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SmartPhone Articles for December of 2007

Below are the 61 SmartPhone articles for December of 2007

Motorola ROKR E6

The Motorola ROKR E6 is a tri-band GSM phone with a Linux operating system. It features a 2.4 inch touch screen with handwriting recognition, 2 megapixel camera, and SD memory[...]

Mobile Tech News — Windows Mobile Survey, NetFront Browser, Nintendo DS, and More

Spb Software Kicks Off Fourth Annual Windows Mobile Survey New Beta of NetFront Browser 3.4 for Windows Mobile Available Nintendo DS Sales Set a New Record[...]

HTC Shift with EV-DO in the Pipeline

The Federal Communications Commission has approved a device that's almost certainly a version of HTC's first UMPC with support for the 3G cellular-wireless networking standard EV-DO.

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of November 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. Thanks one of the biggest shake-ups[...]

Palm Treo 500v Review

The Treo 500v is Palm's latest Windows Mobile smartphone. It is this company's first device without a touchscreen, but like many previous Treos has a keyboard and 3G. Nico Holvoet[...]

Screenshots, User Interface Of Windows Mobile 6.1 Exposed

Despite secrecy surrounding Microsoft's planned launch of an update to Windows Mobile 6 early next year, a large number of screenshots of the new user interface for Windows Mobile 6.1[...]

Is Built-In Storage Important?

Ed Hardy uses his latest editorial to ask Brighthand's readers how much internal storage capacity they expect in a mobile device.

Palm Releases Long-Awaited Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for AT&T’s Treo 750

After first announcing it last spring, AT&T and Palm, Inc. are now offering a free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for this telecom's version of the Treo 750. Among other changes,[...]

Verizon Announces Plans to Support the Android OS

The U.S.'s second largest wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless, has announced plans to carry devices using the upcoming Google-backed Android software platform.

Slingbox Solo Review

Sling Media's Slingbox lets users watch shows on a laptop or smartphone on the road, at work, or even while driving. Kevin O'Brien has this review. *UPDATED*

Treo 750 Without Carrier Branding Now Available

Palm, Inc. is now offering an unlocked "generic" version of the Treo 750 that can be used with any telecom that uses the GSM standard.

Nokia Acquiring Avvenu Internet Service

Nokia is buying Avvenu, a company that provides an Internet-based, secure file access service for mobile devices of many kinds.

Mobile Tech News — Google Maps for Palm, PhoneFavs, Astraware Casino

Some Palm OS Smartphones Will Get Support for Google Maps' My Location Service PhoneFavs Brings Social Networking Bookmarks to Mobile Devices Astraware Casino Brings 8[...]

Dell Rumored To Be Readying Smartphone for Launch Next Year

A report by Forbes adds new fuel to the possibility that Dell intends to enter the smartphone market in the near future with a device manufactured by Quanta.

Palm Wireless Headset Series 3 Review

Kevin O'Brien is quite impressed with Palm's latest Bluetooth headset. As he says in this review, "this headset is priced fairly low compared to other high-end units, while offering excellent[...]

Palm Warns of Big Loss During Last Quarter

Palm has not yet announced the full results of its most recent financial quarter, but today it warned investors that its losses for the period were much higher than expected.

Sprint Preparing Soft Launch for WiMax Service

While Sprint's Xohm WiMax service isn't scheduled for an official widespread launch until next year, the company is planning a "soft" launch for the Washington DC, Chicago, and Baltimore areas[...]

Crafting the Relevant Mobile Web

Developers have had problems making mobile Web access something that is embraced by the casual user, but Antoine Wright says there is at least one company that is doing this[...]

Verizon Picks LTE for its 4G Wireless Network

Verizon has announced plans to develop and deploy a fourth generation wireless network using the LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard, not the one created for it by Qualcomm.

Mobile Tech News — High Tech Clothing, Astraware Winter Solitaire, Leonard Maltin Movie Guide 2008

ScotteVest Refreshes its Technology Enabled Clothing Collection Astraware Introduces Winter Edition of Astraware Solitaire The 2008 Leonard Maltin Movie Guide Released

Voltaic Converter Solar Charging Backpack Review

The Voltaic Converter is a backpack that can not just hold your portable electronics, it can recharge them. Jerry Jackson brings us this review.

HTC Enjoys Second Month of Record Sales

Smartphone maker HTC set a new record for monthly revenue in October, then immediately broke that record in November.

Companies Working to Improve Compatibility of Mobile Linux Applications

The Linux Phone Standards Forum (LiPS) has completed work on a standard that it hopes will bring cross compatibility to applications and services deployed on Linux-based phones.

Com One Micro Clip Bluetooth Headset Review

Kevin O'Brien has a Bluetooth accessory that allows users to listen to any standard pair of headphones without a direct connection, not just the ones that are built into the[...]

ALP’s First Major Licensee Could Be NTT DoCoMo

According to an announcement made today, there's a strong possibility that NTT DoCoMo will release smartphones based on ALP -- Access, Co, Ltd.'s Linux-based operating system that is one of[...]

Board Member Sees a Bright Future for Palm

Last week, Palm, Inc. warned investors that it lost a significant amount of money in its last financial quarter. Despite this, one of Palm's newest board members is bullish on[...]

Freedom Keychain GPS Receiver Review

Ed Hardy has a review of an accessory that can bring access to the Global Positioning System to most handhelds, smartphones, or UMPCs. According to him, the Freedom Keychain GPS[...]

Samsung Readying BlackJack-Like Smartphone for Sprint

Samsung appears to be be prepping a Windows Mobile Standard-based smartphone for the Sprint network, using a design based on its popular BlackJack model.

Palm Releases Significant Update for AT&T’s Treo 680

Palm has released a system software update for AT&T's version of the Treo 680 that brings a number of enhancements to this smartphone, including official support for SDHC cards up[...]

Visions of a MacBook touch

Perry Longinotti from brings us this guest editorial that predicts Apple will announce a "super-size" iPod touch in January.

Layoffs Rumored at Palm Inc. *UPDATED*

According to an unconfirmed report, Palm, Inc. is beginning a round of layoffs that may number in the hundreds.

Mobile Tech News — Phone Wallet for S60 Released, Spb Wallet Updated, and More

Phone Wallet Released for Symbian/S60 Devices Spb Wallet Updated to Version 1.5 Palm Treo 750 Introduced in Peru BlackBerry 8830 Launched in Puerto Rico [...]

Synchronize a BlackBerry’s Calendar with a Google Calendar

Google has introduced software that allows users of RIM's smartphones to easily synchronize their mobile device with Google Calendar.

Jon Rubinstein Working Hard to Turn Palm Around

Jon Rubinstein is the new head of Palm's product development efforts. He's only been on the job for a few months, but he's already remaking the company into form he[...]

Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Support Definitely Coming to the iPhone

Strong evidence has emerged that Apple will soon add support for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to the iPhone, a move that should increase this smartphone's popularity as a business device.

HTC Shift Will Hit the Market in Early 2008

HTC took the wraps off its first UMPC -- the HTC Shift -- back last spring, but this device still has not yet gone on sale. However, according to[...]

Sound ID SM100 Bluetooth Headset Review

The Sound ID SM100 is Bluetooth headset which mixes some noise cancellation with an environmental mode to help users listen to outside sounds without removing the earpiece. However, when reviewing[...]

Documents to Go for BlackBerry Delayed

Last spring, DataViz announced that it is bringing its Microsoft Office editing suite to BlackBerry smartphones. At that time, the company expected to have this application ready before the end[...]

Mobile Tech News — Foleo on Worst Gadgets List, WorldMate for Windows Mobile Pro, Atomic Cannon 3.0

Palm Foleo Named Popular Mechanics' Worst Gadget of 2007 WorldMate Travel Software Now Available for Windows Mobile Pro Atomic Cannon Game Updated

Verizon Finally Offering the Treo 755p

After many delays, Verizon Wireless is at last offering Palm's Treo 755p, a Palm OS-based smartphone with support for this telecom's 3G network.

Intel Debuts Ultra-Small Solid State Drive

Intel has released a tiny solid-state drive for portable products like smartphones and mobile Internet devices. It is smaller than a penny and weighs less than a drop of water,[...]

Rumors Abound On Future Windows Mobile Versions

An increasing number of rumors are circulating online about the future versions of Windows Mobile, including claims of vastly improved web browsing, new interfaces, and context-sensitive functionality.

Treo with Wi-Fi Getting Closer to Release

Last year, the CEO of Palm, Inc. committed to building Wi-Fi into future Treo models. Apparently Ed Colligan was referring to a model that was just beginning its development cycle,[...]

Sprint Names New CEO; WiMax Plans Still Up in the Air

The Sprint Board of Directors has named wireless industry veteran Daniel R. Hesse as president and CEO of the company, effective immediately. Part of Hesse's job will be to decide[...]

FCC Exposes Toshiba Portege G910 and G920 Windows Mobile Phones

A recent FCC filing has publicized photos and many of the technical details of two upcoming devices by Toshiba, followups to the G900 Windows Mobile phone.

As Expected, Palm Lost $9.6 Million Last Quarter

Earlier this month, Palm, Inc. warned investors that would soon announce a larger financial loss last quarter than it had previously thought. Today, the company made that prediction official. *UPDATED*

Palm Lays Out Product Strategy: Palm OS for Consumers, Windows Mobile for Business

Palm, Inc. currently offers smartphones running two operating systems: Palm OS and Windows Mobile. In a conference call yesterday, the company's CEO revealed how his company will use these.

The Coming 4G War

In his latest editorial, Adama Brown compares the standards that will be going head to head in the growing battle to be the preeminent wireless technology.

Windows Mobile Standard Treo 500 Not Coming to the U.S.

This fall, Vodafone launched the Treo 500v, Palm's first smartphone without a touchscreen. Although this model is available in Europe and Asia, there are currently no plans to release it[...]

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

The latest in Nokia's Internet Tablet series of traditional handhelds is the N810, the first with integrated GPS capabilities and a slide-out keyboard. Ed Hardy brings us this review.

Mobile Tech News — New Mediaware for Windows Mobile, iambic Agendus and Nokia’s Internet Tablets Updated, and More

Smith Micro Introduces Mediaware for Windows Mobile Agendus for Windows Mobile 2.0 Now Available Nokia Releases Update for the N800 and N810 Internet Tablets [...]

RIM’s Profit, Revenue Doubled Last Quarter

Research In Motion (RIM) has announced the results of a very successful financial quarter. During the three months that ended Dec. 1, the company doubled its profit and revenue year[...]

FCC Lists Bidders in 700 MHz Spectrum Auction

The FCC has released a list of the companies that intend to bid in next year's auction for the rights to the 700 MHz wireless spectrum that will be available[...]

Unbranded/Unlocked Treo 500 Coming Next Month

This fall, Vodafone launched the Treo 500v, making it the first telecom to offer this Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone. In January, Palm, Inc. plans to release a version of[...]

Voxred Turbo Charge TB550 Portable Recharger Review

Voxred latest portable charger uses a pair of AA batteries to recharge a variety of mobile devices, including many smartphones. Kevin O'Brien brings us this review.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

After many years as a Palm OS user, Antoine Wright has made the switch to a Symbian/S60 smartphone, and shares some of his first thoughts.

Mobile Tech News — $300 Eee PC, PocketBreeze and PocketWeather Updated, Missing Sync for Leopard

$300 Asus Eee PC 2G Surf Now Available SBSH Releases New Editions of PocketBreeze and PocketWeather The Missing Sync for Palm OS Gets Support for OS[...]

Nokia Prepping N95 with 8 GB for N. America

There's a version of the Nokia N95 with 8 GB of internal storage, and there's one that offers the cellular-wireless frequencies used in N. America, but currently there isn't one[...]

Apple May Be Planning a Replacement for the Newton

According to an unconfirmed report, Apple, Inc. is developing a mobile computer larger than an iPhone but smaller than laptop or Tablet PC. The rumors of its size and shape[...]

Field Trials Successful For 3GPP Long Term Evolution

A recent field trial by Nokia Siemens Networks has brought 3GPP Long Term Evolution one step closer to implementation. LTE is a developing standard for 4G wireless high-speed Internet access.[...]

2007: iPhones and Handhelds and GPS, Oh My!

As the year comes to a close, Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief talks about the three most important events or trends of 2007.