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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2006

Below are the 88 SmartPhone articles for March of 2006

Welcome to Club Astraware

More details on the new members area on the Astraware site which offers exclusive discounts, reward points, and more.

An 8 GB CompactFlash Card Coming to SanDisk

SanDisk will soon begin offering a CompactFlash card that is twice the capacity of any CF card currently available from this company.

Samsung SGH-i750

The Samsung i750 is one of the first Pocket PC phones with a sliding numberpad. Although it debuted in 2006, there was a long delay between it being announced at[...]

PC to PDA Virus Could be For Real.

A virus dubbed "Crossover" might soon be in the wild. Crossover makes its way onto the host computer, then infects Microsoft-based PDAs when they are synced. The virus then destroys[...]

New Beta Version of Opera for Pocket PC Released

Opera Software has just come out with an updated beta version of of its web browser for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

Analyst Says Smartphone Shipments Will Double in 2006

A market research firm is predicting that smartphones will be nearly a 15 percent of the mobile phone market this year.

First Thoughts – Cingular 8125 Pocket PC phone

Cingular's new Pocket PC phone mixes EDGE, Bluetooth, WiFi, and 128 MB of memory in with a large keyboard and lightweight design.

PDA News – Microsoft Origami, Google News Mobile, Opera beta 2

Microsoft "Origami" minitablet Google News goes mobile Opera for Windows Mobile beta 2 Sandisk to offer 8 GB CompactFlash card Bluetooth devices not used for Bluetooth,[...]

HP Definitely Changing Its Mobile Focus

One of HP's top executives made it clear that his company is losing interest in traditional handhelds and switching its focus to converged devices.

Where Is the Garmin iQue 3000?

The most recent addition to Garmin's line of Palm-powered handhelds with integrated GPS receivers is going to debut later than expected.

RIM, NTP Settle Once Again

Once again Research In Motion (RIM) and NTP have come to an agreement to settle their long-running lawsuit.

Spb Software House Updates Spb Pocket Plus

There is a new version of a very popular collection of system enhancements for Windows Mobile devices.

Sony PSP Has Eyes on PDA Functions With Latest Firmware

Sony's next firmware update for the PSP has owners in quite a froth. They've already unveiled a web browser, that's actually better than most PDA web browsers. Now there are[...]

PDA News – HP says market dying, RIM & NTP settle, Multi-input touchscreens

HP says handheld market will be dead in four years; Chicken Little confirms RIM & NTP settle suit for $612M, Blackberry saved Multi-input touchscreens in development

Toshiba Considering Windows Mobile Smartphone

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba is putting together its first smartphone, and there's a chance this could be the company's first widely-available Windows Mobile device in several years.

Samsung Unveils 8 GB Smartphone

Just a month or so after announcing its first 4 GB smartphone, Samsung has announced one with twice that storage capacity.

Pocket Watch Software Releases ActivePrint 4.5

Pocket Watch Software has released an update for its mobile printing solution for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

PDA News – 8 GB smartphone, Nokia E61, Toshiba returns?

Samsung announces 8 GB smartphone Nokia E61 coming to US Report: Toshiba planning return to market

Sharp Announces Its Latest Handheld with a Microdrive

Today, Sharp took the wraps off the Zaurus SL-C3200, its latest model with a built-in 6 GB hard-drive.

T-Mobile Giving Away Free Wi-Fi Access

T-Mobile customers can now use this company's Wi-Fi access points for free on weekends.

Listen to Streaming Music with SelectRadio

SelectRadio allows users of compatible Windows Mobile handhelds to access a wide variety of live radio content.

PDA News – Treo rumors, Origami unveiled, WiMax cometh

Reports: Treo 700p on Sprint circa May/June "Origami" mini-tablets revealed; hype bigger than announcement Intel to launch WiMax cards later this year Intel's Monahans processors now sampling

Intel Gives a Sneak Peek at Microsoft’s Origami Project

The official announcement of Microsoft's Origami Project isn't until tomorrow, but Intel has already given the world a look at some of the mobile devices that are expected to be[...]

Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade for iPAQ hx4700 Delayed Again

HP has push backed the release of a long-awaited operating system upgrade for its flagship handheld.

Palm Updates Cingular Treo 650

Palm, Inc. has released a ROM update for the Cingular version of the Treo 650 smartphone. It includes a number of enhancements.

Ultra Mobile PCs Are Going to Be Very Important

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief explains why he thinks Microsoft's and Intel's vision for Ultra Mobile PCs is going to have a big impact on the mobile world... in a few years.

Use a Treo 650 as a Modem

A new application allows people to use Treo 650 smartphones as a USB GPRS modem for a laptop or desktop computer.

VITO AudioPlayer v1.0 Released

VITO Technology has released an audio player for both Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

First Origami Ultra Mobile PCs Unveiled

Today, Intel officially announced the first three Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) that are part of the Origami Project.

Samsung, Asus, and Founder UMPC Devices at CeBIT (pics)

For those that have been in the dark for the past week, you might not have heard about the new Intel backed device that's being referred to as Origami. [...]

A Whirlwind Tour of CeBIT in Hannover Germany (pics)

I was lucky enough to go to CeBIT in Hannover Germany this year, it was my second time there and once again I found myself awed at the size of[...]

Palm OS Interface to be Redesigned for Smartphones

PalmSource says that the next version of the Palm OS might not have the same look and feel as previous ones. Announces Support for PDAs

Customers of are now able to manage and monitor their home and business security systems from their PDAs.

CeBIT 2006: Hands-on with the Samsung M8000 WiMAX PDA (pics)

At the end of last year Samsung announced its M8000 Pocket PC Phone as the first PDA to include integrated WiBro (Wireless Broadband; the Korean equivalent of WiMAX/802.16 wireless). [...]

CeBIT 2006: Fujitsu Pocket Loox C, N and T Series Pocket PCs (pics)

Fujitsu had featured their upcoming Loox releases at CeBIT 2006. These Pocket PC devices are just really nicely designed, very sleek looking. The Loox C550 basic Pocket PC,[...]

Trip Boss 2.0 Completely Redesigns Itinerary Module, Enhances Overall Usability

Trip Boss allows Palm OS users to plan itineraries, track expenses, log mileage, budget vacations, keep a journal, rate places, and more.

Documents To Go Gets PDF-Related Update

DataViz has introduced a small update to Documents To Go that includes new PDF-related features.

Electric Pocket’s Ringo Mobile Ringtone Manager Now Available for Treo 700w Smartphones

Electric Pocket has released a version of it ringtone manager that is compatible with the first Treo smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0.

Six Apart Acquires SplashBlog Mobile Blogging Service

Six Apart has acquired a mobile photo blogging application and service.

CeBIT 2006: Gigabyte G-Smart i SmartPhone

Gigabyte had on display their G-Smart i at CeBIT this past week. Awful name for what looks like a pretty cool Windows Mobile 5 based phone. This is[...]

CeBIT 2006: Asus P525 Windows Mobile Phone and GPS PDAs

Asus had on display a few of their recent PDA offerings and an upcoming VoIP integrated SmartPhone, the Asus P525. The P525 first showed up here at CeBIT 2006[...]

Asus A636

The Asus MyPal A636 is a PDA with a built-in GPS receiver that puts maps and directions on an equal footing with appointments and e-mail. While it delivers accurate directions[...]

Asus A632

The Asus MyPal A632 is a PDA with a built-in GPS receiver that puts maps and directions on an equal footing with appointments and e-mail. While it delivers accurate directions[...]

i-mate JAMin

This quad-band device is running on Windows Mobile 5.0, has Windows Media Player and GPRS/EDGE support. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0. The i-mate JAMin has a 200MHz TI[...]

What’s Up With the New High-Capacity SD Format?

This Learning Center article gives the details on a new memory card format that's going to replace the well-established SD card format.

ActiveSync Getting a New Name, Facelift

The next version of Microsoft's operating system for desktop computers will include some major changes in the synchronization software for Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

PDA News – Free WiFi, BenQ won’t take a hint, Push email alternative

T-Mobile offers free WiFi on weekend to cell customers BenQ announces reheated P51 Pocket PC phone Alternative pseudo-push email system

Palm Carries Out Stock Split

In February, Palm, Inc. announced a 2-for-1 split of its common stock. This took place before trading started this morning.

Nokia E Series Debuting Later this Month

Nokia is on track to meet its self-imposed deadline and have three new business-oriented smartphones in consumers' hands by the end of this month.

OQO Model 01+ Review

The OQO Model 01+ is not quite a handheld computer, not quite a tablet, and not quite a laptop, but mimics functions of all three. It's a 1 GHz desktop[...]

HP No Longer Offering iPAQ hx4700

In the last few days a device that was once HP's flagship handheld has quietly disappeared from this company's web site.

Create Podcasts with a Pocket PC

AudioBay is a new application that lets users create and publish a podcast with just a Pocket PC.

Fujitsu Siemens Considering Ultra Mobile PC

Fujitsu Siemens is in talks with Microsoft about joining the small group of companies offering a new class of mobile computers.

SplashData Names Morgan Slain As New CEO

SplashData has picked a new CEO with experience at Mobile Digital Media, Palm, and The Walt Disney Company

Cingular 2125 Windows Smartphone Review

The Cingular 2125 is the successor to the popular Audiovox SMT5600 Windows smartphone, featuring faster EDGE data, an updated OS, QVGA screen, and much more.

Palm Introduces Wi-Fi Security Update for the TX

Palm is now offering a wireless security update for its the TX. This lets this handheld connect to networks protected by 802.1x-based security protocols.

Palm’s LifeDrive Gets Another Price Cut

For the second time in just a couple of months, Palm, Inc. has cut the price of its flagship handheld.

PDA News – Gartner says Origami “unlikely to succeed,” Palm stock split, Apple iPhone?

Gartner: UMPCs not practical, unlikely to sell Palm stock split goes through Analysts: Apple working on iPod phone Samsung: UMPC to debut maybe[...]

DDH Software Announces New Version of HanDBase

DDH Software has introduced HanDBase 3.5, a new version of its relational database for Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian S60.

Can A Treo Really Replace a Laptop?

I'd like to propose a simple scenario to you. What if your computing devices consisted of a laptop and a Treo-style Smartphone? You use the laptop to do all the[...]

The Latest on the iPAQ hx4700 Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade

An HP web site says that an operating system upgrade for the iPAQ hx4700 will be available soon.

Tropical Island Escape Screensaver and Themes Released for the Pocket PC

Isotope 244's latest screensaver for the Pocket PC features a relaxing tropical island with animated palm trees and ocean waves.

Another Possible Release Date for the Treo 700p

A new rumors says that Palm's next Treo smartphone will debut in late May. But there are reasons to question this information.

T-Mobile SDA User Review

T-mobile released the T-mobile SDA Smartphone in mid February, and with its advanced features including WiFi, Windows Mobile 5.0, EDGE and media capabilities, one would find a hard time remembering[...]

iPAQ hx4700 Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade Finally Available

HP is now allowing iPAQ hx4700 owners to download an operating system upgrade for their handhelds.

Free Guides Now Available for Thousands of U.S. Cities

DiscoverOurTown, an Internet city guide for 2,000 cities in the United States, is now available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones.

Microsoft Says Again There’ll Be No Xbox Portable

Despite years of rumors, Microsoft executives continue to say that this company will never come out with a competitor for the Playstation Portable or Nintendo DS.

PDA News – iPaq upgrade, hx4700 discontinued, Treo release date?

OS upgrade for iPaq hx4700 finally listed iPaq hx4700 apparently discontinued Rumor: release date for Palm Treo 700p WiFi update for Palm TX

Slingbox for Windows Mobile Released

Sling Media has introduced a public beta version of SlingPlayer Mobile. This allows Pocket PC users to watch programs on their home TVs.

Possible Confirmation of Apple iPhone

Supposedly, the fact that Apple is looking around for companies to produce its first mobile phone is an open secret in Taiwan.

Palm Treo Smartphones Increase Monster Mobility

Treo smartphones are keeping employees of one of the largest career and recruitment resources,, connected nationwide.

Palm, Inc. Must Commit to Palm OS for Linux

In this editorial, Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief explains why he thinks it is critically important for Palm, Inc. to switch to the upcoming version of the Palm OS, both for this company[...]

Treo Smartphones Push Palm Profits, Revenues Up (Updated)

During its most recent financial quarter, success in the smartphone realm significantly increased both Palm, Inc.'s revenues and its profits.

Palm Has Great Quarter, Promises Treo 700w Update, BlackBerry Support

Palm had another great quarter, thanks almost entirely to the Treo family which accounted for 75% of Palm's revenue. Palm also talked up their plans to roll out a Microsoft[...]

Palm Exec Refers Again to a Mysterious Third Product Category

Jeff Hawkins continues to drop hints about his company's plans to introduce a new type of mobile device that's neither a handheld nor a smartphone.

Palm Still Planning Three New Treos This Year

During a conference call yesterday, Palm's president and CEO confirmed that his company still expects to release three new smartphones this year, and he talked a bit about them.

PDA News – Apple phone, SlingPlayer mobile, Wrist-based mobile computer

Possible confirmation of Apple iPod phone Slingbox mobile client now available Brighthand: Palm must commit to Linux [...]

Brighthand and BargainPDA Create Leading Handheld Computing Website and have combined to create one of the largest handheld computing focused sites on the web, bringing the latest industry news, reviews and support to consumers around the[...]

Palm, Inc. Celebrates Its Tenth Birthday

It was 10 years ago that Palm, Inc. released its first handheld computers. Since then, the company has gone through good times and bad, and is now working hard to[...]

The Latest on Palm’s Upcoming Low-Cost Treo

According to rumor, Palm is supposedly preparing a smartphone that, at its launch, will cost significantly less than previous Treos have.

Cingular Now Widely Offering Nokia 9300 Communicator

A major U.S. cellular provider is finally going to offer one of Nokia's cellular-wireless handhelds to the general public.

Motorola Backpedals on Q Release

Motorola is no longer committing to introducing a highly-anticipated Windows Mobile smartphone next month.

PDA News – Treo contoversy, Ultra-wide band Bluetooth, Universal WiFi?

Claim: Low memory cripples Treo 700w Bluetooth SIG adopts Ultra-wide band standard WiFi almost everywhere in five years, says company; Google publishes new patents Miniature Pocket PC[...]

AvantGo Comes to Windows Mobile Smartphones

Sybase's iAnywhere subsidiary has introduced a beta version of its AvantGo client for Windows Mobile smartphones.

TabletKiosk Introduces Ultra Mobile PC

A fourth company has thrown its hat into the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) category: TabletKiosk.

Possible Confirmation of Non-PalmSource Palm OS

A web site claims to have definitive proof that Palm, Inc. is developing its own Linux-based operating system, separate from the one being created by PalmSource.

A Look into the Future of Traditional Handhelds

In this editorial, Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief considers the future of traditional handhelds in a world increasingly being dominated by smartphones.

Mobile Tech News – Wi-Fi Battle, Sprint EVDO Upgrade, Wireless Broadband

BellSouth to New Orleans: shut down free WiFi Sprint plans for EVDO Revision A Rogers Canada to offer 1.5 Mbit wireless broadband 1SRC mocks us