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SmartPhone Articles for February of 2013

Below are the 97 SmartPhone articles for February of 2013

HTC ThunderBolt Finally Gets Its Android 4.0 Update

When the HTC ThunderBolt was released, it was a big deal -- Verizon's first 4G LTE smartphone. Of course, that was in 2011. But that's not to say this device[...]

Apple Now the Top U.S. Phone Maker

A big jump in Q4 sales pushed Apple to the top of the U.S. phone market for the first time ever.

Knights of Pen & Paper Review: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!

Paying adamant fan-fare to countless RPG tropes and mechanics, Knights of Pen & Paper offers an experience that exudes respect and love for the genre.

Verizon Announces Prepaid Plans for 3G Smartphones

Verizon offers new prepaid plan starting today for users with 3G smartphones. In an attempt to offer a more budget-friendly plan, Verizon is allowing users to use old 3G phones[...]

HTC M7 Could Be Coming to All Top U.S. Telecoms

Release information on HTC's next flagship smartphone is starting to come to light. It's all still unconfirmed, but it seems most U.S. consumers will be able to get the HTC[...]

VIDEO: Sony Xperia Z Smartphone

During CES 2013, Sony showed us the Sony Xperia Z Smartphone. Brighthand recorded a preview of the smartphone and some of its best attributes.

LTE Subscribers to Hit 200 Million Mark in 2013

Despite hitting the market just three years ago, Long Term Evolution (LTE) is expected to reach 200 million subscribers this year, doubling its current levels in 2012, according to a[...]

iPhone Users Pay More for Data Plans, but There’s More to the Numbers

iPhone users pay a higher monthly bill than any other type of smartphone user, and it's not because of their usage habits. However, when you dig into the details, there[...]

Why Americans Have to Wait Until March for the BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 launched a few days ago, but not in the U.S. -- people in this country will have to wait until March to get it. But this isn't[...]

Nokia CEO Talks Mobile Platform Past, Present, and Future

In a recent interview, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop explained the decision to go with Windows Phone, what it means for Nokia's future plans, and where the company stands now.

BlackBerry Z10 Off to a ‘Strong Start’ in UK

Early sales of the BlackBerry Z10 in the UK are off to a "strong start," according to one Jeffries analyst, who claims that some stores have already sold out of[...]

TG BLOG: Nvidia Project Shield: Different. Daring. Dead on Arrival.

TechnologyGuide: Nvidia is reaching for the stars with its Project Shield handheld. It is an Android gaming-oriented handheld device. Will it succeed? Not according to this editorial from TechnologyGuide.

BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime To be Upgraded to Android 4.1

The BlackBerry 10 Android emulator, which previously ran at version 2.3.3 of the OS, will eventually be updated to version 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, according to an announcement made by[...]

Skulls of the Shogun for Windows Phone Review

Skulls of the Shogun isn't just hilarious and a visual treat, it's a strategy game that perfectly balances depth and accessibility.

Documents.Me App Review: Connecting the Clouds

TabletPCReview covers an app for iOS that pulls together docs from cloud services, email, and computers into a single space.

T-Mobile’s First LTE Smartphones Might Launch March 27

Information leaking out of T-Mobile indicates that this telecom is going to introduce its first round of smartphones with 4G LTE near the end of next month. There will be[...]

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Heading to T-Mobile with a New Name

A more affordable option to the popular Samsung Galaxy S III is supposedly on its way to T-Mobile... with a new name. The Galaxy S III mini is reportedly[...]

iTunes Has Sold 25 Billion Songs

Apple today announced that more than 25 billion songs have been bought and downloaded from the iTunes Store since it debuted in April 2003. Learn more from TechnologyGuide.

Samsung and Amazon Overtake Apple in Customer Loyalty

The results of Brand Keys' annual Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI) are in, and it would appear that Apple fans aren't as faithful to the Cupertino clan as they have[...]

No Windows Phone 7.8 Upgrade for T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 710

Although Nokia has been working to get the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade onto as many of its devices as possible, there's one model that won't be getting it: T-Mobile's Nokia[...]

BlackBerry Q10 Release Still 3-4 Months Away

As part of launching its new operating system, BlackBerry has put most of its efforts into the touch-only BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. The version with a keyboard, on the other hand,[...]

Nokia Lumia EOS Windows Phone with 41-Megapixel Pureview Sensor Coming in Summer

Sources close to Nokia are claiming that the company's 41 megapixel Pureview sensor, previously found on the 808, will be coming to the U.S. this summer in the form of[...]

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumored To Be Unveiled on March 15

New information suggests that Samsung may unveil its next flagship smartphone in a few weeks, after MWC (Mobile World Congress event). According to an unnamed source, the manufacturer is expected[...]

Nokia Flame Windows Phone Could Be Headed for T-Mobile

Rumors of the Nokia Flame have been around for months, and it seems this smartphone is finally about to see the light of day. Despite its cool-sounding name, this will[...]

Skype Is Headed for BlackBerry 10 Devices, With a Catch

There's good news for users of new BlackBerry smartphones: you'll soon be able to use the free Skype video chat service. However, there is a small caveat.

T-Mobile Might Be the First U.S. Telecom to Offer the BlackBerry Z10

T-Mobile says its tests of the BlackBerry Z10 are going well -- so well that this carrier might be the first in the U.S. to offer the smartphone.

Samsung Partners With EA To Attract More App Developers

Samsung has teamed up with Electronic Arts' mobile gaming division, Chillingo, to offer new developers a more profitable partnership for their applications, as the Korean company tries to increase its[...]

BlackBerry Z10 Review: A Much-Needed Reboot

The BlackBerry Z10 kicks off the new generation of BlackBerry 10 OS smartphones. Has it been worth the wait?

BlackBerry and Windows Phone Gaining Second Winds

Just as the smartphone market was looking like a two-horse race, Windows Phone and BlackBerry have gotten second winds and are making the market competitive again.

Sony Xperia Z

The Xperia Z is Sony’s flagship handset for 2013, and an important part of the company’s efforts to become a serious player in the world smartphone market. It boasts high-end[...]

Apple iPhone 5S Images Leak Out. Maybe

Pictures that supposedly show un-assembled components of the upcoming iPhone 5S have appeared on the Web. These depict a device that appears virtually identical to Apple's current model.

Apple Reportedly Working on an iOS Smart Watch

According to numerous reports Corning, the makers of gorilla glass, have developed a new bendable glass named Willow Glass. The new curved glass could potentially be used in a new[...]

iOS 6.1 May Be Hard on the iPhone’s Battery Life

Have you noticed that your iPhone's battery life seems to be shorter since you installed iOS 6.1? If so, then you aren't alone.

HTC M7 Rumored to Debut as HTC One

According to recent information leaks, the HTC M7 is expected to debut as the HTC One. A new image has also leaked out, giving the world its best look so[...]

10 Fun St. Valentine’s Day Apps for iPhone and Android

Thanks to apps for iOS and Android, Valentine's Day is more fun these days. Find out about these apps from TabletPCReview.

iOS 6.1.1 Introduced Specifically for the iPhone 4S

Apple has put out a patch for iOS 6.1 that's just for the iPhone 4S. It's intended to fix a problem with cellular-wireless networking on this smartphone.

LG Optimus G Pro Will Sport a 5.5-Inch Display

LG has started to let the world in on some of the details on the Optimus G Pro, although a full set of specs probably won't be revealed until later[...]

Comcast Releases Constant Guard Mobile Security App for iOS

Comcast has released a new security application for iOS to help Xfinity customers prevent online threats. Dubbed Constant Guard Mobile, the program is intended to protect users from phishing attempts[...]

HTC Teases With Early Video of the HTC M7

The official announcement of the HTC M7 is less than a week away, and HTC is started giving brief -- very brief -- glimpses of its next flagship smartphone.

Apple Has Large Team Developing Wristwatch Computer, Launch Could Be This Year

Earlier this week, reports surfaced of a new Apple smart watch. Today, those reports have been bolstered with sources claiming that Apple already has a team with more than 100[...]

Google Finally Releasing Nexus 4 Wireless Charger, To Ship On Feb. 16

After showing off a wireless charging orb at the unveiling of the Nexus 4 back in October, Google has finally released the highly anticipated accessory, making it available for purchase[...]

Significant Security Flaw Found in BlackBerry Enterprise Server

BlackBerry has warned its enterprise users that it has found a serious problem with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and a patch needs to be applied immediately. Just getting a TIFF image[...]

Say Hello to the New TechnologyGuide!

Looking for one resource to answer all your tech questions? You're not alone. TechnologyGuide is a website for consumer and business technology users. Find out more!

iOS 6.1 Security Flaw Can Bypass iPhone Lockscreen

iOS 6.1 launched only a few weeks ago, but users have already found a security exploit that lets anyone bypass the iPhone lockscreen. Get more details from TechnologyGuide

Apple Explains Problems with iPhone Battery Life Since the Release of iOS 6.1

Apple has tracked down why some users have seen a dramatic drop in the battery life of their iPhone since the release of iOS 6.1: there's a problem with those[...]

Apple iOS 6.1 Exchange 2010 Bug Hits Transaction Logs Hard

Admins await an Apple fix to an iOS 6.1 Exchange bug that zaps server resources and knocks out mobile email access. Get more info from our sister site, SearchExchange.

Infinity Blade for iOS Is Free for a Limited Time

The popular game Infinity Blade is currently available for free in the Apple App Store. But don't wait, this deal is available for a limited time only. Get more[...]

Essential Apps for Rooted Android Phones and Tablets

When you "root" an Android smartphone or tablet, you can customize it as you like. Here are six great Android apps that take advantage of rooting.

VIDEO: BlackBerry Z10 Preview Demo

BlackBerry gave us a demonstration of the BlackBerry Z10. The below video includes a look at some of the smartphone’s innovative features.

HTC One Price and Release Date Leaks Out: Still Over a Month Away

The HTC One, formerly known as the M7, is going to be released in the U.S. in about a month, according to an unconfirmed report. It will become HTC's latest[...]

Android and iPhone on Over 90% of All Smartphones

It's obvious that a large majority of smartphones run either Google Android or Apple iOS, but their share of the world market is still growing, to the point where these[...]

Apple Must Release a 5-Inch iPhone

In this editorial, Brighthand's Site Editor argues that it's critical for Apple to introduce a version of the iPhone with a 5-inch screen.

A&E Gives iPhone Users Access to Full-Length Episodes for Free

A&E has updated its iOS apps to bring full-length episodes and movies to iPhone and iPod touch at no charge, allowing fans of shows like "Storage Wars" and "Duck Dynasty"[...]

MAUZ Will Transform an iPhone into a Wireless Mouse

Ever wanted to control a computer, smart TV or media center via a smartphone? Well that's what Spicebox is doing with MAUZ, an iPhone adapter that will transform the handset[...]

LG Optimus G Pro Will Debut in the U.S. Next Quarter

LG's new flagship smartphone is going to launch first in S. Korea, but the Optimus G Pro will bring its 5.5-inch display to the rest of the world in the[...]

Apple iOS 6.1.2 Expected this Week to Fix Serious Bugs

Two significant bugs have turned up in iOS 6.1, and Apple is reportedly rushing out an update to fix them.

Job Postings Confirm Windows Phone Blue in the Works

Job postings referring to "Windows Blue" and "Windows Phone Blue" have been spotting, providing scant details about the next major wave of updates to Windows Platforms.

Newest Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headsets Unveiled

Jabra today announced its newest Bluetooth headsets, the Jabra Motion series, which were made to make multitasking easier for the employee on the go. More details can be found on[...]

Processor from MIT Means Smartphones May Soon Take Proffessional Pictures

A team from MIT's Microsystems Technology Laboratory has created a chip that quickly and easily fixes common mistakes of smartphone images. Our sister site DigitalCameraReview has all the details.

Sprint 4G LTE Coming Soon to New York, San Francisco, Florida

It won't be long before Sprint's new high-speed data service is available in New York City, San Francisco, and other locations in the U.S.

HTC One To Sport an ‘Ultrapixel’ Camera, Redesigned Homescreen

HTC has taken the wraps off its next flagship smartphone, the HTC One. Among its many cutting-edge features are a large high-res screen and camera that will offer unusually good[...]

Nvidia Introduces Tegra 4i with Integrated LTE

Today, Nvidia introduced the Tegra 4i. Nvidia hopes to make a serious play at the smartphone market with its first integrated LTE processor.

Apple Fixes Exchange Bug with iOS 6.1.2 Update

The bug that has plagued many users of the iPhone and iPad has apparently been fixed. Apple released iOS 6.1.2 to handle this serious flaw in iOS 6.1.

HTC One Hands-On Preview

Is the HTC One in fact the "greatest smartphone ever"? We spent some hands-on time with it in New York to find out for ourselves.

T-Mobile Introduces GoSmart Mobile Brand with No-Contract Wireless Service

GoSmart Mobile is a new brand being offered by T-Mobile. It offers a range of wireless service plans with requiring service contracts.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi Will Offer a Cheaper Option for Those Wanting an Android-Based Camera

Last year, both AT&T and Verizon brought out the Samsung Galaxy Camera, a point-and-shoot that runs Google Android. A version of this device that depends on Wi-Fi for its Internet[...]

Nokia Music+ Now Available in U.S.

The paid version of Nokia's music streaming service, Nokia Music+, is now available in the United States. It debuted in the U.K. a few days ago.

Watch the HTC One Unveiling Event Video

Want to watch what Brighthand's Grant Hatchimonji had to travel to New York City to see? HTC has released a video of the entirety of yesterday's unveiling event for the[...]

Sony Xperia Z Review: Multimedia Powerhouse

Sony is back in the cutting-edge smartphone business with the Xperia Z. Its 5-inch screen has an amazing resolution, and it just might be the fastest phone available.

T-Mobile Google Nexus 4 Still Available for $150

T-Mobile subscribers who want a low up-front payment for the Google Nexus 4 can find this high-end smartphone for $50 below its usual with-contract price.

Giving Your Game Away Can Lead to Big Profits

It sounds counter-intuitive, but free games can generate more profits than for-pay ones. Infinity Blade proved this in the last week. Get all the details from TabletPCReview.

Smartphone and Tablet Games Combined Outsold Dedicated Handheld Games in Q4

According to a new report issued by IDC and App Annie, the combined sales of games in the iOS App Store and Google Play narrowly exceeded handheld games in consumer[...]

J.D. Power Says You’ll Be Happier with a 4G Phone, But It Will Cost You

As mobile phone technology rapidly increases, it can be difficult for consumers to determine whether or not and when they should upgrade their smartphones to the newest models and network[...]

Scout for iPhone Update Offers ETA Sharing and Live Events

Telenav looks to add even more sharing options with its Scout for iPhone navigation app. The free update adds a slew of features including ETA sharing and live events.

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Review: Take No Chances

Samsung could have tried something new and different with the Verizon-exclusive ATIV Odyssey, but instead it chose to play it safe.

Apple Releasing iOS 6.1.3 to Fix iPhone Lockscreen Bug

Users frustrated by a security flaw in Apple's iOS 6.1 may soon find relief as reports are saying that Apple has released a beta version of iOS 6.1.3 to developers.

LG Can’t Wait for MWC, Unveils Optimus F7, Optimus F5

The giant MWC tradeshow starts in just a few days, but companies have already started to announce new smartphones. The latest of these is LG, who just took the wraps[...]

Nokia Set to Unveil Low-Cost Lumia Windows Phone at MWC, Could Be the Long-Awaited Flame

Nokia is reportedly going to use next week's MWC smartphone tradeshow to take the wraps off an in-expensive Windows Phone.

MWC 2013: Android vs. Windows Phone, Firefox, Ubuntu, Tizen, Sailfish

Android will be sharing some of the limelight in Barcelona with a range of mobile device platforms.

MWC 2013: What Won’t Be Announced at MWC?

Despite all the hubbub about what is expected to come out of MWC 2013, there's also quite a bit on the smartphone front that we won't be seeing.

Apple iPhones Vastly More Reliable Than Samsung, Nokia or Motorola Phones

Apple's iPhones are roughly three times more reliable than Samsung's line of Galaxy phones, five times more reliable than Nokia Lumia phones, and 25 times more reliable than Motorola phones,[...]

New Survey Finds Americans Treat Mobile Devices Like Their Best Friends

With smartphones and tablets growing more and more in popularity, it seems Americans have started treating the gadgets as best friends, as a new survey indicates that Americans may prefer[...]

LG Acquires webOS, But It Won’t Be Used on Smartphones

webOS isn't dead just yet. LG is reportedly taking the troubled mobile operating system off of HP's hands. TechnologyGuide has more details.

MWC 2013: Nokia News Blast: Lumia 720, 520, 521 and More

Nokia had plenty to say at the start of MWC 2013 in Barcelona this week, with most of its new device announcements targeted at the mid to low-range market. This[...]

Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Be Unveiled on March 14

The wait for the Samsung Galaxy S IV is almost over. This cutting-edge smartphone is going to be announced on March 14.

MWC2013: ZTE Grand Memo 5.7-inch Smartphone Revealed

ZTE reveals its new 5.7-inch handset the Grand Memo. The new handset will look to mix portability and performance with its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

MWC2013: Asus PadFone Infinity Bringing High-End Specs to this Smartphone/Tablet Combo

With the PadFone series, Asus offers something different: a phone that can be docked with a large screen to convert it into a tablet. A new iteration was announced today[...]

MWC2013: Mozilla Announces Firefox OS Partnerships with LG, Huawei, and Sony

The new Mozilla Firefox OS is picking up steam with major manufacturers LG, Huawei, and Sony all on board to offer Firefox handsets within the next two years.

MWC 2013: Asus PadFone Infinity Hands-On Preview

Here at MWC, Asus announced the third iteration of its unique smartphone/tablet dock pairing, the PadFone Infinity, and we got some hands-on time with the device.

MWC2013: Nokia Lumia 520 Hands-On Preview

Nokia announced just a handful of entry-level Windows Phones at the MWC tradeshow. One of these is the Lumia 520. Read our first impressions.

MWC2013: Nokia Lumia 720 Hands-On Preview

The Lumia 720 was one of the Windows Phone 8 models Nokia unveiled at MWC. We got some hands-on time with this device, and came away pleased.

MWC 2013: LG Optimus G Pro Hands-On Preview

LG's new flagship phone, the Optimus G Pro, was available for us to play with at MWC, so we took it for a spin. Here's what we thought.

Samsung Unveils Wallet App for Android

Samsung has unveiled Wallet, a new app for Android devices that can store a user?s tickets, coupons, membership cards, and boarding passes in one place. TechnologyGuide has more details.

Acer Reveals Interest in Future Phablets

Acer at Mobile World Congress hints at the possibility of entering the phablet and RT tablet markets in the near future. According to recent reports the company could be making[...]

Photoshop Touch Not Just for Tablets, Now Available for iPhone and Android Phones

Adobe is now offering its Adobe Photoshop Touch app for smartphones. This offers powerful Photoshop features with touch-based gestures, and is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

HTC’s Jason Mackenzie: “We’re David Fighting Goliath”

HTC president of global sales Jason Mackenzie took some time to talk to Brighthand at MWC about the company's plans and how it hopes to combat its underdog status.

Pandora Ends Unlimited Free Music Streaming for Mobile Users

Free unlimited music streaming is no longer available for Pandora's mobile users.