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SmartPhone Articles for March of 2012

Below are the 100 SmartPhone articles for March of 2012

HTC Sense User Interface 4.0 Being Simplified

One of the hallmarks of smartphones made by HTC is the Sense user interface, which the company uses to give its Android OS models a distinct look and feel. A[...]

Quad-Core Smartphones Dominated Mobile World Congress 2012

Mobile World Congress is wrapping up in Barcelona, and Brighthand's European correspondent brings us his picks for the most important announcements made at this annual smartphone tradeshow.

AT&T Begins Throttling ”Unlimited” Subscribers Who Use More than 3GB of Data a Month

AT&T has laid out specific points at which it begins throttling the data transfer speeds of its customers who are still on unlimited data plans. This includes many iPhone users.

ASUS PadFone: The Smartphone That Can Do Much More

The always innovative Taiwanese tablet maker ASUS has revealed its latest attraction: the PadFone. This won't be just a smartphone, but a tablet and a netbook as well!

Nokia Lumia 710 Owners Can Get a Free Case

Nokia is offering everyone who has a Lumia 710 Windows Phone from T-Mobile a free colorful case. All they have to do is ask for it.

Google Wallet Headed for 10 Additional Sprint Smartphones

With the upcoming LG Viper receiving Google Wallet in the near future, Sprint is expected to introduce at least 10 additional phones with support for the application later this year.

Samsung Galaxy S III Could Be Released Earlier than Expected

Many are eagerly looking forward to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which a previous rumor said will be out in May! A new report, however,[...]

Gorilla Glass 2 to Provide Thin, Damage-Resistant Coverage for Next-Generation Smartphones

Corning has begun shipping Gorilla Glass 2 to manufacturers who can then provide customers with thinner and more sophisticated protection for the displays on their devices.

Carriers Face a Long Wait to Pay Off Their iPhone Investment

Getting Apple's iPhone is a double-edged sword for the carriers. Yes, they get more customers but their profits take a hit, at least in the beginning.

Most Popular Smartphones for February 2012

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. Samsung dominated January's list, with five out[...]

iPhone App Store Passes 25 Billion Downloads

Users of the iPhone and iPad have now downloaded 25 billion applications from the iTunes App Store since it debuted several years ago. This milestone was passed at some point[...]

Motorola Droid 4 Review: 4G LTE, Keyboard, Dual-Core Power

The new Motorola Droid 4 takes Verizon's flagship Android line and adds an updated design, faster processor, and 4G LTE. But is that enough to make it a worthwhile upgrade?[...]

BYOD Smartphones, PCs and Tablets Raise Big Security Risks, Experts Say

Employees bringing their own devices to work (BYOD) can raise big security risks, according to newly released research. At this week's RSA Conference, though, vendors announced some new technologies that[...]

Samsung Denies Galaxy S III Launch Date Rumors

The Galaxy S III is one of the most highly-anticipated devices of the season. Unconfirmed reports have tried to reveal when this Android smartphone will be on the market, but[...]

Nokia’s Very Advanced Camera Technology Heading for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia recently unveiled what it calls PureView, a image-processing technology which promises to greatly improve picture taking on mobile devices. Although it is going to debut on a Symbian

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Will Be a Super Small Smartphone

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, but an upcoming model is bucking that trend. The Samsung Galaxy Pocket will be very pocketable.

HTC ThunderBolt, Other Verizon Models Getting Android OS 4.0 Upgrades

Verizon Wireless has released a list of all the smartphones it offers that will be getting upgrades to the latest version of Google's operating system. ?This includes models from HTC,[...]

Goodbye Android Market, Hello Google Play

Google has changed the name of its app store. What was once the Android Market for the last several years has been re-branded "Google Play". This move is apparently being[...]

Motorola Droid RAZR vs. Droid RAZR MAXX: There Is a Big Difference

Anyone shopping for an Android smartphone from Verizon is likely to be confused about two smartphones that have very similar names and very similar features. Despite this, one is clearly[...]

GDC 2012: Intel GPA 2012 Expanded to Support Smartphones, Tablets, Ultrabooks

Intel announced yesterday from GDC 2012 that it would be releasing GPA 2012, an updated version of its developer tool suite meant to help with performance optimization, to the public.

Sony Opening Android PlayStation Suite to More Developers

Developers who want to create games for Sony PlayStation Suite will soon have access to the tools they need. This will allow them to create titles for smartphones and tablets[...]

Apple iOS 5.1 Update Tweaks the iPhone

Apple released iOS 5.1 for the iPhone today. This operating system and software upgrade brings a number of small improvements to Apple's smartphone, but few major ones.

AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 900 Coming Soon

A cryptic message on ?AT&T Wireless' website promises that something "exciting" is coming soon. The top contender: the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

Solar Storm Will Disrupt GPS, but What About Cell Phones?

The Earth was hit with a massive solar storm early this morning, but what does that mean for cell phone and other wireless tech devices?

LG Lucid Headed for Verizon’s Lineup

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Verizon isn't that far away from introducing the LG Lucid, which will supposedly be an Android smartphone with a feature set that's fairly -- but not[...]

Doors Closing at the Windows Mobile App Store

Way back in 2009, Microsoft opened the Windows Market Place for Mobile, an online store that allowed Windows Mobile users to buy software. As this operating system has been discontinued,[...]

iPhone 5 Might Not Have iPad’s A5X Processor

The next installment of the iPhone may not be receiving the new iPad's A5X processor when it launches later this year.

Fooducate for Android OS Review: Does Your Food Rate an A, B or F?

Fooducate - Eat Healthy Diet is supposed to teach you to eat better. Yet how well does this barcode-reading app for smartphones and tablets really work? Read the full review[...]

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone Release Date May Have Been Pushed Back

The debut of the Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T was scheduled to come before the end of this month, but that might not happen. An unconfirmed report indicates that the[...]

Sprint Launches Budget-Friendly Android Smartphone: The ZTE Fury

Sprint subscribers looking to purchase a value-priced Android smartphone can pick up the ZTE Fury. This inexpensive family-oriented model just launched today (Sunday).

Best Smartphones from AT&T this Spring

AT&T has a wide range of models, from the Apple iPhone to very good devices running the rival Android OS and Windows Phone. Figuring out which are the best isn't[...]

Share Your iPhone’s Data Connection with Tether

Stuck at a location with expensive or no Internet available? Thanks to Tether, you can use your iPhone's data to surf the Internet for a cheap yearly price. [with video[...]

Smartphones Are the Latest Way You Can Lose Work Data

The trend of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work, sometimes called the consumerization of IT, has gained a lot of traction in corporate America in recent years. But dealing with data loss[...]

T-Mobile Reveals Release Date of the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

T-Mobile customers can start off their spring by purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G later next week. This mid-range model is going to offer a 4-inch display, Google's Android[...]

All Sprint 4G Smartphones Available for 1 Cent is having a massive sale on Sprint smartphones. For the next several weeks, new Sprint customers can get any 4G-enabled model for just a penny down when signing a[...]

Control Your Roku Player with the Free Roku App

Customers can now control their Roku players using their Android smartphones. This free app joins an iPhone version that was released previously.

Android OS 4.0 Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S II Starts Going Out

Samsung Galaxy S II owners rejoice: an upgrade to Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for your smartphone has started going out. But there is bad news too: it will[...]

There Might Be No Windows Phone 8 Upgrades for Current Models

According to an unconfirmed report, Windows Phone 8 is going to come with hardware requirements that will prevent any current Windows Phone 7.5 model from running it.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX: Verizon’s Best Android Phones Go Head-to-Head

Two smartphone lines now have their flagship devices on Verizon: Motorola's Droid series and Google's Nexus models. Which is better for power users? We compare and give you the rundown.[...]

BlackBerry OS 7.1 Upgrades Go to T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9810

T-Mobile subscribers who own either a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or a Torch 9810 can receive the BlackBerry OS 7.1 upgrade today.

Nokia Lumia 800 Entertainment Bundle Now Available on Amazon

A bundle that includes the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone and some audio accessories can now be purchased from Amazon and Previously, this was exclusively available at Microsoft Windows[...]

Verizon Strongly Implies iPhone 5 Will Have 4G LTE

Verizon has once again committed to only offering smartphones with 4G LTE service for the rest of this year. This almost certainly means that the next iPhone will have LTE.[...]

BLOG: Apple iOS 5.1 Is Kind of a Dud

The most recent blog post from Brighthand's site editor considers the latest update to the iPhone's operating system after a week of using it. According to him, this was a[...]

Windows Phone 7.5 Goes on a Diet With Upcoming ”Tango” Release

The minimum requirements for smartphone operating systems have a tendency to climb with each release, but for its next update to Windows Phone, Microsoft is putting its mobile OS on[...]

China To Surpass U.S. as the Biggest Market for Smartphones

Research performed by IDC shows that China will become the leading country-level market for smartphone shipments in 2012, moving ahead of the current leader, the United States.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S III Be Out Before Summer?

A major topic of discussion in smartphone circles is, when will the Samsung Galaxy S III be released? Its predecessor is one of the most popular models in the world,[...]

Amazon Appstore for Android Celebrates First Birthday With A Week-long Sale

Amazon Appstore for Android is celebrating its first birthday with a week of deals on some of its customers' favorite apps and games, including Fruit Ninja, Tetris, and Monopoly.

BLOG: Larry Page Is Destroying Google

A new blog post from Brighthand's site editor discusses the accusation from a former Google executive that the new CEO of Google has made the company into something that no[...]

Samsung Nexus S Could Finally Be Getting Android 4.0

Although Google announced Android OS 4.0 last fall, months later only a few smartphones have been upgraded. The wait is reportedly almost over for users of the Samsung Nexus S.[...]

Watch March Madness on Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

Keep up with all of March Madness at the convenience of your smartphone (or tablet). Download NCAA March Madness Live and watch the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament virtually anywhere.

PayPal Unveils Mobile Payment Service, Square Competitor

The first major competitor for electronic payment service Square has arrived. PayPal has just announced PayPal Here which allows small businesses to accept almost any form of payment. [with video[...]

Pantech Burst Review: Inexpensive but Powerful

The Pantech Burst is a smartphone for the budget-minded consumer, available on AT&T. Despite its low price, it is surprisingly well supplied with features, including 4G LTE, but does have[...]

AT&T Retirement of 2G Network Will Benefit 3G/4G Networks

AT&T Wireless has begun retiring its old 2G network, which is almost a decade old, freeing up spectrum that will be used by its 3G and growing 4G network.

Researchers Working on Ways to Put 16-Core Processors in Smartphones

There's overclocking, and then there's this: University researchers are in the early stages of putting multi-core processors in smartphones to work in bursts of up to 16 times their normal[...]

Report from This American Life on iPhone-Maker Foxconn Retracted

In January, the radio program This American Life ran a story by Mike Daisey about working conditions at Foxconn, the China-based company that produces products for a wide range of[...]

BLOG: How HP Pulled the Rug Out from Under Palm

A new blog post from Brighthand's site editor takes a look at some new information on what HP's original plan was to make Palm's webOS into serious competition for the[...]

Motorola Droid Fighter Could Sport a 4.6-Inch Display

Some early details have leaked out about an Android-based smartphone supposedly headed for Verizon. The Motorola Droid Fighter will reportedly have a display larger than any of its predecessors.

Smartphone Battery Life a Critical Factor for Customer Satisfaction, According to Study

As smartphone ownership increases, so does the demand for overall satisfaction from these devices. The biggest factor currently affecting customer satisfaction is smartphone battery life and performance, according to a[...]

HTC One X Might Launch from Sprint as HTC Jet

An unnamed "internal source" at Sprint is saying that the HTC One X may be launching from this carrier under the name "HTC Jet". The debut will reportedly be in[...]

Teens Are Texting More, Talking Less According to Study

The days of teens talking on the cell phones for hours are now over. Text is more popular now, and getting more so. According to a study by Pew Internet,[...]

Roaming Between Wi-Fi Networks to Get Much Easier

The GSMA and the Wireless Broadband Alliance are working on a plan to allow smartphones to easily and seamlessly roam between different Wi-Fi networks, even if these are managed by[...]

Verizon Could Soon Add Shared Data to Family Plans

A screenshot that leaked out of Verizon has hit the internet today, hinting that the company will start offering a shared data plan in the future. This is a highly-requested[...]

Sprint and HTC Have Something Up Their Sleeves for April 4

Sprint and HTC have invited journalists to an event to be held early next month. They aren't hinting what smartphone they are going to announce, but there's a very likely[...]

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

This device is a mid-range model running Google Android and available exclusively from T-Mobile. It’s a modest device in many ways, but it does boast a speedy 1.5 GHz dual-core[...]

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Now in T-Mobile Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The newest smartphone from T-Mobile is the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, a mid-range model running Google Android. This has likely been released to give customers a similar but cheaper[...]

Sprint May Be Targeting April Launch for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

If the latest rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus being released for Sprint are true, then this powerful LTE-enabled smartphone will be launching fairly soon.

Samsung Galaxy S III Scheduled for May, but Might Be Early

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S III is a hotly debated topic, but Samsung's chief executive in China has let the cat out of the bag. This smartphone[...]

BLOG: Microsoft Employees Forbidden to Buy Apple Products

A new post from our site editor on the Brighthand Bytes blog discusses the meaning behind a recent decision by Microsoft to prevent employees from using company funds to buy[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note’s Android OS 4.0 Upgrade Delayed

The release of a major system software upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy Note has been pushed back. On the other hand, Samsung promises the new version of Google's operating system[...]

All Windows Phones Might Receive Upgrades to ”Apollo”

According to an unconfirmed report, all current Windows Phones will receive an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 (Apollo), possibly silencing an earlier rumor to the contrary.

Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX vs. Motorola Droid 4: Better Battery or Better Keyboard?

Verizon's latest two smartphone offerings pit the new and much-lauded Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX against the most up-to-date member of the original Droid line, the Motorola Droid 4. Which best[...]

Apple’s iPhone 5 Could Sport a 4.6-inch Display

According to an unnamed industry source, Apple is looking to use a 4.6-inch display on the next generation iPhone. This would be a significant upgrade from the screen on this[...]

AT&T Lists HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Pantech Models Getting Android OS 4.0 Upgrades

The HTC Vivid has become the first phone offered by AT&T to get an upgrade to the latest version of Google's mobile OS, Android 4.0. The carrier listed which of[...]

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 Geared Towards April 9 Launch

While earlier rumors of a March release of the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 are looking bleak, those waiting to pick up the device can possibly do so in early April.[...]

Four iPhone Privacy Apps for Protecting Your Content from Prying Eyes

Do you want to keep personal photos and other content on your iPhone hidden away from any onlookers? Here's the lowdown on four "privacy apps" that could help.

Smartphone Users Play Games Longer than Many Might Expect, according to Survey

A survey performed by MocoSpace of over 15,000 gamers resulted in some interesting figures concerning the world of mobile gaming. A majority of respondents are using their smartphones and tablets[...]

Google Wants to Listen to Your Phone Calls, then Send You Ads Based on Them

Users of Google's free Gmail service should be used to the idea that this company scans through their messages and serves them ads based on the content. Even this group[...]

Consumers Love Them, Carriers Hate Them; Why Smartphone Subsidies are Here to Stay

Off-hand comments often give us some great insight into how a company really feels vs. its public position. Case in point: the chief marketing officer for T-Mobile USA let it[...]

Apple iPhone 5: What We Know So Far

In his latest "From the Editors Desk" column, Ed Hardy takes a look at the rumors and speculation about the next-generation iPhone, which might (or might not) be a radical[...]

Nokia Lumia 900 to be Released on April 8

After a whirlwind of rumored release dates, AT&T has officially announced that they will launch the 4G LTE Nokia Lumia 900 on April 8.

Smartphone Accessories Produce More than 50 Percent of Total Accessory Revenue

According to a study performed by ABIresearch, smartphones will drive $20 billion in accessory revenue in 2012, accounting for more than half of the $36 billion that all handset accessories[...]

AT&T To Release Titan II on April 8

Coming hot on the heels of the news about the Nokia Lumia 900 being released on April 8, AT&T has also revealed that the HTC Titan II will be released[...]

Six Handy Shopping Apps for the iPhone

While the Internet has certainly revolutionized shopping, that doesn't mean that it has made the process all that much easier. Thankfully your iPhone can help you comparison shop quickly and[...]

Apple Ready to Hand Out Nano-SIM Design for Free

In the current battle of nano-SIM card designs, Apple is making a drastic move to give it the edge over its competition: it's offering up its design to device makers[...]

LG Lucid to be Released on Verizon on March 29

Those looking for a cheap 4G LTE-capable phone need look no further than the LG Lucid, which will be available for Verizon Wireless customers on March 29.

Apple Patents Ejectable SIM Card Tray

In what seems like coincidental timing given its ongoing battle to have its nano-SIM design become the industry standard, Apple was just granted a patent for an ejectable SIM card[...]

AT&T Testing Out AT&T Plus Loyalty Program

AT&T is testing out a new loyalty program for its customers, AT&T Plus, which will supposedly offer perks like waived fees and product discounts.

SlideIT Keyboard Review: Swype-Like Input for Any Android OS Smartphone

A hot download, the Swype-like SlideIT Keyboard app promises an easier way to enter text on Android OS phones. How well does it work? Read the full review.

Samsung Sells 5 Million Galaxy Notes [UPDATED]

Though there were initially some translation issues with its press release, Samsung has announced that it has sold 5 million units of its smartphone/tablet hybrid device, the Galaxy Note.

HTC to Challenge Apple With an iPod Touch-like Device?

A patent filed back in 2011 shows that HTC may be designing a media player similar to the iPod Touch, challenging Apple in a market that remains almost untouched.

Google Maps for Android Gets Updated to 6.5

Google recently released an update for its Maps for Android app, bringing it to version 6.5 and providing users with a variety of enhancements and improvements.

Dell Ends Smartphone Sales in the U.S.

In a move to focus more on emerging markets and higher-margin products, Dell has announced that it has stopped selling smartphones in the U.S.

Nielsen Report Reveals Nearly 50 Percent of US Mobile Phones Are Smartphones

The latest report from Nielsen Mobile Insights has revealed that smartphone adoption is still steadily on the rise; for the month of February, smartphones accounted for almost 50% of all[...]

Android 4.0.4 Rolls out to HSPA+ Samsung Galaxy Nexus and GSM Nexus S Users

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S users can now update their smartphone's software to the latest iteration of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, version 4.0.4.

Nokia Lumia 800 Firmware Update Fixes Battery Life, Available To Some Users Now

Nokia Lumia 800 owners, your well-documented battery issues will soon be a thing of the past, as an impending firmware update to improve the device?s battery performance is arriving soon.

Reports Say Android Has Earned Google Less Than $550 Million Since Launch

As a result of a settlement offer with Oracle, Google has released figures indicating that its Android operating system has made the company less than $550 million in revenues since[...]

Hands-On: Five Cool Protective Cases for Apple iPhones

Smartphones often take a spill to the ground (or into the water, but a protective case can help. Here's a hands-on look at five of the best cases for the[...]

Sprint Rumored to Launch the HTC One X as the EVO One

Though the device has already gone by two different monikers earlier this month, the HTC One X is now rumored to be called the "HTC EVO One" when it is[...]

2012 Will Be The Breakout Year For LTE

Market analysis firm Strategy Analytics notes that network buildout and new handsets will cause LTE to explode in use this year.

ETSI Delays Decision Over Nano-SIM Industry Standard

Shortly after RIM claimed that Apple was attempting to skew voting results, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) issued a statement today saying that it is delaying its decision over[...]