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SmartPhone Articles for February of 2004

Below are the 123 SmartPhone articles for February of 2004

Upcoming Handheld Offers Just Web Access

The PocketSurfer will be a single-purpose device that will do only one job but seeks to do it very well: access the Web.

PDA Software Fanatic Contest Launched

PDA software store Handango has launched what could be a fun competition. If PDA software has made an impact on your life in some way, you might win a PDA[...]

HanDBase Online Runtime Builder Now Available for Pocket PC

Now users of the HanDBase Online Runtime Builder can create standalone, royalty-free applications for both Palm OS and Pocket PC devices from the same databases and forms.

Sony Announces TH55 and TJ37 in Japan

Sony has announced two handhelds in its home country which are expected to debut in the U.S. in the near future. Both the Clie TH55 and Clie TJ37 will have[...]

Bill Gates to Speak at Mobile DevCon

Microsoft's Chairman will give a keynote speech about his company's new mobile technologies and long-term development strategies at Mobile DevCon 2004.

Motorola MPx220 Delayed to Mid-Year

Reportedly, the release of an upcoming Windows Mobile smart phone from Motorola is going to happen several months later than expected.

PalmSource Announces New Developer Suite

The Palm OS Developer Suite is designed to ease creation of ARM-native applications on Palm OS 6 and beyond.

PDA News – Axims in China, Pocket Informant 5, PocketPC Linux

Dell to sell Axims in China Pocket Informant version 5.0 released Lycoris to create Linux-based replacement OS for ARM-based handhelds

PDA and Tech Deals for Tuesday 2/3/2004

Palm Tungsten T3 Handheld for $293 Axim X3i 400MHz WiFi PDA + 256MB SD for $353 Kingston 256MB SD $54 Netgear MR814 802.11b Wireless[...]

Palm OS 6 Getting a Name Change

PalmSource is going to develop two versions of its operating system: one for handhelds and high-end smart phones, and a second one for low-cost smartphones. The version for handhelds, which[...]

GoodLink Coming to Pocket PCs

Good Technology has announced that the GoodLink system for wireless messaging and corporate data access will be available for handhelds running Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC in a few[...]

Sony CLIE TH55 and CLIE TJ37 Available in Japan

Two of the new Sony CLIE devices that are slated for release this month, the Sony CLIE TH55 and Sony CLIE TJ37 are available for order on the Sony website[...]

A Look Ahead at Upcoming Handhelds and Smart Phones

To help people keep track of what's expected in the coming months, Brighthand presents a handy guide to over a dozen not yet announced mobile devices.

FCC Approves the Voq Smart Phone

The FCC has given Sierra Wireless permission to release the Voq, a Windows Mobile-based smartphone that sports both a phone keypad and a QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry Platform Amasses More Than One Million Subscribers

RIM's BlackBerry wireless platform now has more than one million active subscribers in more than thirty countries.

PDA News – Palm OS forking, SPOT coverage, Pocket Playstation

Palm OS 5 & 6 to be renamed, simultaneously maintained MSN Direct SPOT coverage extended PocketPC Playstation emulator

PDA and Tech Deals for 2/5/2004

Dell Home $25 off $300 Stackable Coupon, Axim X3i for $272 Amazon.com Has a Sale on all Palm OS Based PDAs and Free Shipping Simpletech 256MB CompactFlash Card[...]

In Depth – Asus MyPal A716 Pocket PC

Asus will have their first US PDA release at the end of this month when the MyPal A716 is released. Asus is well known outside of the US and their[...]

New Memory Card Format Proposed

A trade association has introduced a new type of flash memory card designed to be used in a wide variety of devices, including handhelds.

Pocket Informant 5.0 Now Available for Pocket PC

The latest version of Web Information Solutions's Pocket Informant offers a variety of updates and new features.

MultiMediaCard Specification 4.0 Will Bring Faster Cards

The latest specification of this memory card standard is expected to bring a new generation of MMC cards that are up to 20 times faster than current ones.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

SpyChase 3D for Palm OS devices has been released, the beta of a PlayStation 1 emulator is now available, and Celeris is developing Virtual Pool Mobile.

PDA News – AT&T/TMo wireless pact, PPC Flash, Palm 6 to be ‘Cobalt’?

AT&T, T-Mobile form WiFi hotspot pact PocketPC Flash player New name of Palm OS 6 to be 'Cobalt'? Update on Lycoris Pocket Linux High capacity... fish[...]

Review Bluetooth Pen from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group

We met with the Bluetooth SIG at the CES this year, where they inadvertently revealed to us a new product. Their unmistakable logo was printed on the bright blue face[...]

First GPS Software Coming to Windows Smartphone

Microsoft Smartphone users will soon be able to access over 60,000 maps and charts.

Nokia Will Control Symbian After Buying Out Psion

Psion is going to sell its share in the Symbian software group to Nokia, giving it virtual control of the Symbian OS.

New Image Viewing, Editing App Available for Pocket PC

Spb Software House has released Spb Imageer, a photo viewing and editing tool for the Pocket PC platform.

Additional Info On Plans for First Handheld with OLED Screen

Late last year, Sony said it intends to release the first handheld with an OLED screen. Recently, some addition information on this plan emerged.

Review – Word Mojo From Astraware (Palm and Pocket PC)

WordMojo is one of Astraware s latest batch of releases, and is basically a one-player version of Scrabble. The aim of the game is to score as many points as[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie TH55

The Clie TH55 is Sony's first model that offers a HVGA screen in a handheld with the traditional tablet design. It also includes a camera and Wi-Fi, though[...]

Sony Announces TH55, TJ37, TJ27 in U.S.

Sony has just unveiled its new spring lineup of handhelds. These show a new committment from the company to offer wireless networking at lower prices. The company has also built[...]

PalmSource Developer Conference 2004 Overview

The annual conference for Palm OS developers is going on now. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief is there and will bring us live reports and the latest news.

Preview of Palm OS Cobalt

The big news for this year's PalmSource Developer's Conference, which starts today, is expected to be the release of all the details of the next version of the Palm OS.[...]

What’s Expected at the PalmSource Conference

A brief description of what is going on each day during this week's PalmSource Developer Conference.

PalmSource Selects ACCESS NetFront as Core Browser Technology

Expanded Relationship with PalmSource Brings ACCESS' Advanced NetFront Browsing Technology to New OS.

palmOne Delivers Treo 600 Smartphone to T-Mobile USA Customers

The Treo 600 may be ordered immediately online from palmOne.com

PalmSource Reveals More Details on Palm OS Cobalt

At its developer conference, PalmSource has revealed that the next version of the Palm OS will support up to 256 MB of RAM, the PIM apps will be ARM-native, and[...]

What Isn’t in Palm OS Cobalt… Yet

There are some fairly significant new features in the next version of the Palm OS. But there are some equally significant things that haven't been changed. And there's one change[...]

PDA News – MSN Direct Video, Nokia buys Symbian, New cases, new games

SPOTstop.com is streaming Spike Lee's new MSN Direct Video Nokia buys controlling interest in Symbian New Sena cases for Axim, iPaq, T3 Gamebox Asia; Astraware audio technology

Sony Officially Launches Three New Clies – TJ27, TJ37 and TH55

We all knew they were coming, but Sony has now made the release of these Clies in the US official. The TJ27 comes in at $200 and includes a digital[...]

Sony Clie TJ27 Full Review

The new Sony Clie TJ27 is here. It is a variation on the TJ25's basic theme and refreshes some the earlier models design features. It combines an elegant,[...]

Gay Consumers Most Likely to Own PDA’s

Queer Eye for the PDA Guy? In a recent study by Forrester Research, it was found that the gay consumers are more likely to take advantage of technology in thier[...]

Nagel Talks About New Versions of the Palm OS

To help it ride through the changing nature of the mobile device market, PalmSource has decided to offer two versions of the Palm OS.

SanDisk Bringing Low Cost Memory Cards to the Corner Grocery

The annual Photo Marketing Association (PMA) trade show is going on now in Las Vegas and the SanDisk Corporation is taking the opportunity to announce several new products.

PDA News – Palm OS 6 screenshots, New OS names, Bluetooth vulnerabilities

First screenshots of Palm OS 6 "Cobalt" Palm OS 5, 6 recieve new names Bluetooth phones vulnerable to wireless hijacking 8 GB CompactFlash card announced

Windows Mobile 2003 Coming to Samsung i700

Samsung has made it clear that there will be a Window Mobile 2003 upgrade for its i700 cellular-wireless handheld.

Brighthand’s First Impressions of Palm OS Cobalt

Ed Hardy has had an intensive education on the next version of the Palm OS at the PalmSource Conference and he now brings us his first impressions.

PDA and Tech Deals Abound This week

Viewsonic V36 PDA, only Pocket PC with integrated camera for $178.99 Sony CLIE PEG-TJ25 Color Handheld PDA $139.88 Palm Tungsten C PDA with Keyboard $260 [...]

Could Phones With Palm OS Come Free?

OS 6 from PalmSource, aka Cobalt, is getting all the attention right now, but the light version, Garnet, might make some waves too. PalmSource envisions being able to give Garnet[...]

RumorMill™: Yes, This IS the iPAQ h6300

Last month, a photo of the HP's upcoming iPAQ h6300 series appeared on the web. Though many people doubted its veracity, some additional information has emerged that essentially confirms that[...]

Very Large, Very Expensive CompactFlash Card Coming Soon

SimpleTech has raised the bar for removable memory cards by announcing the world's first 8 GB CompactFlash card. However, it is currently priced beyond the range of all but professional[...]

Lots of Software Updates Announced at PalmSource Conference

The PalmSource Developers Conference was this week and many companies took the opportunity to announce new and updated products.

Preview – HP iPAQ 6300

Thanks to multiple information leaks, we now know exactly what the new HP iPAQ 6300 series will look like. And yes, the last one that circulated was a fake, as[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

A special version of Bejeweled has been released for Valentine's Day; there's a new RPG available for Pocket PCs; and more than a half dozen more game-related news items.

Some Highlights of PalmSource 2004

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief takes a look back over the time he spent at the PalmSource Developer Conference and discusses some significant things that might otherwise have been lost in the hoopla[...]

PDA News – Cobalt preview, Axim updates, Palm/Mac syncing

Happy Valentines...Free Chocolate with Clie Preorder from SonyStyle Brighthand previews Palm OS Cobalt ROM update for Dell Axim X3, drivers for X5 PalmSource drops Mac syncing [...]

RumorMill™: Details of Upcoming Apple Handheld

A Mac-related web site has what it claims is a description of a handheld that Apple will release this summer. Supposedly, it will offer a clamshell design, an internal hard[...]

Apple PDA Rumors Stoked Again

Every few months it seems a requirement for the tech press to re-discuss the idea of Apple making a PDA. We all know Apple's been thinking about it, they'd be[...]

Psion Going Back to its Roots (Updated)

What does Psion plan to do, now that it is no longer a member of Symbian?

First Thoughts: Sony Ericsson P900

I ve been using the Sony Ericsson P900 for a week now. It s a massive improvement over the P800, bringing a number of enhancements to the table, the most[...]

PREVIEW: The World’s “First” Pocket PC with Integrated GPS:

I am patiently waiting for Mr. UPS man to deliver a MIO 168 Pocket PC, the first ever to incorporate a built-in GPS!

RumorMill™: First Pictures of the MPx220 Available

Some pictures and additional details have been leaked on Motorola's replacement for the MPx200 smart phone. This device is expected to be available around the middle of the[...]

Cingular Buying AT&T Wireless

Cingular Wireless is going to acquire AT&T Wireless, creating what will be the largest wireless carrier in the United States.

Upcoming TI Chips Could Mean Smaller Wireless Devices

Texas Instruments is getting closer to having a single chip that can handle all the functions of a mobile phone.

Surveylab Offering Special-Purpose Pocket PC

The ike from Surveylab includes a compass, GPS receiver, laser distance finder, VGA digital camera, and inclinometor.

PDA News – Verizon does Bluetooth, Game redux, MyVGA

Verizon to carry Bluetooth phone? 'Hero' rides again; Astraware to Zap! more enemies Resolution changer ruffles feathers

GPS in PDAs and Mobile Devices to Get Faster and More Robust

SiRF Technology has announced a new set of products geared toward making GPS in mobile devices, like PDAs and mobile phones, faster and easier to integrate. Perhaps the biggest improvement[...]

New Software Makes Adding GPS to Handhelds Easier

SiRFSoft GPS software allows Palm and Pocket PC makers to make their location-aware devices smaller and cheaper.

FlipStart Blurs the Line Between Handheld and Laptop

An upcoming mobile device will run Windows XP, but in a form-factor close to that of a handheld.

PrintMobile Allows Printing, Faxing Via Email

PrintMobile 1.0 is a service which will be available soon that allows mobile users to email documents to printers or fax machines.

RumorMill™: The MPx300 Is a Pocket PC Phone

Several pictures of what is supposed to be the Motorola MPx300 show that this model will run the Phone Edition of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC. It will also have[...]

Review – Chukchi Kerling by Ballshooter Games

I love this game! Chukchi Kerling is a very simple game which requires you to slide blocks of ice on a playing field in order to match[...]

First Picture of the Upcoming Motorola MPx300 Released

So far I've not been a huge fan of the Smartphone platform, for both hardware and software reasons. Motorola could change my mind though, the MPx300 looks pretty hot. This[...]

PalmGear Revenues Up Sharply

PalmGear is on a roll and it has recently announced some agreements that may lead to further growth.

Wi-Fi Memory Stick Released in Japan

Hagiwara Sys-Com has released in Japan its much-anticipated Wi-Fi card that uses the Memory Stick format.

PDA News – MyVGA available, Cingular to buy AT&T, PDAbuzz dead?

MyVGA given new home Cingular looks to acquire AT&T Wireless PDAbuzz site offline; end-of-life speculated Mini PC from Vulcan

Official Pictures Emerge of the Motorola MPx100

It's a leak a day it seems for Motorola, the MPx300 pictures slipped out yesterday, today it's the MPx100.

RumorMill™: More Details on the MPx220 and MPx100

More details are now available about the camera and memory card slot of the Motorola MPx220. Also the first pictures of its sister model, the MPx100, have been leaked.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

PDArcade has named its picks for the best Palm OS games of last year; Clickgamer has a new side-scrolling arcade shooter for Pocket PCs; and much more.

Review – RepliGo 2.0 for Palm OS 5 from Cerience

ReplicGo 2.0 document management system can convert just about any document format into a precise, readable, and searchable information stream on your Palm OS 5 device. It now has many[...]

Mitac Mio 168

The Mio 168 s amazing GPS capabilities gets a fix on your position within few seconds, even if you ve just come out of a tunnel or parking garage, to[...]

Next-Gen XScale Chips Coming Late this Year

Intel said little about the next series of XScale processors at a recent developer forum, essentially ending hopes that these chips would be available before the middle of the year.

PDA News – WiFi Mem Stick, Pocket VNC, Clear T3 case

Memory Stick WiFi module for Clies PocketPC VNC viewer updated; PPC VNC server project Clear T|T3 case

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie TJ37

Sony's latest mid-range model is the first handheld with built-in Wi-Fi to debut at just $300. It also has a camera and a faster processor than many other Clies.

PalmOne Mini Cradle Review

Basic PDA synchronization cradles, it seems, have evolved into two new flavors: stylish (tech-chic?) and minimalist (i.e. plain cables). PalmOne released their USB mini cradle during the last quarter[...]

Group Sense Unveils Very Small Palm OS Smart Phone

Group Sense PDA has officially unveiled the Xplore G88, its second Palm Powered smart phone. The company is describing it as the smallest and lightest Palm OS smart phone ever.

RumorMill™: Some Additional Information on the Pocket Loox 4xx

A French web site has obtained some new information and a number of photos of an upcoming mid-range Pocket PC from Fujitsu-Siemens.

RumorMill™: palmOne Preparing Zire 72

According to rumor, palmOne is going to release a replacement for its Zire 71 that will offer a better camera and Bluetooth.

Upcoming Nokia Communicator Will Have Wi-Fi, Keyboard

Nokia has taken the wraps off the 9500 Communicator, a GSM/GPRS smart phone that will offer built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a keyboard, and a VGA camera.

Motorola Announces Innovative Pocket PC Phone

Motorola has revealed many of the details of its upcoming MPx, a cellular-wireless Pocket PC that will include multiple forms of wireless networking, a keyboard, and a camera.

PDA News – WiMax, New games, iPaq update

WiMax technology advances; British Telecom to deploy test Snails for Palm, mobile pool Wireless security bug fix for iPaq 4100 PDAbuzz not dead after all

Group Sense PDA Announces New Palm OS Smartphone, the Xplore G88

At the 3GSM World Congress in France, Group Sense PDA (GSPDA) announced the Xplore G88 Smartphone that will run on Palm OS version 4.1. It's not immediately known if there[...]

palmOne Zire 72 In the Works

Rumors have begun circulating regarding the follow-up PDA to the popular Zire 71. According to the Palm Addicts blog, the Zire 72 will feature Bluetooth and a 1.3MP camera, amongst[...]

Pocket PC with Built-In GPS Coming Soon to U.S.

An online retailer is now taking pre-orders for the first Pocket PC designed for consumers to include a built-in GPS receiver.

TI Releases Details on OMAP 2 Processor Architecture

Texas Instruments has released details on the first OMAP 2 processors. These are designed to greatly enhance the capabilities of future smart phones.

MPx100 Coming Later this Year

Motorola has officially announced the MPx100, a Windows powered smart phone that will include Bluetooth and a high-quality digital camera.

Prototype of Smaller hiptop Being Demoed

The next generation of Danger's hiptop smart phone will be smaller and include a digital camera. It's being shown off to wireless carriers for the first time this week.

Symbian OS 8.0 Debuts

Symbian Limited has announced Symbian OS version 8.0 at the 3GSM World Congress. Plus, two additional companies have licensed this operating system to make smart phones.

Motorola Officially Announces Upcoming MPx100 and MPx Devices (pics)

Motorola has officially unveiled its upcoming Smartphone devices at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes France. The device we were referring to as the MPx300 turns out to be[...]

PDA Shipments to Reach 10.4 Million in 2004, palmOne Continues to Dominate the Industry

A new report has been released from In-Stat MDR that indicates PDAs will growth into 2008 at a 6.5% compounded rate. They expect 10.4 million units will be shipped this[...]

ThunderHawk Browser Beta Available For Microsoft Smart Phones

Bitstream has released a beta version of a web browser for devices running Windows Mobile for Smartphone.

Quickoffice Premier Coming to Series 60 Smart Phones

Mobility Electronics has announced iGo Quickoffice Premier for Series 60 smart phones and shown a demo at the 3GSM World Congress.

GSM Reaches One Billion Subscribers

The number of subscribers to GSM wireless networks throughout the world surpassed the one billion mark earlier this month and continues to grow.

Intel Shows Off Prototype Handheld with Near-DVD Quality Video

Intel's president and CEO recently demonstrated that a prototype handheld running a next-generation XScale processor is capable of playing near-DVD quality video.

PDA News – New processors, iQue ROM update, Symbian 8.0

New specs for XScale, OMAP 2 processors iQue ROM release includes numerous updates Symbian OS 8.0 debuts New Toshiba e800 accessories by Covertec

Danger Quietly Shows Off Third Generation Hiptop Communicator

At the 3GSM conference in France, Danger is said to be demonstrating their latest Hiptop PDA/cell phone in small, private showings. It appears this latest version is much more phone[...]

New Dell Axim X3i With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – in Europe

Dell has released a new Dell Axim X3i model with Bluetooth. But not in the U.S., this treat is reserved to European countries. Dell Axim X3i with integrated[...]

Pocket PC Techs Offering Aluminium Grips for h2215 (Updated)

Those who are looking for a permanant solution to the grips on their iPAQ h2215 coming off might consider Pocket PC Techs' new aluminum side covers.

Two High-End Symbian Smart Phones Announced

Though both the Motorola A1000 and Panasonic X700 run the Symbian OS, they have very different shapes and capabilities.

Synchronize Your iPod with Outlook

PocketMac has released iPod for Windows, which allows users of Microsoft Outlook to easily export contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and email messages to an iPod music player.

Install Software Directly to a Smart Phone with InHand

A new application from Handango allows users of Windows Mobile-based smart phones to try out and buy software from Handango directly on their devices, without having to go through a[...]

Panasonic Announces the X700 Symbian Based Smartphone

Panasonic has released the X700, which is a clamshell design, runs on Symbian OS with the Series 60 platform and a digital camera capable of capturing live video. The X700[...]

Review – Dreamway from Handy Entertainment (Palm OS)

Dreamway is a new top down racing game from the folks at Handy Entertainment for Palm OS 5+ machines. It takes up between 2mb and 5mb of space, and you[...]

Brighthand’s Coverage of the 3GSM World Congress 2004

The 3GSM World Congress was held this week in France, and numerous smart phones and cellular-wireless devices were announced. In addition, Intel and TI laid out their plans for future[...]

SanDisk Announces Tiny New Memory Card Format

SanDisk's new memory card format, called T-Flash, is about one quarter of the volume of the smallest removable flash card available today.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

New games for the Tapwave Zodiac and Pocket PC; PlayWizard launches mobile casino experience; and more.

Axim X3i with Bluetooth Appears in Europe

Dell is now offering a version of the Axim X3i with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in several European countries.

PDA News – Intel concept PDA, 50% off Fade, Communicator 9500

Intel shows off concept device One week sale: 50% off Fade Nokia releases Communicator 9500 Microsoft narrows gap between desktop, handheld development

Federal Judge Says iPAQs May Violate Patent

A federal district court has ruled that a patent held by E-Pass Technologies covers more than just credit card-sized handhelds, and therefore HP may owe E-Pass millions in licensing fees.[...]

Spb Software Has Free Solution to Windows Mobile Process Limitation

Spb Software House is giving developers a freeware solution to the Windows Mobile 32-process limitation.

Roam Between GPRS, Wi-Fi, and W-CDMA

T-Mobile has announced plans for a new service that will allow users to easily roam between various types of wireless networks.

ASUS Developing Pocket PC with VGA Screen

According to a company spokesperson, ASUS plans to release in a few months a handheld with a 480-by-640-pixel display.

First Thoughts – Sony Clie TH55

I've had the Sony Clie TH55 for about 36 hours now, and I've formed some initial impressions about it.