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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2010

Below are the 96 SmartPhone articles for March of 2010

Teksoft BlueInput Lets Android OS Smartphones Use Bluetooth Keyboards

Teksoft has released a Bluetooth driver that allows users to connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to their Android-powered device. BlueInput is relatively inexpensive and works with a variety of smartphones and[...]

HTC HD2 Might Debut in the U.S. Earlier than Expected

Although T-Mobile USA hasn't yet revealed exactly when it's going to introduce the HTC HD2, there has been strong evidence that the debut of this very high-end Windows phone will[...]

No Current Smartphones Can Be Upgraded to Windows Phone 7

In the wake of the unveiling of Windows Phone 7, many are wondering if the smartphone they are using now will be upgradeable to this new operating system. According to[...]

Prices for the HTC HD2 and Motorola Cliq XT Leak Out

T-Mobile USA is expected to launch two more smartphones in the near future, and though it hasn't officially announced what it is going to charge for the HTC HD2 and[...]

Apple Taking HTC to Court for Patent Infringement

Apple today filed a lawsuit against HTC today, accusing the rival smartphone maker of infringing on 20 patents related to the user interface, underlying architecture, and hardware for mobile phones.[...]

Most Popular Smartphones of February 2010

At the beginning of each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones and other mobile devices that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Nokia C5: a Smartphone That Will Emphasize the Phone

The newly-unveiled Nokia C5 is the first in the C-series. this company's upcoming line of Symbian-based smartphones targeted at consumers. The Symbian-based C5 will have a candybar shape, with a[...]

Nokia Nuron Aimed at Budget-Conscious T-Mobile Customers

T-Mobile USA has just announced plans to release the Nokia Nuron, a Symbian smartphone with a large touchscreen and 3G access. This device will debut at just $70, and offer[...]

New Images of the First BlackBerry Slider Appear

Evidence is mounting that RIM intends to release a smartphone with a design not used by this company before: a tablet shape with a sliding keyboard and a touchscreen. A[...]

Majority of Smartphone Users Upset with Service, Survey Finds

More than half of smartphone users are disappointed with the performance of their devices, citing issues with streaming media, web browsers, and social networking apps, according to a new survey.[...]

Facebook for webOS 1.1 Released

Palm has introduced a new version of Facebook for webOS. This brings a collection of new and updated features, including much better support for exchanging messages.

Opera Mini 5 Now Available as a Native Windows Mobile App

Opera Software today released a new version of the Opera Mini 5 web browser for Windows Mobile smartphones. Unlike previous version, this is a native app, not written on Java.[...]

The Launch Date for the Apple iPad May Have Been Revealed

Apple has promised that the iPad will be on store shelves by the end of this month, but hasn't given an exact day for the release. An unconfirmed report claims[...]

Business Loses Millions in Call Interception, Study Finds

According to a recent study, U.S. corporations lose an average of $1.3 million each time a corporate secret is revealed through mobile voice interception, a problem that 18 percent of[...]

Sony Working on a PlayStation Phone and an iPad Competitor

Sony is working on a smartphone that will be able to play games created for the PlayStation Portable, according to a new report. This company is also supposedly putting the[...]

Apple iPad Is Going to Be a Bit Late

When the Apple iPad was unveiled in late January, Steve Jobs promised it would be on the market in 60 day. Today, the company admitted that it wasn't going to[...]

It’s Official: Windows Phone 7 Will Not Run Any Windows Mobile Apps

Microsoft has dropped hints, and there have been rumors, but it has now been spelled out: the upcoming Windows Phone 7 will be a complete break from the past, and[...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 Review

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 is a high-end Windows phone with a WVGA display, sliding keyboard, 8 megapixel camera, and much more. Adama Brown brings us his review of[...]

Documents To Go for iPhone Now Has Google Docs Support

DataViz has introduced a new version of its Office suite for the iPhone and iPod touch that lets users work directly with the Google Docs service.

New Details Emerge on Microsoft’s Folding, Dual-Screen Tablet

Microsoft apparently continues to work on its Courier project as it develops this e-book reader and digital journal. According to the latest information to leak out, this device will be[...]

Swype Text Entry System Now Available for Download to Android OS Phones

Swype is a system for entering text on small touchscreens by sliding a finger for letter to letter. It's built into several devices, but Android OS users who would like[...]

Motorola Backflip

The Motorola Backflip is a consumer-oriented smartphone that runs Google’s Android OS. It has an unusual design featuring a flip-around keyboard and a touchpanel behind its 3.1-inch, HVGA screen.

AT&T Now Offering Its First Android-Powered Smartphone, the Motorola Backflip

AT&T has gotten on the Android bandwagon by releasing the Motorola Backflip. This inexpensive smartphone has an unusual reverse-flip keyboard with an HVGA touchscreen and an large trackpad. It also[...]

Apple iPad Won’t Be Able to Get Internet Access through an iPhone

A question many potential Apple iPad buyers have been asking now has an answer: this upcoming tablet computer will not be able to tether to an iPhone. Many had hoped[...]

Palm’s Next webOS Smartphone May Skip the Keyboard

A new unconfirmed report gives a few of the details on Palm's next smartphone. The device, code-named Elan, will supposedly be the first webOS-based phone with a tablet shape and[...]

Carrier Accidentally Reveals that Next-Generation iPhone Will Offer Video Calling

A European wireless operator has let slip that the iPhone version expected to hit the market this summer will allow users to make video calls, which means that this upcoming[...]

Skinput Brings Touchscreens to Human Skin

Mobile touch technology may be leaving the screen in the form of Skinput, a device that displays a touchpad on human skin, potentially solving the problem of putting a large[...]

HTC HD2 Will Debut in the U.S. in Two Weeks

Although T-Mobile has not yet announced when it will introduce the HTC HD2, another source indicates that the launch is scheduled for two weeks from today. This will mark the[...]

Palm Gives Developers Advanced Tools for Creating webOS Games

Palm, Inc. has released a beta version of the webOS Plug-in Development Kit (PDK). This gives game makers the tools they need to create high-end titles for this platform. Companies[...]

Samsung Enters eReader Fray with the E6

Samsung announced today the upcoming U.S. availability of the Samsung E6 eReader, a device that is going to feature a 6-inch, E-ink touchscreen, and Wi-Fi. It will allow users to[...]

Microsoft Encouraging Cross-Platform Games for Windows Phone 7, Xbox, and PC

When Window Phone 7 was first unveiled last month, Microsoft promised integration with its Xbox Live service, but was light n details. Today, this company announced a development tool for[...]

Sprint’s HTC Touch Pro2 Getting Long-Awaited Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrade this Month

Sprint's version of the HTC Touch Pro2 is still running Windows Mobile 6.1, but that is expected to change soon. This wireless carrier has reitered its promise to release an[...]

Palm webOS 1.4 Review

Palm recently released a webOS 1.4 upgrade for all the smartphones it has released in the last year. This brings the ability to record video, as well as a number[...]

Samsung Ranked No. 1 U.S. Mobile Device Maker

The numbers are in and Samsung Mobile has a lot of happy U.S. customers. The manufacturer closed 2009 as No. 1 in domestic handset market share, according to Strategic Analytics,[...]

Verizon Will Launch Its First 4G Smartphone Earlier than Expected

Verizon says it now expects to introduce a smartphone that can access its nascent 4G wireless network around the middle of next year, well before the previous estimate. This carrier[...]

Opera Mini 5 for Android OS Gets Updated

Opera Software has released a new beta version of Opera Mini 5 for the Android OS. This web browser has been designed to used much less data than its competitors,[...]

HTC HD2 Might Debut in the U.S. Slightly Later than Previously Thought

It's a virtual certainty that T-Mobile is going to release the HTC HD2 late this month, but there have been a few conflicting reports on exactly when the U.S. debut[...]

iPhone OS 4.0 Could Support Multitasking

Evidence is mounting that the iPhone will soon be getting a highly-requested feature: multitasking. This will allow users of Apple's smartphone to run several third-party applications at the same time,[...]

Apple Now Taking Pre-Orders for the iPad

The much-anticipated Apple iPad can now be pre-ordered, but this tablet computer won't actually be released for several more weeks. Consumers have the option of putting in orders for all[...]

Windows Phone 7 Will Eventually Support HVGA Displays

When Windows Phone 7 debuts this fall, the only screen resolution it will support is WVGA. However, at some point, Microsoft will give device makers a second option that is[...]

EasyTether Lets Android OS Phones Share Their Net Connections

No one wants to pay for two wireless Internet connections when one will do, which is the reason behind the growing popularity of tethering software. One of these apps, EasyTether,[...]

Verizon’s Nexus One Will Only Be Available through Google’s Website

When the Verizon Wireless version of the Google Nexus One is released, it apparently won't appear in this carrier's stores or its website. Instead, customers will have to go to[...]

Palm Pre Plus from Verizon Review

The Palm Pre Plus is a webOS-based smartphone offered by Verizon. Jen Edwards says this consumer-oriented device is both easy to use and powerful. It offers a sleek design with[...]

BlackBerry Tour 9650 Could Launch in Late Spring After Being Renamed

RIM pre-announced the BlackBerry Tour 9650 early this year, but has kept quiet about it ever since. Unconfirmed reports indicate that this model won't be out for a couple of[...]

HTC Touch Pro3 Might Be a Svelte Windows Phone with a Tilting Screen, Keyboard

HTC is supposedly going to continue the popular Touch Pro line of business-oriented Windows Mobile smartphones. The third model in this series will be smaller than the current one, according[...]

Software Developers Start to Line Up Behind Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has just announced details on the tools developers will need to create third-party software for Windows Phone 7, and also gave a list of companies that have already agreed[...]

Smartphone Shipments Up 25% in 4Q of Last Year

According to analysts at ABI Research, 25% more smartphones shipped in the fourth quarter of 2009 than the previous quarter, reversing a trend of lackluster growth for most of the[...]

Motorola Cliq XT Will Debut Tomorrow for Under $100

There's good news for T-Mobile customers who are planning to get a Motorola Cliq XT: this Android OS smartphone will apparently launch tomorrow at a price below what was previously[...]

HTC HD2 Definitely Coming to T-Mobile on March 24

T-Mobile hasn't announced the release date for the highly anticipated HTC HD2, and recently there have been conflicting reports on when the launch will be. UPDATE: T-Mobile has announced the[...]

Google Nexus One Now Available to AT&T Customers

Google has just introduced a version of the Nexus One that fully supports AT&T's cellular-wireless network, including its 3G service. Until now, the flagship Android OS smartphone has been available[...]

Motorola Cliq XT

Motorola Cliq XT runs Google’s Android OS and is available exclusivly from T-Mobile. This touchscreen-based device has been created for those looking for their first smartphone. It has a strong[...]

Three Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Revealed So Far

Although the first models running Windows Phone 7 won't be on the market until the end of this year, Microsoft has already begun to show off a few of the[...]

Motorola Cliq XT Now Available from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has introduced the Motorola Cliq XT, its fifth device running Google's Android OS. This touchscreen-based device has been created for those looking for their first smartphone. It has[...]

Google Nexus One Headed for Sprint

Sprint has just announced that the Google Nexus One will soon be an option for its subscribers. This is the flagship Android OS smartphone, offering a wide array of high-end[...]

Motorola Droid’s Android OS 2.1 Upgrade Could Finally Start Rolling Out Tomorrow

Motorola Droid users may soon get the system software update they've been waiting for. This will include most of the features users have been hoping for, like much greater support[...]

HTC Responds to Apple’s Patent Infringment Lawsuit

Earlier this month, Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC, accusing the rival smartphone maker of infringing on some of its patents. Today, HTC released its first official response.

HTC Incredible Could Launch from Verizon in Two Weeks

A new unconfirmed report indicates that Verizon will have the HTC Incredible on sale around the end of this month. This high-end Android OS smartphone will supposedly be almost identical[...]

Sprint Might Unveil the WiMAX-Enabled HTC Supersonic Next Week

Sprint is reportedly going to take the wraps off the HTC Supersonic, its first smartphone with 4G service, much earlier than previously thought. This device is expected to run Google's[...]

Windows Phone 7 Will Not Offer Copy and Paste

Windows Phone 7 is going to be a complete re-vamp of Microsoft's operating system for smartphones. One of the features getting axed is the ability to copy a piece of[...]

Push To Talk Service Now Available for All Verizon’s BlackBerrys

Verizon Wireless has released an app that lets any of its customers with a BlackBerry have push to talk service, basically making the phone act like a walkie-talkie. The software[...]

Palm Pixi Plus Review

Verizon's Palm Pixi Plus is small, light, and inexpensive but still powerful. It runs the webOS, and offers a very robust web browser, built-in keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, and much more.[...]

Sprint’s HTC Touch Pro2 Gets Its Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrade

Sprint has released the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade that users of Sprint's HTC Touch Pro2 have been waiting for since last fall. This also includes an updated version of the[...]

T-Mobile Hoping To Offer the iPhone this Year

Thanks to an exclusive contract with Apple, AT&T has been the only wireless carrier in the U.S. allowed to offer the extremely popular iPhone. T-Mobile USA is hoping to change[...]

Several High-End Smartphones Expected to Debut at CTIA

One of the most important phone-related tradeshows of the year is going to be held this week in Las Vegas. This spring's CTIA should see the debut of a number[...]

AT&T Commits to Offering the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

Palm announced today that both its most recent smartphones are headed for AT&T, the third major U.S. wireless carrier to pick up webOS-based devices. Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus[...]

Android-Based Dell Aero Is Headed for AT&T

AT&T has pre-announced its plans to offer the Dell Aero, a re-branded version of Dell's first smartphone running Google's Android OS. Expected some time later this year, this model will[...]

Motorola i1 Preview

The Motorola i1 is a business-oriented smartphone heading for Sprint that will be the first Android OS smartphone to offer Push To Talk (PTT) service. Brighthand's Ed Hardy was at[...]

First 32 GB microSD Cards Now Available from SanDisk

Flash memory device maker SanDisk has released a 32 GB microSD card, which currently is the highest capacity removable memory card available for smartphones and other mobile devices.

HTC EVO 4G Will Offer WiMAX, the Android OS, and a Large Screen

Sprint has just taken the wraps off the HTC EVO 4G, which will be the first smartphone available in the U.S. with WiMAX. This very high-end model will run Google's[...]

HTC HD2 Now Available from T-Mobile

Today is T-Mobile's release date for the highly anticipated HTC HD2. This is U.S. debut of the most advanced smartphone running Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system on the market, as[...]

Samsung Outs Android-Powered Galaxy S with Super AMOLED Screen

At the CTIA tradeshow, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S, an Android OS 2.1-powered smartphone that will sport a 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen and 1 GHz processor. This model is[...]

T-Mobile Launches the Low-Priced Nokia Nuron

The Nokia Nuron is now available from T-Mobile USA. This Symbian-powered smartphone has a large touchscreen, 3G access, support for Nokia's free navigation service with turn-by-turn directions, and a low[...]

Motorola Devour Now Available Directly from Verizon

The Motorola Devour, Verizon's third Android OS smartphone, can now be found in this carrier's stores and its website. For the last several weeks, this mid-range device with a sliding[...]

Android-Based Alex eReader Can Now Be Preordered

Book worms can now preorder the Alex eReader from Spring Design, the latest device to entrr an increasingly crowded eReader space. The Alex is a dual-screen Google Android OS-based model[...]

Skype for Android and BlackBerry Now Available to Verizon Customers

A mobile version of Skype is now available for a number of Verizon Wireless smartphones. This allows users to make phone calls with their unlimited data plans, rather than voice[...]

StyleTap’s Palm OS Emulator Released for Jailbroken iPhones

The long-delayed version of StyleTap for the iPhone has finally been released. This emulator allows over 30,000 applications originally written for Palm OS to run on iPhone and iPod touch[...]

HTC Hero May Finally Get its Android OS 2.1 Upgrade in April

Sprint's version of the HTC Hero may be getting its long-awaited upgrade to Android OS 2.1 in the coming weeks. An unconfirmed report says Sprint will introduce an operating system[...]


Brighthand has a preview of the HTC EVO 4G in the below video.

HTC EVO 4G Preview

Sprint has unveiled what will be the first U.S. smartphone with WiMAX this week, and the HTC EVO 4G will also offer a range of other high-end features, like a[...]

LogMeIn Remote Access App for Android OS in Development

A version of the LogMeIn remote access application is being developed for smartphones running Google's Android OS. This will allow those with an Android-based device to control their work or[...]

Palm Pre Plus for AT&T Preview

AT&T announced this week that it is going to be offering the Palm Pre Plus in the coming months. Palm had this model on display at the CTIA tradeshow this[...]

HTC Will Introduce a Windows Phone 7 Smartphone this Year

Microsoft has already shown off early versions of several devices that will run Windows Phone 7. None of these are being made by HTC, but the president of this company[...]

CTIA Spring 2010 Wrap-Up: Lots of New Android OS Smartphones

One of the most important phone-related tradeshows of the year was held this week. The spring CTIA show saw the unveiling of several new smartphones, all of which will run[...]

Nintendo DSi XL Now Available, Offers Gaming and More on Two Large Screens

The Nintendo DSi XL is being released today. The "XL" stands for extra large, as this new version keeps the same clamshell shape as the earlier versions, but with dual[...]

Verizon’s Google Nexus One Price May Be Higher than Expected

Verizon Wireless has promised to offer the Google Nexus One but isn't saying exactly when or what it will charge for its version of the flagship Android OS smartphone. Google[...]

Could the HTC EVO 4G Debut Next Month?

Sprint's official Facebook page says the HTC EVO 4G is going to hit the market in the middle of next month, even though this carrier had previously stated that this[...]

Apple iPad Can No Longer Be Pre-Ordered for Saturday

The Apple iPad will debut on Saturday, April 3, but anyone who really wants one on that day should have ordered it already. Those who place a pre-order now won't[...]

iPhone HD Could Be Apple’s Next-Generation Smartphone

According to a sudden burst of rumors, Apple is going to release a model called the iPhone HD early this summer. This will supposedly live up to its name by[...]

Verizon’s BlackBerry Tour Gets a Significant System Software Upgrade

Users of the Verizon version of the BlackBerry Tour can now upgrade their smartphone to the latest version of RIM's operating system, BlackBerry OS 5.0. This brings improvements to calling,[...]

HTC HD2 Once Again Available from T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA launched the HTC HD2 last week, but as a sign of how eagerly anticipated this Windows phone was, it sold out within hours. However, this high-end model with[...]

Winners Announced in the First Brighthand Mobile Film Festival

The Brighthand Mobile Film Festival was held at CTIA last week, and the names of winners of this inaugural short video competition have been announced. This festival showcased some of[...]

Motorola Droid’s Android OS 2.1 Upgrade Finally Rolling Out

The oft-delayed Android OS 2.1 upgrade for the Motorola Droid has started going out. This includes most of the features users have been hoping for, like much greater support for[...]

HTC EVO 4G Could Be Coming to Verizon with LTE

Sprint made headlines last week when it announced the HTC EVO 4G, the first smartphone with WiMAX. According to an unconfirmed report, Verizon Wireless is going to be offering its[...]

Motorola Droid Owners Can Manually Install Android OS 2.1

Motorola and Verizon have begun sending out a significant upgrade for the system software on the Motorola Droid, but so far only a few thousand people have received it. Those[...]

Samsung Galaxy S Pro with a Sliding Keyboard Might Be in the Offing

Samsung turned heads when it announced the Galaxy S last week, as this Android OS smartphone will have a large, high-resolution Super AMOLED display. Now there is an unconfirmed report[...]

HP iPAQ Glisten Review

The HP iPAQ Glisten is a business-oriented Windows phone available from AT&T. It is HP's first with an AM-OLED touchscreen, and also sports a thumb-size keyboard, mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, and[...]