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SmartPhone Articles for December of 2004

Below are the 130 SmartPhone articles for December of 2004

M-Systems’ DiskOnChip Selected as the Internal Storage Solution for Palm Powered Smartphones from GSPDA

One of the largest sellers of handheld computers in Asia is using M-Systems' DiskOnChip flash disk as the non-volatile storage device within its newest smartphones.

Nextel Now Offering BlackBerry with Bluetooth

Nextel has just begun carrying the BlackBerry 7520. This isn't this company's first BlackBerry wireless handheld, but it is its first BlackBerry with Bluetooth.

PDA News – T5 WiFi drivers, Verizon EvDO PPC phone, New cases

PalmOne delivers T5 WiFi card drivers Report: Verizon XV6600s for sale New cases from Sena, Vaja

Tapwave Releases Wi-Fi SD Card Driver, Email App for the Zodiac Series

Tapwave has introduced software that allows its gaming-oriented Palm OS handhelds to use Wi-Fi SD cards. It has also posted on its web site a free email application for the[...]

BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 Now Available For Microsoft Exchange And IBM Lotus Domino

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0 offers improved manageability, enhanced security, and simplified application development. End-users will also benefit from a range of enhancements.

Brighthand Reviews the Stowaway Travel Mouse

If you are someone who has always wanted to use a mouse with your handheld -- and own a Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PC -- then Think Outside's Stowaway Travel Mouse is[...]

VersaMail 2.7 Now Available for palmOne’s Treo 600 Smartphone

palmOne has released a new version of VersaMail, its email application, for the Treo 600. However, this isn't a free upgrade for current users of this smartphone.

What Happened to the Motorola MPx?

Today came the first word of Motorola's innovative cellular-wireless Pocket PC in months.

Giving Thanks for the Little Things

This week in the US, and some other parts of the world, people have celebrated the holiday of giving thanks. For many, it proves to be a time of remembering[...]

Free Software and Great Gifts to Make Your Yuletide Brighter and Your Smartphone Smarter

During December and January, customers can get a different free software application for their smartphone or handheld each week from Handango.

SantaMagic Christmas Calendar for BlackBerry Handhelds

Delineo AG has created SantaMagic to bring the joy and fun of Christmas right to BlackBerry handhelds.

Bachmann Software Partners with Panasonic on Wireless Mobile Printing

Bachmann Software has announced an agreement that allows Windows Mobile and Palm OS handhelds running its PrintBoy software to print to Panasonic's mobile printer.

Kinoma Player 3 EX Now Offers Support for Standard Multimedia Formats

Kinoma has introduced a new multimedia application with support for industry-standard file formats and advanced compression technologies.

Motorola MPx Internal Pics and New Specs Information

The Motorola MPx was long ago announced by Motorola, but as is typical with their Pocket PC phones to date, the difference between announcing and showing a product and having[...]

PDA News – WiFi on the Zodiac, Treo 650 hack, Vaja case

WiFi SDIO card for the Tapwave Zodiac Enable Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking on Treo 650 Vaja case for Axim X50

Arcade Challenge — Exclusive Clickgamer Launch

Arcade Challenge is a collection of 10 single button controlled action-arcade games for the PPC

PDA News – Weekend Software Edition

New software: Bowling Deluxe, by Deluxeware Updated software: BetaPlayer 0.094, by Picard PocketMirror XT 3.1.8, by Chapura Kinoma 3, by Kinoma Arvale: Journey of[...]

Bejeweled 2 Hits the Web

In an event that is probably as close as the handheld world is going to get to the debut of Halo 2, Astraware is now offering Bejeweled 2, the sequel[...]

HP Drops the Price on the iPAQ rz1715

The list price has been cut by more than 10 percent for the closest thing HP has to an entry-level Pocket PC.

Motorola MPx Gets FCC Approval (Updated)

Motorola now has permission to release a new cellular-wireless Pocket PC in the U.S.

Smartphone Users Get Free Anti-virus, Anti-spam Software

To celebrate the debut of its new application that provides anti-virus and anti-spam protection to smartphones, Trend Micro is making it free for 6 months.

When Are Too Many Options a Bad Thing?

Probably the best thing about shopping online is being able to find many different prices for the same product. The amount of web shops versus products usually makes it pretty[...]

pointWORLD: The World at Your Fingertip

pointWORLD 2.0 for Palm OS is now available. It includes a completely updated database and many new features.

Good Technology Unveils GoodLink 4.0 With Secure Over-The-Air Management and Worldwide Reach

GoodLink 4-0 features more Outlook-like features and support for a broader range of Pocket PC and Palm OS handhelds and smartphones.

JAVOedge Releases HP iPAQ h6300 Series ClearCase

The new JAVOClearCase for the iPAQ h6315 is a clear plastic case designed to closely conform to the shape of this cellular-wireless handheld.

Agendus 9 Aims to Make Palm OS Device Users More Productive

iambic has released Agendus 9, a new version of its personal information manager for Palm OS handhelds and smartphones.

The Brighthand Guide to Buying Handheld-Related Gifts

Shopping for the handheld enthusiast in your life can be very intimidating if you aren't handheld user yourself. Brighthand has some suggestions that can make this much easier.

neohand releases Weather Center for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Handhelds

Weather Center has been designed to take the frustration and wait out of accessing weather forecasts on a Pocket PC.

Audiovox 6601 / Sprint PPC-6601 Pocket PC Phone Review

The Sprint PPC-6601 is the same as the Audiovox 6601 Pocket PC Phone branded under the Sprint PCS Wireless provider brand. Also sold in Europe as the XDA[...]

Mitac Mio 339

The Mio 339 is the second Pocket PC to hit the UK from Taiwan-based company Mitac, following its entry level Mio 338. This is the first Pocket PC we ve[...]

Mitac Mio 338

The battle of the low-cost Pocket PCs has taken a significant step forward with the arrival of the Mitac Mio 338. The price is low, the device is compact, and[...]

Sea War – Get It for Free!

Intorine has released Sea War -- a modern remake of a well-known classic battleship game.

JAVOedge Announces Bluetooth JAVOKeyboard

The JAVOKeyboard allows users to navigate through menus, write emails, send text messages faster and easier.

Brando WorkShop Releases Tungsten T5 Metal Case

Brando WorkShop is now offering an aluminum hard case specially designed for the new palmOne Tungsten T5.

InBoxer 2.0 Anti-Spam Filter Now Offers Mailtones and Support for BlackBerry and Treo

InBoxer 2.0, announced today by Audiotrieve, offers many new performance enhancements and features, including wireless device support and Mailtones -- ringtones for email.

Future Version of the Palm OS to be Based on Linux

PalmSource has just announced that it is going to develop a version of the Palm OS based on Linux. It hopes that by doing so it can bring in more[...]

PalmSource Bringing the Palm OS to the Full Range of Mobile Phones

By acquiring a leading Chinese mobile phone software company, PalmSource will be able to bring the Palm platform to all categories of mobile phones, from entry-level devices to the most[...]

PalmSource to Port Palm OS on top of Linux

Palm OS 6.0 hasn't even seen the light of day on any device yet, nor is there any sign it will soon. All the same, PalmSource is steering its[...]

Tapwave Drops Zodiac Prices

The price for the Zodiac 1 has been cut by 10 percent, while the Zodiac 2's price has been cut by about 13 percent.

Apple Working on a Mobile Phone?

A new unconfirmed report has been published that indicates that Apple is working on a mobile phone.

PDA News – Motorola MPx, Pocket Tycoon, New accessories

Motorola MPx gains FCC approval PocketPC version of Transport Tycoon New accessories from Brando, Javoedge, Innopocket

Mini Mozilla Wants to Fire Up Your PDA

With the enormous success of Firefox 1.0 for the PC, Mozilla is setting its sights on other computing devices, including PDAs. The Minimo Project is making great strides, with two[...]

Jeff Kirvin to Star in a Series of Podcasts on 1SRC

Jeff Kirvin, the author of Writing On Your Palm for many years, is going to do weekly podcasts for Updated with Local Weather Forecasts, Groups, and Amazon Searches

NewsMob, a Web-based RSS and Atom news aggregator, now has the ability for members to view local weather forecasts, NNTP and Google Groups, and the results from custom Amazon searches.

Merry Christmas from eSoft Interactive

All eSoft games are 50 percent off at Clickgamer until December 31.

T-Mobile Is Two Years Away from 3G

T-Mobile USA says that it won't have enough wireless spectrum to offer 3G service until 2007.

Bag of Crap Giveaway – Last Day to Win Free Stuff!

That's right, get in on the bag of crap giveaway from We've been saving stuff for no real reason and now we want to pass the crap on to[...]

Review — Namco’s Palm OS Classics — PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN and Galaxian

With all the latest and greatest hardware on the market, PDA gaming is finally reaching an important threshold. But give me the warm comfort of a well-ported classic any day[...]

Palm OS for Linux — It’s a Good Thing

Brighthand's Ed Hardy says that PalmSource's plan to base a future version of the Palm OS on Linux is necessary to save the company, and the Palm platform.

Siemens SX66 Pocket PC Now Available from Cingular

With its built-in keyboard and multiple forms of wireless networking, this cellular-wireless Pocket PC is a direct competitor to HP's iPAQ h6315. However, the SX66 has a faster processor, more[...]

VITO VoiceDialer 3.5 Now Available

VITO Technology announces a new version of VITO VoiceDialer, its voice recognition and dialing software for Pocket PC.

Silicon Graphics Equips Sales and Service Staff With Treo 600 Smartphones for Real-Time Connectivity

Silicon Graphics has deployed 225 palmOne Treo 600 smartphones to its North American field sales and service force.

Another Day, Another Tiny New Memory Card Format

Samsung has announced the MMCmicro format, which is one-sixth the size of a standard MMC card.

PDA News – Weekend Software Edition

New software: Medieval Heroes II, by Arcona Magi Super Reax, by Gamazura NoviiRemote Deluxe, by NoviiMedia Updated software: PTvncHiRes, by Parys Technographx Agendus 9.0,[...]

Where are PalmSource and palmOne Going?

In the past month or so, the PalmOS world has been rocked by a couple of different news stories. Being in the news in sometimes a good thing for a[...]

PDA News – Treo 650 on Verizon, Cingular’s Blue Angel, Smartphone WiFi

Using a Sprint Treo 650 on Verizon HTC Blue Angel variant SX66 showing up on Cingular site SyChip plans WiFi for MS Smartphones iPaq 1945 patch

New Product — visPassword for Palm OS

With visPassword, users can easily generate new individual passwords.

The Parade of New Memory Card Formats Continues

Lexar Media has unveiled the USB FlashCard, which is designed to work with any industry-standard USB Type A socket. The company hopes to see specially-designed sockets installed on future handhelds[...]

Brando WorkShop Releases Sony Ericsson P900/910i Metal Case

Brando WorkShop is now offering an aluminum hardcase for the Sony Ericsson P900/910i.

Verizon Either Is, or Is Not, Close to Buying Sprint

Conflicting reportssay that Verizon Wireless is going to try to buy Sprint PCS, or that it isn't. At the same time, Sprint is reportedly trying to buy Nextel.

Cingular Now Directly Offering Motorola MPx220

Previously, the Motorola MPx220 could only be purchased at Best Buy stores or Now this Windows Mobile smartphone can be bought directly from Cingular Wireless

Spb Software House Releases Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks

Pocket PC Tips & Tricks is a collection of more than 200 tips and tricks on using the Pocket PC, written by ten professional Pocket PC authors.

PDA and Tech Deals for 12/14/2004 – 12/16/2004

Dell Coupon for $35 Off One-Day Only + 15% off Axim X50 + Free Shipping! (updated 12/15/2004)T-Mobile Sidekick II -- Get paid $50 After RebateD-Link AirPlus 2.4 GHz High-Speed Wireless[...]

RIM No Longer Has Death Sentence Hanging Over its Head

RIM scored a partial victory in its long-running patent-infringement case with NTP yesterday.

First Square Screen Pocket PC Coming Soon?

Evidence has emerged that indicates that the first Pocket PC with a square screen will be announced in the near future.

Sprint/Nextel Merger Now Official

Sprint and Nextel Communications have announced a definitive agreement for a merger. Nextel customers will be migrated onto Sprint's CDMA/EV-DO network.

palmOne Picks its New CFO

palmOne has announced the appointment of Andrew J. Brown as the company's new chief financial officer. He replaces Judy Bruner, who left the company to join SanDisk.

Beiks Releases English-Russian Dictionary for RIM BlackBerry Devices

This comprehensive English to Russian Dictionary for BlackBerry, which features 20,000 unique English terms, is designed for the needs of English-speaking professionals challenged with communicating in colloquial Russian.

Wi-Fi Coming to an Airplane Near You

The Federal Communications Commission has approved the use of Wi-Fi in airplanes.

Put Your Palm or Pocket PC PDA on the Big Screen with Laplink Controller

Laplink Controller lets PC users view and control most Palm or Pocket PC device on a desktop or notebook screen.

SplashData Announces Free Updates of SplashID and SplashPhoto for Mobile Devices

SplashDatahas released free updates for SplashID and SplashPhoto. These were designed to leverage the technical capabilities of the latest Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS-based handhelds and smartphones.

Pocket PCs With Square Screens? Maybe…

Handango recently sent out an email to its partners looking for software to promote in a special marketing campaign. This is of course interesting because there aren't any Pocket PCs[...]

Wi-Fi Comes to the Treo 650

A resourceful developer has found a way to let palmOne's latest smartphone use a Wi-Fi SD card.

Cornice Preparing Shock-Resistant Microdrive

Cornice is close to releasing a microdrive that is much more rugged than previous models.

Verizon Offering Pocket PC with EV-DO Support

Verizon Wireless is now carrying a new high-end cellular-wireless Pocket PC. What many people will find most interesting about the XV6600 is it can use Verizon's new high-speed wireless network.

Instructions to Let Treo 650 Owners Claim a Free 128 MB SD Card

To make up for the inefficient way the Treo 650 allocates memory, palmOne is offering users of this device a free 128 MB SD card.

How to Choose a PDA Trilogy

During the past few months we've been posting editorial articles each week related to how to go about buying a PDA and what your PDA can be used for. [...]

Palm OS Driver for Pretec GPS SD Card Now Available

iGolf Technologies is now offering directly to the public its driver that allows Palm OS handhelds to use the the Pretec GPS SD card.

ICANN Gives Preliminary Approval to .MOBI Domain

A new domain for web sites that are intended solely for handhelds and smartphones has received preliminary approval from ICANN.

palmOne Reports Third Profitable Quarter in a Row

palmOne earned a tidy profit during its most recent financial quarter, the latest in a string of profitable quarters that the company expects to continue.

PDA News – Treo 650 WiFi, Verizon announces XV6600, PalmOne earnings

WiFi card drivers for Treo 650 Verizon announces XV6600 EVDO PocketPC phone PalmOne reports earnings; stock drops heavily New cases from Innopocket

ZeChangeableKbd 2.0 for VGA & HiRES

ZeChangeableKbd is a software keyboard available for many character sets and key arrangements. It supports all the display modes of Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

pointUSA 1.2 – Now Also with State Nicknames, State Birds and State Flowers

Explore the United States by moving across the map and getting the key information about all states in an instant: position of the state displayed on the map, capital, area,[...]

InnoPocket Announces Metal Deluxe Case for HP iPAQ Pocket PC hx2000 Series

InnoPocket announces a new protective metal case for the HP iPAQ hx2100, hx2410, and hx2750.

PDA News – Weekend Software Edition

New software: Spb Tips and Tricks, by Spb Software Axim X50 Audio Mixer, by emulamer WinORules Golf Rules, by WinORules Li-Nuggz X-mas, by Elements Interactive [...]

Audiovox SMT5600 / Orange SPV C500 First Thoughts

I recently purchased the Audiovox SMT5600 (same as the Orange SPV C500 in Europe). Upon release in October the SMT5600 was available only on the AT&T network. But AT&T was[...]

The Wait for the ASUS A730w Is Finally Over

An online retailer in the U.S. has begin shipping the Wi-Fi version of the ASUS MyPal A730. This Pocket PC also has a VGA screen, two kinds of wireless networking,[...]

Backup Cards Now Support Tungsten T5, Treo 650

palmOne has released an update that allows the Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 to use some of the backup SD cards on the market.

Apple Talks About Mobile Phone Plans

Apple and Motorola could soon unveil a mobile phone with iTunes support as early as next month.

Announcing PixFrame v1.2 for Pocket PCs

Whenever the Pocket PC is placed in its cradle, PixFrame automatically starts a slideshow of the pictures stored in the desktop PC.

Tungsten E Reaches the 1.5 Million Mark

palmOne announced today that it has sold 1.5 million Tungsten E units worldwide in 14 months.

New Belkin Mini Keyboard for Dell Axim Handhelds

Belkin announces a new SnapNType Mini Keyboard for Dell Axim X30/X3i handhelds.

Another Trojan Threatens Symbian Smartphones

METAL Gear.a encourages mobile phone users to install it by masquerading as a Symbian version of the popular Metal Gear Solid game.

Spb Software House Adds Microsoft Money Synchronization to Spb Finance

The latest version of Spb Finance lets Pocket PC users synchronize their finance data between Spb Finance and Microsoft Money.

Which Wireless Solution Offers the Best Mobility?

Lately, the talk in the mobile computing space has centered on companies who are merging and emerging newer, faster technologies for a richer mobile media experience. Cingular's merging with AT&T[...]

RIM Announces Yet Another Very Profitable Quarter

The maker of the BlackBerry line of cellular-wireless handhelds has reported the results of its most recent financial quarter. As has happened every quarter for a long time, both revenue[...]

X-Ray Scanners in Airports No Danger to Memory Cards

Recent tests found no evidence of X-ray scanner damage to removable memory cards or to the data stored on them.

Opera for Windows Mobile Smartphones Technical Preview Released

Opera Software has released a preview version of the Opera browser for Windows Mobile smartphones.

PDA and Tech Deals for 12/22/2004 – 12/24/2004

Dell Coupon for $45 Off $450+ Purchase One-Day Only. Also 15% off Axim X50 + Free Shipping!palmOne Treo 650 (Sprint) $370 After RebatespalmOne Zire 72 Handheld + Free case[...]

PDA News – New Acer PocketPCs, Benq P50, Asus A730W shipping

Three new PocketPCs from Acer Benq P50 preorders for $450 Asus A730 with WiFi finally shipping

Upcoming SD Card Also Acts as USB Flash Drive

A Taiwanese company has come up with the Double Card, an SD card that can also be plugged directly into a USB port.

Next-Generation Clio Coming in April

Data Evolution has announced the approximate release date and price for an upcoming device that skirts the line between handheld, laptop, and tablet PC.

Seidio Treo 650 Car Charger & Travel Charger

Seidio now offers two different options for recharging a palmOne Treo 650 while on the go.

Qtopia 2.1 PDA Edition Released Under GPL License

The latest version of Trolltech's user interface for Linux-based handhelds is now available as a free download.

Claviature – an Innovative Keyboard for Pocket PC

Claviature 1.00 for Pocket PC is a text input method combining large keys and a small screen footprint.

Review – palmOne Treo 650

I don't care what anyone says about the Treo 650's memory issues, lack of WiFi support, limited Bluetooth functionality, poor sound quality, dialing delays or the fact that it's only[...]

Allure Games Pack 2.0 – a Complete Gaming Solution for Your Pocket PC

Intorine has released Allure Games Pack 2.0, a set of logic and puzzle games for the Pocket PC.

Samsung SCH-i730 Approved by FCC

Samsung has already publicly shown its upcoming SCH-i730 device with a slide-out keyboard, but today the FCC posted documents showing test results for this device. The FCC reports reveal[...]

FCC Reveals More Samsung i730 Info

The FCC has given Samsung permission to release the SCH-i730 in the United States, and therefore has posted some additional information about this upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC on its web[...]

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ rz1715

While the iPAQ rz1715 is definitely a "bare-bones" model, it's good enough to satisfy most first-time handheld users, and it has some growth potential so it won't have to be[...]

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ rz1715 — Part II

Wireless Networking The rz1715 includes an infrared port, which allows you to wirelessly exchange files with other Pocket PC users, a process called “Beaming.” You can also send a virtual[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 12/27/2004 – 12/29/2004

Dell Axim X50v 624MHz Handheld $389 after $35 off coupon code, Today Only!Navman PiN 100 Portable GPS Pocket PC $409 shipped freepalmOne Treo 650 (Sprint) $370 After RebatesT-Mobile Sidekick II[...]

The Best PDA Software Gifts are Free (Or, Cost Little)

In this season of giving, we at BargainPDA would like to highlight a few websites that offer free and low cost software to deck your handheld with. Whether you use[...]

palmOne Markets Popular Weight-Management Software Titles

palmOne has announced the availability of three new mobile applications based on some of the most well-known weight-management and lifestyle programs on the market -- Atkins, Keyoe, and Weight Watchers.[...]

PalmSource Announces a Profitable Quarter

PalmSource has reported a net income of $2.1 million, or 14 cents per share, during its most recent financial quarter.

The First 3 GB SD Card on the Way

Microdia has become the first company in the world to announce a 3 GB SD card.

LandWare’s 2005 Wine Enthusiast Guide Now Available

The Wine Enthusiast Guide 2005 Edition for Palm Powered and Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC devices offers access up-to-date details, reviews, ratings, and retail prices for over 12,600 wines worldwide.

Review – Sakar International Debuts “Berry” Device For Kids

Well, it's not really BlackBerry, they're being dubbed "Berry" and come in Straw, Blue, Grey and Grape flavors. Somewhat more appropriate than the CrackBerry moniker their data addicted parents have[...]

The Most Important Handheld-Related Events of 2004

Brighthand has picked out the top five most significant events of the last twelve months. These were the developments that had the largest effect on the handheld market as a[...]

PowerFile for Series 80 – File Management for Nokia 9500 with All the Bells and Whistles

PowerFile 1.00 is a full-featured file manager for the Nokia 9500 Communicator.

New Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC Announced by E-TEN

A Taiwanese company has just announced the M500, a quad-band GSM/GPRS Pocket PC with Bluetooth and a camera.

BoxWave FlexiSkin Case for the Treo 650

The FlexiSkin for the Treo 650 allows direct access to the keyboard and comes in two colors, Frosted Clear and Future Blue.

LandWare Releases Leonard Maltin Movie Guide for Windows Mobile-based Smartphones

The Leonard Maltin Movie Guide lets smartphone users keep track of the films they watch, rent, and own wherever they are.

First Thoughts – Asus A730W (Pics, specs)

After months of delay, the dual-wireless version of the Asus A730 is finally shipping. Besides adding WiFi, the A730W also adds 128 MB of RAM and a cradle to the[...]

ASUS P505 Gets FCC Approval

ASUS has received approval to release in the United States a new cellular-wireless Pocket PC.

Japan Loaning Handhelds to Tourists (Updated)

A Japanese government ministry is testing the feasibility of loaning handhelds to tourists to help them get around in Tokyo.

Promixis Launches NetRemote 1.0 Series — Transforms the Pocket PC into a Remote Control

NetRemote allows users to transform their Pocket PC's into remote controls to manage their digital media libraries, control their PC's and home theater equipment, and automate their home.

Pocket Watch Software Releases ActivePrint TG

ActivePrint TG allows users to print documents from their Pocket PC while not being required to have Microsoft ActiveSync installed on a desktop or laptop.

Wireless Carriers Working on Super 3G

Companies from all over the world are starting work on a new high-speed cellular-wireless networking standard.

PDA and Tech Deals for 12/31/04 – 1/2/05

Dell Axim X50v VGA Screen PDA $399 after Coupon Code, Free Shipping, Today Only!Computers4sure: palmOne Zire 72 Handheld $200 shipped after rebate, Last Day Digital Camera Deals at Using[...]