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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2008

Below are the 83 SmartPhone articles for March of 2008

LG KF700

The LG KF700 features a full HTML browser, FM radio, music player, and 3″ touch screen. At just under 4 ounces, this is a mid-sized device.

Nokia Unveils the Morph Nanotech-Based Concept Smartphone

The intent of the Morph concept device is to project where the state of the art mobile smartphone will be in another seven years.

Mobile Tech News — Opera and Google, Client for S60, Kaspersky Mobile Security Updated

Opera Switches to Google for Default Mobile Search Aspyplayer Native Client for Symbian S60 Now Available Kaspersky Mobile Security 7.0 Released for Windows Mobile and[...]

i-mate U.S. Division Shuts Down, Most Employees Laid Off

Independent device reseller i-mate has shuttered most of its U.S. operations, and laid off all but a handful of the employees in this country, according to multiple sources.

Most Popular Smartphones and Handhelds of February 2008

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Asus Announces Eee PC 900 with 9-Inch Screen

Asus has just announced a version of its low-cost micro laptop with a wider screen and a much larger hard drive. *UPDATED*

Everex CloudBook Review

With a 7-inch display, 1.2 GHz processor, and 30 GB hard drive, the Everex CloudBook certainly doesn't make a very good desktop replacement computer, but it does look like one[...]

Mobile Tech Notes — Motorola Q9m Updated, Spb Mobile Shell 2.0 Released, Vehicle Manager for Palm OS

Small Update Released for Motorola Q9m Spb Mobile Shell 2.0 Now Available iambic Vehicle Manager Updated, Palm OS Version Released

Motricity Lays Off 250, Plans To Sell PocketGear

Motricity, the parent company of software store, has laid off 250 of its employees and plans to sell PocketGear as part of a restructuring of the company's businesses.

Microsoft Silverlight Coming To Future Nokia Devices

Making good on a promise to use Silverlight in more than just desktop computers, Microsoft has announced that this multimedia platform will be available for Symbian S60, S40, and Nokia's[...]

iPhone Users: No Flash for You

Apple's annual shareholders meeting was yesterday, and CEO Steve Jobs had good news and bad news for iPhone users and shareholders.

Intel Atom Processor Designed for New Handheld Mobile Devices

Intel has taken the wraps off the Atom, an upcoming family of low-power processors designed specifically for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and other Internet-centric computers arriving later this year.

Palm Centro for AT&T Review

AT&T is now offering the Palm Centro, and Antoine Wright brings us a review of this low-cost, consumer-oriented, Palm OS smartphone.

Mobile Tech News — Handy Weather for Free, Free Ebooks from Diesel, iWindowsMobile Communication Suite, and More

Get Handy Weather for Windows Mobile for Free Diesel eBooks Adds 750 Free Mobipocket Ebooks VITO Now Offering iWindowsMobile Communication Suite Handango Gets $9.5 Million[...]

iPhone Gets More Business-like with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Apple is holding an event dedicated to the iPhone today, and the first major announcement is that this smartphone will soon get support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Apple Gives the Details on iPhone Third-Party Software

Apple has just given the world its first look at the system it is putting together to allow developers to create and distribute third-party applications for the iPhone. *UPDATED*

Nokia N95 8GB for N. America Finally Available

Early this year, Nokia committed to introducing a version of its N95 8GB with support for the 3G wireless networks used in N. America, and this long-awaited device has been[...]

HTC May Be Prepping a Mobile Internet Device with an Intel Atom Chip

Smartphone-maker HTC is going to team up with Intel to release a Mobile Internet Device (MID) later this year, according to an unconfirmed news report.

Samsung Ace SPH-i325 Review

Adama D. Brown brings us this review of the Samsung Ace, a new Windows Mobile smartphone from Sprint that that, unlike most of this telecom's offerings, can be used in[...]

Google Gears Debuts for Windows Mobile

Google recently announced that its Google Gears component is available for Windows Mobile 5 and 6, allowing owners of these devices to use some web-based services and applications while offline.

Mobile Tech News — Free Palm Centro and BlackJack II, E-TEN Acquired, Google Calendar Sync

Palm Centro, Samsung BlackJack II Available for Free with Two-Year Contract Acer Acquiring E-TEN Google Calendar Sync Now Available

Eee PC with Larger Screen Gets U.S. Price, Release Date

Asus' CEO has good news for those in the U.S. who are eagerly awaiting the new version of his company's low-cost laptop: the Eee PC 900 is going to be[...]

HTC Mogul Upgraded to EV-DO Rev. A, GPS Added

As it promised last fall, Sprint has released a system software update for the HTC Mogul with new features.

More Details Emerge About Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

many details have been leaked about the "Standard" version of Windows Mobile 6.1, information is only now coming out about the Professional edition, which will run on phone-based devices that[...]

Mobile Tech News — SplashMoney for Windows Mobile, Resco Explorer 2008, BlackBerry Ebook

SplashMoney Now Available for Windows Mobile Resco Explorer 2008 for Palm OS Released New Ebook: BlackBerry 8800 & 8300 Curve Made Simple

DataViz Optimistic about iPhone Development, StyleTap Slightly Less So

Two companies that potentially could create very important applications for the iPhone and iPod touch have expressed cautious optimism about developing applications for these devices.

HTC Shift Coming Soon to the U.S.

HTC finally began offering its first UMPC last month, but the launch was only in Europe. This device still has not yet gone on sale in the United States. [...]

iPhone Apps Will Not Offer Multitasking

Apple has quietly revealed a critical fact about its smartphone: applications developers create for the iPhone will only be able to run one at a time, and will not be[...]

Opera Mobile 9.5 Preview

Since it was announced a little over a month ago, Opera Software's newest version of its web browser for mobile devices has been hotly anticipated by users seeking a next[...]

BlackBerry Pearl 8120

The BlackBerry 8120 is an updated version of the very popular Pearl, and is one of the first BlackBerries with Wi-Fi. Unlike RIM’s larger models, the 8120 doesn’t include a[...]

BlackBerry Pearl 8120

The BlackBerry 8120 is an updated version of the very popular Pearl, and is one of the first BlackBerries with Wi-Fi. Unlike RIM’s larger models, the 8120 doesn’t include a[...]

Mobile Tech News — Sync with Entourage, Astraware Casino and AstroNavigator Updated

PocketMac Releases GoBetween for Entourage 2004/2008 Astraware Casino Update Adds Texas Hold 'Em No Limit Poker New Version of AstroNavigator Announced

RIM Founder Mike Lazaridis Discusses BlackBerry’s Outages and Advantages — and Upstart iPhone

Two high-profile outages and the iPhone incursion might make one wonder whether BlackBerry's days are numbered. Don't tell Mike Lazaridis, founder and co-CEO of Research In Motion (RIM), that his[...]

BlackBerry Pearl 8120 with Wi-Fi Debuts from AT&T

AT&T has just launched the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 to its business customers. This is an updated version of the very popular Pearl, and is one of the first BlackBerries with[...]

Microsoft Silverlight Coming to Windows Mobile

Microsoft is continuing to follow through on its promise to bring Silverlight, its rival to Adobe Flash, to more than just desktop computers. It is in the process of developing[...]

Developers Show Strong Interest in iPhone Development *Updated*

In the first few days after Apple released a beta of the iPhone SDK Software Development Kit (SDK), it was downloaded a surprising number of times. Update: Apple has begun[...]

Mobile Tech News — 25% Off Palm Accessories, Mobipocket Reader for BlackBerry Updated

Palm Store Offering 25% Off All Accessories Mobipocket Reader 6.0 for BlackBerry Adds OTA Shopping

noBounds Research Project Adds External Displays to Nokia Internet Tablets

Nokia Researchers are developing a project called noBounds, which aims to expand smartphone and Internet Tablet screens with higher resolution external displays.

Microsoft Bringing Flash Lite to Windows Mobile

Microsoft is going to bring Adobe Flash Lite technology to Windows Mobile, even though Microsoft is in the process of adding its competing technology to this operating system.

Mobile Tech News — FindMe Released, SlingPlayer Improvements Coming, ZoomBoard Updated

Let Your Friends and Family Find You with FindMe New Versions of SlingPlayer Mobile Coming Soon ZoomBoard 2.0 Adds New On-Screen Typing Options

iPhone is Top Mobile Device for Web Access

The measurement firm M:Metrics reported today that 85% of iPhone users accessed news and information on the Web in the month of January. That made this smartphone the most popular[...]

An Early Glimpse of an Innovative HTC Sliding Keyboard Design

HTC has filed a patent application for an innovative way of making a smartphone with both a keyboard and a numberpad.

Dell Reportedly Resuming Its Windows Mobile Business

If a recent report is correct, Dell will soon be releasing handhelds and smartphones running Windows Mobile.

Adobe Chief Promises Flash Player for iPhone *UPDATED*

Last month, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that Adobe Flash wasn't coming to the iPhone. Now, Adobe's CEO has said -- colloquially speaking -- Nu-uhh. Update: In contrast to what[...]

Simple, Like Pen and Paper

Antoine Wright has a suggestion for smaller companies who are looking for ways to make their mobile devices compete better against their larger rivals: make them easier to use.

Nokia N82 Is Back in Black

The Nokia N82 debuted last year in a silver grey casing, and now its maker has unveiled a version of this high-end smartphone in black.

HTC Shift for CDMA Networks Available for Preorder *UPDATED* has confirmed the existence of a device that previously was mostly just a rumor: a version of the HTC Shift for CDMA networks. This UMPC is expected to offer[...]

Mobile Tech News — iPAQ 210 Wi-Fi Patch, Bejeweled 2 Update, Helio and Opera Mini, and More

HP Releases iPAQ 210 Series Wi-Fi Patch Bejeweled 2 Receives Major Update Heilo Officially Offering Opera Mini Browser ActiveCaptain Mobile Released for Palm OS [...]

Verizon SMT5800 Smartphone Review

One of Verizon Wireless' Windows Mobile smartphones is the SMT5800, which includes 3G and both a keyboard and numberpad. Adama D. Brown brings us this review.

Centro a Bright Spot in an Otherwise Bad Quarter for Palm

Although Palm is highlighting the success of its new Centro smartphone, much of its quarterly earning announcement is bad news.

Verizon Beat Out Google in the 700 MHz Spectrum Auction

Bad news Google fans, the search giant wasn't the high bidder in the FCC's recent auction, so won't be setting up a nationwide wireless data network. Instead, Verizon has gained[...]

Microsoft Getting Windows Mobile Ready for MIDs

There's a new class of portable computers emerging, and Microsoft wants to make sure that its Windows Mobile operating system is ready for it.

Polymer Vision Readius Preview

Kevin O'Brien recently spent some time with Polymer Vision's upcoming Readius, a cellular-wireless ebook reader with a 5-inch, foldable, eInk display, and he brings us his first thoughts and a[...]

High Capacity SD Support May Be Coming to the Palm TX, T5, and LifeDrive

So far, Palm has shown little interest in bringing support for SDHC cards to its traditional handhelds, but a developer may handle the job, if there's enough interest. *UPDATED*

Mobile Tech News — Google Today Screen Plug-In, iambic ToolboxToGo and Speereo Voice Contact Released

Google Releases Today Screen Plug-In for Windows Mobile ToolboxToGo for Palm OS Introduced by iambic Speereo Voice Contact Now Available for Windows Mobile

PPC Techs Lil Sync USB Mobile Power Pack Review

Because almost everyone needs to extend the battery life of their mobile device at one time or another, PPC Techs makes the Lil Sync USB Mobile Power Pack. Ed Hardy[...]

BlackBerry 8820 Comes to T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile USA has just begun offering the BlackBerry 8820. This is one of RIM's first models with Wi-Fi, and it supports T-Mobile's HotSpot@Home service.

Acer Reportedly Prepping Less Expensive Eee PC Competitor

In recent weeks there have been unconfirmed reports that Acer is going to go head-to-head with Asus and its Eee PC in the subnotebook market. Today comes word that Acer[...]

Gartner Changes Mind, Says iPhone Appropriate for Business Users

When the iPhone was first released, the IT analysis firm Gartner discouraged its use by businesses. However, a recent announcement by Apple has caused Gartner to change its tune.

Big Name Companies Push for High-Speed Services in Wireless White Spaces

Microsoft, Intel, Google, Dell, and other companies are pushing for a controversial plan that could bring high-speed wireless access to more mobile devices, but only if they can get FCC[...]

Microsoft May Bring Office Suite to the iPhone

Among the most requested software for the iPhone is a suite of applications to allow users to work with Microsoft Office files. One company that's considering developing this is at[...]

Another Report that Asus Is Bringing Touchscreens to Its Eee PC

According to an unconfirmed report, Asus will release a version of its Eee PC subnotebook with a touchscreen before the middle of this year. *UPDATED*

Mobile Tech News — Free Web Browser, EzQuote for BlackBerry, Google Maps for UIQ, and More

TeaShark Offering Free Webkit-Based Web Browser iambic's EzQuote for BlackBerry Available Google Maps for Symbian UIQ Mobiles Introduced Y-Browser 0.88 Released for S60

Motorola Splitting Off Troubled Handset Business

Motorola announced today that it's going to spin off its troubled phone division as a separate company.

Australian WiMAX Provider Declares the Technology a ”Disaster”

The CEO of the first WiMAX provider in Australia declared recently that WiMAX technology has "failed miserably" in its application by his company.

Trimble Geocache Navigator Review

Trimble is looking to make geocaching cheaper by using the GPS chip found in many smartphones combined with its own special Geocache Navigator software package. Kevin O'Brien brings us a[...]

i-mate Ultimate 8502

The i-mate Ultimate 8502 features a 2.6″ touch screen and Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. Equipped with a 2.0 megapixel camera and LED flash, this device also features direct video output,[...]

Asus Pre-Announces Next-Generation Eee PC with Touchscreen

According to Asus, the Eee PC 900 with a larger display scheduled for release next month isn't part of the second generation of this company's subnotebook line. Instead, that's going[...]

Cable Companies and Google May Get On Sprint’s WiMax Bandwagon

Those hoping for a nationwide WiMax network may get some good news next week: Sprint's Xohm service might get some big-name backers and a new business plan.

Mobile Tech News — New Games: Hexic and Mozaki, Mochasoft FTP, Video Ringtones

Astraware Launches Two Games from the Creator of Tetris Mochasoft FTP Is Now Freeware Vringo Brings Smartphone Users Video Ringtones

Developer Commits to Adding High-Capacity SD Card Support to Many of Palm’s Handhelds

Although Palm has shown little interest in bringing support for SDHC cards to its traditional handhelds, a third-party developer has promised to take on the job.

Celio Redfly C8 Review

The Redfly is a laptop-shaped device that greatly extends the capabilities of many smartphones. This upcoming product can be used to give a Windows Mobile device a larger display, full[...]

Mobile Tech News — iPhone SDK Update, SlingPlayer Mobile News, CBS News Mobile Website

iPhone SDK Beta 2 Now Available SlingPlayer Mobile Coming to UIQ Smartphones CBS News Launches Smart Mobile Website

Palm Treo 800w Coming to Sprint this Summer?

According to a leaked product roadmap, Palm's next high-end Windows Mobile smartphone will be introduced by Sprint in July.

EDGE Update Boosting Wireless Data Speeds

Nokia Siemens Networks has announced an update to EDGE data networks which will double data transfer speeds. This software update will increase the ability of EDGE networks to serve users'[...]

Nokia Officially/Unofficially Confirms WiMax Internet Tablet

Nokia has given the world a sneak peek at its next major product, a version of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet with the 4G wireless networking standard WiMax.

New Version of Symbian UIQ Announced

UIQ Technology has released to manufacturers a new version of its user interface for touchscreen-based smartphones.

Reports on the 3G iPhone Coming Thick and Fast

There is little doubt that Apple intends to follow up the current iPhone with a version that offers 3G wireless networking. The only question is when this will happen. In[...]

Palm Hires PR Manager Away from Apple

The list of high-level Apple employees who have jumped ship to join Palm has a new entry. Lynn Fox, who was formerly the Director of Mac PR, has reportedly been[...]

HTC Advantage X7510

The HTC Advantage X7501 combines the features of a laptop, handheld, and smartphone. It includes a 5-inch VGA screen, 3G cellular-wireless networking, Wi-Fi, an SSD hard drive, and a video-out[...]

Verizon XV6800 Review

One of Verizon Wireless' latest high-end smartphones is the XV6800, and Adama Brown brings us a review of this Windows Mobile 6 Professional model with Wi-Fi, EV-DO, and a sliding[...]

Verizon Announces Plans To Carry Blackberry Curve

Verizon Wireless today announced plans to carry a version of the Blackberry Curve, the popular GPS-enabled smartphone previously available only from AT&T.

Verizon Launching HTC Touch as the XV6900, Adds Motorola Q9c

A model of the extremely popular HTC Touch smartphone will soon be available on Verizon's network under the XV6900 name, along with a second version of the Motorola Q9.