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SmartPhone Articles for April of 2002

Below are the 48 SmartPhone articles for April of 2002

PDA with translating software to help troops in Afghanistan

A new device called the Phraselator, built by Marine Acoustics and sold by VoxTec, is among the first to feature a built-in ability to translate among hundreds of languages. Five[...]

Sony Clie 415 being retired

The Clie 415 s life appears to be nearing its end, at least in Sony s e-store. The 415 was one of the most ill conceived PDA s ever released[...]

New Palm OS games from Sega

Sega has demonstrated a number of new games made for the Palm OS at PalmSource in Japan. Sega announced early last year that it would expand it game development to[...]

New Handera Device Looms

Handera produced the popular Handera 330 device and now looks to compete with Palm and Sony with a new device for release by summer.

Video Conferencing for the Pocket PC

Microsoft Portrait enables two-way video conferencing on Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs for the first time in the world.

PoGo has announced a new media player device that is more entertainment than PDA

Two versions, one with 128 Mb of RAM and another with 64 Mb will be available. Both have an SD/MMC expansion slot and a connector which will be used to[...]

RIM BlackBerry: Device or Technology?

RIM e-mail— It’s not just for BlackBerrys anymore! We'll tell you about the high speed plans for this established competitor.

One Piece or Two?

We're talking gadgets here and everyone seems to have an opinion on this hot topic. So, what's yours? Do you want a single convergent device, or do you prefer two[...]

BlackBerry: Device or Technology?

We may soon see RIM's wireless email solution popping up in devices other than its own, and on higher-speed networks

Should Palm license BlackBerry?

Palm's i705 competes head-to-head with RIM's BlackBerry, but is there a way that both parties can win?

Kodak cans the PalmPix Cameras

With little ceremony and less explanation, Kodak's Palm cameras are gone.

GPS and Handhelds…Better Bring a Map

A reporter from Business Week tried out a few new, and old, GPS receivers for the Palm and iPAQ. Their results were not so good.

Quick Hits: Handspring news, Overstock Deals

Handspring is expanding coverage for the Treo 20% off Handspring modules ends soon Free shipping and 5% off from Overstock

Amazon.com and BestBuy.com Sale

Here's a comprehensive price list of the Amazon.com sale. These specials run through the 20th.

New Accessories from Compaq

Compaq announced a number of new accessories including a number of expansion packs that will replace the ones currently on the market.

Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox – Flash Presentation

Here's an up close and personal view of the new Loox. This flash presentation goes in depth with images ant tons of screen shots.

bargainPDA.com newsletter – best deals of the week

Check out this weeks bargainPDA.com newsletter with the greatest deals of the week! Not registered or signed up, then click here

News bits: New browser for HP, games, more…

ThunderHawk gives you the same browsing experience on a Jornada as you are used to on the desktop Play Who Wants to be a Millionaire on your Pocket PC/Win[...]

Supreme Snowboarding by PlaynGo for Pocket PC

Slide down the slopes of this magnificent snowboarding game. Make sure to pass all the gates on the right side and collect the bonus pickups to get time-deductions.This is an[...]

10% off any $399+ purchase from GoodGuys.com!

Take 10% off purchases over $399 from Goodguys.com. Also take advantage of free shipping and no sales tax. You must use the special link to get this deal. This deal[...]

m100 + keyboard + case + cradle = $99!

What a steal of a package this is. Get the m100, folding keyboard, leather case (fits the PDA and keyboard) and USB cradle for only $99! Click to view[...]

OfficeMax.com Free Stuff!

OfficeMax.com has a bunch of items free after rebates, including buy one get one free Global Star Palm OS apps, 50-pack CDR free after rebate check out this article for[...]

Poor sales make Handspring sink lower – Alludes to new device

This afternoon Handspring posted a loss that was wider than analysts had expected as sales in the March quarter were less than half of those in the same quarter a[...]

Handhelds now target of virus attacks

Canada Computes has an interesting report on the growth of viruses for handheld computers.

DANGER, new PDA one step closer to release

Last week, Danger, the maker of the long overdue entry into the PDA/cell phone market, gained FCC approval to begin selling the device in the US.

Toshiba Pocket PC e310

Easy to use, the Toshiba Pocket PC e310, features a familiar user interface and tools powered by Microsoft Windows such as Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Outlook and Microsoft Windows[...]

HP Jornada 728 Handheld PC

The HP Jornada 728 Handheld PC tops the HP Jornada 700 series of clamshell devices, all of which offer the convenience of a full size touch-type keyboard, the comfort of[...]

Last chance to get discontinued PDA bundles at amazing prices

There are some unbelievable deals over at Tiger right now on a number of discontinued PDA bundles.

New PDA’s from Toshiba and HP officially announced – UPDATE New pics of all the devices

Expect a flurry of activity today for Microsoft OS based handhelds as Microsoft kicks off its first developer conference for mobile devices in London. Microsoft is expecting over 1,000 developers[...]

Special bundle deals from Palm, for a limited time – With FREE Shipping and No Tax!

Check out these special offers from Palm. Deals include only the lastest and greatest, the m130, m500 series and the i705. Also, take advantage of no tax and free shipping[...]

Pocket PC’s critical next step

As it enters its third year, the question remains, will Pocket PC remain a niche player or is it ready to capture the market?

OQO hopes to make the handheld more powerful – UPDATE, new pictures

The San Fransisco based startup has turned some heads at Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC). OQO is the first to bring the full power of windows XP to a[...]

REVIEW: Pocket Express Entertainment Pack Plus for Palm OS

Palm OS gamers rejoice! This is a terrific blend of games that includes some classics like Lode Runner with chess and backgammon resulting in a well rounded game pack under[...]

Face to face with AvantGo CEO Richard Owen

In this exclusive interview, former Avantgo CEO Richard Owen talks about everything from custom channels to mobile advertising to device convergence

REVIEW: Compaq iPaq Micro Keyboard

A review of the Compaq iPaq Micro Keyboard has been posted to the site, check it out to see what purpose a 'Micro Keyboard' actually servers and whether this piece[...]

Compaq: Over 2 million units served

When times are tough on PDA makers, and with the pain of the failed HP merger still lingering, Compaq decided to celebrate their success today.

Expanding the PDA’s Potential

Need more space? Read this comprehensive review of the different types of expansion.

Sony PEGA T615 Going Fast! – UPDATE

eCost.com has a super deal on the Sony 615, Thanks to Harsh for pointing it out on the boards

FREE stuff from Office Max

Office Max has a keyboard, mouse and speakers that are all free after rebate.

New PDA/Phone in Asia (with pictures) with hopes to grow into other markets

Dopod communications corp has announced a new Pocket PC with integrated phone and wirelss capabilities. It's currently only going to be made available to Asia, but it seems there are[...]

Symbian gets boost from Intel, next goal, take over the US handheld market

Today at the Symbian Developer Expo in London, Intel and Symbian announced support for Intel's XScale processors in Symbian OS version 7.0.

How to choose a keyboard for your PDA

Keyboards for handhelds are hotter than ever. Some of the big names in the industry share tips on how to pick your board.

RUMOR: Acer to bring their popular Palm OS PDA to Europe and the US (with pictures)

Almost a year ago, Acer annouced the s10 series PDA running the Palm OS. The interesting part was that the memory slot was to be designed for the Sony memory[...]

In-depth look of the much anticipated Sony Ericsson P800 smartphone

The Register has taken an in-depth look at the P800 and they like what they see.

HP Jornada 575 WDA

The new HP Jornada 575 WDA is obviously going to replace the 560-series PDA. The interesting thing is that the WDA (Wireless Digital Assistant) implies Bluetooth integration and not wireless.[...]

Apple iPod (5GB)

The iPod beats the pants off of any MP3 player out there. With a 5GB hard drive; a compact, elegant design; and a superfast FireWire connection, this is the hard[...]

Apple iPod (10GB)

The iPod beats the pants off of any MP3 player out there. With a 10GB hard drive; a compact, elegant design; and a superfast FireWire connection, this is the hard[...]

1 GHz Pocket PC Processor

ARM Holdings is to give handheld devices a speed boost with its next-generation "Jaguar" processor microarchitecture, dubbed ARM11, which will ultimately surpass speeds of 1GHz.