm OS) by Hexacto

A few days ago Hexacto released another Palm port of a fun Pocket PC game. Emperor s Mahjong is essentially a matching game that requires quick thought and like chess,[...]

More Is Not Always Better

Contributing writer Ted Ladd returns to discuss the implications of using a handheld to become more efficient and effective.

Treo 180 Drops to $99 for the Holidays

Handspring and T-Mobile are offering a $150 rebate on the Treo 180 with GPRS service.

BrightBytes™: PPC Printing, Tungsten Tunes, New Reseller

HP is giving away a utility to allow Pocket PCs to print, there is a new audio player for the Tungsten T, PdaPointer is a new software reseller, and more.

Handspring slashes price of the Treo 180 to $99.99

For a limited time Handspring is offering the Treo 180 series integrated PDA phone for only $99.99 after a $150 mail-in rebate. You do have to sign up for at[...]

Review – HP iPAQ h1910

Somehow the guys over at Canada Pocket PC have managed to get their hands on an iPAQ h1910. They've posted a pretty good review that you should definitely check out[...]

Fight Terrorism with your Palm Handheld

The government told us that we need to take fighting terrorism into our own hands, so now you can, literally! Next time you fly, check for terrorists around you[...]

Legend Licenses the Palm OS

Updated The largest computer maker in China is going to release a Palm OS model in January.

Handspring Commits to Keyboards

No future Handspring product will use Graffiti as its main method of entering text.

PalmSource Announces Another Asian Licensee

The third largest seller of handheld computers in Asia has licensed the Palm OS. At the same time, PalmSource has laid out a roadmap for Chinese versions of the[...]

A new breed of adult content coming to Pocket PC s

Be honest baby! Pocket PC owners will either be excited or outraged by this news. A company in Spain is preparing secure digital cards with content like adult movies, games,[...]

HP iPAQ h5450 is now shipping!

Dig deep, real deep, to pull out the cash you need for the new iPAQ h5450. Now that you've found $700, place your order because these bad boys have started[...]

Palm’s Ultra-Thin Keyboard

Editor-in-Chief Ed Hardy reviews the new version of the Stowaway Folding Keyboard that is smaller and lighter than the original.

PalmSource signs up two new licensees in China

PalmSource has signed Legend Computing and Group Sense as new Palm OS licesees. That means either company may now produce devices that run on the Palm OS. Part of the[...]

New Pocket PC from CMC low on power but nice design (picture)

I'm not sure if this PDA will ever make it to the US, likely not, but I think it's always interesting to see what's happening abroad.

Compal Electronics Smartphone

A Smartphone under development by Taiwan’s Compal Electronics has received approval from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, paving the way for sales in the United States.

New Smartphone from Compal on the way (picture)

The FCC has granted approval to Compal Electronics to sell their new Smartphone in the US. The phone runs on the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 operating system.

First Thoughts: HP iPaq 1910 Overview

Today I got my hands on the HP iPaq 1910, one of the two new iPaq devices from HP, and am able to put forth some initial thoughts on this[...]

BrightBytes™: ViewSonic, Games, FitalyVirtual

There is good news for anyone who wants a refund for their V35 because of the amount of its accessible RAM, several games have been released or will be in[...]

RumorMill: Better Memory Sticks in January

According to rumor, Sony will soon announce higher capacity Memory Sticks in sizes up to 1 GB, though not all current devices will be able to use them. However,[...]

Pocket PC Buyers Will No Longer Get Outlook 2002

It seems Microsoft will no longer ship Outlook 2002 with new Pocket PC's. Word is, Microsoft is afraid of losing out on sales of Windows XP, if they keep sending[...]

Sony to release new memory sticks up to 1GB! But they won’t work on any current PDA’s!?!

Rumors have Sony planning to release 256MB, 512MB and 1GB memory sticks, dubbed memory stick pro. The official announcement should come at the CES in Vegas, the first full week[...]

Total Remote for Pocket PC Released

My favorite use for the IR port on any PDA is syncing. The second is controlling an unsuspecting friend's TV. Total Remote is packed full of features that let Pocket[...]

First Thoughts: ViewSonic V35 Overview

It s another day and, yes, another PDA. Poet laureate I am not, but a PDA connoisseur I will call myself. On today s plate is the ViewSonic[...]

PiTech to Aid Palm OS Licensees

Portable Innovation Technology has been made a Palm OS System Development Partner, which means it will help Palm OS licensees with both hardware and software design.

BrightBytes™: General Magic, Bookworm, Memory Stick Deal

General Magic has filed for bankruptcy, Bookworm is a new game for both Palm OS and Pocket PC, has a deal on 128MB Memory Sticks, and more.

Sena releases new cases for the Clie NX series, Dell Axim and Tungsten T

Sena is well known for their quality cases, although in the past they've been designed only for Clie owners. Now they're expanding the line and remembering their Clie roots at[...]

BookWorm Released – New Pocket PC and Palm Game From Astraware

It's been a little quiet in Astraware land...but they just took the wraps off a new cross-platform game, BookWorm. I found it to be a mix of Scrabble and Tetris,[...]

Free Pocket PC Software – Snowed In From Clickgamer

Clickgamer is getting in the Holilday spirit by giving away one of their Pocket PC games for free.

Review – Cube Head Pocket PC Puzzle Game

Cascata Games hasn't been in the Pocket PC arena for all that long, but they've introduced a wonderful puzzle game title in the form of CubeHead. A zany game[...]

REVIEW: HP iPaq 1910

The HP iPaq 1910 is all about being small and having good form, while at the same time being very functional. My goal in this review is to help[...]

Saving the Pogo

A new company headed by a former Microsoft exec is trying to revive the Pogo wireless handheld and license the technology to OEMs.

BrightBytes™: Snowed In, New Flipcovers, FlexWallet

Snowed In is a new free game for the Pocket PC, COVERTEC has new flipcovers for several types of handhelds, FlexWallet can securely store personal info, and more.

First Glimpse of Hitachi Pocket PC

his handheld will include a built-in keyboard and camera and be able to connect to Sprint's high-speed wireless network.

More on Legend’s Palm OS Handheld

There are more details trickling out of Asia on the Palm OS handheld that Legend Group will release in China in January.

The first Bluetooth keyboard to be rollable?

Man and Machine, who is well known for their FX100 rollable keyboard may be releasing a Bluetooth version in the near future. PDA users rejoice, this could be the keyboard[...]

New Pocket PC from Hitachi has it all, literally (picture)

Hitachi may be about to release the first Pocket PC with everything - phone, data, keyboard, I missing anything? From the picture it looks like Sprint will be supporting[...]

Vaja adds leather cases for the Clie NX series, iPAQ h1910 and Tungsten T

Vaja is long-known for their quality leather PDA cases. They are historically not cheap and these new ones are no different. But if you want the best for your little[...]

Brighthand reviews the HP iPAQ h1910

It's bold, it's beautiful, and it blazes an exciting new path for Pocket PC...but it's not perfect.

Clamshell Zaurus SL-C700 Coming to U.S.

Updated A Linux-powered handheld that created quite a buzz at last month's COMDEX will soon be available in the U.S.

Software to Fill in the Gaps in Pocket PC 2002

Spb Pocket Plus adds many of the most requested features to Pocket PC 2002 , like one tap closing of apps, multiple PIE windows, and more.

Unannounced Garmin Handheld Wins Award

Though not yet announced, the Garmin iQue 3600, which runs Palm OS 5, has won an award for innovation.

New racing game lets Palm OS 5 owners to drive in 3D mode

Xavier Martin has been hard at work making PilotMicroRace. It's one of the first Palm games to take advantage of all the ARM processor has to offer. It's not the[...]

Samsung i330 to finally see the light of day!

The i330 from Samsung is the follow-up PDA to the popular i300 model. The i330 features a more stylish form factor and a few upgrades, the most important being a[...]

Samsung i330 Palm OS Smartphone Now Available

Samsung has finally made the i330 smartphone available for purchase. This Palm OS smartphone can connect to high-speed CDMA 1XRTT wireless networks.

Palm Reports Profitable Quarter

Palm Inc. has announced the results of its most recent financial quarter and the news is good.

First Thoughts: Dell Axim X5 Overview update!

The time has arrived for many of those that have been waiting for months for the appearance of the Dell Axim. Today I got my hands on the Axim[...]

PDA News Bits – SD to CF adapter, MP3 software for the Tungsten T and two cool CF cards

Panasonic has an SD to CF converter being sold in Japan Aeroplayer is in Beta 2 and has added support for MP3's on Palm OS 5 devices Lifeview[...]

Finally a portable keyboard for Toshiba Pocket PC owners

Toshiba e740/310/330/335 owners or prospective buyers rejoice! There is finally a foldable keyboard to meet your needs. Want to know the best part? It's $20 cheaper than most other PDA[...]

BrightBytes™: Palm Update, MP3 Player, Mapopolis

Palm has released a system patch that lets its OS 4.1 devices format large SD cards. Also, there is a new version of the AeroPlayer for the Tungsten T[...]

NetFront Browser for Pocket PC Released

The new NetFront browser for Pocket PC has a good number of features not supported by Microsoft's Pocket Internet Explorer.

Belkin Offering Keyboard for Toshiba Pocket PCs

Belkin has developed a portable keyboard for the Toshiba e330, e335, and e740 Pocket PC.

Kyocera 7135 Palm OS Smartphone Due Tomorrow

The long-awaited Kyocera 7135 Palm OS smartphone will be available on Friday from ALLTEL. It offers a clamshell design, an SD/MMC slot, and an MP3 player.

Alert – Kyocera 7135 to be released tomorrow

It's official! The Kyocera 7135 will finally be available for purchase in the US. Here's the bad news. It's only available through Alltel for the time being. I didn't even[...]

Preview – Intrinsyc MicroPDA

Intrinsyc Software, Inc. today announced Microsoft Corp. is one of the first customers for its next generation wireless handheld reference design, the MicroPDA.

Struggling AvantGo Acquired by Sybase

Popular handheld software and services company, AvantGo, has been purchased by Sybase, a company that also develops mobile enterprise software.

“Buggy” Beta of AvantGo for Palm OS 5 Available

A beta version of the new AvantGo app for Palm OS 5 users has been released, though it still contains a number of known bugs.

Review – Compex Wireless Infrared Access Point

With an increasing number of devices on the market that lack other options for network connectivity, the built-in infrared ports sported by virtually all mobile computing devices can be an[...]

Quest of the Hero II goes grey

That's right, Dmitri has taken the great color version and made it in 16 shades of grey. So now all you colorless folks can play this challanging game.

Wi-Fi Expansion Card for the Axim — $54.99

Many of our readers have recently bought the Dell Axim or may have another PDA device that offers CompactFlash expansion. A fantastic add-on for the Axim using its CompactFlash[...]

First Thoughts: HP iPaq 5450 Overview

We all know that saying about life and money, you get what you pay for, although usually it s used in a negative sense it can still apply[...]

Touch Typing without a Keyboard

Senseboard Technologies is talking up a new prototype of a device that allows touch typing on a virtual keyboard. A final version could be ready in a few months.

Sendo Suing Microsoft Over Smartphone

Sendo accuses Microsoft of giving its intellectual property to other developers of mobile phones running Smartphone 2002.

The end of the year is nearing and the best of hardware is being handed out

CNet has dished out awards to the top 100 tech products of 2002. In the handheld category there were a few things to take note of. Sony, Dell, HP and[...]

BrightBytes™: RIM, T-Mobile, Pocket Informant, and More

There is good and bad financial news from RIM, T-Mobile has released a ROM update for its Pocket PC Phone Edition, Pocket Informant has been updated, and more.

Pocket PC owners to dial with their voices!

Fonix Corporation has a new program called VoiceDial that will let Pocket PC Phone Edition owners dial any of their contacts with very simple voice commands, all without any training[...]

iNDUSTRY Entertainment releases MONSTA of a game for the Palm OS

iE has been working hard at their MONSTA game and it shows. Released a few weeks ago, they have addressed numerous bugs to make the gameplay even better. MONSTA offers[...]

New Pocket PC Phone Edition to Add GPS

The Falcon, a folow-up device from HTC, gained FCC approval today for sale in the US. The biggest new feature includes GPS tracking and related software applications.

Asustek (ASUS) to broaden their PDA line with new Smartphone and a second PDA

ASUS is a Taiwanese electronics company best known for their motherboards. In the second quarter of next year they plan on adding to their PDA line with a new Smartphone[...]

New Palm software to tie together all your instant messanging clients

PDAapps has just released VeriChat for Palm based devices with internet connections like the Treo series and Kyocera 7135. Now you can bring your Yahoo!, MSN and AOL chat all[...]

New Wireless Pocket PC Developed by HTC

The FCC has released some information on a new Pocket PC Phone Edition device that uses CDMA wireless networks. It also includes a GPS receiver.

Future iPAQ to Include Folding Keyboard?

Hewlett Packard developed a prototype handheld that includes an integrated folding keyboard.

BrightBytes™: VeriChat, HandStory, RingRing, and More

VeriChat lets Palm OS users do instant messaging on all of the top networks, HandStory Suite adds Palm OS 5 support, RingRing lets users exchange ringtones with their Nokia phones,[...]

UPL releases Stone Age game for Palm OS

Ever wonder what it was like being a cave man? Ok, neither do I but this game has some nice looking graphics and I'm a big proponent of helping out[...]

REVIEW: Dell Axim X5

Dell's goal in releasing the Axim X5 was to get a foot in the PDA market -- they may just have gotten two feet in though. The Dell Axim[...]

Astraware goes pre-historic with latest Palm OS game

Astraware is well-known as one of, if not the best Palm OS game developer out there. They've now ported another Pop Cap game which is very similar to the arcade[...]