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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2004

Below are the 162 SmartPhone articles for March of 2004

Is Nokia Actually Going To Take Over Symbian?

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief considers what it might mean for the smart phone industry if Nokia takes a controlling stake in the company that owns the Symbian OS.

palmOne, Dell Lower Handheld Prices

The price of the palmOne Tungsten T2 has been cut by $50, while Dell's X3i has dropped $30.

Swappable Batteries vs. Replaceable Ones

Which is better, a built-in battery or a swappable one?

PDA News – Dual-slot dual-radio VGA PocketPC, iPaq patent suit, Windows Mobile 2004?

Dual-slot, dual-radio VGA PocketPC coming from Asus E-Pass suit against HP to proceed Windows Mobile 2004 just a service pack?

bargainSpots Launches New Tablet PC Site Inc, the parent company of, has launched a new site today that focusses on Tablet PC's,

palmOne Cuts Prices on the Tungsten T2 and Zire 71

Price cuts are often a response to new units or a harbinger of what's to come. There have been a number of rumors regarding the possible Zire 72 and we[...]

IBM Takes a Behind The Scenes Roll With a New Linux PDA to be Released March 11th

Speculation started at LinuxWorld late January regarding IBM getting back into the PDA business. At the show IBM showed off a prototype they had been working on, with serious intentions[...]

palmOne, Garmin Release ROM Updates

palmOne has released a ROM update for its Tungsten C, while Garmin has put out one for the iQue 3600.

Samsung Preparing i530 Palm OS Smart Phone

Samsung has announced a new addition to its collection of Palm OS smart phones.

Hitachi Brings Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to G1000

Hitachi has released a system patch for its G1000 cellular-wireless Pocket PC that allows it to use SDIO cards.

Free Public Beta of PlanMaker 2004 Coming Soon For Pocket PC

SoftMaker has released a free public beta version of PlanMaker for Windows, a Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet application. A Pocket PC version is expected in the coming weeks.

Many Consumers Want Dedicated Mobile Devices

Finally some research that supports my position. Guideline Research has announced the results of a survey that indicates 49% of consumers have no desire for multifunctional devices. Call me a[...]

Fujitsu Continues to Keep Their Pocket PCs Out of the US

Fujitsu has one of the best PDAs on the market, the Loox 610. This model includes 128MB RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, dual expansion slots, user replaceable battery the list goes on.[...]

PalmSource Debuts Palm OS Cobalt Simulator, Developer Tools

PalmSource has posted on its web site for developers a preliminary version of the tools needed to create applications for the next version of the Palm OS. It has also[...]

What Happened to the Treo 610?

A month or so ago, an unconfirmed report appeared on numerous handheld-related web sites that palmOne was planning to release an updated version of its popular Treo 600 smart phone.[...]

Numerous New Handheld Cases Coming on the Market

Stylus Central, Covertec, and Sena are offering new cases for a wide variety of handheld models. These companies are also offering other new peripherals, too.

Get a palmOne Tungsten T3 For Free

Ameritrade is offering an easy way to pick up a new PDA. Open a new non-IRA account with $10,000 and you qualify for a free palmOne Tungsten T3. The offer[...]

Review – SupplyNet Phone to PDA Cable

Writing a review of a Sony-Ericsson T68i to PalmOne Tungsten T3 cable has been one of the hardest pieces I have ever written. Firstly, both the devices have Bluetooth, so,[...]

ThunderHawk Now Supports iPAQ h4000 Series

The latest version of the ThunderHawk web browser adds support for a number of recently released Pocket PCs.

Virtual Laser Keyboard Available at the End of this Month

iBIZ Technology Corp. says its Virtual Laser Keyboard will begin shipping in a few weeks.

palmOne Open to Using Other Operating Systems

Todd Bradley, President and CEO of palmOne, said this week that his company is open to the idea of making devices with other operating systems besides the Palm OS. However,[...]

PDA News – Treo 610, ROM updates, New cases

Treo 610 rumored for March 12th SDIO driver for G1000 PocketPC phone; Bugfix update for Tungsten|C New cases for X3i, h4100, e800, XDA II Soccer via cell[...]

Visitors to Tokyo s Narita Airport to Use Translating PDAs

In Japan s quest to make Narita Airport the most technologically advanced in the world, visitors will be able to rent PDAs that have the ability to translate English voice[...]

Note to Dell and Sony I Want Bluetooth

As we covered last week, Dell has just launched their Axim X3i with Bluetooth in Europe. Sony is about to launch the TH55 there as well with WiFi and Bluetooth.[...]

Samsung SGH-i530

Recently announced by Samsung the SGH-i530 will be an upgraded version of the SGH-i500. The SGH-i530 will run Palm OS Garnet 5.2, have 32 MB of RAM and an SD/MMC[...]

Brighthand Reviews the ASUS MyPal A716

The new MyPal A716 from ASUS does just about everything it can to deliver the features high-end handheld buyers want, including dual forms of wireless networking and two different types[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

This week's gaming roundup features Jumble, Yammy Yammy, and CliFrotz for the Palm OS and MonstroCity and Caribbean Pirates for Pocket PC.

PDA News – GPS based MP3, Ballshooter, PocketPC Treo?

Location-based playlists via GPS New game from Ballshooter; 50% off existing titles "Nothing that would preclude" palmOne from using Windows Mobile

Review – Extinction from Click Gamer (Pocket PC)

It is always nice to see the classic games brought back into existence. After playing the game (on my now outdated Toshiba e335 Pocket PC), I was sent back[...]

Axim X3i with Bluetooth Still Coming to U.S.

Despite a report that it would only be available in Europe, Dell still plans to release a version of the Axim X3i with Bluetooth in the U.S.

What Are the Differences Between the Two Versions of Windows Mobile?

A comparison of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile for Smartphone.

Review – WordPop! from Smart Box Design

I am not a major game player, but WordPop! appealed to me because it has all the elements a PDA game needs to lure my attention away from everything else[...]

Major Psion Shareholder Against Symbian Sell Off

One of the its largest shareholders is opposed to Psion's plan to sell its share of Symbian to Nokia.

RumorMill™: N-Gage 2 Will Fix First Version’s Problems

While the current version of Nokia's gaming smart phone is struggling, a famous game developer says the next generation-model will be much better.

AT&T Network Change Causes Headaches for Smart Phone Users

AT&T Wireless is making a significant change to its network that should increase the coverage for many of its customers. However, as part of this process, it is forcing many[...]

Petition to Save the iPAQ Wireless Pack

There's a petition drive going on in an attempt to get HP to start supporting an accessory that adds GSM/GPRS service to some iPAQ models.

Review – Atari Retro from Mobile Digital Media (Multi-Platform)

Miss the 80's? Long for bygone days of gaming on your trusty Atari 2600? Have fond recollections of eagerly waiting to add the next arcade game[...]

RumorMill™: Retailer Says Tungsten E2 Is Coming

An online store has included something on its site that indicates that palmOne will soon be releasing a new model.

Company Claims Patent on Wireless Roaming

Calypso Wireless recently began contacting wireless service providers to tell them it has a patent on the idea of roaming between different types of wireless networks.

PDA News – GSM coverage, GPS PocketPC, N-Gage understatement

AT&T to convert system; mobile users affected Emirate 1 features GPS, GSM, Bluetooth Nokia CEO understates N-Gage situation

Sony CLIE TJ37 Review

Introduced to the US market on 10 February 2004, the Sony Clie TJ37 looks to be a solid competitor to the well-established Zire 71 from Palm. With a suggested[...]

The HP iPAQ h6300 May Not Be Real

It appears that the HP iPAQ h6300 that we saw a few weeks ago may not be real. In an odd twist of fate, the pictures we saw may have[...]

Is There Going To Be a Windows Mobile 2004?

Brighthand examines what the upcoming update to this operating system will be called... and what that means about its feature set.

First-Generation Fuel Cells Moving Closer to Market

Kensington has a agreed to market a line of fuel cells developed by Medis Technologies.

Sony Ericsson Announces Bluetooth Picture Viewer and Audio Player

Sony Ericsson has announced the Bluetooth Media Viewer MMV-100. The device plugs into a TV or digital projector and receives images and AMR or MP3 audio sent from a wireless[...]

Industry Leaders Propose Top-Level Domain for Mobile Web Sites

Several leading companies from the mobile industry are going to request that a Top Level Domain (TLD) be created for web sites that are intended for handhelds and smart phones.

PDA News – Fluid camera lenses, Tungsten|E2, CDMA PPC Phone for $150

Fluid lenses to redefine inexpensive mobile cameras PalmGear lists Tungsten|E2 Verizon-compatible Thera PPC Phone for $150, no contract

Review – Sony Ericsson P900

The Sony Ericsson P900 is a late arrival to North America, after being released last year in Europe. It provides major improvements over the first iteration, the P800. A new[...]

More Anecdotal Evidence of the palmOne Treo 610 Emerges

Yesterday began featuring the palmOne Treo 610 on their site along with a picture of the current Treo 600. The listing changed slightly recently as they have added a[...]

Mapopolis for Windows Mobile Smart Phones Now in Beta

Mapopolis has released the beta version of a mapping application for smart phones running Microsoft's mobile operating system.

RumorMill™: New Evidence of the Treo 610 (Updated)

There is some new evidence that palmOne may be intending to announce an updated version of its smart phone.

Microsoft Helps Launch Mobile Video System

Microsoft and a pair of other companies have announced the launch of an end-to-end solution for the creation and delivery of digital video to wireless handhelds and smart phones.

Developers Can Win Big Prizes in New Microsoft Contest

Microsoft is kicking off a Mobile2Market Application Contest. The grand prize of $25,000 will go to the best piece of software submitted, and there will be twenty finalists who will[...]

PDA News – Treo video, Proporta discounts, GBA emulator for Zodiac

Treo 600 video recording application 10% off Proporta hardware, 20% off software Gameboy Advance emulator for Tapwave Zodiac Veo cancels PalmOne camera

The Future of Pocket Office

Many are calling for big improvements in Pocket Word and Pocket Excel, but there are several different ways Microsoft could go about doing this. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief Ed Hardy goes[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

New and updated games this week include Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, Amazing World, Warfare Incorporated, and more.

Socket To Show New Bluetooth Products at CeBIT 2004

Socket is planning to show several new Bluetooth-enabled products at CeBIT 2004.

Nintendo Moves to End All Gameboy Emulation Software (Updated)

Nintendo has sent a "Cease and Desist" order to a company planning to release a Gameboy emulator today as part of what is apparently going to be a campaign to[...]

T-Mobile Posts, Removes Pocket PC Phone Edition Upgrade

T-Mobile briefly made a Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade available for its Pocket PC Phone Edition device, but removed it after many people who downloaded it ran into problems.

PDA News – Treo 600 re-release, Bluetooth Axim, XDA with BlackBerry

Treo 600 re-release in April to lack camera Bluetooth Axims still coming to U.S. XDA II to add BlackBerry technology Cases for TH55, TJ37, e400, e800

Nokia One Step Closer to Controlling Symbian

A majority of Psion shareholders have voted to approve a plan to sell its portion of the Symbian software group to Nokia.

First Electronic Ink Ebook Reader Coming Later this Year

Three companies are showing off a prototype of an ebook reader that uses the electronic ink display they have developed over the past several years.

ASUS Reveals More Details about Upcoming VGA Pocket PC

ASUS has issued a press release listing the products it intends to announce at the CeBIT trade show later this week, one of which is the MyPal A730.

PDA News – Firestorm delayed, 520 MHz VGA PocketPC, Warfare Inc.

'Firestorm' emulator delayed; Nintendo attempts patent-grab Asus A730 VGA PocketPC unveiled Warfare Inc. mission editor

Review – Secure File PDA Backup from MDM (Multi-platform)

Secure PDA Backup published by MDM provides a quick, easy backup solution for Palm OS- and Pocket PC-based devices equipped with an SD/MMC expansion slot. The program provides the[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Tapwave Zodiac

The first Palm OS device specifically designed for gaming, the Zodiac features a large screen, an analog joystick, and everything else necessary to make playing games fun. However, it can[...]

RumorMill™: Another Hint an Apple Handheld May Be in the Wings

A bit of new evidence has emerged that suggests Apple might have hired a company to do some research into whether there's a market for an updated version of the[...]

Will All Wireless PDAs Have Biometric Scanners One Day? They Better

With the proliferation of wireless PDAs comes remote access to critical data like email, sales reports, contact databases the list goes on. While many PDAs offer basic security options, most[...]

Toshiba Mini Hard Drive Named World’s Smallest

The Guiness Book of World Records has certified a .85-inch Toshiba hard drive as the smallest in the world. Storage devices like this are expected to begin appearing in handhelds[...]

JAVOedge Debuts Tungsten T3, iPAQ h4155 Cases

JAVOedge has announced two new models in its ClearCase line of transparent plastic hard cases.

Vaja Releases Stylish SD Card Holder

Vaja has introduced an accessory case that holds a pair of SecureDigital memory cards.

PDA News – New cases, Convergence or divergence, Apple rumors

New cases for Treo, Clies Information Week: Convergence or divergence of mobile devices? Rumor of Apple Newton revival survey

What to Expect from CeBIT 2004

Brighthand reveals several new devices and accessories that will debut at CeBIT, the world's largest technology tradeshow, which kicks off March 17 in Germany.

Toshiba Showing Off Cutting-Edge Technologies

Toshiba has a special "Innovation Corner" at CeBIT it which it is demonstrating a range of technologies that are in the prototype stage now but are expected to become mainstream[...]

Nokia Announces Symbian Smart Phone with Megapixel Camera

The Nokia 7610 will be Nokia's first smart phone with a built-in megapixel camera. It will offer considerable multimedia capabilities.

Palm Store Now Offering Enfora’s Wi-Fi Case

Those who would like to add Wi-Fi to their palmOne handheld now have the option of purchasing Enfora's carrying case for handhelds that gives them wireless networking access.

Gold Plated Styli Now Available

Metal Styli Limited is now offering gold plated styli for a variety of mobile devices.

palmOne to Unveil New Models in April

palmOne CEO Todd Bradley said in an interview today that his company will announce some new handhelds next month.

RumorMill™: New Evidence of the iPAQ h6300 Emerges

HP has posted a page on its support site for a cellular-wireless Pocket PC it has not yet announced.

PDA News – Bluetooth Headphones, Mio comes to U.S., PalmOne says ‘no’ to Blackberry

Bluetooth headphones filtering onto market Mitac to launch U.S. subsidiary dubbed Mio Tech PalmOne will not offer Blackberry connectivity

The Wi-Fi Business Model — Is There One?

On a recent weekday I read three different articles with headlines that went something like this:McDonald's to Offer Wi-Fi With Meal Purchase T-Mobile to Make it Easier for Subscribers[...]

Xigma Style Japan Releases New TH55 Cases

A company based in Japan has introduced two new leather cases for the Sony Clie TH55 that allows this handheld's camera to be used without removing it from the case.

HP Posts iPAQ h2215, h1945 ROM Updates

HP has posted on its support website ROM updates for the iPAQ h2210/h2215 and the iPAQ h1940/h1945. These fix various bugs and add a few enhancements.

MiTAC Commits to North America

MiTAC is going to launch Mio Technology, a subsidiary dedicated to offering the Mio line of Pocket PCs and smart phones in North America.

Keep Track of College Basketball Action with AvantGo

Basketball fans can follow the NCAA men's college tournament with the free AvantGo College Hoops Channel.

PalmSource Turns a Profit, But Revenues Down

PalmSource turned a profit during its most recent financial quarter, but its quarter revenues decreased considerably.

Microsoft Releasing Windows Mobile Update Next Week

The Microsoft Mobile DevCon starts next week and reportedly the highlight of the show is going to be the debut of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, an updated version of[...]

The Latest from CeBIT 2004

Brighthand brings you the latest announcements from the world's largest technology tradeshow.

Sendo X Smartphone

Sendo X is the new multimedia Smartphone from Sendo. To create it, we’ve taken the best technology from around the world, combined it and then improved it, to produce the[...]

PDA News – iPaq 6000 is real, New Palms in April, Irish Treo theme

iPaq 6000 HP support page PalmOne CEO: New models next month Irish Treo 600 theme MSN Direct adds new face, basketball coverage for SPOT watches

PDA News – Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, Tungsten Ts for $99, iPaq ROM updates

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition supports VGA and screen rotation Tungsten Ts on clearance at OfficeMax, $99 HP ROM updates for iPaq 2200, 1940

Live From CeBIT Germany – Palm OS PDAs to Get Faster Graphics Thanks to Nvidia

It was only a matter of time before PDAs joined other mobile devices like notebooks and tablets in offering dedicated video memory. Currently the only Palm OS PDA with dedicated[...]

Nexio XP30 Will Offer Extra-Large Screen, Wi-Fi

Samsung Electronics has announced a handheld that will have a 5-inch screen with a 800-by-480-pixel resolution.

Motorola Gives New Information on MPx

Motorola has released some more information about its upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC, though some facts still remain unknown.

Tiny Memory Cards Becoming More Widely Available

Though neither is a new format, slots for both miniSD and RS-MMC cards are becoming common on the next generation of smart phones, and so memory card makers are responding[...]

AlphaSmart Extends PalmSource Licensing Agreement

AlphaSmart has extended its licensing agreement with PalmSource through 2008.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

New and updated games this week include Lejjo 2.0, ScummVM, Tetranoid, and Dragon's Castle.

Samsung Nexio XP30

Samsung has been making integrated phone PDAs for nearly three years but they have yet to release a standard PDA in the US. This may change by 2005 as Samsung[...]

Samsung Features New Pocket PC at CeBIT Germany – the Nexio XP30

Samsung has been making integrated phone PDAs for nearly three years but they have yet to release a standard PDA in the US. This may change by 2005 as Samsung[...]

UPDATE: Live From CeBIT Germany – The iPAQ h6300 Will Be Released in July

Andrew was able to get connected long enough to send me this report from Hannover. More details to come along with pictures. The h6300 will make a July release and[...]

Brando Offers New Cases, iPAQ Battery, Wi-Fi SDIO Card

Brando Workshop now has cases for the TH55, TJ27/TJ37, and Toshiba e400/e405, as well as iPAQ batteries and a low-power Wi-Fi SDIO card for Pocket PCs.

Smart Phone with Megapixel Camera Coming from Samsung

Samsung is demonstrating at the CeBIT tradeshow an upcoming handset running Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone.

Matsushita 1 GB SD Card Coming in May

A 1 GB SecureDigital card will be released in the next few months by Matsushita, though it will carry the Panasonic brand.

More CeBIT Germany Reports Coming

Andrew just sent a few brief emails. Connectivity at the show was terrible, for those not based in Europe. He will be filing a number of reports starting tomorrow evening[...]

BenQ Showing Off Small Pocket PC Phone

The BenQ P50 will be a cellular-wireless Pocket PC that offers a keyboard and camera, plus multiple forms of wireless networking.

RumorMill™: No Palm OS Cobalt Devices Expected Until Summer

According to a report from someone attending the CeBIT tradeshow, neither palmOne nor Sony are going to release a handheld with the next version of the Palm OS for several[...]

Asus MyPal A730 Preview from CeBIT (pics, specs)

With the upcoming Asus MyPal A730 Pocket PC and Asus MyPal A8100 Windows Mobile Smartphone, both of which will depend upon yet to be released Microsoft and Intel technologies, Asus[...]

Toshiba’s Concept of a Wristwatch PDA

Toshiba is showing off some concept devices at CeBIT, including its ideas for a future Wristwatch PDA, a digital wallet, and a Web-access device that uses a near-eye display.

ASUS Reveals Very High-End A730 Pocket PC

When it's available later this year, the MyPal A730 will include a VGA screen, multiple forms of wireless networking, and dual memory card slots.

Standard Email Application for Palm OS Debuts

PalmSource and Visto Corp. have unveiled what will be the default email application on future Palm OS handhelds.

Plazmic Announces Content Developer’s Kit For BlackBerry

A new developer's kit will allow the creation of interactive and animated browser-based content for BlackBerry handheld devices.

A New Mobile Software Powerhouse Is Coming Together

Power By Hand, which already owns PalmGear and Palm Digital Media, has just acquired two companies that sell software for Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

palmOne Revenues Up on Strong Treo 600 Demand

palmOne's revenues were up significantly during its most recent financial quarter, but not enough to make the company profitable.

Motorola MPx100 Pictures and Specs from CTIA Atlanta

Motorola first showed off its MPx100 SmartPhone in Cannes, France a couple of weeks ago. They're back showing it off in Atlanta, GA now. Brian is on location[...]

Two Major Companies License the Symbian OS

LG Electronics, the world's fifth-largest manufacturer of mobile phones, has licensed the Symbian OS and Nokia's Series 60. Lenovo, which was already a Series 60 licensee, has just become[...]

Wi-Fi SD Card with 256 MB of Storage Available Soon

A single SD card that offers both wireless networking and 256 MB of storage will be available for Windows Mobile users in the near future.

Roundup of CTIA Wireless 2004 News

The biggest tradeshow for the wireless industry to be held in the U.S. is going on now in Atlanta, and Brighthand has reports from the show floor.

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the Motorola MPx

The Motorola MPx is on display at CTIA Wireless 2004 and Brighthand's Ed Hardy was able form some preliminary impressions of this cellular-wireless Pocket PC with an innovative shape.

Handmark Debuts Express Information Service For Smartphone Users

Handmark has unveiled its new Handmark Express wireless information service that allows Palm OS and Windows Mobile smartphones to quickly obtain information about news, weather, sports, movie listings, stock prices,[...]

Intel XScale Chips to Get Speed Boost to 624MHz

In the next couple of months Intel will be releasing its next generation chips for PDA and other handheld devices. In the last release of XScale chips from Intel[...]

PalmSource Announces an Official Platform Email Client

PalmSource has announced a partnership with Visto that will add Mobile Mail 5.0 as an out of the box email solution for Palm OS licensees. Thus far licensees like Sony,[...]

Mobile Technology Combines With Runway Models for a Stunning Presentation

At the CTIA this year, they are showing off the latest in mobile technology via a runway style fashion show. This fourth annual presentation will feature eight shows where models[...]

An Overview of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

An update for Windows Mobile 2003 has just been announced. This brings some significant enhancements, including support for VGA screens and the ability to switch the screen orientation between portrait[...]

PalmSource Working to Make Palm OS Cobalt a Better Gaming Platform

PalmSource has announced plans to build the OpenGL ES Application Program Interfaces (APIs) into a future version of Palm OS Cobalt. This will help developers create advanced 3D graphics and[...]

ThunderHawk Smart Phone Edition Coming Next Month

Bitstream Inc. is going to release ThunderHawk Smart Phone Edition to consumers in April.

T-Mobile Offers Free Upgrade to Phone Edition Users

T-Mobile has once again made a Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade available for its Pocket PC Phone Edition device. This was available briefly a few weeks ago but it was removed[...]

New Color BlackBerry For CDMA Networks Coming Soon

RIM has announced the BlackBerry 7750, which is expected to be available through Verizon in April.

BlackBerry 7730

RIM Wireless Handhelds include the most advanced wireless technology allowing you to send and receive email from the palm of your hand. Creating and retrieving information is amazingly simple using[...]

PDA News – T-Mobile OS update, PalmOne financial report, No Cobalt until Autumn?

Free Windows Mobile 2003 for T-Mobile PPC Phone PalmOne quarterly financials Rumor: No Cobalt devices until Autumn release cycle

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Officially Announced

After a week of being taken to court by Europe and having their face rubbed in the dirt by HP who announced they'll be releasing Linux PCs and notebooks, Microsoft[...]

T-Mobile Adds RIM’s BlackBerry 7730 to Their Lineup

BlackBerry users take notice. T-Mobile will soon be offering the latest and greatest from RIM, the 7730. T-Mobile already carries a few Blackberry units, but the 7730 features a few[...]

RumorMill™: AT&T to Release New Pocket PC Phone

AT&T Wireless will reportedly soon begin offering the Audiovox SP230a, a cellular-wireless handheld that runs the Phone Edition of Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.

Chat with Windows Mobile Experts

On the fourth Thursday of every month, Microsoft holds an online chat about Windows Mobile.

When Will Windows Mobile Second Edition Updates Be Available?

The latest information on when -- and if -- HP, Dell, and Toshiba will release Windows Mobile Second Edition updates for current models.

C-Guys Developing Wi-Fi SD Card for Palm Models

C-Guys currently offers a Wi-Fi SDIO card for Pocket PC models and it is now working on a software driver that will allow handhelds running the Palm OS to use[...]

Dell Says No, Toshiba Says Yes to Offering Windows Mobile SE Upgrades

While it's obviously in Toshiba's best interest to offer the Windows Mobile upgrade to consumers at no charge, Dell's taking an alternate stance.

Memory Stick Television Tuner Still a Possibility

The Memory Stick Association began showing off a television tuner concept at CeBIT almost exactly one year ago. The demand for TV on PDAs isn't exactly strong because no one[...]

Sony CLIE TH55 Review

This is a complete review of the new Sony Clie TH55 wireless handheld.

FilePoint 3.0 Adds Windows Networking to Palm OS Devices

Bachmann Software has released FilePoint 3.0 for Palm OS handhelds, adding the ability to access shared network drives.

Pocket Streets Now Available for Windows Mobile Smart Phones

Microsoft has released Pocket Streets 1.0, a street level mapping application for Windows Mobile smart phones.

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the Nokia 9500 Communicator

Ed Hardy had an opportunity to try out an upcoming high-end wireless handheld from Nokia. He brings us his initial thoughts on this model, which offers a good-sized display, a[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

Xbox games going mobile, Shadowgate Classic for Palm OS, free Easter game from Clickgamer, and more.

There’ll Be No Xbox Portable

The head of game content for Microsoft has made it clear that his company has no plans to release a portable gaming device. Instead, it will encourage game developers to[...]

PDA News – Dell waffles, SDIO WiFi, iPaq upgrades

Dell waffles on 2003 SE upgrades for X3, X3i New SDIO WiFi card intended for Palm; combo cards 'coming soon' WM2003 SE upgrade details from HP Minimalist[...]

Mitac Mio 168 / Navman PiN GPS Integrated Pocket PC Review

Last year, the Garmin iQUE 3600 Palm OS based PDA with integrated GPS created quite a stir. That unit has been highly rated by users, leaving the "Pocket PC[...]

Linux-Powered Handheld Available this Spring from Royal

Sometime this spring, Royal Consumer Information Products will finally ship the Linea LX, its delayed Linux-powered handheld.

RIM and Good Technology Settle Lawsuits

Research In Motion and Good Technology, Inc. have agreed to a settlement that will bring to an end a long list of pending lawsuits between the two companies.

My Dinner with Sony

Brighthand's Ed Hardy recently had a opportunity to sit down with some very high-level Sony employees, who gave him a pretty good idea of their company's plans for upcoming wireless[...]

Hitachi Shows Off Prototype PDA Powered by a Fuel Cell

Hitachi announced late last year that expects to have a tiny fuel cell by 2005. It recently showed off a prototype of handheld that will be powered by this fuel[...]

Microsoft Releases Beta of Windows CE 5.0

Microsoft just released a beta of a new version of Windows CE, the operating system that is the basis for Windows Mobile.

Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Nears Release

Microsoft has announced a Technology Preview Kit for Windows CE 5.0 at the electronicaUSA show in San Francisco. The final version of Microsoft(R) Windows CE 5.0 will focus on increasing[...]

Faster XScale Processors To Be Announced Next Month

The next generation of XScale processors will be unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum to be held in Taiwan in mid-April.

Companies Ignoring Security Risks from Handhelds and Smart Phones

According to a recent survey, a large percentage of mobile device users either do not have, or do not know whether they have, any security protection on their device. Yet[...]

An Attempt to Improve the World with a Handheld

The Simputer was created to bring the benefits of computers to India's poor.

No Cobalt for Zodiac

Tapwave isn't going to release an operating system upgrade for its Zodiac line of Palm OS devices.

PDA News – RIM and Good settle, Firestorm, Video recorders

RIM, Good Technology settle lawsuits Firestorm gbaZ released without main attraction Video recording software for Treo 600, Zire 71

Zaurus with VGA Screen, Wi-Fi Now Available in U.S.

An English version of the Zaurus SL-6000L is now available from several online retailers. This offers built-in Wi-Fi, a mini keyboard, and a 4-inch VGA screen.

Wi-Fi Memory Stick Hits U.S. Market

Hagiwara Sys-Com's much-anticipated Wi-Fi card that uses the Memory Stick format is now available in the U.S.

Brighthand Reviews Hagiwara Sys-Com’s Wi-Fi Memory Stick

Brighthand gave the first ever Wi-Fi Memory Stick a thorough test and found that it offers a wide range and an access point sniffer, though it does have a major[...]

SIM Cards May Be Used to Log Onto Wi-Fi Networks

An industry consortium recommends customers sign onto Wi-Fi networks with the same technology used in most mobile phones, SIM cards.

Microsoft Shows off Concept Pocket PCs

Microsoft showed off what it believes is the future of Pocket PCs at its Mobile Developers Conference last week.

Sony to Add Retail Stores to Make Shopping Easier

Sony has announced plans to add retail outlets in 10 markets over the next several months. The plan is similar to the stores Apple has rolled out. Sony can only[...]