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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2009

Below are the 115 SmartPhone articles for March of 2009

LG Versa

The LG Versa is a touchscreen phone with interchangable accessories, such as a QWERTY keyboard and gaming module. The device uses a proprietary operating system with a 3D touch interface.[...]

Nokia Updates the Alpha SDK for its Next-Generation Internet Tablets

An updated version of the Maemo 5 Alpha SDK has been released. This includes the first shots of the new Maemo 5 user interface.

Palm Treo Pro May Debut from Alltel this Week

Alltel will reportedly introduce the Palm Treo Pro in just a few days, apparently putting it on course to be the first U.S. wireless carrier to offer this Windows Mobile[...]

HTC Touch Pro2 Already Available for Pre-Order

Those who would like to be among the first to get their hands on an HTC Touch Pro2 should be aware that the line to buy this this high-end Windows[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and Handhelds of February 2009

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Amazon Kindle 2 Review

The Kindle 2 is Amazon's second attempt to bring e-books to the masses. The new version brings a number of improvements to the line, with a higher contrast screen, a[...]

VIDEO: Amazon Kindle 2 Review

HTC Touch Diamond System Software Updated

HTC has released a small update for the system software on the unlocked version of the Touch Diamond Windows phone.

T-Mobile Offering $50 Unlimited Voice Service for Long-Time Customers

T-Mobile USA is now offering its customers a $50 a month unlimited voice service. However, there's a catch: the only ones who are eligible are those who have been a[...]

More Details Emerge on HTC’s Next Messaging Phone

Additional information has leaked out of HTC on an upcoming messaging-oriented smartphone -- code-named the HTC Maple.

Mio Unveils Explora K70 Navigation Smartphone

Mio has taken the wraps off its latest navigation-oriented smartphone, the Explora K70. This Windows phone will have wQVGA touchscreen, 3G, and Wi-Fi.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Review

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a thin and light smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard and support for T-Mobile's Wi-Fi VoIP service. It takes many of the best features of[...]

Palm Will Survive To Launch the Pre… Barely

Palm, Inc. has warned investors that its revenue dropped dramatically last quarter. Nevertheless, the company is confident that this won't affect the launch of the Palm Pre, its eagerly-awaited next[...]

Nokia’s ”Comes with Music” Service to Be DRM Free in the Future

In a recent interview, a spokesperson from Nokia alluded to the removal of digital rights management (DRM) security from music that's part of its "Comes With Music" service.

Sprint Commits to Introducing the Palm Treo Pro in Mid-March

After months of delays, Sprint will introduce Palm's latest Windows Mobile smartphone, the Treo Pro, in the middle of this month. This device offers mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, a keyboard, and[...]

New Amazon App Turns an iPhone into a Kindle E-Book Reader released a new version of its Kindle e-book reader just last week, but people who want access to this onine retaier's vast selection of books don't have to buy[...]

Redfly Smartphone Terminal May Support BlackBerrys by Year’s End

The Celio Redfly turns a smartphone into a netbook, but it's currently available only for Windows Mobile devices... at least for now. A high-level executive Celio executive has hinted that[...]

New Details Emerge on Seven Windows Phones from HTC

Details have emerged on no less than seven smartphones coming later this year from HTC, including the follow-up models for the HTC Touch HD and HTC Advantage.

Palm Treo Pro Now Available from Alltel

Alltel has just launched the Palm Treo Pro, making it the first U.S. wireless carrier to offer this Windows phone, which sports a number of high-end features, including wireless broadband,[...]

Microsoft CEO Promises Faster Windows Mobile Updates

Steve Ballmer has promised his company is working hard to remedy one of the biggest complaints about Windows Mobile: the slow pace of updates. He went on to apparently confirm[...]

VIDEO: Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Overview

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Review

The Xperia X1 is the first Windows Mobile smartphone from Sony Ericsson. It's an ambitious start: a WVGA touchscreen, built-in keyboard, GPS, 3G, and a host of other high-end features.[...]

Is This the Samsung Instinct Mini?

Rumors of the Samsung's Instinct Mini have been around for months, but the first images may have just surfaced of this device which is supposedly set to follow its big[...]

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RIM Reveals More Details on the Upcoming BlackBerry App Store

Research in Motion has released more information about the software store that will soon be included on BlackBerry smartphones.

Barnes & Noble Acquires Fictionwise as Part of a Move into E-books

Barnes & Noble has acquired Fictionwise, a long-time e-book retailer. This purchase is a clear move to counter's growing influence over the e-book market.

An Early Look at Verizon’s HTC Touch Diamond

Verizon Wireless is apparently getting close tointroducing a consumer-oriented Windows phone from HTC, andmany of the details on its version of the Touch Diamond have leaked out.

Could the Palm Pre Debut Be Right Around the Corner?

There's still no definite word on when the Palm Pre will debut, but Sprint could be signaling that the release is getting close... or it may not.

New Info on Nokia E71 Points to Impending Release

The Nokia E71 has appeared on a major retailer's stock sheet, pointing toward this S60-powered smartphone's nearing release by AT&T.

Nokia E63 Preliminary Review

The Nokia E63 is a surprisingly inexpensive S60 smartphone that recently debuted in North America. It's the latest of Nokia's keyboard-based models, and offers 3G and Wi-Fi.

Google Finance App for Android Released

Google has released a mobile version of Google Finance for Android-based devices. This allows users to follow the stock markets throughout the day on their smartphone.

Apple Netbook May Be Coming this Fall

According to reports coming from hardware companies in China, Apple will release a touchscreen-based netbook later this year. However, it's also possible that these unconfirmed reports actually refer to the[...]

Motorola Introduces Smaller and Lighter Enterprise Handhelds

Motorola has launched the MC55 series, a relatively small and light addition to its family of Enterprise Digital Assistants. These rugged handheld computers have been created to be used by[...]

Acer Wants to Offer Very Affordable Smartphones

Acer has been putting together a major push into the smartphone market for some time now, and now the company has revealed its strategy for accomplishing this: it plans to[...]

Details on Apple’s Netbook Trickling Out

One of the most solid reports yet on Apple's rumored plan to release a netbook emerged yesterday, and this has been followed by a additional details today.

LG Versa Review

The LG Versa is one of the newest phones available on the Verizon network, and it's aptly named because it's removable keyboard makes it quite versatile.

T-Mobile G1 Now Available for Under $100 is now offering the T-Mobile G1 at a special price -- just over half what this Android-based smartphone normally sells for.

Nokia Unveils First XpressMusic Phone with a Keyboard

Nokia has just taken the wraps off a trio of smartphones with support for its music store. One of these, the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, will offer both a numberpad and[...]

Growth in the Smartphone Market Under Pressure

The global smartphone market grew strongly in 2008, but that growth was showing signs of slowing by the end of the year. Several device makers enjoyed strong growth, but much[...]

Microsoft Releases More Info on Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Microsoft recently announced that Windows smartphones coming later this year will include an on-device application store. This software giant has just revealed many details developers need to know to[...]

Significant System Software Update for T-Mobile G1 Coming Next Month

T-Mobile plans an April release for a long-awaited system software update for the T-Mobile G1 that will add some important new features.

And the Wireless Carrier that Will Debut the Palm Pre in Europe Is…

Many people around the world have been holding their breath waiting for word on when the first webOS-powered smartphone will be available in their country. A new report seems to[...]

Palm Pulls in $84 Million in Stock Sale

Palm and Elevation Partners sold off about 23 million Palm shares this week, netting the smartphone maker $83.9 million. The company will use this money to keep afloat as it[...]

iPhone Hacking: Lessons from the Front Line

The iPhone is an enormous IT challenge that's here to stay, no matter how hard enterprises try to ignore it.

iPhone 3.0 Will Be Unveiled on March 17

Apple has just announced that iPhone 3.0 -- the next version of the system software for this smartphone -- will be unveiled next week.

Palm Hints High-End Games May Be in the Palm Pre’s Future

During a webinar today, Palm implied that future versions of the webOS will enable developers to create high-end games for the Palm Pre.

Sirius Prepping a Streaming Radio App for the iPhone

Sirius XM, best known for its satellite radio service, is planning to introduce software later this year that will let iPhone users listen to Sirius streaming content.

Google Voice Could Change Phone Service

The newly-announced Google Voice has the potential to significantly change the way a great many people use their phones. It's a collection of services that individually aren't groundbreaking, but together[...]

DiskAgent Mobile Can Remotely Disable or Wipe a Stolen Phone

Spearstone has added a smartphone application to its DiskAgent line of products. This allows users to remotely wipe, disable, or lock a device if it is lost or stolen.

eXpansys Offering a 1-Day Special on the Nokia N85 NAM *UPDATED*

The online retailer eXpansys is offering a special deal on the Nokia N85 NAM. Today only, it is available for $80 off the regular price.

Samsung Propel Review

The Samsung Propel offers a sliding keyboard, camera, and 3G antenna in a compact form factor. This AT&T-powered phone is web enabled with a full keyboard to make messaging easier,[...]

Timetable for Future Versions of the Symbian OS Revealed

The Symbian Foundation is in the process of transforming the Symbian OS -- merging the S60 user interface into the Symbian backend and taking the whole thing open source. A[...]

RBC Capital Thinks the webOS Will Save Palm

This morning, RBC Capital raised its rating on Palm stock to outperform, and significantly increased its estimate of what Palm's shares are worth.

Pharos Traveler 137

The Pharos Traveler 137 is a smartphone with fully integrated GPS navigation. It’s an unlocked, quad-band phone with 3G support, a 3.5 inch touch screen, and comes pre-loaded with Microsoft[...]

geoDefense Tower Defense Game for iPhone Updated

Critical Thought Games has released geoDefense 1.1 on the iTunes App Store. In this tower defense game, players stop various types of geometric enemies from reaching their base with weapons[...]

PhotoInbox Adds Images to S60 Text Notifications

PhotoInbox from MojosStudios is for those who are bored by the simple text notifications of incoming messages provided by their S60 smartphone. This application gives users a full-screen photo of[...]

Sprint Launches the Palm Treo Pro… Really

Sprint has introduced Palm's latest Windows Mobile smartphone... for real this time. The Treo Pro offers mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, a keyboard, and a GPS receiver.

T-Mobile Shadow II Preliminary Review

The T-Mobile Shadow II is a Windows phone with a portrait-oriented, sliding keypad. It has a better user interface than the standard one, and nice hardware.

iPhone 3.0 May Have Copy-and-Paste but No Multitasking

Apple is going to officially unveil -- but not release -- the iPhone 3.0 system software tomorrow, and rumors and speculation about what it will offer are flying thick and[...]

Samsung Propel Pro Could Debut this Week

AT&T will release the Samsung Propel Pro on Wednesday of this week, if an unconfirmed report is correct. This device will be an enhanced version of the Propel running Windows[...]

Sprint’s 2009 Product Roadmap Leaks Out

Sprint's entire product lineup for much of the rest of this year has apparently leaked out. Among the highlights are the HTC Touch Pro2 on the docket for Q3 and[...]

TetherBerry Review

TetherBerry is an app that allows your PC to take advantage of your BlackBerry's Internet connectivity via a USB cable. It provides a simple solution that adds an incredible amount[...]

HTC Will Launch at Least Three Android-Based Phones this Year

HTC's CEO revealed today that his company is definitely going to release three smartphones running Google's Android OS this year, and maybe more.

An Early Glimpse of Samsung’s First Android-Powered Smartphone

Samsung gave the world a small glimpse of its first model running Google's Android operating system for smartphones. This device is expected to be released later this year by several[...]

Apple Dishes the Details on iPhone 3.0

Apple has just given the world its first look at iPhone 3.0 -- an upcoming version of the system software for its smartphone and handheld. Among the highlights are peer-to-peer[...]

VIDEO: AT&T Fuze Overview

Android-Based T-Mobile G1 Gets Third-Party Tethering App

There's good news for the people who are holding off getting a T-Mobile G1 until this Android-powered smartphone can be used as a modem for their laptop: this feature is[...]

Brighthand Launches Video Library

Today,, along with the rest of the sites of the family, is proud to announce the launch of our network-wide video library.

Facebook Connect Comes to the iPhone and iPod touch

Facebook Connect is a new extension of the Facebook platform that lets developers add this site's social networking to their applications.

First Mobile Firefox Beta Released for Nokia N810

The Mozilla Foundation has released its first beta version of Mobile Firefox for the Nokia N810.

Palm Pre Being Assembled by Chi Mei Communication Systems

Palm, Inc. designed its next smartphone, the Palm Pre, itself, but this company outsources all its device production. The OEM that will be manufacturing the first webOS-based smartphone is Chi[...]

T-Mobile Will Debut HTC’s Next Messaging Phone in Early April

According to several sources, the HTC Maple will be released at the CTIA tradeshow next month. This device will be the replacement for the T-Mobile Dash.

Videos from Last Week’s Palm Pre Webinar Now Available

Last week, Palm, Inc. and Sprint held a webinar to show off the upcoming Palm Pre. It was a press-only event, but Sprint has posted to YouTube a series of[...]

Samsung Omnia HD May Get Windows Mobile 6.5

When Samsung unveiled the OmniaHD last month, it said this upcoming multimedia-oriented smartphone will be based on Symbian S60. A new but unconfirmed report now indicates that there will also[...]

VIDEO: T-Mobile G1 Hardware Overview

Samsung Will Be HTC’s Next Big Competitor in the Android Market

Several well-known mobile phone makers are working on their first devices running Google's Android OS, but Samsung will be the next to release one, according to a new report. [...]

Palm Pre Will Get Free Software Updates with New Features

Palm, Inc. is going to take a page from its competitors and release free software updates that will enhance its webOS devices -- including the Palm Pre -- with new[...]

Microsoft Adding Web Widgets to Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft has announced that the version of Windows Mobile scheduled for release later this year will include support for a class of small web-oriented applications called widgets.

As Predicted, Palm’s Most Recent Financial Quarter Was Dismal

As Palm works to release the Palm Pre later this year, revenue from its current products has dropped dramatically.

Free YouTube Player for Windows Mobile, S60 Released

Google has released a free application to allow Windows Mobile and S60 phones to play YouTube videos.

Apple May Be Prepping Six New iPhone and iPod touch Models

Developers hunting through the new iPhone 3.0 software have turned up evidence of no less than six upcoming smartphones, handhelds, and similar devices. Very few details are available, but the[...]

Windows Mobile 6.5 Losing the Honeycomb Look

When Microsoft unveiled Windows Mobile 6.5 last month, many looked askance at the new Start Menu. The hexagonal tiles weren't popular, and have quickly been dropped.

N-Gage Gaming Service Not Coming to Nokia N73, N93 and N93i

Although originally slated to be part of the N-Gage gaming service, the Nokia N73, N93 and N93i models will not receive N-Gage support.

Future Apple iPhone and Netbook May Use OLED Screens

LG will reportedly make OLED displays for use in the next generation of the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, as well as this company's first netbook.

Dell’s First Smartphones May Have Been Rejected by Carriers

Dell has supposedly been working on its first smartphones for some time, and was hoping to enter the market this year. However, an industry analysts reports that no wireless carriers[...]

AT&T Will Start Selling Contract-Free iPhone 3G this Week

AT&T will soon begin offering Apple's iPhone 3G without requiring customers to sign up for a new two-year contract.

Nokia Releases Updated Version of Mail for Exchange

Nokia's Mail for Exchange application has seen a minor update to address some user experience and performance issues.

Two of Palm’s Windows Mobile Devices May Be Delayed

The debuts of a pair of Palm's smartphones have reportedly been pushed back to the end of the year. Still, there's a silver lining for this company: these will apparently[...]

More Upcoming HTC Models Come to Light

Code-names and some details on quite a number of upcoming smartphones from HTC have emerged in recent weeks, and now a few more models have come to the surface.

More Details on the Next-Generation iPhone Leaking Out

Rumors are flying fast and quick about the iPhone model that is widely expected to be released this summer. Some of the say this device will be faster in several[...]

Astraware Sudoku Now Available for BlackBerry Smartphones

A version of Astraware Sudoku has been released for BlackBerry smartphones. This game allows users to download a puzzle every day for no additional charge.

Nokia E71 Launch on AT&T May Have Been Delayed

The imminent debut of the Nokia E71 on AT&T may have been pushed back by as much as two months.

Acer’s First Android Smartphone Will Debut in September

The Acer A1 is scheduled for release in early fall. This will be this company's first smartphone running Google's Android operating system.

AT&T Netbook Could Sell for an Amazingly Low Price

There's a new rumor out about a netbook coming to AT&T, and it should be music to the ears of anyone who is interested in a very affordable laptop.

Michael Dell Confirms Smartphone Plans

Michael Dell has reportedly confirmed that his company is developing a smartphone, though he didn't divulge when this will be available.

T-Mobile USA Launches Its First 3G USB Modem

T-Mobile USA has just introduced the webConnect USB Laptop Stick, a plug-in cellular-wireless modem for laptops and netbooks.

Palringo Free IM App Released for Android Devices

A version of the Palringo instant messaging app has been released for devices using the Google Android operating system.

Sprint Promises a WiMAX Phone… Eventually

Sprint has committed to releasing a phone with the 4G cellular-wireless technology WiMAX, but its being more than a bit vague about when this will happen.

Possible Screenshots of Windows Mobile 7 Emerge

Microsoft hasn't said very much about Windows Mobile 7 -- a new version of this operating system expected next year -- but some screenshots may give the world a hint[...]

Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows Mobile Released to the Public

Skype 2.5 for Windows Mobile recently went gold, and a beta of Skype 3.0 for this platform is already available for download.

Google Mobile App for Blackberry Now Has Voice Recognition, Location Awareness

A new version of the Google Mobile App for BlackBerry makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for with a minimal amount of texting in search[...]

A First Glimpse of the HTC Touch Pro2 for T-Mobile

Several sources have indicated that the HTC Touch Pro2 is on the way to T-Mobile, and now an image of this version has appeared on the Web.

Astraware Offering Several Classic Games for Half Price

For the rest of this month, Astraware Sudoku, Astraware Casino, Astraware Boardgames, and Astraware Solitaire are all available for under $5.

Verizon Offering Several Windows Phones with Deep Discounts

Verizon Wireless is offering several Windows Mobile devices at very low prices. Some of these are inexpensive because they have been discontinued, but the Samsung Omnia has only been available[...]

Pantech Matrix Pro Review

AT&T offers the Pantech Matrix Pro. This Windows Mobile smartphone has an unusual design featuring both a sliding keyboard and a separate sliding numberpad.

iPhone 3G Now Available Without a Contract

Those who would like to get an iPhone 3G without having to start a new two-year contract can do so now, if they are willing to pay the extra cost.

SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry Moves Out Of Beta

BlackBerry users can watch TV programs streamed to their smartphones thanks Sling Media's SlingPlayer Mobile, which has just officially exited public beta.

Nokia E71x Now Officially on Its Way to AT&T

The long wait is almost over for those in the U.S. who have been hoping for a carrier-banded version of the Nokia E71: AT&T has finally just committed to releasing[...]

Samsung Propel Pro Will Debut in April

AT&T is taking one of its featurephones, the Samsung Propel, and making it into a full-blown smartphone by adding Windows Mobile.

Skype for iPhone Coming Tomorrow

Skype's VoIP client for the iPhone will be available on Tuesday, while a BlackBerry version is scheduled for a late spring release.

Say Goodbye to TealOS — Now Everyone Will Have to Wait for the Palm Pre

TealOS is a third-party application that tries to bring the card-based interface of the hotly-anticipated Palm Pre to other smartphones. Not surprisingly, Palm has taken a very dim view of[...]

LG Arena KM900

The LG Arena KM900 is this company’s new flagship model. It will be able to play DivX or Xvid movies in Dolby Mobile surround sound on its 3-inch, WVGA display.[...]

HTC Touch Diamond2

The HTC Touch Diamond2 will feature a 3.2-inch WVGA touchscreen with HTC’s TouchFLO 3D interface. It will be relatively small, tablet-shaped device with a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. A zoom[...]

Nokia E75

The Nokia E75 is a sliding-style phone with Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G support. It features a 3.2 megapixel camera, Symbian S60 operating system, and a numeric keyboard in[...]

Major Firmware Update Released for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia's most recent touchscreen Symbian device, the 5800 XpressMusic, has a new firmware release available with improvements and new features.