December 2013 SmartPhone Articles

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SmartPhone Articles for December of 2013

Below are the 28 SmartPhone articles for December of 2013

Malls Bring in Shoppers Thanks to Parking Lot Apps

Wondering whether you should brave the crowds to shop at your favorite stores? Some enterprising companies have parking apps to help you keep your sanity.

Apple Gains Market Share Thanks to iPhone 5s, 5c But Android Maintains Leads

Market research firm Kantar has released its latest smartphone OS sales share figures, and the news is good for both iOS and Android.

iSmartAlarm Review: Home Security From Your Phone

iSmartAlarm takes advantage of your pre-existing network and smartphone equipment to let you keep an eye on your valuables without an expensive monthly contract.

BenQ Returns to Smartphones with Two New Android Handsets

Taiwanese manufacturer BenQ has jumped back into the smartphone industry with two new Android handsets: the F3 and the A3.

Android Gains Ground, but iOS Still Brings More Revenue to Developers

New figures from Business Insider contend that iOS still trumps Android when it comes to bringing more revenue to app developers.

The President May Be Ready to Give Up on BlackBerry, but iPhone Still Too Insecure

Apple's iPhone just isn't secure enough to be used among the U.S. Government's highest echelons.

Typo Keyboard Brings Physical BlackBerry Keyboard to iPhone

Always wanted to use an iPhone, but preferred the tactile nature of a physical keyboard? Ryan Seacrest's new Typo Keyboards might have what you need.

Americans Opened More Apps (1.3 Billion!) on Thanksgiving Than Ever Before

Americans like to relax on Thanksgiving - but new data shows us just how important smartphones and tablets are to that end.

New CyanogenMod Update Encrypts All Your Text Messages By Default

Worried about people spying on your messages? CyanogenMod's newest update implements a system to encrypt all your texts by default.

Nokia Introduces Colorful BH-121 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The recognizable bits of Nokia might now be part of Microsoft, but they're still churning out fun new hardware, like this tiny square of a Bluetooth headset.

Samsung Ships 10 Millionth Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone

People might have mocked Samsung when they first came out with the Galaxy Note lineup, but they're the ones laughing - all the way to the bank.

Razer Comms Allows Gamers to Call Android Phones In-Game and Vice-Versa *UPDATED*

Ever been in the middle of a game and needed to call someone without taking a break? Thanks to Razer's new unified Comms solution, you can text, chat, and talk,[...]

Instagram Direct is Instagram’s Better Version of Snapchat

Instagram's new Instagram Direct is a direct (ho ho ho) competitor to the popular Snapchat private photo messaging app - and thanks to some notable differences, it might be better.

FCC, Carriers Stop Being Idiots, Agree on Cell Phone Unlocking Policies

Despite the Librarian of Congress's unexpected - and, many say, foolhardy - move this year that effectively made unlocking cell phones illegal, a new deal between the FCC and U.S.[...]

Notebook Manufacturers May Take Page from Smartphones and Introduce Universal Chargers

New eco-friendly specifications attempt to corral the wild world of notebook chargers - similar to how most modern smartphones have centralized around Micro-USB.

Sprint Brings LTE to St. Louis and San Diego; Now in 300 Cities

Sprint's finally hitting its LTE rollout with full force, and it shows. The most recent updates have brought the third-place carrier's next-generation network to some 300 U.S. cities.

Apple Requiring Apps to Optimize for iOS 7 Starting February 1st

Thanks to a new deadline imposed by Apple, you're going to see even more apps with iOS 7 compatibility in a couple of months.

Android Games Hit the Big Leagues in 2013

According to app analytics company Distimo, 2013 may be viewed as the year when Google Play revenue started to catch up to Apple's App Store. Unsurprisingly, it all comes down[...]

Sony Lens Camera Update Brings High Quality 1080p Video, Better App to iPhone and Android

Despite generally excellent picture quality, two of the bigger issues with Sony's QX100 and QX10 'Lens Cameras' was their lack of 1080p video and the mediocre smartphone app. Sony hopes[...]

China Mobile Brings Apple’s iPhone to World’s Largest Carrier

China Mobile is the world's largest phone network, and now it has two of the top-selling phones: the Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Android for Autos May Beat iOS to Become In-Car Standard

Google and Audi are set to announce a new Android-based, in-car infotainment platform at CES next week, according to The Wall Street Journal.

LG’s webOS-Powered HDTV Brings Fan Favorite Back From the Grave

Fan favorite operating system webOS will finally see new life as a smart TV platform for LG.

Need a Cheap Verizon Android Smartphone? Best Buy and Motorola Have Your Back

Best Buy and Verizon are shaking up smartphone pricing as we head into 2014 by offering Motorola's mid-range Moto G for a stunningly low price.

LG Lifeband Touch to Mark LG’s Entrance Into Wearables (Look Out, Fitbit, Fuelband)

LG's rumored to show off a new activity monitor at CES known as the LG Lifeband Touch. Can an electronics giant take wearables further than Fitbit or Nike?

Samsung Putting 4GB of RAM in Your Next Android Smartphone

Samsung's latest DRAM chip development means we'll soon be seeing 4GB of RAM as standard on flagship smartphones and tablets (and even more RAM in notebooks).

Nokia Wins Patent Injunction Against Every One of HTC’s Android Smartphones in Germany

Nokia is going after HTC harder than ever; a German court recently rewarded their efforts with an injunction against most of HTC's portfolio.

Sony to Release Windows Phone 8 Devices?

Look out Lumia - there's another design-savvy smartphone brand looking to dip its toes into the Windows Phone market.

New Data Shows Holiday App Downloads Still Growing, But Market’s Slowing

New data from analytics company Flurry suggests that holiday smartphone growth may be slowing down a bit.