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SmartPhone Articles for December of 2006

Below are the 55 SmartPhone articles for December of 2006

Garmin Discontinues Virtually All Its GPS-Enabled Handhelds

Garmin has discontinued its last two Windows Mobile-based devices, leaving it with just a single GPS-enabled handheld, the Palm OS-based iQue 3000.

Most Popular PDAs and Smartphones of November 2006

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. Fall is the time for new devices, and this month's list is dominated by handhelds and smartphones[...]

Mobile Tech News — More Arvale Quests, Astraware Gift Certificates, and More

PDAmill Introduces Arvale: Short Tales Astraware Gift Certificates Available YourCall for Palm Treo Updated

Apple Developing Some Kind of Wireless Device

A fresh burst of activity in the iPhone rumor mill was set off last week by the U.S. Patent Office giving Apple a patent on a casing for a wireless[...]

The Consequences of Mobile Computing

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright shares his thoughts on what could mean for our society when everyone is constantly connected to the Internet.

Nokia N75 May Be Coming to Cingular

According to an unconfirmed report, Cingular Wireless will soon begin offering a music-oriented smartphone from Nokia.

Copy Movies Onto a Pocket PC with Spb Mobile DVD

Spb Software House has just released Spb Mobile DVD 1.0, a Windows application that allows users to convert DVDs and video files into a resolution and format appropriate for playback[...]

Palm Committed to Windows Vista Support

Palm, Inc. is close to releasing a new version of its PC synchronization software that will be compatible with Microsoft's new operating system for desktops and laptops.

Treo 650 Being Phased Out

Palm's official web store in the U.S. is no longer offering the Treo 650 smartphone.

HTC Reportedly Prepping WM Smartphone with Slide-Out Keyboard

If an unconfirmed report is correct, HTC plans to release a Windows Mobile Smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard that can be hidden behind its screen.

Mobile Tech News — Personality Kits, Mobile Video Searching, and More

Ascender Personality Kit introduced for Windows Mobile 5.0 Search for Videos with Orb's MyCasting Service 366 Hymn Stories Available as an Ebook Devotional from Olive Tree[...]

Verizon Supposedly Launching Black Motorola Q Next Week

Verizon intends to introduce a black version of the Motorola Q in just a few days, according to an unconfirmed report.

Treo 680 Introduced by Rogers Wireless in Canada

Just a week or so after being launched in the U.S., Palm Inc.'s latest smartphone, the Treo 680, is now available from Rogers Wireless in Canada.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs To Get Support for Office 2007

Next year, Microsoft will introduce update for Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs that will bring Office 2007 support to these devices.

FCC Approves OQO model 2

OQO has received approval from the Federal Communications Commission to release an updated version of its tiny Windows PC.

Samsung Announces i600 WM Smartphone

Samsung has officially announced the i600, its latest Windows Mobile Smartphone, which will offer support for 3G cellular-wireless networking.

Palm Will Continue to Use Palm OS Garnet for the Foreseeable Future

Palm, Inc. has just announced an agreement with Access that will allow it to keep using Palm OS Garnet in its handhelds and smartphones for many years. This agreement also[...]

Back to the Future with Palm

In his latest editorial, Ed Hardy asks, "Now that Palm, Inc. is essentially back to the same point it was in 2003, what's going to happen next?"

Nokia Delays High-End Smartphone

The Nokia N95, which was originally scheduled to ship during the first quarter of next year, will not make that deadline.

What’s the Difference Between the Two Types of Windows Mobile?

Many of the most popular smartphones bear the Windows Mobile logo, but anyone considering buying one of these should be aware that there are two very different versions of Windows[...]

Steve Ballmer Sees Nokia as Windows Mobile’s Only Real Competition

In a recent interview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dismissed many rival operating systems for smartphones as "niche players".

Is this the Nokia E90?

Recently, some very sketchy details have emerged on what might be a future cellular-wireless handheld from Nokia.

Astraware Glyph Review

Antoine Wright has been playing Astraware's latest puzzle game as much as the battery on his smartphone will let him.

RIM Sues Samsung for Using the Name ”BlackJack”

Research in Motion has filed a lawsuit in a United States federal court, claiming that one of Samsung's products violates a trademark held by RIM.

Access Quietly Admits ALP’s Release Date Has Slipped

When Access Systems officially unveiled an early version of its upcoming operating system in February, the company said its goal was to get the full version of this software to[...]

Palm Kicks Off Worldwide Marketing Campaign

Palm, Inc. today launched a $25 million worldwide marketing campaign to generate mainstream awareness of its Treo line of smartphones.

Companies Pushing the Limits in Mobile Technologies

Recently, two companies have announced that they have made significant improvements in technologies that can be used in future mobile devices.

Office 2007 Support Coming to Documents To Go

DataViz is promising that its suite of applications that lets Palm OS users access Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files will support Office 2007, if not as quickly as some[...]

Motorola Q Black Debuts from Verizon

Verizon Wireless was the first carrier worldwide to offer the Motorola Q. Today, it joined the select group of carriers offering this Windows Mobile Smartphone in a black casing, which[...]

Mobile Tech News — Treo 680 Battery, Astraware and Symbian, and New Palm VP

Extended Battery Available for Treo 680 Astraware Planning Games for Symbian Smartphones Palm Names Senior Vice President, Marketing

WM Smartphone Support Added to Skype

The newly released beta version of Skype 2.2 for Windows Mobile is the first that offers support for WM Smartphones. It also extends the number of supported Pocket PCs.

Head-to-Head Review of Navigation Software for Palm OS

As many people get ready to travel during this holiday season, Brighthand forum moderator Magellan has a review comparing three Palm OS applications that provide GPS navigation.

SplashShopper Now Available for Windows Mobile

SplashData has just introduced a Windows Mobile version of its popular list manager application.

i-mate JAQ Review

Brighthand's chief reviewer has some especially caustic things to say about one of i-mate's Pocket PC smartphones.

Mobile Tech News — Tiny GPS, 700wx in S. America, and SnapperMail

New Tiny GPS Receiver Introduced by Emtac Treo 700wx Launched in Venezuela New SnapperMail Version Available

Browsing Down the Right Pipe

Antoine Wright points out in his latest editorial that RSS might just be the solution most mobile device users have been looking for to let them access even the most[...]

Pocket Tunes Version 4.0 Released

The new version of the popular Palm OS application Pocket Tunes sports a brand new interface, a shareable Internet radio catalog, album art support, and support of AAC/aacPlus formatted files[...]

Palm VP Promises Treo 700p Update

One of Palm's vice presidents has promised a software patch to fix some user's problems with the Treo 700p.

Treo 700wx Comes to Alltel

A mid-tier U.S. carrier, Alltel Wireless, in now offering the Palm Treo 700wx, a Pocket PC phone.

Mobile Tech News – Ringo Ringtone Manager, Locking S60 Smartphones, Replacement PDA Housings

Electric Pocket Launches Ringo Ringtone Manager for Windows Mobile Smartphones Securely Lock S60 Smartphones with Phone Guardian Brando Offers Replacement PDA Housings

Palm and Orange France Announce Treo 680

When it was first introduced, the Treo 680 was touted by Palm as a global device, and some recent announcements have proved that fact.

Zi Corp.’s Predictive Text and Handwriting Recognition To Be Built into ALP

Zi Corporation's eZiText and Decuma technologies will be built into Access Systems' upcoming operating system.

Say Hello to the iPhone… from Linksys?

The long-awaited iPhone is now available; it just doesn't even vaguely resemble what people were expecting.

Palm Results Pushed Down by Treo 750 Delays

As the company had warned a few weeks ago, Palm Inc.'s profits and revenues for its most recent financial quarter were not as high as originally predicted.

Just Mobile 802.11g Wi-Fi SDIO Card Review

Adama D. Brown brings us a review of Just Mobile's Wi-Fi card. The claim to fame of this SDIO card isn't just its low profile, but the fact that it[...]

Best Look So Far at HTC’s Next ”Uber” Device

New pictures are available of what is supposedly an upcoming cellular-wireless handheld from HTC with a unique design.

Number of BlackBerry Users Reaches 7 Million

RIM has just reported the results of its most recent financial quarter, during which its revenues and number of subscribers were up strongly.

Mobile Tech News — PhatPad, Slingbox, and Treo 680

PhatPad 4.0 Now Available SlingPlayer Mobile Now Supports the Latest Windows Mobile Smartphones Treo 680 Launched in Singapore

Need A Last Minute Gift?

Christmas is almost here, and if there's a mobile device user on your gift list, the Brighthand Store is now offering gift certificates. These allow people to easily give their[...]

BoxWave Styra 3-in-1 Stylus/Pen Review

In his latest review, Adama D. Brown looks at BoxWave's Styra line of stylus replacements. These offer users additional features, including a ballpoint pen, in a stylus that still fits[...]

HTC Athena Will Almost Be a UMPC

Over the last week or so, details have been emerging on HTC's next big device. According to the latest unconfirmed information, the Athena will be "big" in several senses[...]

The Secret Sauce of Usability

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright gives his thoughts on how to make devices that will appeal to a wide variety of people.

Tatung Making Its Own Windows Mobile UMPC

The web has been buzzing recently with reports of the HTC Athena, a UMPC-like device that will run Windows Mobile. More recently, Tatung has been demonstrating a similar model.

System Software Update Released for Dell Axim X50 Series

Dell has posted on its support web site a system software update for Axim X50 series models that have been updated to Windows Mobile 5.0.

Mobile Tech News — Hogmanay Party and i-mate Repairs

Astraware Announces Annual Hogmanay Party Named Official U.S. and Canadian i-mate Repair Center