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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2002

Below are the 46 SmartPhone articles for March of 2002 Guaranteed Low Prices on PDAs has some specials on "guaranteed low prices". Here's a take from their site, click on any links to get through to and see the other deals! joins the dotcom deadpool

Not a shocker, but officially closed their virtual doors today. 800 has had their entire stock on sale for the past week or so and today sent emails to[...]

Samsung SPH i330

Building on the momentum from its popular I300, Samsung is rumored to be releasing a sexier unit with a brighter screen this fall. 6/24/02 – Samsung has gained FCC approval[...]

New Samsung’s in Asia

South Korea's Samsung Electronics plans to put on sale in the U.S. a new version of its Palm-OS based PDA cell-phone handset in April. PDA sale is offering 5% off all PDAs in stock this week, take a look at this article to see some examples of pricing.

New Palm m515 and m130 Details & Pricing

Palm released two more new devices today; the m515 model, an upgrade to the m505, and the new m130, a budget color PDA.

BlackBerry 5810

The new BlackBerry 5810 will add voice capabilities, and will be available in the U.S. on networks provided by AT&T Wireless Services Inc. and VoiceStream Wireless Corp.

RIM set to release next generation BlackBerry

Research In Motion Ltd. will announce today the commercial launch of its new BlackBerry pager that allows users to send and receive both phone calls and e-mail.

New PDA/Electronics coupons for this week

We've added some new coupons to the site from Dell Home (10% off), Dell Business (15% off), ABT Electronics ($10 off), and ($10 off). Click article to view[...]

Sony to release a PDA/phone combo unit in the US

Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is set to make the American debut of a handful of new high-tech mobile phones Wednesday in New York.

More info on the Sony Ericsson PDA Phone

Here's a pretty cool demo of the new phone in all it's glory. Built in digital camera, GSM netwrok, large color screen...this definitely looks like a combo device that can[...]

Sony Ericsson P800

Email, internet, phone and digital organizer functionality in one package. The P800 keeps communication simple – and keeps you in touch, wherever you are. The intuitive, Symbian-based user interface lets[...]

Sony Unveils Updated Clie Handheld

Company's latest PDA will be launched next week in Japan, but when will it be available in the U.S.?

REVIEW: Casio Cassiopeia E-200

Casio s entry into the Pocket PC 2002 market comes in the form of the Cassiopeia E-200 PDA device. This PDA has its definite strengths and weaknesses, offers some[...]

REVIEW: Handspring Treo 180

Handspring has made a not-quite-there, but valiant effort with the Treo series and I eagerly await the color version due out this summer.

Guiding Laser Missiles From Your Pocket PC?

In the Afghanistan and Kosovo conflicts, military mistakes led to air strikes against the wrong buildings. To address the problem, the Pentagon has commissioned a new battlefield targeting system[...]

Free Memory Card and Shipping with PDA at

Buy any of the following handhelds and receive a free SanDisk SDSDB-16R 16 MB Secure Digital Card--a $29.99 value and free shipping from, view article to see PDAs this[...]

Sony releases 2 new PDA’s in Tokyo, US models to follow

Both devices, the Clie PEG-NR70V and PEG-NR70, run on the Palm operating system, and flip open to reveal a 320-pixel-by-480-pixel color screen and a keyboard.

Nokia Communicator Coming to U.S.

ESPOO, Finland (AP)--Executive Niklas Savander has held conference calls in the palm of his hand on trains in China and on ski lifts in Europe.

Sony Clie PEG-NR70

The new NR70 is the ultimate in handheld convergence. Listen to MP3 files, display videos & images, plus keep your datebook and contact list organized — all with one compact[...]

Sony Clie PEG-NR70V

The new NR70V is the ultimate in handheld convergence. Take pictures with the built-in CMOS camera, listen to MP3 files, display videos & images, plus keep your datebook and contact[...]

Win a free PDA from our friends at Ilium Software

Ilium Software is pleased to announce the beginning of the "Are you a list pro?" list making contest! First prize is a Compaq iPAQ or Sony Clie [...]

Palm to release web browsing software

This morning at CeBit, Palm announced that next month (April 8th in the US) they will begin offering a new web browsing package that will work with all devices from[...]

RealNetworks to Launch Pocket PC Player

HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) - RealNetworks said on Tuesday it plans to launch a version of its RealOne media player that will run on arch rival Microsoft's pocket PC.

Palminfocenter has more Details on the New Sony NR Series

Since Sony announced the PEG-NR70 and PEG-NR70V in Japan earlier this week, they have garnered unprecedented attention. While as much information was released as possible immediately after the announcement, the[...]

Sales soar for handheld software

According to a report from market researcher NPD Intelect, software sales for PDA s jumped 3 times over the prior year. And just what software was leading the way? Games[...]

Latest Handspring Offers!

When you're looking for character and expandability in a PDA, there's still nobody quite like Handspring, and now they're running some enticing special offers!

Sony CLIE PEG-NR70 Pictures!

New pictures and flash demos of the Sony Clie PEG-NR70 are in place, click this article to see!

Palm to replace faulty cradles for the m500/505

Palm officially announced this weekend a plan to replace all of the faulty cradles from the m500/505 series devices. Owners have long been complaining about the sync failing after a[...]

Vindigo to charge Palm users for expanded content

Based on user feedback, the service has been expanded to include new features such as music and museum listings, broader geographic coverage and a wider selection of brand-name content partners.

Handspring releases new mail program for the Treo (Beta)

Dear Lord, I'm glad this is a beta, because it's one of the worst email clients I have ever used. Not sure where to start...I installed this morning on my[...]

Sprint to be the exclusive CDMA provider for the Treo

The first devices will be made available some time this summer and will likely be a modified version of the color Treo 270.

Adobe Acrobat Beta 2.0 for Palm OS now available

The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS extends to an even broader audience, allowing both Windows and Macintosh desktop users with Palm OS[...]

Apple’s iPod part PDA

Apple's iPod MP3 player gains a few simple PDA functions

Two new products: Bluetooth for Palm and a cradle for the Treo

Today officially marked the announcement of two much anticipated products. Palm released the SD Bluetooth expansion card and Handspring finally released a USB cradle for the Treo series.

First Thoughts: Sharp Zaurus 5500

I had the opportunity to demo this new unit briefly and it looks fantastic. The implementation of the "hidden" keypad is great and the color screen is inline with the[...]

REVIEW: Palm Pilot m130

I've had this little gem for a few weeks and think it's great. Read the full review to find out why and who should buy it.

More pictures and info on the much anticipated Clie NR70

The NR70 released in Japan over the weekend and here are a bunch of pictures of the packaging and more of the device.

MyPalm Version 2.0 available for i705 users

MyPalm 2.0 contains an improved interface and updated features including MyPage , and access to AOL Mail and content.

Palm and Handspring wireless efforts to be crushed, according to a new report

Strand Consult, a firm out of Denmark, is claiming that Palm and Handspring multi-function devices will fail miserably when competing against cell phone manufacturers.

REVIEW: Palm m515

The Palm m515 broke into the market at the beginning of March. Palm attempts to fix the problems with its older m505 model and add some nice features, but[...]

Danger Hiptop (T-Mobile Sidekick)

The hiptop is a live device that seamlessly connects to wireless networks, providing consumers the freedom to browse the Internet, exchange instant messages, and send and receive email with attachments.[...]

Quick Hits: Sony’s new NR line of PDA’s shipping in May and video of Sony’s new PDA cell phone

CNET is reporting that the PEG-NR70 will be available for around $500, and the PEG-NR70V will cost about $600. Both will begin shipping in early May.

Palm OS 5.0 due out in June

The CTO from PalmSource, the division of Palm created to handle the operating systems and related software, has announced their plan to ship Palm OS 5.0 this June.

Compaq launches GSM sled in Europe, pushes back US launch to June

Yesterday Compaq said it has released a kit for its iPAQ Pocket PC handhelds that turn the devices into GSM/GPRS mobile telephones. They also have pushed back the US release[...]

The Sony Clie NR70V, the best Palm OS PDA ever!

PC magazine has their first take of the new Sony Clie NR70 series PDA. With the line between a high-end PDA and a low-end laptop getting more blurry, can you[...]