February 2006 SmartPhone Articles

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SmartPhone Articles for February of 2006

Below are the 101 SmartPhone articles for February of 2006

Mark/Space to Release Universal Application Update to The Missing Sync for Palm OS

The Missing Sync for Palm OS will be updated to support new Intel-based Macs.

Dell May Be Changing its Mobile Device Focus

A rumor is circulating that Dell intends to phase out its line of traditional handhelds and switch to smartphones.

Treo 700w Might Be on Sprint Next Month

Another wireless carrier might get Palm's first Windows Mobile smartphone much sooner than expected.

Possible First Glimpse of the Treo 800p (Updated)

Some possible details have emerged about Palm's first super-slim smartphone, code-named Hollywood.

Treo 700w as a Phone

(no description)

PDA News – New email patent lawsuit, $99 Treo, Treo 700w on Sprint?

Visto sues Goodlink for patent infringement Treo 700w for $99 Report: Treo 700w on Sprint coming in February BenQ P50 still alive, sort of

Rumor: Palm Treo 700p to be Released in April on Verizon

Caris & Company is again high on Palm the stock and full of insight on the products they offer. They issued a report last November that detailed the entire Treo[...]

PhatWare Announces CalliGrapher 8.2 for Palm Treo 700w Smartphone

PhatWare's handwriting recognition software for Windows Mobile-based devices is now optimized for use on models with square screens.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade for iPAQ hx4700 Coming in March

HP has announced when it will release a long-awaited operating system upgrade for its flagship handheld.

Palm to be Bought by Apple?

Wall Street reporters are having a field day with a letter written by major Palm shareholder, Mark Nelson, calling for the sale of Palm to a larger company. That seems[...]

Palm Should Not Be a Sellout

Despite what one of Palm's shareholders thinks, there's no reason to consider selling the company, and doing so would be a serious mistake.

Motorola Q May Be Delayed

A highly-anticipated Windows Mobile Smartphone might be released later than expected.

Spb Software House Releases Spb Diary 1.7

The new version of Spb Diary introduces a bundle of new features like the Messages Tab, an auto-height adjustment feature, native birthdays support and integration with Spb Finance.

Verizon Relents on DUN… Just a Tiny Bit

For the first time, Verizon's hard-line opposition to Dial-Up Networking as cracked, if only a little bit.

Motorola Q Not Cancelled, Just Really Late

A report from Engadget citing a "highly reliable source" claims the Motorola Q is definitely coming to market but not until April. And that's just the CDMA version slated for[...]

HP iPAQ rw6828 (rw6800) Official

HP has posted a page on their support site for the HP iPAQ rw6828, otherwise referred to as the HP branded XDA Atom.

PDA News – Treo 800p rumor a joke, iPaq OS upgrade, Handheld sales figures

Treo 800p rumor just a joke iPaq hx4700 OS upgrade March 1st Handheld sales figures for Q4 2005 Public service announcement: save Fair Use

Palm Treo 700p Surfaces (pics)

Not that it's any surprise, but now we know for sure that the "w" at the end of the Treo 700w was indeed to differentiate it from the Treo 700p[...]

Microsoft’s Push Email System Comes to Non-Microsoft Devices

DataViz's RoadSync now offers direct push synchronization of Outlook email, attachments, calendar, and contacts for non-Microsoft smartphones and other mobile devices.

Run Palm OS Applications on the Treo 700w

The latest version of StyleTap lets users run thousands of programs originally written for the Palm OS on the Windows Mobile-based Treo 700w.

Nokia Readying 4 GB Smartphone

Nokia intends to leap on the bandwagon and put out a device with an internal microdrive.

Palm Treo 700w Review

Good gadget or evil impostor? Palm's newest smartphone, the Treo 700w, sparked fervent partisanship before it was even out, but now we have a final breakdown of the good, the[...]

Possible First Glimpse of the Treo 700p

Pictures and a description of what is supposedly the next Palm OS smartphone have emerged.

Sony Ericsson Bringing Out Another UIQ Smartphone

Sony Ericsson has unveiled the M600, its latest Symbian smartphone that uses the UIQ interface.

UPDATE – T-Mobile MDA and SDA Release Dates and Prices Revealed

PC Mag has released what they call "reviews" for the new T-Mobile SDA and MDA. They also disclosed official release dates and pricing.

PDA News – Dell responds, Ultra-mobile PCs, Loox C550

Dell responds to Axim rumors Microsoft, Intel push "ultra mobile" PCs Fujitsu posts Loox C550

Sony Ericsson P990 Delayed… but for Good Reasons

There's good news and bad news about Sony Ericsson's upcoming cellular-wireless handheld. It will have features that weren't originally expected, but this will push back its release date.

Further Confirmation of Pocket Loox’s First Smartphones

A report published in Asia discusses the upcoming Pocket Loox T800 series.

Win a Laser Keyboard from Spb Software

To celebrate the debut of Spb AirIslands — its latest Pocket PC game — Spb Software House is holding a contest. The company will have a random drawing from among[...]

New BlackBerry 8700c Sena Case

The new Sena Case, designed specifically for BlackBerry's latest handheld, provides a stylish leather case that both safeguards and displays the user's BlackBerry 8700c.

RIM Ready to Prevent BlackBerry Shutdown

No matter what courts decide in the ongoing patent-infringement lawsuit, RIM believes it has developed software workaround designs that will prevent its BlackBerry service from being shut down.

Say Goodbye to Fossil’s PDA Watches (Updated)

It appears Fossil has given up on all of its high-tech watches.

AT&T 8125 (aka HTC Wizard)

The Cingular 8125 is a Windows Mobile 5 smartphone with a landscape-oriented keyboard and Wi-Fi. It is a GSM phone with support for EDGE but not the faster 3G network[...]

Verizon XV6700 (HTC Apache)

The XV6700 offers Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, Bluetooth, built-in Wi-FI, and the speed of Broadband. It also boasts a 1.3 megapixel camera/camcorder with flash and Windows Media Player 10 and[...]

Nokia N90

Nokia N90 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone Twist and shoot. It’s a pro-photo taker. A personal video-maker. Complete with Carl Zeiss optics for crisp, bright, images you can view, edit, print[...]

Politics and Mobility

I recently visited the DC Palm User Group for a presentation they were having on mobile computers and politics and got an interesting lesson on how mobile technology is shaping,[...]

Cingular Formally Announces the 8125

Although the Cingular 8125 (8100) had shown up on their business site a few weeks back, Cingular today makes the release of the 8100 series of Smartphones official. The 8125[...]

i-mate SP5 (black)

BlackBerry 7130e

Samsung Nextel i930 by Motorola

ViewSonic s new Pocket PC V37 is one of the THINNEST, LIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL Pocket PCs in its class with features like Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. The Pocket PC[...]

BlackBerry 7105t

ViewSonic s new Pocket PC V37 is one of the THINNEST, LIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL Pocket PCs in its class with features like Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. The Pocket PC[...]

BlackBerry 7100i

ViewSonic s new Pocket PC V37 is one of the THINNEST, LIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL Pocket PCs in its class with features like Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. The Pocket PC[...]

BlackBerry 7250

ViewSonic s new Pocket PC V37 is one of the THINNEST, LIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL Pocket PCs in its class with features like Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. The Pocket PC[...]

BlackBerry 7520

Nokia N90 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone Twist and shoot. It’s a pro-photo taker. A personal video-maker. Complete with Carl Zeiss optics for crisp, bright, images you can view, edit, print[...]

BenQ BenQ P50

The Sony Reader offers a new and convenient digital reading experience. It boasts an amazing screen with technology that rivals text on paper. Weighing less than 9 ounces and at[...]

Cingular Adding Another Pocket PC Phone

Cingular is now offering a version of the HTC Wizard, a Pocket PC phone with a built-in keyboard and a QVGA screen.

TORQ P120 Smartphone Review

If you're looking for a unique Windows Mobile 5 based smartphone, you should take a look at the TORQ P120. Not "subsidized" by any particular mobile provider, you can use[...]

Torq P120 (ETEN M600)

If you’re looking for a unique Windows Mobile 5 based smartphone, you should take a look at the TORQ P120. Not “subsidized” by any particular mobile provider, you can use[...]

PDA News – Rollable displays, Blackberry fix, Adios Fossil

Rollable OLED color displays RIM talks about patent workaround--sort of Fossil pulls smart watches Echostar, DirecTV consider joining to build wireless network

HP Makes the iPAQ hw6900 Official

After months of rumors and accidental leaks, HP has officially announced the iPAQ hw6900, its latest Pocket PC phone.

T-Mobile USA Launching Two Windows Mobile Devices

T-Mobile USA has just started offering a new Windows Mobile smartphone, and this carrier also announced plans to add a second model later this month.

Palm and Microsoft Team to Bring Healthcare Solutions to Palm Treo 700w

SAN DIEGO — Palm Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are showcasing the new Palm Treo 700w smartphone, the first Treo smartphone to run the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, this[...]

Palm Certifies mVox MV900 Portable Bluetooth and USB Speakerphone for Treo 700W and Treo 650 Smartphones

Cupertino, Calif., Feb. 13, 2006 ? mVox, a leading provider of intelligent, hands-free voice interface devices for Bluetooth enabled phones and PC VoIP applications, today announced that Palm has certified[...]

Access Taking NetFront in a New Direction

With its latest version, Access is greatly expanding the functionality of its web browser.

UMTS Version of Motorola Q Announced

Hopefully laying to rest earlier rumors that there wouldn't be a GSM version of the Motorola Q, the company officially announced that a GSM/GPRS version with support for UMTS would[...]

HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger

The HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger is a Pocket PC phone, which means it offers all the functionality of a regular Pocket PC, plus it includes cellular-wireless capabilities. It offers[...]

HP Announces the iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger Series (hw6910/15/40)

With little surprise, HP made their new line of mobile messenger devices official. The family will be referred to as the iPAQ hw6900 Series, with varying model numbers being offered[...]

Samsung i320 Takes Aim at the Motorola Q

Samsung doesn't want to be left out in the race for slimmest Smartphone. So get this, their new i320 is slimmer than the Motorola Q. It will run Windows Mobile[...]

Tamoggemon Valentines Discount

Tamoggemon Software is offering significant discounts on all of its software. This offer runs until the end of the month.

Palm Planning 2-for-1 Stock Split

Palm, Inc.'s board of directors has approved a 2-for-1 split of its common stock.

Spb Software House Releases Spb Backup

Spb Software House has released a new Pocket PC utility for backing up content onto a storage card.

Microsoft Pushing Push Email

Several wireless carriers and device makers have announced their support for Microsoft's push email system.

PDA News – HP splits divisions, Palm splits stock, Access details platform plans

HP splits handheld, laptop divisions Palm initiates 2 for 1 stock split Access details plans for future platform Rogers to deploy HSDPA in Canada [...]

ACCESS and PalmSource Announce the ACCESS Linux Platform

ACCESS Co., Ltd., and its wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, Inc., today announced the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP), the latest evolution of Palm OS for Linux. The ACCESS Linux[...]

TI Making Windows Mobile Smartphones Less Expensive

A group of companies has announced that they are working to use Texas Instruments' technology to reduce the cost of Windows Mobile smartphones.

Survey Shows U.S. Businesses Prefer Treo Smartphones

According to a recent survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, Palm's Treo line are the smartphones of choice for U.S. businesses.

Fujitsu-Siemens Unveils its First Smartphone

The first Pocket Loox smartphone has been officially announced, confirming the specifications of this device that had previously been leaked to Brighthand.

Seagate Announces 12 GB 1-Inch Hard Drive

Seagate Technology has announced a microdrive with 12 GB of storage capacity.

Handheld device shipments soar to new record

Now here's a little wrinkle in that old canard that handhelds are dead. According to research firm Gartner, handheld sales hit an all-time record high in 2005 of nearly 15[...]

Pocket Tunes Music Player for Palm

This morning I got to work, and realized I forgot my iPod at home. I was bummed until I realized I had some songs on my Tungsten T2 (my[...]

HP Separates Handheld and Notebook Groups

HP has announced that its handheld business will be a separate unit within the company's Personal Systems Group (PSG).

Bitstream Announces ThunderHawk Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Edition

Bitstream has added support for Windows Mobile 5.0 to its web browser.

iPAQ Revenues Down 25 Percent

HP took in considerably less money during its most recent financial quarter, but it seems the company is doing something about it: changing its mobile device focus.

Nintendo DS Takes Another Step Toward Becoming a Handheld

With the release of a version of the Opera web browser, the Nintendo DS has taken another significant step beyond being just a toy.

ThinkOutside Stowaway Boomtube H2O1 Review (pics)

It's hard to find a great set of speakers in a portable device, be it a notebook, PDA, Smartphone or MP3 player. And by hard, I mean nearly impossible. Outside[...]

Smartphone News from the 3GSM World Congress (Hands on With the iPAQ hw6900 and Samsung i320)

I had the opportunity to do a quick whirlwind visit at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. I was able to spend some time hands on with an HP[...]

A Handheld By Any Other Name

While differing definitions of what a handheld is make it difficult to come up with exact figures for the number of these devices that shipped last year, some trends are[...]

Cowgirl — Master Your Lasso-Throwing Skills at Your Fingertips

Intorine has released Cowgirl, a game in which you have to catch different kinds of prizes with your lasso.

A Common Sense Approach to Buying A Mobile Computer

Over the course of writing articles and reading through the forums here, I often wonder what it is that keeps so many people asking for help in finding a PDA[...]

Commodore To Enter Mobile Gaming

Commodore Gaming plans to introduce public kiosks that will allow users to load games onto their mobile phones.

PDA Market Stagnates – Playskool PDA Version 2 Delayed

Back in May of 2004, I picked up Playskool's latest PDA for my young son. He really enjoyed the unit, even with some of its shortcomings, like the limited software[...]

A Year with Fossil’s Tech Watches

Staff Writer and long-time handheld user Shawn Barnett brings his experiences with Fossil's Palm OS-based Wrist PDA and one of its rivals using Microsoft's Wrist Net technology.

A Year with Fossil’s Tech Watches — Part 2

This is Part II of this review. Part I should be read first. Switching to Wrist Net Prices dropped on the Abacus Wrist Net (Abacus is a subsidiary brand of[...]

T-Mobile’s MDA Now Available in U.S.

Following through on its promise from last week, T-Mobile USA is now offering a Pocket PC phone with a VGA screen and relatively large keyboard.

PDA News – Microsoft takes on carriers, Discount Treos, New Treos in July?

Microsoft to push VoIP on Windows Mobile Palm offers discount Treos in UK, Europe Rumor: Palm to offer new Treos in July, plus another Windows Treo "History[...]

Samsung SGH-i750 Gets FCC Approval

The FCC is just now approving for use in the United States a Pocket PC phone that was first announced almost a year ago.

New Version of PocketMirror Released

Chapura has upgraded all the versions of its applications that lets Palm OS devices synchronize with Outlook.

Confirmation of the Pocket Loox N560… Mostly

Apparently, the Bluetooth Qualification Program has confirmed the existence of what will be the world's first GPS-enabled handheld with a VGA screen.

Mobile Blogging, Treo Style

If there has been one thing that has made owning a Treo 650 quite fun, it has been the ability to use its on-demand Internet connection to make quick posts[...]

HP iPAQ rw6828 (rw6800) Images Surface

It's been highly rumored and now it's been photographed. The HP iPAQ rw6828 is HP's version of the XDA Atom O2. The Smartphone is expected to ship in the next[...]

Another Sign the iPAQ rw6800 Series Drawing Closer

Another cellular-wireless Pocket PC has been approved by the Bluetooth SIG. Unlike most recent Pocket PC phones, it appears this one won't have a built-in keyboard.

Images of the First Linux-Based Palm OS Appear

After PalmSource revealed some additional details on the next version of the Palm OS last week, this company gave some demonstrations of this upcoming operating system. Some pictures of it[...]

RIM, NTP Lawsuit Coming to a Head

Today, a Federal court judge will preside over a hearing whether RIM should be barred from offering its BlackBerry wireless email service in the United States.

Motorola Q

The Motorola Q has a tablet design, with a 320-by-240-pixel screen above a backlit QWERTY keyboard. In a slightly unusual move, this Windows Mobile Smartphone has a 2.4-inch, 320-by-240-pixel (QVGA)[...]

Despite Advances, Are Mobile Computers Any More Accessible

One of the biggest issues that I run into as a website developer is creating something that is beautiful, functional, and accessible. Many times, I can nail two of the[...]

PDA News – Access platform pictures, RIM and NTP dig in, Palm Bluetooth headphones

Pictures of upcoming Access Linux Platform? RIM and NTP dig in; chances of deal "slim" Bluetooth audio support for Palm OS Altoids USB charger--for that minty fresh[...]

No Decision as to the BlackBerry’s Fate

A U.S. District Court judge has decided to postpone his decision on whether Research in Motion will be barred from offering its BlackBerry wireless email service in the United States.[...]

SanDisk Doubling Capacity of SD Card That’s Also a USB Drive

SanDisk has announced plans to release a 2 GB version of its SD memory card that can also can be used as a high-speed USB flash drive.

PhatWare Releases PhatNotes 4.7

Mountain View, CA — PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of PhatNotes 4.7. PhatNotes is an award-winning[...]

Microsoft Nearing Announcement of Cutting-Edge Mobile Devices

Microsoft might be close to unveiling a low-cost miniature tablet capable of running a full version of Windows Vista.

First Thoughts – Cingular 2125 Smartphone

The Cingular 2125 is one of the latest Windows Mobile-based Smartphone devices to come to the US. Successor to the Audiovox SMT5600, the 2125 adds a sharper screen, EDGE data,[...]