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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2005

Below are the 130 SmartPhone articles for March of 2005

Nintendo DS May Be Repositioned as a PDA

Reportedly, the Palm OS PIM apps that are rumored to be in development for the Nintendo DS are going to become the new centerpiece of the device.

Tapwave Releases Beta of Updated Zodiac Wi-Fi Drivers

Today, it released a public beta on an updated version of its software driver that allows its gaming-oriented handhelds to use Wi-Fi SD cards.

Proof That There’s No Such Thing as Bad Press

News of Paris Hilton's Sidekick II being hacked has caused sales of this device to shoot up.

SplashMoney 4.0 for Palm OS Introduces Wireless Online Banking for PDAs and Smartphones

SplashMoney now allows users to download their most recent banking account activities through a wireless connection on a handheld or smartphone.

pInetlock v1.0.17 Helps You to Surf Securely

codesworth is happy to announce that pInetlock is available for general download. It contains one of the world’s first browser helper objects for Pocket IE, allowing you to securely log[...]

Visto Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Smartner

Visto Corporation has filed a complaint alleging patent infringements against Smartner Information Systems. The complaint seeks a permanent injunction that would prohibit Smartner from continuing to misappropriate Visto's intellectual[...]

PalmSource Names Jeanne Seeley CFO

PalmSource has named Jeanne Seeley the company's new Chief Financial Officer.

Hitachi to Make Hard Drive Integration in Consumer Electronics Easier

If Hitachi has their way, consumer electronics like PDAs will offer small integrated hard disk drives for storage. Hitachi will be opening five design studios around the world to help[...]

Carriers Confirm Some Details on Clamshell Pocket PC Phone

Two more European wireless carriers have said they will offer versions of the HTC Universal, and the details they revealed confirm many of the earlier rumors about this Pocket PC.

Notify Technology Launches New Hosted Wireless Synchronization Service Targeting Small to Medium Businesses

The NotifyLink Hosted Service provides secure, real time wireless synchronization of email and PIM information for mobile Novell GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange users. It supports a variety of Blackberry, Palm[...]

Vorum Fighter Released

Vorum Fighter is a classic space shooter developed by Ghamoo Studios and published by Crimson Fire. It is available for Palm OS and includes Zodiac-specific features.

palmOne Treo 650 GSM Version Review

When the Treo 600 was first announced around the middle of 2003, I was excited in thinking that it would be the ultimate all in one gadget. However, when[...]

Our Family is Growing — New Digital Camera Site Launched

Since we started with PDAs almost four years ago, we've slowly added to our family of sites, covering notebooks, Tablet PCs and MSN Direct (SPOT) devices. We're happy to announce[...]

Iambic Announces SSL Support for Agendus Mail

Agendus Mail SSL Edition is a more secure version of iambic's email solution for Palm OS devices.

New POWER_OUT RS232 Serial Cable for Tungsten T5 / Treo 650 Announced

PN Technologies is now offering a cable product line to take advantage of the POWER_OUT pin on the palmOne Tungsten T5 and Treo 650.

PDA News – Treo 650 in Europe, 6 GB Microdrives, New Sony Ericsson smartphone?

Treo 650 launches in Europe Hitachi debuts 6 GB microdrives Report: Sony Ericsson planning updated P series smartphone Bluetooth crippling lawsuit expands

Pocket PC Magazine Sells 100 of the Top Pocket PC Software Programs on One CD

A CD containing 100 of the top software programs for Pocket PC is now available from Pocket PC magazine -- worth over $2,300 and being sold at 80% off.

Satellite Radio May be Coming to PDAs

Satellite radio seems poised to overtake traditional terrestrial radio in the coming years. XM and Sirius have made their way into our cars, computers and now even portable satellite radio[...]

Facial Recognition Coming to Mobile Devices

Securing mobile devices is an increasingly crucial thing to do since we're more apt to carry critical, and private, data than ever before. I don't know about you, but if[...]

Governments Want to Make the BlackBerry Ready for Top Secret Info

U.S. and Canadian agencies are working to make BlackBerry devices even more secure, in hopes of allowing government officials to use them in a crisis.

Bluetooth Awareness Nearly Doubled in the Last Year

A recent study shows an increasing rate of Bluetooth awareness and use among consumers. In fact, in some areas people are more familiar with Bluetooth than Wi-Fi.

FCC Approves the Samsung i830 Pocket PC

The FCC has given Samsung permission to release in the U.S. the i830, a cellular-wireless Pocket PC which will have support for both CDMA and GSM/GPRS networks.

HP iPaq hx2750 Review

This is primarily a review of the HP iPaq hx2750. It also covers the iPaq hx2755, which is identical to the hx2750 in all relevant details.

Symbol Re-Licenses the Palm OS

Symbol Technologies has renewed its license of the Palm OS. Under the terms of the agreement, Symbol will continue to use PalmSource's operating system in several current handhelds, as well[...]

PalmSource Joins the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum

PalmSource has joined a consortium of companies aimed at encouraging the use of Linux in consumer electronics.

Updated MiTAC Pocket PC with GPS Receiver Released

The Mio168RS is one of the few Pocket PCs to include a built-in GPS receiver. Unlike its predecessor, this latest device from MiTAC runs Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

Atomic Cannon v2.0 Released

Atomic Cannon is a turn based artillery combat game for the Pocket PC. The new version offers 35 new weapons, as well as many other improvements.

PDA News – CDMA/GSM Hybrid phone, iPaq hw6000 specs, Symbol renews

Samsung prepping CDMA/GSM PocketPC phone Confirmation of specs for iPaq hw6500, hw6700 Symbol renews Palm OS license

Consumer Awareness of Bluetooth is Growing

As various reporters and industry experts proclaim Bluetooth a dead technology, consumer awareness is on the rise. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group commissioned a study that tested awareness in the[...]

Satellite Radio May Be Coming to Handhelds, Smartphones

Calypso Wireless has developed a new patent-pending technology that will allow users of handhelds and mobile phones to listen to broadcasts from XM Satellite Radio or Sirius Satellite Radio.

Apple May Be Developing Pocket-Size Mac

An Apple-related web site says it has been leaked information on a secret project to create a mini laptop running OS X.

Handheld Users ‘Trading Places’ with Latest Release of Earthcomber

The new version of Earthcomber, a free Palm OS mapping application, lets users mark their favorite places on maps, either on their handheld or directly on the Web, and then[...]

Payload Offers the Ride of a Lifetime on the N-Gage Platform

Payload is a futuristic action game that offers a mix of strategy, combat, and traditional racing.

Flexible Displays Coming from Philips by 2007

Scientists at Philips Polymer Vision say they will have a flexible display suitable for a handheld or smartphone in production in about two years.

Apple PDA/Mini Notebook Rumors Back Again

Rumors of Apple getting into the PDA business or at least the tiny notebook business are back again. Depending on which Mac fan site you visit it's going to be[...]

ITM to Offer Its First Palm OS Smartphone (Updated)

ITM Technology AG today announced it plans to offer its first Palm OS device, the hagenuk SmartPhone S 200.

Samsung Unveils Smartphone with 3 GB Microdrive

Not only will the SGH-i300 include a built-in microdrive and a QVGA screen, it may be one of the first devices to use Magneto, the upcoming version of[...]

Pretec Debuts Yet Another Memory Card Format

C-Flash cards will be very small, and the format appears to have been created as a rival to SanDisk's TransFlash format.

Nokia Taking the N-Gage Back to the Drawing Board Again

The N-Gage QD hasn't sold all that well, and Nokia is putting together another redesign of this gaming-oriented smartphone.

Brighthand’s Coverage of CeBIT 2005

CeBIT, the largest computer trade show in the world, is going on now in Germany. This is a traditional place to introduce new products, and a couple of new[...]

Another Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC Coming from Samsung

Samsung has announced the i750, the third in a series of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs being put together by this company. While this handheld resembles the previous two models in many[...]

PDA News – Pocket GMail, PalmSource joins Linux forum, 2 GB SD cards shipping

GMail now works on mobile devices PalmSource joins Consumer Electronics Linux Forum ATP shipping 2 GB SD cards Cradle now available for HTC Magician

ITM Technology AG Launches the Palm OS Based hagenuk SmartPhone S 200

Germany will see a small new Smartphone running on the Palm OS in April for 499 EUR. The hagenuk SmartPhone S 200 will run on Garnet featuring Bluetooth, a 1.3[...]

Navman Readying New GPS-Enabled Pocket PC

Navman has taken the wraps off the PiN 57, its second Pocket PC with a built-in GPS receiver.

Sharp Bringing Out Clamshell Zaurus without Microdrive

Last fall, Sharp released a Zaurus model with a built-in hard drive. Today, this company has announced a version of this handheld without the microdrive.

T-Mobile Germany Announces QVGA Smartphones

T-Mobile Germany has announced plans to release a pair of Windows Mobile smartphones with 240-by-320-pixel displays.

T-Mobile USA Welcomes A New Member To The BlackBerry Family

T-Mobile USA is now offering RIM's 7290, a cellular wireless handheld with Bluetooth.

Sharp Announces the SL-C1000, Clamshell PDA Without Microdrive

Sharp has had some of the most innovative PDA designs in the world, but unless US buyers use the grey market, their Linux-based devices can't be found here. Last year[...]

Possible Photos of the Next Generation Treo 670–Running Windows

Early today, a user on TreoCentral posted what appear to be photos and some initial details about a new Treo model, called the 670, which runs a Windows operating system.[...]

Enjoy Great Music on Your Smartphone: Mini Lyrics Magic

Mini Lyrics Magic is the first software used by smartphones to play MP3 and show lyrics simultaneously.

Is This the First Pocket PC Treo?

A few months ago, a rumor went around that palmOne is going to develop a Windows Mobile version of the Treo. Now, someone has several pictures of what might be[...]

Treo 650 Now Available in Canada

palmOne's Treo 650 smartphone has been launched by Canada's Rogers Wireless, and supports this carrier's high-speed EDGE network.

GSPDA Launches Xplore Palm OS Smartphones in N. America (Updated)

Group Sense PDA says it has released three Palm OS smartphones in North America. Two of these have been available in other parts of the world for a while, but[...]

America Online and Yahoo! Chat Services Coming to the BlackBerry Platform

Both America Online and Yahoo! have announced that their instant messaging clients will soon be available to users of BlackBerry wireless handhelds.

More Companies Join the Palm Powered Mobile World Program

PalmSource announced today that two more companies have joined its Palm Powered Mobile World program: JP Mobile and MessageVine.

2 GB of Internal Storage Coming to Palm OS Devices

M-Systems has announced plans to work with PalmSource to develop Palm OS support for its 2 GB DiskOnChip storage solution.

GSPDA Announces Xplore M-Series Palm OS Smartphones for North America

GSPDA and PalmSource jointly announced three new Smartphones today at the CTIA in New Orleans. We had the pleasure of meeting with PalmSource and saw all three units in action.[...]

microSD Will Replace SanDisk’s TransFlash

The SD Card Association (SDA) is working on the specifications for microSD, a new type of memory card that will replace SanDisk's TransFlash format.

Nokia Cuts the U.S. Price of the N-Gage QD in Half

Nokia has just slashed the price for the N-Gage QD in the United States. Games designed for this smartphone have also been reduced.

HTC to Bundle BlackBerry Connect on Its Windows Mobile Devices

High Tech Computer plans to begin bundling RIM's push email serive on many of the Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones it designs.

Infiniti and AvantGo Bring College Hoops to Smartphones and PDAs

The 2005 Infiniti College Hoops mobile web site delivers game-day information on the NCAA Men's Division I tournament directly to users' smartphones and personal digital assistants via the AvantGo service.

Information on CommWarrior Malware

Details on the CommWarrior worm, and what owners of smartphones running Series 60 can do to protect their devises from it.

PDA News – New Samsung PPC phone, More Treo 670 photos, MicroSD cards

Samsung shows off new PocketPC phone More photos of the Treo 670; Windows interface seen SD Card Association to approve 'Micro SD' format [...]

PDA News – Wireless Broadband, ZigBee SDIO, Wireless MMX 2

Samsung to push 'WiBro' wireless broadband 802.15.4 ZigBee SDIO card released Intel updates Wireless MMX technology Petition: Opera web browser for Palm OS

First Hint of the Zire 73

A few months ago, the FCC accidentally posted some information on the Tungsten E2. Now there's some evidence that this company may be planning to release a second new model[...]

Decuma Handwriting Recognition Released for UIQ

Zi Corporation has released a version of its Decuma Alphabetic handwriting recognition software for the Sony Ericsson P800/900/910 series of cellular-wireless handhelds.

Research In Motion and NTP Settle Lawsuit

The long-running lawsuit between Research In Motion (RIM) and NTP has finally come to an end. RIM gets a perpetual license to the disputed patents, but has to pay a[...]

palmOne Tungsten 2005 (Tungsten T6) Rumors

Rumor has it that palmOne has a Tungsten T6 device in the pipeline for an April release, except the device will be called the Tungsten 2005. The likelihood of[...]

Bitstream Releases ThunderHawk 2.0 Smartphone Edition

ThunderHawk 2.0 provides users and enterprise clients with a familiar, yet secure, desktop browsing experience on Windows Mobile smartphones.

WinMobile Download Accelerator Speeds Up File Downloads

WinMobile Download Accelerator is an optimized download manager for Pocket PCs.

iambic Announces New Windows Versions of its Productivity Enhancement Software

Agendus for Windows, Palm Desktop Edition lets users work seamlessly between their desktop and Palm OS handheld. Agendus for Windows, Outlook Edition brings to users of Microsoft Outlook the additional[...]

palmOne Reports Fourth Profitable Quarter in a Row

palmOne has just reported that it earned a small profit during its most recent financial quarter, and revenue was up approximately 18 percent same quarter a year ago.

Photo Tour – GSPDA Xplore M28, M68 and M98

We had a few moments to play with the new Palm OS based Smartphones from GSPDA at the CTIA this week. Following are several pictures of each device. They'll be[...]

palmOne Confirms New PDAs/Smartphones by May and EVDO Treo

palmOne held their fiscal 3Q confernce call today and while they don't announce new product on such calls, they did reveal some interesting guideance. First off they confirmed plans to[...]

PDA News – PalmOne earnings report, RIM suit settled, Pocket Blackberry

PalmOne reports Q3 earnings RIM settles patent suit by NTP HTC to distribute Windows Mobile Blackberry software Acer settles royalty dispute with PalmSource

Release Date Slips for HTC Universal Clamshell Pocket PC Phone

T-Mobile Germany moving back when its version of the HTC Universal will be released is a strong indication that all versions of this device won't be[...]

Round-Up of Recent palmOne Rumors (Updated)

Quite a few descriptions of what are supposedly new palmOne handhelds have been making the rounds recently. Some of these rumors are believable, while others more resemble someone's dream than[...]

T-Mobile U.S.A. Pulls the HP h6315

T-Mobile U.S.A. is no longer offering the iPAQ h6315 cellular-wireless Pocket PC. This was the only carrier in the United States offering this device.

PDAs and Smartphones at CTIA Spring 2005

While it's mainly a wireless show, there was plenty of news regarding PDAs and Smartphones. The biggest news was of course the three new Palm OS Smartphones from GSPDA that[...]

Acer Settles Dispute with PalmSource

Acer and PalmSource have settled a dispute over license fees, freeing the Taiwanese company to focus on Pocket PCs.

Talking Dictionary from Langenscheidt for PDAs and Smartphones

Langenscheidt's new software includes nine reference works to help users find the right translation. The software also includes a talking function to help with pronunciation.

Oh Canada! Bedazzled palmOne Treo 650

If you want to show your Canadian spirit, have a need for a Treo 650 and want to help find a cure for Autism all at the same time, palmOne[...]

Pocket KamaSutra by Intorine — Funny Visual Aid on Your Pocket PC

The ancient wisdom of love is now available for your Pocket PC.

RoGame Software Releases Music Bundle Pro

Music Bundle Pro includes four Palm OS applications for music educators and students of all skill levels.

Possible Next Generation N-Gage Specifications Leaked

A gaming web site claims it has been leaked many of the details on the next version of Nokia's gaming-oriented smartphone.

Final Four – PDA Style

It is now the month of March and few things are more important than basketball. Men's and women's college teams are firmly entrenched into playing at the Big Dance (the[...]

Studycard Studio 2.4 Adds Palm OS Companion Application

Studycard Studio 2.4, a multimedia flashcard application for the Mac OS, now offers a companion study application for the Palm OS platform.

Bluetooth Adapter for Clies Coming Soon

Hagiwara Sys-Com has announced in Japan a module that brings Bluetooth to many Sony Clie models.

Symbian Licenses Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Protocol

An agreement announced today will let Symbian OS licensees make phones that can wirelessly synchronize email, calendar, contacts, and more with Microsoft Exchange servers.

Pocket Watch Software Releases New ActivePrint SDK Basic for Free

Pocket Watch Software has released a new ActivePrint SDK -- Basic Edition to give mobile developers the ability to integrate the ActivePrint printing solution into their applications for free.

Laridian Releases PocketBible for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Smartphones

Laridian's new smartphone version of PocketBible adds another way to read, search, and study the Bible for today's mobile consumer.

As the Rumor Mill Churns – palmOne Edition

I have to say that early spring and early winter make for some of the most fun viewing of PDA news. This spring we continue the ever-loving story of palmOne[...]

Sprint and palmOne Releases Treo 650 Update

In my review of the Treo 650 for Sprint, I mentioned several nits that weren't deal breakers, but things that were annoying that could also likely be patched. Today two[...]

PDA News – False Palm rumors, Windows Mobile 2005 leaked, iPaq 6300 terminated?

False image of new PalmOne model Beta copy of Windows Mobile 2005 leaked Reports: T-Mobile discontinues sales of iPaq h6300 Firmware update for Sprint Treo 650

palmOne Fixes Memory Problem on Sprint Treo 650

palmOne has released a ROM update for the Sprint version of the Treo 650. This includes a number of improvements, the most significant of which makes this smartphone use memory[...]

Free Schedule Download for the 2005 MLB Season

Infuzer is now offering a free 2005 Major League Baseball schedule that can be easily added to a PC's or handheld's calendar.

Microsoft and Symbian form Agreement, RIM the Obvious Target

Microsoft and Symbian sell rival operating systems for mobile computing devices and have been fierce competitors in this arena for some time. They've poached employees from one another and worked[...]

palmOne Opening European Center for Smartphone Development

palmOne is going to open an engineering center focused on speeding up the process of getting palmOne's smartphones certified for use on the networks of European wireless carriers.

New Online Resource for Medical Professionals Debuts

A new version of MerckMedicus, which provides medical information to physicians and other healthcare professionals, can be accessed by any wireless mobile device with a web browser.

T-Mobile Offering to Exchange iPAQ h6315

Because of many customer complaints, T-Mobile stopped offering the iPAQ h6315 last week. Now, a leaked internal T-Mobile document indicates that this wireless carrier is willing to exchange this Pocket[...]

Sony PSP

Experience the next level of portable entertainment with the new PSP (PlayStation Portable) handheld system from Sony. Your own personal entertainment center, the PSP handheld system allows you to play[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 3/24/2005 – 3/27/2005

Sony PSP now Available -- for a $100 Rebate on PDAs that are $198 or moreDell Home $120 off $500 Dell Axim coupon (Expires 3/25)PalmOne Zire 72 Bluetooth PDA[...]

Sony PSP First Thoughts Review (pics)

Ok, so it's not a PDA, notebook or a perfect fit for any of our family of sites, but the Sony PSP is a mobile device that is extremely popular,[...]

Why the Playstation Portable Isn’t Going to Replace Your Handheld

The Playstation Portable is a very impressive device with plenty of features any Palm OS or Pocket PC user would envy. But Brighthand's Ed Hardy says it isn't going[...]

William L. Keever Appointed to PalmSource Board of Directors

PalmSource has appointed a man with 38 years of business and operations experience at international telecommunications companies to its board of directors.

VITO SoundExplorer Adds New Effects

VITO Technology announces an update of its MP3 player and recorder for Pocket PC.

PDA News – Qool QDA-700 Review and Pictures, Treo 670 With Windows Mobile Image

Thai site MrPalm has published a review of the Qool QDA-700 with several images More Windows Mobile 2005 images released with a picture of the Treo 670 running the[...]

PDA News – Treo NVFS fix, Clie rumors, Another iPaq phone rumor

NVFS problem fixed in Treo update Rumors of new Cobalt-based Clie More iPaq PocketPC phone rumors USB memory knife: cutting-edge meets cutting edge iPaq 6300 suspended[...]

Babble Soft Conceives of Baby Software to Help New Parents

Baby Manager 1.0 helps new parents keep track of events such as bottle feeding and diaper changes.

Review – ThinkOutside Stowaway Bluetooth Mouse

ThinkOutside's Stowaway wireless mouse is doubly unusual. Besides being a mouse for PocketPCs, it also crosses over to work with desktop, laptop, and handheld computers.

Review – TextMaker for the Sharp Zaurus

TextMaker is an amazingly powerful document processor from German developers SoftMaker. It is available for desktop and handheld devices; this review covers the Sharp Zaurus version.

More Details Leaked on Tungsten E2

Thanks to an FCC slip-up a few months ago, it is known that palmOne plans to put out the Tungsten E2 sometime in the near future. Now an anonymous source[...]

Leonard Maltin’s 2005 Movie Guide for Handhelds and Smartphones Update Now Available

LandWare's movie guide for Palm OS and Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones adds Million Dollar Baby, The Motorcycle Diaries, The Incredibles and many more.

A Preview of Windows Mobile 2005

A beta of the next version of Windows Mobile has leaked out. This shows that almost every application, control panel, and dialog box in the operating system will be improved[...]

Minor Update Released for Microsoft Reader

Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC 2.4 is a bug fix release primarily intended for users of handhelds running Windows Mobile 2003 and higher.

Good Technology Announces GoodLink Small Business Server Edition

GoodLink Small Business Server Edition is for small to medium enterprises who want to give their employees a two-way wirelessly synchronized connection to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Run Many GPS Applications Using One GPS

Franson GpsGate lets Pocket PC users run many GPS applications using a single GPS receiver.

Toshiba Announces Battery with Extremely Fast Recharging

Toshiba has announced a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged to 80 percent of its capacity in just one minute.

Is This palmOne’s Next High-End Handheld? (Updated)

A picture of what is supposedly an upcoming handheld from palmOne has appeared on the Web.

Review – JAVOSkin Case & Accessory Bundle for the Axim X30

The JAVOSkin case from JAVOedge is not a typical case. Most cases are either 'soft cases', made out of leather, or 'hard cases' made out of metal or plastic. The[...]

Microsoft Launches Video Service for Windows Mobile Devices

Microsoft has announced the debut of MSN Video Downloads, which provides daily television programming for many Windows Mobile-based devices.

HP Chooses a New Chief Executive

HP's board has unanimously selected Mark Hurd to be HP's new chief executive officer and president. He's leaving a 25-year career at NCR Corp.

Socket Launches Next Generation KwikBlue Modules with Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Technology

Socket KwikBlue Modules were created for companies wanting to add short-range Bluetooth wireless connectivity to their products.

Microsoft Finalizes Mobile Video Download Service

Microsoft has finalized a service that has been in testing which lets PDA, Smartphone and Portable Media Center owners download content from outlets such as MSNBC, Fox Sports, IFILM, DIY[...]

Speculation on the palmOne LifeDrive PDA (Tungsten T7)

We know new palmOne devices are coming, they confirmed at least two in April and May on their last financial conference call. Since that call the speculation as to what's[...]

PDA News – Windows Mobile 2005 preview, Fast charging batteries, Fake Palm images

Screenshots, feature previews of Windows Mobile 2005 Toshiba touts fast charging batteriesForged images of Zire 73, Tungsten E2

Tungsten E2 Appears Briefly on palmOne Web Site

palmOne recently slipped up and accidentally mentioned its next entry-level handheld aimed at business users on its corporate web site.

ROM Update Now Available for iPAQ h6315

HP has released a ROM update for the troubled iPAQ h6315 cellular-wireless Pocket PC.

DataViz Licenses Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Protocol to Integrate with RoadSync

RoadSync will allow Palm OS, Series 60, and UIQ users to more easily take advantage of the mobile benefits of Exchange Server 2003.

Audio Driver Update Released for iPAQ hx4700 Series (Updated)

HP has posted on its web site a software update that fixes a couple of small audio-related bugs in the iPAQ hx4700 series.