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SmartPhone Articles for December of 2008

Below are the 102 SmartPhone articles for December of 2008

Upcoming BlackBerry Storm Software Updates Should Improve Performance

RIM and Verizon are reportedly getting ready to release a software update for the new BlackBerry Storm that will fix many of the issues that early adopters have reported.

Most Popular Smartphones and Handhelds of November 2008

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Samsung Hue

The Samsung Hue is a clamshell phone featuring Bluetooth connectivity, 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player and predictive text input.

Palm Warns Revenue Way Below Expectations

Palm, Inc. says that revenue for its last financial quarter was well below what analysts were expecting, a shortfall which it primarily blames on the current economic crisis.

Nokia N97 Unveiled

Nokia had announced the N97, a top-of-the-line smartphone featuring a touchscreen, sliding keyboard, and a host of sensors and wireless connectivity options.

Motorola Alexander and Attila Coming Next Quarter

Two smartphones from Motorola that surfaced over the summer as rumors are reportedly now scheduled to be released in the first few months of 2009.

Nokia Messaging Now Available as Beta

Nokia has just launched a beta of Nokia Messaging, a free consumer-oriented push email service for its smartphones. This will eventually offer consumer instant messaging, too.

Nokia Maps Gets New Features

Nokia has released a new beta version of its mobile mapping and navigation application for smartphones, Nokia Maps, as well as its online mapping service on Ovi.

Nokia Now Owns the Symbian OS… Temporarily Anyway

Nokia has completed its offer to acquire Symbian Limited, the company responsible for the development of the Symbian operating system. This is an important step in the process of making[...]

HTC Acquires One & Co. Design

HTC has acquired the San Francisco-based firm One & Company Design. The two have been collaborating since 2006, and jointly created the design of the HTC Touch Diamond.

T-Mobile Shadow II Scores FCC Approval

A device that will apparently be the replacement for the T-Mobile Shadow has received its required approval from the FCC.

BlackBerry Revenues Not Meeting Expectations

Research In Motion has warned investors that revenue for last quarter from its BlackBerry line isn't going to meet its earlier expectations.

Is It Safe To Take the T-Mobile G1 Out of the U.S.?

It may be impossible to take the T-Mobile G1 outside of the United States without incurring roaming charges.

Verizon Drops Samsung Omnia Price

Verizon has already cut the price of its version of the Samsung Omnia, even though it just launched this touchscreen-oriented Windows Mobile smartphone last week.

New App Simplifies Using AT&T’s Wi-Fi Service with an iPhone

Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T takes the hassle out of accessing an AT&T hotspot with an iPhone.

A Second Android-Based Smartphone Unveiled

People around the world who would like a device running Google's Android OS will soon have another option than the T-Mobile G1. The Kogan Agora will be an unlocked 3G[...]

Samsung Instinct Gets Access to MS Exchange, Lotus Domino Calendars

Sprint customers with a Samsung Instinct already could already access their email and contacts from Exchange or Domino, and they can now access to their corporate calendar info, too.

Smartphone Sales Increasing, Just Not as Much as Usual

Sales of smartphones worldwide increased year-on-year last quarter, but at a much slower rate than this market has become accustomed to.

HP Voice Messenger Debuts

The latest Windows Mobile smartphone from HP is now aailable from Vodafone. The Voice Messenger has a keyboard, QVGA screen, and plenty of wireless capabilities.

AT&T Cutting 12,000 Jobs

AT&T Inc. today announced that it is going to lay off about 4% of its total workforce. However, is some parts of its business, such as its wireless division, it[...]

New Pictures of the Unannounced Nokia E75 Appear

Pictures of a side-slider smartphone from Nokia, the E75, have been leaked. This Symbian S60 device will apparently sport both a keyboard and a separate numberpad.

Handy Alarm Pro for Symbian S60 Debuts

Paragon Software Group has released Handy Alarm Pro for Symbian S60 smartphones.

Truphone Turns the iPod Touch into a Phone

Truphone has released a free VoIP application specially created for the second-generation iPod touch.

AT&T Reducing the Mobile OSs It Offers, May Get Serious about Symbian

A high-level AT&T executive says his company is going to reduce the number of mobile operating systems it employs. And Symbian may have a big future at this carrier.

LG Incite Preliminary Review

The LG Incite is a new touchscreen, Windows Mobile device offered by AT&T. Featuring a finger-customized interface, haptics, and multiple wireless radios, the Incite is pitched as a more fashionable[...]

BlackBerry Storm Updated to Improve Performance

RIM and Verizon Wireless have released a much-anticipated update for the new BlackBerry Storm that is expected to fix many of the problems early adopters have complained about.

Nokia Releases Series 40 6th Edition SDK

Nokia has released a new software development kit (SDK) for its Series 40 6th Edition mobile devices.

Android-Based HTC Dream Available Unlocked

Many who are interested in Google's Android OS have been blocked from using it because it's currently available only on the T-Mobile G1. Fortunately for these people, there's now a[...]

Scientific Breakthrough Could Lead to Voice-Powered Mobile Devices

As it stands now, using a mobile phone drains its battery. A new discovery could lead to phones that get charged whenever they are used.

Acer Committed to Releasing Windows Mobile Smartphone in Early 2009

There have been some delays, but Acer remains committed to introducing a Windows Mobile smartphone in the first quarter of next year.

iPhone Coming to Wal-Mart… Possibly at $99

Wal-Mart may soon begin offering Apple's iPhone, if unconfirmed reports are correct. And there has been speculation that this smartphone will be just under the magic $100 price.

Nokia N85

The Nokia N85 features a unique two-way sliding design, a 2.6-inch OLED display, internet browsing with Flash video support, and N-Gage gaming platform. It’s also equipped with a 5.0 megapixel[...]

Maemo 5 SDK Released for Nokia Internet Tablet Developers

The first SDK for Maemo 5, Nokia's Internet Tablet Linux-based operating system, has been released to platform developers.

N. American Version of Nokia N85 Now Shipping

A North American 3G variant of one of Nokia's most anticipated models, the N85, is now available. This Symbian S60 smartphone has an OLED screen and a focus on multimedia.

Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, Others Get on the Android Bandwagon

A number of well-known companies have joined the Open Handset Alliance, the Google-led group responsible for the Android OS.

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Review

The Storm is the first BlackBerry with a touchscreen, and Brighthand's Shaun Mahal brings us a review of Verizon's version of this highly-anticipated smartphone.

Interview with Best Buy Mobile VP Scott Moore

Brighthand's Ed Hardy recently spoke with a senior executive at Best Buy Mobile about shopping for mobile phones in the U.S.

Get 50% Off Selected Palm OS Apps in the Brighthand Store

The Brighthand Store is now offering 25 of the best-selling Palm applications for 50% off. Included in this deal are Ringo Pro, PdaNet, Softick Audio Gateway.

T-Mobile Warns G1 Users that Apps Can Incur Roaming Charges

T-Mobile has responded to last week's reports that its G1 Android-based smartphone can't be taken out of the U.S. without incurring data roaming charges.

Palm Promises ”New-ness” at Invitation-Only CES Event

Palm Inc. is sending out notices to media outlets for an invitation-only event the company plans to hold during the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.

MiFi Mobile Hotspot Will Bring 3G To All Wi-Fi Devices

Novatel has announced the MiFi, a small and portable Wi-Fi hotspot that will have a built-in 3G cellular-wireless access.

Google Maps for Windows Mobile, S60 Get Street View

Google Maps for mobile 2.3 has been released for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60. The primary new feature in this free navigation software is support for Street View.

Rebate Makes the Redfly C7 Available for $30 Less

A new version of the Redfly smartphone terminal with a 7-inch screen temporarily costs just under $200.

myPower Protects the iPhone 3G, Also Doubles its Battery Life

Tekkeon has unveiled myPower for iPhone, a leather sleeve with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery inside.

T-Mobile cameo Review

The cameo is a digital picture frame that can wirelessly receive images send from a smartphone. Ed Hardy says this would make a great gift for any techno-phobic grandparent.

Win a Trip to See Palm’s ”Newness”

Next month, Palm will hold a slightly mysterious press event at which it will announce something. The company is holding a contest to give away a free trip to be[...]

Microsoft ZunePhone Is/Isn’t Imminent

Rumors and counter-reports have been flying this week about Microsoft's plans to offer a combination phone and Zune music player.

Handango Bringing Smartphone Software to Best Buy Stores

The software retailer Handango Inc. has made a deal to bring applications for a wide variety of smartphones to Best Buy's retail stores nationwide.

AT&T Confirms Femtocell Trials, Plans Expansion in 2009

AT&T's has confirmed previously leaked information that it is, in fact, testing femtocells, and has announced plans to conduct a "city-sized" trial in 2009.

Sprint Strongly Considering Android

Sprint isn't quite ready to commit to releasing an Android-based device, but it seems very close to it.

Apple Positioning the iPhone as a Gaming Console

A high-level Apple executive has stated something his company has only suggested in the past: the iPhone is a mobile gaming console.

DataViz Bringing Its Office Suite, Exchange Sync Software to Android

Some of the features notably absent from Google Android platform are a full-featured Office suite and Exchange synchronization. DataViz, however, is going to step in to fill these gaps.

Garmin nuvifone Gets Approved by FCC

Garmin's upcoming GPS-enabled quasi-smartphone has received the required approval from the FCC in order to be released in the U.S. This doesn't mean the release is imminent, though.

Microsoft Releases an iPhone App

Microsoft, the company behind Windows Mobile, has released an application for the rival iPhone. Seadragon Mobile allows users to view images with giga-pixel resolutions.

BlackBerry Curve 8350i

The BlackBerry Curve 8350i for Sprint shares many features with other BlackBerry smartphones, but has been created for Sprint’s Nextel Direct Connect customers who depend on push-to-talk. The 8350i is[...]

Nokia N79

The Nokia N79 features interchangable back covers that instantly change the phone’s theme, orientation sensor for display, A-GPS with pedestrian navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, and integrated FM transmitter. It features a[...]

Palm’s Nova OS and the First Products Running It will Debut Next Month

A new report apparently confirms earlier speculation: Palm is not only going to unveil its new operating system next month, but also at least one device running it.

Sprint Introduces the BlackBerry Curve 8350i

Sprint has introduced the BlackBerry Curve 8350i, a smartphone for its Nextel Direct Connect customers who depend on push-to-talk. This device runs the latest BlackBerry software and sports Wi-Fi and[...]

Nokia N79 Officially Launched in the U.S.

Nokia has refreshed the mid-range of its North American lineup with the official availability of the N79. This small, consumer-oriented model offers 3G, a 5 MPx camera, and Wi-Fi.

Palm Treo Pro Coming to Sprint in Late January

There have now been enough leaks that there can be little doubt that Sprint plans to launch the Palm Treo Pro next month, and the latest of these even gives[...]

Resco Explorer 2009 for Palm OS Now Available

New features in the latest version of Resco Explorer for Palm OS include Folder Sync, a memory card scanner, and more.

Palm Getting a New Chief Financial Officer

Douglas C. Jeffries, previously chief accounting officer at eBay, will join Palm, Inc. in January as its Chief Financial Officer.

Nokia’s NoTA Initative Seeks to Make Mobile Development Faster, More Efficient

A Nokia and NXP research project looks to change the way devices are created by turning to a modular-based system of development called NoTA.

AT&T Certifies the Palm Treo Pro

AT&T has added the Palm Treo Pro to its Specialty Vertical Device list, which means that it has certified that this smartphone is fully compatible with its 3G wireless network.

Palm’s Version of the App Store Debuts

Palm, Inc. has launched an on-device software store that allows users to find, purchase, and install applications directly on a smartphone or handheld.

Verizon Unlocking the GPS on Some Windows Mobile Smartphones

Verizon Wireless has promised to unlock the GPS on some of its recent Windows Mobile devices so they can use third-party navigation software.

Easy iPhone 3G Unlocking Coming Soon

The infamous iPhone Dev Team is close to releasing a user-friendly tool for unlocking the iPhone 3G, which will allow this smartphone to be used on networks other than AT&T.

HTC Touch Pro for Sprint Review

The HTC Touch Pro is a consumer-oriented smartphone merged with a business-oriented one to create a generally harmonious whole. Adama D. Brown brings us this review.

BlackBerry Curve 8320 Now Available from AT&T

AT&T has just begun offering an updated version of the BlackBerry Curve 8320, a relatively low-cost Wi-Fi enabled smartphone.

Mobile Firefox on Its Way to Symbian S60, but Not iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android

A comprehensive list is emerging of which operating systems will get versions of the mobile version of the Firefox web browser.

Consumer Reports Makes Smartphone Recommendations

Consumer Reports has published a list of its recommended smartphones. This will likely please some, but leave many others scratching their heads.

Virtual BlackBerry for Windows Mobile Nearing Release?

Almost two years ago, RIM announced plans to release a suite of applications that will let a Windows Mobile-based smartphone act as if it was a BlackBerry. It's been a[...]

In the Future, Phones May Be the Primary Method of Internet Access

A panel of experts predicts that by 2020, most people will access the Internet primarily through their phone. They also predict that voice recognition will be in common use.

SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry Finally Nearing Debut

Sling Media will open a public beta of SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry smartphones at the end of this month.

iPhone Is Coming to Wal-Mart, Not for $99

There still hasn't been an official announcement, but the details of Wal-Mart's plan to start offering the iPhone have leaked out.

Handy Weather for BlackBerry Now Available

Paragon Software Group's new Handy Weather for BlackBerry smartphones lets mobile users get real-time, wireless weather forecasts from any point in the world on their device.

Palm’s Last Quarter Was a ”Difficult Period”

As expected, Palm's revenue last quarter from both smartphones and handhelds is down significantly. Still, the company promises that its upcoming operating system will turn things around.

Samsung May Launch an Android-Based Smartphone by Mid-Year

Sprint and T-Mobile USA will release a Samsung model running Google's Android OS before the middle of 2009, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

Get 50% Off Selected Windows Mobile Apps in the Brighthand Store

The Brighthand Store is now offering some of the best-selling Windows Mobile applications for 50% off. This includes software for both the Pro and Standard editions.

Nokia Releases Final Mobile Web Server Beta

A final beta of Nokia's Mobile Web Server has been released, along with a new Group Calendar widget and enhanced Facebook application.

Elevation Partners Pumps $100 Million into Palm

Elevation Partners -- the private-equity firm that already owns 25% of this company -- has agreed to make an additional $100 million equity investment in Palm.

Apple May Be Prepping iPhone Nano

Semi-reliable information indicates that Apple is working on a smaller, less expensive version of the iPhone.

Garmin Launching an Android-Based Device in 2009

The GPS maker Garmin is expected to release a smartphone running Google's new Android OS in the second half of 2009.

Pinger Phone Aims to Make Instant Messaging Easier for Smartphone Users

Pinger Phone is a new application that provides an easier way to get in contact with people in a smartphone's address book, as well as with friends on Facebook, MySpace,[...]

iPhones Can Now Wirelessly Send Photos to HP Printers

HP has released a free application that allows iPhone and iPod touch users to print photos to a wireless HP printer.

Nokia N79 Receives Major Firmware Update

The recently released Nokia N79 has received its first firmware update. This update is considerably larger than other first-updates Nokia devices usually see. Purchasing Survey

We'd like to find out more about who is looking for a smartphone, and what sorts of considerations you make while researching a purchase. Oh, and if you take[...]

Is This the iPhone Nano?

An image has emerged that supposedly depicts a smaller, cheaper version of Apple's smartphone. This device is rumored to be in development now, with an unknown release date.

SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Mobile Updated to Support the Latest Smartphones

Sling Media has released updated versions of SlingPlayer Mobile for both editions of Windows Mobile. The primary improvement in the new release is support for additional screen resolutions.

HTC’s Second Android Model Might Come in Q1 2009

HTC designed and manufactured the first smartphone running Google's Android OS, and it is reportedly hard at work on its second model running this operating system.

Nokia’s Mail on Ovi Goes Live Globally

Nokia's Mail on Ovi service has been pushed live, and is now available for over 110 million Symbian S40 devices worldwide.

Future Sony Ericsson WM Smartphones Won’t Be Made by HTC

Sony Ericsson is reportedly dropping HTC as the manufacturer of its Windows Mobile smartphones, and instead going with one of HTC's rivals.

MobileFiles Pro Lets iPhone Users Edit Excel Documents

QuickOffice Inc. taken a first step toward allowing Apple's iPhone line to work with Microsoft Office files by adding native Excel support.

Samsung InnoV8 with N. American 3G Appears at FCC

The Samsung i8510 InnoV8 has made an unexpected appearance within FCC documents, creating a strong possibility that this smartphone with an 8 MPx camera might be introduced by a North[...]

LG Incite Review

The LG Incite is a new touchscreen, Windows Mobile device offered by AT&T. Featuring a finger-customized interface, haptics, and multiple wireless radios, the Incite is pitched as a more fashionable[...]

Agendus 13 for Palm OS Released

iambic has released Agendus 13 for Palm OS, which includes a variety of new features and general improvements.

Get an iPhone 3G for $99

Until the end of the year, AT&T is selling some the Apple iPhone 3G units with 8 GB of storage for half the regular price. And there's a big reduction[...]

The Year of the Smartphone, Slightly Held Up

2008 was supposed to be the "year of the smartphone" and in many ways it was. But, as Antoine Wright points out in his latest editorial, there were enough problems[...]

SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry Preview

Sling Media made a beta of SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry available to the public today. Ed Hardy has tried it out, and he's quite pleased with it.

More Evidence of the iPhone Nano Emerges

There still isn't what any real hard evidence that Apple is preparing to launch an iPhone Nano, but the circumstantial evidence is piling up.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 May Be Coming to T-Mobile USA in Feb.

T-Mobile USA will be introducing an updated version of the BlackBerry Curve in a couple of months, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

T-Mobile G1 Update Will Add On-Screen Keyboard

A system software update expected soon should add to Android and the T-Mobile G1 one of the most requested features: an on-screen keyboard. This will allow users to enter text[...]