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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2003

Below are the 165 SmartPhone articles for March of 2003

BrightBytes™: AvantGo, ftxPBrowser, Civlization, and More

Updated New beta of AvantGo for Palm OS 5, new freeware Pocket PC web browser, mobile version of Civilization might not happen, and more.

New Memory Sticks Available This Month

Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick Select will be available a month before expected, and cost less, too.

March Madness

Brighthand’s Editor-In-Chief takes a look at what might be ahead for what is typically one of the busiest months of the year for handheld announcements.

Weak Tungsten T Sales Hurt Palm’s Bottom Line

The Tungsten T isn’t selling as well in the U.S. as Palm hoped it would so the company’s quarterly revenue is below expectations.

Lexar Announces 4 GB CompactFlash Card

Lexar will release in a few months a CompactFlash card capable of holding 1,600 pictures taken with a 5 megapixel camera. A 2 GB one will be available in a[...]

BrightBytes™: Free Camera, Starbucks, Contactogo, and More

People who buy a Tungsten T from the Palm Store get a free digital camera, it’s cheaper to websurf from Starbucks, Contactogo offers easy beaming of business cards, and more.

PDA News – Mobile Printer From Brother, Stowaway Driver, Sony Drops SL10

Amazingly thin, this might turn out to be a great little peripheral. Think Outside has updated their Palm keyboard driver. Sony has discontinued the Clie SL10.

Sony Releases New Breed of Memory Cheaper and Earlier Than Expected

Sony's memory stick format has been engaged in a love/hate relationship with Clie owners. Now Sony is hoping for more love with the release of their new memory sticks in[...]

Review – Sony Clie NZ90

This is my first review of a personal entertainment device, or PED. That's right, Sony doesn't want us to think of the NZ90 as a PDA and guess what? I[...]

T-Mobile Pushes WiFi Hotspots Harder – Step One – Reduce Price

WiFi hotspots are a major mobility hot-button these days. We're a society on the go who need fast access to information. T-Mobile is expanding their reach by offering more WiFi[...]

PDA News – 4GB Compact Flash Cards, Palm Struggling, Tungsten C Picture, More…

Lexar has announced both 2GB and 4GB cards for $700 and $1500 Palm continues to revise its revenue numbers the wrong way This one might be a fake,[...]

UPDATE – Danger to Release Color Hiptop/Sidekick

Danger has confirmed that this image is for real. With the new data plans offered by T-Mobile and the color screen, I could be a big fan of this device.[...]

Sony Announces TG50 in Japan

After being leaked a few weeks ago by the FCC, Sony has announced the TG50 in its home country. The TG50 uses Palm OS 5 and has a keyboard[...]

RumorMill™: New Handspring Model Due This Summer

Reportedly, a new Treo model won't be available for a few months. Though details are few, big changes are expected.

Handspring to Release New Treo This Summer

Handspring is dropping hints about the new Treo device faster than I dropped Geology 100 in college. Two articles have direct comments from Handspring touting a Treo overhaul due out[...]

UPDATE – Preview – Sony Clie TG50

Here are a bunch of new Clie TG50 pictures. I especially like the one showing the relative size of the SJ33, TG50 and NX70V. One even shows a modified virtual[...]

PDA News – Sony to Buy PalmSource?, Game Beta Testers Needed, Treo 270 on T-Mobile

Sony's CEO makes a number of great statements including expressing a desire to buy PalmSource. Seems like a lot of new games need testing. You up for it? [...]

What’s your Today Screen look like?

Join in one of Brighthand's most popular discussions as readers offer their own versions of the Pocket PC Today screen

BrightBytes™: Treo 270, Toshiba e750, Sakoman and More

T-Mobile is going to raise the profile of the Treo 270, there will be a demo of the Toshiba e750 in SF later this month, a former PalmSource exec has[...]

Toshiba e550C Will Offer Built-In Camera

Updated This model also includes a 400 MHz processor and 128 MB of memory. Unfortunately, there is no word on when it will be available outside of[...]

CEO of Sony Wants to Buy PalmSource

Sony’s CEO likes the Palm OS so much, he wants to own the company. However, he is less happy with using Symbian for smartphones.

Review: Pocket PC Films

I'm often asked the question by Pocket PC users that goes something like this, "I have this great device that I use for normal business functions and playing solitaire to[...]

PDA News – PDA Fuel Cells?, Sakoman Goes Apple, Top 10 eBooks, SE P800 On Sale

Toshiba is working on bringing fuel cell technology to PDAs and other mobile computers Former Palm exec Steve Sakoman rejoins Apple Palm has released the top 10 eBooks[...]

Review – GTS Racing Challenge by Astraware

Proclaim it from the rooftops--Astraware has done it again. The god of PalmOS games' latest success is GTS Racing Challange, a 3D car racing game. GTSR follows the Astraware tradition[...]

BrightBytes™: Virtual PPC, Envoyage, Webcams and More

Soon developers will be able to test their Pocket PC apps on a PC rather than a handheld, Envoyage gives travelers the info they need, is a handheld[...]

Samsung Wants to Increase Use of its Chips

Samsung also makes an ARM-based processor and the company is doing everything it can to get this chip included in new handhelds.

No 1 GB SD Cards Until Fall

Despite the hopes of people who want to store large numbers of music and audio files on their handhelds, the first 1 GB SD card won’t be available until this[...]

Sony Debuts PEG-SJ22 in Hong Kong

Sony is now taking pre-orders for a new color Clie handheld. Still no word on when it will be available in the U.S., though.

Preview – Sony Clie SJ22 – Same Specs as the SJ30?

Unless I'm missing something, the new Clie SJ22 seems like an exact copy of the Clie SJ30. Sony's Hong Kong site has posted the details regarding its Asian release. Even[...]

PDA News – Pocket PC Films Grows Library, RifleSLUGs-II for Palm, iambic Mail Update, More…

Pocket PC Films has launched a handful of new movies including A Farewell To Arms and The Best of Times RifleSLUGs-II for Palm has been released iambic has[...]

Three Technologies That Could Profoundly Change Handhelds

While today's handhelds are good, technologies currently being developed will make them much more useful. But which of these will be the most significant?

FCC Approves Smaller Bluetooth SDIO Card

There will soon be a new option for those who would like to add Bluetooth to their handheld but don't want a large card sticking out of their SD slot.

BrightBytes™: Pocket Streets, NetFront, Pocket Informant, and More

Get free Pocket Streets maps, NetFront browser for the Pocket PC has been updated, there's a new version of Pocket Informant, and more.

Review – Passwords Plus from DataViz

Anyone connected to the internet is likely to have at least one password for their internet service. Most people have passwords for shopping, email, websites--enough to make remembering them difficult.[...]

PDA News – HP iPAQ h54xx Patch, MiTAC Smartphone, Pocket Informant 4.0 Released, More…

HP has released an audio patch for the iPAQ h5400 series PDAs MiTAC has confirmed a full featured device running Microsoft Smartphone 2002 Pocket Informant 4.0 has been[...]

BrightBytes™: h5450, PalmSource, 3D Screens, and More

A new ROM updates increases the audio volume of the h5400 series, the CEO of PalmSource comments on Sony’s hopes to buy it out, companies are developing 3D screens, and[...]

Mio 8380 Smartphone Includes Digital Camera

MiTAC is going to make a Smartphone 2002 device that uses a clamshell design and includes a small digital camera.

PDA News – Digital Media Player With Cell Phone, 6GB CompactFlash Card?, Nagel Dismisses Sony’s Interest in Buying PalmSource

BenQ is prepping 10GB and 20GB audio/video devices with integrated cell phone Pretec is rumored to be planning an announcement at CeBit to one up Lexar's 4GB card [...]

New Linux Smartphone Offers Tons of Features

A German company is going to introduce this week a new wireless handheld that runs Linux and includes a GPS receiver, Bluetooth, a lot more.

UPDATE – Toshiba Genio e550C on The Way

DigiTimes has confirmed the new Genio will be available in Japan later this month. It will sell for 70,000 yen, or $600 US. There's still no word on whether or[...]

The Status of Samsung – The i500, i700 and Related Tidbits

Samsung is trying to push the limits with their integrated PDA/Phone units. They have the Palm-based i500 due out in March and the Pocket PC based i700 coming out later[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie TG50

The new Sony Clie PEG-TG50 is the company's latest Palm OS 5 model. It includes a high-resolution screen, an integrated keyboard, and Bluetooth wireless networking.

Sony Announces TG50 and SJ22 in the U.S.

Sony has introduced a new high-end Palm OS 5 model, a new entry-level color model, and some new colors for a current mid-range model.

BrightBytes™: CeBIT, Danger Update, PalmSource, and More

CeBIT starts in a couple of days, Danger is updating the software on the hiptop, we finally know when the next PalmSource conference will be, and more.

Fonix VoiceDial for Microsoft Smartphone and PocketPC Phone Edition

Fonix Corporation, a leading provider of speech interface solutions, will exhibit its innovative Fonix VoiceDial software and its “My Voice, My Device” speech solutions for safer and easier access to[...]

CeBit Germany – Europe to Get bSQUARE Power Handheld

bSQUARE has announced a deal to manufacture 5000 units of its popular reference design for Hoeft & Wessel Skeye Webpanel. Hoeft & Wessel intends to offer the devices to their[...]

PDA News – Danger Software Update, Technologies That Could Improve PDAs, Sony Ericsson P800 on Sale

Danger has begun releasing their first software update for the Sidekick Ed Hardy from Brighthand takes a look at potential influences on new PDAs Instead of paying $650[...]

Toshiba Unveils e750

Updated Toshiba has taken the wraps off the updated version of the e740. This offers an improved screen and what is hopefully a faster processor. Of[...]

BrightBytes™: iPAQ Keyboard, Free Wi-Fi, MMPlayer and More

Landware has a new portable keyboard for the iPAQ, McDonald’s is testing out offering free Wi-Fi service, a video and audio player for the Tungsten T is in beta, and[...]

Toshiba e750 Pocket PC

Featuring the power-saving Intel PXA255 processor, the Pocket PC e750 delivers added performance to quickly access your files and programs while consuming less power. Whether indoors or outdoors, Pocket PC[...]

Preview – Toshiba e750 and e755 Pocket PC

Toshiba has confirmed the release of both the e750 and the e755 Pocket PC's. Both will have WiFi but neither will have Bluetooth, contrary to earlier reports. The e755 is[...]

PDA News – I’d Like a #3 With WiFi, Wozniak Switches Roles at Danger, More WiFi, More…

McD's is testing out WiFi offerings in some of their locations Steve Wozniak has moved from Danger's board of directors to their advisory board Hilton Hotels will deploy[...]

Toshiba e755 Pocket PC

Featuring the power-saving Intel PXA255 processor, the Pocket PC e755 delivers added performance to quickly access your files and programs while consuming less power. Whether indoors or outdoors, Pocket PC[...]

Round-Up of CeBIT-Related Information

The largest computer trade show in the world is going on now in Germany. Numerous companies are introducing new handhelds, software, and peripherals for CeBIT. This article will[...]

Samsung Introduces the World’s First PMG (Personal Mobile Gateway) Phone at CeBIT

Samsung Electronics and IXI Mobile, Inc. today announced that Samsung has incorporated Personal Mobile Gateway (PMG) technology into a new breed of Samsung wireless phones and peripheral devices by licensing[...]

RIM Introduces New BlackBerry Models for Europe

The new BlackBerry 6210 and 6220 are smaller, have more memory, and can read email attachments.

BrightBytes™: 32MB Palms, RealOne, PhatSpell, and More

A company is now offering to upgrade some Palm OS models to 32 MB of memory, the RealOne Player for the Palm OS is finally available, there's a new multilingual[...]

More Information on the Toshiba e350

Updated Tosbiba has posted the details of this model on its European website. Despite an earlier report, it’s going to cost a lot more than $200.

Samsung Announces Innovative Palm OS Smartphone

Updated The SGH-i500 includes Palm OS 5.2, 32 MB of RAM, a 300 MHz processor, and a built-in camera.

RealOne Player Now Available For Palm

Real has posted the new RealOne media player for Palm. The only trick is the URL for download is not yet public. But you have to know, we've got your[...]

Making Tough Cases Tuffer

Tuffcase has been crafting their rubber PDA slipcovers for a long time. I don't have a full company history but, looking at their model line it's pretty obvious. Their only[...]

Samsung SGH-i500 – The First Palm OS 5.2 Phone (pictures)

CeBit 2003 - Samsung has made the SGH-i500 official. Don't get confused though, this is not the same thing as the SPH-i500 that has been the subject of much debate[...]

PDA News – Sony CLie SJ22 Review, RIM Releases New BlackBerry Models – 6210 and 6220, New Short Range Wireless Standard, Flash Game for Pocket PC

Palminfocenter has posted a brief review of the SJ22 RIM has added to its European line with two new models, the 6210 and 6220 Sneaky Wave might be[...]

HP Unveils iPAQ h1915… without Bluetooth

Updated Hewlett Packard has officially announced a European version of its super-slim Pocket PC. Despite the rumors, it does not have Bluetooth. However, it does support SDIO.

Microsoft Announces Creative Technology to Develop Media2Go Portable Media Player

At CeBIT 2003 today, Microsoft Corp. announced that Creative Technology Ltd., the leading provider of hard disk drive audio players, will develop a portable media player based on Microsoft’s upcoming[...]

Additional Details About the Samsung SGH-i700

The SGH-i700, a smartphone that runs the Pocket PC Phone Edition, was announced last month but all the details on it are slow to emerge.

Wi-Fi Memory Stick Coming This Summer

Sony plans to release a Wi-Fi card in a few months that will allow more of its handhelds to connect to wireless networks.

PXA255 Is Noticeably Faster than Previous Chip

There is finally an answer for the many people who have been asking “Is the PXA255 faster than the PXA250?”

SanDisk Introduces the miniSD Card

SanDisk Corporation today introduced the SanDisk miniSD card, a new thumbnail-sized flash memory card that is designed to meet the needs of the mobile phone market for greater Storage capacity[...]

SanDisk Introduces Four Single-Slot Memory Card Readers with USB 2.0

SanDisk Corporation today introduced a new line of single slot ImageMate* card readers for a variety of popular flash memory cards. The four new ImageMate models, all with hi-speed USB[...]

CeBIT 2003 – Sony to Release WiFi Memory Stick (picture)

I wish I was at CeBit. Sony is showing off their WiFi memory stick - the from factor looks very cool. The report says units will be available in Europe[...]

CeBIT 2003 – HP iPAQ h1915 on Display – No Bluetooth and No SDIO

I think h1910 owners will actually feel good about this announcement. There was a little buyer's remorse after the first leaks came out that the h1915 would include Bluetooth.

CeBIT 2003 – Sandisk Releases a Handful of New Mobile Memory Options

Samsung has put out a flood of announcements covering new products and larger memory cards. New Product - miniSD for mobile phones New 2GB and 4GB CompactFlash[...]

Review — Sony Clie SJ33

The Sony Clie SJ33 builds on the massive success of Sony's entry level color PDAs by adding features and reducing the price, always a popular formula! They've also added a[...]

A Virtual Tour of CeBIT

While it isn't the same as being there, looking at a bunch of pictures from a large tradeshow doesn't leave you with aching feet.

SanDisk Announces 1 GB SD Card

The company will also introduce a 4 GB CompactFlash card later this year and a 256 MB MMC card later this month.

Review – Chroma Game Pack from Astraware

ChromaGames continues Astraware's reputation for quality games. The visual quality of the gameboards is quite appealing. Even on a low-res device the boards are quite aesthetically pleasing, and the interface[...]

Motorola A920 – Symbian Smartphone on the Way

The Moto A920 is a direct response to Sony Ericsson's P800. The A920 runs on the same OS with many of the same features. The FCC has released photos and[...]

Updated Information on New Pocket PC Models

A few of the details reported about the new handhelds announced at CeBIT this week weren’t correct. Get the updated information here.

Preview – Toshiba e350 Pocket PC

Toshiba has been showing off their e350 Pocket PC in Europe this past week. Here's the rundown of all the specs and other details.

Review – BenQ G250 Pocket Game Pad

The BenQ G250 Pocket Game Pad is a very unique and exciting add-on for 38xx/39xx iPAQs. The BenQ adds the functionality of a console gaming controller to your mobile PocketPC.

PDA News – HP iPAQ h1915 Has SD I/O?, Mitsubishi Smartphone, New Clie NX Series Devices

Reports on the h1915 are like yo-yo's, telling us something different every time. It seems everyone is making a Smartphone or PDA these days - Here's the Mitsubishi concept[...]

BrightBytes™: CTIA, iPAQ Update, XCPUScalar, and More

The CTIA Wireless 2003 tradeshow kicks off today, there’s a fix for the iPAQ h5400 series’ battery troubles, XCPUScalar 2.0 has useful new features, and more.

Sprint Releasing Two Pocket PC Phone Edition Devices

Sprint will release the Hitachi G1000 and Samsung SPH-i700 before the end of June.

RIM Makes Deals with Microsoft and Symbian

Users of Symbian OS and both Microsoft's mobile operating systems may be able to use the BlackBerry email service in the future.

Study Says CDMA Will Stay on Top in U.S.

According to an EMC study, the U.S. wireless market will remain fragmented between competing standards for at least the next several years.

TI Designs Handheld with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS

Updated TI has created a reference design for handhelds that combines three popular types of wireless networking.

CTIA 2003 – Sprint PCS to Support Hitachi and Samsung Pocket PC Phones

Sprint has confirmed plans to carry both the Samsung i700 and the Hitachi G1000 Pocket PC Phone Edition PDAs. Both units will be made available during the second quarter of[...]

CTIA 2003 – Texas Instruments Shows Off PDA Concept Design (picture)

TI won't actually mass market this device, but it would be pretty sweet if they did. Code named "Wanda," it runs on Pocket PC and features WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS[...]

PDA News – CeBit Photo Montage, Win a Free iPAQ h5450, Samsung i700 Details, New Vaja Cases

PocketPC Italia has a great photo tour of CeBIT 2003 Think you know who will take home the Oscars? If you're right, take home an h5450 for yourself. [...]

RealOne Mobile Player for Palm OS 5 Now Official

Five days ago, we gave you the secret link to download the RealOne Mobile Player for the Tungsten T. Real has now made the software readily available on their site.

Review iBiz Pocket RADIO CF Edition

The pocketRADIO is an exceptional add-on for music lovers who don't have room for MP3s or just want to listen to news or radio. The pocketRADIO is FM only, so[...]

BrightBytes™: TV Memory Stick, AOL on hiptop, Benchmarking, and More

Updated Sony is showing off a TV tuner in the shape of a Memory Stick, AOL users will soon be able to get their email on the Danger hiptop,[...]

Palm OS Version of RealOne Player Finally Available

Though it was originally supposed to be released last year, Real Networks has only just now launched the RealOne Player for the Tungsten T.

SDIO Now! Program Gains New Members

A program to increase interoperability of SDIO devices appears to be gaining momentum.

Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 Available Soon

Sharp’s latest model offers a 400 MHz XScale chip and more memory than its predecessor.

PalmSource Announces New Wireless Initiatives

PalmSource has made several agreements aimed at making wireless handhelds that run its operating system more useful.

Cingular Wireless and Handspring Offer GPRS Upgrade for Wireless Treo Customers

ATLANTA and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 18 — Cingular Wireless and Handspring, Inc. today announced the availability of General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) for Treo users on Cingular’s 1900 MHz[...]

Samsung and Verizon Wireless Launch Their First Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC Device, the i700

(NEW ORLEANS, March 18, 2003) – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung), the third largest manufacturer of wireless handsets in the U.S., and Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless service provider, today[...]

A First Glimpse of Group Sense’s Palm OS Smartphone

Updated Group Sense PDA Limited is showing off at CeBIT the smartphone it is developing.

CeBIT 2003 – Sony Memory Stick TV Tuner on Display (picture)

Sony has been toying with television technology in tiny form factors for a while now. There was even some speculation that the Clie NZ90 would have a TV tuner built[...]

PDA News – New Belkin Products, Wave of PalmSource News, SDIO Now! Adds Members, More…

Belkin has a new IR PDA keyboard coming to market at a great price! PalmSource was a buzy bee today at the CTIA with a host of new announcements[...]

HP to Can Their PDA/Phone?

At the CES in January, we met with HP and they told us an integrated unit was in the works. Today, PC Advisor out of the UK has a contrary[...]

The Zen Done Gone

Contributing writer Trotter Hardy explores how Palm has lost its way on the path to handheld Nirvana, starting with the Tungsten T.

Color hiptop Coming this Summer

Updated Danger has received permission from the FCC to release a color version of its hiptop smartphone.

Additional Announcements from CTIA Wireless 2003

Companies have announced new handhelds, new services, and new peripherals at this giant tradeshow.

Kyocera 7135, Samsung i700 Coming to Verizon

Verizon Wireless has announced plans to offer two additional smartphones: one Palm OS, one Pocket PC.

CTIA 2003 – Verizon to Support Kyocera 7135, Samsung i700 and BlackBerry 6750

Can you hear me now? That guy might be annoying, but Verizon carrying these new phones is not! They are the second to announce support for both the i700 and[...]

PDA News – CTIA Photo Tour, Danger Gains FCC Approval for Color Device, Fossil Licenses Jot

You've no doubt seen the stories from the CTIA, now see pictures from the floor. Danger has gained FCC approval for their new color device which will go on[...]

WebLink Wireless to Release First Monochrome Palm OS 5 Device With Two-Way Messaging

WebLink wireless offers two-way paging devices like the Motorola Timeports and service to both business and consumer users. This year they will offer many new devices like the HuneTec H500[...]

Round-Up: CTIA Wireless and the Microsoft Mobility Developer Conference

The largest and most highly attended wireless show in the telecommunications and computing industries has wrapped up but the Microsoft Mobility Developer Conference is still going on.

WebLink Wireless and HuneTec Use Palm OS 5 to Take on Blackberry

Updated HuneTec is going to release in a few months a monochrome handheld that uses Palm OS 5 and runs on WebLink Wireless' network.

ViewSonic Announces V37 Pocket PC

ViewSonic is going to release a new model with a faster processor and the .NET Compact Framework pre-installed.

Gates Urges Developers to Write Pocket PC Apps

Microsoft has officially launched the .NET Compact Framework, which will be included with Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Palm Quarterly Revenues Down 28%

The results for Palm’s latest financial quarter are in and they aren’t pretty. PalmSource, however, had a good quarter and is now profitable.

ViewSonic to Release Their Second Pocket PC – Enter the V37

ViewSonic has confirmed plans to release a follow-up to the somewhat popular V35. The biggest improvements include a 400 MHz processor and a bunch of memory.

PDA News – Palm Loses $172.3 Million, New NEC Handheld PC, CTIA in Photos Day 3, More…

Palm losses continue to mount, totaling a $172.3 million loss for the QUARTER HP and most other manufacturers dropped their Handheld PC's, but NEC thinks the market is viable[...]

The Unlaunched Jornada

Squelched by the merger with Compaq, the XScale-based Jornada 575 never made it to market. Still, a few rogue units have found their way out of Singapore and we've got[...]

BrightBytes™: Silver Slider, WL110, ThemeMaker, and More

There is a new Silver Slider with a built-in battery, no one quite knows what Sony’s WL110 is, ThemeMaker McDeb is a new tool for creating Pocket PC themes, and[...]

New Palm SG Model Coming in a Month or So

At least one new handheld is coming from the Palm Solutions Group, but not until mid-April at the earliest.

Review – Michael Schumacher Racing World-Kart 2002

A highly detailed and graphically lush go-kart simulation for PocketPC 2002, MSRWK will probably make racing sim fans very happy, but isn't quite so attractive for others.

PDAs to Help Doctors Respond to Bio Terrorism

The US Government will start testing a system designed to deliver alerts and information via PDA to Doctors and other medical staff in the event of a biological attack.

Review Sony Clie PEG SJ22

The Sony Clie SJ22 is a refresh of the monochrome SJ20. It's also more or less the same thing as the Clie SJ30. Either way, is it the right investment[...]

ViewSonic V37 Pocket PC

ViewSonic s new Pocket PC V37 is one of the THINNEST, LIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL Pocket PCs in its class with features like Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. The Pocket PC[...]

HuneTec H500

WebLink wireless offers two-way paging devices like the Motorola Timeports and service to both business and consumer users. This year they will offer many new devices like the HuneTec H500[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Tungsten W

Palm's 3rd generation wireless handheld adds telephony and a high-resolution color display to an already potent mix.

HP iPAQ h2200 Series Gets FCC Approval

Updated Hewlett Packard intends to release a new series of Pocket PC handhelds, at least one of which will have integrated Bluetooth.

BrightBytes™: MobilePro 900, AT&T Smartphone, Pocketop and More

NEC will reportedly release a new model running the Handheld PC 2000 operating system, AT&T will release a handset running Smartphone 2002, drivers for the Pocketop Wireless Keyboard are delayed[...]

Intel Officially Announces PXA255 XScale Processor

Intel has increased the speed and lowered the power requirements for the processor that is at the heart of most handheld models.

Samsung SGH-i500

CeBit 2003 – Samsung has made the SGH-i500 official. Don’t get confused though, this is not the same thing as the SPH-i500 that has been the subject of much debate[...]

Preview – HP iPAQ h2200 Confirmed by FCC

HP will release two models of the iPAQ h2200, one with Bluetooth and one without. We also have a bunch of pictures from the FCC filing and nearly full specifications.[...]

Palm Tungsten C

Palm is set to release the TC any time now. Not much is known to this point, leaked and estimated specs are all we know at this time. Bruner, Palm’s[...]

Palm Tungsten C

Palm delivers its most powerful and robust handheld yet, the Palm Tungsten C handheld. Running on an ultra-fast processor, built in Wi-Fi1 (802.11b) technology, the latest Palm OS and plenty[...]

PDA News – New Mobile Intel Chips, AT&T Smartphone Coming, New Palm Zire?

Intel has officially confirmed their PXA255 chips and announced a few more AT&T is working with HTC to bring a new Smartphone to market Rumors are leaking regarding[...]

Study Says: Smartphones Will Outsell Handhelds this Year

Smartphones are growng in popularity and will actually outsell handhelds this year in the EMEA region according to one study.

Wi-Fi SD Cards Delayed Until Mid-Year

SD wireless networking cards, some of this year’s most eagerly awaited peripherals, won’t be available until several months after their originally announced release dates.

BrightBytes™: Dell, Pocketop, Zayo A600, and More

Dell has temporarily taken 10% off the cost of the Axim X5 line, Pocketop has released drivers for additional iPAQ models, the Zayo A600 is just $250, and more.

Review MightCraft by Garga Games

Basically, you have a grid of energy spheres and you need to rotate them in order to make a row/column of four or more of the same color. The[...]

First Memory Stick Select Models Available

Online retailers have begun listing and taking orders for the Lexar Memory Stick Select, 256MB memory stick. It seems reasonably priced at $90. If you missed it, the Select memory[...]

PDA News – Mobile Phone Camera Abuse, Free Pocket PC Game, Smartphones to Surpass PDA Sales

Cameras in cell phones and PDAs are becomming more popular, but they're also a problem Garga Games is giving away a nice little time killer for the Pocket PC[...]

First Pocket PC 2003 Details Surface

Last week, Microsoft gave developers an overview of the next version of one of its mobile operating systems. Users should not expect big changes.

FCC Approves New Sony Wi-Fi Card

Sony has permission to release a new wireless networking card that is almost indistinguishable from its current one.

Review – QuickOffice Premier 7.0

In this day and age, likely the most commonly sought after need in mobile computing is compatibility with Microsoft Office, even more than keeping contact and appointment information. After all,[...]

Palm Zire 71 – A Picture and More Rumored Specs Emerge

The latest Palm Zire may put the first effort to shame. Rumors are circulating that indicate the Zire 71 has Palm OS v5.2, an integrated camera and a 320 x[...]

PDA News – Bluetooth Modem Coming, New Sony WiFi Card, PDAs in the War With Iraq, Toshiba e750 Review

Connect to a land line via Bluetooth model with this new product Sony is releasing another CompactFlash WiFi card Coalition troops are using all types of technology to[...]

Company Claims Patent on Peer-to-Peer Gaming

Palm Inc. has been sued by a company that holds a patent for the concept of two devices wirelessly playing against each other.

BrightBytes™: Connection Wizard, ActiveSync, AvantGo, and More

Sony wants to make it easier for users to wirelessly connect their handhelds, ActiveSync could be susceptible to a DoS attack, there is yet another beta of AvantGo for Palm[...]

Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC Now Available

A plug-in that allows handhelds to run the latest Flash content now available. Developers will also be able to create standalone Flash applications.

Flash Player 6 Now Available for Pocket PC

Macromedia has just released Flash 6 for PPCs. Flash enables developers to deploy rich content in a quick and easy manner. Applications like games are already leveraging Flash and more[...]

Sony Launches Mobile Connection Wizard Software

Palm is rarely ahead of Sony in anything, and now you can scratch another item off the list. Sony has released a new desktop software that allows you to configure[...]

PDA News – Sony Ericsson to Try PDA Advertising, Cell Numbers to be Portable Soon, New AvantGo Beta

Sony Ericsson is planning on trying out adverts on wireless PDAs The FCC is getting closer to allowing "number portability" for cell phone numbers AvantGo has released a[...]

Palm Zire 71

Boasting an ultra-fast ARM processor, the Palm Zire 71 Handheld manages your most demanding media tasks with blazing efficiency. A built-in camera offers snapshots in an instant, the 5-way navigator[...]

More Details on the Coming Wi-Fi Memory Stick

Hagiwara Sys-Com is going to release a Wi-Fi Memory Stick in a few months. It’s also working on a Bluetooth Memory Stick and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SD cards.

Review ZIOSoft Spawn for StrongARM

ZIOSoft has set the standard for action titles on the Pocket PC with games like Age of Empires and now Spawn. Spawn is another fantastic looking game with very difficult[...]

Details Emerge on New Memory Stick and SD WiFi and Bluetooth Cards

Hagiwara Sys-Com, out of Taiwan, has announced plans to creat and market both SD and Memory Stick WiFi and Bluetooth cards. All four products will make it to the US[...]

OQO Release Date Slips Again

Updated While it looked for a brief period like an ultra-portable computer that runs Windows XP might finally be availabled in the near future, the release date has[...]

PDA News – Samsung Watch Phone, Bluetooth for the Tungsten W, OQO Slips Again

Samsung is releasing a watch phone with color screen later this year (pic) Palm has released a patch for the Tungsten W to support their SD Bluetooth card [...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony CLIE SJ22

This new Sony model doesn’t break new ground in features but it is the lowest cost Palm OS model with a high-resolution screen.

Scientists Develop Alcohol Powered Battery

In the future, handhelds might be recharged not by plugging them into a wall socket, but by pouring in a few drops of liquor.

More Details on the Palm Zire 71 and Tungsten C

The release of the new Palm Zire 71 and Tungsten C has caused a lot of excitement. While the masses seem ready to write Palm off for good with every[...]

Review Sony Clie PEG-TG50

The TG50 is Sony's attempt to appeal more to the corporate users who want to interact with wireless services like email with a keyboard instead of graffiti. As a result[...]

BrightBytes™: Bluetooth, Pocket Quicken, SD Radio, and More

There is now a driver to allow the Tungsten W to use the Bluetooth SD card, Pocket Quicken for Pocket PC has been delayed, iBIZ is taking pre-orders for its[...]

Casio Releases New Pocket PC in Japan

The E-3000 has a 400 MHz XScale processor and dual CF and SD/MMC slots. It’s not clear whether it will be released outside of its home country, though.

Asia Gets Two New Pocket PCs From Acer and Casio

Acer has launched the n10, a nicely featured PDA that comes in at under $300. Casio is now selling the E-1000 in Japan, which targets high-end consumers.

PDA News – Free Zire From Michelin, Win A Palm OS Device, ViewSonic V35 Goes to the UK, Pumatech Buys Starfish, Free Pocket PC Game

In an interesting cross-branding move, Michelin will give away Zire's with four new tires Do you have a great story about a Palm OS PDA? If so, you could[...]