February 2014 SmartPhone Articles

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SmartPhone Articles for February of 2014

Below are the 21 SmartPhone articles for February of 2014

Dropbox May Be the Best Cloud App. Here’s Why.

Dropbox has become the standard for storing your data in the cloud, and for good reason - it's awesome. Whether you've got an iPhone or Android, here's what you should[...]

Facebook’s Paper for iPhone is the Best – Review

Facebook rolled out Paper for iPhone today, a wild new look for the social networking giant. Based on a gesture-rich interface, the app is the best version of Facebook yet.

Microsoft Appoints Satya Nadella as Company’s Third CEO; Bill Gates Resigns as Chairman

Microsoft announced this morning that its extended search for a new CEO was complete, and that current employee Satya Natella would be filling the role.

Android’s Cutting Edge Gets a Facelift: Google’s Nexus 5 Now Available in Vibrant Red

A new banner ad at the top of Google's Play Store invites customers to "Live Colorfully."

HTC One Max Review: Size Isn’t Everything

There's a lot - really a lot, it's a big phone - to love about the HTC One Max. Unfortunately, phablets aren't always phab.

Top 5: Best Olympics Apps for iPhone, Android

Wanna follow all the Olympic action, but don't have a TV handy? These apps will keep you in the loop.

Nokia Android Phone ‘Normandy’ to Launch This Month

Nokia's long-rumored Android phone is coming sooner than ever. Will it survive the Microsoft acquisition?

You’ll Probably Own a Smartwatch Someday. Here’s Why

Whether it's Pebble, the Galaxy Gear, or the impending Apple iWatch, chances are you'll own a smartwatch in the next couple of years.

LG Reveals G Pro 2: 4K Camera, 3GB RAM, 6-inch Display

Like last year, LG is hoping to beat the Mobile World Congress rush by announcing early - the new LG G Pro 2 features a nearly 6-inch display, 4K camera,[...]

VIDEO: Verizon Moto G Overview

Brighthand checks out the Moto G, a budget smartphone that stacks up well against most of the competition.

BBM 2.0 for iOS and Android Brings BBM Channels, Voice and Video Chat, Location Sharing, and More

BlackBerry launched v2.0 of its infamous BBM messaging service today, bringing formerly BlackBerry-exclusive features to iOS and Android, and bringing other new ones to all three platforms.

Google, Apple Block Flappy Bird Clones From Google Play, iOS App Stores

With the sudden and unexpected takedown of Flappy Bird from the major app stores, a number of developers have tried to jump in on the action - only to have[...]

Ubuntu OS Phones Arriving This Year From bq and Meizu

Ubuntu may have failed in getting its own device out the door, but they're still prepping the release of their smartphone OS for later this year - and now they[...]

Samsung Ditches Android for Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Smartwatches

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is getting new guts, as Samsung is replacing its Galaxy wearable less than six months after launching the smartwatch, and ditching Android as well as the[...]

Microsoft’s Android Phone: Nokia’s X, X+, XL

Nokia has officially released the new Nokia X series: three new smartphones, all powered by Android, not Windows Phone. Can they survive the impending Microsoft acquisition?

Sony’s Xperia Z2 and M2: 4K Recording in the Palm of Your Hand

Sony refreshed its high-end and midrange smartphones today with the Xperia Z2 and Xperia M2, offering high-end displays and 4K video recording, all in a perfectly pocketable package.

Hands on: The Android-Powered Nokia X, X+, XL

Nokia's new Android-powered Nokia X has been rumored for months, and now it's finally here. Can it live up to all the hype?

Samsung Galaxy S5: Same Design, Stellar Camera

Samsung's new mainstream flagship is here, with a stunning new camera, weatherproof design, and unsurprisingly, a fingerprint scanner. Is it enough to steal the iPhone's crown?

HTC Desire 816 and 610 Offer High-End Style, Midrange Pricing

It's not the next HTC One, but these two handsets bring attractive new features to HTC's midrange lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Hands-on Preview

Samsung's Galaxy S5 is here. It isn't the most revolutionary phone we've seen, but it's still an outstanding device. Read on and check out the next new Android superstar.

Hands on Samsung’s Gear Fit: The Most Beautiful Smartwatch is Intentionally Crippled

Samsung's Gear Fit smartwatch is one of the most beautiful pieces of technology we've ever seen. But it isn't perfect, and those flaws may just be enough to keep it[...]