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SmartPhone Articles for April of 2003

Below are the 126 SmartPhone articles for April of 2003

1 GB Memory Stick Now Available

Sony Clie users finally have access to Memory Sticks that are larger than 128 MB. Palm OS 5 users can get a card that has 1 GB of storage.

Sprint Offering $200 Rebate on Treo 300

Updated Sprint is offering a rebate on the Treo 300 communicator that will drop its price to $300 for some customers. Even better, Amazon is offering a[...]

BrightBytes™: April 1, Sony CF Driver, iPAQ Repairs, and More

It’s April Fools Day, a developer claims to have created the first driver to allow some Sony models to use CF memory cards, Mobile Conquest is now fixing broken iPAQs,[...]

A New Way to Distribute Pocket PC Applications

Spb Software House hopes Spb AirSetup will become the de-facto standard for over-the-air Pocket PC application distribution.

Review – Pocket Informant 4 for Pocket PC

Pocket Informant 4 is the most recent update to the widely popular PIM replacement program. While the basic design of the program hasn't changed, it has undergone a down-to-the-roots upgrade[...]

PDA News – New Strategy Game, Controll Your PC With Bluetooth Phone, Axim Hard Case Shipping

For a first effort, this game is amazing! Medieval Heros is a fun and very hard Risk-type RTS game. Jeyo has released a software to let users control their[...]

Become a Contributing Member

Did you ever wonder what keeps Brighthand going and growing? Well, it takes more than just the active participation of our more than forty thousand registered members.

RumorMill™: Palm Preparing New Mid-Range and High-End Models

Updated According to unconfirmed reports, Palm Inc. is going to release the Zire 71 and Tungsten C in the coming weeks. Fairly complete descriptions of these devices are now[...]

Review Uninvited by Infinite Ventures

Do you remember back in the day when you would sit glued to your Nintendo and play Uninvited? How about Shadowgate? Well, now you can glue yourself to[...]

PDA News – Gotive H41 Win CE.NET PDA, ACT! For Pocket PC, PPCs Gain Share in Japan, Another Watch Phone

The design of this new CE.NET device is very unique (pictures) Best Software has announced ACT! for Pocket PC is now available Pocket PC PDAs are on the[...]

BrightBytes™: Dell, ClieFiles, iPAQ with Sprint, and More

Dell is now offering a free CF card with its Pocket PC models, ClieFiles 1.1 can extract the contents of ZIP files, some companies have teamed up to offer a[...]

Memory Stick PRO Patch Available Soon

A patch to allow many current Clie models to use the new 1 GB cards will be available in a few weeks but users have found a workaround that allows[...]

RumorMill™: Details on Upcoming High-End Sony Clies

Rumors are circulating on the Web about Sony’s next models. Some of these seem quite probable, others less so.

Review SmarterCase Universal PDA Case With Belt Clip

We received our first SmaterCase almost 18 months ago. Well, they're back with a new unit that's a twist on their classic universal hard case. This time they've included a[...]

PDA News – New Clie Rumors, New Axim Accessories, Free Memory With Axim, RIM Loses $15 Million

Brighthand has pulled together a report on the latest Clie rumors Belkin is releasing a ton of new Axim accessories The $50 rebate is gone, but Dell is[...]

Wireless Networking at Home with Bluetooth

Brighthand’s Editor-in-Chief shares his experiences using Bluetooth to connect various handhelds to the Internet.

BrightBytes™: Deals on Handhelds and Peripherals

Updated Companies are offering deals on the recently-released Toshiba e750 and Sony TG50. There are also some good prices for older models and some peripherals.

PDA News – New eBook Doesn’t Need Reader, New Bluetooth CF Card, Clie SJ33 Case

The first Palm OS eBook that does not require a seperate reader has been released Blue-Gene is about to release a Bluetooth CF card This is the first[...]

RIM Revenues Up, Losses Down

Research in Motion saw a substantial increase in revenues this quarter, though still not enough to make it profitable.

Dell Axim X5 300 MHz For Only $148.50!

Computer Geeks has a special offer on refurbished Dell Axim 300 MHz models. The Axim's are all in good condition and come with a 90 day warranty. If you want[...]

PDA News – NEC Quits Japan, Status of Clie CF Drivers, PDAs in Grocery Stores Study, Free TextMaker

NEC is pulling its PDAs out of Japan A ton of work is going into getting CF support for the Clie NR, NX and NZ series Clies - not[...]

BrightBytes™: Dell, Zaurus, TextMaker, and More

Dell is offering a 10% discount off the cost of the Axim X5 line, the Zaurus SL-5600 is now in stores, SoftMaker is giving away thousands of copies of its[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Toshiba e755

Toshiba takes a good handheld and makes it better, adding a bigger, better display, a faster processor and more memory to its top-of-the-line Pocket PC

More Details on Group Sense’s Palm OS Smartphone

A Chinese company is putting together a super-small smartphone with a built-in camera that should be available in Europe later this year.

Study Says: Windows CE Devices May Outsell Windows PCs in 5 Years

A new study predicts that a very sharp rise in the sales of devices running Microsoft’s Windows CE and its derivatives is coming in the next few years.

BrightBytes™: Free SD Card, h5400 Update, ZLauncher, and More

Get a free 32 MB SD card from Staples, there is a new patch that fixes a battery problem on the iPAQ h5400 series, ZLauncher 3.0 is now available, and[...]

Windows CE Powered Devices to Outsell Windows Based PC’s

A new study indicates mobile devices, like PDAs, running on Microsoft platforms will outsell PC's running Microsoft platforms by 2008 worldwide and 2010 in the US.

Diagnose SARS with your Palm or Pocket PC

If you've been watching the news lately you've likely heard just a little about Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). In case the media hasn't been feeding you enough information,[...]

PDA News – PDA Security, Dell Accessories, Treo Rebates, Palm Smartphone, Much More…

PDA security is an important consideration for many corporate users Proporta has expanded its Axim accessory offerings The Treo 300 rebate has been doubled and the T-Mobile Treo[...]

PXA255 Chip Appearing in Current Handhelds

Some handhelds are starting to appear with the updated version of Intel’s XScale processor, and these aren’t just the models that advertise it.

BrightBytes™: Axim ROM Update, Sony Drivers, FX100, and More

There is a ROM update for the Dell Axim X5; Sony has a new driver for its Wi-Fi card; the FX100 flexible keyboard is now available for the Zaurus, Blackberry,[...]

Group Sense PDA Planning Second Palm OS Smartphone

Details of a second super-small smartphone coming from Group Sense PDA Limited are now available.

Want to Become Part of the bargainPDA.com Review Team?

Wanted - Palm and Pocket PC software and accessory reviewers. Applicants must own an appropriate PDA and have time to turn reviews around quickly. This position is not paid in[...]

PDA News – Axim ROM Update, Avoid Traffic Jams, Toshiba e755 Review

Dell has released an Axim ROM update If you have a Pocket PC and GPS, you can now avoid traffic jams! Toshiba e755 review

Is this the “Perfect PDA”?

As handheld enthusiasts await the release of the iPAQ h2200 Pocket PC, we wonder if it's the "perfect PDA"

Study Says: OLED Screens Not Coming to Handhelds Soon

Many have been hopeful that OLED screens, which have many advantages over LCDs, would soon appear in handhelds. Unfortunately, a new study says this will be delayed by problems[...]

ePocrates Rx Pro Now Available for Pocket PC

Doctors with Pocket PC models can finally use ePocrates’ very popular drug reference on their handhelds.

Status of the Garmin iQue 3600

The Garmin iQue 3600 turned a lot of heads, including mine, when it went on display at the CES in Vegas this past January. Garmin has been quiet the past[...]

PDA News – iPAQ h1910 Hard Case, More HotSpots, Tungsten C, Clie CF Card Update 2, More…

Innopocket is now shipping an aluminum case for the iPAQ h1910 T-Mobile has announced WiFi HotSpots are now available at all Borders Books Quill office supply had the[...]

BrightBytes™: HanDBase, h1910 Case, Sony, and More

DDH Software is giving $1,000 to the person who can make the best HanDBase applet, there is a new hardcase for the h1910, find out the latest on CF memory[...]

Avoid Traffic Jams with ClearRoute

ClearRoute automatically routes users with a GPS-enabled Pocket PC around traffic jams. A public beta of this app is available now from Mapopolis.

NX70V Price Drop May Be a Sign of Things to Come

Updated Is the fact that Sony has dropped the price of one of its high-end models a sign that it will soon announce a replacement?

Leather Case with Built-In Wi-Fi Coming Soon

Enfora is close to releasing a leather portfolio case that allows the Palm handheld within to connect to Wi-Fi wireless access points.

Review – Monkey Menace by Afzane

What do you get when you cross a giant 6-foot-tall monkey, a kidnapped girl, and an endless supply of watermelons? Monkey Menace.

PDA News – WiFi in a PDA Case, Kyocera 7135 at Verizon, New Clie Drivers, Leather Case for TG50

A revolutionary PDA case will let almost any Palm go wireless Verizon has the 7135 in stock Sony has released two new drivers for their Clie PDAs [...]

Brighthand Reviews the ViewSonic V35

The V35 offers a beautiful screen, a 300 MHz processor, 41 MB of memory, and a slim and lightweight design... all for just $300.

HP and Dell Considering Smartphones

Two prominent Pocket PC licensees may be considering also putting out devices that run Microsoft’s other mobile operating system.

BrightBytes™: Kyocera 7135, T-Mobile, PalmSource, and More

The Kyocera 7135 Palm OS smartphone will be available soon from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile is looking for feedback on its PPCPE device, PalmSource has several developer seminars coming up, and[...]

Both Dell and HP Thinking About Making Smartphones

According to a report from DigiTimes, both Dell and HP have made efforts to obtain information regarding the manufacture of smartphones. HP appears more serious though, generating many official requests[...]

Review – Fade for Pocket PC from Fade Team

Fade is an adventure game for PocketPCs, played from a first-person perspective, in the classic style of interaction with a mostly static environment. The game world is populated by a[...]

Virtual Keyboards Coming Later This Year

In the coming months, several companies will release devices that allow the user to type on an image of a full-size keyboard projected by a laser on any flat surface.

PDA News – WebLink To Do Color, Beamable Airport Info, New Clie Driver

WebLink Wireless has announced a color Palm OS 5, two-way PDA will be released Toronto to get the first Beam & Fly station supporting the Palm OS Sony[...]

Color Palm OS 5 Device Coming from WebLink Wireless

WebLink Wireless is going to release later this year a handheld with an “always-on” wireless connection that will compete with the RIM Blackberry.

Review: Dell Axim Hard Case by Innopocket

Nothing says protection like 100% aircraft grade aluminum casing surrounding your Dell Axim. So, if you're a klutz and prone to dropping things (or launching them into the air[...]

MediaQ To Produce ARM-Based Processors

A company known for making graphic controller chips is going to start producing a complete, ARM-based System-on-a-Chip for multimedia handhelds and smartphones.

What Happened the iPAQ h5600 Series?

Brighthand explores the fate of Hewlett Packard’s line of data-centric wireless handhelds.

Quicken for Pocket PC Now Available

A Pocket PC version of the popular application for keeping track of financial data has finally been released by LandWare.

Review – Palm Tungsten T Deluxe Stylus

The Palm Tungsten T is targeted primarily at business users given its feature set and initial price tag. It actually shipped with a decent stylus, or so I thought. The[...]

PDA News – New ARM Processors, Pocket Quicken, Transcriber Update, P800 Sled

MediaQ has licensed the ARM9 core to develop handheld device processors Pocket Quicken has finally been released for Pocket PC Microsoft has posted an update for Transcriber for[...]

New Release of Palm VersaMail Looks Better, Works Better

VersaMail 2.5 offers automated email retrieval and notification, support for basic HTML, and several new customization options

BrightBytes™: Dell, Transcriber, PDAsia, and More

Dell is bundling a car charger with its X5 line, there's a new version of Microsoft Transcriber, PDAsia is having a big sale, and more.

Tablet PCs Could Rival Handhelds in Size

It’s possible future handhelds won’t run Pocket PC or Palm OS at all. Instead they’ll be very small Tablet PCs.

New Handspring Smartphone Coming this Fall

Updated Handspring will release a model this fall that its CEO calls “a significant new product.”

Review: Veo CF Camera Card for Pocket PC

The Veo camera card is a standard CompactFlash Type 2 card, compatible with PocketPC 2000 and 2002 handhelds equipped with the proper slot, including the Toshiba, sleeved iPaq, and Axim[...]

The Best Email Program For Palm Gets Better

Palm is about to release version 2.5 of their VersaMail program for $35. There are a number of upgrades and improvements including things like support for Zip files and automatic[...]

PDA News – Handspring Losses – New Treo, Kinkos WiFi, Tiny Tablet PCs

Handspring losses mount, new Treo pushed back to Fall release Kinkos has partnered with T-Mobile to provide WiFi Hotspots in all of their stores Tiny Tablet PCs might[...]

Review: G2 PDA Screen Protectors for Palm Tungsten T

Admittedly, PDA screen protectors are not the most exciting thing in the world, but this review by Kirsten provides an entertaining read and evaluation of G2 PDA Screen Protectors for[...]

PalmSource Developer Seminar Preview

PalmSource will use its upcoming developer seminar to announce a new licensee and new developer tools.

Microsoft Mobility Unit’s Revenues Increase Again

The division of Microsoft responsible for the Pocket PC operating system and other variations of Windows CE has experienced a big jump in its quarterly revenues.

Five Sega Games Released for Tungsten T

Sega and Palm Inc. have collaborated to bring Sonic the Hedgehog and other classic games to the Tungsten T.

Amazon PDA Rebates

Amazon has some rebates on several PDAs from Handspring, HP, Palm, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba and Viewsonic. There's also some memory cards with rebates. View this article for a[...]

PDA News: Palm and Sega Unite, Garmin iQue Pre-Order, Handspring Rebounds

Sega and Palm have partnered to launch five classic Sega arcades for the Tungsten T and Tungsten C. Garmin iQue is available for pre-order, the catch is it won't[...]

HandEra Giving Up its Palm OS License

One of the original Palm OS licensees has announced that it will release no more models and is selling off its remaining inventory.

BrightBytes™: Lots of Rebates, Toshiba, BugLord, and More

Amazon is offering $25 or $50 rebates on almost every currently available handheld, e310 and e740 users can get the EUU3, an insect-themed strategy game is now available, and more.

Palm OS Devices with 128 MB Memory Now Possible

The Palm SG and PalmSource have found a way for future Palm OS 5 devices to have far more RAM than before.

Review: Sharp Zaurus SL-5600

The new Zaurus SL-5600 from Sharp is a linux-based PDA with a 400MHz Intel XScale (PXA250) CPU. The street price is currently around $500 for the SL-5600. Sharp calls these[...]

PDA News: Palm loses Handera but gains memory, Nokia Cruises

Iowa Company HandEra gives up on producing Palm devices. Palm Solutions Group Announces Memory Innovation; 128MB capability combined with more efficient file storage could challenge PPC Platform. Nokia[...]

Review: Buglord for Pocket PC

There's no such thing as a free meal in the animal kingdom, and in the land of insects, it's every man, or bug, for himself." Welcome to the[...]

Latest News on the Garmin iQue 3600

This Palm OS 5 device with an integrated GPS receiver is now available for pre-order from numerous webstores.

Mini CompactFlash Card Standard Announced

A Taiwanese company is proposing yet another small memory card standard. Will it have any success against the half dozen already on the market?

BrightBytes™: h5400 Update, 1 GB CF, SPV e100 and More

HP has released a ROM update for the iPAQ h5400 series, Amazon has a low price for a 1 GB CF card, Orange SA's new Smartphone 2002 device has been[...]

A Sneak Peek at Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003

The next version of this operating system for wireless handhelds is expected soon and details and screenshots are starting to leak out.

Memory Stick PRO Patch Now Available

The U.S. version of the patch that Sony handhelds need to make full use of this new higher-capacity format has been released.

PDA News: Handango 10% Off Coupon, PPC 2003, HP ROM Upgrade and Rebate

The bargainPDA and Handango software store are pleased to offer 10% off in our software store, use coupon code C624F1. HP has posted a ROM upgrade for the iPAQ[...]

iPAQ h2200 Series and Pocket PC 2003 Coming May 30?

A document posted on the FCC’s website gives a strong indication of when HP’s next model and Microsoft’s next OS will be released.

BrightBytes™: Xela, Cheap Memory, Danger, and More

The Xela is a combo case/keyboard for some Palm models, Buy.com has some good deals on Lexar memory cards, the Danger hiptop will soon be available worldwide, and more.

Make Free Phone Calls with Your Handheld

There are a couple of new VoIP applications on the market for Pocket PC handhelds, one of which is freeware.

PDA News: Palm Zire 71 Out, Free Handspring Treo 180, iPaq 2200

The Palm Zire 71 is being reported as available in several Staples, OfficeMax and Target stores, the official release date is Wednesday. Amazon.com has $150 off the Treo 300[...]

Microsoft’s Mobile2Market Program Helps Software Developers

By connecting independent software vendors to mobile operators and retailers with its Mobile2Market program, Microsoft hopes to strengthen and develop the current marketplace for mobile applications.

CompactFlash Memory Card Drivers for Clié Released

The Sony NX series and NZ90 just became significantly more useful. A company has released a driver that allows these model to use both CompactFlash cards and Memory Sticks.

Synchronize All Your Outlook Info with Beyond Contacts

DataViz has released an application that allows Palm OS users to transfer all the information in Microsoft Outlook onto their handhelds.

BrightBytes™: RepliGo, Free Treo, Wikipedia, and More

RepliGo allows Smartphone users to view files in many formats, the Treo 180 is free to new T-mobile customers, the world's largest free encyclopedia is now available for handhelds, and[...]

PDA News: Clie CF Cards, SD Memory gains ground, Tungsten C and Zire 71

CompactFlash Storage Card Driver for the Sony Clie released, allows use of Clie CompactFlash slot for standard CompactFlash memory. Secure Digital Memory gains usage and reaches 21.6% memory market[...]

REVIEW: Covertec Dell Axim X5 Leather Case

For high-class style, it's hard to beat a leather case. Covertec has been making cases since before the birth of the original Palm Pilot, and given their quality it's not[...]

Palm Introduces the Zire 71 and the Tungsten C

Palm has debuted two new models that offer features never before seen on Palm OS devices, and at surprisingly low prices.

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Zire 71

Palm's newest mid-range handheld, the Zire 71, is all that and a bag of chips. Well, maybe not a bag of chips, but at the very least a darn good[...]

Brighthand’s First Look at the Palm Tungsten C

The Tungsten C is the first Palm OS model to include integrated Wi-Fi wireless networking, the first to offer 64 MB of RAM, and the first to use a 400[...]

CompactFlash’s Loss is SD’s Gain

SD has made big gains on its rivals and is now the second most popular removable memory card format.

First Thoughts Palm Tungsten C

I've had the Palm Tungsten C for just a day now, but I am happy to report that Palm is doing a number of things right. The WiFi implementation is[...]

PDA News – SmartPhone Software Sales up, Palm Leads PDA Market, Gameboy Movies

Handango today released a report that SmartPhone users purchase more software than PDA users and average handheld Software prices dropped. Palm is #1 in handheld market still, Dell quickly[...]

Weak Economy Hurts Handheld Shipments

Worldwide shipments of handhelds were down over 20% during the first quarter of this year. Still, Pocket PC vendors gained share with new low-priced models.

Dell Hooking Up with Good Technologies

Neither Dell nor Good Technologies are willing to give any details, but the two are going to make some kind of joint announcement next week. Could a wireless Axim[...]

BrightBytes™: Tiny GPS, Wayport, Audible.com, and More

DeLorme is now offering a tiny GPS receiver. Tungsten C users can get a free trial of Wayport’s Wi-Fi service, Zire 71 users can get a free trial of Audible.com’s[...]

Review 4×4-1 by GargaGames

The game is quite simple to understand, but not so simple to solve. I generally have limited patience when it comes to these types of games, so obviously I[...]

PDA News – Dell and Good Announcement, PDA Recycling, UTS Update

Dell and Good are set to announce a new relationship next week. New Axim with Good keyboard? Starting Earth Day (4/27) Staples will offer a PDA and consumer electronics[...]

Review Handstory for Pocket PC

HandStory Suite, the acclaimed 'Swiss Army Knife of media viewers,' is easy-to-use, multi-function information software for your handheld and PC. HandStory Browser for Palm or Pocket PC displays texts, eBooks,[...]

400MHz Dell Axim for under $200!

There are only a few of these refurb units in stock. Last time they were gone in only a few days, so act quickly to snap up a great deal!

PDA News – GPRS and GSM on SD, New Flash Pocket PC Game, 512MB CF $89

The Inquirer is reporting that Siemens has such a product on display Afzane has released another flash-based game for the Pocket PC Got storage? Pick up a 512MB[...]

Review: Quadra 4-in-1 Stylus by Belkin

There are replacement styluses and then there are replacement styluses. Belkin's new Quadra 4-in-1 Pen aims at those who want a full-size pen-type stylus with an integrated ballpoint pen, LED[...]

First Thoughts – Palm Zire 71

I've had the new Palm Zire 71 for just over a day and am working up a full review. For now, here are my first thoughts. Post any questions you[...]

RumorMill™: HP Preparing iPAQ 5500 Series

HP is reportedly close to releasing a new version of its high-end iPAQ with Pocket PC 2003, a faster processor, and more RAM.

Review: Jack the Uni-Psychle for Linux

Jack the Uni-Psychle is the first release from Discord Studios. It is a sideways scrolling platform game in the style of such classics as Sonic the Hedgehog and the Mario[...]

GSM/GPRS Phone in an SD Card NOT Coming this Year

Updated Despite news reports from last week, Siemans is not going to release a mobile phone so tiny it fits in an SD card. The device is actually[...]

The Summer of Pocket PC

With a new version of the operating system and a boatload of new handhelds, this summer looks to be an unusually exciting one for the Pocket PC community.

BrightBytes™: Used Handhelds, Cheap CF Card, Dell Update, and More

Used Handhelds.com wants to buy your old iPAQ, eCost has a good deal on a 512 MB CompactFlash card, there is a new ROM update for the Axim X5, and[...]

Next Generation iPods Offer Increased Handheld Features

Apple's newest iPods continue to blur the line between a music player and a handheld.

PDA News – Vulcan PalmTop, New Covertec Cases, Pumatech Updates Enterprise, Palm Karate Game

Not many of these mini-laptops have made it, but this one looks really cool! Covetec has announced a Garmin iQUE case and new colors for others Pumatech has[...]

NEC’s Next PDA to Include Software From BSquare

NEC is preparing a next generation CE.NET PDA and it will be powered by applications from BSquare. BSquare has gained fame for their PDA reference design, but they also have[...]

Gartner Says Handheld Shipments Declined 11%

Market research firm Gartner reports that worldwide shipments of handhelds aren't down nearly as much as its rival IDC said last week.

BrightBytes™: Legend, Bluetooth, Cheap CF Modem, and More

Legend has debuted its first Palm OS handheld, CDMA phone users will soon be able to use Bluetooth, CompUSA has an amazing price on a CompactFlash modem, and more.

Dell to Release Wireless Handheld Next Year

Good Technologies and Dell are collaborating to create wireless Pocket PC handhelds. The first of these should be available in 2004.

Review – BugMe From Electric Pocket

Following our review of Pocket Informant 4, we were asked about how it compared to BugMe, an alarm/notepad combination for both Palm OS and PocketPC. If you see[...]

PDA News – PDA Shipments Down, AllTime 4.0 Released, O2 Hits Asia, Legend Releases New Palm

Gartner claims PDA shipments fell 11% in Q1 2003 Iambic has released an update to AllTime, time and expense tracker O2 to Launch Smartphone in Asia Legend[...]

Review – Ara Que Assault Version 1.0

Ara-Que Assault (AQA) is a Space Invaders clone that was originally designed for mobile phones using the Symbian platform. A Palm OS version of AQA was recently released and is[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Tungsten C

Palm?s latest high-end handheld, the Tungsten C, is a breakthrough device for the platform, offering a 400 MHz processor, 64 MB of RAM, and built-in Wi-Fi wireless networking.

PDA News – Dell Goes Wireless With Good, EverQuest Chapter III, Acer n10 Reviewed, New SD Camera

Dell has announced plans to work with Good to bring wireless hanhelds to market The latest chapter in the EverQuest saga is now available for Pocket PC Infosync[...]