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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2007

Below are the 105 SmartPhone articles for March of 2007

Nokia E65

The Nokia E65 is a sliding form-factor device featuring Symbian 9.1 operating system, GSM and WCDMA communications, Wi-Fi connectivity and support for instant messaging and e-mail.

Nokia 6300

The Nokia 6300 is a stylish featurephone running Symbian S40. It offers a Bluetooth wireless, up to 348 hours of standby time, 128 MB of installed flash memory, a phonebook[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of February 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. Possibly the most interesting shift in February was that all the traditional handhelds on this list improved[...]

Is Nokia Going to Buy Palm?

Rumors and speculation are heating up that Palm, Inc. will be acquired by another company, with Nokia supposedly being one of the top contenders.

Converged Mobile Devices Show Strong Growth in 2006

Shipments of converged mobile devices increased substantially during both the fourth quarter of last year and during all of 2006, according to market-research firm IDC.

E-TEN Pre-Announces 3G Pocket PC Phone

E-TEN has announced that it will be demonstrating an upcoming Pocket PC Phone at CeBIT, which kicks off later this month.

Resco Neeews! Review

Antoine Wright brings us a review of Resco Neeews!, an RSS reader for the Palm OS.

Smartphone and PDA Deals – March 4, 2007

Lots of free smartphones - Cingular 3125 and Treo 680 Want a better deal? Buy a BlackJack or Dash and get $25 back! Plantronics Explorer 350 Bluetooth Headset[...]

RIM BlackBerry 8300 Leaked (pictures)

RIM only two weeks ago formally launched the newly designed BlackBerry 8800, but it looks like it's keeping busy. Rumors are circulating of yet another upcoming model from this company.[...]

Treo 680 Available Without a Camera

Virtually whenever Palm, Inc. talks about the Treo 680, a mention is made of this smartphone's VGA camera. However, those interested in buying this model should be aware that it's[...]

Palm’s Mysterious Third Product Category Coming in May?

Jeff Hawkins, Palm's co-founder, has broadly hinted that his company will be releasing in just a few months a device that's neither a handheld nor a smartphone.

RIM Hit with Stock Option Scandal

Research in Motion's Chairman is stepping down after his company admitted it has failed to properly account for employee stock options.

Report of Free Windows Mobile 6 Licenses an Oversimplification

Despite what was said by several web sites last week, the report that Microsoft is not going to charge a license fee to companies who want to issue Windows Mobile[...]

Dell May Be Developing a Line of Smartphones

If an unconfirmed report is correct, Dell is in the process of creating its first cellular-wireless devices.

New Details on Three Upcoming HTC Models

New -- but unconfirmed -- information has emerged on three cellular-wireless devices HTC is expected to release later this year.

Sprint May Be Prepping Treo 755p

A rumor indicates that Sprint will be launching a new smartphone from Palm, Inc. in a few months.

Rumor: Red RIM BlackBerry Pearl Coming Soon

RIM may be close to launching a BlackBerry Pearl in a red casing. The Pearl is RIM's most consumer friendly unit to date, so it's a likely testbed for flair[...]

Palm Opens Research and Development Center in China

Palm, Inc. has opened its first Research & Development and Operations Centre in the Asia Pacific region.

Beta Version of Missing Sync for BlackBerry Now Available

Mark/Space is now offering a public beta version of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry. This application allows BlackBerry devices from Research In Motion to synchronize with Mac OS X computers.

RIM BlackBerry 8300 Demo Video Emerges

More news pouring out regarding the yet to be announced BlackBerry 8300 from RIM. This time the demo video has been captured and released on YouTube.

Samsung Q2 UMPC Revealed

An anonymous tipster has given Engadget an advanced look at the Samsung Q2 UMPC, which, unlike its predecessor, will include a built-in QWERTY keyboard and WiBro.

A 320-by-320-Pixel Window Mobile Smartphone in Development

A Microsoft employee has tacitly admitted that at least one company is working on a Windows Mobile device with a 320-by-320-pixel touchscreen.

New Evidence of the Treo 755p

The first hint of the Treo 755p came just a few days ago, and there's already some solid evidence that this model really is in development, and isn't a hoax[...]

Asus MyPal A626

The MyPal A626 is a traditional handheld with a slim design. The it originally debuted with Windows Mobile 5, but was later upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 Pro.

FlipStart Micro Laptop Drawing Close to Release

After years in development, the FlipStart 1.0 is nearing its debut. This will be a computer so small that it might tempt those who need more functionality that a handheld[...]

Palm Hires User Interface Guru

Palm, Inc. has hired Paul Mercer, a former Apple employee who many feel is is one of the best in the world at creating user interfaces for computers and mobile[...]

New Daylight Saving Time Rules Start this Weekend

The new rules for when Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins and ends are going into effect this weekend, and anyone who wants their mobile device's clock to automatically make the[...]

Mobile Tech Notes — .mobi, Motorola Q Cradle, Yahoo!

400,000 .mobi Domain Names Now Registered Motorola Q Cradle Available Yahoo! and HTC Team Up

Rumors Circulating of Ultra-Thin, WiMAX Treo

According to an anonymous source, Palm is going to release a smartphone late this year with some cutting-edge features.

Treo 680 Popping Up All Around the World

The Palm Treo 680 debuted late last year in the United States, and since then this Palm OS smartphone has gone on the market in numerous countries around the world.

Mobile Tech News — Social Networking, MSN Mobile, A6 Times, and More

Jaiku Social Phonebook Brings Social Networking to Symbian Phones' Contacts MSN Mobile Beta Released A6 Times Update Supports Podcasts Inexpensive Upgrades to TextMaker and PlanMaker[...]

Socket Mobile Unveils SoMo 650 for Businesses

Socket Mobile has taken the wraps off an upcoming handheld built to address the market between consumer-oriented handhelds and heavy duty industrial devices.

PDA and Smartphone Deals – 3/11/07

BlackBerry Pearl - Get $75 Back! New Slingbox AV, $125 Motorola Q Black or Silver - $99 Treo 680, Dash, 3125 - All Free!

AT&T Launches BlackBerry Pearl and Treo 680 in Red Casings

AT&T (formerly Cingular) has just become to first wireless carrier to offer the BlackBerry Pearl in a red casing. It also also offering the red version of the Treo 680.

Bluetooth 2.1 Will Bring Easy File Transfers, Longer Battery Life

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has proposed the specifications for Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. This will include some features many will welcome, including much lower power consumption and simplified file transfers.

Just Mobile RoKy Portable Keyboard Review

The RoKy is an unusual keyboard made out of fabric that uses Bluetooth to work with a wide variety of handhelds and smartphones. Brighthand Forum Moderator BAB2000 brings[...]

Why Mobile Browsing Has a Chance

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright explains what he thinks needs to change in order for surfing the Web on a smartphone or handheld to become more than just a[...]

RIM BlackBerry 8800 First Impressions Review

Brighthand's Adama D. Brown takes a preliminary look at Research In Motion's BlackBerry 8800, the latest in this company's popular line of mobile devices.

Job Posting Sets Off New Round of Google Phone Rumors

A job posting on this Google's web site is being taken by many as proof that Google is developing some kind of wireless device that can use its web services.

Organize Your Thoughts with SplashNotes

SplashData has just begun offering a software tool aimed at helping Palm OS users outline and organize everything from work projects, meeting agendas, and speeches to class notes and event[...]

SanDisk Releases 32 GB Solid State 2.5-Inch Hard Drive

SanDisk has announced a 2.5-inch 32 GB capacity SSD that could be dropped into any UMPC or micro-notebook and work right out of the gate.

Zenum Close to Releasing Super Sleek Pocket PC Phone

Swiss-based Zenum Technologies says it is almost ready to put the Opus Operis on the market. This will be very functional Pocket PC phone with a very stylish look.

Microsoft Acquiring Voice Services Company

Microsoft has just announced it is acquire Tellme Networks, a company with long experience in providing services that are controlled with the user's voice.

Cingular 8525 Review

The Cingular 8525 is a Pocket PC phone with a built-in keyboard, Wi-Fi b/g, and 3G cellular-wireless networking. Adama D. Brown brings us this review.

E-TEN Announces Pocket PC Phone with VGA Screen

E-TEN Information Systems has just taken the wraps off its latest Pocket PC phone, the Glofiish X800. This device will offer several cutting-edge features, including 3G cellular-wireless networking and a[...]

EDGE Evolution to Triple Data Speeds by 2009

Ericsson has restated its commitment to launch EDGE Evolution as a software upgrade of the existing cellular-wireless infrastructure by 2009.

JAVOedge’s JAVOSkin Case and Stylograph Reviews

Brighthand's Antoine Wright tried out a pair of peripherals from JAVOedge and brings us reviews of both of them: a skin-tight case and a stylus/pen combo.

Make a Nintendo DS Into More than a Toy

Opera Software has just announced that a version of its web browser for the Nintendo DS will be introduced in North America this summer.

ASUS Unveils Rugged UMPC

At the CeBIT tradeshow going on now in Germany, ASUS is demoing a rugged, convertible UMPC with a built in keyboard.

Why Installing a Daylight Saving Time Patch Is Still Necessary

Last weekend, when the new DST rules went into effect, many people simply manually changed the time on their device and assumed that the problem was fixed. Nothing could be[...]

ASUS Launches A626 Pocket PC

ASUS has introduced the A626, a traditional Pocket PC with a metal casing and a slim design.

Mobile Tech News — Flat-Rate Data Roaming, Free iPhone Publicity, Mobile WiMAX

Vodafone Announces New Flat-Rate Data Roaming Charge Apple Has Received $400 million in Free iPhone Publicity Sprint Nextel to Roll Out Mobile WiMAX Services in Texas[...]

Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC First Thoughts Review

Samsung demonstrated its latest UMPC at CeBIT this week, and Andrew Baxter was there to put this new device through its paces.

SanDisk Releasing 4 GB microSDHC Card Later This Year

SanDisk has announced plans to release a 4 GB microSD High Capacity (SDHC) card at some point later this year. Currently, the highest capacity card using this format is 2[...]

Digital Cube i-Station G43 UMPC First Thoughts Review

Andrew Baxter was at CeBIT 2007 in Germany last week, and took the opportunity to check out some of the latest Ultra Mobile PCs, including one from Digital Cube. This[...]

PDA and Smartphone Deals – 3/18/07

Throwback - Jornada 720, $125! Free Smartphones - T-Mobile Dash, Cingular 3125 Smartphones with Money Back - Palm Treo 680, Samsung BlackJack, BlackBerry Pearl Farmin iQue 3200,[...]

Mobile Tech News — Nokia PC Suite, Ftp Explorer Mobile, New Piel Frama and Vaja Cases

Nokia Releases New Version of PC Suite Ftp Explorer Mobile 2007 Debuts New Piel Frama Universal Treo Cases Introduced Vaja i-Volution Silver Edition Cases Now[...]

HTC Excalibur May Be Coming to Canada

There's strong evidence that Rogers Canada is planning to offer a Windows Mobile Smartphone with a built-in keyboard that was developed by HTC.

Google Exec Confirms the gPhone

A high-level Google executive has acknowledged that her company is doing R&D on a mobile phone, something that has only been rumored up until now.

Palm Acquisition May Be Announced in Two Days

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Palm, Inc. is going to be bought by another company, and supposedly a deal could be announced as early as this Thursday.

Microsoft Explains Windows Mobile Name Changes

With the introduction of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft changed the names of the various sub-versions of this operating system. One of this company's developers has recently given the reasons for[...]

Microsoft’s Direct Push Technology Comes to the Treo 650

A software update has just been released that brings Microsoft's Direct Push Technology to the Treo 650.

Mobile Tech News — BlackBerry RSS Reader, microSD Cards, Smartphone Cases

NewsGator Now Offering RSS Reader for BlackBerry SanDisk Launches Premier Line of microSD Cards BoxWave Releases Cases for T-Mobile Dash and Samsung BlackJack [...]

T-Mobile Distributing Significant Sidekick 3 Update

T-Mobile has begun disseminating to users a system software update for the Sidekick 3. This provides a variety of improvements, including support for this carrier's myFaves service.

Two GPS-Enabled Phones Debut Today from Pharos

Pharos has launched a pair of GPS-enabled Pocket PC phones that offer both work and entertainment features.

Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 is a cutting-edge S60 smartphone with an innovative design that make it easy for users to switch between phone and media player modes. It also offers 33G[...]

Motorola May Be the Most Likely to Buy Palm

One of Palm Inc.'s biggest investors has says that he expects this company will be acquired by Motorola.

Google Exec Denies gPhone in Development

Yesterday, a high-level executive at Google said that his company doesn't have a mobile phone in development, contradicting what a different executive at this company said a few days ago.

TabletKiosk Introduces a Rugged UMPC

TabletKiosk has announced that it is entering the rugged UMPC market with the eo TufTab v7112XT which is resistant to water and dust, and also is able to withstand shocks,[...]

Judge Puts NTP Patent Lawsuit Against Palm On Hold

A federal judge has granted a stay of proceedings in the patent infringement lawsuit brought against Palm by NTP, giving the Patent Office time to complete its review of the[...]

Palm Reports Higher Quarterly Revenues but Lower Profits

Palm, Inc. has just released the results of its most recent financial quarter, during which the company shipped a record number of smartphones.

No Word on Rumored Palm Buyout

Despite rampant rumors and speculation, Palm, Inc. did not announce that it was being acquired today.

Nokia Now Shipping N95 Entertainment Smartphone

Nokia has begun shipping a highly-anticipated high-end S60 smartphone with cutting-edge features.

T-Mobile Prepping a Less Expensive Sidekick

The current T-Mobile Sidekick is somewhat expensive for its target market, which is why an entry-level model is supposedly in development.

iPhone May Be Heading to Vodafone

According to an unconfirmed report, Vodafone may be the sole European distrubitor of the iPhone.

TeleNav and Sprint Launching Sprint Navigation

Sprint is teaming with TeleNav to offer a service that will give users turn-by-turn voice and on-screen directions.

Best Look So Far at the HTC Kaiser

Pocket PC phones with slide-up screens are fairly common these days, but HTC has a model coming up that takes this concept in a new direction.

PDA and Smartphone Deals – 3/25/07

Free Smartphones - T-Mobile Dash, Cingular 3125 Get Money Back - Palm Treo 680, BlackBerry Pearl, Samsung BlackJack New Pharos GPS Phone 600 - $503.23 [...]

Samsung BlackJack System Software Update Now Available

Samsung has released a update for the system software on the BlackJack, a Windows Mobile Smartphone exclusively offered by Cingular Wireless.

HP Will No Longer Ship Outlook with Its iPAQs

Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones have always come with a copy of of Microsoft Outlook, as this application is needed to synchronize the mobile device with a desktop computer. This[...]

UMPC-Like Handheld from HTC Will Be Released in the U.S.

HTC revealed today that its "Athena" handheld will be introduced in the United States. This device will include a 5-inch VGA screen, an 8 GB hard drive, 3G cellular-wireless networking,[...]

HTC Announces Its First Device Running Windows Vista

HTC has just taken the wraps off a UMPC-like computer it is calling the Shift. This will be its first model running a full version of Windows Vista, not Windows[...]

i-mate Advantage X7501

The Advantage will have a unique design. This will start out in a standard enough fashion: a tablet with a touchscreen. Added to that, though, will a detachable keyboard. The[...]

Palm Debuts Multiple Hands-Free Accessories

Palm, Inc. has made several additions to its line of hands-free accessories, including three car kits and a new combination GPS/hands-free speakerphone cradle.

Mobile Tech News — Pocket Tunes Update, CalliGrapher, BlackBerry Cases, and More

Pocket Tunes Adds Windows Media Player 11 Support CalliGrapher 8.5 Released BlackBerry Devices Get Cases from Piel Frama and Vaja Palm and PORTA Launch Treo[...]

Palm To Offer Free Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for Treo 750

Palm has announced plans to provide a free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for Treo 750 owners.

A Closer Look at the HTC Shift

The HTC Shift, this company's upcoming UMPC, is on display at the CTIA Wireless tradeshow, and Brighthand's Brian Beeler is there to get a close look at it.

ZenZui Offering New Mobile User Interface Based on Microsoft Technology

Microsoft has announced the launch of ZenZui, an independent company that is offering a new user interface for mobile devices that was initially developed by the Microsoft Redmond Research lab.[...]

Symbian 9.5 Launching Today

Symbian Ltd. has just announced the launch of Symbian OS 9.5, the latest version of its very popular operating system for smartphones.

RIM Makes Adding Multimedia to BlackBerry Apps Easier

Now that RIM is offering two models with real support for playing audio and video files, the company has announced that it is allowing developers to access the multimedia capabilities[...]

Nokia Commits to Offering N95 Multimedia Smartphone in the U.S.

A Nokia spokesperson has revealed when a a highly-anticipated S60 smartphone will be available in the United States, and what it will cost. *UPDATED*

HP Showing Off Its First Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone

The CTIA Wireless tradeshow is going on now in Orlando, and HP using taking the opportunity to demonstrate the iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger. Brighthand's Brian Beeler is at the show[...]

Beta of SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS Now Available

Sling Media is now allowing Treo 700p owners who want to try out the beta of the Palm OS version of SlingPlayer Mobile to download it.

Mobile Tech News — BlackBerry 8800 Cases, Treo 750, WM6 Updates

Sena Cases Launches New Collection of Blackberry Cases for the 8800 Series Palm Treo 750 Released on 3 Network in Austria Conduits Technologies Annonuces WM6 Updates[...]

Microsoft Offering Beta of Deepfish Mobile Browser

Microsoft Live Labs has opened a semi-public beta of a new web browser for Windows Mobile devices. The goal of this application -- code-named Deepfish -- is to bring desktop-like[...]

Motorola Q9 First Thoughts Review

Brighthand's Brian Beeler got a chance to test out the neext generation Motorola Q at the CTIA tradeshow this week, and brings us his initial thoughts on this smartphone.

Bluetooth 2.1 Formally Announced

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced the details of a new version of its short-range wireless networking standard, which will offer easier connections and longer battery lives.

I Don’t Want to Convince You to Buy A Smartphone

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright promises he isn't trying to convince everyone he meets to get a smartphone. If someone insists on making their life more difficult than it[...]

AT&T Promises Free Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades for Treo 750, BlackJack, and 8525

In the wake of Microsoft's announcement of Windows Mobile 6, AT&T has promised that some -- but not all -- of its current Windows Mobile 5 devices will get upgrades.

Third-Party Version of Quick Install Supports Windows Vista

Business Technology Solved has released Vista Simple Installer, an application that performs the same tasks as Palm Quick Install, but offers support for Windows Vista. *UPDATED*

Close Up with the i-mate JAQ4

i-mate has its next Windows Mobile Phone on display at the CTIA Wireless tradeshow this week, and Brighthand's Brian Beeler took the opportunity to snap a number pictures of this[...]

First Images of the Treo 755p Emerge

Some images of an upcoming Treo smartphone have appeared that apparently confirm many of earlier rumors about this device.

FlipStart Labs FlipStart 1.0

The FlipStart 1.0 will be a computer so small that it might tempt those who need more functionality that a handheld or smartphone can offer but don’t want to carry[...]

Mobile Tech News — Memory Stick Micro, Cake Mania, Phone Dashboard

SanDisk Introduces 4 GB Memory Stick Micro CardAstraware Releases the Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery Expansion PackHudson Mobile Now Offering Phone Dashboard 2.0

Possible Release Date for the iPhone Identified

A source a Cingular has revealed the day Apple's upcoming combination smartphone and iPod is expected to be introduced.