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SmartPhone Articles for December of 2003

Below are the 144 SmartPhone articles for December of 2003

My Smartphone Epiphany

After years touting the advantage of two-piece wireless data solutions, Brighthand founder Steve Bush now says he's found a single device that fits his needs...and it's a Smartphone.

RumorMill™: Details of Legend’s Upcoming Palm for the Chinese Market

According to rumor, Legend Group is preparing to release in China the Lenovo P300, a mid-range model which will run Palm OS 5.

PDA News – Some Axims Shipped, 1.3 MP SDIO camera, Loox 610 review

Some Axim X3is shipped for $79 Veo Traveler SDIO camera gets upgrade Loox 610BT/WLAN reviewed by FirstLoox Astraware TacTic available free

Connected PDAs Will Outnumber Traditional PDAs by 2006.

According to extensive research by ABI-Technology Market Research, PDA s that incorporate wireless functionality will replace most of the existing consumer s current units over the next three years.

Review – TealAlias from TealPoint Software (Palm OS)

TealAlias is a simple program that helps you set up little launcher programs to point to the programs or files on your expansion card that you want to use. These[...]

New Axim X3 Accessories Now Available From Moonlight Technologies, Belkin

Moonlight Technologies is now taking pre-orders for a leather case for the Axim X3 series, and Belkin has also announced a selection of accessories for these new Pocket PCs.

Release of Wi-Fi Memory Stick Pushed Back to March

Hagiwara Sys-Com said today that its much-anticipated Wi-Fi card that uses the Memory Stick format won't be available until March. This peripheral had been expected to debut yesterday.

Treo 600 Coming to T-Mobile Later this Month

Reportedly, T-Mobile is having problems with the Treo 600 which it expects to have ironed out shortly.

Virgin Megastore Puts HP iPaq and Music Search Program to Work

If you have a Pocket PC PDA there's a good chance you've used it to listen to some of your favorite music. And why not, the quality of music when[...]

REVIEW Proporta Sony Clie T-Series Case

In a quest to finally get rid of my wallet and only carry a PDA case, Proporta has done it. The only problem I had was that sometimes when[...]

Handmark Releases Official Trivial Pursuit Handheld Edition

Handmark has released the Official Trivial Pursuit Handheld Edition for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices.

Compact Flash FM Radio Introduced by AmbiCom

AmbiCom is now offering the AmbiCon Radio FM-CF, a Type I Compact Flash card peripheral for Pocket PC handheld devices.

Are You a Member of the Mobile Elite?

The market research firm IDC has released a study in which it breaks mobile users into four distinct categories: the Mobile Elite, Minimalists, Voice and Text Fanatics, and Display Mavens.

RumorMill™: Digital Camera Coming for MPx200

According to a leaked document, Motorola may be planning to release a digital camera for its MPx200 smart phone.

Review – NuShield Screen Protectors

After dropping anywhere from one to several hundred dollars on a new PDA, the last thing you may want to consider is to spend even more money. When it comes[...]

Review – Sony Clie UX50

Sony has made a good habit of pushing the limits with their high-end PDAs. The Sony Clie UX50 is no different, marking the first time a Sony Clie has included[...]

First BlackBerry Word Processing Application Released

eWord is the first application for the BlackBerry platform that can create and edit Microsoft Word documents.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Handheld-Related Gifts

Because buying handheld-related items can be very intimidating for those who aren't handheld users themselves, Brighthand has put together some suggestions for gifts that are good for any handheld user,[...]

New Cases for Tungsten E, Samsung SPH-i500

A variety of new cases are available from Innopocket and Covertec. This includes cases for the recently released palmOne Tungsten E and Samsung's SPH-i500 smart phone.

BSQUARE Power Handheld Available in U.K.

BSQUARE Corporation announced today that Vodafone is the first wireless operator to offer its line of Power Handheld devices. These are expected to be available in the U.S. next year.

PDA News – Palm vs. PPC, CF radio, Axim X3 cases

Palm vs. PocketPC: Creativity vs. Compatibility CompactFlash radio from Ambicom Axim X3 case roundup Card games by Red Mercury

bSQUARE CE.NET Concept Device is Finally Released!

bSQUARE has been working on what I think is a great design for a PDA. We saw it in person almost a year ago at the 2003 CES. They've finally[...]

Belkin Announces Bluetooth GPS Unit for Pocket PC and Windows

Belkin has announced a new Bluetooth GPS unit compatible with Pocket PC and Windows devices. The market must be larger than I though, with units from HP and Socket already[...]

Motorola MPx200 Smart Phone Available for Free from Amazon is currently offering Motorola's new MPx200 smart phone for free after a number of rebates available to those starting a new wireless service account with AT&T.

palmOne 1.3 Megapixel Camera Card Delayed Until January

The 1.3 Megapixel Camera Card SDIO accessory announced by palmOne in September has been delayed and is not expected to be available until mid-January. It was originally expected to be[...]

Belkin to Offer Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Belkin will begin offering a Bluetooth GPS Receiver in the middle of next month. This will work with Pocket PCs and cost $300.

PDA News – Axim case giveaway, MPx200 for FREE

AximCases and AximSite give away 6 Axim cases Motorola MPx200 smartphone for FREE with activation Sync/charge cables for $11 shipped

CalliGrapher 7 Now Available for Windows Mobile Devices

PhatWare has released CalliGrapher 7 handwriting recognition software. This supports Pocket PC 2000, 2002, and Windows Mobile 2003 devices.

iShop for Books Released For Pocket PC

The first version of iShop has been designed to provide shopping assistance for books via wireless networking with's Web Services

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

A listing of some of the most interesting game-related news from the last week.

PDA News – 50% off Astraware, Pocket Highscores, $5 off Handango

50% off select Astraware games in December Pocket Highscores, now with Jawbreaker support $5 off $35 coupon for Handango

Review – Noah’s Arc From Astraware (Pocket PC and Palm)

No matter your age you will have fun and be challenged with this very addictive puzzle type game. This game holds your attention and entices you to play just a[...]

Find Great Deals on Flash Memory – CompactFlash, Secure Digital and Memory Stick

With the holidays coming up, many gadget geeks will have memory for his or her devices on their list. Here are the currest best deals for each form factor. Hurry[...]

RumorMill™: Motorola MPx220 Smart Phone Coming in Early 2004

Rumors are already circulating about a replacement for Motorola's MPx200 smart phone. The new version will supposedly offer some significant improvements.

Motorola to Release the MPx220 Smartphone in February

If you thought the free MPx200 at Amazon was too good to be true, it was, sort of. It seems AT&T wants to clear out the old models quickly, as[...]

Legend Debuts Two Handhelds in China

The Lenovo P100 and P300 are the first to run Palm OS 5 Simplified Chinese Edition.

BusinessWeek Names Treo 600 One of 2003’s Best Products

In its December 15 issue, BusinessWeek named the palmOne Treo 600 as one of the Best Product of 2003.

palmOne Settling Class-Action Lawsuit Over m500 Series

palmOne has reached a tentative settlement for a class-action lawsuit brought over HotSync problems with its m500 series.

Foundertech Licenses the Palm OS

Foundertech is going to release products running the Palm OS in China. Its first model is expected to debut next May.

Palm OS Selling Very Well in U.S. Stores

Though the Palm OS doesn't dominate worldwide sales of handhelds the way it used to, it still has the lion's share of the U.S. retail market.

SnapperMail 1.9 Adds HVGA Support

Snapperfish has released SnapperMail 1.9, which adds several new features, including support for the 320-by-480 pixel screens on many Palm OS models.

PDA News – A620 bundles, Axim orders status, 15% off JAVOedge

Asus A620 bundles from PROPortable Update on Axim X3i story Coupon for 15% off JAVOedge accessories PocketMac Backup utility

Toshiba e805 / e800 Full Review

The Toshiba e805 / e800 Pocket PC is the latest high-end PDA release from Toshiba. This PDA is packed with great features. It's a highly recommended buy, but[...]

Review: Handmark Yahtzee for Pocket PC and Palm OS

The "official version" of this classic virtually known to game fans of all ages and walks of life is now available for your PDA!

NetFront 3.1 Coming to Pocket PC Later this Month

ACCESS has announced that its NetFront 3.1 browser software will be available to Pocket PC handhelds in a few weeks.

Remotely Access Info on a PC with goAnywhere

Intellisync: goAnywhere allows users with Web-enabled handhelds or smart phones to remotely access files and other data on their home or work PC.

RIM Developing BlackBerry with Wi-Fi

Research in Motion has confirmed that it is working on a version of its BlackBerry smart phone that will include Wi-Fi wireless networking.

Visual CE Version 8 Now Available From Syware

Syware has just annouced Visual CE Version 8, application development software for database and forms development on Microsoft Windows Mobile and Pocket PC handheld devices.

Fly into Battle with Shattered Worlds: Space Combat

Shattered Worlds: Space Combat is a 3D space-themed shooter that allows handheld device owners to play through the story of a war between the Inner Planet Alliance and the Outer[...]

Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard Coming Next Year

Think Outside has pre-announced its Stowaway Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard, an upcoming Bluetooth-enabled Stowaway keyboard for use with compatible smart phones and handhelds.

PDA News – Free MPx200 stuff, iPaq 4150 batteries, USB Host

Free memory card, Office software for MPx200 buyers Extended batteries for iPaq 4150/4155 USB Host CompactFlash card coming Feb 2004 New embedded Bluetooth Class 1 module

Bluetooth PDA Keyboards To Be Released in March 2004

We told you a few weeks back these were coming and today the announcement from Think Outside makes them real, Bluetooth PDA keyboards are almost here.

Review – SysOnChip CF Plus GPS Receiver from Pro Clip

ProClip USA, which sells an extensive line of automotive mounting hardware for PDAs, cellphones etc., is now carrying GPS receivers and accessories by SysOnChip. I recently tested the CF[...]

Microsoft and AT&T Launch Site for MPx200 Users

Microsoft and AT&T have launched the Windows Mobile Start Service for AT&T Wireless customers with Motorola MPx200 phones.

Create Pocket PC Themes on a Mac

PocketMac Theme Creator is the first application that allows Mac users to create Pocket PC themes.

Agendus 7.0 Now Available for Palm OS

iambic Software has released a new version of its scheduling and contact management tool for the Palm OS.

Additional Pictures of the HP iPAQ h4355

The HP iPAQ h4355 and the HP iPAQ h1945   The HP iPAQ h4355 and the Sony Clie NX80V   The HP iPAQ h4355, the Dell Axim X3i, and the[...]

Additional Pictures of the HP iPAQ h4355

Screen Brightness of the HP iPAQ h4355 and the HP iPAQ h1945   Screen Brightness of the HP iPAQ h4355 and the Dell Axim X3i  

Review – Big Money from Astraware (Pocket PC and Palm)

PopCap Games and Astraware have done an excellent job in bringing handheld owners everywhere games that give them a great bang for the buck. This game just makes that buck[...]

SanDisk Presents Latest Positioning on SD Wi-Fi Card Drivers for the Palm OS

"SanDisk has been shipping its SD Wi-Fi card for several months now and many people have wondered about whether we would have drivers for the Palm OS. As you may[...]

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ h4355

HP's latest high-end Pocket PC is an excellent device for accessing the Internet from anywhere while being easy to carry everywhere.

BDicty for Windows Mobile Smart Phones Released

Beiks has developed a version of its dictionary reader application for Windows powered smart phones.

CompactFlash USB Host Adapter Announced for Pocket PC

The SolarExpress PDA expansion card features two ports for attaching full-size USB keyboards, mini flash hard drives, USB keyboards, and other peripherals.

SanDisk Explains Delay of Palm OS Wi-Fi SD Card

SanDisk has given the reasons why the release of a Palm OS driver for its Wi-Fi SD card has been repeatedly delayed and tells when people can expect this to[...]

SyChip Developing More Multi-Function SD Cards

SyChip has revealed plans to create SD cards that offer more than one function. One will have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while another will have Wi-Fi and some memory.

PDA News – Bluetooth keyboards, SPB bundles, Software updates and releases

Two more Bluetooth keyboards coming 2004 Buy SPB software, get themes, game, and coupon Slew of software updates and releases Palm settles class-action suit

Exclusive BargainPDA Discounts on DS International Cases

DS International, supplier of high-quality leather, aluminum and holster cases are offering BargainPDA readers 20% off until the 1st of the year!

Does Your PDA Have Gas? If It Did, You Wouldn’t Need Batteries

Full cells are a hot topic when it comes to preserving the Earth. But they're not just for ecological activists. Hitachi is promising a fuel cell powered PDA by 2005.

Hitachi to Have Fuel Cell for Handhelds in 2005

Fuel cells are seen as a potential replacement for batteries, as they can power electronic devices much longer than batteries can. But currently these are too large to be included[...]

Sony Urges Customers to Not Remove Batteries

Though most Sony models have a small removable panel which can allow access to the battery, the company urges customers to not open this themselves for any reason.

TI Unveils New OMAP Processor

Texas Instruments' OMAP1710 processor offers up to a 40% improvement in performance while consuming as little as half the power of TI's current processors.

Thinking of Picking Up a Microsoft Smartphone? Think Again.

Microsoft's smartphone platform has just recently come to fruition in the US with the release of Motorola's MPx200 and Samsung's i600. Walt Mossberg has tested both and doesn't like the[...]

palmOne Cuts Price on the Zire 71

Today palmOne announced a $50 price cut on the Zire 71, taking the MSRP to $250. They also promoted a current $100 rebate on the Tungsten C, effectively lowering the[...]

Excellent Deal on the Sony Clie SJ22

If you've been looking for the perfect gift for someone without a PDA, or perhaps a monochrome unit who needs an upgrade, here's a fantastic deal on a Sony Clie[...]

Recall Issued for Sony Clie TJ35 PDAs

Since its release, users have been complaining of issues with the backlight in the TJ35. Today Sony issued a recall to fix the problem.

PDA News – New Palm Cradle, Faster ARM Processor, Free Holiday Games

palmOne offers new mini-cradle TI debuts new OMAP processor; less power, more performance Free holiday-themed games from ClickGamer and WebAttack

PrintBoy 6.0 Premium Edition Now Available For Palm OS

PrintBoy now offers support for the latest version of Dataviz's Documents To Go, as well as other improvements.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

A listing of some of the most interesting game-related news from the last week.

Sony Recalling Clie TJ35 for Backlight Problems

Sony has issued a recall for one of its most recent handhelds, the Clie TJ35, because the backlight on some of the units of this model have a tendency to[...]

palmOne Zire 71 Cut to $249

The Zire 71, which debuted last spring, has had its first price cut. This Palm OS 5 model is now available for $50 less.

E-Ten P300 Pocket PC Phone

A versatile PDA, the E-TEN Pocket PC P300 delivers wireless capabilities, increased multimedia and the entertainment features of the new Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC Phone Edition[...]

palmOne To Bring Java Applications to Treo and Tungsten Handhelds

palmOne and IBM today announced that developers will be given the ability to deploy Java applications on the Treo 600 smartphone and Tungsten line of handhelds. This should be[...]

RumorMill™: Strong Evidence of MPx220 Found

A document has been found that all but proves the existence of the Motorola MPx220, which will be the replacement for the company's MPx200.

palmOne Mini USB Cradle Released

The Mini USB cradle is now available from the palmOne online store.

First CompactFlash TV Tuner Announced

EOps Technology has announced the world's first TV Tuner CompactFlash card which is compatible with Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 handhelds.

HP iPAQ h6315 / h6320

This iPAQ has a 3.5 inch transflective display with 65,000 colors, an integrated VGA camera, SDIO slot, a removable 1800mAH Lithium Ion battery, 64MB RAM/64MB ROM, Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11b, and[...]

Addit For palmOne Devices Helps Users Try, Buy New Software

Addit is a free application from palmOne designed to help users of Palm OS devices try and buy new software, directly on their handheld.

RumorMill™: Web Store Taking Pre-orders for iPAQ h6000

A web store is trying to take advantage of people's anticipation for the iPAQ h6000 series by already taking pre-orders for this device, even though it hasn't been announced by[...]

Pre-Order the New HP iPAQ h6000

Ok, so the HP iPAQ h6000 series isn't due out until late 1Q 2004 at the earliest, we don't know exactly what it looks like and the FCC hasn't approved[...]

Review — Sony Clie Digital Video Recorder

Sony has been great for PDA owners for one primary reason; they push the limits of the operating system and hardware to create great devices. This time they've innovated with[...]

palmOne Bringing Java Support to Treo 600

palmOne has released a developer preview of the Java 2 Micro Edition Toolkit for Treo 600 smart phones and Tungsten handhelds in the IBM WebSphere Micro Environment Toolkit. A preview[...]

RumorMill™: Motorola Planning Not One But Three Windows Mobile Smart Phones

According to a report coming out of Asia, Motorola plans to release next year three Windows Mobile smart phones.

Upgrade an iPAQ h4000 Series to 128 MB of RAM

Pocket PC Techs has just begun offering to upgrade the HP iPAQ h4155 or h4355 to 128 MB of RAM. This costs $129.

PDA News – Handango stats, Clear cases, Middle East PDAs

Handango stats for Q3 JAVOedge offers clear cases Middle East PDA summit coverage New Astraware game

Motorola SmartPhone MPx100, MPx220, MPx300

According to the Chinese language newspaper the Commercial Times, Motorola has ordered three new Microsoft Smartphones from Taiwan for its 2004 product lineup to follow-up on this years release of[...]

PalmSource Launches Expert Guides to Help Users Get More From Their Palm Powered PDAs

Many people buy PDAs for PIM, personal information management. Others pick them up for gaming or specialized professional needs. PalmSource has launched a resource for everyone, designed to help you[...] Paying Customers To Buy Color Sidekick and T-Mobile are offering so many rebates on the version of the Sidekick smart phone with a color screen that they are paying customers to buy it.

SPOT Watches to Debut in January

Watches using Microsoft's SPOT technology that are capable of displaying information they receive wirelessly will be available next month.

Palm Digital Media Offers Free Ebooks

Palm Digital Media is giving away a different free ebook every day until Christmas Eve.

Survey: By Using Handhelds, Doctors Can Save Lives and Money

A survey shows that doctors can benefit greatly by using a handheld as part of their practice, including reducing the number of medical errors they make.

Three More Hot Technologies That Could Profoundly Change Handhelds

Inventors and scientists are always working on handheld-related research, and Brighthand is comitted to keeping its readers informed about technologies in development that could significantly impact handhelds in the future.[...]

Review – Mars Needs Cows from Astraware (Pocket PC and Palm)

Mars Needs Cows is a fun, simple game to take up time anywhere you are the slightest bit bored. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to capture animals[...]

PDA News – 128 MB iPaq 4150, VGA updates, PocketPC TV

PocketPCTechs give 4150 128 MB internal memory VGA 'dead zone' fixed; high-res themes CompactFlash TV tuner for PocketPC Free ebooks from Palm

Adobe Opens Ebook Store

Adobe Systems Incorporated today opened the Adobe Digital Media Store, an online retail site that offers a wide variety of content in PDF format, including books, magazines, and newspapers.

palmOne Reports First Quarterly Financial Results Since Merger

This is the first time palmOne has reported financial results since it acquired Handspring and spun off PalmSource.

New Cases Available Soon for iPAQ h4155 and h2215

InnoPocket is now taking pre-orders for its HP iPAQ 4100 series aluminum hard case, while Javoedge is taking pre-orders for an HP iPAQ h2200 series ClearCase.

Last Minute Gift Idea – palmOne Zire for $40

If you still need a great Holiday gift, you might consider the palmOne Zire. Stock will not last long, so act quickly.

A First Look at LG’s New Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC

LG Electronics is releasing in Korea the LG-SC8000, a surprisingly small cellular-wireless Pocket PC with a built-in camera and a slide-out keypad.

PalmSource and RIM to Collaborate on Wireless Connectivity

PalmSource and Research in Motion are working together on a wireless Palm OS email application expected to be available in the second half of 2004.

PDA News – palmOne quarterly report, Palm to Blackberry connectivity, Linux smartphone

palmOne quarterly report with profit/loss PalmSource, RIM parter to connect Palms & Blackberries Linux-based smartphone in Asia Updated TomTom Navigator maps

UPDATE – HP Stops Selling iPAQs in India

HP's PR agency sent us an email overnight disputing the validity of this article. It seems HP will not be pulling out of India entirely. Here's their official statement on[...]

SD Now Top Memory Card Format

The SecureDigital format has passed CompactFlash cards to take the top position in market share among memory cards.

Decuma Releasing Handwriting Recognition Software for Palm OS and Pocket PC

Decuma has just announced its new OnSpot Handwriting Recognition Software for Pocket PC and Palm OS 5 devices.

Review – TealSafe from TealPoint Software (Palm OS)

Passwords, pin numbers, Web site logins, user names. As businesses switch to Web-based customer service and people conduct more banking and bill-paying electronically, the amount of personal information that must[...]

Review – Battleship by Handmark (Palm and Pocket PC)

Ok, I know that all of us at some point played this game when we were younger (probably sometime during the 1980s while watching the beginnings of MTV or a[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

A listing of some of the most interesting game-related news from the last week.

ASUS Releasing MyPal A716 in U.S. Very Soon

This Pocket PC has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless networking plus SD and CompactFlash card slots.

Survey: Palm OS Users Have Fewer Problems

According to a PC World survey, users of Palm OS handhelds are a bit more satisfied with their devices than Pocket PC owners.

PDA News – Axim X5 Basic discontinued, Fitaly for T|3, New cases

Dell Axim X5 Basic discontinued Fitaly keyboard for Tungsten T|3 iPaq 4150 and Treo cases KeySuite supports HighRes+

Palm OS Edges Pocket PC in Latest PCWorld Testing

PCWorld has published a report that will likely cause PPC fans some heartache. This latest salvo in the Palm vs. PPC fight is a must read.

From the Makers of Comes

About a year ago, Microsoft started touting their new

PalmSource Releases First Financial Results as an Independent Company

PalmSource's revenues increased last quarter, but it wasn't enough to make the company profitable.

Bluetooth Phone Available from Sprint

The Sony Erricsson T608, the first CDMA mobile phone with Bluetooth, is available in limited quantities from Sprint PCS.

Review – Jack, or One Hundred Ways to BBQ (Palm)

So, who is Jack? Jack is a small person who is trapped in a dungeon filled with snakes, dancing Egyptians, and even R2D2. More importantly, he is the main character[...]

Enjoy Some Christmas Cheer on Your Handheld

Christmas Day is almost here. While spending time with family and friends is the best way to celebrate, you can also have some holiday fun with your handheld.

RIM Reports a Very Profitable Quarter

RIM's revenues more than doubled when compared with the same quarter last year, and the company says it expects to be even more profitable during the next two quarters.

RumorMill™: First Picture of the MPx100 Smart Phone

A picture is now available that may give the first look at an upcoming Windows powered smart phone from Motorola.

First Picture of the Motorola MPx100 Microsoft Smartphone Surfaces

Almost two weeks ago, a Chinese newspaper broke the news that Compal had won a contract to product this new MS Smartphone for Motorola. A picutre has leaked now that[...]

Outlook 2004: Push Email With PDA and Smartphone Devices

Research In Motion (RIM) is a Canadian company that sells the popular Blackberry devices, best known for their push email capabilities. On Tuesday RIMs stock jumped $23 as they[...]

PDA News – Dual slot dual radio PocketPC, New Year game sales, Vodafone dumps MS

Asus PocketPC with BT/WiFi/CF/SD coming in January New Years sales on Astraware and iNDUSTRY games Vodafone puts Smartphone on hiatus

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

A listing of some of the most interesting game-related news from the last week.

COMDEX 2003 – South Korean Technologies (Pics)

While at COMDEX in November we couldn't help but be amazed at the offerings from the South Korean vendors. South Korea seems to be 2-years ahead of the game[...]

The Top Mobile Device Trends of 2003

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief has taken a look back at the handheld and smart phones markets during the previous twelve months, and found some interesting trends.

RumorMill™: Apple Handheld Prototype in Circulation

Despite the fact that Apple executives have said several times that their company won't be making a handheld, rumors persist. Now there is one that says Apple has put together[...]

Motorola MPx100

The MPx100 will run on Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 Edition. You can see that the design is a typical candy bar look. With Windows Mobile Outlook built in you can[...]

Motorola MPx

New SmartPhone device from Motorola to include built-in camera and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Tri-band GSM/GPRS.

Rumors of an Impending Apple PDA Are False

Every few months it becomes popular to find a small piece of evidence that supports the imminent release of an Apple PDA and blow it way out of proportion. Such[...]

Create a Custom User Interface with PPX For Pocket PC

PPX For Pocket PC allows users to create a custom interface instead of using the normal, stock, Pocket PC interface.

MyPal A716 Not Coming Until February

Recently there was word that ASUS will release the MyPal A716 Pocket PC in the U.S. in the near future. Today, however, comes the news directly from ASUS that this[...]

Sony Developing Clie with OLED Screen

Sony is going to release in a few months the first handheld to use a new type of display, one that has several advantages over current LCDs.

Do Some After-Christmas Shopping on the Web

Online retailers are currently offering a variety of handheld- and smartphone-related products at low prices.

ResFix 2.0 Brings Landscape VGA to Toshiba e805

An updated version has been released of a system hack that allows all applications to run in VGA mode on the new Toshiba e805. ResFix 2.0 adds landscape support.

PDA News – A716 slips to Febuary, ResFix 2.0, Clies to use OLED

Asus A716 release moved to Febuary ResFix version 2.0 available; adds landscape New Sony Clies to use OLED display tech

Toshiba e405 / e400 Full Review

The Toshiba e400 /e405 is the latest mid-range PDA release from Toshiba. This PDA line replaces the e300 line of Toshiba handhelds, and thankfully the refreshing midnight blue redesign[...]