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SmartPhone Articles for February of 2003

Below are the 126 SmartPhone articles for February of 2003

We have a winner ! Contest #7 of 9 – Palm m500/505/515 Case & CD Case

It's time for another contest, and this time we're giving away a case to fit your Palm m500/m505/m515 (fits any one of the three). The case is from Stylus[...]

PDA News Bits – Palm Tugsten W Release on Monday?, Clie NZ90 Goes to Europe

The Palm Tungsten W has been out in Asia for a few weeks now and could be released in the US on Monday Sony has confirmed the Clie NZ90[...]

Review – Classic Arcade Games by Applian

Welcome Chris to our review team. He's weighed in with his thoughts on an off-brand game pack for the Pocket PC which is perfect if you want well done knock-off's[...]

Retailers Dropping Prices for Tungsten T

Online retailers are cutting their prices for the Palm Tungsten T by $100. Is Palm itself about to follow suit?

BrightBytes™: Dell, Color Blackberry, Danger

The two Axim X5 models are now on sale in Europe, a reader reports seeing a Blackberry model with a color screen, Danger has received funding, and more.

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie NZ90

Sony's new Clie NZ90 is the first handheld to offer a genuinely useful digital camera, and its built-in Bluetooth networking lets you create your own personal area network.

Acer Planning New Handhelds

Acer has announced plans to release new handhelds running Pocket PC and Palm OS later this year. It will also cut the cost of its current Palm OS as[...]

PDA News Bits: Dell Europe, Free eBooks, New TI Processors, PDA Price Slashing

Dell Axim X5 Released in Europe...at a higher price than the U.S. Free Sci-fi and Fantasy eBooks TI has announced plans to release new chipsets which run graphics[...]

Palm Cuts Prices for the Tungsten T, m515, m130

Palm has dropped prices on its flagship handheld by $100. It has also cut $50 off the price of two older models.

Microsoft Mobility Unit Sees Big Revenue Increase

The division of Microsoft that develops the Pocket PC saw a nearly 25% increase in revenue at the end of 2002, though not enough to make it profitable.

BSQUARE Working to Get Handheld Released

Wireless carriers are looking into releasing BSQUARE's Windows CE .NET handheld, which offers an integrated keyboard and a VGA screen.

PDA News Bits – Backup Option For Palms, MP3 for the Tungsten T, New Case From Pygmy Pouch, $10 off at Overstock

Proporta has a new backup card for Palm PDAs and might make one for Clie's too AeroPlayer 1.0 MP3 player now available for the Tungsten T Pygmy Pouch[...]

Audio Players for Tungsten T Now Available

Updated Though none were available when the Palm Tungsten T was first released, two MP3 players for this handheld have been released this week. However, there is still[...]

BrightBytes™: Dell, MegaLauncher, Axim, HP

Dell is offering discounts on memory cards, there is a new USB charger and sync cable for the Dell Axim, MegaLauncher 4 has finally been released, users are reporting problems[...]

Review – KeyContacts 1.3 by Chapura – Contact Manager on Steroids

TheWraith and I have spent a little time with Chapura's updated KeyContacts contact management software for the Palm OS. It's a huge improvement over the standard Palm app and is[...]

PDA News Bits – Pocket Tunes Adds MP3, All Memory 15% Off, Bluetooth Phone Dialer, New Quest II Map

Pocket Tunes has added support for MP3 playing on the Tungsten T 15% off memory sale including the 1GB CompactFlash card Applian has a new Bluetooth phone dialer[...]

TI Introduces New Processors for Handhelds

Texas Instruments has introduced five new OMAP processors designed to be used in handhelds and smartphones. These offer better multimedia performance and use less power than the company's current chips.

UPDATE – Sony Clie SJ33 Slips Onto Amazon Store Shelves – Now at Tech Depot Too

Tech Depot has pricing now on the SJ33 and it's coming in at $287. The bad news is that something is wrong with the shipping cost, ground is $25. The[...]

Homeland Security to Leverage PDA Technology to Reduce Gun Related Crimes

What an amazing application for PDAs. Proxity is working with the govenrment to bring their Gunshot Detection System to the streets of the US. PDAs leveraging an internet connection will[...]

Palm Releases Audio Patch for Tungsten T Owners

I've had the unofficial version for a few days, but now everyone can get into the act. Palm has officially released the fix for a number of audio problems and[...]

PDA News Bits – Palm Zire Dominates, Sony Clie Game Controller Review, Pocket PC VR Controll

The Palm Zire sold more units during 4Q last year than any other PDA In every Clie owner beats the heart of a gamer - Game Pad Reviewed [...]

Going, Going, Gone: Three technologies on their way out

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief predicts that three technologies that are in common use now are already on their way to being obsolete.

Sony Drops Prices for Midrange, Low-End Models

Sony has dropped the prices for its SJ30, SJ20, and SL10 models by as much as $50.

BrightBytes™: XScaleCtrl, Insaniquarium, Clear Speed

XScaleCtrl can increase the processor speed on the Dell Axim X5 up to 500 MHz, Insaniquarium is a silly new Palm OS game, and the next version of Clear Speed[...]

PalmSource Lays Off 18%

As it prepares to become an independent company, the operating systems subsidiary of Palm Inc. institutes a round of layoffs.

Astraware Releases Insaniquarium – An Off The Wall Fish Tank Palm Game

Things are looking grim...aliens have invaded your fish tank and all seems lost...until Itchy shows up to help fight off the aliens. You see, Itchy is a Swordfish of course[...]

PDA News Bits – Office Docs Better on Palm, Quicken Coming to Pocket PC, PalmSource Trims Staff

Office Documents Look Better On Palms Than on Pocket PCs Quicken will soon be available for the Pocket PC PalmSource announced an 18% broad-based staff cut today

Review: RepliGo – mobile document management software

Dealing with documents on a small screen can be frustrating, given the trade- off of accuracy vs. readability. Enter RepliGo, which is a proprietary document converter/viewer suite that touts the[...]

PDA News Bits – Samsung Shrinks PDA Components, Stylus with scissors and knife

Samsung has announced the industry's first System-in-Package (SiP) Multi-function styli are not new, but this one is quite remarkable

Review – Rhinoskin Leather FlipCase for the iPAQ h5000 Series and Tunsten T

We all know that as new PDAs come out, case manufactures are often slow to react to the new form factors. The Tungsten T is no different as viable options[...]

Heads-Up Display Coming for Pocket PC

A heads-up display that plugs in the CF slot on many Pocket PC models will be released soon. It will allow users to view images and surf the Web[...]

BrightBytes™: Memory Cards, Sony Petition, Passwords, and More

PC Mall and Amazon are offering good deals on memory cards, ClieSource is trying to convince Sony to add support for CompactFlash memory cards to its high-end models, DataViz has[...]

Astraware Becomes Exclusive Publisher For Whitehorse Games

Astraware has long been known for great ports to the Palm and Pocket PC platforms. Now they'll be publishing games for Whitehorse, the first from another developer to be published[...]

Add USB Host Ability to Your Pocket PC

RATOC Systems has been perfecting the first ever compact flash USB host card over the past few months. This means you'll be able to use any USB device with Pocket[...]

PDA News Bits – Dataviz Releases Passwords Plus, Sharp C700 Review, Danger Adds MMS, Game Needs Beta Testers

Dataviz is now offering a PC software which sync's with a PDA to maintain secure passwords The only way to get this Linux PDA with VGA screen is to[...]

We Have a Winner! Win a Sony Clie Leather Padfolio From Sony and bargainPDA.com

We've extended our contests a while, thanks to a bunch of new prizes. Here is our next offering - Sony hooked us up with this wonderful padfolio designed for Clie's,[...]

Dell Says Axim Has 10% Marketshare

After releasing its first handheld in November, Dell's CEO says preliminary figures indicate that Dell may already have as much as 10% of the U.S. handheld market.

HP Developing New Wireless Handheld

Though little is known about it at this point, Hewlett Packard is going to release a new wireless model in the second half of this year.

Handspring Aids Treo Developers

A new developer solutions team will offer technical and marketing support to people and companies developing applications for Treo smartphones.

FrogPad keyboard alternative about to leap onto store shelves

We've just received word from FrogPad that the product is now in production and will be available for purchase on March 1. If you missed it, FrogPad is a single[...]

PDA News – NASCAR To Bring Live Race Data to PDAs, Mobile Valentine’s Day Cards, Mobile Focus 2003 Awards

NASCAR To Go will give wireless Pocket PC owners access to real time race data Valentine's Day is around the corner, send a card to Pocket PC's and Smartphones[...]

Details emerging on new GPRS enabled iPAQ

You might remember that we brought you limited details of this development in our CES coverage in early January. New reports are surfacing that confirm many of our original estimates.

BrightBytes™: Pocket Plus, XScale, CodeWarrior, and More

Pocket Plus 1.2 adds many useful features, like repeating alarms, to the Pocket PC, two apps for speeding up the processors in Pocket PC models have been updated, Metrowerks thinks[...]

USB CompactFlash Card In Development

Pocket PC users with CompactFlash slots will soon be able to make use of USB peripherals.

DataViz Bringing Native Office File Support to Palm OS

In the future, Palm OS users won't have to go through the hassle of converting Word and Excel files before they can use them on their handheld. Documents to[...]

Kyocera 7135 Smartphones to Ship With QuickOffice

In a big win for Cutting Edge Software, new Kyocera 7135 Smartphones will ship with QuickOffice. Most Palm PDAs come with their main competitor, Documents To Go. Both are quite[...]

PDA News – Office Documents Going native, riteMail 2.0 Upgraded, Treo Dev Program

Documents To Go and QuickOffice both made announcements today about handling MS Office documents in their desktop native format riteMail 2.0 has been released with support for Palm OS[...]

Intel Announces Smartphone Chips

Intel has announced that it is developing chips that combine an XScale core and other components in a processor designed to sit at the heart of future smartphones and wireless[...]

BrightBytes™: TG50, HP Update, O2 XDA, and More

Looks like the Sony TG50 wil be released in March, HP has released a patch that fixes an underclocking problem with its recent ROM update for the h3950 and h3955,[...]

Palm Releases Tungsten T Digitizer Fix

Palm has posted onto its site a software patch that fixes a problem some users have experienced with their Tungsten T.

PDA Software Statistics Released – Sales Defy Slumping Economy

Handango has released details regarding PDA software sales from Q4 of 2002 and 2002 as a whole. The "Handango Yardstick" is viewed as a reasonably accurate representation of the PDA[...]

Sony Clie NZ90 Review

The Sony Clie NZ90 is quite a departure from the standard definition of a PDA. That's just how Sony wants it too. They want us to to view this latest[...]

PDA News – Free Sidekick, Tungsten T Patch, Unlimited GPRS Data, Handmark Upgrades MobileDB, More…

Get a Sidekick for free after $250 rebate Palm has released their second Tungsten T patch in two weeks Orange UK has launched flat rate GPRS pricing [...]

Your Guide to Wireless

Confused by numbers like 802.11 and 2.5G, or by the alphabet soup of PANs and WANs, CDMA and TDMA, or GSM and GPRS? Well, maybe we can help.

BrightBytes™: Dell, iPAQ Keyboard, MobileDB4, and More

Dell posted results for its best quarter yet, there's a new thumb keyboard for many iPAQ models, MobileDB4 is now available, and more.

Software Sales Up in 2002

Despite a decrease in the number of handhelds sold, Handango reports that the amount of money spent on software for them was up significantly last year.

Motorola Announcing Smartphone Reference Design

Motorola has developed the i.Smart reference design to help companies create wireless devices. It could be the basis for future Palm OS or Pocket PC models.

RumorMill™: Toshiba Readying Low-Cost Pocket PC

A report has surfaced from Taiwan that Toshiba is going to release a $200 Pocket PC in March.

Amazon PDA Rebate Listing – Our Valentines Gift to You

It's Valentines Day and just to show how much we love our site visitors we've compiled a fairly comprehensive list of rebates on PDAs and accessories available at the moment.[...]

Motorola A760 – Linux and Java PDA/Phone (NEW PICS)

Motorola has announced the A760, a flip form factor that looks like a hip Treo 300. It's packed with features like: digital camera, video player, MP3 player, speakerphone, advanced messaging,[...]

PDA News – Pumatech Sync’s With AOL, Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

AOL has selected Pumatech to provide sync options Designed for non-industrial use, the Barcoda Bluetooth barcode scanner is pretty sharp

Toshiba e350 to be Released in March – For Less Than $200

In a move to be the cheapest Pocket PC on the market, Toshiba has announced the e350 for $199. The e350 will also provide great value with a 300 MHz[...]

PDA News – Sony Ercisson P800 Review, ZIOsoft Releases Spawn, bargainPDA.com Slashdotted

The P800 is supposed to be in the US in March. Until then, enjoy another European review ZIOsoft brings another big-name game to the Pocket PC - Enter Spawn[...]

PDA New Release Scorecard

A new PDA hasn't been released since before Christmas but there are a ton on the horizon. Here's a quick rundown of what's definitely coming and what is rumored to[...]

Sony Clie PEG-SJ22

High-resolution color display at an amazing price! The PEG-SJ22 CLI handheld provides everything you need to stay organized and entertained. Compact and lightweight, you can take your CLI handheld wherever[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie SJ33

Sony's newest handheld, the Clie PEG-SJ33, is a mid-range Palm Powered model that includes an integrated MP3 player and a design and price targeted to appeal to younger users.

Motorola Picks Linux for New Smartphone

Motorola has passed over the Palm OS, Symbian, and Microsoft's various offerings in favor of using Linux in a new multimedia smartphone coming out later this year.

FCC Releases Additional Info on Sony TG50

Updated There is a bit more information available about Sony's forthcoming handheld with an integrated keyboard and Bluetooth. This includes several new pictures of the device.

BrightBytes™: Dell, Astraware , Cnet, and More

Dell is offering 10% off both Axim models, Astraware has a new Palm OS racing game, Cnet is putting out twice daily technology reports in MP3 format, and more.

PDA News – Dell 10% Off Axim, Microsoft SmartPhones

Dell had been offering a rebate on the Axim before Christmas, since then it's been hard to find a deal. Until now. 10% Off all Axim X5 models[...]

Astraware Releases GTS Racing Challange Game for Palm OS

Astraware is behind another great game, this time it's the best looking racing game the Palm OS has seen. Astrware is wearing the publisher hat this time, GTS was developed[...]

Toshiba Pocket PC e350 e355

The new Toshiba Pocket PC e330 series, built upon the Pocket PC e310 design, targets users looking for additional features beyond simple calendar and address functionality. The 300 MHz X-Scale[...]

Preview – Sony Clie SJ33 (pictures)

It's of little surprise that Sony has made official the SJ33 in the US. The release issued today states the unit will begin shipping later this month, which falls in[...]

RumorMill™: Intel Preparing Faster Handheld Processors

Intel is close to announcing a new generation of processors designed for future Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds. Reportedly, these will be faster than the company's current ones.

Microsoft Announces Pocket MSN

Microsoft is developing a mobile version of its online service. This will give Pocket PC users access to Hotmail accounts and more.

3GSM World Congress Brings a Wave of Announcements

Several big name companies have announced new smartphones that will be available later this year.

UPDATE – Preview – Sony Clie TG50 (New Pictures/Manual)

We've obtained the PDF user manual for the TG50. It's a rough draft as you will see, but it provides additional insight on the TG50.

Review – Pygmy Pouch Roadfisher Universal PDA Case

The overall build quality feels good, and even the velcro looks high-quality. It's very, very nice, particularly compared to the stock Dell case I've been using, whose parentage is mostly[...]

New Microsoft Smartphones & Pocket MSN

The 3GSM Event in France has been busy and Microsoft and T-Mobile are taking part. Much of the news is centered on new phones and new services, both of which[...]

PDA News – Intel to Release Faster PDA Chips, USB Support for Symbian, Socket Update

Intel is expanding its XScale offering with a new chip code named Bulverde USB host software for Symbian now available Socket Communications reported improved fiscal results thanks in[...]

Tungsten W Coming Later This Month

Palm's latest wireless handheld has run into a slight glitch in its approval process but is expected to be available soon.

BrightBytes™: StreamLync, h5450, FlyZip, and More

A new app from PalmGear aims to simplify the process of buying and installing applications, HP comments on problems with Wi-Fi on the iPAQ h5450, FlyZip helps Palm OS users[...]

Palm Confirms Release of Tungsten W – Feb 28th

The end of the month is going to be very busy in the PDA market. Sony and now Palm both have units scheduled for release on the 28th. Palm was[...]

Review Insaniquarium From Astraware

This is getting a little old. It seems every time Astraware publishes a game it lives up to the quality and addictiveness we're used to. Insaniquarium is no different, offering[...]

PDA News – iPAQ h5400 Series Advisory, Point of Sale Software Distribution, PowerPoint on Nokia Series 60, McCollister Releases McEcho

HP has issued a customer advisory that covers memory issues while using WiFi Imagine being able to visit a beaming station at your local wireless store to buy PDA[...]

BrightBytes™: Kiosks, TextMaker, eVest, and More

People will soon be able to buy Palm OS software from kiosks and have the apps beamed to their handhelds, there's a new version of TextMaker for the Pocket PC,[...]

Head of OS Development Leaves PalmSource

Updated Steve Sakoman is no longer working for PalmSource. He headed up the team developing Palm OS 6.

Blackberry Lawsuit Gets Ugly

NTP is accusing Research in Motion of unfairly lobbying the Patent Office as part of a lawsuit between the two companies.

PDA News – Vaja Axim Case, FatFinger Supports OS 5, SCOTTeVEST Goes Leather, Sony Ericsson P800 Review

Vaja is now shipping Dell Axim cases Avaion has upgraded FatFinger with Palm OS 5 support The ultimate mobility outerwear adds leather and sleeves Walter Mossberg has[...]

Appeals Court Asks for Re-evaluation of Xerox Patent

In the court case to determine whether Graffiti infringes on a patent held by Xerox, the U.S. Court of Appeals issued a ruling that questions the validity of the patent.

BrightBytes™: PPP for Palm, Axim Case, Off-Road Maps, and More

Softick PPP allows Palm users to access the Web on their handheld from the cradle, VajaCases has a new case for the Axim X5 series, Maptech has a set of[...]

Samsung Buys 5% of Symbian

South Korea’s Samsung has made a major investment in the company that develops the Symbian OS.

Samsung Announces GPRS Version of i700

Samsung has taken the wraps off its latest data-centric wireless handheld, which runs the Pocket PC Phone Edition.

Want to help shape the PDA industry…and win $500?

Want to shape the future of the PDA industry and help Brighthand at the same time? If so, please take 6-8 minutes to help our research partner, Edge Strategies, with[...]

Sony Clie NZ90 Warning – Severe Battery Problems

I've never done this before, but I am aware of a serious issue regarding the NZ90 that is not yet recognized by Sony. The battery in many units seems to[...]

PDA News – Palm vs. Xerox Continues, Game Pad For iPAQ’s, Palm OS Browser Alternative

Xerox wins graffiti patent dispute - sort of BenQ has released their iPAQ game pad Tired of your Palm OS web browser? Try this.

$50 Dell Axim Rebate Is Back!

I wish it was an instant rebate, but $50 is $50. If you've been thinking about the Axim, you have a month to take advantage of the renewed rebate offer.

REVIEW: PDA Skins PDA Plus Case

Ever wanted to be able to carry all your knick knacks in your PDA case and have easy access to your PDA while on your belt? Well, the [...]

PDA News – WiFi Providers Ally, Windows Media on Symbian, Opera Browser for Sony Ericsson P800

WiFi providers are talking about an alliance that would make life easier for users A new media player will support Windows Media Series 9 on Symbian devices like the[...]

Review – Infestation From HTK Technologies for Pocket PC

HTK Technologies has released Infestation, a shoot-em-up game of epic proportions. "The general sent you to bomb an alien infested area, unfortunately your spaceship falls. Assuming that you'll be dead[...]

RUMOR: Toshiba e750/e755 Wi-Fi Pocket PCs Information

The FCC has posted information on a previously unheard of release from Toshiba. Seems like Toshiba is ready to introduce an upgrade to it's popular e740 PDA by releasing[...]

FCC Approves Toshiba e750 and e755

Updated Toshiba has permission to release two new handhelds, at least one of which has built-in Wi-Fi.

BrightBytes™: HP ROM Update, T665C, Motorola, and More

There is a new version of the ROM Update for the h3950 and h3955 iPAQs that doesn't have the flaw the previous one did, Sony no longer offers the T665C,[...]

Rebates Lower the Price of the Treo 300

Handspring and Sprint are offering a pair of rebates on the Treo 300 communicator that will drop its price to $400 for some customers.

PDA News – iPAQ Treasure Hunt, $100 off Treo 300, AvantGo User Profile, More…

HP is reaching out to college kids with their iPAQ treasure hunt with MTV's help Pick up $100 in rabates on the Treo 300 AvantGo has released their[...]

Review Covertec Palm Tungsten T Leather Case

A few weeks ago I posted my review of the Rhinoskin Tungsten T case. Covertec takes a different approach with their model and it's definitely worth taking a look. Their[...]

Color hiptop Coming Later This Year

Though the smartphone from Danger has generated a lot of interest, especially for its low cost, some have held back hoping for a color version. Fortunately for these people,[...]

Palm Tungsten W Updates Galore

With no surprise at all, Palm made it completely official today announcing the release of the Palm Tungsten W. The Tungsten W is Palm's first effort involving a PDA with[...]

PDA News – Veo Compact Flash Camera, Palm Tungsten C, SmarterCase Adds Clip

The Veo CF camera now supports the Axim product line There have been many rumors about another Palm...here's another to fuel the flames The cheapest universal case has[...]

First Thoughts: Sony Clie SJ33 Review

"I read with anticipation the specs for the new Clie SJ33 and decided it was time to upgrade. I heard that Circuit City had it in stock in advance of[...]

Microsoft Mobility Developer Conference 2003 Preview

Don't miss Microsoft's premier developer event for Microsoft Windows Powered mobile devices.

BrightBytes™: Kyle’s Quest, Plug-ins, Veo, and More

Play a monster instead of a hero in Kyle’s Quest Dungeons, No Plugins Today disables all Today Screen plug-ins, Axim X5 users can get a CF digital camera, and more.

Handheld Market to Rebound This Year

A new study predicts that worldwide handheld shipments will increase every year at least until 2007.

PDA News – Rugged Windows CE.NET PDA, Compact Flash USB Adapter Pre-Order, Quicken for PPC, Kyle’s Quest

Tripod Data Systems is selling the Recon ruggedized CE.NET PDA As promised the CF USB card will be shipping in March, pre-order yours now If you've been waiting[...]

Rumor – HP iPAQ 2200 Series to be Released This Summer

It's been almost a year since we brought you rumors of the iPAQ 2200 series Pocket PC's. Now they're back and it looks like a summer release is possible. Features[...]

HP iPAQ h2210 h2215

The small and sleek iPAQ Pocket PC h2215 has the optimal combination of features, performance, and expandability that allow individuals and mobile professionals use of their pocket pc seven days[...]

Quickoffice and SnapperMail Bring Native Office File Support to the Palm OS

Quickoffice Premier 7 will finally allow people to use Microsoft Office documents in their native formats on Palm OS handhelds. Plus, SnapperMail will let users easily exchange these[...]

RumorMill™: HP to Release iPAQ 2200 Series

Updated A fairly complete description of a future addition to the iPAQ line has surfaced. The rumored 2200 series will offer dual slots, Bluetooth, and more.

BrightBytes™: New Models, Zaurus, HP, and More

Several recently announced models from Sony and Palm are now available, there is good news for those wanting to use CF peripherals with Zaurus handhelds, HP’s financial results have been[...]

Palm Announces Another Round of Layoffs

With the handheld market in a slump, Palm lays off 200 more employees from its hardware and software divisions.

QuickOffice Premier 7.0 Released With Native File Support

A few weeks ago, we told you this was coming. Cutting Edge has released the first Palm OS software capable of viewing Microsoft files in their native format. This is[...]

PDA News – Palm Trims More Staff, Socket Befriends Linux, Another Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Palm slashed another 100 jobs today Socket is working hard to make all their peripherals work with the Sharp Zaurus line A potential Socket alternative is making progress

Get Ready for CompactFlash Memory on Sony Clies

One company has announced that it’s developing a driver to allow Sony's Clie models with CompactFlash slots to use CF memory cards.

Dell Again Offering $50 Rebates for its Axim Line

The on-again off-again rebates on the Axim X5 models are on again, reducing the price of the X5 Entry and X5 Advance to $199 and $299, respectively.

Sony Clie’s to Get Compact Flash Support – In Spite of Sony

The Sony Clie NX and NZ devices all come with a CF slot designed for one use only, the Sony WiFi card. This is a major frustration and one that[...]

PDA News – New Multimedia Device, Brandable Screen Cleaners, Pocket PC Remote Control

This device is pretty cool looking - a 30GB hard drive and 3.5" color screen top the list (pictures) A unique business gift - branded PDA screen cleaners [...]