February 2002 SmartPhone Articles

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SmartPhone Articles for February of 2002

Below are the 28 SmartPhone articles for February of 2002

Handspring Treo Released in Hong Kong, Singapore

Singapore, Jan. 31, 2002 -- (MobileVillage) -- Handspring, Inc. (Nasdaq:HAND) has announced retail availability of the company's new integrated wireless devices, the Treo 180 and 180g, to customers in Singapore[...]

Palm i705: It does get better than this, doesn’t it?

The four-way stop that's the intersection of truth, fiction, hype, and reality could be a tough one for the mobile computing industry. No matter how the latest devices advance, some[...]

BBC bans non-Windows PDAs

The BBC is to ban all staff from using handheld devices if they are not running Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 operating system, amid fears for the security of its data.[...]


On site coverage of PalmSource 2002 from San Jose, California

10% Off PDAs, Software & Accessories at Dell.com

A new coupon code is available to save 10% at the checkot for PDAs, Software and other accessories at the Dell home store, use coupon code 7A83FE73C267, see article for[...]

Treo: Handspring’s wireless future?

Handspring recently introduced the PDA-cum-cellphone Treo communicator in Singapore and Hong Kong. CNETAsia caught up with William Holtzman, Handspring vice president (International), during the Singapore launch and chatted with him[...]

Palm to Unveil Operating System

Palm Inc. will lift the curtain Tuesday on its next-generation operating system for handheld computers, a more powerful platform designed to be faster and more secure.

Palm casts corporate bait

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Palm told analysts Wednesday that initial sales of its i705 wireless handhelds have been surprisingly strong, a good sign as the company focuses more on wireless devices and[...]

Fossil Wrist PDA/PC

Introducing the next small wonder in personal data: FOSSIL Wrist PDA/PC, the ultimate companion to your PocketPC handheld that delivers maximum freedom in a minimal size. Wrist PDA/PC lets you[...]

Fossil Wrist PDA

Introducing the next small wonder in personal data: FOSSIL Wrist PDA, the ultimate companion to your Palm OS handheld that delivers maximum freedom in a minimal size. Wrist PDA lets[...]

Handspring begins selling Treo in U.S.

Handspring began selling its Treo handheld-cell phone combo device via its Web site Sunday, marking the gadget's U.S. arrival.

REVIEW: Palm Pilot i705

Palm s latest device replaces the venerable Palm VII that has had a very long life. The i705 also jumps into competition with Blackberry and other mobile email devices. The[...]

Handspring Treos ship in US

PDA maker Handspring, Inc. has announced that its Treo device is now available for sale in the U.S., thanks to partnership deals the company has struck with Cingular Wireless and[...]

Pocket PC dials up Phone Addition

Microsoft next Tuesday will announce an application that will let manufacturers using its Pocket PC 2002 operating system add wireless access for data and voice calls to their upcoming devices.

IBM puts WorkPad out of work

IBM plans to discontinue the WorkPad, its line of Palm OS handhelds, CNET News.com has learned. Big Blue actually made the decision last year but has continued to[...]

PDA shipments rise, but growth rate slows

According to Cahners In-Stat/MDR, global shipments of personal digital assistants (PDAs) grew 17% in 2001 despite a weak global economy and continuing erosion of consumer confidence, however this represents a[...]

REVIEW: Compaq 3800 Series PDA

A full review of the Compaq 3800 series of PDAs has been added to the site, check out the story on this PDA and if it's worth the beaucoup bucks!

REVIEW: Palm’s mini-keyboard for the i705

I d say the mini-keyboard is a must have accessory for the i705 owner. I ve found it s greatly enhanced my experience with the i705 and makes the wonderful[...]

HP dials in Pocket PC for new handheld

Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday is expected to unveil a new version of its Jornada handheld in Europe that can make cell phone calls and send and receive e-mail wirelessly. [...]

HP iPAQ Phone/PDA Combo

The 928 has been scrapped, but HP is committed to releasing a wireless PDA/phone combo unit in 2003. The following specs are based on the old Jornada 928 information.

Palm prepares pair of color handhelds

Palm is expected to announce soon two new color handhelds into a market that is already flush with color-screen devices, sources say. One handheld, the m515, is expected[...]

Earthlink starts wireless service for handhelds

EarthLink Inc. said on Wednesday it has begun offering Internet service to wireless handheld computer users for US$40 to US$60 per month.

Clip or Browse?

Palm uses Web Clipping to access pertinent bites of information from the Web, while Pocket PC's Pocket Internet Explorer goes after the full Monty. Is one method better than the[...]

Intel to Detail PDA, Server Chips at Forum

Intel will tout products including its recently announced XScale processor for PDAs and its high-end chips for servers at its developer forum here next week, company executives said in a[...]

Fujitsu Pocket LOOX

Named Pocket LOOX, the new handheld from Fujitsu-Siemens is the second Pocket PC product to – at least partly – bear the Siemens name. The new device runs on Microsoft’s[...]

HP Jornada 928 Revealed

Unveiled yesterday at the 3GSM World Congress conference in Cannes, France, the HP Jornada 928 Wireless Digital Assistant (WDA) is the first two-in-one device that combines a Pocket PC 2002-powered[...]

Linux will be the dominant PDA OS! Umm…what?

Linux is likely to emerge as the main operating system for mobile devices, according to Sybase CEO and chairman John Chen.

A new Samsung? You bet, the I330 is on it’s way, maybe

Building on the momentum from its popular I300, Samsung is rumored to be releasing a sexier unit with a brighter screen this summer. Details are thin, but PDAFrance and Palm[...]