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SmartPhone Articles for April of 2004

Below are the 133 SmartPhone articles for April of 2004

RumorMill™: Dell Developing VGA Pocket PC

Evidence has emerged that Dell will be using a 640-by-480-pixel screen in an upcoming Axim model.

N-Gage 2 Probably Debuting on April 14

It now appears that the new and improved version of Nokia's gaming-oriented smart phone will be announced in just a couple of weeks.

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the Sierra Wireless Voq

When it hits the market later this year, the Voq will be the first Windows Mobile smart phone to include a built-in QWERTY keyboard.

PDA News – SL-6000 available, Smartphones ‘rubbish’, Faster XScales in April

Zaurus SL-6000 WiFi version available IT managers: smartphones inadequate and costly Faster XScales to be announced mid-April WiFi Memory Stick available in U.S.

Long Awaited Apple PDA Surfaces!

It appears that the long wait is over for Apple fans to finally have a "Mac" powered PDA. In a totally unexpected overnight release, the new PDA...

Handango Names People’s Choice Award Winners

Handango has named the People's Choice award winners for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Symbian, and Java software.

palmOne Delivers Updated Java Runtime

palmOne has released an ARM-processor-optimized Java runtime for end users.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

Astraware releases three new games, Daedalus 3D released, Warring Nations introduced, and much more.

palmOne Drops Price on Tungsten C

In what may be a sign that a replacement is on the way, the list price of the palmOne Tungsten C has been cut from $499 to $399.

Users Petition for Windows Mobile SE Updates

Users of some Pocket PCs that might not get an update to the latest version of the operating system are signing online petitions to let companies know how much they[...]

PDA News – Astraware, New cases, Tactical Incursion

50% off select Astraware games; new releases Proporta introduces clear cases Tactical stratgy by Xen Games

Review – BoulderMaZZZe from Paragon Software (Palm OS)

BoulderMaZZZe is a great game, centred on a small mole, whose quest in life is to collect as many diamonds as he can. A simple enough objective is may seem,[...]

JavoEdge Equips Treo 600 Owners With New Accessories

JavoEdge has released a new case, sync cable, and screen protector for Treo 600 owners.

Synchronize Your Zodiac with Your Mac

The Missing Sync for Tapwave lets users connect and synchronize information between a Zodiac console and a computer running Mac OS X.

New Sharp Zaurus SL-6000L: First Impressions

Although Sharp's press releases and PR people have been insisting that the SL-6000 is an Enterprise-only device, they are actually available to the public through suppliers such as PCConnection where[...]

The Archos AV500 Will Combine a PDA with a PVP

Archos' recently-announced AV500 will combine a Personal Video Player and a handheld computer.

Free Public Beta of PlanMaker 2004 Now Available for Pocket PC

SoftMaker has released a free public beta version of PlanMaker for Pocket PC, a Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet application.

Sony Working on a Vaio Line of PDAs?

Last week Sony announced a plan to expand with more Sony Style stores. They also quietly announced plans to leverage the Vaio brand name with more devices outside of notebook[...]

PROPortable Offering ASUS Bluetooth GPS Kit

PROPortable has just begun offering a Bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver that is compatible with both Palm OS and Pocket PC devices.

Software Update Brings New Features to Zodiac

Tapwave has released a system update that allows Zodiacs to play music in the background, along with many other small changes.

HP Launches Trade-In Program

HP is now offering a program that allows people to trade in a previously-owned handheld for a discount off a new iPAQ. The pre-owned device doesn't have to have been[...]

Intel Publishes Top 100 Unwired Cities and Colleges

The annual report by Sterlings Research on behalf of Intel Corp. has been published, and once again the West Coast of the U.S. is tops in wireless accessibility. San[...]

PDA News – Zodiac to Mac syncing, Tungsten|C price drop, Handheld basics in PA

MissingSync connects Zodiacs, Macs Tungsten|C price reduced by $100 Handheld basics seminar in PA

HP Launches iPAQ Trade In Program

Trade-in programs have been leveraged by palmOne and others in the past, now HP wants in on the action. The program runs through July 10th and is valid on the[...]

VoIP Now Available on Pocket PCs For Free

Thanks to a beta release of their Windows Mobile software, Skype Technologies is letting PPC users place phone calls using voice over IP (VoIP) for free. The only requirements are[...]

RumorMill™: HP iPAQ h6300 Listed in Wireless Carrier’s Database

An employee at a U.S. wireless service provider has found a mention of an upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC in his company's tech support database.

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the PocketSurfer

The PocketSurfer isn't a handheld or a smart phone; instead, it's an accessory for smart phones that brings a much improved web browsing experience.

PocketSkype Provides Free Worldwide Mobile Calls

A beta of PocketSkype for Windows Mobile 2003 handhelds enables free worldwide voice calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

Nokia’s Sales Down Slightly, Investors Spooked

Nokia has announced that its first quarter 2004 net sales will be below its previous estimates, though it still expects to meet its guidance for quarterly revenues. This has caused[...]

First Thoughts RIM BlackBerry 7230

The BlackBerry 7200 series devices offer a phenomenal keyboard, serviceable display and an easy to navigate user interface. RIM s BlackBerry units are widely viewed as the best enterprise data[...]

RIM Has Another Very Profitable Quarter

During its most recent quarter, both Research In Motion's revenue and net profit were up substantially.

Treo 600 May Be Coming to Verizon

It appears Verizon Wireless may soon begin offering the Treo 600 smart phone.

Adding Mini Hard Drives to Smart Phones Proving Difficult

Although companies have been adding small hard drives to portable MP3 players for years, including one in a smart phone is a much more difficult process.

PDA News – Treo 600 on Verizon, iPaq 6300, TH55 covers

Treo 600 briefly listed on Verizon Wireless site iPaq 6300 in wireless carrier's database? Replacement TH55 flip covers Software updates: MovieRec, BugMe! Notepad for OS 5

Sony Releases Software Updates for the TJ27 and TJ37 Clies

Sony has released a software upgrade for both the TJ27 and TJ37. The TJ27 gets two updates centered on fixing power issues. The TJ37 gets those two updates plus a[...]

Smartphones Will Not Mean the End of Handhelds

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief takes on all the people who are saying that handhelds are doomed, and explains why these devices will still be around for many years.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

New games this week include K&G Arcade for Pocket PC, GameBox Asia for Palm OS, IntelliGolf for Smartphones, and more.

New Aluminum Case For Treo 600 on the Market

An aluminum case for the Treo 600 smart phone is now available from several online stores.

Toshiba and ASUS Confirm Windows Mobile SE Updates for U.S.

Toshiba and ASUS have officially stated that they will release in the U.S. free Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition updates for their Pocket PC models.

PDA News – TH55 update, WiFi devices increasing, Treo shortage?

TH55 applications update WiFi devices increasing in number, market share Possible Treo shortage

More HP iPaq 6300 Pictures Surface

BargainPDA.com was sent a picture by an anonymous source that has access to some manuals that exist for the iPaq 6300. The picture shows how to perform a reset[...]

RumorMill™: First Pictures of N-Gage 2 (Updated)

Some images of Nokia's upcoming gaming-oriented smart phone have been leaked on the Web.

Intel Unveils Next-Generation XScale Processors

Intel has taken the wraps off its long-awaited "Bulverde" series of processors for handhelds and smart phones.

HP Posts iPAQ h5500 Series ROM Update

HP has posted on its support web site a ROM update for the iPAQ h5550/h5555. This fixes various bugs and add a few enhancements.

Intel Releases new XScale Processors for PDAs and SmartPhones

Intel has officially launced its next generation of XScale processors today. Introducing the new XScale PXA270 series family, which we've known over that past few months under the code[...]

Will Bluetooth Be Dead By 2006?

If Intel has its way, Bluetooth will be a dead technology by the end of 2005. Intel s pushing hard for a new wireless USB standard, called WUSB. The goal[...]

Rubberized Cases For Zire 21 and iPAQ 1900 Now Shipping

SkinTight rubberized cases are now available for the palmOne Zire 21 and all HP iPAQ 1900 series models.

Sony Releases Updates for TH55 and TJ Series

Over the last few days, Sony has posted on its support web site a number of software updates for some of its latest models.

Developers Dealing with the Problems of Windows Mobile SE

Although the latest version of this operating system has some great features, it can't run most current Pocket PC applications until they have been modified.

Offline Dictionaries Now Available For RIM BlackBerry

Beiks has released several new offline dictionaries for the RIM BlackBerry platform.

MovieRec Available for Treo 600 and Zire 71

MovieRec is the first and only freely available video recorder for the Treo 600.

PDA News – iPaq 6300 specs, iPaq update, Treo case

Purported specifications of iPaq 6300 ROM update for iPaq 5550 Aluminum Treo 600 case Update: Handheld basics seminar rescheduled

Are You a Fast Tracker or Part of a Techno-Tribe?

IDC has come out with an interesting report today that segments mobile technology buyers based on the stages in their lives. I'm clearly a Fast Tracker with every intent of[...]

RumorMill™: The Latest on HP’s Upcoming Wireless Pocket PCs

There may be two models in HP's upcoming iPAQ h6000 series: one one with a camera and one without.

Nokia Takes the Wraps Off the N-Gage QD

Nokia has just announced the N-Gage QD, the next generation of its gaming-oriented, cellular-wireless handheld. This was created to replace the original N-Gage, which had some severe design flaws that[...]

RumorMill™: Upcoming palmOne Handhelds Appear on Web Stores

A few online retail stores already have listings for a pair of upcoming Zire models. These are expected to be available before the end of the month.

PDA News – iPaq 6300 picture, iPaq patch, Clie updates

MTekk has iPaq 6300 photo Patch for iPaq 2200 SD memory bug Wireless and battery drain fixes for TJ27, TJ37, TH55 The Return of the Son of[...]

USI Expecting a Four Fold Increase in Sales in 2005

While many are calling for a continued slump in PDA sales, at least one manufacturer is seeing more than expected sales coming in 2005. USI is a Taiwanese company who[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Apple iPod mini

Brighthand founder Steve Bush takes a look at the iPod mini, a small, lightweight device that lets you bring more than 60 hours of music -- approximately 1,000 songs --[...]

Samsung i550 Palm OS Smart Phone Gets FCC Approval

A new Palm OS smart phone from Samsung should be available on the Sprint wireless network sometime before the end of this year.

RumorMill™: Toshiba Developing e830

Reportedly, Toshiba is working on a replacement for the e805. Supposedly, the new version will include a VGA screen and dual forms of wireless networking like its processor, but it[...]

PDA News – 1 Gig SD for $266, N-Gage, iPod rocks on

1 Gigbyte SD memory card for $266 shipped New Nokia N-Gage QD iPod sales up 900%

palmOne Zire 31 and Zire 72 to be Released on April 28th

According to The Register, palmOne will release the oft rumored Zire 31 and Zire 72 PDAs at the end of this month. While bargainPDA.com is under an NDA regarding palmOne's[...]

Toshiba e830 Pocket PC Device Rumored

Pocket PC Tools has posted a story that suggests a refresh of the Toshiba e800 and e805 line could be coming as soon as July. The e830 would keep the[...]

Pocket Loox 4xx Gets Bluetooth Approval

The Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 4xx is now listed as an approved product on the official Bluetooth Qualification Program web site. Previously, this Pocket PC had only been rumored.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

Astraware announces Hellfire; Heroes of Might & Magic III under development for Pocket PC; and some Clickgamer specials.

Lightspeed Provides Overclocking for Lots More Palm Devices

A public beta of Lightspeed 2.0 has been released, adding support for twelve more devices, along with other improvements.

Preview – Samsung i550 Palm OS SmartPhone

Samsung will be refreshing its i500 Palm OS SmartPhone device with a release of the Samsung i550 in the U.S. on the Sprint network later this year. This device[...]

Samsung SPH-i550

The Samsung SPH-i550 clamshell style phone is Samsungs follow up Smart Phone to the Samsung SPH-i500. Like its predecessor the i550 will run on the Sprint CDMA network. The primary[...]

Toshiba e830

Toshibas follow-up device to the innovative and successful e800, the Toshiba e830 will offer a similar design look and will continue with the tradition of built-in VGA. However, because the[...]

PDA News – WiMax, Loox 400, New games

WiMax may get more spectrum Loox 400 series gets approval Apache vs. Hind; Heroes of Might and Magic 3 for the PocketPC?

Three More Technologies That Could Profoundly Change Handhelds

Scientists and engineers are working on a number of products that could have a significant impact on future handhelds and smart phones, including batteries that last much longer, a display[...]

Wireless Data Goes Mainstream

In-Stat/MDR has announced the results of a survey which found that more than half of the respondents were using one or more wireless data services.

Another Wi-Fi SD Card on the Market

The Pocket PC version of the AmbiCom Wave2Net Wireless SD Card is available now, but a Palm OS version isn't expected until this summer.

Help! Do I Need WiFi or Bluetooth in My Next Wireless PDA?

They re not mutually exclusive, a PDA can have both, but in the mid-level price range, most PDAs offer only one or the other. First off, it s important to[...]

Government Employees Can Now Use Treo 600 With GoodLink

Good Technology has received FIPS certification for the Goodlink wireless messaging system on the Treo 600.

RumorMill™: Additional Details on the HP iPAQ h6300

Even more information has emerged on HP's upcoming Pocket PC with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSM/GPRS, including a surprise about which version of Windows Mobile it will use.

Toshiba Doesn’t Deny e830 Is in Development

A rumor surfaced last week that Toshiba is developing the e830, a replacement for the e805 that will include a faster processor. The rumor also said the e805 has been[...]

Libraries Loaning Ebooks in Mobipocket Format

Dozens of public libraries are now to allowing patrons to borrow ebooks in Mobipocket Format.

PDA News – New WiFi SDIO card, Palm overclocking, Marathon graphics

New WiFi SDIO card from Ambicom Lightspeed supports overclocking more devices Intel's Marathon graphics chip: VGA at 30 FPS? Kinoma offers integrated slideshows for OS 5

HP’s iPAQ Line and Microsoft’s Mobile OSs Lead the PDA Race in EMEA

HP holds a slim lead over palmOne for the #1 sales spot of PDAs while Microsoft is dominating the Palm OS for operating system market share in EMEA (Europe, Middle[...]

Ten Events That Shaped Pocket PC

To commemorate the fourth anniversary of Pocket PC, Brighthand has compiled its list of the ten top events that have shaped the platform.

New Patent May Be a Hint of Apple’s Handheld Plans

Apple recently received a patent for a method of handling a rotating computer screen. Though this would not normally be of interest to most handheld users, there's a suggestion in[...]

Motorola Licenses BlackBerry Technology

RIM has just announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with Motorola, Inc.

Handheld Shipments See Strong Increases in Europe (Updated)

Shipments of both handhelds and mobile phones increased by double digits in the EMEA region last quarter.

Review Vaja SD Keeper

Thought you had it all eh? Well, if you own a PDA that has a Secure Digital slot, then you re probably missing something. Enter the Vaja SD Keeper which[...]

Digitizer Recalibration a Necessity

Many handheld users don't realize it's necessary to occasionally recalibrate their device's digitizer. Doing so can noticeably improve a handheld's performance.

JAVOSkin Encases the Tungsten E

JAVOEdge is now taking pre-orders for the JAVOSkin case for the palmOne Tungsten E.

Kinoma Media Album Now Available for Palm OS Handhelds

Kinoma Media Album allows desktop PC users to create multimedia albums including video, pictures, and sound that can be played on Palm OS handhelds equipped with Kinoma Player 2.

palmOne Successfully Woos New Users with Zire Line

palmOne announced today that it has sold more than 3 million handhelds in its Zire line in less than 18 months.

DeZireable Sales Numbers – palmOne Sells Over 3 Million Zire Units

palmOne is starting to sound like a fast-food chain. Their extremely popular Zire family has now surpassed 3 million units sold in under 18 months.

Details of palmOne’s Zire 31 and Zire 72 Emerge (picture)

UK site PC Pro has posted details of the Zire 31 and Zire 72, including a picture of the latter well ahead of what palmOne would like.

palmOne Zire 31 and Zire 72 Picture Gallery

A user at the Fotki community site has posted excellent pictures of both the Zire 31 and the Zire 72, along with some side-by-side pictures with current palmOne models.

Executive Planet for Palm OS Aids International Business Travelers

Executive Planet for Palm OS provides cultural information for business travelers to 42 worldwide destinations.

Intellisync Updated to Support Windows Mobile Smartphones

Intellisync has added synchronization support for Windows Mobile smartphones. This application now provides smartphone users with two-way, desktop-based synchronization of email, calendar, contacts and tasks.

HP and PocketMac Making It Easier for Palm Users to Switch to Pocket PC

HP and Information Appliance Associates have teamed up to create web site which urges users of Palm OS models to trade in their Palms for rebates on HP iPAQs and[...]

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Gladiators of Delphi Now Available for Pocket PC Gladiators of Delphi from On The Go Games offers 3D action-adventure gameplay set in the ancient Greco/Roman world. Players can assume the[...]

Old palmOne Cradles Help Hack Digital Cameras

Disposable digital cameras are quickly gaining popularity. While the 1.3 megapixel units aren't great, a new hack leveraging a few parts including the innards of a palmOne cradle will convert[...]

Electronic Ink Ebook Reader Debuts in Japan

Sony's LIBRIe is the first device to use the Electronic Ink display developed by E Ink Corporation and Philips Electronics. Other devices using this type of screen are expected to[...]

PalmOne to Launch Treo 610 on Verizon Network

A DowJones news wire published early in the morning on Saturday discusses a Treo 610 device that will likely be launched on the Verizon network. The article focuses on[...]

RumorMill™: New Daxian Pocket PC Phone Coming to Sprint

Reportedly, a new cellular-wireless Pocket PC designed by Daxian Telecom will be available in the U.S. from Sprint later this year.

RumorMill™: Analyst Confirms Treo 610

An industry analyst has included a mention of an unannounced smart phone from palmOne it one of his research notes.

WiFile Allows Palm OS Handhelds to Access Files on Corporate Networks

Hands High Software has released WiFile, a Palm OS application that allows handhelds with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to an office network to access network documents and files.

Public Beta of mPack for Microsoft Smartphones Now Available

Glass Lantern's mPack, featuring eleven tools and utilities for Windows Mobile smartphones, is now in public beta.

AnexTEK Launches SP230 Windows Mobile Smartphone

AnexTEK, a subsidiary of Wistron, has launched a self-branded Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone called the SP230. The unit will be released in many parts of Europe and Asia next month.[...]

News of the Weird: Cow Tracking Software for Palm OS

Life's tough when you have a 300+ Cow herd to be tracking in Wyoming. But cowboys are finding that with radio tagging, Bluetooth and a Palm PDA loaded with[...]

802.11g May Be Coming Soon to a Handheld Near You

Atheros Communications is now shipping in volume the world's first complete IEEE 802.11g solution that fits on a single chip, making it quite suitable for use in a handheld.

Worldwide Handheld Shipments Dropped 12% Last Quarter

According to IDC, the worldwide market for handheld devices declined in the first three months of 2004, breaking a six-month trend of upward growth.

Palm Zire 72

The Zire 72 is an updated version of palmOne’s popular Zire 71. The new model has a better built-in camera than its predecessor, a faster processor, and more memory. It[...]

Review – PalmOne Zire 72

One year ago, PalmOne--then Palm Solutions Group--released the Zire 71, a mid-range consumer model that hit it big. Now they're back with an update that adds a 1.2 megapixel camera[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 4/27 – 4/28

Hot PDA Deals with $20 off + $100 rebate from OfficeDepot.comMotorola MPx200 Smartphone (ATT), you get Paid $40Sandisk 256 MB Secure Digital Card $40.99 SanDisk 256MB Ultra II Secure Digital[...]

Palm Zire 31

The Zire 31 handheld from palmOne gives you outstanding organization at an affordable price. Take, for example, its bright, easy-to-read color screen. Or the wide range of organizational features from[...]

palmOne Releases the Zire 72

MILPITAS, Calif., April 28, 2004 -- palmOne, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLMO), the world s leading maker of handheld computers, today announced the Zire(TM) 72 handheld, an affordable multimedia-capable handheld computer with[...]

palmOne Releases the Zire 31

MILPITAS, Calif., April 28, 2004 -- palmOne, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLMO), the world s leading maker of handheld computers, today announced the Zire(TM) 31 handheld. Adding color and expansion to the[...]

palmOne Zire 31 Review

With over 3 million units sold, PalmOne's Zire line must be doing something right. Today PalmOne provides us two new additions to this now venerable line of Palm OS PDAs[...]

palmOne Zire 72 Review

One year ago, PalmOne--then Palm Solutions Group--released the Zire 71, a mid-range consumer model that hit it big. Now they're back with an update that adds a 1.2 megapixel camera[...]

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne Zire 31

The Zire 31 is palmOne's first entry-level model to offer a color screen, a built-in SD card slot, and the ability to to play MP3 files.

Toshiba Gets Approval for Bluetooth 1.2 SDIO Card

The Bluetooth Qualification Program has given its approval to a new SDIO card that uses the latest version of the Bluetooth specification.

Pretec Announces Seven Upcoming SDIO Cards

Pretec Electronics Corp. has announced that it will release seven new SDIO cards later this year, including two wireless networking cards, two cameras, a GPS module, and more.

palmOne Introduces Two New Color Zire Models

palmOne has just taken the wraps off a pair of new models in its Zire line of consumer-oriented handhelds. The Zire 72 is an improved version of one of this[...]

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne Zire 72

The Zire 72 offers a much faster processor, more memory, and a higher resolution camera than its predecessor, the popular Zire 71. It also adds Bluetooth short-range wireless networking.

ACCESS Provides NetFront 3.1 For P800, P900

NetFront 3.1 is now available for the Sony Ericsson P800 and P900, plus other Symbian-based smartphones using the UIQ interface.

U.S. Smartphone Buyers Prefer Palm OS

Although the Symbian OS is the most popular smartphone operating system in Europe, most smartphones sold in the U.S. run the Palm OS.

FCC Approves Mystery Wireless Pocket PC (Updated)

The Federal Communications Commission has given High Tech Computer (HTC) permission to release in the United States a new wireless Pocket PC, which turned out to be the Pocket Loox[...]

PDA News – Handheld sales down 12%, Pretec does SDIO, ‘Push’ email for i600

Handheld sales drop 12% from prior quarter Pretec debuts new SDIO cards Samsung offers 'push' email to i600

PDA And Tech Deals 4/29 – 4/30

New Palm Zire Offers + Palm Tungsten E Free Overnight Shipping256MB Secure Digital Card $49.99 After RebateSMC EZ Connect 11Mbps 802.11b Wireless Compact Flash $34.50 $500 off Dell W3000 30''[...]

Pocket Loox 400 Gets FCC Approval

The Federal Communications Commission has given High Tech Computer permission to release in the United States a new wireless Pocket PC. This will become the Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 400.

Pocket PC Sales Equaled Palm OS Sales During the First Quarter

The battle for the handheld operating system market has heated up as PalmSource and Microsoft were in a virtual tie in shipments in the first quarter of 2004.

Palm Desktop Receives a Facelift for Windows, Mac

Palm Desktop 4.1.4 for Windows and 4.2.1 for Mac have been released, adding support for additional features.

palmOne’s CFO Leaving for SanDisk

Judy Bruner, palmOne's chief financial officer for many years, is leaving the company to become CFO at SanDisk.

Palm OS and Microsoft Windows CE Neck and Neck in Sales

While global shipments of PDAs fell 4.6 percent in the first Quarter of 2004, the fight for the PDA operating system market share has come to a boil. PalmSource[...]

OfficeDepot.com $120 Off PDA Offer Extended

Office Depot has extended its $100 rebate offer to May 1st after originally expiring it yesterday, those in Alaska and Hawaii can get the offer from May 2 - 8.[...]