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SmartPhone Articles for February of 2007

Below are the 57 SmartPhone articles for February of 2007

FCC Approves i-mate K-JAR

i-mate has received approval from the Federal Communications Commission to release a new cellular-wireless handheld.

Most Popular PDAs and Smartphones of January 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. Making a big splash this month was the Apple iPhone, despite the fact that this smartphone won't[...]

Treo 700wx May Be Coming to Verizon

An unconfirmed report says Verizon will soon begin offering the Treo 700wx, an improved version of the Treo smartphone this carrier has been selling since early last year.

Palm Talks About Support for Microsoft Vista

In the wake of Microsoft's introduction of a new version of its operating system for desktop and laptop computers, people who synchronize a Palm OS device with a Windows PC[...]

Google Maps Now Available For Windows Mobile

In October of last year, Google introduced a version of its mapping application for Palm OS-based devices. Now it has released one for Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones.

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Review

A Bluetooth-enabled headset is a nice addition to any smartphone, and Brighthand's Antoine Wright has found one he likes a lot: Aliph's Jawbone headset.

Windows Mobile Device Center No Longer In Beta

When Windows Vista launched earlier this week, the software Windows Mobile users need to synchronize their handhelds or smartphones with this new operating system was still in beta form. This[...]

SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS Beta Program Now Accepting Applications

Sling Media has begun taking applications from people who would like to try out the beta of the Palm OS version of SlingPlayer Mobile.

Verizon PN-820

The PN-820 is a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone with a clamshell design. It has a small exterior screen, and 2.2-inch internal one. On the opposite side of the clamshell is[...]

PositivePRO Delivers Remote File Access to a Handheld or Smartphone

Positive Networks is offering a Web-based application that allows users to access files from their corporate network when there is no laptop or desktop computer available.

Verizon Now Offering Low-Cost Clamshell WM Smartphone

Verizon Wireless has recently started offering the PN-820, a Windows Mobile Smartphone with a clamshell design.

Treo 750 with HSDPA Will Soon be Widely Available in Europe

Palm has just announced that -- starting tomorrow -- the Treo 750 will be made generally available across Europe from Palm's online store, and from other retail outlets in the[...]

Dell Not Releasing a Gaming Oriented Handheld in the Near Future

Despite a comment last week from a high-level Dell executive, this company said today that it does not plan to launch a handheld or UMPC with a gaming orientation any[...]

Make a Pocket PC Phone More Like a Smartphone with Spb Mobile Shell

Spb Software House has just announced Spb Mobile Shell, an application that replaces the standard user interface on a Pocket PC Phone with one that is is more appropriate for[...]

Worldwide Handheld Shipments Break Records Again

Interest in wireless email drove the worldwide handheld market to a record number of shipments last year, according to market research firm Gartner, Inc.

OQO Introduces model 02 with Embedded Verizon EV-DO Capability

OQO is now offering its model 02 computer with integrated EV-DO Wireless WAN capability compatible with the Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess service.

BlackBerry 8800 May Be Debuting Later This Month

There have been rumors flying around for months about Research in Motion's next handheld, the BlackBerry 8800. Now, though, there's good evidence that this model will be launched in less[...]

Spb Software House Introduces Spb Kiosk 4.0

Spb's latest application, Spb Kiosk 4.0, seeks to make enterprise smartphones safer by actively locking out applications from affecting the system kernel and other operations with its device manager/configuration utility.

Nokia Releases a New Feature Pack for S60-Based Smartphones

Nokia has introduced a new Feature Pack for S60-based smartphones. The latest version of this mobile operating system was primarily created for mid-range devices, and this latest update offers numerous[...]

Microsoft Announces Windows Mobile 6

UPDATED: Microsoft was forced by circumstances to pre-announce Windows Mobile 6 several days before it had intended to, but the the formal announcement went off as scheduled.

Bart 1 Mini Peel & Clean Pads Review

Bart 1 Products is now offering a product made to clean smaller portable devices like cell phones, smartphones, GPS receivers, and calculators. Tiffany Boggs brings us this review.

Microsoft’s Zune Phone Might Not Be As Expected

Microsoft has filed some documents with the FCC that some are taking as additional evidence that this company will release a combination Zune and phone, but it might not be[...]

RIM and Samsung Settle ”BlackJack” Lawsuit

Last month, RIM filed a lawsuit in a United States federal court, claiming that one of Samsung's products violated one of its trademarks. These two companies have reached a settlement.

First Phone with Rollable Display Coming Soon

Although no larger than a typical cell phone, an upcoming model will have built-in a 5-inch display.

Nokia Delivers Free Downloadable Maps for Windows Mobile and S60 Devices

Nokia has announced that its smart2go mapping and navigation platform is now available as a free download for some Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

HTC Vox S710

The HTC Vox S710 features a sliding QWERTY keyboard and weighs just over 4 ounces. Other features include Bluetooth 2.0 and 802.11b/802.11g WiFi connection. By comparison, this is a mid-sized[...]

Toshiba Returning to the Windows Mobile Fold with a Very High-End Smartphone

Toshiba has a Windows Mobile 6 device on display at the 3GSM World Congress, going on now. It seems this might be this company's first widely available Windows Mobile device[...]

Windows Mobile 6 Coming Soon to the T-Mobile Dash, More Devices Expected

Microsoft has taken the wraps off the latest version of its operating system for handhelds and smartphones, and big-name companies are quickly stepping forward to support it including Palm, HP,[...]

HP Unveils the iPAQ 500 Voice Messenger

HP has just announced its latest smartphone, the iPAQ 500 Voice Messenger. As its name suggests, this will be more of a voice-oriented device. This company's previous smartphones have put[...]

Two New Motorola Q Models Coming

Today, Motorola announced plans to release two GSM-based followups to its popular Q smartphone.

BlackBerry 8800

This cellular-wireless device is large enough to qualify as a handheld, though many might call it a smartphone. It is one of RIM’s first models to include significant support for[...]

Latest BlackBerry Handheld Unveiled

After months of leaks and rumors, Research in Motion has officially announced its latest cellular-wireless handheld, the BlackBerry 8800.

Successor to the Palm OS Goes to Licensees

Access has released the Product Development Kit (PDK) that licensees need to create smartphones and handhelds running the Linux-based successor to the Palm OS.

Nokia E90 Communicator Unveiled

Nokia has taken the wraps off three new cellular-wireless devices targeted at enterpise users. This includes the Nokia E90 Communicator, the model that will be the new flagship of this[...]

New Version of Microsoft ActiveSync Available

Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 is the latest update to sync Windows Mobile devices with Windows PCs and Microsoft Outlook.

Mobile Tech News – iPhone pricing, Treo 700wx on Verizon, Daylight savings fix

Apple iPhone Prices Leaked by Survey Treo 700wx for Verizon Reported at Engadget Microsoft Releases Daylight Savings Patch for Windows Mobile Devices Palm Releases Treos in More[...]

Microsoft Releases Daylight Saving Time Patch for Windows Mobile Devices

The U.S. government has changed the rules for when Daylight Saving Time begins and ends, and Microsoft had provided a patch for Windows Mobile users that will do the work[...]

Microsoft, Meet Common Sense

Adama D. Brown's latest editorial pokes fun at Microsoft over its renaming of the Windows Mobile platform.

Nokia May Be Taking Another Stab at Mobile Gaming

According to an unconfirmed report, Nokia plans to launch its third gaming-oriented smartphone this summer.

Long Time Palm OS Game Developer Will Support ALP

Last week, Access Systems announced that it has given its licensees the software that they need to create devices running the Linux-based successor to the Palm OS. Now, Astraware has[...]

Verizon Wireless Now Offering the Treo 700wx

Early last year, Verizon Wireless introduced the Treo 700w, the first Windows Mobile-based smartphone from Palm, Inc. It is now offering a slightly updated version of this device

The Latest Round of Rumors of a Palm Buyout

An analyst with a market-research firm says he was told by unnamed sources that Palm, Inc. is looking for a buyer.

i-mate Preparing Line of ”Ultimate” High-End Windows Mobile Devices

i-mate is planning the launch of five new very high-end Windows Mobile 6 devices in a wide variety of form-factors, including a micro-notebook and a Pocket PC flip phone.

Samsung BlackJack Review

It seems that every carrier nowadays has to have at least one ultra-slim Windows Mobile Smartphone. Brighthand's Adama D. Brown brings us a review of Cingular's choice, the Samsung BlackJack.

Cingular Launches the Latest BlackBerry Handheld

Cingular Wireless is now offering the BlackBerry 8800, a model that Research in Motion announced only last week.

Palm Issues Daylight-Saving Time Fix

The rules for when Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins and ends will change this year, and so Palm has just released a necessary update for its handhelds and smartphones. This[...]

Apple Gets to Use the iPhone Name

Cisco and Apple have announced that they have resolved their dispute over the "iPhone" trademark.

Outlook 2007 Support Comes to Palm’s Devices

Because Microsoft has introduced a new version of Outlook, Palm has been required to release a software update to allow all its Palm OS-based smartphones and handhelds to synchronize with[...]

Orneta Introduces New Windows Mobile File Manager

Orneta has released Explorer Mobile 2007, a new file viewer and manager for Windows Mobile based handhelds and smartphones.

iambic Launches Windows Mobile Version of Agendus

Palm OS users have been turning to iambic Agendus for years, and it's one of the premier personal information managers for this platform. Thanks to a recent release, Windows Mobile[...]

Documents To Go Now Available for WM Smartphones

DataViz, Inc. has announced that its award-winning mobile Office Suite Documents To Go is now available for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones.

Mobile Tech News — Gnome Whacking Game, Shout Postcard, and More

Astraware Introduces Gnome Whacking Game Shout Postcard Released for Palm Treo Devices Palm Highlights Treos in Vertical Industries Microsoft Webcasts on Mobile Devices and Live[...]

Cingular Offering Free Extended Battery for the Samsung BlackJack

In response to complaints about its short battery life, Cingular is now offering BlackJack customers a free extended battery, if they received a model that didn't come with one.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Marketers

Adama D. Brown's latest editorial questions the logic and rationality behind excessive marketing.

How To Update a BlackBerry with the New Daylight Saving Time Rules

Research in Motion has released a patch that will update update the Daylight Saving Time rules on a large number of its recent devices.

Nokia’s N-Gage Returning to Mobile Gaming

Even though its first attempts were a failure in the marketplace, Nokia has clearly learned some lessons and is set to release the N-Gage again, this time as a software[...]

Palm Treo 750 Review

Antoine Wright brings us a review of Palm's latest Windows Mobile-based smartphone, the Treo 750.